Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/15/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/15/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

Bo flips through a photo album at home. Just then, the door opens and Ciara flies in. She hugs Bo. Bo hugs her back and welcomes her home. Hope walks in and she and Bo stare at one another.

On a boat heading toward the mainland, Carly tends to Rafe as one of Omar’s crewmen comes in. Carly tells the attendant, Brian, that they don’t need any more hot water, as the man’s fever has spiked. Brian unexpectedly pulls a gun on Carly. Shocked, she asks what he is doing. He smirks, telling her he has bad news--that the tide has turned.

At the park, Sami asks Brady how he caught got up in Nicole’s lies. Brady sighs, asking if Sami is going to lecture him, but she says she isn’t, as she has no room to judge him. She adds that she knows he likes to help people, but lying seems unlike him. Brady explains that when Nicole had the miscarriage, she didn’t know she had lost the baby at first, and he was the one that had to break the news to her. He goes on to say that that baby meant a lot to Nicole, and represented her chance to start over with a new life and a happy family. Then just like that, it was over. Sami guesses Nicole was desperate. Brady nods, saying Sami has no idea.

Nicole rushes into Daniel’s apartment, saying that she needs to see her daughter right away. Chloe tries to get Nicole to tell her what is wrong as Nicole hugs Sydney, telling her how much she missed her. Chloe asks what is going on again, and Nicole sighs, saying that just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, her plan backfired. She adds that it was a total disaster.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ stares at Chad in shock, asking what he just said. Chad repeats that he is Sydney’s father, and he wants to see his daughter right now.

Mia mopes around in Maggie’s kitchen. Someone knocks on the door. Mia rushes over to open it, hoping it’s Chad, but it’s Will. He apologizes for coming over unannounced, but claims that he really needs to speak with her. He explains that he misses her. Mia throws herself into his arms, saying that she misses him, too.

Nicole tells Chloe hurriedly that she has to get out of here. She grumbles, saying she didn’t even see it coming. Chloe and Daniel stare in confusion as she says that that bastard came out of nowhere and started threatening her, and she won’t let him ruin her life. Chloe asks if she is talking about EJ, and if he is fighting for their baby. Daniel excuses himself to let the two talk in private. Nicole tells Chloe that EJ isn’t the problem right now.

EJ asks for Chad’s name, and he introduces himself. He says that he knows who EJ is, too. EJ wants to know why Chad thinks Sydney is his daughter. Chad explains that his girlfriend, Mia just told him about it. EJ asks if he means Mia McCormick, and Chad nods, explaining that the two dated the year before until he moved away. Then Mia got pregnant, and didn’t tell him about it. Apparently while he was gone, she gave their baby away to EJ and his wife. EJ informs Chad that his wife legally adopted Sydney, but Chad says that isn’t true, since he never signed away his rights. He adds that that because of that, the adoption couldn’t have been legal.

Carly asks Brian why he is doing this. He ignores her, saying he thought she looked familiar from the moment she came on board. He goes on to say that he contacted a friend in her husband’s country--a high-ranking official, and Alamain’s inner circle insisted that justice be served. He grins, adding that he gets a hundred grand if he helps them achieve that. Carly tries to interrupt, but Brian waves her off, telling her it isn’t personal, and asks her to look at it like this--she’ll be reunited with her dearly departed husband very soon.

Sami tells Brady that how Nicole managed to pull all this off is a mystery to her, but it isn’t a mystery why Brady would want to help her. Sami guesses that the reason he helped Nicole for so long in spite of his better judgment is because he is still in love with her. Sami sighs and shakes her head, saying it must have been hard for Brady to see Nicole love EJ the way she does, and to totally self-destruct over him.

EJ invites Chad in. He warns EJ not to try to talk him out of this, as he knows his rights regarding his daughter, since his parents are lawyers. EJ says he is a lawyer, too. Chad demands to know why EJ didn’t realize this adoption wasn’t legal. He knows EJ said his wife adopted Sydney, but wasn’t he also a part of it? EJ says that they can discuss the details later, but for now, he wants to know what exactly Chad knows. Chad says that is fine by him, but he wants to see his baby first.

Chloe asks who is the problem is, if it isn’t EJ. Nicole claims it’s complicated. Chloe huffs, asking if Nicole is saying she’s too stupid to understand. Nicole says that isn’t it, and that there is nothing more that she would love than to confide in Chloe, but she has to leave. Chloe begs Nicole to let her help as Nicole’s phone rings. Nicole hands Sydney over to Chloe and answers. EJ is on the other line, and he says he was hoping that she and Sydney could come home. Nicole gasps in delight.

Will demands to know what that bastard Chad has done to Mia. Mia claims she just overreacted, but Will refuses to leave until she tells him what is wrong, and what Chad did. Mia says Chad didn’t do anything--this is about what she did to Chad, and to Will. Will asks what she means, and Mia admits that she lied to them both about her little girl. Will asks what she lied about, and Mia explains that she knows where her baby is.

Bo tells Ciara how glad he is that she is home, and Ciara claims that her mommy said she could visit a lot. Bo asks what she means by that, and Hope hurriedly sends Ciara upstairs to her room. Bo promises to be up in a second, and Ciara rushes off. Hope apologizes, saying she should have said something on the phone. She explains that she realizes how unfair it was for her to take their daughter away, and she also realizes she needed to be in Salem if they’re to work on their marriage. Bo guesses she doesn’t want to be in their house, however. Hope sighs, saying she is sorry, but she isn’t yet ready for the two of them to live under the same roof.

Carly begs Brian not to do this. Just then, Rafe regains consciousness and his arm shoots out from under the blanket. He grabs Brian’s hand. Brian struggles. Carly takes the opportunity to kick Brian. He rolls around on the ground groaning as Carly grabs the gun and pulls it on him, telling him to stay down. Breathlessly, she wonders where Rafe got the energy to do that.

Chloe bustles around Daniel’s apartment, exclaiming over the fact that he was so good with Sydney. Daniel sighs, reminding her that they discussed children and decided they’d wait to talk about it, since they aren’t even married yet. He reminds her that they haven’t even made love since she was released from the hospital. Chloe snuggles up close and starts kissing him. Daniel isn’t sure they should do this, but Chloe says they should because she wants him. She begs Daniel to make love to her. The two kiss passionately.’

Nicole heads into the DiMera mansion, crowing to Sydney about how they’re finally back home. She heads into the living room and stops short when she sees Chad and EJ glaring at her.

Chloe and Daniel make out on the couch. Daniel unbuttons Chloe’s blouse and the two moan. Someone knocks on the door. Chloe wants to ignore it, but the knocking grows more insistent. Chloe decides it must be Nicole and starts fastening her blouse as she flings the door open. Victor is outside. He surveys her disheveled appearance and smirks, saying he isn’t surprised to see her looking like she normally does.

Bo thinks it’s a terrible idea for Hope to take Ciara and move out. He shows her the photo album he was looking through earlier, saying he’s been remembering the good times they had together, like their time together in New Orleans, their wedding in London, and sailing on their boat around the world. Hope would rather not look at the album and Bo smirks, guessing that she would rather dwell on the bad memories--her resentment and how Bo defied her and put their daughter’s life in danger. Hope retorts that she doesn’t need to look at photos to remember the good times. She claims she remembers them well, but she also remembers the tough times. She says she wishes they had dealt with those issues right then and there, but they didn’t, and now those issues are coming back to haunt them.

Omar heads into Carly’s cabin to let her know that Brian has been taken care of, and won’t be bothering her anymore. Carly thanks him and urges Rafe to wake up, saying that now that he has saved her life, she’s even more motivated to save his. Rafe comes to and asks who she is. Carly says she’ll tell him if he tells her who ‘Sam’ is. She asks if that is his name, or if it’s the name of a friend or relative.

Brady demands to know why Sami would bring that up, and starts to huff off, but Sami stops him, apologizing for presuming that he is still in love with Nicole. She says that she was just trying to be empathetic, and that she knows what it feels like to love someone that doesn’t want to be with you. She asks Brady to forgive her. He does, and says he is sorry for flying off the handle, since he knows Sami has been through a tough time lately. Sami adds that she feels badly for Nicole. Her life is like a nightmare right now, and she was able to help Sami when she needed it most. She tells Brady that Nicole helped her see Johnny when EJ was trying to sue for custody. Sami claims she will never forget that, and wishes there was some way for her to help Nicole now that she needs it.

Nicole asks EJ what that boy is doing here, but he shouts back at her that she knows damn well what he is doing here. Nicole says she is leaving, but Chad tells her to stop, and makes a grab for Sydney. Nicole, aghast, warns him not to touch her baby. Chad declares that Sydney isn’t her baby.

Victor advises Chloe to cover up, as her bra is showing. Chloe blushes and pulls her blouse around her. Daniel demands to know what Victor is doing here, and he explains that he wanted to come by and apologize for the way he behaved the other day. He knows Chloe overheard him calling her a whore, and he feels badly about it. Chloe assures him that he made up for that comment when he told her that he would try to see the best in her from now on. Victor tells Daniel that he has been thinking about him lately, and how much he means to him. He pulls out a pocket watch and explains that Daniel’s father gave it to him on the day Daniel was christened. He shows the two that it has a guardian angel inscribed on it to remind him of the special bond he and Daniel share, but Victor admits he hasn’t been living up to his role as Daniel’s guardian angel. He asks Daniel to take the watch as a symbol that Victor is going to make an effort to support, protect, and love him. Victor adds that he will make that effort towards Chloe as well. He says that he has to go, and apologizes for interrupting the two, but Daniel thinks there is something Victor should know. He informs Victor that he and Chloe are living together, and that they will do so for the rest of their lives.

Mia tells Will about how Nicole helped her deliver her baby, and how scared she was, but she adds that Nicole took care of everything. Will can’t believe that Sydney is Mia’s baby, but says that all her questions about Nicole when they first met finally make sense. Mia admits she had her doubts at first, but now she knows that Nicole can better provide for Sydney than either her or Chad could. Will worries what might happen now that Chad knows the truth. Mia shakes her head, saying it sucks even worse because they had a deal that Chad would stop looking for their baby. Will asks Mia how she got Chad to agree to that, and she explains that she agreed to give something up, too. Will asks what she had to give up. Mia admits that it was Will. Will gapes.

EJ tells Nicole to put the baby down, saying angrily that they need to discuss things, and besides, Chad has every right to see his daughter. Nicole puts Sydney in the playpen reluctantly, and Chad leans over, saying that she’s perfect. EJ asks Chad to wait outside while he has a word with his wife in private. Chad wants to take Sydney with him, but EJ refuses. Chad starts to protest, but gives up, saying he never thought the could feel this way just by looking at her for the first time. EJ says he knows exactly how Chad feels, and shows him out onto the patio. Nicole glares, telling EJ that he tricked her, since she thought he was calling to talk about their relationship. EJ says they will talk about that. He claims that he asked her to come here so she could finally tell him the whole truth about Sydney. He tells Nicole that he wants the entire story right now.

Bo scoffs, asking if Hope really thinks their past has come back to haunt them. She nods, and Bo snaps that it sounds like a line out of a bad romance novel. He accuses Hope of only wanting to dwell on the bad times without remembering the good, but she claims that the two have a lot of past resentments that have been building up because they never properly worked them out. Bo wonders what she is talking about. Hope asks abruptly if he has ever forgiven her for what happened with Patrick. She admits that she hasn’t even really forgiven herself. Bo claims that Patrick manipulated her, and that there is nothing further to talk about. Hope then brings up all the lies Bo told for Chelsea regarding Zach’s death. Bo is surprised that isn’t resolved after all the talking they did about it. Hope sighs, admitting that the way Bo acted during Ciara’s kidnapping reopened a lot of her wounds regarding their trust issues. Bo asks if she really wants to go through all of this again and suffer over their past mistakes. Hope thinks they’ve buried a lot of important issues, but Bo disagrees. He thought they had decided to focus on their love for one another and try to forget all the awful things that happened in the past. Bo says that he loves her, and that and that he can’t feel complete without her. He wonders what more she could want from him.

Carly checks Rafe’s temperature as he shivers uncontrollably. She tells Omar that his fever is spiking. She curses, saying that they’re going to have to get to a hospital right away. She adds that now that Brian has betrayed them and alerted Lawrence’s men as to where they are, everything has changed.

EJ snaps at Nicole, reminding her that she told him that she legally adopted Sydney. He guesses that he bought it then because of all the grief he was feeling, but he guesses it wasn’t true, and Sydney isn’t hers legally. Nicole stammers that she doesn’t have the paperwork, but Mia wanted to give her the baby. EJ says that this isn’t about Mia, and reminds Nicole that the baby’s father has a say, too. Nicole pleads with EJ, sobbing that she can’t lose her baby.

Victor finds it very convenient that Chloe and Daniel are living together. Just then, Daniel’s phone rings, and he heads off, saying he has to take the call. Chloe tells Victor that she knows he isn’t happy about this, but she reminds him that the two are getting married, and that they’ll be living together soon enough, anyway. Victor reminds Chloe that he agreed to keep an open mind about her, but that doesn’t change his gut feeling. Chloe guesses that Victor doesn’t trust her. Victor snaps that she is fickle and disloyal, not to mention she has a tendency to eat men up and spit them out. However, he meant what he said to Daniel about being a devoted godfather, so he is willing to accept Chloe as a part of Daniel’s life. He promises to give Chloe a chance for Daniel’s sake, and that he hopes she proves him wrong about his assessment of her character. He adds that he really does want Daniel to be happy, and he hopes Chloe can make him happy. He heads off. Chloe sighs and shuts the door after him, hoping that he will come around eventually. Outside, Victor smirks to himself, saying that that bitch is going to self-destruct, and he’ll have a front-row seat.

Mia explains that she only pretended to be angry when Will told his mom about her baby, and that she didn’t really want to break up with him--she just used that as an excuse. Will asks if she did it for Chad, but Mia claims that she did it for her baby. Chad promised to stop looking for her if the two got back together. Will can’t believe this. Mia sobs that she didn’t want to do it, and that it hurt so much to let him go, but she had to do it for Sydney. She then says that her relationship with Chad isn’t real, and that the only person she cares about and wants to be with is Will.

Chad knocks on the patio door, and EJ agrees to let him back in. He asks Chad to say goodbye to Sydney and leave, but Chad wants to take her with him. EJ scoffs, saying that Chad isn’t taking her anywhere. He adds that he knows what its like to find out unexpectedly that you’re a father. He thinks that Chad has every right to know his daughter and see her, but since his parents are lawyers, he must have known that he couldn’t just walk in here and take Sydney with him. He warns Chad that no one is going to give him custody based just on his story, and asks Chad to be as respectful of him as he has been. Chad grumbles that this isn’t over and heads off. Nicole thanks EJ, assuming that he is going to help her and Sydney.

Brady heads into the Kiriakis mansion, greeting Victor and asking him what is wrong. Victor grumbles that Daniel is an idiot, and for a brilliant doctor, he sure seems to have his head up his butt. Brady sighs, guessing that this is about Chloe. Victor nods angrily, wondering how Daniel could let that low-life bimbo sink her claws into him. Brady starts to protest, but Victor cuts him off, saying that Chloe nearly destroyed his, Philip’s, and Lucas’ lives, and hell be damned if she does the same to Daniel.

Hope tells Bo that he has her heart, too, and that she wants their marriage to work as much as he does, but it won’t if they keep ignoring their problems. Bo wonders if she heard a word he just said. Hope snaps that that sounds familiar, and reminds him she said the same thing when those kidnappers had their daughter. She tried to get Bo to listen to her, but he wouldn’t, and it’s the same exact thing now. She doesn’t think Bo can accept that she things differently than he does. She suggests that he spend some time with his daughter, and adds that they will discuss visitation later. Ciara comes downstairs. Hope tells her to have a great time with her dad and heads off. Bo sighs.

Omar agrees to crank the boat up to full speed so they can get the man to the hospital. He heads off. Rafe wakes up and mumbles something about a baby. Carly asks him what he said. Rafe groans that someone has tell her about the baby.

Will tells Mia he loves her and moves in for a kiss. Chad walks in and interrupts, asking Mia what Will is doing here. Mia tells him to forget about Will and demands to know what exactly Chad has done.

EJ reminds Nicole that he never said he would help her. Nicole bawls that he has to, and that he can’t really believe that idiot boy would make a better parent than her. EJ warns her to keep her voice down, but Nicole shrieks that she can’t let that jerk take her baby. Sami walks in just then, alarmed, and asks Nicole if someone is trying to take her baby.


Brady asks Arianna, “Why are you always so anxious to get away from me?”

Mia snaps at Chad, “You ruined everything. Now Nicole's never gonna be able to keep Sydney.”

Sami urges, “Nicole, don't let them take your little girl from you.”

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