Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/2/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/2/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole meets Brady at the Cheatin’ Heart, worrying that someone here might know them. Brady informs her that breakfast isn’t very popular here, and asks how things went with EJ the night before. Nicole explains that EJ told her he found something out that he needs time to digest, but she guesses he doesn’t know the truth, since she still has all her limbs. She reminds Brady how important it is for the two of them to get their story straight. Brady sighs, saying he knows what to say--that he fell off the wagon, is back on cocaine, and that he was high as a kite when he called Nicole in Paris. Nicole nods, saying that she is sure EJ will believe it, and then things can go back to normal. Brady scoffs, saying things have never been normal, since all she has done is lie. She begs Brady not to do this, but he asks how he is to be expected to believe that everything is going to work out, and that EJ will never figure out that Sydney isn’t his kid, even when she’s five and she looks nothing like him. Nicole starts to get up, saying that she can’t listen to this, but Brady insists that she hear him out. He asks if she realizes that what she is doing is postponing the inevitable, and that her secret is going to come out eventually.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ yells at Marco over the phone, saying that him being ‘onto’ something isn’t good enough and that he needs to know Nicole’s every move since the day he met her. He shouts that he needs to know who she’s met, and where she’s been. He hangs up and sinks into a chair. With a haggard face, he listens again to the recording of Nicole talking about her miscarriage with Brady.

At her place, Sami looks for job openings in town. She nixes the idea of a career in either air-traffic controlling or waste management. She gets distracted reading Rafe’s email again. She sighs and reads aloud his message asking her not to call or contact him. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Sami answers it to find Mia outside.

At Meredith’s parent’s house, Rafe wakes up, still handcuffed to the pipe in the wall. Blood trickles from the wound on his head and he groans. He then opens his eyes to see a brick wall in front of him. Rafe listens in confusion as he hears mortar scraping above his head.

Nicole tells Brady that she is tired of his dire predictions, and asks him if he realizes that he is basically telling her to give up because her life is over. Brady says he never said her life would be over, but Nicole says that if EJ finds out the truth about Sydney, it’s the end for her. Brady asks if she really intends to keep this up forever. Nicole nods, saying that EJ will keep believing that Sydney is his because he loves her, and he want to believe it. She adds that everything will be fine if Brady just sticks to the plan.

EJ gets a call from Marco. He asks him what he’s got and listens. He asks Marco if he is sure, then thanks him and hangs up. EJ stares off into space in total shock.

Chad runs into Will at the pier. Will asks him angrily if he plans on rubbing it in his face that he and Mia broke up. Chad smirks, saying that he heard, and that that’s rough. Will tells Chad not to get his hopes up, as he is sure Chad thinks this is the perfect opportunity to get back together with Mia. Will tells him to forget about it, as it’s not going to happen. Chad says he’s sorry, but it already has. Will glares.

Mia tells Sami that she came by because she thinks she left her chemistry notebook there. Sami says that Will might know where it is, but he’s already left for school. Mia says that she should get going too, and starts to head off, but Sami stops her, explaining that Will told her what happened between the two of them. Mia scoffs, saying that he really does tell her everything, but Sami thinks Will said something because he wanted her advice. She adds that the only reason Will told her about the baby was because he was so upset for Mia, and because he knew she wouldn’t say anything to anyone. Mia snaps that that isn’t the point. The point is that she trusted him. Sami insists that she still can, but Mia says it’s too late, as she already got back together with her ex, Chad. Sami guesses that that is the father of her baby, and tells Mia that something doesn’t add up. She asks Mia what is really going on here.

Rafe moans Sami’s name. Meredith pokes her head over the brick wall she’s been building, which is now about chest-high. She tells Rafe that she really thought she might have killed him with that last blow to the head. He surveys the wall and asks Meredith weakly what she is doing. She explains genially that she is making sure he never sees the light of day again.

Roman meets Arianna at the pub, and explains that he did some checking on Meredith like she asked, but her story checks out. She moved back here after she was fired from her hospital job, and she’s attempting to rent out her parents’ old place to raise some cash. He wonders what Arianna was hoping to find, but she claims she isn’t sure. She informs Roman that Meredith was acting strangely, but it may have been because she still blames her brother for her sister Emily’s death. Roman asks if she has heard form Rafe, but she says she hasn’t, and that she doesn’t understand why he would leave. Roman asks her to keep him up to date, but thinks Rafe might just have decided that he needed to get out of town. He adds that he will call her if he hears anything and heads off. Arianna sighs, wondering to herself where Rafe could be.

Rafe whispers, begging Meredith not to do this. She huffs, saying that a slow, painful death is more than he deserves. Rafe claims that he loved Emily, but Meredith doesn’t think he loved her the way he loves Sami. She says that though she was unable to save her sister from Rafe, at least she can save Sami from the same fate. She shakes her head, saying that that girl has been through enough, what with her baby dying. Rafe smiles, saying that the baby is still alive.

Nicole and Brady head into the mansion. Nicole whispers to Brady to follow her lead, and the two head into the living room to speak to EJ. He stares down at the desk as Nicole explains that she brought Brady over to explain that silly phone he call he made to her when they were in Paris. EJ doesn’t reply or even look at her. Brady stares at Nicole worriedly.

Rafe mumbles that the baby wasn’t the right one, and that Sami’s baby is still alive. Meredith chuckles, saying that she thinks she hit Rafe one too many times. Just then, Meredith’s phone rings. She sees that it’s Arianna, and wonders what she wants. Meredith decides to let her call go to voicemail. Rafe passes out again.

Arianna leaves Meredith a message. At first she asks her to call her back, but then she changes her mind, and says that she is heading over to Meredith’s parents’ house to see her. She adds that she will see Meredith soon and hangs up. Arianna heads out of the pub.

Mia wonders why Sami would be surprised she got back together with her ex. Sami says that Will told her that she hates Chad. Mia admits that she was angry he abandoned her, but now that they had a baby together, it just made them that much closer. Sami wonders when she had time to get close to Chad, since he just found out about the baby. She thinks Mia is lying to her about something, but Mia freaks out, yelling that she is telling the truth. She adds angrily that she and Will are over. She is back with Chad now--and nothing can change that. Mia storms off.

Will claims that Chad is a liar, and that Mia hated him for ditching her and never calling her. Chad claims that he and Mia worked all that out, and that them having a baby together bonds them in a way that makes other things seem petty. He says loftily that what he and Mia have is way deeper than anything she shared with Will. Will snaps that Chad has no idea what he and Mia shared. Will adds angrily that he has no idea why Mia really got back together with Chad, but Chad can rest assured that he’s a moron if he thinks Mia really has feelings for him. Chad asks him angrily if he wants to start something, but Will claims that Chad isn’t worth it. He heads off. Chad takes out his phone and calls Mia. He tells her to meet him at the pier for lunch, because they need to talk.

Brady thinks he should come back some other time, but Nicole think that EJ needs to hear the truth. EJ agrees angrily that he would like to hear the truth. Brady apologizes for calling, claiming that he had no idea the two were on their honeymoon. He sighs, saying that he was also high at the time. He tells EJ that he was on drugs in the past, and that he is ashamed to say that he is back on them. Brady claims that that is the secret that he didn’t want to get out. EJ tells Brady coldly to get out. Brady agrees to go, but tells EJ that he thinks he is lucky to have Nicole for a wife, as she loves him and would do anything for him. EJ smirks, saying that he is well-aware of that. Brady heads off. Nicole asks EJ if he now sees that she was telling the truth, and that the secret was really about Brady’s drug addiction. EJ says he is sorry, then whirls on her furiously, screaming that he is sorry that he ever believed a word out of her poisonous, lying mouth. Nicole quivers.

Sami runs into Roman at the pub. He notes that she looks nice, and she explains that she has a job interview at a spa near here. Roman asks her to stick around for a moment, since he hasn’t seen very much of her lately. He asks about her job interview. Sami explains that it’s an entry-level position, but that she wants to try to work her way up to management--for her kids’ sake if not for anyone else’s. Roman is glad she is showing some initiative, since he’s been worried about her lately. Sami says that she’s trying to work through things day by day, but having Rafe disappear was definitely a setback. Roman asks if she has heard from him at all. Sami admits that she received an email from him telling her he’d be gone for a while and not to try to contact him. Roman says Arianna got one of those, too. Sami asks how he knows, and Roman explains the two got to chatting at the pub. He adds that Arianna asked him to do some checking on Meredith Hudson--the same woman Sami asked him to look into. Roman informs Sami that Meredith is back in town.

Meredith calls out Rafe’s name, but he doesn’t respond. Meredith then calls Arianna. She says that she got her message, but now isn’t a good time for her to come over, since both she and the house are a total wreck. She asks if she can take a rain check, but Arianna says that she needs to see Meredith right away. Rafe comes to with a groan. Meredith covers the phone and glares at him.

Nicole tells EJ that he is scaring her. EJ glares, saying that he got something for her. EJ picks up a white box from a nearby table. He throws it down on the desk, suggesting he and Nicole play a little show and tell. Nicole opens the box with trembling fingers and finds pregnancy padding inside. Nicole gasps in astonishment.

Roman explains to Sami that he thinks Meredith is just back in town to fix up her parents’ house. Sami wonders if Meredith might know where Rafe is, but then she stops herself, saying that she has to move on and accept the fact that Rafe is gone. Roman tells her how sorry he is, but Sami says it’s alright. She knows in her head that she needs to move on, its just that her heart has a little catching up to do. Roman knows that she will get through this, since she is as resilient as they come. Sami thanks him and checks her watch, saying that she must head over to her job interview. Roman wishes her luck and the two hug. Sami heads off. Roman stares after her and sighs.

Meredith wonders if Arianna is always this pushy. She apologizes, but says that it is really important that she see Meredith. Meredith says it will have to wait. Arianna swears that it will only take a minute, but Meredith explodes, telling her that she isn’t coming over. Arianna ignores her, saying that she will be over soon. Meredith yells that she can’t come over. Rafe moans Arianna’s name. Meredith says that she has to go, and Arianna promises to be there soon. Meredith hangs up with a groan and glares at Rafe, wondering what she is going to do now.

Nicole asks EJ where he got this padding. He asks her where she thinks he got it, and asks her if she really thinks she destroyed all the evidence. Nicole glares, asking if he is going through her trash now. EJ grins, glad that they’ve established that this belongs to her. Nicole says this isn’t possible, and EJ chuckles angrily, saying she isn’t going mad, and this isn’t the padding she used. He says that he got it at the same store, and tells Nicole that they have a size for every stage of the pregnancy, as he is sure she knows all about. He asks her in a rage how cumbrous it was to have to wear the padding for the ninth month, when she was wearing it all day and sleeping in it. Nicole stammers and sweats. She finally declares that a lot of women buy that padding so they can pick out maternity clothes for their second and third trimesters. EJ asks her angrily if she is trying to say she bought these things to help fill out her maternity wardrobe. Nicole nods. EJ demands to know why she was so upset when she visited the store. He informs her that he saleswoman told him how emotional she was. She claims that he was just hormonal at that time and cried about everything when she was pregnant. EJ wonders if she was really ever pregnant. Nicole says she was of course, but EJ stalks over to the desk. He takes out the tape recorder, and plays Nicole the tape of herself admitting hat she had a miscarriage. EJ shakes with anger as he listens. Nicole turns white.

Meredith tells an unconscious Rafe that he caught a break. She was planning on bricking him up in this basement, but since his meddling little sister is coming over, she can’t finish what she started. She sighs, wondering what she is going to do now.

Brady runs into Arianna on her way out of the pub. He asks if she has a minute, but she claims she was just on her way out. Brady explains that it’s important, and the two sit at a table. Brady tells her that he wanted to talk about what happened yesterday. Arianna sighs, admitting that whatever is going on with him and Nicole is none of her business. Brady asks if she told anyone about the miscarriage, but Arianna says that she didn’t. She apologizes again for giving him a hard time about the whole thing. He says that he knows that it’s hard for her to understand why he is helping Nicole, but Arianna says that she does finally understand. She tells him that she hopes everything works out for him, and says that she has to go. She hurries off. Brady sighs.

EJ angrily suggests they listen to the recording once more for good measure, but Nicole screams that she doesn’t want to, and throws the recorder across the room, where it shatters. She claims that that conversation was private, but EJ shrieks that it is his business since Nicole was discussing his child. Nicole yells back that it isn’t his business because she wasn’t talking about his baby. She admits that she had a miscarriage a few years back. The reason she never told him because she didn’t want to bring up something so sad when he was so happy. She swears that she didn’t lose their baby, and that their beautiful daughter is upstairs sleeping. EJ thinks there is more to this, and that Nicole lost his baby. He says he doesn’t know who the child is upstairs, but Nicole had better tell him the truth about Sydney. Nicole cowers.

Sami, who looks a mess, rushes into the pub and runs into Brady. He asks what happened, and she explains that she had a job interview at a spa--a dog spa. She tells him the whole sordid tale of a vicious teacup poodle that attacked her. Turns out that Sami flung the dog into the pool, and a groomer had to dive in after it. Brady chuckles, guessing that she didn’t get the job. Sami shakes her head ruefully. Brady tells her that her dog skills might be a little off, but her skills with kids aren’t. He suggests that she try running a daycare service out of her home, since she already practically runs one as is. Sami guesses she does have some experience with kids, and thanks Brady for the advice. She starts to head off to talk to Caroline about the interview, but Brady stops her, saying he really is sorry she didn’t get the job. Sami admits that she is trying to take some initiative and show everyone that she doesn’t need a man. Brady guesses she really doesn’t know where Rafe is. Sami admits she doesn’t. Brady says that he knows some people, and offers to have them look for Rafe for her.

Arianna heads into Meredith’s parents’ basement. She sees the brick wall Meredith began and wonders what is going on here.

EJ shouts that all of this makes some sort of sick, horrible sense now. He claims that he knows Nicole had a miscarriage last winter, not years ago. He adds angrily that she must have had the miscarriage the night she went to the clinic and came home claiming she had some bleeding and a close call. He remembers that she was so upset that night, she could barely speak. Nicole sobs as EJ demands to know if that was the night she had the miscarriage--the night that she lost their child.

Sami thinks it seems sort of pathetic to have Brady search for Rafe when he clearly doesn’t want her in his life. Brady says that he has a gut feeling that that isn’t the case, since Sami and Rafe seemed so good together. Brady tells her he can have his people establish contact with Rafe within 24 hours, but Sami says that she needs to accept that that part of her life is over, and that it isn’t coming back. She thanks him anyway and heads off.

Arianna peeks over the brick wall, but finds nothing. She tells herself that she doesn’t get it, since Meredith knew that she was coming over.

Meredith is at the pier. She drags Rafe’s body over the edge of the pier, and with a grunt, pushes his body into the water. Meredith grins.

Nicole swears that she carried their daughter the full nine months, and launches into a story of her labor at the clinic to prove it. She thinks that EJ must realize that that little girl upstairs is his daughter. EJ says that he feels that with every fiber of his being, but he knows it can’t be true, since his daughter is dead. Nicole bawls.

In a bedroom, Carly screams at Lawrence that she had no idea she married such a monster. Lawrence shouts back that he had no idea he married such a bitch. We hear a slap, and then pan to Carly, who screams at Lawrence to stop it. She drives a knife into his stomach. Lawrence doubles over.


Bo tells Justin, “It's a separation.” He replies, “Does that mean you wanna make it legal?”

Sami sobs, “Grace, I'm so afraid that I am never gonna be whole again.”

EJ shrieks at Nicole, “She's not our biological she?!”

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