Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/19/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/19/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna and Brady kiss passionately. Arianna breaks it off, pushing Brady away and saying that she can’t do this. Brady demands to know why not.

Nicole calls Chad from Stefano’s room at the hospital. He’s at the pier and answers the phone, telling Nicole that he has nothing to say to her other than that he’ll see her in court. Nicole demands to know if he wants to see Sydney. Chad claims he does. Nicole explains that she has an offer that Chad won’t be able to turn down.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Mia complains to Will that Nicole is the only mother Sydney has ever known, and she knows Nicole loves her. She wonders what Chad is thinking, saying that he has no idea how to care for a baby. She wonders what she can do about all this, since Chad won’t listen to her. Will says he thinks he may know of someone that can help them.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami tells EJ that he has no idea what it’s like to be a mother, and that doing what’s best for your child comes as instinct. She thinks that’s why Nicole did what she did. EJ scoffs, saying that Nicole isn’t Sydney’s mother, and either way, Sami is in no position to lecture him on what’s right and what’s wrong. Sami demands to know if it is really worth him playing the injured party when a child’s life is at stake. She thinks that if EJ would stop being so pigheaded, he’d realize that he loves Sydney as if she were his own. EJ grumps at her not to tell him how he feels. Sami explodes, telling EJ that he is just lying to himself. She reminds him angrily that he threw his own child out of the house because his feelings were hurt. EJ again insists Sydney isn’t his, but Sami says she is in every way that counts. She thinks if EJ would just admit that biology isn’t that important, he’d do what was right and help Sydney stay with her mother. EJ abruptly asks Sami to leave, but she refuses to do so until he admits that he loves Sydney like his own child. She adds viciously that if he were a real man, he’d stand up and do what was right for his baby, and help her stay with Nicole. EJ glares.

Nathan and Melanie are at the nurses’ station at the hospital, discussing the fact that a couple of older female patients guessed that the two of them were romantically involved. Melanie giggles, saying they should be worried about their Medicare instead of other people’s relationships. Nathan reminds Melanie gravely that they have to be smart about this, since they could both lose their jobs if anyone found out they were dating. Melanie smirks, saying it’s his fault for drooling all over her, not that she blames him. Maxine heads over as Nathan hurriedly changes the subject to antibiotics. Maxine informs the two that she has been hearing some interesting rumors from some of the other student nurses, and she’s hoping Melanie and Nathan will be able to clear them up. The two gulp.

Sami sighs, saying that EJ screwed up. She thinks it’s understandable, but he has to remember that the person that is really suffering here is that innocent little baby. EJ shrieks that he had nothing to do with this, as he was manipulated and lied to. Sami yells back that he wasn’t manipulated by Sydney. She thinks EJ knows that Sydney needs both him and Nicole, and that Chad can’t take proper care of her. EJ grumps, wondering if he is supposed to help Nicole. Sami nods, saying that she would never normally take Nicole’s side, but she has changed. EJ retorts that Sami is only taking her side because the two of them are cut from the same cloth. EJ then insists that he isn’t changing his mind. Sami snaps that that is too bad, since it means that their son, Johnny, has a father who doesn’t know how to love.

Nicole assures Chad that they both want what is best for Sydney, and that they can work something out. Chad thinks he already knows what Nicole wants, but she reminds him she doesn’t know what he wants. She wants to talk to him so the two can come up with something. Chad thinks she must be trying to trick him, but Nicole assures him that he is too smart for that. She asks him to agree to meet her, saying that he owes it to himself and to Sydney. Chad agrees reluctantly, telling her to meet him at the pier. Nicole promises to be there and hangs up. She glances at Stefano and grins, saying she thinks she knows what Chad might want more than he wants Sydney.

Brady asks Arianna what is so wrong about what they were doing, and asks if he was really so off, since her face was so close to his, and she looked as if she wanted to kiss him. Arianna scoffs, saying that of course she wanted to kiss him, as any girl would. She starts to go, saying that she shouldn’t have come over. Brady sarcastically reminds her that if she hadn’t, she would never have had the chance to push him away again and run off without explaining why. Arianna apologizes. Frustrated, Brady reminds her that she told him he was dull, then kissed him and told him they couldn’t do this. He wants to know why she is fighting him tooth and nail and refusing to say why.

Melanie tells Maxine that she doesn’t like rumors. Maxine ignores her and demands to know why she volunteered for two extra shifts. Melanie claims that she was trying to be helpful, but Maxine doesn’t buy it. Nathan jumps in to defend Melanie, saying that she tries really hard and does a good job, so Maxine should take her at her word. Melanie interrupts, saying that one of the other student nurses has a brother home on leave. She thought she’d pick up a couple of her shifts so she could spend a little extra time with him. Maxine is surprised to hear that. Melanie guesses that Laurie and Beth Ann left out that part of the story. Maxine heads off without a word. Melanie and Nathan grin at one another.

Lexie runs into Nicole as she heads out of Stefano’s room. Lexie is surprised that she was visiting Stefano, and Nicole explains that the two have a lot in common, and that she misses talking to him. Lexie asks if she is alright. Nicole sighs, saying she knows that EJ must have told her everything, and that she doesn’t have to pretend to be nice to her anymore. She claims she knows what Lexie must think of her. Lexie greets Sydney pointedly and tells Nicole that she knows firsthand what lengths a woman will go to to protect her child. She explains that because of that, she can’t judge Nicole. Lexie thinks Nicole must have felt so alone, and she wishes she could have helped her out. Nicole asks if Lexie can help her now. Lexie isn’t sure EJ will listen to a word she says, but Nicole explains that this is about Sydney, not EJ—and it’s very, very important.

EJ tells Sami that he wouldn’t be going through hell right now if he didn’t know how to love. Sami admits that EJ may know how to love, but it’s a pretty screwed up version, since he tried to take Johnny from her, and then threw Sydney and Nicole out. EJ reminds her that she and Nicole did this to him, but Sami claims she did what she did for Grace. Everything EJ does, on the other hand, is for revenge, and that isn’t how a parent should behave. She claims that he can’t see past his own anger, and that he lets it control him. EJ screams at her to get out. Sami ignores him, and tells him that he’d better believe that one day, Johnny will see that revenge is more important to EJ than he is. EJ tells her to leave. Sami agrees and grabs her purse, telling EJ that if he keeps throwing people out of his house, he’s going to wake up one day and find himself alone. She storms off. EJ screams in frustration.

Melanie pulls Nathan aside to have him pretend to sign off on something. She reminds him that if they don’t want people to find out what is going on between them, then he has to stop defending her to the wicked witch. Nathan doesn’t think Maxine should have spoken to her that way. Melanie winks, saying she’ll pay for it in the afterlife. Melanie then asks Nathan about their upcoming date and where they’re going, so she can choose an outfit. Nathan refuses to say, claiming it’s a surprise. Melanie guesses Chez Rouge, but Nathan explains that Maggie is working, and given her new house rules, they probably shouldn’t make it obvious they’re dating. Melanie jokes that she hopes it’s expensive. She and Nathan then scurry off as Maxine and Lexie head over. Lexie tells Maxine a story about Theo and Ciara being reunited. Maxine interrupts, saying that she thinks Lexie should check on her father. Lexie heads into his room to find Victor inside. Lexie demands to know what the hell he is doing in there.

Nicole meets Chad at the pier. He demands to know where his kid is. Nicole explains that she is with her aunt. Chad snorts, saying that he doesn’t have a sister. He reminds Nicole angrily that she said he could see his daughter. Nicole says that he can, and that he will, but not right now. She explains that Chad has to trust her—he doesn’t want Sydney here right now.

Mia and Will are at Sami’s townhouse. Mia tells Will that she doesn’t see why Chad would listen to his mom when he won’t listen to anyone else, but Will explains that she can be very persuasive when she wants to be. Just then, Sami walks in. Will explains that they were just talking about her. He says they need her help, and that she had better sit down, as it is a long story. Sami says she knows everything, as she spoke to EJ. Mia sobs that Chad can’t take her baby, and begs Sami to help her ensure that that doesn’t happen.

Victor tells Lexie that he is just visiting a sick friend, but Lexie reminds him angrily that he held Stefano hostage and threatened to kill him. Victor chuckles merrily, saying that he would only kill Stefano if he had to. Lexie says she doesn’t find any of this funny and again demands that Victor leave. Victor claims that he doesn’t find it funny either, and that he likes the idea of his arch-rival being invincible. Lexie retorts that a lot of the world’s pain is called by old men trying to pretend they’re youthful. Victor claims he and Stefano have a lot in common, like the fact that they both had strong beautiful daughters. He claims Stefano is lucky to still have Lexie. He asks what Stefano’s prognosis is, but Lexie claims it is none of his business. Victor says he really hopes Stefano recovers, as there’s no way that bitch Kate should get away with this. Victor heads off Lexie sighs.

Brady claims that Arianna can’t even look him in the eye, and demands to know if she has some dark secret she is hiding. Brady claims that he knows all about that, since he is a recovering addict himself. Arianna claims he doesn’t know. She turns to go, but catches sight of a picture of Victor. She flashes back to Victor telling her that she has to break up with Brady. She comes back to the present and starts to head off, but Brady stops her, guessing that she was looking at the photo of his grandfather. Brady asks if that is what this is all about.

Lexie tends to Sydney near the nurse’s station. EJ walks by, intending to head into Stefano’s room, but stops short and asks Lexie what she is doing with Sydney. Lexie retorts that she is visiting with her niece. She adds that this is her goddaughter, and the fact that EJ is acting like a complete idiot right now won’t change that. EJ snaps that he has had enough lectures for today, and demands to know why Sydney is here, and what the hell Nicole is doing.

Chad demands to know if Nicole is threatening him. She claims she isn’t, and that she knows that Chad isn’t the kind of man that can be pushed around. She thinks that Chad is a fighter, but she is also sure that he really doesn’t want the responsibility of raising this baby. Chad grumps that Mia didn’t have the right to give away his child without asking him. Nicole thinks that that is what this is really all about—Mia, and the fact that Chad still loves her. Chad retorts that she is a lying bitch, but Nicole reminds him that Mia just did what she thought was best for her baby. Chad reminds Nicole that she said he could see his daughter, and that is why he agreed to meet her. He accuses her of lying just like Mia did, and starts to walk off, claiming that he will see her in court. Nicole asks if he really wants to leave before he finds out why she asked to meet him here alone.

Sami tells Mia how sorry she is that she had to go through all of this alone. Mia explains that her mother never would have been very understanding. Sami says she had an understanding mother, but she still felt very alone when she went through what Mia did. Mia reminds Sami that she kept her baby, and that she probably thinks she should have, too. Sami says that she doesn’t think that, and that she could never judge Mia. In fact, based on what she has told her about Chad, she understands why she did what she did. She adds that she doesn’t think Chad is putting Sydney first, and she is sure Mia has done that since the moment she learned she was pregnant. She asks if Will knew about all of this. He nods, explaining that Mia swore him to secrecy. Sami says she understands, and is glad to know, since now she can see why Mia bonded with Grace so closely. Mia shakes her head, saying it was weird that Grace and Sydney were born on the same day. She thinks it must be fate. Sami wonders if she thinks her meeting Nicole was also fate.

Melanie stands in her robe in Maggie’s kitchen, ironing. She hears the door swing open behind her and jokingly pulls her robe down over her shoulder, asking if it’s getting hot in here, or if it’s just her. Instead of Nathan, it’s Maggie. She swoops in, glaring, and tells Melanie it’s just her. Melanie chuckles uncomfortably.

Brady accuses Arianna of staring at Victor’s picture, and assumes she must be worried about the fact that he is working for his grandfather. Arianna says she isn’t, but Brady assures her that he is working only on the legitimate side of the business. He vows that she can trust him. She says she does trust him—the problem is that he can’t trust her.

Mia explains that her doctor introduced her to Nicole. Sami asks if she knew right away that Nicole wanted to adopt her baby. Mai shrugs, saying she was poor, alone and pregnant. Why else would anyone want to talk to her? She then says that Nicole was nice most of the time, and that when the doctor couldn’t get to her place in time, Nicole helped her deliver her baby. She claims that it was a special moment, and that she knew right away that Nicole loved her little girl. Will guesses Nicole wanted Mia out of the picture, and she nods, saying she understands that, as she would have felt the same way. Sami says that she has a question for Mia, and she wants her to think it over before she answers. Mia nods. Sami asks her if she is sure that she wants her baby to stay with Nicole, and wonders if she wouldn’t rather raise Sydney herself.

Chad demands to know if Nicole plans on bribing him, but she shakes her head, doubting that that will work. Chad scoffs, saying she’s flat-broke, but she still thinks she can raise his child. Nicole retorts that she is a wonderful mother to Sydney and that Sydney loves her and knows her as her mother. She thinks Chad will break her heart if he snatches her away. Chad thinks Sydney is a baby, and doesn’t know anything, but Nicole flies off the handle, accusing Chad of not caring for Sydney at all. He starts to storm off, but Nicole stops him. She softens, admitting that she knows Chad cares for and loves his little girl. That’s why she thinks he should do what Mia did and just let her go.

Brady thinks Arianna is trying too hard to push him away. He doesn’t think that anything she says makes sense, and asks her for the truth. Arianna says she can’t tell him the truth, but Brady is just thinks that she won’t.

Maggie asks Melanie if she is going out with Nathan tonight. Melanie admits quietly that she is. She then tells Maggie that she is sorry, as she knows Maggie doesn’t want the two of them seeing each other. Maggie says that that isn’t her call. Melanie sighs, admitting she wishes Maggie approved and still liked her. Maggie claims she does, but she worries. She reminds Melanie that Nathan isn’t like Philip. He doesn’t have money to fall back on; all he has is his career, and his career is at a crucial stage right now. Maggie sighs, admitting this is hard, as she promised to keep her mouth shut about all of this. Nathan walks in just then, saying that if she had, she wouldn’t be his Grandma Maggie.

Mia tells Sami and Will that she doesn’t want Sydney back. She wants what is best for her, and that is Nicole. She just wishes she could make Chad see that, too. Sami advises Will to cover his ears, and explains to Mia that boys can be territorial at times. Will scoffs, saying sarcastically that all men are the same. Sami ignores him and explains to Mia that sometimes their egos get in the way and can complicate things. Mia says that Sami is right, and that Chad is just angry at her, and that he doesn’t really want to take care of Sydney. Mia isn’t sure what she is going to do, but she tells Sami and Will that she can’t let Chad take her baby.

Lexie tells EJ that she doesn’t like this, and that she can’t get in touch with Nicole to ok it with her. EJ assures her that Mary loves Sydney, and that Nicole won’t mind if she watches her for a little while. Lexie sighs, saying she realizes EJ is angry with her for trying to help Nicole. EJ advises her to keep her nose out of other people’s business, but Lexie angrily declares that just because EJ has spoken and banned Sydney, that doesn’t mean everyone else has to go along with it. She claims that she knows what Nicole is going through, and that she understands her pain. EJ grumps that Nicole brought all of this on herself. Lexie reminds EJ that there is no happy ending for Nicole or the baby, and she thinks she ought to be nice to Nicole since her whole world is caving in around her. EJ wonders if Lexie can see that this is killing him, too. Lexie reminds him that there is enough pain to go around for everyone involved.

Nicole tries to get Chad to realize that letting Sydney go doesn’t mean he will be out of her life completely. Nicole promises to tell Sydney all about her father, and the wonderful heroic thing he did. She vows that he will get visitation rights, and that he can still see his baby. She just wants to make sure Sydney is safe and taken care of. Chad scoffs, wondering why she thinks a criminal such as herself with no home or job can adequately care for Sydney. Nicole promises to make sure that Sydney has everything she needs. Chad laughs, saying sarcastically that she has done a fabulous job so far. He tells Nicole angrily that when they go to court, he’ll win custody hands-down.

Maggie sniffles, telling Melanie and Nathan that she doesn’t mean to rain on their parade, but Mia is staying here, and she’s vulnerable, so the two have to agree to keep their hands off each other, and she’ll agree to keep her mouth shut about it. She tells the two to have a fun evening and rushes off, sobbing. Nathan apologizes to Melanie, but she thinks Maggie is just looking out for him, since it is a distinct possibility that she’ll hurt him. Nathan claims that isn’t true, but she reminds him that Nick is in jail, and she practically made a porn star out of Phillip. Nathan stops her, saying that they have to go right now, since when she talks like that, he wants to kiss her, and he can’t do that right here. Nathan moves in on her anyway. Melanie lifts her face, and the two prepare to lock lips.

Brady thinks Arianna seems unhappy. She admits that she hasn’t treated him fairly. Brady says that he can respect her privacy if that is what she needs, but Arianna claims that that is just part of it. She explains that she really doesn’t want to push Brady away, and that her heart has a totally different game plan. Brady smiles, saying he’s taking her heart’s side. Arianna then explains that if the two of them are to go on with their relationship, no one else can know about it. Brady thinks that sounds interesting, and claims he would do anything to be able to proceed with what they had. Arianna smiles and the two kiss passionately. Victor walks in just then and spies in on the two from the foyer.

Mia apologizes for trying to make herself Sami’s problem, but Sami claims she isn’t, and that she won’t let her little boy lose another sister the way he lost Grace. Mia asks if that means Sami will help her, and Sami nods, saying that she will do whatever it takes to make sure that baby stays with her mother.

EJ asks Lexie how Stefano is doing. She says that there hasn’t been any change, and every hour there isn’t a change means less chance that he will ever recover. EJ claims that he won’t die, as he is Stefano DiMera. Lexie tells EJ that it is out of his hands, as he can do nothing to help their father. However, he can help Nicole and his daughter. Lexie advises him that if he has a chance at happiness, he should take it.

Nicole tells Chad that they have more in common than he realizes, since they both want to win here. Nicole suggests that they let Sydney win and do what is best for her. Chad claims that what is best for Sydney is for her to be with her real father, and adds that there is nothing Nicole can say or do to change his mind.

Nathan and Melanie are interrupted by a door slamming somewhere in the house. He suggests he call the restaurant to make reservations so they can leave, but Melanie isn’t so sure she wants to sit in a stuffy restaurant and talk about stuffy things. Nathan asks if she has a better idea. She says she always does and whispers something in his ear. She asks if that is too weird. He says it is, but that he would love to do it. Melanie laughs.

Brady tells Arianna that he wishes they’d stick to nonverbal communication from now on. Arianna says she had better get going, since they want to keep this private, and besides, she needs to get to work. She promises to call Brady later and admits that she is glad that she stopped by. She starts to head off, but Brady tells her that he heard she and Sami were worried about Rafe, so he is looking into it to try to find him. Arianna thanks him for doing so, saying that that makes her feel better. She heads off. Victor comes in from another door, telling Brady that he just went and visited Stefano and decided to walk home. Victor asks how things are going with Brady. Brady admits things have never been better and heads off. Victor pours a drink and sinks into a chair, scoffing, “So you think.”

Nicole tells Chad that he is going about this in the wrong way. Instead of one of them losing here, she was hoping she could make it a win-win. She thinks that Chad is a strong, handsome young man with needs, and she isn’t without certain talents. She thinks they can put those two things together and come up with a solution that’s beneficial for both of them. He asks what she means. Nicole strokes his arm knowingly, and asks if she has to paint him a picture. Chad gasps, asking if she is trying to seduce him.

EJ sits by Stefano’s bedside, wishing he could talk to his father, as he knows that he would understand. He explains that this is killing him, but he can no longer be a father to Sydney. EJ sighs, admitting that he has no choice in the matter. Stefano’s fingers twitch.


Arianna tells Roman, “Go find yourself a new stooge. I quit.”

Brady tells Sami, “You can't tell anyone, no one.”

Chad scoffs at Nicole, “My daughter's being raised by a porn star.”

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