Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/12/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/12/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole and Sydney sit at the pub. Nicole tries to feed her and sighs, saying she knows Sydney doesn’t know what is going on, and why they aren’t with her daddy, but Nicole vows that it won’t be for much longer. Sydney gurgles. Nicole smiles, telling Sydney that she promises.

Bo heads into the Kiriakis mansion. Victor greets him, asking if he wants coffee, but Bo reminds him that he said this was an important police matter. Victor explains that he wants to know why Kate is still walking the streets after she poisoned Chloe and framed Daniel for it. Bo says that if Victor has any evidence against her, he’d love to have it. Victor says there’s a clear pattern here, since a few days after Kate married a millionaire, he’s suddenly at death’s door. Bo shrugs, saying Stefano has never been a picture of health, and besides, all the tox screens have come back negative. Victor retorts that Stefano is a diabetic, and misuse of his insulin could have led to this. He asks Bo pointedly if he’s ever hear of the von Bulow case. Bo asks if Victor really wants him to put Philip’s mother in prison, but Victor claims that justice needs to be served if Kate is guilty. Bo accuses Victor of being jealous of Kate’s husband.

Justin shows up in a motel room to meet Hope. She thanks him for making the long drive. Justin says it’s no problem, as he would do anything for her.

Victor scoffs, reminding Bo that he has been divorced to Kate for years, and adds that Stefano is welcome to the shrew. He then hands Bo a paper, since they’re on the subject of wayward exes. Bo reads the headline, which shrieks that statesman Lawrence Alamain has died. Bo snorts, saying he thought Lawrence would never die, and goes on to read that there’s an internal investigation being conducted. Bo wonders what happened. Victor thinks it’s odd that there’s a mystery surrounding all this, since Lawrence was well-known in his part of the world. Bo just hopes Carly is alright. Victor wonders why he would care.

Carly is sipping coffee on a boat with an old friend of hers, Omar. Omar greets her, remembering that she said she once lived on a boat. Carly flashes back to being on a boat with Bo, saying that she’ll always be warm as long as she is in his arms. The two cuddle, and Bo points out the North star to her--their star. Carly sighs and comes back to the present, thanking Omar for picking her up from the airport. She is surprised he hasn’t asked her a single question after all these years, considering he saved her life. Omar chuckles, saying she saved his, and he doesn’t think ten hours of surgery quite compares to a little outing on a boat. She then asks if he has read about her husband in the papers. Omar nods, and says he assumed that Carly is running from whomever committed this horrible crime. Carly says that isn’t so, and that she was the one that did it. Omar asks if it was an accident. Carly says it wasn’t, but it also wasn’t premeditated. She explains that she doesn’t regret what she did, and that if she had it to do all over again, she would make the same decision.

Chloe heads into the pub and greets Nicole and Sydney. Nicole apologizes for the baby’s appearance, saying that she ran out of bibs, and bath time at the hotel was like a scene out of a horror movie. Chloe thinks she still looks like the most beautiful baby in the world, and asks Nicole abruptly how things went with EJ the night before. Nicole admits that EJ may never forgive her, but he won’t turn his back on his little girl. Chloe says that that is pretty much what EJ did, but Nicole defends him, saying that EJ is just fearful the adoption won’t be legal. After all, he’s a lawyer, and he’s seen some crazy things. Plus, he’s terrified someone will take his child away again like Sami did with Grace. Nicole claims that that won’t happen, though. Chloe hopes Nicole is right, but she claims she knows she is. Chloe then asks her if she knows who Sydney’s real parents are. Nicole nods, saying she does.

Kate heads into the living room at the DiMera mansion, where EJ, haggard, is looking at a baby book he bought for Sydney. She apologizes for intruding, but EJ snaps that that is all she ever does. She sighs, admitting that EJ must feel like his life started going downhill from the moment she married his father. EJ admits he thinks something like that. Kate then says she is sorry that the house is so empty, as she doesn’t think this is what Stefano had in mind when he threw that lovely dinner party. EJ doesn’t recall it being very lovely, but Kate says that was Nicole’s fault, not hers. She then says that she knows this is painful for EJ, but in the long run it’s going to be much better not to have that lying bitch in his life.

Justin surveys the view from Hope’s windows, saying he never realized how much he missed the fall when he was in Dubai. Hope explains that Ciara is on a nature walk right now with her dad and Julie. Justin thought the two were staying at Doug and Julie’s lodge, but Hope explains it’s being renovated, so she thought they should stay in a hotel. She adds that she knows Justin didn’t think it was a good idea for the two of them to leave home, but she thinks it’s been very healing of both oft hem. Justin is glad to hear it, and hopes that means the two will be coming home soon. Hope tells Justin that before she does return, she’s going to need a lawyer. That’s why she asked him here. Justin sighs.

Bo reminds Victor that Carly was a big part of his life, and now her husband is dead.. Victor reminds Bo that that her husband was the man she left Bo for--the man that tried to kill him. Bo shrugs, saying he won’t shed a tear for Alamain, but Carly must be going through hell. He wonders what is the matter with Victor, since he cared for Carly at one point, too, and even married her. Victor scoffs, saying sarcastically that it both got them a lot in return. Bo doesn’t think Victor can blame her for everything that has gone down, but Victor says he won’t blame himself or Bo either. He then reminds Bo that his wife and daughter are away, and that his marriage is at a crossroads. Since Bo is vulnerable, Victor thinks that Carly Manning is a name from his past that Bo needs to keep a distant memory.

Carly apologizes for not telling Omar the whole story when she called him. She explains that she was desperate and shell-shocked at the time, and she understands if he no longer wants to help her. Omar thinks her husband must have done something horrible to drive her to kill him. Carly nods, admitting that he did.

Nicole claims that she and EJ are Sydney’s real parents. Chloe thinks Nicole knows what she meant. Nicole then explains that the adoption was private, so she has no idea who gave birth to Sydney. She then claims that she and EJ are the only parents Sydney will ever know. Chloe isn’t so sure, suggesting that Nicole just walk away, especially since they both know EJ has been involved in all kinds of things they’d rather not talk about. Nicole sighs. Chloe suggests that perhaps EJ isn’t the man she thought he was, but Nicole says he is. She thinks he’s just angry because she lied to him. Chloe hopes she is right. Nicole vows not to let EJ blame Sydney for what she did.

EJ snaps at Kate that that is enough. He says that he doesn’t need her approval or for her to be on his side. He knows that whatever Nicole has done, she loves that little girl, and he won’t have Kate speaking about Nicole that way in his presence. He asks angrily if she understands. Kate sips some coffee and smiles, saying she hears him loud and clear.

It turns out that Hope wants to enroll Ciara in private school, and she worries that Bo won’t agree. She thinks she needs a lawyer since the school requires both parents to sign the papers. Justin knows how Bo feels about private schools, but if the psychiatrist thinks this is what is best for Ciara, he’ll probably agree. Hope doesn’t think so, since Bo hated her suggestion that Ciara change her environment. Hope sighs, saying she just wants Bo to realize how fragile Ciara is right now, and that this school has the resources to help her. Justin says he will do his best, but he wonders if Hope thinks Bo will react any better hearing this from him. Hope doesn’t think Bo will want to hear it from her, either. Justin claims that Bo has been going crazy not hearing from Hope since she left town. Justin claims that he talked to Bo, and he is willing to do anything to save his marriage. Justin wonders if Hope feels the same way.

Omar vows not to abandon Carly now, but she claims she wouldn’t blame him for doing so, since she has now put him into danger as well. Omar guesses that it won’t help to talk about what happened. Carly shakes her head. Omar heads off to give her some time to herself. Carly picks up a paper and reads the headline about Lawrence’s death. She flashes back to packing her bags. Lawrence comes into their room and demands to know what she is doing. Carly says she is leaving, since she hasn’t left this house in a month, and the grounds in over a year. Lawrence grumps that all her needs are met here, but Carly retorts that she used to be a mother, a wife, and a doctor. She allowed Lawrence to slowly strip those things away from her because he convinced her that she deserved to be punished. She says she won’t allow him to punish her any more. Lawrence scoffs, asking what she plans on saying to her son. Carly claims that he is old enough to know what kind of man his father is. She adds that she can’t even look at him, considering what she has just found out. Lawrence throws her on the bed, screaming that he owns her, and that she isn’t going anywhere. Carly sobs, wondering why he wants to keep her here, since he doesn’t even love her. Lawrence glares, saying she knows very well why she will never leave this house again. Carly comes back to the present, angrily crumples the newspaper into a ball, and throws it across the cabin.

Hope tells Justin that Bo is Ciara’s father, and the only man she has ever loved. Of course, she doesn’t want to end her marriage. Justin thinks it would help a lot if Bo could hear that from Hope, but she claims that Bo knows how much she loves him, and that she doesn’t have to tell him. Justin sighs, saying that people start making assumptions when they’ve been married for a long time. He’s found with Adrienne that the longer they spend apart, the more often they’re wrong about what the other is thinking and feeling. Hope says she’s sorry to hear that the two are having problems. Justin asks Hope to do him a favor and call her husband.

Omar brings Carly a tray of food. She thanks him, but says he doesn’t have to wait on her, or keep piloting her around North America indefinitely. He asks if she has a plan, then, and she admits she did--at least until the plane made that unexpected landing. Carly sighs, wishing she could have gotten to Salem last night. If she had, she’d already be in hiding. Omar thinks Lawrence’s men must be on her trail now, and hopes she can think of something. Carly smiles ruefully, saying that she always does.

Chloe asks Nicole what will happen if she’s right, and EJ does want Sydney back, but not her. Nicole says that won’t happen, because she and Sydney are a package deal. Chloe says she would just hate to see Nicole lose both EJ and Sydney, but Nicole again vows that that won’t happen. Chloe asks if she needs anything, like a place to stay, but Nicole knows Daniel wouldn’t want her and the baby in his apartment. She then gets up, saying that she and Sydney have to go. Chloe asks where they are going, and Nicole explains they’re going home.

Mary brings some luggage down to the front door of the mansion. EJ asks what is going on, and Mary explains that Mrs. DiMera--Stefano’s wife, asked her to pack the other Mrs. Dimera’s things--Nicole’s. EJ assumes that Kate mentioned there would only be one Mrs. DiMera here from now on and Mary nods. EJ dismisses her, promising to take care of this on his own. Mary heads off. EJ picks up one of Sydney’s teddy bears and sighs.

Hope explains that she can’t talk to Bo right now and asks Justin to tell him that she’ll be in touch soon. Justin agrees to take the papers to Bo, hoping that all of this doesn’t push him further away. Hope claims that Bo will know in his heart why she is doing this. She adds that if he truly loves her, then he will understand.

Bo doesn’t understand why he and Victor are discussing Carly. Victor reminds Bo that his marriage is in trouble, and the last name Hope needs to hear right now is Carly’s. Bo sighs, saying that Hope may read about the news in the paper and want to talk about Carly. They can discuss it at that time, but there isn’t a whole lot he can do about it in the meantime. Victor asks Bo if he is sure he isn’t attempting to push Hope away deliberately, since she hurt him by taking Ciara out of Salem. Bo says that is the last thing he would want to do, and besides, he hasn’t talked to Carly in years. Bo doubts he ever will again.

Carly asks Omar if he has a ship-to-shore line she might use. Omar says he does, and asks who she plans on calling. Carly says she is going to call the only person besides Omar that might be able to help her.

Lucas calls Chloe, who is alone at the pub. He explains that he is still in rehab, and wanted to call to make sure she got the annulment papers. Chloe says she did, and thanks him. Lucas thinks it would probably be tacky of him to congratulate her on her engagement. Chloe shrugs, saying she didn’t expect him to. She asks if she can do anything for Lucas, and he tells her that she can, actually.

Nicole heads into the DiMera mansion, telling Sydney that they’re finally home. She spots her luggage packed near the door and stares in confusion as EJ comes out of the living room. He explains that Harold will have her things out of here as quickly possible, but Nicole scoffs, saying he won’t, since she and Sydney are home for good.

Victor tells Bo that of all his heirs, Bo seems to have been the only one that got it right when it comes to affairs of the heart. Bo agrees. Victor adds that Hope is a beautiful woman, both inside and out, and though they have butted heads a lot in the past, Victor think her feistiness is one of her best qualities. Bo thinks so, too. Victor urges Bo not to mess this up and lose the love of his life. He begs Bo not to make the same mistakes he made.

Lucas explains that he is working on the ninth step of the program for about the hundredth time. Chloe remembers that that step requires you to make amends. Lucas agrees, reminding her that he promised to try to forgive her. Chloe says that she doesn’t expect him to forgive her, and she doubts anyone else does, either. Lucas explains that he expects it of himself, and says he signed the annulment papers so he could move on with his life. Chloe thanks him for doing so, and asks what she can to do help. Lucas says that he heard she was planning on taking Allie to lunch. Chloe replies that she wanted to try to explain things to Allie without disappearing from her life completely. Lucas asks her angrily to let him explain things to his daughter, and adds that he doesn’t want Chloe seeing her ever again. Chloe agrees. Lucas adds in a rage that he may one day forgive Chloe, but he will never forgive her for what she did to his daughter, since she is having a hard time getting over this. He abruptly hangs up on her. Chloe sighs. Kate comes into the pub just in time to hear the last part of the conversation and huffs over to Chloe, demanding to know why she can’t just leave her son alone.

EJ tells Nicole that he thought he made it clear she was no longer welcome in his home, but she says that that was last night, and today is a new day. EJ snorts that her song is still the same. Nicole says she knows he had only hateful words for her last night, but she wants to know how he feels living without Sydney, and if he woke up today wondering why she wasn’t crying and if she was alright. She adds that Sydney didn’t want to take her morning bottle and she wonders if that makes EJ feel bad. He says quietly that she knows it does. Nicole reminds him of the first time he gave Sydney her bottle in the morning, and how that became their bonding time after that. She says she also knows EJ loved it. He admits he did. Nicole tries to hand Sydney over to him, but he asks her to stop it. Nicole says she won’t. She know EJ wants to punish her, and perhaps she deserves it, but she doesn’t want EJ to punish Sydney. She adds angrily that Sydney loves him and needs the comfort of her father’s arms. She wonders how EJ could possibly deny her that.

Hope asks Justin to have Bo sign the documents, and explains that she already had Ciara’s records sent over, and had the mid-year transfer approved. Justin asks what happens if he can’t get Bo to agree, but Hope says she is counting on Justin to convince him. She thanks Justin for his help and says that she just wants Ciara to get through this and be ok so they can all get back to being a family again.

Bo claims that he isn’t giving up on Ciara and Hope. Victor wonders what he is doing to try to get the two of them back home, but Bo says that he has to give Hope the time and space she asked for. Victor scoffs and tells Bo not to be a fool. He offers to find Hope and Ciara and bring them home--all Bo has to do is ask.

Carly notices blood under her fingernail and sighs. She flashes back to Lawrence telling her that she could have been happy here if she had only tried. Carly shrieks that she did try, and that she is ashamed of how hard she tried to change the way she talked and walked. She adds sullenly that nothing was ever good enough for Lawrence. She claims that he took from her everything she was and wanted to be. Lawrence says angrily that he thought she wanted him, and that was why she left Salem and her old life behind. He snaps that he should have known he would never be enough for her. She claims she never knew what a monster she was marrying. Lawrence calls her a bitch and slaps her, reminding her of her wedding vows. Carly practically spits in his face, saying she took a more important oath once--the Hippocratic Oath--and she swore to protect life at any cost. That’s why she can’t let him do what he is planning. Lawrence scoffs, asking how she plans on stopping him. Just then, Omar knocks on the door, interrupting Carly’s reverie. She starts to take the phone he brought from him, thanking him, but he warns her not to thank him just yet.

Kate snaps that she wishes Chloe would just slip back into her coma and die. She doesn’t think anyone would miss her, not even Daniel, once he learns something about her besides the fact that she likes to have sex all the time. Chloe rolls her eyes as Kate lays into her, demanding to know how she has the nerve to bother Lucas about speeding up the annulment all so she can get another ring on her greedy little finger. Chloe says that Lucas sent the annulment papers, and he was the one that called her. Kate wants to know why, but Chloe says that is between her and Lucas. She thinks Kate might know why Lucas called her, except neither him or Philip are speaking to her. Chloe wonders how Kate’s revenge feels now, since she can’t imagine anything worse than having to pimp yourself out to Stefano. Chloe then brightens, saying it will actually probably be worse for Kate to watch her and Daniel get their happy ending. She tells Kate that payback is a bitch and huffs off. Kate scoffs, saying that Chloe and Daniel won’t be getting their happy ending if Victor has anything to say about it.

Nicole holds Sydney out to EJ, telling him that she loves and misses him. EJ kisses her on the head, his voice breaking. He tells Sydney that he loves and misses her as well.

Bo tells Victor that he appreciates the offer, but it wouldn’t do any good to bring Hope home now. Victor can’t imagine why it would be a bad idea for Bo to be in the same room with his wife and daughter, but Bo knows that Hope needs to come home in her own time, and forcing her to do so will only make things worse. Victor thinks that Hope might need Bo to prove how much he wants her back. Bo replies that if Hope doesn’t know that already, then their marriage is in worse shape than he realized.

Ciara tells Hope all about the male deer she saw with Doug and Julie. She asks when she can go home and see her own daddy. Hope promises her that they will be going home soon.

Omar tells Carly that he was able to secure a private line, but according to the chatter he’s been hearing, all the outside lines are being monitored. He thinks it won’t be safe for Carly to make a phone call until they reach land, as the call may betray their location. Carly sighs and tells Omar to head for land--full speed ahead.

Nicole tries to give Sydney to EJ, but he tells her to stay away, saying that she made a huge mistake if she thinks he wants Sydney back just because he bonded with her for all these months. He says sadly that all of those things are just memories now. Nicole says they don’t have to be, but EJ disagrees, accusing Nicole of taking what small part of his heart was left. He adds that he regrets that Sydney will have to grow up without a father, but he can no longer be a party to Nicole’s lies. He tells her to get out. She begs him to reconsider, but snaps that it’s a bad example to grovel in front of the child. He pushes her out the door, telling her that Harold will make sure her things are packed in her car. He shuts the door in her face. Nicole heads off with Sydney, sobbing.


Bo asks, “Where'd you go?” Justin replies, “To see Hope.”

Sami tells Roman, “The more time that goes by, the more I think something has really happened to Rafe.”

Carly performs CPR on Rafe, “Can you hear me?”

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