Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/5/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/5/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In a bedroom, Carly and Lawrence trade barbs. Carly accuses him of being a monster. He, in turn, calls her a bitch. We hear a slap, and Carly screams at Lawrence to stop it. Then we pan to Carly, who drives a knife into his stomach. Lawrence crumples over with a groan.

Sami shows up at Chez Rouge, telling Maggie that she needs a job. Kate and Stefano come into the restaurant behind her, and Kate warns Maggie that if she gives Sami a job, she’s never eating here again. Maggie sighs, telling Sami pointedly that she has no idea how much she wishes she could give her a job right now.

Brady runs into Mia at the pier. He thinks that he should be in school, but Mia explains that she’s on her lunch break, and that she wants to talk to him about Nicole, and how their secret might come out. Brady says that they dodged a real bullet, and that he is pretty sure they’re all in the clear. Mia asks if the secret could still come out in the future, but Brady hopes not. He adds that everything will be fine as long as he, Mia, and Nicole keep this secret to themselves. Mia turns pale. Brady notices and asks if she needs to tell him something.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ shakes with rage, asking Nicole if their baby died. She bawls, trying to convince EJ that Sydney is his daughter. She reminds him of how he held her right after she was born, and how he has raised her since that day. She claims EJ is Sydney’s father, and that he has to know that. EJ glares, saying that he knows he and Nicole didn’t conceive Sydney, and that Nicole didn’t give birth to her. He demands that she tell him that she lied. Nicole sobs, admitting that she did.

Justin heads into the pub and greets Bo, asking if he can join him. Bo agrees, admitting he has had enough alone time the past few days. Justin says he knows it must be hard not having Ciara and Hope around. Bo admits it is, and also tells Justin that he knows he tried to talk Hope out of leaving. Bo sighs, telling Justin that he appreciates the effort, though it didn’t do any good. Justin hopes that the two will be back home soon, but Bo says that he needs to talk to Justin about that. Bo admits that he needs some advice, and that he may even need a lawyer.

Lawrence pulls a bloody hand away form his stomach and stares at Carly in shock. He slumps over on the carpet with a groan, muttering that she will never find-- Before he can finish, Lawrence abruptly loses consciousness.

Chloe meets with Daniel at the hospital, telling him that Lexie gave her a clean bill of health. He is glad to hear so, and Chloe asks him how it feels to be back at work. He admits he didn’t miss the paperwork. Chloe asks if they are still on for lunch. Daniel says they are, and he heads off to get back to work. Chloe starts to leave, but runs into Philip on her way out. He sighs, saying this is awkward, but he wanted to let her know that he is sorry his mom tried to kill her. Chloe says she is sorry about a lot of things herself and asks how Lucas is doing. Philip explains that he isn’t supposed to talk to anyone, including family members, for a little while, but the facility he’s at is supposed to be great. Philip then hands Chloe a manila envelope, telling her that Lucas wanted him to give this to her. She asks what it is, and Philip explains that he thinks it will make things a little easier for her.

Justin asks if Bo needs a corporate or criminal lawyer, but Bo grimaces, saying he needs more of a domestic attorney. Justin says that that isn’t really his specialty, but Bo thinks the case is pretty simple. His daughter was kidnapped and went through hell, and when she finally got home, Hope decided the best thing to do was take their daughter away from her family. Bo frowns, saying that Hope hasn’t called him, and has ignored every call he has made to her. He admits angrily that he doesn’t even know where she is. Bo thinks that Justin knows this isn’t right, since he and Hope just going through a separation. Justin asks Bo if he really wants to make this legal.

Nicole sobs, admitting that she lied. EJ wants to know what about. She retorts that he knows, but he wants her to tell him. He adds angrily that it must be difficult for her, since every word, gesture and kiss the last few months was a lie. Nicole bawls, saying that that isn’t true. EJ stalks toward her, telling her that he wants the truth from her-- every excruciating detail.

Chloe opens the manila envelope and gasps, telling Philip that there are annulment papers inside. Philip thinks that if you love someone, you should set them free. Chloe sighs, and Philip apologizes, admitting again that this is awkward. Chloe claims that she tried to do the right thing, and Philip says he knows that. He think Lucas was just in bad shape. Chloe asks if he thinks that is her fault, but Philip doesn’t. He apologizes, saying that he is in a bad mood, and he didn’t mean to take it out on her. She thinks he has every reason to be angry with her, but Philip says he has no right to judge her, as he is no angel himself. He adds that he thinks Lucas did the right thing, and hopes that all of this will be the wake-up call he needs. Just then, Philip notices the ring on Chloe’s finger and asks if that is an engagement ring. She admits it is.

Maggie angrily reminds Kate of all she has done to Lucas, Chloe, and Daniel, but Stefano stops her, reminding her of the financial status of her restaurant, and how the investors won’t be pleased to learn she talks this way to influential customers. Maggie scoffs, saying that Kate already knows how she feels about her. She tells Kate and Stefano to follow her and heads off. Stefano follows, but Sami remarks to Kate that it’s nice to see ruining her son’s life hasn’t ruined her appetite. Kate scoffs, saying that that comment would have been devastating if she only cared about what Sami thought. Kate huffs off.

Mia admits to Brady that she told Will that she had a baby, and he told his mom. Brady gapes. Mia adds that Mrs. Horton and Chad know, too. Brady begins to panic, but Mia quickly explains that no one knows she gave the baby to Nicole, as she told everyone the adoption was closed. Brady asks if Chad is alright with all this, but Mia admits that he threatened to go find the baby at first. Brady is worried, but Mia explains that she made a deal with Chad--he agreed to back off from looking for their baby if she agreed to get back together with him. Brady asks how Will fits into all this, and Mia tells him angrily that she obviously had to break up with Will. Brady tells Mia how sorry he is, but she claims it’s fine as long as it helps to give her baby a good life. Brady say he has to go, but asks Mia to give him a call if she needs anything. She thanks him and Brady heads off. Just then, Chad walks over and puts a hand on Mia’s shoulder. She sighs.

EJ asks Nicole if it’s true that their child died, and Nicole nods, sobbing. She explains that she had a miscarriage. EJ asks if that means Sydney isn’t theirs, but Nicole claims she is. She’s theirs because of how much they love and need her. EJ glares, saying that Nicole needs her to keep all of this--the house, the money, the power, and a big fat divorce settlement. He thinks Nicole saw all of that slipping through her fingers when she lost their child. Nicole bawls that that isn’t true. EJ demands that Nicole tell him the truth, or he is going out and getting a DNA test done--one that she can’t get her grubby hands on. He demands to know if Sydney is their biological daughter. Nicole loses it, admitting that she isn’t.

Philip thinks things move pretty fast in this town, and asks Chloe if she has heard that his mother is now Mrs. Stefano DiMera. Chloe is surprised, and admits she doesn’t know what to say. Philip wonders if this makes them some kind of weird in-laws, since the woman that tried to kill her married the man that tried to kill him. Chloe smiles wanly, and says she thinks it’s going to be pretty hard for Philip to have to deal with Stefano. Philip says it won’t be a problem, since his mom is no longer a part of his life.

Maggie tells Sami that this isn’t the best time to be looking for a job, and admits that she doesn’t have many openings available right now. Sami starts to head off, apologizing for bothering her, but Maggie asks Sami to wait and hands her an application, saying she may be able to come up with something for her. She heads off, promising to be back in a few minutes. Sami sighs, saying it won’t hurt to try, as the worst Maggie can do is turn her down. Sami sits down with a sigh and begins her job application.

Chad can tell Mia is upset, and asks what is going on. She claims she was thinking of their baby, but Chad thinks that she was thinking of Will. Mia snaps, asking what it matters, since she did as he asked and broke up with Will. Chad says that the deal is off if she is going to keep pining away after Will, but Mia retorts that she can’t turn off her feelings that quickly. Chad sighs, saying that he knows Mia has control over herself getting over Will, and asks her if she is going to try to forget about him. She wonders if Chad has control over his feelings, but he ignores the question, asking Mia to try to remember how happy they once were. She claims she needs time, but Chad wants to know how much she needs. She yells at him to stop pressuring her. Chad flies off the handle, telling her to just forget any of this ever happened.

EJ grabs Nicole’s face and shakes her, demanding to know if she takes him for a fool. She claims she doesn’t, but he calls himself an idiot for believing he couldn’t touch her during her pregnancy for the sake of the baby. He thinks Nicole must have been laughing her ass off. She claims she just wanted them to be a family. EJ chuckles, saying she wasn’t going to let a little thing like the truth get in the way of that. Nicole sullenly declares that she knew how much EJ wanted that baby. He shouts that Nicole knew that baby was her meal ticket. He adds that it suddenly makes sense as to why Nicole was so caring and understanding about what Sami did to him, since she did the exact same thing. Nicole sobs.

Daniel finds Chloe alone in the waiting room. She shows him the annulment papers, explaining that Philip just gave them to her. Daniel is surprised Lucas agreed to an annulment, and asks why Chloe doesn’t seem happy that she is now free. Chloe admits that she still feels guilty. Daniel asks if she thinks Lucas granted the annulment to make her feel bad. She says she doesn’t, and Daniel asks her to try to accept that Lucas finally did the right thing. He adds that it’s true he never had sympathy for the guy, as it seemed that he would never grow up, but this decision is something a man would do, and it’s the first time he’s seen Lucas make a hard decision like this one. He doesn’t think it’s right that Chloe feel guilty about this, especially since they both made such a huge mistake by entering in to their marriage. Daniel thinks she has to stop shouldering all the blame. Chloe smiles, saying she guesses they are really free now. Daniel grins, glad to se her smiling once again.

Bo explains that he doesn’t want a legal separation, as Ciara and Hope are his life. Justin is glad to hear it, warning Bo than any time the courts get involved in a domestic dispute, it rarely has a happy ending for anyone. Bo thought he wasn’t experienced this area, but Justin explains that he only said that so he wouldn’t be forced to side with either Bo or Hope. He then asks why Bo needs a lawyer if he doesn’t want a separation. Bo reminds Justin that Ciara is his daughter, and he doesn’t think it’s right that Hope make a decision about what’s best for Ciara on her own. Justin asks if Bo wants a custody fight without getting a divorce. Bo sighs, saying he just needs his daughter, and he needs to talk to his wife. Since Justin seems to have Hope’s ear, he was hoping Justin could help him out.

Carly wipes her fingerprints off the knife with Lawrence’s jacket and drops it near his body. She then takes some papers out of a drawer and grabs her suitcase, heading out the door. Lawrence lies on the carpet, unresponsive.

EJ thinks the only difference between Sami and Nicole is that Sami at least told him his daughter died. He figures that Nicole couldn’t do so since she hadn’t yet sealed the deal. Nicole sobs, telling EJ that she loves him, and that she just wanted him to be happy. EJ ignores her, telling her in a rage that everyone warned him about her before they got married. He told everyone that he saw a side of Nicole no one else did, but they were right, and she is nothing more than a lying, selfish piece of trash. Nicole tells him calmly that he can call her any name he likes, but she isn’t selfish. In fact, she did all for this for him.

Maggie takes Stefano’s order, which consists of a rare steak with creamy potatoes and asparagus with hollandaise. Maggie remains him coldly that soufflés have to be ordered n advance and Stefano tells her that he and Kate would like a chocolate one. Maggie says she’ll get right on it and heads off, muttering to herself that Stefano’s doctor must want him to up his fat intake. Meanwhile, Kate expresses her concern about Stefano’s diet of late. Stefano ignores her, telling her about how he wants to take her to Tuscany to sample some wine that he loves. She claims he isn’t going anywhere if he doesn’t watch his health, and she demands to know if he has checked his blood sugar today. Stefano thinks that Kate really must want to look after him. He assures her that he can take care of himself and that he has plenty to live for now that he has the both of them to think of.

Mia asks Chad what he means and demands to know if he plans on going to look for their baby. Chad thinks he should, since that is what he wanted to do from the start. He sighs, admitting that what he really wants is for Mia to stop hating him. He wonders how things got so screwed up. Mia sobs, saying she isn’t sure. All she knows is that she wants to go to the mall and see a baby without crying, and go to homecoming dances and football games. She says that she just wants to have fun, but she can’t anymore, since everything has changed. Chad says it has for him, too, and hugs her. Just then, Will walks over. He scoffs, saying it must be true--Chad and Mia are back together.

EJ tells Nicole she should be ashamed of herself, as that is the biggest lie she has told yet. She claims again she did all of this for him, but EJ says he knows she did it all for the money. She thinks that all those moments they both shared with Sydney weren’t lies--they were about real happiness and real love. EJ reminds her that his daughter died, and she didn’t waste any time before her greed kicked in. Nicole bawls, telling EJ that she loved their child, and that she would have done anything to save her, but she couldn’t do anything. EJ snorts that she didn’t even come to him--she went to Brady. Nicole angrily reminds him that he was gone, because he decided to run off to Europe. EJ demands to know if she is blaming this on him. She says she isn’t, but says that when she saw EJ look at the sonogram, she knew how much he wanted this baby. She claims she wanted nothing more in the world than to give him a child. EJ says angrily that she couldn’t, because his daughter died. He pours a drink and tosses it back, adding that both of his daughters died.

Maggie jokes with Sami, saying she doesn’t think she has ever seen gaps in employment explained by the applicant being on death row. Sami scoffs, saying that Kate can vouch for her on that one. Maggie wonders why Sami hasn’t tried to get a job at the pub, and Sami explains that not only does she think she’d be asking for too much sympathy, but she also isn’t too keen on working for Rafe’s sister, and would just rather work somewhere where she doesn’t know anyone. Maggie sighs, suggesting they start Sami off in the office, but Sami declines the offer, saying that she can tell Maggie is just making up a job for her. Maggie asks if it’s too much sympathy, and Sam nods, saying that her kids are returning today, and she really wants them to see that she can make it on her own. Maggie is glad they’re coming home, as she knows Sam must have missed them. Sami admits she has, but says that she is scared they’ll see how much she still misses Grace.

Mia apologizes for not telling Will the truth, and admits that she and Chad are back together. Will scoffs, saying that he can’t believe this happened the day after they broke up. He asks Mia sarcastically if she was able to give it a lot of thought. She sighs, asking Chad for a minute alone with Will. He agrees and makes a point of kissing her before he heads off.

Nicole tells EJ that that is what she never wanted to happen. He guesses that she is going to claim that she never wanted to hurt him, but he knows better, and knows that this was all about the money. She tells him to throw that in her face all he likes, but that won’t change the real reason why she did what she did. EJ flies into a rage, saying the money probably didn’t hurt when she was buying her fake pregnancy pillow, and all the maternity clothes she never needed to wear. He practically spits, saying he bets the money really came in handy when it came time for her to buy a baby. Nicole cowers as EJ shrieks that he is sure she bought the baby. He demands to know where she got it, and who Sydney’s real parents are.

Justin warns Bo to be careful about any ultimatums he might issue, as they only tend to make things worse. Bo snaps, asking if he is just supposed to wait around until Hope decides that he can see Ciara. Justin sighs, admitting that no one should have to go through what Bo and Hope just went through with Ciara. He says he saw how angry the two were, and he’s sure that a cooling-off period is probably best for the both of them. Bo retorts that he can’t just cool off when someone takes his child from him and won’t let him see her. Bo informs Justin that he has never been so angry before in his entire life.

Carly tosses back a drink on a plane. The man sitting next to her makes small talk and asks why she is visiting the Midwest. Carly explains that she is going back home--to Salem.

Maggie tells Sami that she understands what she is going through, as she went through the same thing with Janice. She knows Sami can’t believe this now, but she assures her that she will be alright eventually. Sami nods, saying that she has to be for her kids, since they need her. Maggie thinks she is one hell of a mother. Sami sighs.

Will asks if Mia dating Chad is supposed to be some kind of payback. She says it isn’t, and that while she was dating Will, she realized that she still had feelings for Chad. She adds quickly that that doesn’t mean she didn’t care for Will--it’s just that she and Chad had some issues that needed to be worked out. She claims that she and Chad need each other right now because of the whole baby thing. Will shrugs, saying that he won’t waste her time if that is what she wants. Tearfully, Mia tells Will that she wishes things could have worked out differently.

Stefano complains about his steak. Kate offers him some of the sauce from her plate, and then shakes salt on the steak, saying that that ought to tenderize it. Stefano compliments her for being such a dutiful wife. Kate grins, admitting that she is a geisha. Just then, she catches sight of Philip across the room and gasps,

Philip speaks with a colleague near the door as the two catch sight of Kate and Stefano. The man thinks they ought to go offer their congratulations, but Philip passes, smirking and saying that he doesn’t want to intrude on their marital bliss. He glares at Kate.

EJ grabs Nicole by the throat, demanding to know where she got Sydney. Nicole flashes back to asking Dr. Baker to let her switch Sami’s baby for Mia’s. EJ chokes her back into the present, telling her furiously that he wants an answer. She pushes him off of her.


Kate snaps at Chloe and Maggie, “You go to hell. Both of you.”

Carly calls Bo, “Are you there?” Justin asks him, “Who was it?”

Nicole tells EJ, “You are Sydney's real father.”

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