Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/26/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/26/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

On Omar’s boat, Carly explains to Omar that the patient will probably sleep for a while before she needs to go see Bo. Omar guesses he’ll be playing nurse while she’s gone. Carly tells him she wouldn’t know what to do without him. Omar sighs, agreeing to take her back to the pier. She confides in Omar that Bo isn’t exactly in the same place he was when she left, as he is now the police commissioner. Omar reminds her that the last thing she needs right now is to get involved with someone from law enforcement. Carly is sure Bo hasn’t let it go to his head, but he reminds her she can’t show up at his office and hope no one’s read the latest bulletins from Interpol. Carly tells Omar that she actually has an old friend she thinks might be able to help her.

Justin stands in Bo and Hope’s living room and ruefully surveys the boxes and luggage piled up. Hope admits she had a few more things than she thought. Justin chuckles and grabs two suitcases, heading for the door. Just then, Bo walks in and stares. Justin stammers. Hope says that she didn’t think Bo would be home. Bo replies that that is obvious and grimaces at Justin, saying it’s always nice to see him.

Sami heads into the Java Café and rummages through her purse, muttering to herself that she should have kept some money for herself. She flashes back to handing Nicole an envelope with fifty thousand dollars in it. Sami comes back to the present and sighs, admitting that this will kill EJ—not that he doesn’t deserve it. EJ comes up behind her just then, asking what poor bastard she’s mad at now. Sami smirks, admitting it’s still him. EJ retorts that he is surprised she isn’t with Nicole. They could be getting their nails done and listing his many faults. Sami smiles, telling him that Nicole is busy tonight.

Stefano calls Nicole from the hospital and demands she come down there with Sydney immediately. Nicole sits on a plane that is getting ready to depart for Rio. She tells Stefano it’s too late. He warns her that she will regret it if she doesn’t do as she is told, but Nicole declares that she is out of his jurisdiction.

Arianna and Brady lie in bed together at her place. He jokingly asks if she is still angry with him for sneaking in. She chuckles, admitting that she is furious. Brady says if that’s true, then he can’t wait to see her happy. She says she is, and Brady admits he is, too. He confides in Arianna that he kind of likes sneaking around with her, as it adds some adventure to the whole thing. Arianna makes a face. Brady groans, guessing he is not supposed to joke about it either. Brady thinks something is really bothering her, and it’s almost as if her whole world has come cashing in on her. Arianna admits she doesn’t want to think about that, and only wants to think about Brady. The two kiss passionately.

Sami rummages through her purse, looking for some cash. EJ offers to treat her, in order to show her there are no hard feelings. Sami says she doesn’t need a coffee that badly, and besides, she said some harsh things to him as well. EJ wants to show her how wrong she was about him, but Sami says it was stupid of her to think anything or anyone could have changed EJ’s mind. She adds that they don’t have to pretend to be happy to see one another, but EJ says he is happy to see Sami, as he wanted to talk to her abut something important. Sam doesn’t think he’s going to like what she has to say, but EJ explain that he wants to talk about Johnny, not Nicole.

Stefano claims that Nicole will never be out of his jurisdiction. She smirks, saying he rose from the ashes a little too late this time. Just then, the stewardess announces that their flight time to Rio will be about twelve hours. Stefano chuckles, saying that Nicole is pretty predictable. She snaps that Rio isn’t her final destination, so it would be a waste of time to look for her. She hangs up abruptly. Stefano smiles and makes another call, saying Nicole would have loved Rio. Unfortunately, she is never going to get to see it.

Carly is disguised in a trench coat and scarf. She asks if she will blend in well. Omar chuckles, saying she would if it were 1962. Carly sighs, admitting that she is working with limited resources, and anyway, this isn’t about fashion, it’s about not being recognized. Omar reminds her that he will take her anywhere in the world she wants to go, and she thanks him, admitting that she owes him a lot. Omar warns her to be careful. Although their mystery patient was able to take care of Brian, her husband has many men like him in his employ. Carly sighs, saying she can’t hide for the rest of her life, though she isn’t sure how long her life will be if she doesn’t hide.

Bo thanks Justin sarcastically for not taking sides. Hope asks him to take her things out to the car and give her and Bo a few minutes alone. Justin agrees and heads off with a couple of suitcases. She assures Bo that Justin is just helping her with her luggage. Bo asks if Doug and Julie know about their new boarder. Hope explains that her dad and Julie are going on a cruise, and their garden isn’t really suited for Ciara to play in. Bo interrupts, telling Hope that their backyard is the perfect place for Ciara to play. He insists that if Hope really cared for their daughter, she wouldn’t try to drag her from her home. Hope says she isn’t so sure about that.

Nicole assures Sydney that this is going to be a great adventure, and promises that they will go to the beach every day. Just then, the stewardess announces that they are returning to the gate to pick up a passenger, and in the meantime, everyone else can use their cell phones. Stefano calls Nicole just then. She answers and he jovially tells her that there is someone waiting at the gate that would love to help her with her carry-on luggage. Nicole gapes.

EJ sighs, telling Sami that he has had an upsetting afternoon. Sami retorts that the truth hurts. EJ ignores the comment, reminding her that against all odds, they’ve so far managed to share custody of Johnny. Sami asks if he is threatening to take her little boy away from her again, but EJ says that isn’t it, and that he just wants her to think carefully before she allies herself with Nicole. Sami nearly storms off, but EJ stops her, reminding her that she said being a parent changes a person. Now that he has lost two daughters, all he has left is his son, and he refuses to let him watch his parents tear each other apart. He tells Sami to befriend Nicole if she wishes, but Johnny needs to see that his parents have respect for one another. Sami rolls her eyes, saying she can’t believe EJ has the nerve to look her in the eye and claim that he lost two daughters. She reminds him angrily that Sydney is his daughter in every way that counts, and that he didn’t lose her—he threw her away. EJ begs Sami to think of Johnny, and to not do this right now, but Sami says that is actually thinking of EJ.

Arianna sighs, telling Brady that she wishes she could close her eyes and make the rest of the world go away. That way it could just be her and Brady in this little room. Brady admits he’s fond of it too. Arianna says it’s because it’s simple, unlike life. Arianna adds that she’d like to say something she really likes about Brady. She reminds him of how he told her about hitting rock bottom and how he got past it and turned his life around. She says she finds it amazing that Brady isn’t angry and judgmental like she is. Brady jokes that she should see him at a Cubs game. He then sighs, saying that what he really wants is for Arianna to be happy all the time—not just when they are together in this room. Brady says he doesn’t want to jinx it, but he believes that he and Arianna have something special, and pretty soon there won’t be any secrets between them. He asks what is going on in her head, and she admits that she thinks Brady is right.

Sami tells EJ that he is frustrating. She claims that she has seen how he has hurt other people, but that’s nothing compared to what he does to himself. She wonders how he can be so stupid, considering that she knows he loves his kids. EJ scoffs that she doesn’t have a great intellect herself, but Sami says she’s talking about what’s in his heart, not his head. She says that she wants to have one good reason why he and Nicole are so miserable, and Sydney is out there wondering where her daddy is. EJ refuses to discuss Nicole with Sami, saying that their relationship is limited to the parenting of their son. Sami groans, retorting that Nicole loved EJ, but now she’s gone.

Nicole heads into Stefano’s hospital room. He jokes with her that sometime a quick getaway can be as refreshing as a long vacation. Nicole retorts that she wishes he were dead. Stefano ignores her, asking where Sydney is. Nicole tells him that she is downstairs in daycare, and wonders how he was able to get the plane turned around. He jokes that he had to use a lot of his frequent flyer miles. Nicole demands to know if he thinks this is funny, but Stefano asks her not to begrudge him his good mood, since he is a newlywed, he’s alive, and he has his granddaughter back. Nicole suggests he run that by EJ, since he threw them both out of the house. Stefano can’t believe Nicole let him do that, but Nicole says there is nothing either of them could have done. Stefano assures Nicole that he will handle EJ, since Sydney is actually his daughter, but Nicole reminds him that EJ can never find that out. If he does, Sami will have her daughter so quickly everyone’s heads will spin. Stefano agrees that EJ is going to be even angrier once he learns the depth of her deception. Nicole insists that she did this for EJ, and if it hadn’t been for her, he never would have known his daughter. Stefano tells Nicole flatly that he isn’t supposed to be under any stress, so he isn’t going to spend his time discussing what might happen to Nicole. Nicole wonders why Stefano had her come back, then. He shakes his head, wondering when she is going to finally realize that she is insignificant and that the only thing that matters is the baby.

Carly strolls along the pier and flashes back to meeting Bo for the first time. She sighs, telling herself that she can’t just call Bo, as that would be too direct. She tells herself that it’s all up to Justin now.

Hope says that she knows what Bo is thinking, but she can’t do what he asks—not after the kidnapping. She adds that she wishes he would stop pretending as if she is just being willful, when in reality, she has no choice as to the way she feels. Bo says he doesn’t understand this, and Hope angrily reminds him that their daughter was held at gunpoint by her kidnapper in this very house. Hope claims that she wakes up screaming from nightmares every night. Bo scoffs, asking if Hope’s solution is to tear her family apart and take her from her father. Hope claims that isn’t what she is doing, and Bo agrees, saying he won’t allow it to happen.

Sami checks her phone, telling EJ that she just has to make sure that it’s too late. EJ asks what she is talking about, and she wonders if he has ever tried to look at something through someone else’s eyes. She claims that Nicole didn’t want to go through that miscarriage alone. EJ snaps that she had Brady, but Sami thinks he knows she really wanted her husband. Sami is sure Nicole was just terrified EJ would leave her if she lost their baby, and it turns out she was right after all. EJ says that he refuses to have Nicole back in his house, and Sami snorts, saying he won’t have to worry about it, since Nicole left the country. EJ gapes. Sami nods, saying she was broke and terrified, but she left so she could continue to care for EJ’s daughter. Sami then calls him a jerk.

Stefano asks Nicole what made her get on that plane, and she explains that the father of Mia’s baby is suing for custody, and that he’ll win because she’s a broke ex-porn star. Stefano reminds her that he isn’t Grace’s father, but Nicole says that no one can ever know that. She reminds Stefano that if EJ learns the truth, then so will Sami, and they’ll probably take turns ripping her limb from limb. Stefano shakes his head, saying that he can’t believe Nicole is still so concerned with herself when he already told her that she doesn’t matter in the slightest. Nicole glares.

Hope snaps that Bo giving her direct orders isn’t going to help anything. Bo groans that everything he says comes out wrong. Justin comes back in apologizing, and grabs some more boxes. He heads off. Bo grumps that he would have helped Hope with her things if she had only asked. He then says that this reminds him of their training, and asks Hope if she remembers what you aren’t supposed to do when you have someone in a volatile situation. Hope whispers that you aren’t supposed to corner them. Bo nods, saying that she has him cornered, as she has taken away everything he loves. He sighs, asking if she is going to Maggie’s or Alice’s. Hope admits that Victor invited them to stay with him for a while. Bo begs her to tell him that she is joking.

Carly shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and sighs, wishing that Justin would have sprung for a hotel. She flashes back to telling Victor that this isn’t her idea of love, and that it’s over for good. She comes back to the present and exhales, saying to herself that Victor always did take himself too seriously. She hopes it is past his bedtime and knocks on the door. Henderson comes to the door, telling someone over the phone that Justin isn’t here right now. He opens the door, but Carly is gone. She heads off hurriedly, deciding that she’ll have to go see Bo herself.

Brady thinks that there is a voice inside of Arianna that is telling her to confide in him what her secret is, and he thinks she should listen to that voice. Just then, Arianna’s phone rings. She starts to answer, and then stops, worrying that Brady will hate her if she risks telling him the truth. Then she remembers being arrested in an apartment littered with baggies full of cocaine. Brady abruptly interrupts her reverie. He takes her phone and suggests that she just turn it off. He promises that everything will be alright, but Arianna doesn’t agree.

EJ tells Sami that Nicole couldn’t have left the country, as she doesn’t have any money. Sami says that is just like a DiMera to consider money. EJ guesses that Sami gave Nicole all of her cash, and that is why she doesn’t have any money. Sami tries to deny it, but EJ knows it’s true, as Sami wouldn’t know all the details otherwise. Sami admits it, saying that she was Nicole’s friend when she needed one most. She claims that she had to make sure Sydney didn’t end up with that irresponsible teenager she wouldn’t trust with her dog. EJ can’t believe that Sami thinks she actually helped Nicole and scoffs, claiming that she will be back in five minutes with handcuffs on her, as Nicole will never be able to pull this off. Sami accuses EJ of not even caring what happens to Sydney. Sami sighs, saying she could sit here and talk to EJ all night, and he would still be the same pigheaded, lonely man—a man that will never see Nicole or Sydney again.

Nicole accuses Stefano of thinking he is on top of his game, and wonders if he really thinks he can pull that stake out of his heart one more time and still manage to run everything. Stefano says that she is embarrassing herself, but Nicole snaps that she will tell EJ everything she knows, and then Stefano can tell him everything he knows. She claims that when EJ is done with him, his heart attack will feel like a weekend at the spa. Lexie bursts in and asks what the hell is going on. Nicole informs her that Stefano has finally pushed her too far.

Brady begs Arianna to tell him what is bothering her. Arianna says that she has decided to take his advice and stick to nonverbal communication. She chuckles and moves in for a kiss.

Carly walks through the cemetery and flashes back to being buried alive. She shivers and tells herself that in Salem, there’s a memory behind every tombstone. She heads off.

Bo can’t believe that Hope is considering taking his daughter to live at the Kiriakis mansion, but Hope thinks it may be good for her, as Victor dotes on her. Bo retorts that Victor is a career criminal and adds that Ciara’s school is on there minutes from their house. Hope says that she doesn’t mind driving her. Bo groans. Hope accuses him of being impossible to talk to. Justin walks in just as Bo snaps that it’s a good thing she has Justin to talk to, since he is such an excellent listener.

EJ doesn’t understand why everyone keeps seeing Nicole as the victim in all of this. Sami claims she doesn’t care, since she knows Nicole did what she did because she loved EJ—and she still does. EJ laughs. Sami adds that she knows Nicole would have stayed and waited for EJ as long as it took if only that kid hadn’t threatened to take her child. EJ grimaces, saying that Nicole would have waited a long time. Sami sighs, telling EJ that he could have been happy if only he had had a different last name. She thanks him for the coffee and heads off. EJ insists that Sami is wrong.

Lexie pulls Nicole outside Stefano’s room, saying she knows Nicole is under a lot of pressure, but her father is in critical condition. Nicole grumps that he seems like the same old Stefano to her. Lexie suggests that Nicole go home and get some sleep, as it looks like she needs it. She heads off. Nicole vows that she won’t get any rest—and neither will Stefano.

Hope tells Justin that she will be right there, and he heads off. Bo tells her that she can’t go live at Victor’s house, but Hope says that she can—Bo just doesn’t want her to. Bo says he understands if Hope has a problem with this house, and vows to sell it and start someplace fresh if that is what she wants. Hope shakes her head, saying that she loves this house, and doesn’t want to sell. She begs Bo to just give her a little time, but Bo retorts that she gets to spend her time apart with Ciara, while he is forced to be alone. She apologizes, knowing Bo sees it that way, and she begs him to understand that she isn’t trying to push him away. She says she will call him in the morning, when he might be more interested in communicating than just being right. Bo warns her angrily to watch her back, but she turns on him, calling him a hypocrite. She claims that it was his decision to take on the kidnappers that compromised this house for her. He may claim to be worried about her safety, but in actuality, she is worried about his. Hope storms off. Bo sighs.

Nicole heads into Stefano’s room. He knew she would come back, and she nods, reminding him that they haven’t finished their little chat. Stefano admits that he has always admired her tenacity, and claims that she reminds him of those brave, yet dead men at the Alamo. Nicole retorts that between Stefano, EJ, and Chad, she has nothing to lose, and that makes her dangerous. Stefano thinks she is just mad. Nicole scoffs, asking him if he has even considered how furious EJ will be when he learns Stefano was in on all of this. Stefano says that EJ will never believe it, but Nicole says he will, because EJ knows she doesn’t have the capability to kill Dr. Baker and switch DNA results. She adds that when EJ learns what Stefano has done, he can kiss his relationship with his son and his grandchildren goodbye. Stefano grumps that she did this. Nicole admits that she deserves what is coming to her, but Stefano better do everything in his power to protect her, or she swears on her daughter’s life that Stefano will die a lonely, miserable man.

Brady guesses that Arianna nearly told him the truth tonight. She stammers. Brady takes her in his arms, telling her it’s alright, as one day she will finally realize that she can trust him with anything.

Sami sits on her sofa at home and sighs, hoping Nicole is alright, wherever she is. Sami chuckles to herself that she should mark this day on the calendar, as she actually misses Nicole.

Stefano snaps that he can give Nicole a long list of people that have tried to threaten him, and all of them ended up regretting it. Nicole retorts that they didn’t have the ammo she does, and that she can take away what he cares about most—his family. Stefano refuses to let his son lose Sydney. Nicole claims she doesn’t want that either, but she and Sydney are a package deal. She says that if Stefano tries to cut her out, she won’t hesitate to tell EJ that he knew all about the baby switch. EJ walks into the room as Nicole vows that Stefano will lose his son and his grandchildren.

Hope and Justin head into the Kiriakis mansion. Henderson takes Hope’s bags and tells her tea is made. She thanks him as he heads off. Justin asks if she is alright, but she says she isn’t. She says that Bo reminded her that he isn’t always wrong, and she fears she may have made a huge mistake.

Carly breaks a window in Bo and Hope’s front door and unlocks the door from the inside. Bo hides around the corner and watches as she enters. He tackles her in the living room, telling her that she made a big mistake. Carly uncovers her face and smiles ruefully, apologizing for dropping in him like this. Bo gapes.


Hope tells Justin, “Bo just wants this whole thing to be over with, but it's not. It's far from over.”

Carly tells Bo, “I came here because my life is in danger.”

Stefano asks Nicole, “Are you going to tell him or am I?”

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