Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/9/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/9/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Sami tries to hand Sydney off to EJ, but he says it would be better for her to go to Nicole, considering the circumstances. Nicole gives Sami a funny look, and flashes back to telling Stefano that she has to decide whether to tell EJ that Sydney is his and Sami’s daughter, or continue lying and pretend that she’s adopted. Sami interrupts her reverie, asking why Nicole is staring at her like that.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Nathan asks Philip why it is any of his business whether or not he is serious about Melanie, demanding to know if Philip is her dad now or something. Philip claims that he just doesn’t want to see Melanie get hurt, but Nathan reminds him of how he threw Melanie under the bus the second Stephanie wanted him back. Philip says he is going to go, but Nathan stops him, saying it’s too bad Stephanie saw that tape. If she hadn’t, Philip would be with her, instead of pathetically chasing after Melanie. He thinks Melanie deserves better than to just be a substitute. Philip scoffs, accusing Nathan of being the substitute.

Across the bar, Melanie asks Brady what he thinks is going on with EJ and Nicole. Brady asks her to forget about it, but wants to know if anyone said anything at the hospital as to where Nicole might be. Melanie says she has no idea, and asks Brady if EJ found out he was in love with his wife. Brady says there’s a lot of things he can’t go into right now, but the bottom line is that he thinks EJ is an ass. However, Nicole loves him, and they have a baby together, so he’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure it stays that way.

Nicole claims she isn’t staring at Sami, and that she is just upset because there is a lot going on with Stefano. She tells EJ that she thinks Sydney needs her father, but EJ snaps at her to take the baby and leave with it. Sami hands the baby off to Nicole, and explains that she seems tired, but Sami didn’t know her sleep schedule, and nothing seemed to soothe her except for Nicole’s sweater. Nicole insists that she needs her father, but heads off reluctantly. Sami demands to know what’s going on between EJ and Nicole. EJ says he can’t do this right now because of his father, but Sami overheard Lexie telling him he could go home. EJ says he can’t go home. Sami guesses that it’s because of Nicole, but EJ doesn’t want to talk about it. Sami huffs, saying she knows EJ better than that, and that she can tell he is upset about something. EJ says Sami probably knows him better than anyone--and how he hates to be lied to, and can’t tolerate betrayal. Sami asks what Nicole did. EJ explains that she lied to him about the same thing Sami lied to him about--and now he has lost another daughter.

Nicole mopes on a park bench, assuring Sydney that everything will work out, even though her daddy kicked them out. Brady rushes over, demanding to know where Nicole has been, as he has left her about a hundred messages. She explains that she was at the hospital, since Stefano had a heart attack. She abruptly bursts into tears. Brady asks what is wrong, since he knows she wasn’t that close to Stefano. Nicole bawls that everything is wrong.

Melanie heads back over to Nathan and Philip, asking jokingly if the two were fighting over her. Just then, Nathan gets a call from the hospital and heads off to take it. Melanie asks Philip who won, but he says he has to go. She stops him, claiming she was kidding, and ask what the two were really talking about. Philip says nothing, and asks her if she is sure about dating Nathan. She shrugs, saying he’s a doctor and a Horton. Philip guesses that is everything she wants in a guy, but Melanie claims that Philip isn’t so bad, either. Philip admits that Nathan is a lucky guy as he heads back over, telling Melanie that he doesn’t have to go back to the hospital. Philip then heads off, leaving the two to their date. Melanie stares after him wistfully.

At Chez Rouge, Stephanie explains to Maggie that what was going on between her and Nathan wasn’t some rebound thing for her after Philip. She claims she genuinely enjoyed Nathan’s company, so it was a no-brainer to ask him to take a hot-air balloon ride with her. She admits to Maggie that Nathan declined because he was seeing Melanie tonight. Maggie sighs, guessing her advice didn’t go a long way. Stephanie asks if she is saying she doesn’t approve, but Maggie wants to know what she thinks. Stephanie claims that it is none of her business. Maggie asks Stephanie if she picked up on some signal from Nathan that she should ask him out, but Stephanie claims he never led her on. Even if he did, she’s not one to judge after the way she treated Philip--jerking him around for months and getting back together with him only to break up shortly after. Maggie asks if she still loves Philip, and Stephanie claims she never stopped loving him, but sometimes, love isn’t enough. A loud clatter sounds from the kitchen, and Maggie hurries off to tend to the mess. Philip walks in just then. He and Stephanie stare at one another.

Nicole asks how Brady knew about Stefano, and he tells her that Melanie told him. She sighs, guessing that he thinks that is all that’s going on. Brady asks what happened with EJ after he left, and Nicole tells Brady that EJ knows everything--about the miscarriage, and how she got Sydney from Dr. Baker. Brady asks if she admitted to the truth, but Nicole says that had her conversation with Brady recorded. Brady scoffs, saying he can’t believe EJ had her followed. Brady demands to know if he hurt her physically, but she says he didn’t, and that he just threw her and Sydney out of the house. Brady tells her how sorry he is, but she wonders if he really is sorry, since he always warned her she couldn’t get away with this. She says it all turned out the way he said, and she asks him angrily how it feels to be the smartest guy in the room. Brady sighs, saying that he wanted nothing more than to be wrong about this. Nicole flies into a rage, blaming all of this on Brady. She reminds him that he slipped up and blurted out that they had a secret to EJ. She asks him angrily to admit that he wanted all of this to happen.

Sami asks EJ not to bring Grace into this, and adds that no matter what happens between him and Nicole, it doesn’t mean that he has to lose Sydney. She adds that their marital problems have nothing to do with their baby. EJ grimaces, saying that they actually have everything to do with Sydney. Sami asks him if that is because Nicole is her mother, and that she crossed some sort of invisible line in EJ’s head. He claims he isn’t discussing this with Sami, but she reminds him angrily that Nicole loves him, and would throw herself in front of a train for him. EJ laughs, saying that’s rich coming from a woman who thought Nicole was just a lying tramp a few months ago. Sami claims Nicole has changed, but EJ says she hasn’t. Sami insists she has, saying it’s true that Nicole only used to care for herself and money, but now she’s different, and all she cares about is her little girl. EJ claims she is still the same lying bitch she always was. Sami snaps that he is talking about the mother of his child, but EJ says Nicole isn’t the mother of his child and she never will be. Sami asks what he means, and EJ tells her that Sydney isn’t his child.

Philip heads over to Stephanie, asking if she is on a date, but she says she and Maggie are meeting to discuss the hospital fundraiser. Philip is glad the job is working out for her, and Stephanie admits she is really happy doing this kind of work. She ask why Philip is here, and he explains that he stopped by to have a drink. She wants to know if he is ok, saying that she knows about his mom marrying Stefano, but it seems to her as if something else is going on. Philip asks what she means, and she claims it’s written all over his face that something is bothering him. Philip claims that nothing is wrong, but Stephanie urges him, saying that he can tell her anything. Philip sighs, saying it’s nothing for her to worry about.

Brady reminds Nicole that he did everything he could to protect her. He lied for her, and told EJ that he fell off the wagon. She knows how reluctant he was to do that, but he did it for her, because he didn’t want EJ to learn the truth about Sydney. Nicole grumps that it was too late, since the damage had already been done--the damage Brady did, and she accuses him of wanting that from the start. Brady, angry, tells Nicole that he didn’t slip up and tell EJ on purpose. He wonders why she would think he would do such a thing--so he could say ‘I told you so’? Nicole starts to accuse him of being in love with her, but Brady interrupts, admitting that he screwed up, but he made a promise to her at the beginning of this whole mess, and he promised he would help her. Brady says that he intends on keeping that promise and that he will be there for Nicole and help her with anything she needs or wants.

Sami, surprised, asks if EJ is trying to tell her that Nicole had an affair, and Sydney is someone else’s child. EJ says she didn’t have an affair, but Sami is right that he isn’t Sydney’s father--but Nicole isn’t her mother either. Confused, Sami asks if she had donor eggs implanted or something. EJ shakes his head, saying that Nicole had a miscarriage. She faked the rest of her pregnancy with padding. Sami asks if he really never suspected. EJ sighs, saying there were complications with the pregnancy, and Nicole claimed that the two of them couldn’t be intimate. Sami asks where Sydney came from, and EJ says Nicole bought her from some doctor. Sami gasps, saying she can’t believe Nicole did this. She claims she has done some crazy stuff in her life, but this takes the cake. EJ scoffs, asking Sami if she really thinks this is different from what she did to him. She had his baby, and kept it from him. Nicole lost his baby, and replaced it with another one. EJ claims it’s the same thing either way, since now he has lost both his daughters.

Philip offers to let Stephanie get back to her work, but she asks him to join her for a drink, since Maggie is dealing with an emergency in the kitchen. Philip asks if something happened, but Stephanie says she’s just having the same kind of night Philip is. Philip doesn’t think it’s such a good idea that the two share drinks. Stephanie sighs, saying she knows they’ve had their problems, but she was hoping they could put that aside and try to be friends. Philip tells Stephanie that he doesn’t think they can be friends.

Nathan and Melanie make small talk about a patient with a hernia that used to open for huge rock bands back in the day. Melanie jokes, wondering if he got that hernia from falling out of a coconut tree with Keith Richards. Nathan explains that he was on some reality show, and that Maxine recognized him. Melanie changes the subject, asking if Nathan is wondering what she and Philip were talking about while he was on the phone. Nathan says he doesn’t care, since she is with him now, and that is all he needs to know. Melanie says that if he is trying to impress her, it’s working. Nathan says he can’t wait for her to see his party trick, then. Melanie jokes that he had better not try to lick his elbow or belch his frat song, but Nathan interrupts her, putting his hand over hers. Melanie blushes.

Brady tells Nicole that EJ may have turned his back on her and Sydney, but he won’t. Nicole tells him sullenly that it’s too late, and that there is nothing that he can do. Brady sighs, saying it’s one thing if she’s angry at him, but she needs to think of Sydney and her well-being. Nicole claims that all she does is think about Sydney. She did everything she could to keep this from happening because she wanted Sydney to have both a mother and a father as well as a secure home. Now all of that has been ripped out from under her. Brady starts to say how sorry he is, but Nicole interrupts, saying she knows, and that she is sorry, too.

Sami reminds EJ that they were talking about Nicole and Sydney, not her and Grace, but EJ retorts that she and Nicole are two sides of the same coin. Sami huffs, saying that she is leaving if EJ is going to act that way. EJ scoffs, telling her not to let the door hit her on the way out. He reminds her that he didn’t want to discuss this, and that she pushed him into talking about it. Sami says she did so because he is Johnny’s father, and he spends half his time with EJ. So if there’s a problem, she needs to know about it. EJ claims there isn’t a problem, since Nicole is leaving. Sami reminds him that she is taking Johnny’s sister with her, but EJ says Sydney isn’t his sister. Sami reminds him that Johnny thinks she is and that he loves her like she is. Sami thinks EJ could stand to learn some lessons from his son. EJ demands to know if Sami really thinks that he didn’t love his little girl and if she thinks it wasn’t difficult to let her go. Sami says that if EJ decides to let Sydney go, then he has no one to blame but himself. She reminds him angrily that they both lost Grace, but he has a beautiful little girl that wants him to be her daddy--if he will only allow that to happen.

Maggie comes over and offers to show Philip to a table, but Stephanie says everything is fine. Maggie asks Stephanie again about Melanie dating Nathan, and Philip says he can confirm that they are dating, since he saw them at the Cheatin’ Heart. Maggie asks if it seemed like they were having a good time, and Philip nods, saying that the two looked really happy.

Nathan massages Melanie’s hand, showing her the pressure points. He presses her hand, saying she should feel that in her back. He presses another spot and says that she should feel that in her hip. Melanie’s eye widen, saying that Nathan is amazing, and wonders if he learned that in medical school. Nathan says he didn’t, and Melanie wonders if he does this to all the girls he dates. Nathan winks, saying he only does it if he wants to see them again.

Brady asks Nicole what she plans on doing, but she isn’t sure. All she knows is that she can’t go home, since EJ has probably changed all the locks on the doors by now. Brady takes out his wallet to give Nicole some money, but she refuses, asking him to put it away. She figures EJ has probably cut off her credit cards, but she has enough cash to stay at the Salem Inn for tonight at least. Brady asks what she is going to do tomorrow, but Nicole isn’t sure. She assures Brady that she will come up with something, like she always does. Brady reminds her she has Sydney to think of now, too, not just herself. Nicole says she knows that, and admits that while Sydney isn’t hers biologically, she is her little girl in every way that matters. Brady thinks EJ is a real bastard for not feeling the same way. Nicole sighs, saying that EJ only feels that way because he doesn’t know the truth. Brady asks what she means.

EJ demands to know if Sami thinks that he should just take Nicole back. He wonders what he is going to say to Johnny, to Theo, and to his father. Sami can say what she wants about Stefano, but he loved that little girl, and EJ is afraid of how he will react when he recovers and learns the truth. Sami thinks they’ll probably all get over it except maybe EJ. She snaps at him to get over himself and his huge ego. She then says that she thinks what makes EJ so angry is that Nicole outsmarted him. EJ retorts that Nicole didn’t do this all on her own. She had quite a bit of help, and not only from that doctor--but from Sami’s step-brother. Sami asks what Brady did. EJ isn’t sure, but he vows to find out. Sami interrupts, telling him not to dare lay a finger on Brady. She claims that if Brady helped Nicole, then she is sure he had a good reason. EJ says he doesn’t think so, nor does he think that hack doctor had a good reason to help Nicole find a baby. Sami guesses the only question left to ask is who Sydney’s real parents are.

Maggie heads off to take care of something, making sure that Stephanie will be alright before she goes. After she leaves, Philip scoffs, asking who assigned Maggie to bodyguard detail. Stephanie thinks that Maggie is just looking out for her. She asks Philip if the reason he is having a bad night is because of seeing Melanie and Nathan together. Philip says he has no reason to be upset, and accuses her of being upset because she also dated Nathan. Stephanie claims that she and Nathan are just friends, and that she hoped she and Philip could be friends, too. Philip say that he is truly sorry for hurting her, but he is moving on. Stephanie asks if he is moving on with Melanie, but Philip shakes his head. He tells Stephanie that even if that were the case, and even if she wanted to move on with Nathan, it looks like those two have moved on without them and found each other. Stephanie asks what happens now, since she and Philip can’t date or be friends. Philip admits that he will always love Stephanie, but they just aren’t right for each other, and they never will be.

Nathan tells Melanie that he had fun, but that it’s getting late, and they should be heading home soon. Melanie agrees, admitting reluctantly that she has an early class the next day. Just then, Nathan’s phone rings. He and Melanie think it must be the hospital, but it’s Maggie. Nathan ignores the call. Shortly after, Melanie’s phone rings. It’s Maggie again. Melanie chuckles, saying that that is weird. She decides to answer, but Nathan takes her phone, ignores the call, and kisses Melanie.

EJ says that he has no idea who Sydney’s parents are, and that he doesn’t even think Nicole knows. Sami can’t believe Nicole managed to pull this off for so many months. EJ snaps at her, reminding her that she did the same thing when she was pregnant, and he fell for it then, too. EJ says the only real difference is that Nicole was living under his roof. He tells Sami that he thinks he believed Nicole because he chose to, and because he loved her so much and wanted to believe that he had found a person that he could truly give his hear to. Sami replies that for what it’s worth, she really does think Nicole loves EJ. EJ replies firmly that he was blinded by that love, but he isn’t anymore. He then asks where Johnny is. Sami explains that he’s with Caroline. EJ says that he wants to see him now, but Sami suggests ego home and get some rest. She promises to bring Johnny over in the morning, but EJ demands to see him now, saying he refuses to let Sami or anyone else keep another of his children from him. Later, at the pub, Sami hands Johnny over to EJ. EJ hugs him, whispering that he is glad he still has him.

Brady asks what EJ doesn’t know, and Nicole quickly covers, saying that EJ just doesn’t realize how much he loves Sydney and how much he will miss her. Brady asks her what happens if EJ does realize it, and he wants Sydney back, but not Nicole. Nicole refuses to let that happen. Brady tries to get her to see that that could happen, or that Mia might want her baby back. Nicole says that she can’t deal with Mia right now, and besides, this all might be over tomorrow. Perhaps EJ will wake up in the morning and realize how much he misses her and Sydney. Brady is surprised that she thinks EJ is going to forgive her for this, but tells her he is there for her if she needs it. He heads off. Nicole sighs, saying to Sami that she is sorry, and that the only reason she took her baby is because she loved EJ and wanted to give him the daughter she never could. She sighs, telling Sydney that she can’t give her up--she’s hers. And Nicole is never going to let her go.


Hope says, “Justin, I asked you here because I need a lawyer.”

Victor tells Bo, “Carly Manning is a name from your distant past. Keep it that way.”

Chloe asks Nicole, “Do you know who Sydney's real parents are?”

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