Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/27/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/27/09


Written By Jenni
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Chit-Chat Haven

Carly breaks a window in Bo and Hope’s front door, unlocks it, and sneaks inside. Bo, who has been watching from the darkened stairway, tackles her and holds her down on the living room floor, saying that she has made a huge mistake. Carly uncovers her face and apologizes for dropping in on him like this. Bo gasps, asking what the hell she is doing here.

Justin, Hope, and Ciara have ice cream at the pub. Ciara, who’s disappointed there isn’t chocolate chip ice cream, sulks in front of a scoop of vanilla. Hope tries to get her to try it, but eventually gives up and suggests she find Caroline and ask for some cookies instead. Ciara heads off with a grin. Hope confides in Justin that Ciara wasn’t happy about moving. Justin thinks that Hope isn’t too sure if the move was a good idea herself. Hope nods, saying she just can’t stop thinking about what Bo said, and she fears she has made a big mistake.

Lucas calls Nathan, who is packing some things in Maggie’s kitchen. Lucas is calling from rehab, and explains that his counselors are discussing him coming home soon. Nathan is glad to hear it, and suggests he hold off on moving into Lucas’ place until he comes back. Lucas shakes his head, telling Nathan to go ahead, as he doesn’t want to return to an empty house. Nathan is glad to hear it, admitting that he was planning on moving in tonight. Melanie walks into the kitchen just then, asking Nathan when he planned on telling her as much.

From his hospital bed, Stefano tells Nicole that he will not allow his son to lose his daughter. Nicole informs Stefano that she and Sydney are a package deal, and if he tries to cut her out, she won’t hesitate to tell EJ that Stefano knew of the baby switch all along, and he will lose his son. EJ walks in just then, asking what the hell is going on. Stefano and Nicole stare. EJ thought Nicole left town. Stefano explains that he called her and asked her to come back. Nicole grimaces, admitting that Stefano was very persuasive. Stefano tells EJ that it is time for them all to discuss the truth—the entire truth.

Carly asks Bo to get off of her, saying that they can’t talk like this. Bo scoffs, saying that when he wants to talk to someone he gives them a call or rings their doorbell. Carly stand and brushes herself off, explaining that she didn’t want anyone to know she was here, and besides, Justin wasn’t home. Bo huffs, saying Justin has been busy with his own personal moving company. He asks why Carly is here, in his living room, looking like Agent 99. Carly explains that she is here because her life is in danger.

Nicole tells EJ that Lexie told her his father couldn’t handle any stress right now, and suggests she and EJ go outside and talk. Stefano grumbles that he didn’t bring Nicole back so she could talk to EJ in the hall. EJ demands to know why Stefano brought her back at all, since her leaving was the perfect solution. He adds angrily that he would have been happy never to set eyes on Nicole again. Stefano snaps, asking if that includes his daughter. He retorts that Sydney is a DiMera, and she belongs with them. EJ reminds him gently that Sydney isn’t his daughter and isn’t a DiMera. Stefano soothes EJ, saying that he knows EJ only made this rash decision because he didn’t know the whole story. Stefano asks Nicole pointedly if she is going to tell EJ the truth, or should he.

Hope confides in Justin that she thinks Bo had a point when he said all those things about her and Ciara moving into Victor’s house. Justin understands that Bo is hurt and upset, but he still thinks that Hope has to do what is best for her and Ciara. Hope admits that she is starting to doubt if what she did was best. Justin suggests that this idea of Hope’s shouldn’t be permanent. He suggests that she let Ciara stay here with her grandmother, and then Hope can come back to the mansion, get a good night’s sleep, and think things over in the morning. She asks if he thinks she should call Bo, but Justin shakes his head, saying that Bo probably also needs some time alone.

Nathan gets off the phone with Lucas. Melanie guesses that he is moving out and wonders why they didn’t discuss it first. Nathan tells her that there isn’t anything to talk about. Maggie is his grandmother, and he loves and respects her. He made a promise that he wouldn’t fool around with Melanie, and he knows that’s going to be impossible with them living in the same house. Melanie tells Nathan that he has it all wrong, and that she is the one that should be moving out.

Nicole advises Stefano to think about what he is doing very carefully. EJ asks what they are talking about Kate bursts in. She tells Nicole that it’s a horrible surprise to see her back, and breezes over to Stefano, telling him that she came as soon as she could. She notes that he is alive again and he chuckles, saying that you can’t keep a good man down. Kate smirks, promising to do something about that when he is stronger. EJ and Nicole grimace. Kate waves them off and the two head out. Stefano takes Kate’s hand and kisses it as she promises that everything will be fine now that she is here.

Bo assumes Carly must think her life is in danger due to what happened to Lawrence. He asks if it was political, and if someone is after her. She says that it wasn’t political, but that there are people after her. Bo wonders if it was personal. Carly admits that it was. Bo asks who was responsible. Carly say she was, in a way. Bo asks in what way, and Carly admits that she stabbed Lawrence.

Justin and Hope head into the Kiriakis mansion and take a seat on the sofa in the living room. Justin guesses that there aren’t too many happy memories here for Hope. She says he is right, but that it’s comforting to know Kate is gone, and Ciara won’t be sleeping under the same roof as a homicidal maniac. Justin jokes that Kate didn’t like Chloe, so she really had no other choice. Hope says that is why she can’t see why Bo doesn’t understand that this isn’t just about her being mad at him. She reminds Justin of people like Kate, Stefano and Dean—they get away with everything. Justin reminds her that Dean is in jail, but Hope is sure he will get out, as they all do eventually. Hope adds that she knows Bo just wants this all to be over, but it’s far from over. She says that she can’t really explain it. Justin says that she doesn’t have to. Hope smiles and puts a hand on his leg. Victor peeks into the living room and sees the two. He frowns.

Carly tells Bo that she had good reason to kill Lawrence, and that she will tell him the whole story, but first, she needs to ask him some questions. Bo scoffs, saying sarcastically that it will be just like two old friends catching up—Carly killed her husband and fled the country, but she just needs to ask Bo if he’s a Cubs fan. Carly grumps that he isn’t making this easy. Bo retorts that killing people isn’t supposed to be easy. Carly heads over to a table and looks at a picture of Hope and Ciara. She asks Bo if this is his little girl and he nods. She wonders why Justin and Hope were leaving together. Bo asks how long she was out there, but she ignores him, saying that his daughter is beautiful. She asks Bo where she is, and Bo grumbles that if Hope had her way, she’s saying the night with Victor. Carly admits that she wants to confide in Bo, but she needs to understand his situation first. She asks if Hope and Ciara will be at Victor’s for a while. Bo admits that it looks that way. Carly tells him that she is glad.

Kate asks Stefano what that wretch Nicole was doing here, and admits that it made her day when she heard Nicole was leaving the country. Stefano reminds Kate that Nicole has his grandchild, but Kate pouts, suggesting that they just buy one without a mother attached. Stefano warns her that she is talking about Sydney, and that she shouldn’t make jokes. Kate still wonders what Nicole was doing here, since she knows Nicole wouldn’t want to see Stefano. Stefano admits that Nicole was forced to come, and adds that Kate’s entrance was perfect. He knows that he, EJ, and Nicole will have to have a little talk soon, but now is not the right time. Kate insists that he won’t be talking to either of them tonight, as he needs his rest. Stefano asks her if the two will be alone together and winks, wondering if he will make it through the night. Kate makes a face. Stefano tells her that the nurses are sure she is responsible for his latest brush with death, but Kate claims she learned her lesson with Chloe. Besides, if she tried to kill him, he’d be dead already. Stefano chuckles merrily.

Nicole demands to know how EJ knew she was leaving, and asks if he had her followed. He says that Sami told him, but that she didn’t mean to betray Nicole. In fact, she was trying to get him to see the error of his ways, and realize that all of this is his fault. Nicole doubts Sami phrased it that way, and suggests that EJ just heard what he wanted to hear. EJ ignores her, saying that it doesn’t matter. He then adds that Kate was right, and that his father doesn’t need any additional stress. He tells Nicole that he knows his father was getting ready to tell him something, so Nicole had better just save Stefano the trouble and tell him what is going on herself. Nicole sweats.

Bo tells Carly that his wife and daughter did move out, and tells her angrily that he’s glad she’s so happy about it. Carly says that what she meant is that she is glad they’re secure at Victor’s, as she didn’t want to come here unless Bo was alone. Bo asks why, and she explains that Lawrence’s men are after her. Bo nods, saying it’s probably because she killed Lawrence, which is a crime. He adds that she may not know this, but he is the police commissioner, and it’s frowned upon for people in his position to harbor fugitives. Carly frowns. Bo apologizes sarcastically, saying that he forgot she had a good reason. He tells Carly that it’s time for her to tell him what that reason is. Carly says she killed Lawrence in self-defense.

Maggie, who is at the pub, talks to Lucas over the phone. He tells her that he is doing well, and wonders what is going on in her house. She guesses he is talking about Nathan and Melanie and tells Lucas that she told the two that they shouldn’t date as long as they’re both living in her house. Lucas says he knows and adds that Nathan asked to move in with him. He asks Maggie if that is really what she wants. She claims it isn’t. Lucas abruptly suggests that she butt out, then.

Nathan tells Melanie that she isn’t going anywhere, but she claims that she can live with one of her fellow nursing students for a while. Nathan doest think it’s a good idea, as Melanie will get next to no studying done. He reminds her that Maggie needs her here. Melanie chuckles, saying no one ever needs her, as she is disruptive and distracting. Nathan claims that she brings life to the house. Melanie isn’t so sure, but Nathan insists that he’s family, so if he moves out, Maggie has no choice but to forgive him. Besides, it isn’t exactly cool for a future doctor to be living with his granny. Melanie jokes that he could move out and that wouldn’t make him any cooler—he’d just have to make his own bed. They both laugh.

Nicole claims that she is worried about EJ’s father, and asks if Lexie has spoken to him about a psychiatric evaluation. EJ laughs, but Nicole doesn’t think Stefano came out of this coma the same person he went in. EJ admits that Stefano did say something earlier that was peculiar—he suggested that he knew what Nicole was up to before he got sick. Nicole scoffs, saying that is ludicrous. EJ agrees, as he is sure Stefano would have said something to him.

Hope comes downstairs and greets Victor, who asks if she met the nanny, Delia. Hope says she did, and that Ciara seems to like her, but she can raise her child without the help of a nanny. Victor thinks it’s nice to have a fallback in case she and Bo want to go away together. She adds that she could use the nanny when she goes to Reno to get a divorce. Victor gapes. Hope chuckles, saying she didn’t mean it, but it isn’t often that she gets a chance to get a rise out of Victor. He smiles, saying he’s just glad her problems with Bo haven’t changed their relationship at all. Hope sighs, admitting that she isn’t sure coming to live here was such a good idea. She asks where Justin is, and Victor assumes he’s talking to Adrienne, though things are going about as well for those two as they are for Hope and Bo. Hope decides to head upstairs for the night and apologizes to Victor, as she knows how much family means to him. She heads off. Victor frowns, telling himself that Bo is an idiot.

Carly tells Bo that it was touch and go for a long time, and if Lawrence hadn’t been so strong, he would have died. Bo asks if he got sick right after they got married, and Carly nods, admitting she was happy for about a month. Bo reminds her of how much she loved Lawrence. Carly says she did, but the man that recovered wasn’t the Lawrence she fell in love with, although she knows that sounds crazy. Bo asks how he changed, and Carly explains that he started doing evil things. Just then, Bo’s phone rings. It’s Victor, and Bo asks if Ciara is alright. Victor wonders if he even cares. Bo asks him not to start, but Victor says he’ll stop the second Bo gets over here and begs his wife and daughter to come home.

Nathan solicits Melanie’s help in finding her grandfather Tom’s pen. They rifle through drawers as Nathan explains how important the pen is to him, since his grandfather used to write poetry with it. Melanie chuckles and hunts through Nathan’s bag. Just then, she finds the pen. Nathan takes it from her and thanks her, offering to shake her hand. Melanie looks at him quizzically as he explains that she knows what happens when they hug. Melanie nods, suggesting he take off before Maggie gets home. Nathan pouts, admitting that he doesn’t want to say goodbye.

Stefano tells Kate that he believes his love for her saved him from death. Kate scoffs, saying it was probably the opportunity to boss around his family some more. She asks what was going on in here with EJ and Nicole, but Stefano admits he isn’t ready to tell her just yet, as he is still working on his strategy. Kate warns him that Nicole is cunning. Stefano nods, admitting that she can be ruthless. Kate smirks, saying that Nicole does have one good quality. Stefano hugs her, telling Kate that he is glad to have an ally. He’s almost sorry he lived and spoiled things for Kate at the house. She admits that things have been boring without him, and everyone else in the house is too grim. Stefano yawns. Kate excuses herself to let him get some rest, but Stefano says he wants to see Nicole first. Kate asks if he has decided what he is going to do, and Stefano nods, saying that he has decided to let the chips fall where they may.

Nicole tells EJ that she has no idea what Stefano was going to say, as he wasn’t making any sense. EJ asks Nicole flatly why she came back from wherever she was headed to. Nicole explains that Stefano forced her to come back, and reminds EJ that his doing so makes no sense. She reminds EJ that he threw her and Sydney out, and the matter is settled as far as she is concerned, so why Stefano dragged her back here, she has no idea. Just then, Kate comes out of Stefano’s room. She tells EJ and Nicole that Stefano wants to speak to Nicole first, then EJ, and that it’s very important.

Melanie and Nathan have sundaes together at the pub. The two flirt and giggle as Maggie walks over, asking if she is interrupting. The two fidget uncomfortably.

Stefano warns Nicole that she above all people knows that he doesn’t like to be threatened or blackmailed. Nicole scoffs, saying that that makes two of them. Stefano explains to Nicole that he isn’t going to say anything tonight, and that he is going to rest and use the time to think. He tells Nicole that in the meantime, she is not to leave town. If she does, she knows what will happen, and Stefano really doesn’t want to have to attend her funeral. Nicole sighs, saying that seems straightforward enough. Stefano shoos her away and Nicole heads off.

Bo tells Victor that he did beg Hope to stay, but she refused. He adds that something has come up now, and there is no way he can get over there. Victor, incensed, shouts at Bo, wondering what could be more important that his wife and daughter. Bo hangs up on him. Carly says that she remembers that bellowing, and suggests she leave, since Victor is right, and nothing is more important that Bo’s wife and child. Bo can’t believe she came all this way just to leave, but Carly claims that she just realizes how unfair it is of her to drag him into this. Bo promises that they will talk about that later, and for now, he wants to know what happened with Lawrence. Carly explains that whatever was wrong with Lawrence, it was degenerative. He was getting worse, and so were the things he was doing. Bo asks if he did things to her, since she said she killed him in self-defense. Carly nods, claiming that Lawrence had to be stopped. She admits that she killed him, and that she is sorry—sorry she didn’t do it sooner.

Maggie promises not to make a scene, and asks Nathan and Melanie if she can join them. They agree, and she apologizes for intruding. She explains that she spoke with Lucas, and she realized that it was wrong for her to make rules for the two of them. Nathan claims that it is her house, but she says it is his, too, and she would never want Nathan to resent her. He promises that that will never happen, and tells Maggie that it was time for him to go, since she shouldn’t have to put up with his wet towels on the floor anymore. Nathan then promises that him moving out won’t change his relationship with Maggie, and that if anything, they will even get along better. She sighs, telling Nathan that she’s making a pot roast Sunday, and that she hopes he’ll join them all. Nathan vows to never miss one of her pot roasts. Maggie then promises to let them both do the dishes, and the three chuckle.

Maxine gives Stefano an injection, promising that it will let him sleep like an angel—which is more than he deserves. He chuckles, telling Maxine that he is lucky that he is a married man. EJ heads in just then, and Maxine tells him to make it fast, as Stefano will be asleep within minutes. She heads off as EJ asks Stefano if he plans on telling him what is going on. Stefano yawn and promises to do so—tomorrow.

Justin comes downstairs, arguing with Adrienne, who hangs up on him. Hope runs into him and apologizes, guessing that things aren’t going any better. Justin sighs, saying he is just glad his kids are all grown up. He stops abruptly, apologizing to Hope for saying something so insensitive. Hope sighs, saying it isn’t his fault, as they both know this must be hard on Ciara. Hope says her job is to protect her daughter and do what’s right for her. Justin asks if she will do that even if it means going back to Bo before she is ready.

Bo asks Carly about the authorities, but she claims she isn’t worried about them, as she wiped down the knife, and there is no proof she did anything. Bo reminds her that she fled the country, and the one she came from doesn’t care much about proof when a man is murdered and his wife disappears. Carly groans, telling Bo not to get her started on the gender roles over there. Bo tells Carly that if he is going to help her, he’s going to need more information. Carly sighs, asking him if he will help her if she agrees to tell him the whole story.

Hope admits to Justin that she will have to go back to Bo if Ciara can’t handle the separation. She claims that Ciara is her priority, and that she comes first. Justin thinks she is lucky to have Hope, but she says that Ciara is lucky to have Bo, too. It’s just too bad that she can’t have them both at the same time. Justin tells Hope that if it makes her feel any better, he has a feeling that this is as bad as it’s going to get for Hope. Hope smiles, admitting that she almost believe that when Justin says so.

Carly talks to Omar about Rafe while Bo is out of the room. She’s glad to hear that the patient is still asleep, and promises to be careful. She hangs up as Bo comes back, asking him to tell her what led up to her killing her husband.

Outside the pub, Nathan notes that Melanie has gotten quiet all of a sudden. She admits that she fears they won’t be able to spend much time together now that he has taken so many extra hours at the hospital. Nathan promises not to let that happen and pulls Melanie in for a kiss.

EJ tells Stefano that they will talk about this tomorrow and says goodnight. He heads out of Stefano’s room to find Nicole waiting with Sydney. She asks if he wants to hold her, but EJ turns away and heads off. Nicole sighs, promising Sydney that her daddy loves her very much, but her own grandfather is getting ready to ruin everything. Nicole takes out her phone and calls Sami. She leaves a message, saying that something is getting ready to happen tomorrow, and she needs to tell Sami about it before she hears it from anyone else. She hangs up with a sigh.


Chad shouts at EJ, “You gonna fight me on this, or you gonna back off and let me have what's rightfully mine?”

Nicole gasps, “Oh, my God, she's gone to Stefano.”

Sami tells Stefano, “I have something I want to say to you.”

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