Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/28/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/28/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Bo and Hope’s place, Carly sighs, saying that it took all night and most of a day, but Bo now knows the whole story. She wonders if she was wrong to ask him for help. Bo assures her that she wasn’t.

Justin and Hope have coffee downstairs at the Kiriakis mansion. Philip greets the two, surprised to see Hope here so early. She explains awkwardly that she and Ciara are staying here for a little while, and guesses that Victor didn’t say anything to him about it. Justin is surprised Philip didn’t hear the commotion the evening before or see the banner welcoming Ciara. Philip explains that he was out late the night before and gives Hope a questionable look. Hope sighs, admitting that she and Bo are just taking a break. Philip tells Hope how sorry he is and chuckles, saying she’s come to the right place, since lately, the mansion has become somewhat of a singles-only crash pad.

At the hospital, Melanie greets Nathan as Dr. Horton. Stephanie, who is standing nearby with Maxine, wonders if those two are in a fight or something. Maxine asks what she means, and Stephanie says it’s odd that the two are acting as if they barely know each other when—Stephanie trails off. Maxine demands to know if the two are dating. Melanie and Nathan head over and Maxine demands to know if it’s true—that the two of them are an item. Melanie stares at Stephanie in shock. Stephanie stares back sheepishly.

Stefano calls EJ, who is at the mansion, from the hospital, demanding that he get down there before the nurses give him another drug that will render him useless. EJ says that he is on his way and hangs up. As he opens the door, Chad bursts in, demanding to know where his daughter is.

Nicole stands in the hallway outside Sami’s place and sighs, telling Sydney that pretty soon; Stefano is going to tell Sami that she is the one that gave birth to Sydney, though they both know Nicole is her real mother. She cries quietly, telling Sydney that she loves her from the bottom of her heart, and she fought for Sydney as hard as she could, but she just couldn’t make it work in the end. She tells Sydney it’s time to let go, and knocks on Sami’s door. Sami opens it and gasps, saying she thought Nicole would be halfway around the world by now. She asks what Nicole is doing back here.

Mia rushes into the Java Café and asks Will if he has seen Chad. Will says he hasn’t, and wonders what Chad has done now. Mia explains in a panic that she has to find him before he takes Sydney from Nicole.

EJ tells Chad that Sydney isn’t here, and that he doesn’t know where she is, but Chad doesn’t buy it. He screams up the stairs, calling Nicole a crazy bitch. EJ grabs Chad by the collar and jerks him toward the door, warning him to never speak that way in his home. He tells Chad to get out, but he claims he has a lawyer that says he will have no problem getting his baby back from Nicole. EJ scoffs, telling Chad to knock himself out. Chad demands to know if EJ is going to fight him on this, or if he is going to back off and let him have what is rightfully his.

Nicole asks Sami if she got her message from the night before. Sami says she did, but that she assumed Nicole would call her, not show up. Nicole asks if anyone has talked to her yet. She says no one has, and wonders what is going on. Nicole asks Sami to sit down, as she needs to tell her something, and she thought Sami should hear it from her first. Sami starts to take Sydney, but Nicole stops her. She then changes her mind and hands her over, sobbing and telling Sami to take her baby, as she has no choice. Sami greets Sydney in confusion as Nicole bawls.

Philip apologizes to Hope for his tactless ‘singles only’ comment, and assures Hope that he still sees her and Bo as married, and that they must just be working through some things. Hope agrees and heads off, saying that she has to drop Ciara off at school and head to her house to pick up a few more things. As she leaves, Philip sighs, saying that he really put his foot in it this time. Justin reassures him that’s hard to know what to say in these situations. Philip jokes, wondering if there is any hope for the rest of them when Bo and Hope are having problems. Justin shrugs, saying that life moves fast, and it will pass you by if you don’t move with it. Philip abruptly tells Justin that he has inspired him and hurries out the door.

Carly gets off the phone with Omar, who informs her that their patient slept through the night. Carly says she is glad to hear it, and promises to be back soon. She hangs up as Bo walks back in the room. He asks where she is going, and she tells him that she has to get back to the boat. Bo scoffs, saying that she isn’t going anywhere. He makes her sit down and wraps a blanket from the couch around her shoulders. Bo then flashes back to doing the same for Hope, and the two kissing. He sighs. Carly guesses he was thinking of Hope, but Bo wants to focus on Carly. He thinks it’s too dangerous for her to return to the boat. Carly claims it isn’t a problem, but Bo reminds her that one of Alamain’s goons already found her. Carly says that they could find her here, too, and reminds Bo that Hope will be bringing their little girl back soon. She adds that he also has family and friends, and she doesn’t think he can be that unpopular. Just then, someone knocks on the door.

Melanie tells Maxine that she and Nathan aren’t dating, reminding her that she’s been asked that question several times. Nathan claims it’s gossip and starts to head back to work, but Maxine stops him, saying she needs some release forms signed. The two head off together. Melanie demands to know what Stephanie said to Maxine. Stephanie claims that she just commented on how formal Melanie and Nathan were acting toward one another. Melanie accuses Stephanie of thinking that she isn’t good enough for Nathan. Stephanie claims that isn’t true, and that she doesn’t mind if Melanie and Nathan have fun together. Melanie then accuses Stephanie of thinking she’s only around for fun, and that Nathan couldn’t possibly be serious about her. She thinks Stephanie would tell Nathan as much if he asked. Stephanie sighs, saying that that isn’t true, and that she doesn’t presume to tell other people who they should or shouldn’t be involved with. Melanie scoffs. Stephanie says she doesn’t do it all the time, and honestly, she thinks Melanie and Nathan make a nice couple. She asks Melanie what is going on, and if someone else disapproves of their relationship. Melanie says that Maggie does. Stephanie asks if she really said that, but Melanie says she may as well have. She says she can’t blame her after that sex tape she made with Philip. Stephanie reminds her that everyone is over that tape, including Nathan. Stephanie says the real question is if Melanie is over it.

Sami comes back into the living room, telling Nicole that Sydney loved Allie’s bed, and is out like a light. Nicole hands Sami the envelope with the fifty grand inside, thanking her for giving it to her. Sami says she wanted her to keep it, but Nicole refuses. Sami thinks she’s still going to need it for a lawyer, as she can’t just let Chad take her baby. Nicole admits that she doesn’t want to lose Sydney. Sami says that anyone that has ever seen the two together knows the love Nicole has for her daughter. She assures Nicole that she is Sydney’s mother, and that Sydney needs her. Sami then urges Nicole to keep fighting for her baby, but Nicole says she can’t, and that she has no choice in the matter. Sami asks how she could not have a choice, and what happened. Nicole sighs, saying Stefano happened.

Maxine checks Stefano’s vitals, saying that his pulse is racing. She warns him that if he doesn’t take it easy, he’s going to be a permanent fixture in this hospital. Stefano grumbles, asking how he is supposed to relax when a nurse is in here every five minutes chattering and poking and prodding. Maxine says she was just leaving, but Stefano shouts that the only thing he has to do to make sure no one bothers him is to use his call button. Maxine heads off and Stefano sighs. He fantasizes about holding Sydney at the mansion and informing EJ that she is really his daughter with Sami, and that Nicole switched Mia’s baby for Sami’s at birth. Nicole flounces in and informs EJ that Stefano knew the whole time, and that they were in on it together. Stefano denies it. EJ scoffs, saying he would never believe a lying bitch like Nicole. Stefano calls for one of his men and demands that Nicole be taken to jail. She is dragged off, shrieking. Stefano tells EJ that he is glad that they’ve gotten rid of that horrible woman. He adds that they can finally breathe again. EJ stares at Sydney in wonder, saying that that is his daughter. Stefano nods, vowing that no one will ever take her from EJ again.

Sami asks Nicole what Stefano did, and she explains that he forced her to come back to Salem. Sami reminds Nicole that Stefano is in a coma, but Nicole tells her that Stefano is awake. She explains that she was on the plane, minutes from take-off, when Stefano had the plane turned around. She was then forced off-board by one of his men. Sami can’t imagine why he would do so, and guesses that she only way he could have known she was leaving was if EJ told him. Sami declares that she will go down to the hospital and give Stefano a piece of her mind, but Nicole interrupts, saying that she doesn’t understand. Sydney interrupts, bawling from the other room. Sami asks Nicole to go tend to her, vowing to take care of Stefano herself, but Nicole forces her to promise to stay right here. Sami does so, and Nicole heads off to check on Sydney.

Nicole tells Will that when she gave up her baby, she meant it to be forever. She adds that she knows Nicole isn’t perfect, but she loves Sydney, and no one could love her more. Will agrees. Mia sighs, saying that she knows first-hand what losing your mother can be like, and she can’t let that happen to her little girl. Will tells Mia that he has an idea—a way to get Chad to back off for good. He asks Mia to follow him, and the two head out of the café.

Bo hustles Carly into the dining room and opens the door to find Maggie outside. She explains that she came by to talk to Hope about a scholarship fund she’s setting up. Bo explains that she isn’t there, but Maggie swears she saw Hope just now through the window. Bo tells her awkwardly that he has a friend visiting from out of town, and suggests that Maggie try Hope’s cell phone. She agrees and heads off, apologizing for taking up his time. Carly comes out of the dining room and asks Bo who that was. When he tells her, Carly claims abruptly that this isn’t going to work, and threatens to leave. Bo tells her she isn’t going anywhere.

Nicole comes out of Allie’s room to tell Sami that she finally got Sydney to sleep, but she finds Sami gone. Nicole gasps, guessing that she has gone to Stefano. Nicole sobs that it’s all over. She cries that she tried to keep the truth from coming out, but it’s all over now, and she can’t do anything about it.

Sami storms into Stefano’s room, calling him a sick bastard. He wonders to what he owes this pleasure. Sami glares, saying that she has something to say to him. Stefano smiles, saying there are some things he wants to say to her, too.

Maggie runs into Hope at the café, and explains that she stopped by her house earlier looking for her. Hope is surprised she was there, and Maggie tells her that Bo was there with their houseguest. Maggie says she didn’t meet the woman, she just saw her through the window. She asks Hope if she is staying for a while, and Hope shrugs, saying she’s never met her, either. Maggie gapes. Hope explains that she moved out of the house the night before. Maggie is sorry to hear it. Hope asks if she recognized the woman Bo was with, but Maggie shakes her head, saying that she only saw her from behind. She apologizes for upsetting Hope, but Hope claims it’s nothing. She promises to speak to Maggie about the scholarship fund some other time and hurries off.

Stephanie finds Nathan in one of the waiting rooms, and asks if she can speak to him about what happened earlier. Philip interrupts just then, handing Nathan an envelope. Nathan gives him a look, and Philip assures him that this is a good thing. As Nathan opens the letter, Philip informs him and Stephanie that both Melanie and Nathan are being rewarded with a citation from the hospital board for helping to save Chloe’s life. Nathan thanks Philip, saying that he is honored. Philip asks where Melanie is. Nathan assumes she is at Maggie’s place, studying. Philip asks Nathan to take her letter to her, but Nathan informs Philip that he doesn’t live in the house anymore. Philip asks why, but all Nathan will say is that there was some tension. Philip decides to deliver Melanie’s letter in person and heads off. Stephanie guesses that Philip thinks the tension was between Nathan and Melanie, and wonders why Nathan didn’t tell him that it wasn’t. Nathan shrugs, saying that he’ll let Melanie deal with Philip.

Chad demands to know if EJ plans on fighting him for custody of Sydney. EJ says he doesn’t have anything to fight Chad with, because Sydney isn’t his daughter. He adds that he really doesn’t know or care where Nicole and Sydney are. Chad says sarcastically that there’s no reason to care, as the two are only his wife and the daughter he’s raised from birth. EJ tells Chad coldly to leave. Chad snaps back that he is just glad to know his child will no longer be raised by a lying mother and a father that doesn’t care. EJ tells Chad angrily that he can’t care, because if he does, then he will want Sydney back.

The bell rings and EJ shrieks for Harold to answer it. He then asks Chad in a rage if Chad would prefer him to try to strangle him with his bare hands every time Chad bursts in here and demands to see his daughter. Mia and Will rush in just then. Mia claims that she knew Chad would be here, and begs EJ not to let him take Sydney.

Sami declares that she doesn’t want to hear what Stefano has to say, as she has just come from Nicole. She snaps that there is no excuse for what Stefano did. Stefano claims that whatever Nicole told her was a lie, and he had no part in her diabolical plots. Sami ignores him, saying that he sure found a way to get revenge quickly, and informs him that she knows all about how Stefano forced Nicole to get off the plane and come back to Salem. She wonders why Stefano would do such a thing, and assumes he just wants to punish her, but Sami thinks she has suffered enough already. Stefano chuckles, saying that Nicole hasn’t suffered nearly enough, not only for what she did to EJ and their family, but also for what she did to Sami.

Nicole sobs on Sami’s couch.

Carly warns Bo that Maggie could have seen her, and word might get around town that she is here. Bo vows that that won’t happen. Just then, a car pulls up and Carly scurries back to the dining room. Hope comes in a few moments later, saying that Ciara left one of her books here. Bo offers to look for it and bring it by later, but Hope spots it on a table and grabs it. She starts to go, but stops. Bo asks if she needs anything else, and Hope nods. She tells Bo that she heard they have a house guest, and asks Bo where she is. Carly listens in and sweats.

Mia begs EJ not to turn her back on Sydney, as he is the only father she knows. She claims that she has seen EJ with Sydney, and she knows how wonderful EJ is with her, and how much she adores him. She begs EJ to help her. Chad scoffs, wondering why Mia is reminding EJ of the fact that she is responsible for him losing everything. EJ snaps that he doesn’t need to be reminded, as not a moment goes by that he doesn’t miss Sydney. Mia asks if that means that EJ wants to keep her.

Nicole moans and rocks Sydney, telling her that Stefano is going to break the news to Sami first, when it would have come so differently from her. She worries that Sami will hate her and have her thrown into prison. Nicole sobs, wondering what she is going to do now that she will never see Sydney again.

Sami snaps that she is onto Stefano, and that he can’t turn her against Nicole. She informs Stefano that she was the one that gave Nicole the money to escape—all because her disgusting family turned their backs on her and kicked her out with her daughter. Stefano tries to interrupt, but Sami shouts that he is unbelievable. She accuses him of not counting Sydney as family just because she doesn’t share his blood. He groans, wondering how much longer this rant is going to last. Sami declares that Sydney is better off without him and EJ, and that she doesn’t need a family that would oust her just because she isn’t related to them. Stefano chuckles, saying he wishes she would keep her mouth shout, as she would feel differently if she only knew the truth.

Bo asks Hope who told her he had a house guest, and she explains that she ran into Maggie. Hope asks if she misunderstood and Bo nods, saying he did have a guest, but she’s gone. He says it was just an old fiend from out of town. Hope asks if she knows her, but Bo retorts that he would tell her who it was if she did. Hope picks up her blanket and Bo flashes back to snuggling on the couch with Hope. Hope interrupts his reverie, asking angrily why this woman was hanging around wrapped in her blanket. Bo tries to explain, but Hope storms off, saying that she has to go. Carly comes out and sighs, apologizing for making things so complicated. She says that can tell Bo is really lost without Hope.

Philip shows up at Maggie’s place and delivers Melanie’s citation of heroism from the hospital board. She thanks him. The two make small talk, and Philip tells her that he found out Nathan moved out. He asks if anything happened between them, but Melanie says that isn’t it at all, and that he just moved out because he wanted to respect Maggie, who wasn’t comfortable with them both living under the same roof. Philip claims that he is glad things are working out, and tells Melanie that he just wants her to be happy. She says that that means a lot to her. Philip starts to leave, but turns around. Melanie jokes, asking if he wants to amend that last statement. Philip admits he does, and informs Melanie that he thinks she would be happier with him.

EJ is sorry Mia is so distressed, but he tells her that he can’t stand in the way of a father reuniting with his child. Chad thanks him, but EJ warns him that he will be keeping an eye on him, and that he had better take damn good care of Sydney. Chad claims that he will, and that he only wants what is best for Sydney. He heads off. Will wonders how EJ could give his child away like that, and EJ suggests he ask his mother since she is the reason he is giving Sydney up.

Stefano tells Sami that Sydney is more a part of his family than she realizes. Sami wishes he could get EJ to see that, saying that he has been a real bastard about this whole thing. She claims she can understand why he might dump Nicole, but the fact that he isn’t fighting for Sydney is deplorable. She thinks it’s as if EJ is taking Chad’s side in all this, and is just an untrustworthy, irresponsible teenager that doesn’t know what he is doing. Sami claims that no matter what, a child needs to be with its mother. Stefano grins, saying that he couldn’t agree more.

Carly tells Bo that they both know that she can no longer stay here, as they’ve had two close calls already this morning. Bo claims that she isn’t going anywhere, and vows to keep her hidden until she is out of danger. Carly reminds him that neither of them have any clue how long that will be but Bo doesn’t care. He promises to protect Carly for as long as it takes.

Nicole sits in the park with Sydney. Marco watches her from across the park. Nicole tells Sydney tearfully that her grandfather is having them followed. She isn’t sure how much longer they will be together, but she plans on cherishing every moment. She says she misses Sydney already, and that she knows Sydney will miss her too. She starts to tell her that she isn’t sure when they will come to take her away, but Chad walks over and interrupts, saying that he is taking Sydney right now. Nicole gapes as Chad hands over some legal documents, telling Nicole that she has been served.

EJ tells Will and Mia that he sympathizes with Chad because of what Sami did to him in regards to Grace. He claims that he feels a sort of kinship with Chad. Mia grumbles that Chad will make a terrible father. EJ says he is sorry, but he can’t help her. Will and Mia, disappointed, head outside. Mia sobs on Will’s shoulder, saying that she will do anything to make sure Chad doesn’t get Sydney. Will hugs her, trying to soothe her. Meanwhile, EJ makes a call to Lexie to make sure his father is still doing well, and then hangs up, telling himself it’s time to see what it was his father wanted to speak to him about.

Sami is glad Stefano agrees with her, but wonders why he is trying to keep Sydney from Nicole if he truly believes a child should be with its mother. Stefano says that that is the point, and what he has been trying to tell Sami this whole time. He thinks Sydney should be with her mother—her real mother.


Bo asks Carly, “What the hell do you think you're doing?”

Philip tells Melanie, “We're perfect for each other.” She slaps him.

Nicole shrieks at Chad, “My baby will never forget about me. Never!”

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