Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/23/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/23/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Hope heads into her house with a suitcase. She gazes sadly at a picture of her Ciara, and Bo, and places the drawing Ciara made of their family in front of the picture. Just then, someone knocks at the door. It’s Victor, and he tells Hope how nice it is to see her at home again. She stammers. Victor asks if Ciara is here, but Hope explains that she is with Doug and Julie. Victor catches sight of the suitcase and asks Hope if she is going somewhere. Surprised that Bo didn’t tell him, Hope explains that she and Ciara are moving out.

At her apartment, Arianna speaks over the phone with someone about Brady, asking them to leave her alone about the whole thing, as she’ll decide when she’s ready to do so. She then angrily retorts that she would have said something by now if Victor had clued Brady into the fact that she is a dealer. Just then, someone rustles at the window. Arianna hangs up and grabs a gun. She hides around the corner as Brady pokes his head in her open window.

In his hospital room, Stefano asks to see his grandchildren and Nicole. Lexie stammers, saying that it’s probably too late for him to see the kids. Stefano agrees, but says he still wants to speak to Nicole. He asks EJ to call her and get her to come down here. EJ stammers. Stefano demands to know what is going on with his wife, and where she is. EJ says flatly that he doesn’t know, and to be honest, he doesn’t give a damn.

Nicole sneaks into the DiMera mansion. Happy that no one is around, she whispers to Sydney that she just has to get her passport, and then the two can get as far away form here as possible. Kate flounces in from the living room just then, asking Nicole how she dares to walk in here unannounced. Nicole starts to explain why she is here, but Kate shouts at her to get out.

Will and Mia wait in a room at the courthouse. Will assures Mia that everything will be alright, as his uncle wouldn’t have recommended Justin if he weren’t a great lawyer. Mia sighs. Will advises her to breathe, and vows that Justin will make sure that Chad can’t take away her right to decide what happens to her baby. Just then, Chad and Justin walk in. Chad tells Justin he’s hired, and asks where he should sign. Mia and Will gape.

Stefano demands to know why EJ doesn’t know where his wife is. Lexie advises Stefano not to get so worked up about this, but Stefano snaps back that he doesn’t want to be patronized or kept in the dark any longer. EJ tells Stefano that while he was in a coma, he learned that Nicole had perpetrated a horrible lie against their family. Stefano asks what she lied about, and EJ explains that he learned she had a miscarriage, faked her pregnancy, and then adopted a baby from that criminal Dr. Baker. Stefano asks how EJ found all of this out, but EJ doesn’t want to go into details, other than that Nicole admitted to the whole thing. Stefano asks what he did, and EJ scoffs, saying he kicked her to the curb, of course. Stefano demands to know where Sydney is. EJ says she is with her mother. Stefano groans, saying that he can’t believe Sydney is with Sami. EJ stares in confusion.

Brady crawls into Arianna’s window, calling out for her. She kneels down and hides her gun under the bed, asking Brady what he thinks he is doing. Brady explains he climbed up the building and in through the window, but Arianna warns him that he could have killed himself, and asks him not to do that ever again. Brady takes her into his arms and promises. He notices that Arianna is shaking, and asks her what he matter is.

EJ asks why Sydney would be with Sami. Lexie guesses that he meant Nicole. Stefano is surprised, but recovers quickly, saying that he tends to confuse the two bleached-blonde liars EJ has managed to sire children with. Lexie thinks it’s normal for him to be a bit confused, and assures Stefano that it will pass. Stefano sighs, asking if EJ is saying that Sydney is with Nicole, and that he doesn’t know where they are. EJ nods. Stefano curses, telling EJ to find the two and bring them home where they belong.

Nicole tells Kate that she just came to get some papers she needs. Kate suggests she ring the bell the next time, and snatches Nicole’s keys from her. Nicole rolls her eyes and heads off for the living room. She rummages through the desk drawer and finds Sydney’s passport. Kate follows her and snatches the passport from her, asking what she is doing with it. She notices that it’s Sydney’s passport, and asks sarcastically if Nicole plans on leaving a forwarding address for her hate mail. Nicole grabs the passport and starts to head off, but Kate wonders how EJ will feel about Nicole disappearing into the dark with the baby he raised as his own. Nicole claims that EJ wants nothing to do with Sydney, and that he kicked both of them out. Kate picks up the phone, saying she will just see about that.

Arianna wonders that someone may have seen Brady entering the apartment, but Brady swears no one did. He explains that he actually came here because Arianna wanted to keep their relationship private. He holds up a knapsack, saying he brought the date to her since they can’t go out on one. Arianna sighs, saying that this is what she was afraid of. She starts to warn Brady again about someone finding out about them, but he groans, interrupting and asking her if it would really be the end of the world. Arianna abruptly tells him that getting back together wasn’t a good idea.

Nicole asks Kate to put the phone down and asks ‘Mrs. DiMera’ if she really wants to keep her here. Nicole says she’ll stay if Kate wants, and considers which of her sons she’ll seduce first. Kate tells her to get the hell out. Nicole demands that Kate admit it would be a dream come true to have her halfway across the world. Kate says it’s true, but the thing is, Stefano loves Sydney, and he would be very unhappy if she disappeared. Nicole scoffs, asking Kate to stop pretending as if she cares about Stefano’s feelings. Kate can’t believe Nicole really didn’t learn from living with the DiMeras that family is what comes first with them. She reminds Nicole that she is Stefano’s wife. Nicole snaps that she is Sydney’s mother. She tells Kate that she will lay down her life for her little girl, and she will trample anyone that gets in her way. Nicole says that that includes Kate, calling her a hateful bitch.

EJ asks Stefano to calm down, saying that he can’t do what he has asked him to do. Stefano flies into a rage, shouting that he isn’t asking EJ—he’s telling him to go find that little girl and bring her home. EJ says he can’t and he won’t. Stefano wonders how he can be so callous as to allow Nicole to take away his little girl. EJ snaps that his heart is broken, but Stefano feels no pity for a man that would cast aside his child in this way. Stefano bursts into a fit of coughing. Lexie heads over, concerned, but Stefano waves her off. EJ explains that he cannot allow Sydney to live in his house and continue a lie, since she isn’t his daughter. Stefano shouts that she is, and calls EJ a fool.

Victor tells Hope that he has always had a tremendous respect for the way she meets her challenges head-on. He says he knows she has been through a difficult time. Hope scoffs, reminding him her daughter was kidnapped and nearly killed, but Victor says he was also talking about Zach. He reminds her that he knows what it is like to lose a child, and how that pain never really goes away. He asks her if she is sure she wants to leave the place that holds so many memories of Zach. Hope doesn’t answer. Victor adds that she shouldn’t have snuck in here when she knew Bo was out, as she at least owes him the courtesy of a face-to-face goodbye. Hope admits that she fears she won’t be able to look Bo in the eye and still manage to say goodbye.

Justin suggests that Chad and Mia try to discuss things civilly. Will asks Justin what is going on, as he thought he was going to represent Mia. Justin apologizes, saying he had no idea Chad’s case was the same one he and Will spoke about. Will thinks Justin will want to drop his new client once he hears the whole story. Chad shouts at Will, asking how any of this is his business. Justin warns the two boys that if they can’t act rationally, then he’s leaving. Chad takes a seat and grumps that he doesn’t want Will here. Justin agrees that it might be best to let Mia and Chad work this out alone, but Mia insists that Will stay. Chad asks Will angrily if he thinks he is some kind of knight in shining armor. Will snaps back that Chad is delusional, trying to play daddy after he deserted Mia and got shipped off to reform school for using drugs. Chad claims that Will doesn’t know anything about him. Will snaps that Chad is an arrogant jerk. Chad leaps across the table and starts pummeling Will. Mia shouts at the two stop as Justin attempts to break it up.

Kate asks Nicole if she thinks it helps her case to call her names. Nicole admits that she is tense, and apologizes, begging Kate not to tell EJ that she and Sydney are leaving. Kate agrees not to say anything to anyone who might try to stop Nicole from leaving. Nicole thanks her, but Kate says that she is only agreeing to his because her grandson has become involved in the custody suit involving Sydney, thanks to his girlfriend Maya. Nicole corrects her, saying it’s Mia. Kate tells Nicole to get out of Salem and out of their lives for good before she changes her mind.

EJ tells Stefano that he loved that little girl like she was his own, but she isn’t. She has parents, and they have rights that must be respected. Lexie tries to soothe Stefano, begging him not to get worked up about this, as it could overtax his heart. Stefano growls that he doesn’t care about his heart, and says that EJ has to know something. Before he can finish, his monitors beep wildly. Stefano passes out. Lexie goes out into the hallway and shouts out for a crash cart. EJ tries to revive Stefano, calling out for him worriedly.

Arianna tells Brady that she just couldn’t live with herself if something happened to him. Brady groans, telling her that he will leave if she wants him to. Arianna says that he knows she doesn’t want him to go. Brady asks her to make up her mind. She admits that she wants him to stay, but thinks that they need to talk things through. Brady doesn’t want to talk, and asks Arianna if she really thinks this is a bad idea. He moves in for a kiss.

Justin pulls Will and Chad apart, and reminds Chad that an arrest for assault won’t help him get custody. Justin then tells Chad that he thinks he ought to go into mediation, and try to work out some sort of custody arrangement with the adoptive mother. Chad refuses, saying that this is a winner-take-all kind of a situation. Mia groans, wondering if he really thinks there is a winner in all this, especially if Chad takes Sydney from EJ and Nicole, the only parents she has ever known. Chad grumps that it wasn’t his idea to stick their kid with some washed-up porn star. Mia retorts that it’s better than handing the baby over to him. Chad says he wants to fight for full custody, but Justin says that he can’t help Chad with that. He goes on to explain that he had no idea the child in question was Sydney DiMera, and given his family’s history with the DiMeras, he can’t take the case. Chad laughs angrily, saying that this is crazy. Justin apologizes, saying he would have told Chad as much up front if he had told him the baby’s name. Will assumes that that means that Justin will help them fight for Nicole to get full custody, but Justin says that he can’t do that either.

Nicole tells Sydney that she thinks they have everything they need. Kate scoffs that she forgot the silverware and the family jewels. Nicole ignores her, saying that she needs one more document. Kate accuses her of stalling. Nicole claims she is just trying to get everything she needs, but Kate thinks that what Nicole really needs is to go back to a time before her lies were exposed and her last chance for happiness went up in smoke. Kate adds that she doesn’t think Nicole really wants to leave.

Lexie states that Stefano’s heart has been stabilized and sends the nurse off with the crash cart. She tells EJ quietly that that was a close call. EJ asks if Stefano will pull through, but Lexie isn’t sure, as even the phoenix can’t live forever. She tells EJ that whatever Stefano wanted to tell him may remain a mystery forever.

Hope agrees that she needs to talk to Bo first. Victor doesn’t think that she really wants to leave. Hope admits that that is true, but she really doesn’t see any other way. Victor says he understands her fears, and that he can’t imagine that Hope wants to live in a strange house alone with Ciara. He thinks she is just being a smart, protective mother, and he wants to offer her an alternative.

Arianna and Brady have an impromptu picnic on the carpet of her bedroom. Arianna says she is glad he came by, even though he scared her half to death. Brady chuckles, promising that he won’t come in through her bedroom window in the middle of the night anymore. Arianna tells him it’s ok, as she is really glad he is here. Brady says he is, too. The two kiss.

Will tells Justin that Uncle Mickey promised he’d help them, but Justin says he agreed to do so before he knew the specifics of the case. Besides, now that he has learned privileged information from both parties, it would be unethical for him to represent either of them. Chad huffs off, saying that his dad will just help him find another lawyer. Will sighs, asking Justin if he can at east offer them some advice. Justin shakes his head, wishing that he could help, but he can’t. Mia asks incredulously if he plans on just walking away. Justin explains to Mia that she didn’t legally give her baby up for adoption—she sold her. Mia sobs, claiming that she did it because she loved her baby. She bawls, wondering what is going to happen to her baby now. Justin explains that the courts almost always favor the biological parents. If she decides to sign her rights to Sydney away, then Chad would get full custody of Sydney.

Nicole heads out of the mansion with Sydney, telling her that it’s just the two of them against the world.

EJ tells Lexie that he didn’t expect Stefano to get so upset, but she reminds him of how much Stefano loved Sydney. EJ says that he always thought being a DiMera was what mattered most to Stefano. Lexie thinks Stefano is emotionally attached to Sydney, and is just worried that he will never see her again. EJ doesn’t think this adds up, and tells Lexie that he knows his father had Nicole followed a few months ago. He wonders if it’s possible that Stefano knew about Nicole’s secret this whole time. Lexie shakes her head, saying there’s no way their father would allow Nicole to pass someone else’s child off as EJ’s.

Hope thanks Victor for his offer, but isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. Victor assures her that the mansion has changed a lot in the past few years. Not only does he no longer conduct business there, a peace treaty is in effect between the Kiriakis and DiMera families. Hope admits that she had heard that. Victor promises that she will never want for anything in his home, and that he hopes Hope can use that time to try to rebuild things with Bo. He adds that the two of them are soul-mates, and that he can’t let them be torn apart on his watch. Victor says he loves Bo more than his life, and since Isabella passed, Hope is the only daughter he has. Hope softens and shakes Victor’s hand, saying that she’ll try it out for awhile and see how it goes.

Brady breaks off the kiss and asks Arianna if she is sure she wants to do this. She says she is. Brady picks her up and places her on the bed. The two kiss passionately.

Mia and Chad are at the Java Café. Mia admits that she doesn’t know what she will do if Chad gets custody, since his parents aren’t going to help him out. Chad walks up behind the two and tells Mia that she is wrong. While his parents can’t represent him since they don’t do custody work, they are supportive and totally on his side. Mia asks what he is saying. Chad informs her that his parents have hired another attorney for him, and that he is going to get custody of his baby, and make sure that Mia never sees her again. Chad storms off. Mia worries that Chad is right, but Will assures her that Chad is all talk, and that Nicole will make sure Sydney stays protected. Mia hopes he is right.

Sydney and Nicole are seated on a plane. Nicole tries to assure Sydney that they’re going to have a great adventure. Just then, Sami calls. Nicole tells her that she and Sydney are on their way out of the country, and thanks Sami again for all her help. She thinks it’s best if they don’t stay in contact, and asks Sami to have a happy life. She hangs up with a sigh. Nicole then tells Sydney that she feels badly for Sami, but she is Sydney’s mommy and that is never going to change. She asks Sydney to wave goodbye to Salem forever and sighs, whispering that she will always love EJ.

EJ begs Stefano to open his eyes. Stefano does so and mumbles that he has to see Sydney. EJ sighs, promising to get her, if it will make Stefano feel better. Stefano thanks him. EJ reminds him that he was getting ready to tell him something about Sydney before. Stefano closes his eyes and seems to lose consciousness. EJ tries to get him to wake up, but Lexie comes in and tells EJ that Stefano needs his rest. EJ sighs and heads off, asking Stefano to get better. He closes the door behind him. Stefano’s eyes snap open.

Justin heads over to Bo and Hope’s and finds Hope alone. He asks for Bo, but Hope explains that he is at the police station. She asks if she can help him, but Justin says it was just about a new client of his. Hope is glad to hear that, since new clients must mean Justin plans on sticking around. Justin shrugs, saying that all of his kids are off at college, and he and Adrienne need a break. He notices the luggage and assumes that Hope is moving back home, but she says and Ciara are actually moving into the Kiriakis mansion. Justin is surprised. Hope says she is, too, but Victor can be very persuasive. Besides, knowing that Justin plans on staying in town will help make the house seem more welcoming. Justin promises to make sure she and Ciara feel at home until they can return to their real one. Hope thanks him, and Justin offers to help her with her luggage.

Victor is at the pub, and leaves Brady an angry message, reminding him that he agreed to keep his phone on at all times. As he hangs up, he hears the bartender telling someone over the phone that Arianna has the night off, and won’t be coming in. Victor grimaces.

Arianna and Brady lie in bed together. She wishes this night never had to end. Brady agrees and kisses her. The two begin to make love.

EJ heads into the DiMera mansion. Kate notices that something is wrong immediately, and asks if anything has happened to Stefano. EJ says he woke up. Kate is aghast, demanding to know why he didn’t call and tell her. EJ tells her flatly that Stefano’s station is precarious, and that he won’t be accepting any more visitors. Kate asks what that means. EJ shouts that it means he might not ever get better, and accuses Kate of getting exactly what she wanted.

A nurse fluffs Stefano’s pillows. He thanks her and she heads off. Stefano flashes back to Nicole divulging that Sydney is actually Sami’s child, and that if it weren’t for her, Sami would never have let EJ know about his daughter. Stefano worries that Sami might learn the truth and file for custody, but Nicole declares that that will never happen. Stefano comes back from his reverie and picks up the phone. He calls Nicole just as the flight attendants ask everyone to run off their electronic devices. Nicole picks up hurriedly. Stefano tells her that he wants her to bring him his granddaughter immediately.


Carly says, “Bo, here I come.”

Sami tells EJ, “Nicole loved you. Now she's gone.”

Nicole snaps, “Sorry, Stefano, I am finally out of your jurisdiction.”

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