Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/22/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/22/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

Outside the pub, Nicole calls Chloe and leaves her a message, sobbing and saying she needs her help. She hangs up, deciding that no one can help her. Just then, Sami walks over, telling Nicole that it’s going to be alright, and that she is going to help her. Nicole shakes her head miserably, saying that Sami can’t do that.

Kate runs into Stephanie at the Java Café and greets her, saying that she has been meaning to call her. Stephanie asks her how Stefano is doing, but Kate says that she isn’t here because of her husband—she’s here because of her son.

Melanie and Nathan fold a blanket at the cemetery, discussing a horror movie that they just watched there. They both agree it wasn’t very good as Philip walks over, greeting the two. Melanie asks what he is doing here alone. Philip stammers, saying that he was just watching a movie. Melanie scoffs, saying she didn’t know people went to outdoor movies alone.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ speaks to someone over the phone about the territory north of the water. EJ explains that he’ll seal the deal with Victor as soon as he gets some more people in place. Just then, EJ gets a call from Lexie and clicks over. She tells him that their father is waking up, and that EJ had better get down to the hospital.

Stefano lies in bed and groans, mumbling about Sami and Nicole.

Sami again offers to help Nicole, but Nicole says she can’t, since she doesn’t know what is going on. Sami explains that she knows that Nicole fears she might lose Sydney to either Chad or the courts. Nicole admits that’s true. Sami vows to make sure that doesn’t happen, and assures Nicole that they can do this together.

At Daniel’s apartment, Chloe coughs and chokes as she removes the dinner she burned from the oven. Just then, someone knocks. Chloe heads over to answer it and lets Maggie in. Maggie makes a face as Chloe asks her to excuse the smoke. Chloe admits that cooking isn’t one of her strong suits. Maggie hands her a cake platter, hoping that her ‘I’m sorry’ cake will help a little. Chloe asks what this is for. Maggie explains that she has had a chance to speak to Daniel, and he has forgiven her, but she hasn’t yet spoken to Chloe since she recovered from what Kate did. Maggie explains that she just wants to put things right with Chloe, and asks how she is. Chloe admits she has never been happier in her entire life. Maggie tells her that it shows.

At the hospital, Daniel looks through Chloe’s medical records. He sighs and curses.

Sami explains to Nicole that she wants Sydney and Nicole to stay together, and because of that, she needs to do this. Nicole doesn’t understand, but Sami claims she doesn’t want to talk here, and suggests they head back to her place. Nicole isn’t sure Sami can give her the help she needs. Sami gives her a look. Nicole sighs and agrees to go to Sami’s place.

Chloe tells Maggie that she understands, and that she doesn’t need to apologize. Maggie admits ruefully that Kate had a lot of people fooled. Chloe notices that she has a message on her answering machine, and Maggie suggests she check it, as it may be Daniel. Chloe presses the play button and listens to Nicole’s message begging for her help. Chloe sighs worriedly.

EJ rushes into the hospital and asks Lexie what is happening. She explains that while she was tending to their father, his heart rate and blood pressure started improving. EJ is glad to hear the good news, and Lexie nods, admitting that she expects Stefano to wake up at any time now. EJ assumes that’s a good thing, but Lexie warns him that there is no guarantee the father they know will be back.

Back at Sami’s townhouse, Sami tells Nicole that she spoke to Chad. She thought she had convinced him to do the right thing, but things sort of blew up in her face, and now Chad is more determined than ever to take Sydney. Nicole sighs. Sami admits she also spoke to EJ, but Nicole doesn’t want to know what he said. Sami tells Nicole that the person whose opinion matters the most to her is Mia, and Mia wants Sydney to stay with Nicole. Sami admits that the longer she talked to Mia, the more she is sure that a mother has a right to do anything when it comes to her child. Nicole is surprised to hear her say so, but Sami nods, asserting that a mother has a right to do anything—no matter what it is. She knows that sometimes you have to do what it takes, as she learned that through having Grace. Nicole guesses that the main reason Sami is helping her is because of Grace and EJ and what happened. She wonders if Sami would still feel the same way if she hadn’t lost Grace. She asks Sami if she would still be helping her if her little girl were alive today.

Stephanie assumes Kate wants her to get involved in whatever is going on between her and Philip, but Stephanie says she can’t do that. Kate says that she would never ask that of Stephanie. She then tells her that she loves her son with all her heart, ad there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to make him happy. She adds that it’s a happy coincidence that she also knows what will make Stephanie happy. Stephanie asks what she means, and Kate explains that Stephanie and Philip belong together.

Philip explains that Titan sponsored the movie at the cemetery, so he had to come to cut a check for a foundation that cleans parks. Nathan notices he lost his cell phone and heads off to look for it. Philip asks Melanie if she thought he came here to stalk her, but she says she just wondered why he was here alone. She assumes there are plenty of women who’d love to spend the evening with him, especially since it’s a charity function. Philip sighs, telling Melanie pointedly that no one he was interested in was free tonight.

Chloe tells Maggie all about Nicole’s miscarriage, and how she faked her pregnancy and adopted Sydney, pretending that she was her and EJ’s child. Chloe then explains that the adoption wasn’t legal, and now Sydney’s teenage father wants custody. Chloe grimaces. Maggie asks if she is alright, but Chloe thinks the idea of adopting a baby only to have it ripped away from you is horrible. She isn’t sure she could survive something like that. Maggie says that she won’t have to, and Chloe agrees, saying that she and Daniel are going to have their own baby. Maggie asks in surprise if she is pregnant. Chloe says she isn’t yet, but will be soon. Maggie isn’t sure that is such a good idea, considering Chloe’s medical history, but Chloe assures her that everything is going to be fine.

Daniel calls another doctor and explains that he needs a second opinion on a patient’s case—a patient he is personally involved with.

Sami claims that she would feel the same way if Grace were alive, and assures Nicole that she really wants to help her. Nicole shakes her head, saying that Sami can’t help her, but Sami suggests they just go through this step by step. She figures Nicole probably needs a lawyer, and a place to stay, so she suggests they start there. Nicole admits that she made a big decision, and swears Sami to secrecy. Sami promises not to tell, and Nicole explains that she has to leave the country. She says she has finally faced facts that Chad is Sydney’s father, and the law is on his side. So she has decided to leave the country with Sydney, and go somewhere that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S. Sami wonders how Nicole will care for the both of them. Nicole admits that is a problem, since she barely has any money. She explains that EJ cut off her access to the bank accounts and credit cards the day he learned the truth. Nicole asks Sami if she now sees that the kind of help she needs is too much to ask. Sami admits it is a lot, but it’s not too much. She assures Nicole that she is Sydney’s true mother, and that is the most important thing in the world, as no one can take her place in Sydney’s life.

Daniel heads into his apartment. Chloe, now alone, explains that dinner was a total bust, but Maggie saved the day by bringing over dessert. Daniel jokes that Chloe is so hot, she must be burning. She chuckles as Daniel pulls a bouquet of flowers out from behind his back. He explains that he saw something exotic and beautiful, thought of Chloe. He admits he also got them because he loves her. She tells him she loves them and him, and the two kiss.

Philip tells Melanie that he has to go, as he needs some downtime, and this whole thing felt too much like work. He tells her that he hopes she and Nathan have a good night and heads off. Nathan comes back over, having found his cell phone, and asks where Philip went. Melanie says that he left, and that that means they can finish their date. She reminds him that the movie was just the first half. Nathan moves in, noting that they can finally be alone.

EJ and Lexie head into Stefano’s room. Stefano mumbles. Lexie tells EJ that he is right on the verge of waking up. She leans in and calls out for him. Stefano’s eyelids flutter. He groans. Lexie asks him gently if he can open his eyes. Stefano does so. EJ and Lexie beam. Lexie asks how he feels. EJ asks Stefano worriedly if he knows who they are.

Nicole sobs. Sami asks if she did or said anything, but Nicole says it’s her, not Sami. Sami asks her to calm down, reminding her that she doesn’t want Sydney to see her like this. She vows to help Nicole fix whatever is wrong. Nicole bawls, saying that Sami said that no one could take her place as Sydney’s mother, but if anyone found out what she did, they’d say she was a disgusting liar and an unfit mother. Sami claims that anyone that would say that that doesn’t know the facts like she does. Nicole sobs hysterically. Sami assures Nicole that she has seen her with Sydney and that she knows she is a fit mother. She promises that she will help Nicole find a way to keep Sydney. Nicole shrieks that this is all wrong, and that Sami is the last person that should be helping her.

Stephanie tells Kate flatly that she and Philip aren’t getting back together. She admits that she loved Philip, and she wanted to be a part of his life, but only if he was the guy she wanted him to be. Stephanie says that that was unfair of her, and that you can’t threaten to stop loving someone unless they change for you. She says she decided to end things for that reason, and that Philip understands that. Kate sighs, telling Stephanie that you can’t set up rules and laws for your life and expect to abide by them so rigidly. She thinks that all that matters is that Stephanie and Philip love one another. Philip stalks over just then, angrily telling Kate to shut up.

Melanie and Nathan head back into Maggie’s kitchen. Melanie complains about what a klutz she is for ruining such a nice pair of shoes. She then apologizes, saying that Nathan probably doesn’t want to hear her go on and on about it. Nathan says that he is just having trouble getting over how beautiful she looks. Melanie blushes, saying that that was sweet of him to say. Nathan moves in, and the two kiss. Just then, Maggie walks in and flicks on the light. She glares at the two. They back away from one another and exchange uncomfortable glances.

Sami wonders why she would be the last person to help Nicole. She admits she realizes her talking to Nicole has opened some kind of floodgate, but she is sure the two of them can work through that and fix things. Nicole sobs that Sami doesn’t understand, and that there is something she needs to know. Just then, Sydney starts babbling, interrupting. Nicole heads over to check on her, admitting that she does that from time to time. Nicole then tell Sami that she is a mother, and that if she helps her, she could end up putting Allie, Johnny, and Will at risk. Sami swears that she won’t get caught, and that if Nicole is really so concerned, then she can just keep where she is going a secret. That way if anyone finds out anything, Sami can truthfully claim that she has no idea where Nicole is. Nicole shakes her head, saying it doesn’t even matter, since she needs at least fifty grand to run away, and she knows Sami doesn’t have that kind of money. Sami admits she doesn’t, but claims she can get it. Nicole tries to stop her, saying that she can’t let anyone know she is leaving the country. Sami grabs her purse, promising that she won’t tell anyone. She swears to Nicole that she will take care of everything and heads off. Nicole bawls.

Chloe and Daniel lie in bed as Daniel jokes that he really can’t recommend eating cake for dinner as a physician. Chloe admits she really needs to take a cooking class. Daniel isn’t sure he wants his apartment burned down, but Chloe claims she is serious, and that she needs to learn to cook for him and for their future children, since kids really need healthy meals. Daniel makes a face. Chloe sighs, noting that every time she brings up having children, he starts acting strangely. She asks if there is something he isn’t telling her. Daniel reminds her that after everything they went through, he made a vow to always be honest with her, no matter what. Chloe thinks this sounds serious. Daniel sighs, telling her that there may be a problem with them having a baby.

Melanie tells Maggie uncomfortably that she and Nathan came home early because the heel broke off her shoe. Maggie ignores her, reminding them both that she told them she didn’t want this kind of thing going on in her house. Nathan claims there wasn’t anything going on, and that he and Melanie were just teasing one another. Maggie grumps that she knows what she saw, and reminds them that she made her feelings clear. Melanie admits that she did. Nathan agrees, promising that this will never happen again. Maggie says that is just the thing—they both promised one thing, and then did the exact opposite once they thought she wasn’t looking. She says that now she can’t trust anything either of them says.

Stephanie excuses herself, telling Kate and Philip that she has to go. Kate claims she will be in touch, but Philip asks Stephanie to ignore her. She heads off uncomfortably. Kate sighs, saying she knows Philip is still upset with her. He retorts that she has no right to interfere in his life. Kate claims that she still cares about him and loves him. She thinks that someone needs to interfere in his life because he won’t face the truth. Philip asks what that hell that is supposed to mean. Kate says it means that he is doing everything wrong.

Nicole tells Sydney that when Sami comes back, they’ll have to go straight to the airport—provided that Sami can come up the money she needs. Nicole then tells Sydney she knows it is hard to think about saying goodbye, and never seeing her father or grandfather again, but they have to do what they have to do to make sure they don’t get separated. She whispers that no one will take Sydney from her, or ever find out that she is Sami’s baby, because Sydney is her life, and she is all she has.

EJ asks if Stefano recognizes him and begs him to squeeze his hand. Lexie warns EJ that Stefano isn’t back quite yet, and that it may take a moment for him to respond. EJ tells Stefano hurriedly that Lexie is here, and asks if he knows who she is. Stefano glares, telling EJ that of course he can see Lexie. He says that he also sees EJ, and he’d appreciate it if he stopped yelling. EJ laughs, saying that Stefano is back for sure. Stefano says he is, of course, and wonders what else EJ expected.

Daniel tells Chloe that he’s arranged for more tests to be run on her, but she flies off the handle, accusing him of doing this on purpose. She reminds him that he told her there wouldn’t be any problems with the two of them having children, but he has seemingly already decided that it’s too big of a risk. She wonders if this is all happening because Daniel didn’t want kids in the first place. Daniel stammers. Chloe accuses him of wanting these tests run to prove to her that it can never happen. Daniel claims that isn’t true, but Chloe whines that having children should be their decision together, not his alone. Daniel tries to soothe Chloe, asking her to calm down and listen. He explains that her health isn’t the issue here, and that there may be another problem.

Nathan tells Maggie that he understands that this is her house, and her rules, and they broke them. He tells Maggie that all he and Melanie can do is assure her that this will never happen again. Maggie says she wishes she could believe that, but she can’t. She says she is sorry, but she can’t have the two of them living in her house together anymore. Melanie sobs, saying that she will pack her things. Nathan stops her, saying the hell she will. He glares at Maggie.

Kate accuses Philip of not being able to handle his relationships with women. She reminds him of the disastrous end to his relationships with Belle, Chloe, and Morgan, and says she thinks Stephanie has been the one bright spot in his life. Philip scoffs that he doesn’t need to be taking advice from a woman who poisons people in her free time. Kate begs him to reconsider dating Stephanie. Philip advises her not worry about her new family—the one that doesn’t just try to kill people, but succeeds in doing so. Kate begs him not to do this, but Philip shouts at her to go home and bore the DiMeras with her phony concern.

EJ tells Stefano how relieved he is. Lexie warns him that he will be weak for a few days, but says she expects him to make a full recovery. Stefano asks where his wife is. EJ asks if he is sure he wants to see her, after all that has happened, but Stefano claims that Kate had nothing to do with this, and that he did this to himself. He vows to Lexie that he will stick to his diet from now on. He asks someone to call his wife and tell her he needs her by his side. EJ agrees to do so. Stefano then asks if it is too late to see his grandchildren. EJ and Lexie exchange uncomfortable glances.

Sami heads back into her place and hands Nicole a manila envelope. Nicole asks her in surprise where she got this, and Sami explains that after she left witness protection, John got a message to her that he would be there for her, and left her some cash in case of emergencies. She jokes, asking Nicole if she really thought she had been living on her good looks alone this whole time. Sami adds that she thinks this is the right way to spend that money. Nicole thanks her and bursts into tears, but Sami asks her not to cry, as she and Sydney have a big day ahead of them. She takes Sydney from Nicole and says goodbye to her, telling her how much she will miss her. Nicole looks on guiltily and sobs as Sami promises never to forget Sydney. Nicole tells Sami that she has no idea what she has given her, and how much it means. Sami thinks she is the one that should be thanking Nicole, as it means so much to her to be able to help Nicole keep her little girl.

Daniel tells Chloe that he thought over what she said, so he just looked over her file to check out some things, and he fears the decision on whether or not they should have kids won’t be up to them. Chloe asks why not. Daniel explains that because of the treatment she received when she was so ill, she may never be able to conceive.

Kate agrees to leave Philip alone, but she swears she will never stop caring about him or his future. She thinks that he is headed into another disaster with this Melanie Layton girl and she can’t understand what Philip sees in her. Kate advises him to really think about that and heads off. Philip sighs.

Nathan tells Melanie that she isn’t leaving. She claims that this is all her fault, as Maggie gave her fair warning. Nathan tells Melanie that she isn’t leaving, and adds that if Maggie forces her to go, he’s moving out, too.

Stefano tells EJ and Lexie that he would like to see Theo, Johnny, and Sydney, as well as Nicole, if that is possible. Lexie isn’t sure the children will be up. Stefano says he understands, and asks EJ to call Nicole, at least. EJ stammers. Stefano demands to know what is going on, and where EJ’s wife is.

Sami and Nicole say goodbye to one another. Sami asks Nicole to be happy, and she promises she will be. Nicole thanks Sami again and heads off down the hallway with Sydney.


Chad asks Will, “How the hell is this any of your business?”

EJ tells Stefano, “She's not my daughter.” Stefano shouts, “She is!”

Nicole snaps at Kate, “I will trample anyone who gets in the way, and that includes you, you hateful bitch!”

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