Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/6/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/6/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, EJ guesses Dr. Baker was behind all of this. EJ admits that he thought the man was disorganized, but now he sees that he was like a full-fledged agency for Nicole, since he handled all the details and the medical records. Nicole asks sullenly if he is enjoying himself. EJ snaps, saying he isn’t. He wondered why Nicole couldn’t nurse, and how she got her figure back so quickly after she gave birth--except she didn’t give birth, she bought a baby. He guesses angrily that Baker’s services didn’t come cheap. Nicole reminds him they have a beautiful baby girl, but EJ snaps that she doesn’t belong to them. Nicole insists she does, and that they love Sydney as much as she loves them. She says that the only thing that can ruin their dream is EJ. EJ wonders what is going to happen when Sydney’s real parents show up looking for their child. Nicole insists that will never happen. Their baby’s name is Sydney DiMera, and nothing is going to change that.

At Chez Rouge, Philip glares at Kate as his colleague heads over to congratulate her and Stefano on their recent marriage. Sami walks over to Philip and greets him, asking him jokingly if he’s having problems with his new step-daddy. Philip glares. Sami apologizes, guessing he isn’t ready for jokes. She starts to head off, but Philip stops her, saying that Maggie told him she was a big part of getting Lucas to go to treatment. Sami says she just reminded Lucas of what is most important to him--his children. She adds laughingly that some might have called it blackmail, but Lucas wouldn’t have gone if deep down he didn’t feel it was right. Philip says no matter what she did, he’s thankful, as Lucas needed to go. Sami sighs, saying that Lucas has been a really good friend to her after everything that happened with Grace. Philip nods, saying he’s had a rough couple of months. Sami smirks, saying that his mom did poison his cheating wife. She grumbles that Kate never has to face any consequences. Philip glares at Kate, assuring Sami that there will be consequences.

At the pub, Bo tells Justin that none of this makes sense. He can’t believe that he has been in love with Hope since he was seventeen, and this is how things end up. Justin reminds Bo of everything he and Hope have been through, and says that they’ve always pulled through. Bo sighs, saying that he fears that they pushed it too far after Zach died.

Carly sits on a plane, on her way to Salem. She closes her eyes and flashes back to her argument with Lawrence. He screams that she will never leave him, because he owns her. She retorts that she can’t believe she married such a monster. We hear a slap, and Carly stabs Lawrence in the stomach. Lawrence slumps to the floor. Carly comes back to the present and sighs, saying that she is sure Bo can help her--he has to.

Bo suggests they change the subject, and asks Justin when he plans on returning to Dubai. Justin admits he isn’t sure he is going back. Bo asks if Adrienne plans on returning to Salem, but Justin sighs, admitting that they’ve been going through a bit of a hard time themselves. Bo thinks that must have made his tirade that much harder, but Justin says that it just made him realize that he and Adrienne aren’t unique. Bo apologizes, saying that Justin and Adrienne are good together. He thinks it’s odd how you can love someone and think you know them, and then they still manage to take you by complete surprise.

Carly flashes back to telling Lawrence that she loves him and that her home is right here with him and Nicky. Carly then flashes back to stabbing Lawrence.

Philip glares at Kate. She sees him and sighs, telling Stefano that Philip is looking at her the way he used to look at Stefano. Stefano thinks that time heals everything, and insists that Philip will get over this eventually. Kate asks if he’ll get over it the way Stefano got over Tony. She adds that Philip thinks Stefano only married her as payback. Stefano snorts, saying that that is a vile idea. He wonders what kind of man Philip thinks he is.

A flight attendant comes by and remarks that Carly looks like she needs some sleep. She agrees and closes her eyes. She flashes back to being on another plane with Lawrence. She tells him that they are going to have a great life, and that she can hardly wait. Lawrence tells her she doesn’t have to wait, because it’s already started.

EJ asks Nicole angrily if she managed to get Baker’s word that everything would be alright. She huffs, saying that Baker was their only shot at getting a baby. She asks him if he really thinks she wanted to lose her daughter and live in fear every day that he would find out. EJ asks her why she didn’t just come to him. He wonders if he was really such a pig that she didn’t think he’d understand. She thought she might have gone to him if she was sure he loved her. EJ scoffs, asking if this was his fault. Nicole says it wasn’t him, and that was her. She was sure no one could really love her and thought EJ really just loved the baby. EJ smirks, guessing that they’ll never know now. Nicole thinks they do know, and reminds him how he said on the plane that he felt like someone really loved him for the first time in his life. She claims that this all started with the baby, and now they’re so happy. EJ thinks he’s just stupid. Nicole asks him to really think about it and insists that she did the right thing.

Carly flashes back to Bo coming to the rescue and demanding that Lawrence get his hands off of her. Turbulence awakens her, and Carly takes out her phone. She reaches an operator, and says she needs a number in Salem.

Kate complains that Philip is just standing there and glaring, just like at the wedding. Stefano grumbles that he is acting like a spoiled child. Kate tearfully says he’s acting like a child that has been hurt badly. Stefano hands her a handkerchief and counsels her not to let Philip see her tears. Kate sobs that she just wants to go, but Stefano notices that Philip is coming over, and says it’s too late. Philip smirks, asking Kate if she is having second thoughts. He wonders if it’s finally beginning to sink in that she’s married to Stefano. Kate asks Philip to stop, but he barrels over her, saying nastily that Stefano can put her on display any time he wants. Kate doesn’t understand, and Philip says it wasn’t an accident that they ran into each other here. He tells her that his colleague, Larry, spoke to Stefano, and told him that he and Philip would be having lunch here. He smirks, saying that this is Kate’s life. Stefano thinks he should be ashamed to speak to his mother that way, but Philip says she crossed the line, and that he can never forgive her. He storms off, running into Chloe and Daniel, who are on their way in for lunch. Chloe spots Kate and Stefano and gasps.

Nicole insists that no one is going to take her and EJ’s baby away, and reminds him that Sydney hasn’t changed at all from the baby he loved so much. EJ scoffs, asking if she is trying to claim that he lies are irrelevant. She turns on EJ viciously, saying that she can’t believe she’s getting into trouble for lying when he put an innocent girl in a morgue drawer. She snaps that she gave him everything he could ever want. EJ sullenly declares that he wanted his own daughter. She claims he does, saying she can’t believe how self-absorbed he is. She claims she was shattered and devastated when she lost her baby, and she didn’t want to see EJ go through that pain. So she lied, but that lie made EJ happier than he has ever been. EJ says sarcastically that he now sees she did all this for him. Nicole sobs that she turned herself inside-out for him, and all he can see is that Sydney isn’t his biological daughter. EJ thanks her sarcastically for doing all of this. Nicole says it’s the truth, and wonders if he is man enough to face it.

Maggie leads Daniel and Chloe to a table as Kate hisses at Stefano, wondering if he knew Chloe and Daniel were going to be here, too. Stefano insists that he had no idea they were, just as he had no idea Philip would show up. Kate asks if they can go now, but Stefano doesn’t want to miss the soufflé. He reminds Kate that she shouldn’t let Chloe see her run away, anyway. Nearby, Daniel orders the best champagne in the restaurant. Chloe worries that Kate is staring at them, but Daniel insists he doesn’t know what she is talking about. He takes out a box and tells Chloe that he has a gift for her. She insists he shouldn’t buy her so much jewelry, but opens it to find a key to his apartment inside. She thought they were going to wait until the annulment went through, but Daniel says he can’t wait any longer. He knows she wants to wait to be intimate until they are married, but he figures they can at least wait together. Daniel grins, saying he’s going to love every minute of it, even if it’s sheer torture. Kate gets up with a huff, telling Stefano that Chloe and Daniel are making her ill, and she is leaving with or without him. Stefano coughs and wheezes. As Kate starts to head off, Stefano collapses.

Sami sits by Grace’s grave, telling her that Allie and Johnny are coming home today. She’s excited, and she knows Grace would be too. She adds that she is trying hard to be the kind of mother Grace would want her to be, and she’s trying to be strong for her, but there is a part of her that’s missing, and no matter how hard she tries, she feels she will never be whole again. Sami sniffles.

EJ declares that Nicole certainly doesn’t lack nerve. She thinks he has to accept that she fought tooth and nail to keep the three of them a family, but EJ snaps that he doesn’t have to accept anything. Sydney bawls from upstairs. Nicole tells EJ that he must accept this, because he has to be a daddy to his little girl. She wonders if it’s so wrong, or too much to ask for EJ to love Sydney and try to be happy. She claims that the way they both love Sydney isn’t a lie, and that she is their daughter even if she doesn’t belong to them biologically. She sobs, shrieking that EJ has to believe that.

A bellhop finds Lawrence on the floor and checks his pulse. He gasps, saying aloud that Mr. Alamain is dead.

Carly calls Bo. He answers, asking who this is. Carly asks if this is Bo. He want to know who is calling.

Daniel administers CPR to Stefano and asks Maggie to call 911. She heads off to do so as Kate hovers worriedly. Daniel snaps at her to clear the area, but Kate wants to know if Stefano will be alright. Daniel retorts that that all depends on what Kate did to him.

Sami tells Grace that she fears the giant hole in her heart will never be filled. Just then, Will walks over. He explains that he tries to come once a week, as it makes him feel closer to Grace. Sami had no idea he was visiting, but says she knows how much Will misses Grace. She says that she feels as if she is moving forward sometimes, and then it hits her all over again. She tells Will about a dream she had about Grace laughing in a swing. She started crying, and Sami picked her up to comfort her. Sami admits tearfully that it felt so good to hold her again, even if it was just a dream. She sniffles.

Nicole heads back into the living room with Sydney and says she thinks she just wanted her mom and dad. She offers her to EJ, but EJ grumbles that she seems fine now. Nicole sighs, saying that her love for EJ and her daughter isn’t a lie, and that it is all very real. She claims that Sydney had been in their hearts and the center of their lives since the moment they brought her home, and while she may not be their child biologically, she is their daughter in every way hat counts. EJ retorts that Sydney isn’t his daughter--and that she never will be.

Carly calls out, asking if Bo is there. Just then, the plane is rocked by turbulence. Bo hangs up, telling Justin that the call got disconnected. Justin asks who it was. Back on the plane, a few passengers cry out in alarm as the plane shudders.

Daniel announces that he has a heartbeat as the paramedics rush in. Daniel asks Chloe to contact the family and she agrees to do so. Daniel heads off with the paramedics and the gurney. He calls the hospital to let them know he’s bringing a heart patient in. Chloe and Maggie glare at Kate. She scoffs, asking if neither of them have any comforting words for her as Stefano’s wife. Chloe scoffs, sure that Kate has taken at least a few years off of Stefano’s life. Maggie nods, telling Kate to keep up the good work, as the next heart attack might finish Stefano off for good. Kate tells them both to go to hell and huffs off. Maggie scoffs.

Nicole tries to convince EJ that Sydney is his daughter, as she has never known another father. She knows EJ is angry with her, and horribly disappointed, but Sydney is innocent in all this, and he can’t punish her. She pleads with EJ, insisting that Sydney needs him. EJ turns his back on Nicole, telling her not to do this. She begs him to take one look at Sydney and then say that she isn’t his daughter.

Sami apologizes to Will for losing it in front of him like that, saying that she is his mother and that she should be taking care of him. Will jokes that they can take turns, but Sami knows that he is going through a lot right now what with his dad and Mia. She adds that Mia came by earlier pretending to look for a notebook, but Sami thinks she really just came by to see him. Will shrugs, wondering why Mia would care, since she dumped him for Chad. Sami thinks something else is going on, but Will changes the subject and asks her about Rafe. Sami says she hasn’t heard anything since the email, and warns Will to never dump a girl like that. Will thinks it isn’t like Rafe not to call and just leave out of the blue like that. Sami thinks he was just tired of her giving him a hard time. She knows she and Rafe had some good times, but they also had their problems, and she needs to face that Rafe is probably better off without her. Will disagrees, saying that the two were great together. Sami thanks him for saying so, and adds that it means a lot, since Will is such a good judge of character. Will says that he just knows his mom still loves Rafe. Sami sighs, saying she does, but both Rafe and Grace are out of her life for good, and she is going to have to learn to deal with that.

EJ admits that Sydney is the most perfect little girl in the world, but he can’t do this. He apologizes to Sydney and kisses her. Nicole asks what he is doing, and EJ explains that he saying goodbye to her for the last time.

Justin asks Bo what happened, but he isn’t sure, explaining that the call came from an airplane, but got cut off before he found out who was calling. He heard a woman’s voice, and it sounded familiar. Justin thinks it might be Hope, and guesses that she and Ciara are returning home to Salem, and coming back home to Bo.

A flight attendant comes by to reassure Carly that they just hit a rough patch of weather, but that everything is fine. Carly sighs and flashes back to Lawrence bleeding on the carpet and muttering that she’ll never find something he’s hidden from her. Carly comes back to the present and decides to try Bo again.

Sami tells Will that she has to head off to pick up the twins, and tells him how excited the two are to see their big brother. Will admits that he misses them too, and Sami tells Will how blessed to feels to have all three of them. She tells Will that they keep her strong, and that she couldn’t even imagine moving on if Grace had been her only child.

Nicole reminds EJ that Sydney needs him, and is innocent in all of this. EJ says he isn’t blaming her, but Nicole thinks he is punishing her by abandoning her. EJ explains that he just has to come to terms with a new reality. Nicole insists they are a family, but EJ explodes, saying she compromised her child’s health by lying about her paternity and forging a DNA test. He reminds Nicole wrathfully that Sydney could have gotten sick. He would have given her any organ or all the blood and bone marrow she needed, but it would have done no good, because he has no connection to her. Nicole says that isn’t true, and informs EJ that he is Sydney’s real father.


Melanie says, “Our first official date.” Nathan replies, “Yes.” Melanie snorts, “Better make it memorable.”

Victor gapes at Philip, “Good god. It's Melanie Layton, isn't it?”

E.J. snaps at Nicole, “I can't believe how foolish I was I didn't see through you.”

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