Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/16/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/16/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Arianna heads into the Kiriakis mansion and greets Brady, asking if this is a bad time. He claims it isn’t, though he wasn’t expecting her. She apologizes for not calling first, explaining that she has done something terrible, and she came by to ask for his forgiveness.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Will looks on as Mia demands to know what Chad has done. Chad scoffs, saying he went to see his little girl, obviously. Mia gasps. Chad asks her if she really expected him to hang back in the shadows and wait for her approval. Mia asks if he saw Sydney, and Chad nods, saying he saw his baby—their baby.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami asks Nicole what is going on, remembering that Nicole said she’d die before anyone took her baby. Nicole doesn’t answer. Sami folds her arms and tells Nicole that she can’t let anyone take Sydney, no matter what happens. She adds that she knows Nicole loves that little girl more than anything else in the world, and she is Nicole’s—it doesn’t matter that she’s adopted. Sami pleads with Nicole not to dare let anyone take her child from her.

Chloe heads into Daniel’s apartment with an armful of bags and a bouquet of flowers. Daniel comes out of the bathroom just then, wearing only a towel. Chloe gasps and drops everything she was holding. She stares. Daniel grins.

Arianna explains that Melanie told her about Nicole’s secret regarding the baby coming out, and about how her husband kicked her out, and she really feels awful about it. Brady is surprised she cares so much, since she and Nicole aren’t friends. Arianna tells Brady that Nicole isn’t the one she cares about.

Chad explains sarcastically that he went to see Sydney at her mansion. Mia is surprised the nanny let him in, but Chad says he talked to her father—the man who thought he was her father, anyway. Mia can’t believe Chad told EJ he was Sydney’s father. Chad grumps that that man deserved to know the truth just like he did. Mia groans, saying that Chad doesn’t understand, and that he has ruined everything. She sighs, saying that now Nicole will never be able to keep Sydney.

EJ warns Sami that this is between him and Nicole, but Sami ignores him, telling Nicole not to let anyone take her baby. She isn’t sure what EJ’s part is in all this, but Nicole can’t let him get away with it. EJ asks Sami to leave again, and she huffs out the door. Outside, she tells herself that Nicole looked terrified and that she has to find some way to help her.

Chloe apologizes, telling Daniel what a klutz she is. He heads over to help her collect her purchases, and picks up a baby blanket that fell out of one of the bags. Chloe stammers.

Chad mocks Mia, saying he can’t believe Nicole won’t be able to keep the baby. Mia snaps, asking if he thinks this is funny, but Chad says he just thinks Mia is delusional. He tells Mia flatly that Nicole isn’t keeping the baby because Sydney isn’t hers—she’s his and Mia’s. Mia doesn’t think he understands, but Chad says he does. He claims that Mia lied through her teeth, but that won’t happen again because he is getting his daughter back.

Sami sits by Grace’s tombstone and sobs. Maggie comes over, explaining that she saw Sami as she was driving by, and wanted to give her a hug. She hugs Sami and Sami thanks her, admitting that she needed that. Maggie thinks it must be difficult for Sami, since she doesn’t have her mom around, and Sami admits that’s true. She adds that she is still having a hard time over Grace’s death. Sometimes she thinks she’s doing better, and then the grief comes back. Maggie asks what happened to make Sami’s grief come back today, and Sami explains that a friend might lose her baby—not that she is sick, but that someone might take her away. Sami says that she knows what that loss feels like and she would do anything to make sure another mother doesn’t go through the pain she did.

EJ tells Nicole that it’s time for her to face reality, and admits that he had been rethinking all of this before Chad showed up. Nicole, excited, asks if EJ has finally realized how much he loves Sydney and wants her back in his life. EJ admits that he loves Sydney with all of his heart. Nicole says she knew EJ couldn’t be angry for long, but he pushes her away, saying that he meant he wants Sydney back in his life—not Nicole.

Chloe throws the blanket at Daniel, suggesting he use it to cover himself up. Daniel explains he was just going to hop in the shower, and Chloe tells him to go ahead. He says he wants to help her pick up the things she dropped. Chloe says she can do it herself, but Daniel ignores her, moving in for a kiss.

Arianna explains that she is here because she is worried about Brady, but Brady doesn’t buy it, saying that he believes she is here to get a free pass. Arianna asks what he means, and Brady says he knows that she must be feeling guilty, and he doesn’t blame her, since it’s such a natural reaction. He then shouts that he absolves her, and that she doesn’t have to feel guilty anymore. Arianna begs Brady to tell her what is going on, as she doesn’t think he is acting like himself. Brady scoffs, wondering why she cares. Arianna explains that Brady is the best person she knows, and she’d hate it if something caused him—Brady interrupts, asking abruptly if she is worried he might start using drugs again.

Sami sighs, saying that she knows Maggie thinks this is none of her business, but she can’t stay out of this—not after what she went through with Grace. She claims she has to help her friend so she doesn’t suffer through the same unbearable loss she did. Maggie asks Sami what she thinks she can do to help. Sami isn’t sure, but vows to find out who is threatening her friend and claims she will know what to do once she finds out. Maggie can tell that Sami has already made up her mind about this, and warns her to be sure to think of herself in all of this, too, and to take care of herself. Sami promises to do so and thanks Maggie. The two hug.

Nicole sighs, saying she knows she hurt EJ, but she only did what she did—EJ snaps, interrupting and shouting that he’s heard all her excuses abut doing this out of love. EJ claims that what she did was cruel and selfish, and he will no longer be a party to her keeping a child away from its father. Nicole scoffs, saying she can’t let Chad have Sydney, as that is insane. EJ can’t believe Nicole thinks she is capable of deciding what is sane and what is insane. Nicole defends herself, saying that not even Mia thought Chad was capable of caring for Sydney, which is why she never told him she was pregnant. Nicole then reminds EJ that Chad is still in high school. EJ says that doesn’t matter, but Nicole thinks that Chad is only going to be interested in Sydney until his friends want to go out and party. EJ snaps that having a child changes a person, and Nicole should know that better than anyone. EJ then exclaims that he can see things from Chad’s point of view because he’s been in this position before with two women who kept him in the dark. He claims the whole thing is disgusting and selfish, and he won’t take it anymore.

Chloe pushes Daniel away, reminding him that they can’t do this yet, but they won’t have to wait much longer. Daniel hopes not, claiming that he is losing his mind. Chloe reminds him that they’re a team, and that they’re in this together. The phone rings just then. Chloe goes to answer it as Daniel heads off for the shower. Chloe tells him Father Matt is on the other line, and answers, greeting the priest. She assumes he is calling about the annulment. She listens for a moment, then frowns, “I see.”

Brady tells Arianna not to worry, as he is fine. Arianna claims that she can tell Brady is hurting, and that he can’t deny it. Brady admits that he is a mess, but that doesn’t mean he is using. He says that after the hell he went through, he won’t let anyone drag him down that destructive path—not Arianna or anyone else. Arianna asks if that includes Nicole. Brady snaps, wondering why she always brings Nicole up. Arianna says she can’t help but wonder what is going on between the two now that Nicole’s secret has come out. Brady claims that it has nothing to do with her, but Arianna disagrees.

Mia begs Chad not to take Sydney. Chad scoffs, asking if she thinks he’s going to buy that story again about her wanting to be his girlfriend. He declares that he knows Mia played him, since she and Will were practically going at it when he walked in. Will butts in, asking Chad what his problem is. Chad ignores him, saying that he can’t believe he bought Mia’s crap and believed she wanted to reconnect. Mia claims that she had to protect their baby. Chad scoffs, saying she was wiling to give herself to him to get what she wanted, and that makes her a whore. Will leaps forward, attacking Chad. The two tussle as Mia attempts to break it up.

Nicole accuses EJ of trying to distance himself from Sydney. EJ screams at her that Sydney isn’t his daughter, and she isn’t hers, either. He asks if she is really so delusional that she doesn’t understand the legal situation, snapping that Sydney’s biological parents can get her back if they want her. Nicole claims that they don’t want her. She knows Chad showed up, but she claims he doesn’t really know what he wants, and that he is incapable of giving Sydney a good life. Nicole assures EJ that if they stick together as a team and work things out, they’ll have the chance to keep Sydney, and to keep their marriage alive. EJ scoffs, wondering why he would want to do that. Nicole says she believes that he still loves her—as much as he loves Sydney, and as much as she loves him. She claims they can do anything together and begs him not to throw what they have away. EJ tells her to get out. Nicole takes Sydney and heads outside, sobbing. She runs into Sami on the doorstep. Sami asks what’s wrong, and if she can help, but Nicole sobs that no one can help her now. She heads off with the baby, bawling miserably. Sami storms into the DiMera mansion and calls EJ a bastard.

Chloe hangs up with Father Matt as Daniel exits the bathroom. He asks if there was some problem with the annulment, but Chloe says everything went through just fine, and that the annulment is final. Daniel wonders why she looks so upset, then.

Mia asks Will to back off, and admits that Chad was right—what she did was wrong and dishonest, and she did whore herself out. She adds that that should tell Chad that she would do anything to protect their baby. Chad says he plans on doing the same. Mia asks Will to give her and Chad a moment alone. He agrees, but tells Mia that he will be right outside if she needs him. He heads out the door. Chad scoffs, saying he can’t believe Will is defending Mia after all of the lies she told. Mia thinks Will understands why she did what she did. Chad asks abruptly what Mia plans to do now to keep his child away from him. Mia says she wants to apologize, since what she did was wrong, and she’s sorry. She claims that she never meant to hurt Chad.

Sami demands to know how EJ could treat Nicole and Sydney so cruelly. EJ huffs that she has no clue what she is talking about, but she snaps back that she saw Nicole sobbing and carrying Sydney out of here, so she can only assume EJ threw them both out. EJ says he is about to do the same to Sami. She ignores him, asking what the hell is wrong with him. She knows he’s angry at both her and Nicole for what they did, but she can’t believe EJ would throw an innocent baby out on the streets. EJ retorts that he just met Sydney’s father—her real father. Sami thought the adoption was closed, but EJ says that Nicole lied about that too. Not only was the adoption not closed, it was also illegal. He tells Mia that the baby’s father is Chad Peterson. Sami gasps, asking if that is Mia’s ex-boyfriend. She guesses Mia must be Sydney’s mother. She stares in shock. EJ glares, welcoming her to his world. Sami shakes her head, saying she knew Mia had a baby, but she never guessed it was Sydney. EJ smirks, noting that Sami isn’t so quick to defend Nicole now.

Brady demands to know why Arianna keeps brining Nicole up, and wonders if she feels threatened by Nicole. Arianna wonders why she would be threatened, and starts to head off, saying that she has to go. Brady demands to know why Arianna seems so anxious to get away from him.

Chloe tells Daniel that this has nothing to do with him. She claims that she loves Daniel, and wants nothing more than to be his wife, but she hates that it had to happen at Lucas’ expense. Daniel thinks that is because she is so sensitive and compassionate. Chloe sighs, saying it’s hard to think that it’s all over, considering how dependent Lucas was on her. Daniel says he realizes it’s sad for her to end this marriage, even though it wasn’t right from the beginning. Chloe thanks Daniel for being so compassionate and understanding, and claims she has waited her whole life for someone like him. Daniel moves in for a kiss, saying that she doesn’t have to wait anymore.

Chad snaps that Mia’s words don’t mean much after all the lies she has told. She sighs, telling Chad that she thinks he is a really good person with a bright future, but she can’t care about him in the way he wants her to. Chad huffs, thanking her sarcastically for being honest now that she has made a complete fool out of him. Mia claims this is about their little girl and what is best for her, not him. Chad says he knows what is best for his daughter—and it isn’t her lying mother or that crazy bitch Nicole. Mia begs Chad to listen to her, saying he’d give her a chance to explain if he really cared for her. Chad says he did care for her—more than she will ever know—but now all he feels for her is hatred.

Nicole sits in Stefano’s hospital room with Sydney, telling a comatose Stefano about how EJ was reconsidering taking her and Sydney back, but then Chad, the kid that thinks he is Sydney’s father, screwed everything up. Nicole sighs, saying she knows she can fight him on this, since a paternity test won’t match, but that will bring up a host of questions that Nicole won’t be able to answer. She thinks that if that happens, EJ will dig into things, and it will only be a matter of time before EJ figures out he and Sami are Sydney’s parents. She sighs, telling Stefano that she will lose Sydney and probably go to jail, too, and then she’ll never see her baby girl again. Nicole sobs, saying she has always depended on Stefano for help, but she doesn’t think even he can help her now. She admits to herself miserably that it’s all over.

Sami asks EJ if he is sure about this. EJ sighs, saying that Nicole had a miscarriage, and she knew she needed a baby to replace the one she lost. She managed to find Mia, who was as far along in her pregnancy as Nicole should have been, and somehow got her to agree to this monstrous plan. Sami shakes her head. EJ shouts at her not to dare pretend she has a problem with this when she did the same thing to him in regards to Grace. He snaps that Sami has no right to judge Nicole. Sami huffs that if she had it to do all over again, she’d make the same decision. EJ chucks his drink across the room, shrieking at Sami to stop.

Arianna tells Brady that it isn’t that she wants to get away from him—it’s that she hurt him, and he doesn’t deserve it since he is such a great guy. Brady reminds her she called him boring. Arianna says she shouldn’t have said that, but Brady retorts that it’s too late to take it back. He notes sarcastically that she must have meant to say he was dull or snooze-inducing instead, but Arianna says she was just confused at the time. What she wants to say now is that Brady is amazing, smart, and strong, and everyone loves him.

Daniel and Chloe kiss passionately and prepare to make love. Daniel tells Chloe how much he loves her. She tells him how happy he makes her.

Mia is surprised Chad hates her, but he wonders how else he is supposed to feel about a person that has shown him as little respect as Mia has. Mia says that she only did what she thought was right. She asks Chad to forget about her and think about Sydney. Chad claims that he is, and that he is going to get custody of his daughter. Mia begs Chad to hear her out, but he refuses to listen to anything else she has to say. He flings the door open, tells Will that Mia is all his, and storms off. Mia collapses into Will’s arms.

EJ accuses Sami of finally showing her true colors and accuses her of not caring that she kept his daughter away from him. Sami retorts that he proves her decision right every chance he gets. She reminds him he’s still living in this house, surrounded by violence. She admits that she can’t protect Johnny from EJ, but she can sure as hell make sure the rest of her children are safe. EJ asks if that includes breaking the law. Sami says that she would do anything for her kids, and dares EJ to say otherwise.

Arianna tries to finish what she was saying, but Brady says he thinks he has figured it out. He moves in and kisses Arianna.

Will demands to know what Chad did to Mia. She claims it isn’t important, and that she will be fine as long as she has him. Will tells her he loves her, and vows that the two of them will get through this. Mia sighs, saying that she can’t let Chad take Sydney. She thinks there must be a way to stop him or find someone that can help them.

Nicole tells herself that she has to pull it together. She tries to think of what Stefano would do if he were her. She guesses he would probably find a way to get rid of Chad, but she decides she isn’t Stefano, and that she can’t go that far. She wishes she could pay Chad off, but she doesn’t have any money. She considers blackmail, but remembers she doesn’t have anything on Chad. Suddenly, Nicole gets an idea, and her eyes light up.

EJ scoffs, asking if that is supposed to scare him. He reminds Sami that most parents would do anything for their kids, and she isn’t anything special. Sami wonders if EJ falls into that category. She says that she can tell he loves Sydney, and that he should be willing to do what is best with her—including helping her keep the only mother she had ever known. She demands that EJ help Nicole keep her baby.

Nicole calls Chad. He answers, and tells her he isn’t interested in speaking to her, but she claims it is important and asks him to meet her somewhere. Chad asks her what the hell she wants, claiming that he doesn’t have time for games. Nicole swears that she just wants to meet him to tie up some loose ends. She thinks they both want what is best for Sydney, and that they can work something out.


Arianna tells Brady, “I know I can trust you. You can't trust me.”

Sami asks Mia, “What about how you met Nicole? Was that fate?”

Chad asks Nicole, “Where's my kid?”

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