Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/1/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/1/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, EJ, Stefano, and Kate toast to Stefano and Kate’s marriage. Stefano wonders what was so important that Nicole had to miss their toast. EJ explains that she went upstairs to check on Sydney, but he isn’t sure what is keeping her so long.

Out in the foyer, Nicole talks to Brady, asking him angrily why he called her in Paris. Brady says he had no way of knowing EJ would answer the phone, and besides, there was a lot of static on the line, so he thought he was talking to her. Nicole snaps that Brady should have made sure before he opened his mouth and wrecked her life.

Victor walks into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion and finds Philip rummaging through a desk drawer. He asks what’s going on, and Philip explains that he is looking for a memory stick that has Titan-related information on it. He slams the desk drawer shut, cursing. Victor sighs, saying that it might help to talk about his mother marrying Stefano. Philip calls Kate DiMera a psychopath and a traitor and adds that she is no longer his mother. He then says that he doesn’t want to talk about her. Victor doesn’t think it’s as simple as that, but Philip says it is, and that Kate is out of his mind and his thoughts. He storms out into the foyer, but stops short when he catches sight of Stephanie.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Nathan talks to Lexie over the phone as Melanie walks in. Nathan promises to give Melanie the good news and hangs up. She asks what’s going on, and Nathan explains that they have both been reinstated at the hospital. Melanie, ecstatic, throws her arms around Nathan and hugs him, shouting for joy. She pulls back and the two gaze into one another’s eyes.

Brady asks Nicole to calm down as EJ comes to the door and listens in. Nicole scoffs, asking how she is supposed to calm down when he is wrecking her life. Brady asks Nicole to meet him down at the pier in ten minutes. She agrees, saying that she is on her way. She hangs up. EJ confronts her, asking where she is going, and who she was on the phone with.

Melanie backs away from Nathan uncomfortably and apologizes. She admits she got a little too excited, but she can’t help but be relieved by the news. She asks what else Lexie had to say, and Nathan explains that his shift starts in an hour. Melanie sighs, guessing that they won’t see a lot of each other anymore since their schedules are going to be busy again. Maggie starts to head into the kitchen but hangs back and listens in as Nathan suggests that he and Melanie actually make a plan to go out one night. Melanie asks if it is a date. Nathan says that she can call it whatever she wants. Melanie grins.

Philip asks Stephanie if everything is alright. She says that it is, and that she just came by to check up on him, since she heard about Kate and Stefano. Philip asks if she came by to offer her condolences. Stephanie says that she came as a friend, since she also heard that his mom was the one that poisoned Chloe and framed Daniel for it. Philip chuckles, saying Stephanie had better be glad she dumped him, since now she doesn’t have to deal with the mother-in-law from hell and all this drama to boot. Stephanie doesn’t answer. Philip sighs, saying it’s a tough room. Stephanie admits that she might have thought his joke were funny if she believed that breaking up with him was a good thing. Philip scoffs.

Stefano tries to feed Kate a piece of cake. She wants to go check on EJ, but Stefano assures her that this son can handle Nicole. He urges her to enjoy the cake she made for him, and Kate reluctantly eat the piece of cake Stefano offers.

Nicole explains that Sydney’s pediatrician was on the line, and that he wants to prescribe a different ointment for Sydney’s rash. She says that she was on her way to go get it, but EJ says she isn’t going anywhere, and that Mary can pick it up. Nicole whines that the pharmacist won’t give Mary the ointment. EJ agrees that she can go, but says that she needs to go to the living room to join them all in a toast to his father’s marriage. Nicole agrees and the two head into the living room. Stefano passes around champagne and proposes a toast to Kate, and to his beautiful grandchildren, Theo, Johnny, and Sydney. They all toast and Nicole puts down her glass, congratulating the two. She explains that she has to go and hurries off. Kate notes that Nicole seems in a rush, and wonders aloud of Nicole is running away from her or from EJ.

Maggie heads into the kitchen, and Melanie gives her the good news about her and Nathan being reinstated at the hospital. Maggie congratulates the two of them and abruptly asks Melanie to go down to the basement to fetch a box of Halloween decorations. Melanie heads off to do so. Nathan starts to go upstairs to get ready for his shift, but Maggie stops him, saying that she overheard Nathan asking Melanie out on a date. Nathan says that they just agreed to get together for dinner, but Maggie reminds him that that is a date. She warns Nathan that going out on a date with Melanie would be a huge mistake.

Nicole meets Brady at the pier and lays into him for telling EJ that the secret is out. Brady explains that he never thought EJ would pick up the phone, and when someone did, all he heard was static, so he assumed Nicole answered. She grumbles, saying that his assumptions are wrecking her life. She then asks what Brady meant by saying the secret was out, and wonders if anyone else knows that Sydney is Mia’s baby. Brady explains breathlessly that Arianna knows that she had a miscarriage. Nicole gasps. Brady hurriedly explains that Arianna doesn’t know when it happened, or that it happened while she was supposedly pregnant with Sydney. Nicole moans that it’s bad enough, considering Arianna’s brother is an ex-FBI agent that is out to get her. Brady asks what is going on with EJ, and Nicole says that he is very suspicious, of course, and that he wants to know what the big secret is. Brady sighs, saying he doesn’t see any way out of this. Nicole says she does, however, and that she needs Brady’s help to pull it off.

Nathan reminds Maggie that they already discussed this, and that he and Melanie are just friends. Besides, he isn’t looking for anything serious. Maggie says that Melanie isn’t either, which is what she already warned Nathan about. Nathan explodes, saying that he already knows Maggie thinks Melanie has feelings for Philip. He angrily accuses Maggie of thinking that Melanie will date him for awhile, then realize she is in love with Philip and dump him.

Philip wonders why Stephanie broke up with him if she doesn’t think it was a good idea. Stephanie explains that that isn’t what she meant, and that what she did mean was that ending things with him was hard and painful. She then adds that she will always have a place for Phillip in her heart. Philip says for his part that he will always regret what happened between him and Melanie, and that it was a terrible mistake. Victor walks in just then and chuckles, guessing that he is the only one that is glad the two of them broke up.

Stefano pours EJ more champagne and EJ asks jokingly if Stefano is trying to get him drunk. Stefano says he isn’t, of course, and EJ gets serious, wondering if marrying Kate made Stefano think of Tony at all, and how Kate’s son was the one that killed him. Stefano claims that you can’t help who you fall in love with, but EJ scoffs, wondering how Stefano can trust this woman. He reminds his father that they do business in the halls of this house, and they can’t just have her wandering around listening in, since discretion isn’t her strong point. Stefano abruptly says that he doesn’t want to talk about this, and that he just wants to rest before dinner. EJ wants to call Harold to check on him, but Stefano snaps that he’s a grown man that doesn’t need to be treated like a child. He pats Kate on the cheek and asks her to bring him up a drink to settle his stomach. He heads off. EJ shrugs at Kate. She glares.

Brady lays into Nicole for telling EJ that he had a relapse. Nicole asks what she was supposed to do--tell the truth and start looking for a trailer park to live in? She adds that Brady was the one that started all this in the first place by telling EJ. Brady wonders if she has considered the impact this will have on his life. He informs Nicole angrily that if his grandfather finds out, his career is over. Nicole swears that EJ won’t tell anyone, especially people he detests, but Brady thinks he would if he thought the news might cause unrest in the Kiriakis family. Nicole reminds Brady that if he plays along, EJ will drop the whole thing, but Brady refuses to lie about his sobriety.

Maggie claims that she is only trying to protect Nathan. Nathan apologizes to Maggie for yelling, but explains that when she warns him about dating Melanie, he feels as if she is saying that he can’t compete with Philip. Maggie claims that she thinks the world of Nathan, and that she thinks Philip is arrogant and screwed-up. She says that she also thinks that Melanie is inexplicably drawn to Philip, and she doesn’t want Nathan to be blindsided by that fact. She thinks Nathan knows that Philip has feelings for Melanie, too. Nathan scoffs, saying Philip just bailed her out of jail, but Maggie says that she knows all about the video. Nathan claims that Philip just used Melanie, and he doesn’t want Maggie thinking that he is Melanie’s fallback guy. Maggie thinks that Nathan deserves better, and that is her point. She wonders why Nathan should have to settle for some that doesn’t appreciate him for how extraordinary he is. She then begs Nathan not to borrow trouble.

EJ meets with Marco in the living room and tells him that he isn’t surprised by what he told him. He then asks him if he knows what to do. Marco nods and heads off to see what he can find out. Kate heads in just then and asks who Marco is. EJ explains that he is just an employee, but Kate guesses he wasn’t hired just to tend the roses. EJ remarks that she is very astute, but Kate retorts that that doesn’t answer her question. She demands to know who that man was, and what he does around here.

Brady tells Nicole that he would be insane to lie about relapsing, but Nicole says that he would only risk his reputation temporarily. She suggests that Brady just say that he had a slip, but he reminds her angrily that he heads up a major corporation. She thinks that his friends and family would forgive him, but he says she knows Victor would fire his ass on the spot. Nicole sighs, saying that she is desperate, and out of options. He has to help her. Marco creeps up just then and hides behind a nearby crate. He uses a sound device with a funnel on the end of it to record Brady and Nicole’s conversation. Nicole demands to know if Brady losing his job for a little while is a serious as her losing her little girl forever. She says that is exactly what will happen if EJ ever learns the truth. Marco leans in and grins.

Victor hands Philip the memory stick he was looking for earlier, and informs him that he doesn’t need to go to the office to look for it. Victor then tells Stephanie to feel free not to stay too long and heads off. Stephanie assumes Philip is back at Titan and reminds him of all the promises he made to himself. Philip grumps that he doesn’t see the need of being good and honorable when everyone around you just does as they please anyway. She asks if that is his new philosophy. He wonders if she even cares. She says she does, but Philip doesn’t think she cares enough to give him a second chance. Stephanie says that this would actually be his third or fourth chance. She adds angrily that it doesn’t matte anyway, since Philip is back to a life of a crime, and for her, that is a deal-breaker. Philip tells Stephanie that she can go, and that he isn’t in the mood for one of her lectures. She wonders what she was thinking coming here, and storms off, telling Philip that it’s his life. Philip downs a drink, saying it sure as hell is. Stephanie slams the door behind her.

Nathan tells Maggie that he is a big boy, and that he isn’t worried about Philip, because Philip doesn’t see Melanie for who she really is--smart, beautiful and funny. Just then, Melanie comes upstairs with box Maggie asked her to fetch. Maggie and Nathan stare uncomfortably. Melanie says she gets the feeling the two were talking about her. Nathan shrugs and shakes his head.

EJ shakes his head and chuckles, telling Kate that she has a lot to learn about being a DiMera wife. He says that the first thing she needs to learn is how to keep her eyes shut and her mouth closed. After that, everything else just falls into place. Kate scoffs, asking if that is how Nicole lives her life. Kate tells EJ that she noticed the tension between the two of them, and how they hardly looked at one anther. EJ claims that he isn’t about to explain his marriage to Kate. She grins, asking if she pushed one of his buttons.

Marco leans around the crate and records Brady and Nicole’s conversation. He quietly urges them to speak up. Nicole tells Brady that if he doesn’t lie for her, she’ll have to tell EJ the truth, and then she’ll lose everything. Brady thinks there must be another way, but Nicole claims there isn’t. She claims that she needs for Brady to make up for the colossal blunder he made, and be the friend to her that he was when she had the miscarriage. She reminds him that he knew then that that was her one and only chance to have a baby, and that he was kind and understanding about it. Marco listens in and grins.

Nathan hurries upstairs to get ready for his shift. Maggie reminds him to think about what she said. He promises to do so and heads off. Melanie abruptly accuses Maggie of sending her down to the basement so she could talk about her behind her back. Maggie says that she cares for Melanie very much, but she’s also protective of Nathan. Melanie accuses her of thinking that she might hurt him over Philip, or that Maggie just doesn’t want her nephew’s reputation tarnished by being seen out with the girl with the sex tape. Maggie claims that isn’t it, and that her feelings towards Melanie and Nathan only changed because she saw that Melanie clearly still has feelings for Philip. She adds that she doesn’t want to see either Melanie or Nathan get hurt. She thinks that if Melanie dates Nathan, but still has feelings for someone else, she’ll end up making herself miserable because she has a conscience. She tells Melanie that she doesn’t want to see that happened to her and urges her to let Nathan go for her sake and for his.

EJ tells Kate coldly that his marriage isn’t any of her business, nor is anything else that goes on in the house. Stefano calls from upstairs, asking Kate where his drink is. She says she has to go, but EJ stops her, warning her to treat his father with nothing but care and respect. Kate claims that her new career is taking care of Stefano, but EJ doesn’t buy it. He warns Kate that whatever his father made disappear for her, he can make reappear. Kate shrugs him off and heads upstairs to see Stefano.

Brady reminds Nicole that none of this would be an issue if she had just been honest from the beginning. Nicole sighs, reminding him that that ship has sailed. She wonders if Brady realizes that her daughter’s life is at stake, and that she will be taken from her if the truth comes out. She sobs, saying that Sydney will be traumatized by losing the only mother she has ever known, and she wonders if Brady really wants to inflict that kind of pain on an innocent baby.

Marco sits in the living room at the mansion. He tells EJ that eh thinks he got enough, and plays back Brady and Nicole’s conversation for him. EJ listens as Nicole reminds Brady how good of a friend he was during her miscarriage, and how he knew it was her only chance to have a baby. EJ frowns.

Victor comes back into the living room and asks Philip if Stephanie is gone. Philip says sarcastically that he is surprised, since Victor was so welcoming of her. Victor shrugs, saying he just didn’t want the two to get back together. Philip says there’s no chance of that. Victor sighs, saying it’s difficult to find a woman that doesn’t want to try to change something about you. Philip tells Victor that he actually knows a woman that likes him just the way he is. He hurries off.

Nathan comes downstairs and finds Melanie sulking at the table. He guesses Maggie filled her in on their conversation. She nods, saying that Maggie thinks that she is going to hurt Nathan, and also hurt herself in the process. Nathan doesn’t think it matters what she says, since he makes his own decisions. He ask Melanie if she wants to go on a date with him. She beams, saying that she does.

Brady tells Nicole that she knows he doesn’t want to see Sydney hurt. Nicole explains that she never thought she could love anyone the way she loves Sydney and EJ. She adds that loving them sort of makes up for her childhood, and makes her feel like a better person. Brady sighs, saying that he won’t lie for her--but he will lie for Sydney. Nicole thanks him, telling him how grateful she is, and what a good friend he is. Brady asks her to promise to make Sydney happy in return, and she vows to do so. She tells Brady that she doesn’t know what she would do without him and hurries off.

Now alone, EJ listens to the recording of Nicole talking about her miscarriage. He frowns and flashes back to Nicole telling him they couldn’t be intimate during the latter stages of her pregnancy. He then remembers how she refused to have any doctor other than Baker examine her. Finally, he remembers her reluctance to nurse in front of him. EJ comes back to the present and glares.

Stephanie and Nathan run into one another at the hospital. She says that she is glad to see him back, and that she’s happy he was reinstated. He smiles and thanks her, saying that he will see her around. Nathan then heads off to start his rounds.

Philip shows up at Maggie’s, and Maggie answers the door. He asks if Melanie is around. Maggie snipes back that she didn’t recognize him with his clothes on. Philip guesses that he deserved that, and Maggie lets him know that’s Melanie isn’t home. However, since Philip is here, she offers him some advice, and warns him not to hurt Melanie. If he does, he will have to answer to her. Maggie asks if that is clear.

Melanie runs into Brady at the pub, and gushes about what a good mood she is in. She notices that Brady doesn’t seem very happy and wonders what is wrong. Brady would rather not talk about it, but Melanie presses him, and he finally admits that he is forced to do a favor for a friend, and that Melanie might hear some unsavory things about him in the upcoming days. Melanie guesses that the friend is Nicole. Brady doesn’t want to discuss it, but Melanie wants to know what the favor was. Brady insists that it wasn’t for Nicole, but Melanie doesn’t believe him, since she thinks Brady is still in love with Nicole.

Nicole hurries into the mansion and apologizes to EJ for being late, claiming that the pharmacy was packed. EJ glares down at the desk, saying that he doesn’t want to hear it. Nicole asks what is wrong, and EJ explains that he found something out, and he needs time to digest it. Worried, she asks what he found it. He gives her a ghost of a smile, telling her that she’ll find out soon enough. He storms off. Nicole panics.


Meredith tells Rafe, “A slow death. It's better than you deserve.”

Sami tells Mia, “You're lying to me about something. What are you hiding?”

E.J. screams at Nicole, “I am sorry that I ever believed a word out of your lying mouth!”

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