Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/13/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/13/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Melanie runs into Brady at the park. She claims that she would ask him how he was, but she can tell he isn’t doing well by the look on his face. He warns her that he isn’t good company, but she ignores him, saying that the last time she saw him, eh had decided to try to help Nicole save her marriage. She assumes that didn’t work out. Brady sighs, explaining that Nicole built a house of cards. I t was only matter of time before someone said the wrong thing at the wrong time. Melanie ask who said the wrong thing, and Brady admits that he did--and Nicole’s cards have come crashing down.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Mia grabs her backpack and starts to head out the door, but Nicole is outside, knocking. She thanks God she caught Mia. Mia says she was just on her way out, but Nicole says flatly that she is in trouble and she needs a favor--not for her, but for Sydney. She claims that the baby’s future depends on it.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ stares wistfully at a photo of Sydney.

At her townhouse, Sami leaves Nicole a message saying that she heard what happened, and since Nicole was there for her when she needed it, Sami wants to help her if she needs it. She hangs up with a sigh. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Sami opens it to find Roman and hugs him. Arianna shows up just then, saying she got Roman’s message and got here as soon as she could. Sami worriedly guesses that Roman is here about Rafe.

Justin shows up at the pub and meets Bo, who is reading an article about Lawrence Alamain’s death, and how his killer is still at large. Bo says that he got a message from Justin, but it was so garbled that all he got was to meet him at the pub this morning. He asks Justin what is going on.

On a boat somewhere near the North American continent, Omar brings Carly some coffee and asks if she slept well. Carly says she didn’t, reminding Omar that she is a hunted woman, and that Lawrence’s men won’t stop until they find her. She’s even more worried since Omar told her the communications they make are being monitored. She hopes she’ll be able to rest once they reach land. Omar heads off to make breakfast so she can keep up her strength. Carly sighs, hoping that she can get to Bo in time, and that he is willing to help her.

Justin explains that he was out of town the night before, and that’s why his message didn’t come through clearly. Bo asks where he went, and Justin explains that he went to see Hope.

At their hotel, Ciara asks Hope why she is packing. Hope explains that she knows how much Ciara wants to see her daddy, so she thought she would take her back to see him. Ciara throws herself into Hope’s arms, hugging her and saying she wants to go home. Hope hugs her back, saying that she knows she does.

Bo asks Justin angrily if he went to see Hope on his own or if she invited him. Justin claims that he is just trying to help the two, and that he would never do what Bo is thinking. Bo apologizes, saying he is just put off because Hope hasn’t contracted him at all, and Justin was able to see her and spend time with her. Justin explains that Hope wanted his help in a legal matter, and she also wanted Justin to give Bo this. He hands Bo a document. Bo reads it worriedly.

Melanie guesses that Brady said the wrong thing at the wrong time--like a slip of the tongue. Brady says that wasn’t it exactly, and just warns her to shut up and hang up the phone any time she calls someone and the line has a lot of static. Melanie asks him what happened, but Brady claims she knows a lot of it--that Nicole was lying about something, and he was protecting her secret. Melanie says it’s pretty clear to her that Brady would do anything for Nicole, and she thinks that he isn’t really guilty, since he did what he did out of love. Brady doesn’t think it works that way, but Melanie claims that love can make people do crazy things that they aren’t really responsible for. She again presses Brady to tell her what happened. He explains that a few weeks ago, Arianna was eavesdropping on a conversation he was having with Nicole. Melanie doesn’t think that was very nice of her, but Brady claims it was his own fault, since he shouldn’t have been talking where he could be overheard. He then goes on to say that he tried to call Nicole in Paris to talk to her about it, but EJ answered her phone. Melanie guesses that he blabbed everything to EJ, and that put him on high alert. Brady sighs, saying she’s putting it mildly. Melanie asks what the secret was.

Chad calls Mia from outside the pub and leaves her a message, explaining that he is on his way to a cross-country meet, but he was hoping he could swing by afterwards and hang out.

Mia checks her phone as Nicole snaps at her to pay attention. She claims that whoever is trying to call Mia isn’t as important as Sydney. She knows that Mia wants nothing more in the world than for that little girl to be happy. Mia asks what is going on and why Nicole needs a favor. Nicole sighs, telling Mia that the secret is out about Sydney. Mia exclaims that Brady told her everything was going to be alright, but Nicole tells her flatly that Brady was wrong. She explains that EJ found out about the adoption, and that she lost her own baby and tried to pass Sydney off as theirs. Mia gasps. Nicole explains that EJ is devastated and furious, and told her that he never wanted to see her or Sydney again. Mia starts to panic, but Nicole assures her that it doesn’t mean anything, and that EJ just needs to get his bearings. She vows that she will get him to see things differently. Mia doesn’t see how she can, but Nicole says she just plans on making EJ see that Sydney is the best thing that ever happened to him, even if she isn’t his biological daughter. When he realizes that she is right, he’ll come around and realize that she did what she did out of love and he will take both her and Sydney back into his home and his heart. She says that is why she needs Mia to stay quiet. Mia scoffs, saying she is sorry, but she can’t do that.

EJ slams some papers down on his desk and flips through Sydney’s baby book. He stares at the pictures inside and cries quietly.

Brady sighs, and figures the secret out anyway, so he tells Melanie everything--that Nicole was pregnant with EJ’s child and was thrilled because she never thought she could conceive. Then she had a miscarriage pretty far along in the pregnancy. She was worried EJ would leave her, so she faked the duration of her pregnancy, and adopted a baby to take the place of the child she lost. Brady says that he knew all about it, and that he helped her to pass off another woman’s baby as her own. He guesses Melanie can now understand why he feels so guilty about causing so many people pain--Nicole, EJ, and even that innocent little baby. He says that he never should have agreed to any of it. Melanie hopes Brady doesn’t think this is his fault. She thinks that Nicole would have found a way to pull this off with or without his help. Brady isn’t convinced. Melanie begs him not to blame himself.

Roman tells Sami and Arianna that he hasn’t gotten any news on Rafe yet, but he does have news on Meredith Hudson, who has disappeared. Roman tells the two that she made an appointment with some potential tenants to look at her parent’s home, but she never showed up, and has seemingly left town. Sami asks when this happened, and Roman says that it was the day after Sami received that email from Rafe. Arianna and Sami gasp.

Hope asks Ciara to get ready to leave, but she wants to draw a picture for Bo first. Hope thinks he would like that, and Ciara hurries over to the desk and starts drawing. Hope gets a call from Julie. She explains that she’s checking out of the hotel to go back home, and that Ciara is thrilled to see Bo, but she isn’t. She then promises to call Julie when she gets home and hangs up. Hope stares at Ciara, who is busily coloring. Hope sighs.

Bo sighs, relieved, since he thought Justin was giving him divorce papers. Justin says it’s nothing like that, and Bo notes that Hope wants to send Ciara to a private school. Justin explains that Hope thinks that Ciara has gone through a major trauma, so she found a school with the resources to help her. Bo asks if she is saying public schools don’t have resources, but Justin think it’s more than that, and that Hope just feels Ciara will be safer at a school that is less accessible than the one she currently attends. Bo nods, saying that makes sense, and asks where he signs. Justin is surprised he agreed so quickly, but Bo claims that all he cares about is his wife and daughter. He wants them home, and he sure as hell doesn’t want anything else coming between them. Bo leans over the paper and signs.

The boats horn blasts as Carly looks through some letters. She stuffs the letters behind the sofa as Omar comes in, telling her that a body has been found in the water. Carly asks if the person is dead, but Omar isn’t sure. She then asks him to bring the person on board. Omar doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Carly says she can’t be concerned about her own security when someone’s life might be at stake. She tells Omar that she took an oath, and asks him to help her save a poor soul’s life. Omar hurries off. Carly wonders if she can be absolved of taking one life if she saves another.

Bo hands Justin the papers, asking him to tell Hope that he signed on the dotted line without reservation, and that he only cares about her and Ciara. Justin thinks Bo should tell her than himself. Bo snorts, saying he would if she would take his phone calls or emails. Justin picks up the paper and spots the article about Lawrence’s death. Justin shakes his head, saying that the guy seemed to have a lot of enemies. He notices that the article doesn’t mention Carly. Bo assumes she’s in seclusion since she just lost the love of her life. Justin says he thought that was Bo. Bo chuckles, saying that any relationship he had after he thought Hope was gone wasn’t really complete. He claims that he and Carly were close, but his heart only belongs to one woman--and that’s his Fancy Face.

Hope calls out for Ciara not to forget her toothbrush and looks over the drawing Ciara made. She has drawn three stick figures next to house, and wrote next to them that this is her happy family. Hope sighs.

Arianna claims that Meredith did something to Rafe, and she knows it, because of the way Meredith talked about him, and blamed him for Emily’s death. Arianna thinks she’s crazy. She didn’t think much of it at the time when she saw her, but now that she has disappeared, she is sure of it. Sami agrees, saying the timing is also suspicious, considering when Rafe sent her and Arianna those messages. Roman agrees with the two, but he is sure Rafe is fine, since he’s tough and ex-FBI. Arianna hopes Roman is right. She says she has to go to work, but asks Sami to call if she hears anything. Sami agrees and asks her to do the same. After she heads off, Sami tells Roman that she thinks Arianna is right, and that she is also starting to get concerned. She says it’s one thing for Rafe not to want to see her, but it isn’t like him not to call his sister. She says that the more time that goes by, the more she worries that something has really happened to Rafe.

Carly performs CPR on someone. We pan in on the person and see that it’s Rafe. Carly asks if he can hear her.

Outside the pub, Chad congratulates Will on a good match. Will says he has to go, but Chad grins, saying that Will is going to get MVP and shatter his record. Will snorts, wondering why he should care, since Chad isn’t any competition anyway. Chad claims that he senses some hostility. Will wonders angrily why he tries to keep start something. He says that he gets Chad and Mia are a couple now. He claims that he is happy for the two of them, since they deserve each other.

Mia says that she won’t keep her mouth shut, and that Nicole can’t bully her into it, either. Nicole sighs, saying that she isn’t trying to bully Mia into anything, and asks her if she really wants Sydney’s life to be ruined. Mia retorts that now that EJ knows the truth, her baby is no better off than she would have been had she raised her herself. Nicole reminds Mia that she is in high school, and hasn’t a penny to her name. Mia ignores her, saying that she only gave Nicole her baby because she thought she would be raised in a secure and loving environment. She says that clearly isn’t the case anymore. Nicole swears that it will be again, and that she has everything under control, as long as Mia will agrees not to talk about this. She knows EJ loves Sydney more than his own life, and that he won’t give up on her. Mia says that EJ might not give up on Sydney, but what if he decides to give up on Nicole?

EJ tries to do some work, but gets distracted. He paces around the room and catches sight of a picture of himself with Nicole and Sydney. He groans, telling himself that he can’t stay here anymore.

Sami, now alone, tries to convince herself that her father was right, and that Rafe can take care of himself. Sami sighs, deciding that something is wrong, and she knows it. She grabs her purse and heads out the door, saying that she has to find a way to help Rafe.

Rafe coughs and moans. Carly tells him everything will be alright, and asks if he knows how this happened to him. Rafe lies back with his eyes closed and doesn’t respond. Carly asks Omar to bring her some blankets, dry clothes, and something to keep his head warm. Omar ask if they should move him, but Carly fears his heart will stop if the do. Omar heads off to get the things she asked for as Carly works on getting Rafe out of his wet clothes. She assures him that she is a doctor, and that she is going to make sure that he doesn’t die.

Melanie tries to assure Brady that Nicole would have found a way to lie about Sydney with or without his help. People like Nicole don’t give up, and if Brady didn’t help her, someone else would have. Brady sighs, saying he knew from the beginning that this wouldn’t turn out well. He tried to tell Nicole that this was all going to blow up in her face, but she wouldn’t listen, and cried and begged him to help her. Melanie thinks he’s just sensitive, but Brady claims that he is just a coward. He saw that Nicole was being self-destructive, and he didn’t stop her because her didn’t want to see EJ dump her and break her heart all over again. Melanie thinks Brady only helped Nicole because he is a good friend, and because his heart is in the right place. Brady abruptly says that he needs to go for a jog to clear his head. Melanie wants to come with him, but Brady insists he needs some time on his own right now. She asks if he is sure. He says sarcastically that he just plans on scoring some drugs, but Melanie warns him not to joke about that. She asks him to call her any time he needs her, and vows that she is on his side, no matter what. Brady thanks her and jogs off. Melanie sighs.

Bo decides to try to call Hope, telling Justin that the two have always between able to communicate, and usually pretty open about their feelings. Justin assures him that he and Hope will get through this and says that he has to go. He wishes Bo luck and heads off.

Hope answers her phone to find Bo on the other end. He explains that he just talked to Justin about the papers Hope wanted him to sign, and he signed them. He tells Hope that if she thinks that this private school is what is best for Ciara, then he is on board, because he only wants what is best for Hope and their baby. He then asks Hope when she is coming home.

Carly tells Omar that Rafe’s pulse is threading, and that they’re going to have to get him to a hospital. Omar starts to protest, but Carly says she doesn’t care what the risks are. She asks if the man had any ID on him, but Omar shakes his head. Carly instructs him to find out what the nearest hospital is, then call and head that way as quickly as possible, as the man is suffering from hypothermia and a possible concussion,. Omar agrees reluctantly and heads off. Rafe groans as Carly urges him to hang in there. She tells him that he has been strong and has fought for this long, and now he has to keep fighting--whoever he is. Rafe thrashes and moans.

Brady runs along the pier but stops when he catches sight of two men involved in a drug transaction. One of the men complains about the last batch, but the dealer explains that he got in a new shipment that is much better. Brady watches the two and sighs.

Chad didn’t realize Will was so angry. Will wonders sarcastically what there is to be angry about, since Mia dumped him and got back together with Chad five seconds later. Chad thinks Will should have expected that, but Will retorts that he never expected Chad to gloat about it. Chad sighs, saying that he just wants things out in the open, and that he wants him and Will to be cool with one another. He just wishes Will could see that he and Mia have a special connection. He claims the two have been through a lot together, and that their relationship is just natural. He then asks Will to take it easy and heads off. Will grumbles that there is no way Mia is still into that guy. He is sure that something else is going on.

At the pub, Arianna makes a call and orders six more kilos of drugs. She hangs up as Melanie storms in, asking what her problem is. Arianna stammers, asking what she means. Melanie explains that Brady is a wreck. Arianna asks what happened, but Melanie snaps that she did. Arianna, confused, doesn’t get it. Melanie angrily reminds her that she opened her mouth about Brady and Nicole’s secret regarding the baby and the miscarriage, and now all hell has broken loose.

Nicole vows that she and EJ will work things out, as she is sure that he can’t live without his daughter. Mia grumbles, asking if that means that she has to keep lying. Nicole reminds her that she has up until now, so her role in all this is still the same. Mia sighs, saying she can’t believe this happened. Nicole says it did, but it isn’t the end of the world. Nicole claims all of this will resolve itself as long as Mia keeps quiet. She disagrees, reminding Nicole that she gave up the sweetest guy in the world just so she could keep Chad from digging around and finding out about the baby. Nicole thinks that was a very noble thing of her to do. Mia shrieks that the truth came out anyway, so she did it all for nothing. Nicole says that isn’t true, and promises not to let this all fall apart. She says she is sorry Mia had to sacrifice Will, but they have all had to make sacrifices for Sydney, as that is what parents do. Nicole says that Sydney is worth it, and begs Mia not to screw this up.

Arianna tells Melanie that she feels terrible, as she never meant to cause Brady any pain. She wonders how this is any of Melanie’s business. Melanie retorts that Brady is her friend, and now Arianna has completely screwed up his life. She goes on to say that Brady is the best guy she knows. Arianna says she knows that, but Melanie retorts that she didn’t consider it when she went around betraying his confidence and screwing up his life.

Brady takes a breather, trying to calm himself down. He says to himself that he ought to call his sponsor or go to a meeting, as he needs to take responsibility for his part in all of this. EJ walks up behind him, saying that Brady does need to take responsibility. He adds that Bradys’ timing really couldn’t be better, since EJ is looking for someone to blame. He says he isn’t just talking about Nicole either--he’s taking about anyone who had a hand in destroying his life.

Mia tells Nicole that she doesn’t want to screw things up for her, and that she really does want what is best for Sydney. Nicole is glad to hear it, and assures Mia that nothing has changed, and that nothing will change as long as she keeps quiet about Sydney. Mia demands to know if Nicole is threatening her, but Nicole swears she isn’t. Mia flies off the handle, saying she isn’t just some pathetic girl that Nicole can push around. Nicole shouts that this is about Sydney, not her. Mia says angrily that she knows, but she also has to consider Chad and his feelings. She knows he would be upset if he found out her supposed rehab counselor adopted he baby. Just then, the door slams. Mia looks over to see Chad standing in the room. She gasps.

Hope tells Bo that she is coming home. He tells her that he is thrilled, but she warns him that the only reason she is doing this is because it is what is best for their daughter.

Sami visits Grace’s grave with flowers. She kneels down, telling her that she needs a special favor--for Grace to keep an eye on her daddy. Sami says she doesn’t know where Rafe is, and that she is worried about him. She asks Grace to make sure that he is safe and happy.

Omar comes back to ask how Rafe is. Carly says he isn’t doing well. Rafe’s eyes roll back in his head. Carly shakes him, urging him to keep fighting. She vows not to lose him.


Nicole says, “Mia, Sydney is not your baby.”

Sami sobs, “I just want him to be happy.”

Carly says, “He needs all the help he can get...and if I don't think of something soon, it might be too late.”

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