Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/14/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/14/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Maggie’s kitchen, Mia tells Nicole that she doesn’t want to screw things up for her, and she does want what is best for Sydney. Nicole says that if that is true, then she has to keep quiet. Nothing has changed, and nothing will change as long as Mia doesn’t say anything. Mia flies off the handle, accusing Nicole of threatening her and treating her like some pathetic little girl she can push around. Nicole reminds her angrily that this is about Sydney, not her. Mia says that she has to think of Chad, too, and how he would feel if he knew her rehab counselor adopted a baby. Just then, Chad breezes in, asking what the two are talking about, and if Nicole adopted a baby.

At the pier, Brady grumbles that he knew it wouldn’t take long for EJ to track him down. He asks if EJ brought his thugs this time. EJ calls Brady an SOB and accuses him of knowing about Nicole’s miscarriage, and how she tried to pass Sydney off as her own. EJ then accuses Brady of helping her to pull it off. Brady retorts that he would do it again in a heartbeat.

Sami visits Grace’s grave, and tells her how much she misses her. Se adds that she knows whenever she is feeling sad or lonely, she can come visit Grace, and that seems to make everything better. Sami sighs, wishing Rafe were here, and that he could also find some peace.

On a boat speeding towards the mainland, Carly works on Rafe, telling Omar that his heart has stopped. She asks for the first aid kit, but Omar isn’t sure the last time it was checked, and says there’s only bandages and alcohol inside. Carly grimaces and performs CPR, telling Rafe that it’s just him and her, and that he is going to have to fight. She urges him to breathe.

Daniel heads into his apartment and kisses Chloe. The two kiss passionately, and Chloe says she loves the idea of waiting for him to come home. He says he loves her. The two dive back in for more, but Sydney wails, interrupting them.

EJ doesn’t think that Brady helped Nicole to protect her, he thinks Brady just wanted to make a fool out of him. He wonders if Brady is happy now that he has lost his whole family. Brady retorts that EJ lost his whole family because of himself. Brady then says that Nicole lied because EJ made her do it. EJ stares, shocked.

Nicole snaps at Chad that it’s rude to walk into someone’s house without being invited. She tells him to leave, but Chad reminds her of the last time she saw him, and how she lied and said he had to stay away from Mia because she was so fragile, having been in rehab. Chad angrily tells Nicole that Mia was never in rehab--she was off having his baby. Mia asks him if they can talk about this later, but Chad says that he is tired of everyone keeping him in the dark. Nicole retorts that that is because none of this is his business. Chad says that he is getting a vibe that something is going on, and he isn’t leaving until he gets the whole story. Chad tells Mia that he heard her talking about adopting a baby. He asks Mia why that would be a secret, and why the information is making her so upset.

Daniel asks Chloe if she started a daycare center. She chuckles and heads off, coming back with Sydney. Daniel grins, saying she’s getting cuter by the second. Chloe asks if he meant her or the baby. Daniel grins, saying the kid is cute. Chloe is sexy. Chloe chuckles, saying she really enjoys looking after Sydney, especially now that she can’t see Allie anymore. Daniel ask why Sydney seems upset, and Chloe says she isn’t sure. She admits that she was fussy earlier, but wouldn’t take her bottle. Chloe asks Sydney what’s wrong, admitting to Daniel that she doesn’t know if something is or not. Daniel thinks he knows.

Mia claims she isn’t upset. Nicole nods, saying if she is, it’s only because Chad barged in here asking questions. She asks him to give the two of them a little privacy, but Chad retorts that he is the baby’s father, and he will ask any question he likes. He demands to know what Nicole is doing there, why Mia is upset, and why Nicole seems to be involved in Mia’s life all of a sudden. Nicole claims she is Mia’s counselor, but Chad scoffs, saying that she is just helping her lie. Chad retracts his statement, thinking that Nicole is actually making Mia lie. He guesses that Nicole knew about the baby, and helped Mia come up with that lame cover story about going to rehab. Mia jumps in, saying that she came up with it on her own, and that Nicole didn’t know she had a baby. Mia then asks Chad to leave, but he reminds her that he is her boyfriend now, and that they’re in this together. He then tells Nicole that Mia agreed to dump Will Horton and be his girlfriend if he backed off on looking for their daughter. Nicole thinks that is quite a sacrifice. Chad tells Nicole pointedly that he doesn’t want Mia back if she is just going through the motions to shut him up.

Carly informs Omar that she got the man’s pulse going, but it’s weak. Omar offers to get more blankets, but Carly says that he needs to recover from hypothermia gradually, or he could go into shock. Carly looks Rafe over, saying that they’re going to have to keep him warm or they’re going to lose him. She notes that Rafe took a couple of blows to the head. Omar suggests that he may have hit his head on the side of a boat when he fell into the water. Carly says that might be it, and then tells Omar that they need to get the man to a hospital, as she fears what might happen if they don’t.

Sami tells Grace that Rafe left because of her--because she got obsessed when he wouldn’t tell her things. She tells Grace that she still knows that Rafe loved her and that wherever he is, she hopes that he is happy.

Carly urges Rafe to hang on, reminding him that he is young, strong, and has made it this far. Omar wishes he could help. Carly sighs, admitting that this man needs all the help he can get. She admits it might be too late for him unless she can think of something soon.

Chloe and Daniel come back from changing Sydney’s diaper. Chloe compliments Daniel on his diagnosis, and says she is impressed with the way he changed the diaper so quickly. Daniel says that it helps that diapers are so simple now that a monkey could fasten them. Chloe says she thinks it was so easy because Sydney likes him. Daniel jokes that he just has a way with women. Chloe agrees, and tells Daniel that he is going to make a terrific father.

EJ wonders how it is his fault that Brady and Nicole lied about everything. Brady reminds him that Nicole knew that he was only with her because she was pregnant, and that she knew what EJ would do if he learned of her miscarriage. EJ claims neither of them had any idea how he would react, and adds that he didn’t come here to discuss this with Brady. EJ does have a question, and he wants to know why Brady helped Nicole lie. He claims that it doesn’t make any sense that Brady would want Nicole to end up with him, since Brady is in love with her himself. EJ adds that everyone knows it, too.

Nicole chides Chad for pushing Mia around like he owns her. Chad demands to know if Nicole is speaking for Mia now, and reminds Mia angrily that they had a deal. Nicole shouts at Chad to get out and take his threats with him, saying if he doesn’t want to be Mia’s boyfriend, then that is fine. She tries to soothe Mia, telling her that Chad isn’t going to hurt her or anyone else. Mia tells Nicole that she doesn’t understand--she got back together with Chad because she didn’t want him asking questions about the baby. She didn’t want him digging around because she knew Nicole would hate her for it. Nicole begs her not to say another word. Chad wonders why Nicole would care if he asked questions about his daughter, and asks Nicole what she has to do with his and Mia’s baby.

Carly sends Omar off to fill a bottle with warm water. Carly assures Rafe that they’re going to get him warm, and asks him to hang in there, as he has people pulling for him to make it. Rafe calls out for Sami, flashing back to her tending to his stab wound while they were in hiding. Carly asks if he said something. Rafe moans. Carly asks him if he can tell her what his name is. Rafe flashes back to Sami telling him that his fever has broken, and that she thinks they’ve won.

Chloe and Daniel finish feeding Sydney. He admits that he is getting hungry, and offers to make himself and Chloe an omelet. Chloe wonders if he has looked in his fridge lately, and Daniel ruefully admits that he has been spending a lot of time working. He suggests that they go out, but Chloe doesn’t thinks it’s such a good idea.

A man brings Carly back some warm bottle of water. She thanks him and asks him to keep them coming. He heads off as Carly tucks the bottles around Rafe’s body, assuring herself that this will work because it has to. She tells herself that she didn’t come this far to watch a man die. She looks up just then and sees Lawrence across the cabin, smirking at her. He asks if she really minds watching a man die, and wonders if she is trying so hard to save this man’s life in order to atone for murdering him.

Brady reminds EJ that he kicked his wife and daughter out onto the street, so it shouldn’t matter to him how anyone else feels about Nicole. Brady then tells EJ that Nicole loves him, and that she lied so she could be with him. Brady claims that she only got Sydney to make EJ happy. EJ wants to know why Brady helped her. Brady claims that it was just because they are friends. He thinks EJ is lucky to have a woman who loved him so much, but EJ scoffs, reminding Brady that Nicole turned his life upside down. Brady doesn’t think EJ is exactly blameless, but EJ says the only thing he is to blame for is loving a woman that lied to him. He tells Brady nastily that this is the woman of Brady’s dreams, and she’s practically falling over at his doorstep. Brady scoffs, saying that if he wanted Nicole at his feet, he’d have told EJ the truth from the beginning, and picked up the pieces once EJ threw Nicole out on her ass. EJ wonders why Brady would help Nicole lie if his intention wasn’t for her to eventually come running to him.

Chad accuses Nicole of telling Mia that giving her baby away would be the easy way out. Nicole scoffs, saying that even if she did suggest adoption, it wouldn’t be any of Chad’s concern, since he was out of the picture and left this poor girl pregnant, terrified, and alone. Chad grumbles that he knows Mia, and he knows she wouldn’t have willingly given their baby away--not unless she had some supposed counselor whispering in her ear. Mia says it wasn’t like that, and that Nicole is right--she was alone and scared, until Nicole came along. Nicole asks her to stop right there. Chad demands to know why Nicole keeps making Mia quiet down every time she opens her mouth. Chad says he guesses that Mia was pregnant, and her parents kicked her out. She met Nicole and--Chad breaks off, asking Mia in shock if she gave this woman their baby.

Chloe reminds Daniel that they have to watch Sydney, but Daniel says they can take her with them. Chloe suggests the pub, since they have highchairs, and Daniel agrees, telling her to go call Nicole and make sure it’s ok. Chloe agrees, thinking that this will be fun, and good practice for when they have their own kids. Daniel grimaces. Chloe picks up on it, and notes that he doesn’t seem happy whenever she mentions them having kids. She asks Daniel if he doesn’t want any or something.

Carly snaps that she is just scared that this man is going to die, and adds that Lawrence is just a bad memory. She asks him to go to hell, but chuckles, guessing that he is already there. She tells him to think again if he expects her to have any sympathy for him. Lawrence tell her she is guilty, and that he will always be around to remind her of that. Carly declares she is glad she killed Lawrence before he could kill her or someone she cared for very much. Lawrence asks if she is saying some lives are worth more than others. Carly snaps that what goes around comes around and that she has no regrets. Lawrence wonders why she ran away, and didn’t stick around to brag, then. He wonders if she really thinks she can hide forever, and warns her that his men are searching for her even as they speak. He vows that she will be found and punished. Carly ignores him, urging Rafe to hang in there.

Brady says that he helped Nicole because she was a friend, and because he wanted her to be happy. EJ can’t believe that Brady sacrificed his own happiness for Nicole’s, but Brady says it isn’t hard to believe a selfish bastard like EJ couldn’t understand his motivation. EJ says what he did was pretty noble for a tramp like Nicole. Brady shakes his head, surprised that EJ really can’t fathom that Nicole did all for this for him--to make him happy. EJ declares that Nicole is morally bankrupt. Brady scoffs, saying EJ is no paragon of virtue himself. Brady adds that he gets that EJ is punishing Nicole by throwing her out on the streets, but he wonders why EJ feels the need to punish an innocent little baby, too.

Nicole thinks Chad is jumping to conclusions, but he disagrees, saying that it all is starting to make sense now. Nicole came on so strongly when she first met him because she wanted him out of the picture. Nicole claims she was just trying to protect Mia from having to deal with Chad, but Chad thinks she wanted to make sure he never found out about the family that adopted his little girl. Mia tells Nicole quietly that Chad knows the truth, and they can’t keep lying. Nicole asks her to stop, but Mia refuses, apologizing to Chad for lying to him. She explains that Nicole and her husband EJ adopted their daughter. Nicole flashes back to telling Sydney in the hospital that she nearly told EJ the truth--that Sami was her mother. She says she would have if that was what it took to save her life. Nicole then says that she thinks that this is proof that this is meant to be, and now that Sydney is ok, her secret is safe forever. Nicole snaps out of her reverie to Chad declaring that he wants to see his daughter--now. Nicole abruptly tells Mia that she isn’t Sydney’s mother.

Daniel says it isn’t that he doesn’t want to have kids. In fact, he thinks Chloe would make a terrific mother, but he reminds her that she just got out of the hospital. Chloe asks if he is saying they should wait a while. Daniel says he just wants to have dinner and discuss this with her some other time. Chloe sighs, saying that this is important to her. Sure, she has always loved the opera and singing, but deep down, what she wants more than anything is to be a mother. Daniel says he understands that, and again says that she will make a wonderful mother. Chloe presses him, asking if he just saying that now isn’t the right time. Daniel frowns.

Rafe flashes back to Sami changing his bandage from his stab wound, despite his reluctance to let her do so. Meanwhile, Carly calls out to him, assuring him that they are trying to get him warm and asking him if he can hear her. She urges him to fight, and says that she knows he can pull through this. Rafe calls out for Sami, but trails off. Carly asks who Sam is, and asks if that is his name. Rafe slips in and out of consciousness.

Sami tells Grace that she has to go, but asks her to be at peace, and to look after Rafe for her, and make sure that he is ok.

EJ snorts, saying he doesn’t owe Brady any explanation for what he did regarding Sydney. Brady says he does owe an explanation to Sydney, and if EJ can’t see that, then it’s a good thing he threw Sydney out, because at least now she has a chance to find a hell of lot better father than EJ could ever be. EJ declares that Brady has no right to judge him. Brady scoffs, asking EJ if he really thinks he’s the good guy in all of this. Brady claims he is glad things turned out the way they did because EJ doesn’t deserve to have Sydney, or to have a happy family.

Chad asks if Sydney is his daughter’s name. Nicole says she isn’t his child, and Chad demands a DNA test to prove it. Mia jumps in, supporting Nicole and telling Chad that Sydney isn’t theirs anymore. She’s in a good home with a rich couple that adores her. Chad grumbles that giving her away wasn’t her call, since he is the father, and he has rights, too. Nicole claims that Chad gave away his rights when he left town and abandoned Mia. She claims that Chad is nothing more than an irresponsible sex partner, and now he wants to step up and pretend he’s father of the year. Mia tries to convince Chad that Sydney is happy where she is, but Chad thinks the two of them can make her happy, too. Nicole scoffs, saying he’s seventeen, with no job. How can he provide Sydney with any kind of reliable future? Chad stomps his foot, yelling that he wants what is his. Nicole asks him what he would do if Sydney was miraculously handed over to him. Would he drop out of school and beg for a job in this economy? What would happen when it came time to pay the rent or bills? She asks if he plans on moving Mia and Sydney into his house with his parents. Chad glares sullenly. Nicole declares that if that is the kind of life he has in mind, then he is more pathetic than she thought.

Omar comes in to ask Carly if the worst is over. She says she hopes so, and that the man’s pulse has strengthened, but he’s spiking a fever. Carly sighs, knowing that Omar has been sending transmissions to hospitals. She guesses that since they are close to cell phone range, that this man will soon be in danger because of her. She decides that she wants the boat to pull into port. They can drop her and the man off, and she’ll make sure he gets to a good hospital. She tells Omar that she can’t continue putting him in danger the way that she has. She then warns him to make sure none of the other crew members find out she is here. Omar assures her they won’t find out, but Carly says he’d be surprised. She adds that the important thing right now is getting this man the help that he needs.

Chloe wants to know if Daniel wants children or not, but he just wants to take things slow, considering that they aren’t even married yet. He then tells Chloe that he would love to have children, but the first thing they need to focus on is her making a full recovery. Chloe wonders why he is being so cautious when he is normally so spontaneous. She asks if Daniel knows something about her medical condition that she doesn’t. Daniel says she is in prefect health. Chloe guesses that this must be about his former wife, then. Daniel says that isn’t it, and promises her they will discuss having a family when the time is right. She asks if he is sure. He vows that he will never lie to Chloe about anything and kisses her.

EJ has a drink back at the DiMera mansion and stares at a photo of Sydney. He flashes back to reading Sydney a bedtime story about a knight and a princess. EJ vows that he will always be Sydney’s knight, and tells her how happy she makes him. He hugs her, saying that she lights up his life every time she smiles.

Chad insists that he is still Sydney’s father, and says he wants his daughter to know him. Nicole scoffs, asking what she is supposed to know--that he was some high school hot shot that abandoned his girlfriend after having unprotected sex with her? Chad claims that he would have come home and taken responsibility if Mia had just told him what was going on. Mia tells Chad that he can’t change that now, and assures him that the right thing was done, and that Sydney is going to have a good life. Nicole apologizes for coming on too strongly, but says that Mia is right and that Chad needs to let this go, as he has his whole life ahead of him and a world of possibilities. Chad declares that he isn’t moving on without his daughter and rushes off. Mia tries to stop him, to no avail.

Carly turns around to find the man that brought the water bottles earlier standing in the room. Carly tells him they don’t need any more, as the victim’s temperature is spiking. The man ignores her and pulls a gun on her. Carly gapes.

Sami runs into Brady at the park, and guesses that he is thinking of Nicole. Sami says she can’t imagine what she is going through right now, but she isn’t surprised that EJ threw her out, considering she lied about her miscarriage and brought a strange baby into the house. Brady wishes that EJ could have seen things from Nicole’s perspective--that she was so desperate to have a life with him that she felt she had to lie. Sami says she can understand why Nicole did what she did, but she also knows from personal experience that EJ isn’t the kind of guy to forgive and forget. Sami adds that she was also shocked to find out Brady was involved in all of this. She says she always thought he was a good guy, and she wonders what the hell happened to him.

Daniel tells Chloe how much he loves her. She says she loves him too and urges him not to be afraid of the future, since she isn’t. The two decide they’re craving steak for dinner, and begin to get ready to leave. Just then, Nicole knocks on the door. Daniel answers and Nicole flies in, saying that she needs her daughter right now.

Someone rings the bell at the DiMera mansion frantically. EJ calls out for Harold, but no one answers. EJ groans and heads over to the door, flinging it open angrily. Chad is outside, and he asks where Sydney is. EJ demands to know who he is. Chad declares that he is Sydney’s father.


Mia sobs to Will, “I lied to you both about my little girl.”

Nicole tells Chloe, “EJ wants us to come home.”

Bo asks Hope, “What more do you want? What more is there?”

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