Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/20/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/20/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At her townhouse, Sami sits Johnny down and explains that while she knows Mia is his favorite babysitter, Missy is coming over tonight, and he has to be nicer to her than he was the last time. Sami promises to buy him a new car if he’s on his best behavior. Johnny squeals with excitement and rushes off. Sami notes sarcastically that she’s doing some great parenting, what with the way she just wrapped guilt, bribery, and blackmail up into one. She sighs, saying that now she has to figure out where a certain teenaged boy could be hiding. She picks up her phone and calls Nicole. She leaves a message, saying she talked to both EJ and Mia today, and she knows it must have been a tough day for Nicole. She explains that Nicole won’t believe what she is about to do, and asks her to call back if she knows where she can get in touch with Chad. Sami hangs up with a sigh.

At the pier, Nicole moves in on Chad, telling him that he’s a strong and handsome young man, and she isn’t without certain talents. She thinks they can come up with something beneficial for both of them if they can put those two things together. Chad stammers. Nicole rubs his arm, asking if she needs to draw him a picture. Chad squeaks, asking if she is trying to seduce him. Nicole leans in and whispers in his ear, telling him to be honest and admit that he would like it if she did.

Roman shows up at the pub to meet Arianna, saying he hoped she had good news in regards to Rafe. She says she hasn’t heard from him and asks Roman not to be mad, as Brady is going to help find him. Roman admits that Titan has a lot of resources to track someone down, but he wonders if Brady is doing this out of the goodness of his heart, or because he and Arianna are back together. Arianna sighs, admitting that she knows it’s a mistake. Roman shakes his head, saying it’s a hell of a lot more than that.

Brady shows up at Sami’s place, saying that they need to talk. She explains that she was just on her way out, but Brady says that it’s important, as it’s about Rafe. Sami sighs, wishing she had something else to tell Brady, but Rafe hasn’t contacted her.

On Omar’s boat, Carly tells Omar that Rafe’s fever is spiking again, and that they need to get some antibiotics into him. Omar explains that they are getting ready to pull into the harbor in Salem, and asks Carly what she plans on doing with Rafe once she gets there. She vows not to let him die. Omar advises that she just dump him off on the dock and let some other good Samaritan deal with him. She refuses. Omar suggests they call 911. Carly refuses. Omar sighs, reminding her that there are other doctors in Salem. He adds that she doesn’t need any additional baggage, as her husband’s men are still looking for her, and one of them nearly succeeded in killing her. Rafe wakes up and moans that someone is trying to kill him. Carly claims that Rafe is in as much trouble as she is, but Omar says she has to let him go in order to get him help. Carl refuses, saying that there is only one thing she can think of doing.

Bo shows up at the hospital to meet Lexie. Surprised, she asks him to give her a moment. He guesses she forgot about the volunteer program they’re coordinating through the police department, but he doesn’t blame her considering she’s running the hospital on top of her father being so ill. Lexie admits that she’d rather talk about anything other than her family. She asks Bo if things are still going badly with him and Hope. Bo sighs, admitting things would have to get a lot better before he could say they were going bad.

Carly explains to Omar that she won’t abandon this man. Once she gets him help, she’ll be able to get herself the help she needs. Omar asks if that is why they came to Salem, and Carly nods, telling Omar that she has a friend in town.

Bo tells Lexie that all the other times he and Hope had issues in the past, someone had been trying to pull them apart. This time, Ciara’s kidnapping brought up something different, and something else is going on between the two of them. Lexie asks what he thinks it is, and Bo tells her that the way he figures, everything Hope does is wrong, and everything he does is right. Lexie says somberly that that would be funny if she was sure Bo didn’t mean that.

Chad and Nicole kiss. Suddenly, she tries to push him away, telling him to stop. Chad grabs her and kisses her harder. Nicole pummels on his chest with her fists and shouts. A police officer runs over and grabs Chad, asking Nicole if she wants to press charges. She says she does. Nicole comes back from her fantasy and grins. She asks Chad if he wants to have a little fun.

Sami guesses that Arianna asked Brady to help find Rafe. Brady says that he offered, actually. Sami asks why. Brady claims he had nothing better to do, but Sami thinks that the two must be back together. Brady tries to deny it, but finally admits it. Sami laughs, glad that they are dating again, but Brady warns her that she can’t tell anyone.

Roman guesses sarcastically that Arianna wasn’t listening when he talked to her before about dating Brady, and how stupid and dangerous the idea was. He admits that he did some stupid and dangerous things himself when he was younger, but he never remembers telling his superior officer about it. He asks Arianna why she decided to tell him all this. Arianna admits she didn’t want to. Worriedly, Roman asks her if she told Brady about her working for the police. Arianna assures Roman that Brady doesn’t know anything—it’s his grandfather that’s the problem. Roman curses, guessing that Victor knows she is working undercover for him. Arianna says it’s quite the opposite—Victor think she is a drug dealer, and threatened to tell Brady as much if she didn’t stay away from him. She explains that she called Roman because she doesn’t know what to do. Roman tells her it’s simple—she shouldn’t do anything.

Nicole is sure that Mia was sweet, but she thinks it’s different being with a woman like her. Chad tells her that she knows what she is tying to do. Nicole leans in closer, saying she realizes that she can’t fool him. She asks him to relax and let her do what she does so well, but Chad backs off, refusing. Nicole says slyly that perhaps that is for the best, since he is probably too much man for her anyway. Chad asks her abruptly to repeat herself. She thinks they’re doing too much talking, but Chad tells her that he recognizes that line from somewhere. He thinks about, then gasps, saying that Nicole is the girl who said that line to the guy in the movie. He shakes his head in disbelief, saying that he can’t believe his daughter is being raised by a porn star.

Roman tells Arianna that Victor thinking she’s a drug dealer doesn’t bother him at all, since it makes her all the more credible. Arianna reminds Roman angrily that he might tell Brady, but Roman thinks her being so upset about it just makes her look even more as if she is the real thing. Arianna serves Roman some apple pie and demands to know if he even cares how upset she is about all of this. He asks for a slice of cheddar. Arianna says they’re out of cheddar, and declares that she’s out too. She tells Roman to find himself another stooge, because she is quitting.

Sami isn’t so sure that most strong, positive relationships start with having to keep the whole thing a secret. Brady assures Sami that there is a good reason, even though he doesn’t know what it is. Sami jokes that that sounds like a Hernandez, alright. Brady sighs, reminding Sami that he can’t force Arianna to tell him what is going on. Sami isn’t so sure he should keep pretending it doesn’t bother him, either. If he keeps doing that he’s going to wake up and find out that Arianna has left town, and then Brady will be in the same place she is in right now with Rafe. Brady says he actually came over to ask Sami if she thinks that what Arianna is hiding has anything to do with Rafe. Sami shakes her head, sure that Arianna would let them both know if she really knew where Rafe was. Sami admits that that scares her. She is sure Rafe would find a way to let Arianna know that he was ok, and she fears that Rafe must be in a very bad place right now.

Carly explains that she wants Omar to drop anchor while she gets off the boat alone. She adds that she’ll need a flashlight to signal him when she returns. Omar refuses to do it, but Carly sighs, reminding him that she is going to get her way one way or another, so he might as well give in. Omar sighs, sorry that he owes his life to a crazy woman. He hands Carly a flashlight and asks her where she plans on going. Carly says she’s going back to he old hunting ground—Salem University hospital.

Lexie explains that they have two paid positions available for volunteers, but Bo says that the department’s budget is pretty much busted. They can’t pay for enough officers, let alone a volunteer coordinator. Lexie suggests he get someone to underwrite the program—like Hope, for example. Bo chuckles. Lexie urges him to try, saying that it might be a good way to get Hope involved with the force again.

Nicole tells Chad that lots of people think they recognize her from TV or movies. Chad says that she also talks like that porn star, not to mention that she used the same line from the movie on him. Nicole claims he is mistaken, but Chad doesn’t buy it. He still can’t believe the star of Locker Room Lolita is caring for his daughter. Nicole finally admits that he is right, but all that was in the past. She admits she has made plenty of mistakes, but she’s paid for them. Chad wonders how she can say this is all in the past when she just tried to throw herself at him to get what she wants. Nicole sighs, hoping he never finds out what desperation is like. Chad thinks that’s a pretty nice term for what she is. He tells her as much as he would like to brag to his fiends that he bagged a hot old nymphomaniac, he isn’t going to do anything to jeopardize his chances to get his child back.

Bo refuses to ask Hope for money. Lexie reminds him it would be for the police department, not him, but Bo says that Hope isn’t really making that distinction right now. Besides, money has become a hot button issue between the two of them. Lexie admits she is surprised, but Bo says that the kidnapping brought up a lot of issues that he and Hope never had trouble with before. Lexie apologizes for hitting a nerve. Bo says it isn’t her fault, as that is pretty easy to do ever since Hope took Ciara. Lexie gasps. Bo nods, saying that after Hope and Ciara came back from their vacation from him, Hope and Ciara packed their thing sand left the house. Lexie tells Bo how sorry she is, but admits that she is sure Hope will get over this in time, as a kidnapping can be very traumatic. Bo says that Ciara’s kidnapping isn’t the problem. He explains that Hope thinks the kidnapping just brought up issues they hadn’t dealt with, and that had been buried for a long time.

Carly gives Omar some last minute instructions on how to care for Rafe. He pulls out a hooded jacket and hands it to her, advising her to keep her face covered. She thanks him for being there for her when she needed it. He says it’s nothing, and advises her to run if she has to. He promises to take care of Rafe if she is unable to return for whatever reason. Carly assures Omar that she will be fine, and that there is nothing to worry about, as nothing interesting ever happens in Salem. She pulls the hood up over her face and heads off.

Chad angrily tells Nicole that he isn’t letting Misty Circle, some washed-up porn star, continue to care for his child. Nicole accuses him of only doing this to get back at Mia, not because he cares about Sydney. She reminds him angrily that Sydney needs to be cared for 24/7, and he can’t just shove her in a gym locker when he gets tired of taking care of her. She cries, saying that he has no idea what she has been through the last nine months. Chad isn’t interested in hearing Nicole’s sob story, but she claims that it isn’t a sob story, and that she has never been happier than when she was caring for Sydney. She tells Chad that he has to realize that if he really wants Sydney, then every second is precious. But if he really doesn’t—and they both know that he doesn’t—then Sydney will become a real burden to him. She warns him that he can go from seventeen to middle-aged in just a couple of days, and he won’t like it when he can’t go out and chase tail with his friends because he has a baby at home. Chad claims he would do anything to keep Sydney away from a psycho like her. Nicole again admits that her life has been rough, but all of that has made her a stronger person and a better mother. She claims that what is best for Sydney isn’t going to a nice school or having money, it’s about love, and she has given that little girl all the love she needs. Chad retorts that he has rights to Sydney, and it wasn’t Mia’s call to give her to Nicole without telling him. Nicole warns him that all of this may get him on EJ’s bad side, since he loves Sydney, too, but Chad claims that her threats won’t work on him like they did on Mia. He informs Nicole that his parents are lawyers, and they’re powerful, and he can’t wait to tell the kid’s grandparents that Nicole came on to him like some whore in a movie. Nicole icily informs him that her name is Sydney. Chad scoffs, saying it is for now, but he’ll be sure to show the judge some classic pornography. He huffs off, telling Nicole that he’ll see her in court.

Brady heads into the Kiriakis mansion. He flashes back to kissing Arianna and takes out his phone. He sends her a text letting her know that he is thinking of her.

Roman sees the message as Arianna checks her phone, joking that Brady is a regular Lord Byron. Arianna tells Roman to leave. He agrees, but reminds Arianna that she can’t quit working undercover. He reminds Arianna that even if she quits, Victor will still tell Brady that she is dealing, and the department will not risk all of the work they’ve been doing just to back her up on her story. She glares as Roman informs her that they will make it look as if Victor is right. Arianna groans that she is sick of being threatened, but Roman says that that is just too bad. He reminds her that she made a deal. She got what she wanted, but she hasn’t yet fulfilled her end of the bargain. Arianna sighs, guessing that she’ll have to go back to prison if she quits. Roman nods.

Sami calls Will from the Java Café, telling him to take care of Mia while she deals with Chad. She hangs up as she catches sight of Chad, and heads over to the counter to order a coffee. He asks her if she wants it to go. Sami says she’d like to drink it here, and asks him if his name is Chad. He admits it is and asks why she wants to know. Sami informs Chad that she knows Sydney, and that she would like to talk to him about her.

Bo tells Lexie that he thought he and Hope were discussing the kidnapping, but the next thing he knew, Patrick Lockhart and Chelsea running Zach over got brought up. Lexie tells Bo how sorry she is. He admits that he wishes he had one of those memory erasers from the film Men in Black. At least that way, Hope would stop dredging these things up. Lexie thinks that Hope just wants to resolve things, but Bo says they can’t be resolved. He adds that he doesn’t think Hope wants to work things out—he thinks she just wants an excuse to get out. Lexie thinks he must be angry if he really believes that. Bo tries to deny it, but finally admits that he has never been this angry in his life.

Carly rushes past the pier, telling herself that she knows what she has to do.

Roman admits that he likes Arianna, and wants to help her, but she knew the terms of the deal when she signed on, and she can’t back out now. Arianna sighs, saying that she fears Brady will learn that she went to prison. She says that he claims to be forgiving, since he was in rehab, but Arianna isn’t sure he will. Roman thinks she will be able to keep her secret for now, but admits he thinks that Arianna will want to tell Brady the truth eventually. Arianna says she can’t, but Roman warns her not to sell Brady short. Arianna insists that he can’t find out. Roman shrugs, saying that it is up to her. Arianna wonders if Roman might be right, and if Brady really could understand and forgive her. She reminds herself that he stood by Nicole after all she did.

Nicole shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and greets Brady, saying that she needs his help. He asks if something is wrong with Sydney. She sobs, saying that he is the only one she can turn to. She throws herself into his arms, telling Brady that she needs him.

Chad arranges for someone to cover for him and sits down with Sami, who tells Chad that she knows both Sydney and Nicole, and she thinks Sydney is a very happy baby. Chad scoffs, asking if Nicole paid her to say that. He adds that Sami is wasting her time, as there is nothing she can say that Nicole hasn’t already tried. Sami sighs, telling Chad that she has lived what he is getting ready to sign up for, and she is telling him right now that he might want to rethink everything.

Lexie tells Bo that she didn’t realize things were this bad between him and Hope. He sighs, admitting that he made a deal with God—that if Ciara was returned to him safely, he’d give up anything else. Bo says that he had no idea how close he was to losing everything. Lexie begs Bo not to throw in the towel, but Bo grumps that Hope is the one that moved out. Lexie reminds Bo of how many times she and Abe have claimed it was over, only to get back together soon after. Bo says they’re different in that one of them isn’t Hope. He sighs. Just then, Carly gets off the elevator in a doctor’s coat and sneaks past the two.

Sami says it is hard for her to explain what it’s like to have a kid when you’re a kid .She begins by telling Chad that while she loves her son more than anything else, she didn’t exactly keep him for the right reasons; she did so because she wanted to hold on to a man. She thinks Chad is telling everyone that he wants Sydney, but in reality, it’s partly anger and partly pride that explains why he is really fighting so hard on this. She then quickly adds that she isn’t trying to judge him, but she thinks that if Chad decides to keep Sydney without really asking himself why he wants her; the only person that will end up suffering is Sydney. Sami then explains that he novelty of babies wears off quickly. They cry a lot and they keep you from sleeping, and eventually, you end up cursing them for it. Sami adds that she was selfish when she had her son, and she wanted to live her own life. She put herself in front of her own son, and he grew up to sense that. Chad asks how it affected him, and Sami admits that she thinks her son is insecure because of it. She then reminds Chad that he recently got sent to boarding school for smoking dope. Chad claims that that won’t happen again. Sami says she believes him, but wonders what will happen when he wants to go to college or decides to travel. Chad says that he is now a father, and that he is willing to take Sydney anywhere he goes. Sami warns him that Sydney may one day realize that Chad resents her because she stood in the way of him accomplishing his dreams. Sami admits that it is too late for her to go back and change the past, but it isn’t too late for Chad to do what is right for his daughter.

Lexie again assures Bo that it isn’t over for him and Hope. She gets a phone call and excuses herself. Bo thanks her for listening, and Lexie heads off, asking him to hang in there. Bo sighs, wondering what is next.

Carly sneaks into an examination room and snags some medicine from the cart. She starts to head out into the hallway, but catches sight of Maxine, who calls Bo over by name to ask him a question. Carly stares at Bo.

Sami again asks Chad to do what is right, and leave Sydney with her adopted mother. Chad thinks that Sami might be right, and that perhaps he is looking at all of this the wrong way. He admits that Sami is the first person that’s made any sense when it comes to all this.

Nicole breathlessly tells Brady that when he came back to Salem, she was totally into EJ, and that was wrong. She should have welcomed him with open arms, because he was the one that truly loved her all along. Brady asks Nicole what she is talking about. Nicole tells him that she wants the two of them to go away together—forever.


Arianna asks, “What can I get you?” Victor replies, “How about some cocaine?”

Nicole assures Brady, “And we can start a wonderful life together.”

Chad tells Sami, “I will never make the same mistakes you did when I'm raising my kid.”

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