Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/8/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/8/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Sami holds Sydney and leaves EJ a message, telling him that Johnny is upstairs asleep, and that she is watching Sydney. She is sure EJ wouldn’t approve, and asks him to come home as soon as he can. Sami hangs up with a sigh an hugs Sydney, promising that her mom and dad will be home soon to tuck her in.

Near the nurse’s station at the hospital, EJ has filled Lexie in on Nicole’s scheme, and she is surprised, wondering how Nicole pulled off faking a pregnancy. EJ grumps that she has quite a talent for deception. Lexie asks about Sydney, and EJ sighs, saying she isn’t his. Lexie apologizes, saying that she can’t imagine how painful this is for him. She is sure this isn’t much comfort, but she knows things will get better with time. EJ isn’t so sure, and admits to Lexie that he thinks he brought this on himself. Lexie ask what he means, and EJ admits that he seems to be drawn to women that lie to him and deceive him. He sighs, wondering if he is trying to somehow punish himself for something.

Nicole heads into Stefano’s room and asks Daniel how Stefano is doing. Daniel says he is hanging in there, but he isn’t sure if Stefano will make it. Nicole asks for a few minutes alone with Stefano, and Daniel acquiesces, heading off. Nicole sits down by Stefano’s side with a sigh, saying that she got too used to leaning on him, and now she has to make a choice. She isn’t sure whether she should tell EJ that Sydney is his baby with Sami, or keep letting him think Sydney is adopted. She doesn’t think it matters, as EJ will hate her either way, but she has to do what is best for her little girl.

Stephanie shows up at Maggie’s place and greets Nathan, telling him that Maggie was supposed to leave behind some information on Chez Rouge for a hospital fundraiser Stephanie is coordinating. Nathan hands over some papers to Stephanie, and she notes that something is burning. Nathan gestures to the meatloaf Melanie burned, and Stephanie laughs, telling Nathan not to quit his day job. He chuckles, saying it was Melanie’s dinner, not his. He asks about the fundraiser Stephanie is working on, and she explains it’s a fundraiser her mother started for pediatric aids. Nathan tells her how impressed he is. She thanks him, asking him if Melanie is here.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip scoffs, saying that he can’t believe he has to sell Melanie to his father. He admits to Victor that he likes Melanie because she is the first woman that has really liked him for who he is. He also likes her because she’s tough, and she doesn’t sit around and mope when things don’t go her way. He asks if that sold Melanie enough. Victor’s phone rings just then and he answers. He chuckles, thanking someone for letting him know, and hangs up. Philip asks why Victor is all smiles, and he explains that Stefano had a heart attack, and is in the hospital at death’s door. Philip whispers for his mother and rushes out the door. Victor, overjoyed, practically breaks into song.

Daniel speaks on the phone with Chloe, who is having car trouble and is at the mechanic’s. He tells her that Stefano’s condition is unchanged, and that he will see her as soon as she gets here. He hangs up as Melanie comes over, asking what is wrong with Stefano. He explains that Stefano had a diabetes-related heart attack, but Melanie is sure he will pull through as long as Daniel is his doctor. Melanie then says she has to get to the Cheatin’ Heart and Daniel asks her to have fun. He heads off as Kate breezes over, accusing Melanie of really getting around. Melanie, confused, asks what she means. Kate accuses her of only helping Daniel save Chloe so she could seduce him the same way she seduced her son, Philip. Melanie laughs in her face.

Sami puts Sydney in her crib, telling her that she isn’t sure what her sleeping schedule is, but she’s sure she should be in bed by now. She finds a piece of Nicole’s clothing thrown over a chair and gives it to Sydney, thinking it might help soothe her since it smells like her mommy. Sami sighs, guessing that Sydney probably loves and misses her mommy. She adds that she is sure Nicole misses her as much as Sami misses her little girl.

Lexie doesn’t think EJ is trying to punish himself; she thinks that the women he’s chosen--Sami and Nicole--know how driven and ruthless he can be. EJ asks what she means, and Lexie explains that he can be intimidating, and these women were probably just afraid of making him angry. EJ asks her if she really thinks he’s driving these women to lie just because he’s an SOB, but Lexie thinks Nicole just loved him and didn’t want to disappoint him. EJ grumbles, wondering if Nicole really thought he was incapable of being sensitive and caring about her miscarriage. Lexie wants to know if EJ would have married Nicole if she had been honest about losing the baby. EJ says he would like to think so, but Nicole never gave him the chance to be human. He rages, adding that he gave her everything, and she played him for a fool. Lexie asks what happens now, and EJ explains that he told Nicole that she and Sydney had to move out. Lexie gasps, saying she can understand why EJ would push Nicole away, but Sydney is completely innocent. She reminds EJ that he is the only father that little girl has ever known and she knows EJ loves her by the way he looks at her. EJ admits he does love Sydney, which is what makes this so hard.

Sami tells Sydney that she had a little girl her age named Grace, and that the two were half-sisters. She is sure they would have had fun playing together, but she explains that Grace isn’t here anymore. Sami sighs, admitting that she thinks about Grace all the time. She adds that she thinks Grace’s daddy, Rafe, is also having a hard time right now because he misses his little girl. She thinks Rafe will eventually get through it, but he needs time to be alone right now. She sighs, admitting she hates the idea, but she understands.

Nathan explains that Melanie is at the hospital, and Stephanie apologizes for asking, admitting that it isn’t any of her business. She starts to head off, but notices a brochure for hot-air balloon rides on the table and asks Nathan if he has ever been. She admits she has always wanted to go since she saw the Wizard of Oz as a child. Nathan admits that he was supposed to go in college, but something came up, and he wasn’t able to. He admits that he has always wanted to go, though. Stephanie suggests they make a reservation and go up in a balloon together tonight. Nathan stammers.

Melanie asks Kate what she is accusing her of, calling her ‘lady.’ Kate scoffs, telling Melanie to call her Mrs. DiMera. Melanie retorts that as far as she is concerned, Kate is just the crazy woman that tried to kill her daughter-in-law. She adds that she doesn’t owe Kate any explanation, but she was just talking to Daniel about her husband’s condition. Kate accuses her of using Philip, and seducing him into having sex at some seedy motel, and then putting the tape on the internet for everyone to see. Philip walks over just then telling them both to knock it off, but Kate wants to know how much money Melanie got for the tape--or if she just did it for bragging rights so she could tell everyone she bagged Philip. Melanie gasps. Philip tells Kate to shut up, and adds that she will never talk that way about Melanie again. He asks if Kate understands, and then demands that she leave Melanie alone.

Nicole sits by Stefano’s bedside and flashes back to Stefano learning that Sydney is Sami and EJ’s child. Nicole claims that she doesn’t give a damn about Stefano or his money, and that she just wants to love EJ and make sure he gets to raise his own daughter. Nicole comes back to the present and tells herself that she has to make a choice--tell EJ the truth about being Sydney’s father, or take her and leave Salem for good. Nicole bawls, wondering what she will do without EJ.

EJ explains that he never signed any adoption papers, so legally, Sydney isn’t his. Lexie advises him to fight for custody, since he has the resources, but EJ isn’t sure, telling her that it’s just going to get harder from here on out. Lexie, aghast, asks EJ if he is saying that he is pushing Sydney away so he won’t get hurt worse down the line. She shakes her head, saying that EJ can be a real idiot sometimes.

Sydney bawls. Sami rings the bell for the butler, who appears and chastises her, since he is off-duty. Sami retorts that Sydney is hungry, and she doesn’t feel comfortable rummaging around in the kitchen for food. Harold sighs, saying that this is actually Mary’s job, but Sami explains that she isn’t here. She adds that she doesn’t want to have to tell EJ that Harold wouldn’t help his daughter when she was crying. She smirks, saying EJ loves his little girl, and would probably throw him out faster than he could pack a bag. Harold groans and heads off to the kitchen. Sami promises Sydney that they’ll get her something to eat and asks if she heard what she said about her daddy loving her. She sighs, admitting that for all EJ’s faults, he does love his children.

Stephanie apologizes for being pushy about the hot-air balloon ride, saying that Nathan doesn’t have to come with her. She says she will see him at work, and starts to head off, but Nathan stops her, saying that it isn’t that he doesn’t want to go with her, it’s that he has plans to go to dinner with Melanie. Stephanie apologizes, saying she had no idea the two were dating since the whole scandal with Melanie and Philip. Nathan explains that Melanie doesn’t want to have anything more to do with Philip, and Stephanie nods. She tells Nathan to have a great time and heads off. Outside the door, she sighs unhappily as Nathan peers through the kitchen window at her.

Kate warns Philip to never speak to her that way again, but Philip retorts that he would rather not speak to her at all. Kate tells Philip to remember that at the end of the day, he is rich, and Melanie isn’t. She then heads off. Philip tells Melanie that his mother is out of her mind, and advises her not to take anything Kate says to heart.

Nicole tells Stefano that she knows he wouldn’t want her taking Sydney out of his house, but she also doesn’t think that he would want Sami to know that she is Sydney’s mother. She is sure Stefano would convince EJ to let her and Sydney stay since Stefano doesn’t want to lose that little girl any more than she does. She flashes back to Stefano threatening her that there will be hell to pay if Sami ever learns that she is Sydney’s mother. Nicole comes back to the present and sighs, saying that the point is moot since Stefano can’t help or now or maybe ever. She guesses that she really has no choice in the matter.

Lexie reminds EJ that Sydney isn’t the one that betrayed him. What Nicole did was wrong and unforgivable, but why should Sydney have to suffer for it? EJ says Lexie should know better than anyone what could happen if he doesn’t sever his ties to Sydney immediately. He claims that he looks into her eyes and falls in love with her a little more every day. He also admits that he can’t imagine living his life without Sydney, and that’s why he has to do this.

Sydney bawls as Harold stands by, staring. Sami snaps at him to stop staring at her. Harold moans that they broke the baby, and that Mrs. DiMera is going to be upset. Sami retorts that she is fine, and just misses her parents. She asks Harold if he knows of any nighttime routines for Sydney, or any lullabies that are sung to her. Harold says he remembers something about trees or muffins--or maybe it was horses. Sami groans, telling him she’ll figure it out, and asks him to go back to bed. Harold heads off as Sami promises Sydney that she’ll straighten all this out and figure out a way to make her happy.

Melanie thanks Philip for defending her honor and standing up to his mom the way he did. He says it was nothing, and adds that he needs to speak to her about something. Just then, Philip’s phone rings. He says he has to take the call, but Melanie tries to interrupt, saying that she has to leave. Philip asks her to wait, and takes the call, asking someone to keep him up to date on what the markets are doing. He hangs up to find that Melanie has taken off. Daniel walks over and Philip greets him, asking how Stefano is doing. Daniel explains that he’s critical, but stable. Philip then tells him that Melanie disappeared, and that he needs to talk to her. He asks Daniel if he knows where she went and Daniel says she said something about going to the Cheatin’ Heart. Philip thanks him for the information and heads off.

Sami calls Caroline to ask her to watch Sydney and Johnny for her while she tracks down EJ and Nicole. Caroline agrees and Sami thanks her, promising to be there soon. She hangs up and assures Sydney that she is going to find her mom and dad.

Nicole tells herself that if she admits to EJ that Sydney is his and Sami’s, she risks losing her daughter forever. She decides that if she keeps pretending Sydney is adopted, she might be able to stay in town and keep her baby. Then perhaps EJ will forgive her with time, and will take her and Sydney back. She vows to Stefano that she isn’t going to give up, and that she plans on staying in Salem and fighting for her family.

EJ tells Lexie that the feelings he had for Sydney are over, and all he feels now is pathetic for letting himself be lied to day after day and month after month. Lexie reassures him, saying that he was only tricked by Nicole because he trusted her. Lexie asks him to try not to fault himself for that.

Daniel runs into Stephanie and asks what she is doing at the hospital so late. She reminds him of the fundraiser she’s planning, and Daniel thanks her for doing it. She adds that it’s nice to see him back at work. He thanks her for saying so, but notices that something is wrong with her, and asks what is going on. He assumes it’s about Philip, but Stephanie says that it’s over between them. She then admits that she thought there might be someone else for her, but he isn’t interested. Daniel flatly proclaims that the guy is a moron. Stephanie says he isn’t, and that he is actually a doctor. Daniel guesses that she means Nathan. He says he has seen the two working together, and thought there was something more there. Stephanie says she thought so too, but now he is dating Melanie. Daniel says he is sorry, but Stephanie asks him not to be, since she is fine with it. She thinks Nathan seems happy, and she owes Melanie her life, so if they want to be together, she wishes them the best. She smiles, saying she just has to go onward and upward. She heads off. Daniel muses.

Philip finds Melanie at the Cheatin’ Heart and asks why she disappeared on him like that. She stammers as Philip tells her that he had something else he wanted to say to her. Just then, Nathan comes over with a beer for himself, and a virgin cocktail for Melanie. Nathan greets Philip. Philip returns the greeting, and asks if the two are on a date.

Kate has returned to the mansion. The doorbell rings, and she calls out angrily for Harold. He doesn’t answer and Kate huffs over to the door. Victor is outside, smirking and poking fun at her for not choosing the right dosage--with either Chloe or with Stefano. Kate grumps that now isn’t a good time. Victor guesses it isn’t, since she’ll have the run of the house until EJ kicks her out. Kate informs Victor that she is going to be acting as Stefano’s proxy as the head of DiMera Enterprises since he is incapacitated, and EJ won’t be able to kick her out. She adds that if anything happens between Titan and DiMera Enterprises business-wise, Victor will have to deal with her.

Nicole says that she and EJ and Sydney could be a family again, and then Stefano will recover, come home, and they can all be happy again. Nicole vows to never give up on her baby, saying that she will die first. She heads out of Stefano’s room and EJ confronts her outside, asking what she was doing in there. Sami interrupts, rushing over with Sydney and thanking God she found the two. EJ asks what she is doing here with Sydney, and Sami explains that she came to drop Johnny off, and Chloe dumped the baby off on her, babbling something about the hospital. Sami asks Nicole and EJ what’s going on.

Stephanie tells Maggie about her suggestions for the fundraiser, including doing an online auction. Maggie thinks the ideas are great, and Stephanie admits she’s been getting her mom’s help on this. Maggie suggests that she ask Nathan as well, since he volunteered a at clinic during medical school and helped create video game lounges for kids, and that they were a big hit. Stephanie thinks he is an incredible guy and Maggie agrees, joking that she is a little biased. Maggie thinks Stephanie needs to talk to Nathan about the current fundraiser, but she says uncomfortably that Nathan already knows about it. Maggie says that she can tell something is going on, and asks what happened between Stephanie and her grandson.

Melanie tells Philip that she and Nathan are on a date, and asks what he wanted to talk to her about. Philip stammers. Melanie catches sight of Brady, who just walked in, and excuses herself to go talk to him. Brady leaves Nicole a voicemail and sighs, flashing back to telling EJ that he only called Nicole because he has a drug problem, and was high at the time. EJ throws him out. Melanie interrupts his reverie, assuming he is looking for Nicole, and saying that he should try the hospital. Brady flies into a rage, asking what the hell EJ did to her. Melanie explains that her father-in-law had a heart attack and asks Brady what he thought she meant.

Sami again asks Nicole and EJ what is going on, and EJ explains that his father had a heart attack. Sami asks if he is going to make it, but EJ isn’t sure. Sami offers EJ Sydney, asking him if he wants to hold his daughter. EJ grimaces.

Stephanie claims that nothing is going on between her and Nathan. Maggie asks if Nathan did something to upset her. Stephanie claims that he hasn’t, and that he is too nice a guy to do something like that. Maggie sighs, admitting that that is the problem, since it’s a lot easier to be mad at a jerk. Stephanie claims she isn’t mad at Nathan but Maggie guesses that she is at least interested in him. Stephanie admits she was--until she found out he was going out with Melanie.

Philip scoffs, saying sarcastically that Nathan really went all out for his first date with Melanie. Nathan claims that this is where she wanted to go, and Philip nods, saying most girls prefer burgers and fries to lobster and caviar. Nathan claims Melanie isn’t like that, but Philip doesn’t think Nathan knows her very well. Nathan retorts that he is here trying to get to know her better. Philip is surprised Nathan is that serious about Melanie.

Melanie tells Brady about Stefano’s heart attack, and how everyone feared he might die. Brady wants to know if Nicole was there. Melanie says she didn’t see her, and asks what Brady thinks EJ might have done to her.

EJ tells Sami coldly that he thinks it’s best for Sydney to go with Nicole. Nicole flashes back to telling Stefano that she has to decide whether to keep lying and say Sydney is adopted, or admit that she is EJ and Sami’s daughter. Sam interrupts Nicole’s reverie, asking her why she is staring at her like that.


Philip says, “I don't think we can be friends, Stephanie.”

Nathan kisses Melanie.

Nicole shrieks at Brady, “Admit it! Admit that you wanted this to happen!”

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