Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/7/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/7/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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At the DiMera mansion, EJ snaps at Nicole that he has no connection to Sydney. She shakes her head, telling EJ that he is her real father.

On a plane back to Salem, Carly tells a flight attendant that her call won’t go through, and asks if the turbulence is messing up the signal. The flight attendant isn’t sure, and suggests that Carly try calling someone else to make sure the problem is on this end. She excuses herself and heads off. Carly decides to try to call Justin.

At the pub, Bo thinks Justin may be right, and that Hope may be on her way home with Ciara, but it isn’t like her to take off out of town without telling him. Just then, Justin’s phone rings. He checks the caller ID and chuckles, showing Bo that it’s from an in-flight phone.

At the hospital, Daniel stands in Stefano’s room with a nurse. As Stefano lies in bed unconscious, Daniel explains that they got Stefano stabilized and breathing, but now they need to run tests to find out what happened. He orders the nurse to go further than their usual tox screen and screen for every possible poison.

At Sami’s townhouse, Sami tickles Johnny and hugs him as Will comes out of the bedroom, explaining that Allie is looking for her penguin. Johnny shouts and rushes off to the bedroom after his sister. Will suggests that he and Sami just try to focus on the fun stuff tonight and watch a movie with the twins, but Sami explain that it’s EJ’s night with Johnny. She tried to convince him to let the twins spend their first night together at home, but EJ insisted. She checks her phone, curious as to why EJ hasn’t called her yet. She wonders what could be more important to EJ right now than his son.

Nicole explains that EJ is Sydney’s father, and that no father could love her more. He reminds EJ of all the dreams he had for Sydney, but EJ shouts that those dreams were all based on lies. Nicole grumps that he would believe her if his father were here. EJ demands to know what that means. Nicole says that Stefano would say the same things that she has been saying--that Sydney is really and truly EJ’s daughter. EJ stamps his foot and groans angrily.

Justin’s phone continues to ring. Bo asks if he plans on answering it.

Carly’s seatmate returns and explains to he that her makes this flight once a week, and the turbulence is usually due to air pockets, so she has nothing to be worried about. She sighs and flashes back to arguing with Lawrence. Lawrence finds her packing her bags and tosses her onto the bed, shouting that she belongs to him and isn’t going anywhere. Later, we hear the two arguing, and Lawrence slaps Carly. She then stabs him. Carly comes back to the present with a sigh. Her seatmate asks if everything is alright, and Carly nods, admitting that she just has a lot on her mind.

Nicole sobs, telling EJ that she wanted to give him a child more than anything. When she miscarried, she knew she could never get pregnant again, but then a miracle happened. EJ snaps at her to quit babbling and just spit out whatever she wants to say. Just then, Chloe rushes in. EJ tells her that this isn’t a good time, but she breathlessly explains that Stefano had some sort of attack and is in the hospital. Nicole says she is going with EJ to the hospital, but he yells at her to do herself a favor and sit back down on the couch. He rushes off. Chloe looks at a tearful Nicole in surprise.

Near the nurse’s station at the hospital, Maggie tries to stop Kate from going to see Stefano. She suggests Kate go home, relax, and start planning her next murder. Kate tells her to knock it off, and claims she was as surprised as anyone when Stefano collapsed at the restaurant. Kate tells Maggie to get out of her way, and threatens to call security. Maggie refuses to buy Kate’s lies. Kate flies into a rage, reminding Maggie that her husband is a diabetic. He has gone overboard with the sweets and alcohol since the wedding, and she and several other people have tried to warn him about his diet, but he ignored everyone. Maggie yells at her to stop lying, and tells Kate coldly that she saw her at the restaurant--and she knows what she did to Stefano.

Nicole sobs, telling Chloe that EJ knows. Confused, Chloe asks what Nicole means. Nicole sniffles, admitting to Chloe that Sydney isn’t her baby. Chloe, taken aback, asks who Sydney belongs to, then.

Bo asks Justin who called, but he says the call got disconnected. He adds that it probably wasn’t Hope, since she would have just tried to call Bo again instead of calling him. Just then, Bo’s phone rings. It’s Ciara, and she tells Bo how much she misses him. He says he misses her, too, and asks if she and her mom went out of town. Ciara says they didn’t. Bo then asks if Hope is with her, and Ciara says she is.

The lights on the plane flicker as it rocks back and forth. Carly’s seatmate explains shakily that this is a bit extreme and grabs her hand, suggesting they pray. Carly panics, figuring that the man thinks they’re going down.

Kate demands to know what the hell Maggie is talking about, and she snaps that she saw Kate sprinkling something on Stefano’s food. Kate scoffs, saying she’s already accused of poisoning Chloe. Does Maggie really think she’s stupid enough to try to poison her husband, too? Maggie retorts that after what Kate did to Chloe, she is never going to be above suspicion. Kate huffs over to Stefano’s room and runs into Daniel, who is just leaving.

Nicole wonders why it matters who Sydney’s mother is, and mumbles that it might not ever matter now that Stefano is ill. Chloe reminds Nicole that they are friends, and asks her to be straight with her and tell her what is going on. Nicole then tells Chloe all about her miscarriage, and how she was too distraught and traumatized to accept that she lost EJ’s baby. She explains that she faked the duration of her pregnancy, and that she eventually found a woman that was as far along as she was supposed to be, and got the woman to give her her baby. Chloe sighs, saying she isn’t in a position to judge Nicole, but she doesn’t understand why she ever thought she would get away with this. Nicole sobs that she did get away with it for a while. Chloe then asks why Nicole thought it was alright to lie to EJ about something so important. Nicole claims she lied because she loved her husband and daughter. She says that those two mean everything to her, and she starts to head off, saying that she needs to go be with EJ. Chloe reminds her that EJ doesn’t want her around, but Nicole doesn’t care, saying that she has to explain to EJ that she did this for their family. Chloe stops her, telling Nicole angrily that she isn’t going anywhere.

EJ rushes into the hospital, and Daniel brushes by Kate, explaining to EJ that his father had a heart attack, but is stabilized and doing better now. EJ wants to see him, but Daniel says he will have to wait, as they are running toxicology tests. EJ glares at Kate. Daniel promises to get back with EJ as soon as he knows more and heads off. Kate tries to look innocent as EJ stares daggers at her.

Ciara tells Bo that she just called to tell him that she loves him. He says he loves her too, and asks her to give he mom a big hug from him. Bo hangs up and sighs, telling Justin that it obviously wasn’t Hope on the phone earlier. Justin wonders who tried to call, then.

Carly moans, praying that she doesn’t die like this, as she needs to be with the people she loves. She looks over and Lawrence is sitting next to her. He grips her hand and grins, telling her that she already is with the people she loves. She gasps.

Sami hangs up the phone and tells Will that EJ isn’t answering his cell or the line at the mansion. Will thinks this is good news, as it means Sami doesn’t have to take Johnny over to the mansion. Sami isn’t so sure, but Will thinks that if EJ isn’t answering, then that means he has something more important going on, and that Johnny can stay the night with them.

Nicole insists on going to be with EJ, as she needs him, but Chloe asks her to shut up and listen to someone that has made a lot of mistakes when it comes to love. She thinks the best thing Nicole can do right now is take a step back. She reminds Nicole that no man that finds out the child he thought was is isn’t is going to forgive a woman that claimed she lied to him out of love, or whatever excuse Nicole plans on coming up with. Nicole asks tearfully if Chloe thinks that EJ will ever forgive her, but Chloe isn’t sure, saying that she just thinks EJ needs time. Nicole says that if she gives him time, he’ll throw her out on her ass and take away everything that means the most to her. Nicole then abruptly changes the subject, asking how Stefano is. Chloe isn’t sure, but says that he might die. Nicole claims that that changes everything, and says that she has to be with EJ right now. Chloe groans. Nicole ignores her, asking her to watch Sydney. Chloe stammers. Nicole promises that Mary will be back within the hour and rushes off, saying that both her and her little girl’s lives are on the line.

EJ demands to know what Kate did to Stefano. She claims he had some kind of attack, which is hardly surprising considering the way he eats and drinks. She then adds that Stefano will vindicate her once he regains consciousness. If he doesn’t wake up, that is a whole other story. EJ asks what she means, and Kate explains that according the pre-nuptial agreement she signed, she gets nothing if she and Stefano divorce, but if he dies and she is left a widow, that’s something else entirely. Kate claims she doesn’t know all the details, but Maggie scoffs, saying sarcastically that a mercenary woman such as Kate probably wouldn’t. Kate smirks, saying that she will have controlling interests in DiMera Enterprises if Stefano dies. EJ doesn’t think she can be serious, but she says she is. Just then, Daniel comes back. Kate asks if he has any news on her husband. Daniel asks her to come with him, so he can fill her in on what is going on.

Bo tells Justin that he thinks whoever called needed to reach him--badly.

A man stands in Lawrence and Carly’s room at a hotel and surveys the bloody spot on the carpet. The man yells to someone to find the wife immediately, as he is sure she did this.

The plane rocks and shudders as Lawrence grips Carly’s hand. He tells her that she murdered him, and now she is going to join him in death. Carly shrieks.

The doorbell rings at the DiMera mansion and Chloe heads to the door with Sydney, hoping it’s Mary. Instead, it’s Sami, who asks for EJ or Nicole. Chloe explains that Stefano is ill, and that both of them are at the hospital. Chloe explains that she has to go herself and hands Sydney off to Sami, asking if she would mind watching her. Sami stammers, but Chloe interrupts, saying that there’s some juice in the living room but she can’t find the diapers. She hurries off before Sami can protest, adding that the maid should be back soon.

Daniel has pulled Kate into another waiting room and explains that they know what caused Stefano’s heart-attack. She smirks, saying she can’t believe he discovered why a middle-aged diabetic that eats like a horse and drinks like a fish might have a heart attack. She suggests sarcastically that Daniel alert the Nobel prize committee. Daniel reminds her sharply that Stefano nearly died, but Kate retorts that she is sure Daniel would love to blame all of this on her. Unfortunately for him, she did nothing to hurt Stefano. Daniel informs her that that is where she is wrong.

Nicole heads into the hospital. EJ catches sight of her and groans, asking Maggie to excuse them for a moment. She heads off as EJ demands to know why Nicole is here. She claims she is here to support him, since his father is ill. She tells him that she loves him and wants to be there for him. EJ retorts that she means nothing to him, and insists that she leave before he has her thrown out. Nicole begs EJ not to do this to her, but he ignores her, telling her to go home and take that daughter that she tried to pass off as his and get out of his house. He tells her coldly that he never wants to set eyes on her again as long as he lives.

Daniel tells Kate that the blood work came back, and that Stefano’s heart attack was diabetes-related. She scoffs, wondering why he blamed the heart attack on her, then. Daniel glares, saying he knows that Kate ran to Stefano for help covering her tracks when she realized Chloe would wake up. In return for his help, she married the SOB. Kate shrugs, saying that that is a fabulous fiction, but she doesn’t see what it has to do with Stefano’s illness. Daniel glares, saying it has everything to do with it.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip speaks over the phone with someone about setting up a hot-air balloon ride. Victor comes in as he hangs up, asking if he is planning on closing a deal with a client by showing him the fall foliage. Philip tells him this isn’t business-related, and Victor assumes a woman must be involved.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Melanie takes a burned meatloaf out of the oven and exclaims in disappointment as Nathan heads in. She explains ruefully that Maggie is going to be gone, so she thought she’d make supper for the two of them. She asks Nathan if the meatloaf can be salvaged, but Nathan doesn’t think so. He suggests that the two go out for dinner, since they both have the night off. Melanie agrees, saying that it doesn’t even have to be a date--just two people out having dinner. Nathan agrees, unless, of course, Melanie wants it to be a date.

Sami gives Nicole a call and leaves her a message, explaining that she came by to drop Johnny off for his night with EJ, but she ran into Chloe, who dumped Sydney off on her and let her know about the emergency with Stefano. Sami adds that she doesn’t mind watching Sydney, but she wanted to let Nicole know she was watching her, and asks her to call her back and let her know what is going on. She hangs up and sighs, assuring Sydney that everything is going to be alright.

Nicole asks EJ if he plans on throwing her and Sydney out on the street. He asks if she thinks this decision is easy for him, but she retorts that he seems pretty calm. EJ snaps that he is just in shock, and that he refuses to live in the same house with the lie she perpetuated for so long against him and his family. Nicole tearfully insists that she and Sydney are his family. EJ refuses to listen to this nonsense anymore. Nicole grabs his arm, but he shakes her off furiously, telling her not to touch him. Nicole begs him not to disown Sydney, as she is his real daughter. She claims she was trying to tell him that when Chloe interrupted. EJ tells her to shut up, and accuses of her having some disease, which makes her come up with these insane lies. Nicole says that the is the end, and that she is no longer going to try to deceive him. She claims that she is going to tell EJ everything.

Victor hopes the balloon trip isn’t for Stephanie, and Philip says that it isn’t. Victor is glad, since Stephanie did nothing but depress Philip all the time. He wonders who Philip is taking out, since he thought his life revolved around client dinners and golf. Philip explains that this is someone he’s known for a while, and Victor gasps, hoping it isn’t Chloe. Philip chuckles, reminding him Chloe that is engaged to Daniel. Victor scoffs, saying he forgot Chloe wasn’t capable of being unfaithful. Philip insists it isn’t Chloe, and that it is someone who makes him laugh, and is smart and beautiful in a unique way. Victor gasps, asking if Philip is talking about Melanie Layton.

Nathan asks Melanie if they should play it casual and just get some takeout, but she isn’t sure if that qualifies as a date. Nathan asks Melanie what her ideal date would be. He promises that they’ll do just that. Melanie isn’t sure what her ideal date would be, claiming that no one has ever asked her that before.

Kate accuses Daniel of hitting the bottle, but he claims that Kate knew how cavalier Stefano was about his diabetes, and she did nothing to disabuse him of that notion. Kate scoffs, saying that Daniel is really grasping at straws now. Daniel retorts that Kate was more than happy to oblige when Stefano wanted to celebrate their wedding, and she practically encouraged him to neglect his health. He accuses Kate of doing all this because she wanted Stefano to die.

Lexie tends to an unconscious Stefano in his hospital room.

EJ snaps at Nicole that he doesn’t have time to hear any more of her asinine fabrications and bizarre explanations. He reminds her of her insistence on letting a sleazy obstetrician care for her, and how she pretended to be counseling pregnant teens. EJ practically spits, saying that she was really shopping for a baby the whole time. He calls her a bitch, adding that he can’t believe how gullible he was. She asks if he thinks he was deluded when he looked into Sydney’s eyes for the first time and fell in love with her. EJ claims that this had nothing to do with Sydney and everything to do with the lies that she brought into their house--the lies that destroyed everything.

Victor figured that the leaked sex tape would quell any feelings Philip had for Melanie, and accuses him of acting like a fool. Philip claims that Victor is a misogynist, and wouldn’t be happy with any woman he dated. Victor grumbles that Melanie tried to hit their company up for millions, but Philip claims that she has changed, reminding Victor that she risked her life to help him save Stephanie. Victor thinks that’s one more strike against her. Philip says he was in love with Stephanie, but Victor claims that Stephanie was in love with a Phillip that didn’t exist. Philip says that’s a ridiculous distortion of the truth, but Victor wonders where Stephanie is if she is so wonderful. Philip wonders why he even bothers with Victor, but he says he just wants to give Philip some perspective. Philip says he doesn’t want to see every decision he makes as some idiotic mistake, and says he needs support right now, not perspective. Victor sighs, saying if Philip really likes Melanie so much, then Philip needs to sell her to him, and convince him of why he should approve. Philip scoffs.

Nathan suggests jokingly they go to Paris, but Melanie says she’s done that plenty. He then suggests Rome or Madrid, but Melanie isn’t really in the mood for jet lag. She wants to go someplace in Salem--where they can play pool or darts, and maybe do a little dancing. Nathan chuckles, saying the Cheatin’ Heart it is, then. Melanie says she has to run by the hospital to pick up her schedule, but says she can meet him there in an hour. She jokes that he had better make their first date memorable and heads off, giggling.

Kate tells Daniel that he is harassing her, and insists that she would never hurt the one person that agreed to stand by her when no one else would. She insists she has Stefano’s best interests at heart, and Daniel snaps that the hospital does, too, which is why she’s forbidden from visiting him. Kate says that that is outrageous, and that she will get a court order. Daniel smirks, saying he’ll see that the board makes sure no judge can grant her one. Daniel says the choice is hers--she can draw attention to her unsavory reputation, or she can stay the hell away from Stefano.

Sami promises Sydney that she will find her mom and dad and calls EJ again, leaving him a message to let him know that she is at his place, and that Johnny is sleeping upstairs. She adds that the nanny called in sick, and she is here with Sydney, which she is sure EJ won’t like, so she’d appreciate it if he came home and handled all this. She hangs up and sighs, promising Sydney that her mom and dad will be back soon to put her in bed.

EJ heads into see Stefano, and Lexie explains that there has been no change. She asks where Nicole is, surprised she isn’t there, and EJ explains that Nicole is no longer a part of his life.

Nicole starts to leave the hospital, but turns back, saying that she can’t leave, as there is something she needs to do first.


Maggie asks Stephanie, “What happened between you and my grandson?”

Melanie asks, “Brady, why would you think EJ did something to her?”

Sami asks EJ, “Will you tell me what's going on?”

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