Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/30/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/30/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

EJ and Nicole approach the door of the DiMera mansion, talking about how lucky it was that they were able to see Dr. Merriman on such short notice. Nicole sarcastically asks EJ if he is coming inside, or if he is going straight to see Brady, as she knows he has thought of little else. EJ agrees that he hasn’t, and Nicole angrily tells him to go over to the Kiriakis mansion, then. EJ says he plans on it, and Nicole demands to know if he really doesn’t believe a drug addict can have a relapse. She wonders why else Brady would call her and tell her the jig is up. EJ coldly reminds her that Brady said the secret was out. EJ then notices he left his phone in the car and heads off to get it. Nicole sighs and heads inside, telling herself that she needs some help from Brady and Stefano. Just then, Kate heads down the stairs into the foyer. Nicole asks what she is doing there. Kate grins, asking if Nicole really hasn’t heard. Nicole shakes her head in confusion as Kate explains that they are roomies.

Arianna runs into Meredith, who is carrying a shopping bag, outside the Cheatin’ Heart. Arianna asks what Meredith is doing in town, but she coldly informs Arianna that it is none of her business. Just then, Meredith stumbles and drops her bag. The contents spill out onto the pavement. Arianna hurries over to help her collect her purchases. Meredith tries to stop her, but Arianna notices that Meredith has bought a bag of mortar, among other things. She asks what Meredith is doing with mortar.

Handcuffed to a chair in a storage room, Rafe groans Sami’s name.

At her townhouse, Sami reads the email Meredith sent pretending to be Rafe. Sami grumbles, saying that she can’t believe Rafe is out of her life forever after one email. Just then, Will comes in, apologizing for rushing off the way he did earlier. He sees the look on Sami’s face and asks what’s wrong. Sami explains that she got an email for Rafe. She tells Will that Rafe is gone, and that he probably isn’t coming back.

Rafe flashes back to Sami telling him about Dr. Baker taking Grace away from her to work on her after she was first born. Rafe comes back to the present and groans, saying to himself that he has to get out of here and let Sami know that her baby is still alive, and that she’s Sydney. He finds that he is handcuffed to a pipe running along the wall. Rafe struggles to slip his hands out of the cuffs.

Will tells Sami that he is sorry, but she claims that this is all her fault anyway. She asks him about Mia, and how things are going, but Will admits that things aren’t going well. He tells Sami about the father of Mia’s baby finding out about her being pregnant. Sami is surprised he didn’t know, and Will explains that he was off at boarding school at the time, but now he’s back. Sami asks how he reacted to the news, and Will explains that he is angry, of course, and that he has decided that Mia had no right to give the baby away. Will sighs, saying that he is going to make Mia’s life miserable, and that he has to find a way to help her.

At the pier, Chad asks Mia if she is saying that she wants to get back together. Mia explains that she is refusing to have anything to do with him if he continues to try to find out where their baby is. Chad accuses her of blackmailing him, but Mia retorts that she would do just about anything to make sure her baby stays with the family that adopted her. Chad snorts, saying that he refuses to give up his child for a shot with his old girlfriend. He again demands to know where his daughter is.

Nicole hands Sydney off to Mary and heads into the living room to get an explanation from Kate. Kate insists she is living here now, but Nicole scoffs, finding it hard to believe that Stefano would rent a room out to her, of all people. Stefano heads in, chuckling. He puts an arm around Kate and informs Nicole that Kate isn’t renting a room--she’s the new mistress of the house. Nicole gapes as Stefano say that Kate is his new wife. He asks Nicole to give her new mother-in-law a great big hug. Nicole stares in shock.

Will complains to Sami that Chad is threatening to find the baby, and that he doesn’t seem to care that she has already gone to a good home. Sami sighs. Will explains that he talked to Uncle Mickey, who said that the laws are pretty clear about protecting babies in these circumstances. Sami thinks that everything will be alright, then. Will hopes so, but he worries that Chad is going to drive Mia crazy in the meantime. Will vows to find a way to help her through this.

Mia accuses Chad of acting as if this baby is his latest accomplishment that he can somehow own. Chad claims it isn’t like that, and that she knows how he feels. Mia disagrees, reminding him that she told him they could get back together if he dropped all of this, and he refused. Chad sighs, saying that he just wants to see his daughter. He wants to know if she looks like him or Mia, and he wants to hold her and let her know that he is her dad, and that he will take care of her. Mia says that she understands that Chad feels like he was left out of this decision, but she insists that she did what was right for her baby. She made sure that she was in a good home where she would be loved and protected. Now that part of her life is over, and she has moved on. She tells Chad that if he wants to be with her, he is going to have to move on, too.

Nicole asks Stefano if he is out of his mind, and demands to know if he has checked his blood sugar lately. Stefano grumps that he is in perfect health, and that he is tired of people asking if he is alright. EJ comes in just then and congratulates Kate, kissing her on the cheek. He and Stefano hug. Stefano takes Kate over near the terrace as Nicole hisses at EJ, demanding to know if he knew about this. EJ smirks, saying that she isn’t the only one that can keep a secret. He adds nastily that sometimes secrets get out.

Meredith snaps at Arianna that mortar is for fixing cracks in the wall. Arianna says she knows that, and Meredith softens, admitting that she is back in town to fix up her parents’ old house, as she plans on renting it out. Arianna is glad that she is back in town, and Meredith asks her angrily if she is just glad that she is no longer pining over her dead sister. Arianna apologizes, saying she knows it has been hard for Meredith, but she’s glad she has returned to town to reconnect with hr past. Arianna asks if she can buy Meredith a drink so they can talk. Meredith is reluctant at first, but then agrees, saying that that would be great. The two head into the Cheatin’ Heart.

Rafe struggles to free himself from the handcuffs, but has no luck. He spots a nail on the floor near his feet, and squirms lower into the chair, attempting to snag the nail with his foot.

Arianna and Meredith have a drink. Arianna apologizes for the way they left things the last time they spoke, and Meredith agrees that they both said some things they shouldn’t have. Arianna reminds her that she was grieving, but Meredith claims she shouldn’t have lashed out at Arianna, as none of this was her fault. Arianna says it wasn’t anyone’s fault, but she guesses that Meredith still blames her brother for Emily’s death. Meredith doesn’t think that is worth discussing, but Arianna tries to convince her that Rafe loved her sister. When she died, it broke Rafe’s heart, and Arianna thinks that he has suffered enough. Meredith shakes her head, saying he hasn’t--not remotely enough.

Chad tells Mia that the way she talk about their baby’s home, it sounds as if she knows who the parents are. Mia claims that she only read about them in the reports, but Chad asks how Mia can be sure the baby went to a good home, since those legal documents are just words. Mia explodes, sobbing and screaming that she isn’t sure, but that she is trying to believe that the parents ate good people and that her baby is happy. Chad tells with tears in his eyes her that ever since he overheard her talking to Will, all he has cared about is finding his baby. He tells Mia again that he wants to see her, but Mia says that she isn’t their baby anymore. Chad shakes his head, saying things would have turned out differently had he been around.

EJ and Nicole argue in the foyer. He tells her that he didn’t let her know about his father’s marriage because he knew she would react in just this way. Nicole asks him if she is supposed to jump for joy that there’s a rattlesnake living under the same roof as Sydney. EJ retorts that he was dedicated to having a good time on their honeymoon until she spoiled it. Nicole glares.

Kate points out a platter of dessert to Stefano, saying that she had the chef whip up some of his favorites to celebrate their first day as man and wife. Stefano thanks her, saying that that was nice if her, but that eh cant have any, thanks to his diabetes. Kate apologizes profusely, saying that she completely forgot and that she feels foolish. She offers to have Harold take the tray away, but Stefano asks her to leave it, chuckling and saying that eh likes to look at it.

Nicole flies into a rage, reminding EJ that she wasn’t the one that wanted to check out of their motel room a week early, and she wasn’t the one who was mean and nasty, and ruined what should have been the most romantic time in their lives. EJ snaps that the reason they’re back here is because she lied to him. Nicole says she can’t believe this. Her husband doesn’t trust her, and her father-in-law married a woman that she despises. She adds that she doest trust that Sydney will be safe in this house, and informs EJ that they are moving out. EJ grabs her arm, saying she isn’t going anywhere, and she isn’t taking his daughter, either.

Chad tells Mia that he cares about her, too, and not just the baby, but she tells him that they can’t go back in time and change things. Chad thinks they can still get back together, but Mia says there is only one way that can happen. Chad assumes he has to give up on finding his baby, and he wonders why Mia is so down on the idea of the two of them raising their baby together. She reminds him they would be two high school dropouts and wonders what century he is living in. She adds that he can fight for the baby if he wants, but he will lose, and by doing that, he’ll lose her, too. She adds that he needs to make a decision now. Chad says that if the two of them get back together, Will has to be out of her life for good, which includes being friends with him. Chad tells her to get rid of Will, and then they’ll talk. He stalks off. Mia sighs.

Nicole shakes EJ off, saying that he is hurting her. EJ hisses that neither her or Sydney is going anywhere until they get this sorted out. Nicole nods unhappily, and EJ says they are going to put smiles on their faces, and go congratulate his father.

Stefano holds a plate of tiramisu as Kate tells him the chef’s secret for making the ladyfingers so good. Stefano thinks he might just have two pieces. Just then, Nicole and EJ head in. Nicole snatches the dessert from Stefano, asking what he thinks he is doing. He explains that he is just having some cake his lovely bride had made for him, but Nicole lectures him about all the sugar. Stefano grumps that he has had his insulin shot already. Nicole snaps that now that Kate is around, she’d keep her insulin under lock and key if she were him. Stefano informs EJ and Kate that he needs to speak to Nicole alone, and the two head off to see Sydney. Stefano wonders what the hell is wrong with Nicole. She claims that she is just looking out of him, but he declares that she will have to treat Kate with the respect she deserves. Nicole scoffs, saying Kate doesn’t deserve any. Stefano asks Nicole to get out of his sight, but she wants to know if he married Kate to cover something up or just to stick it to Victor. Stefano claims that he and Kate are soul mates, but Nicole says she’d be careful where she put her soul when Kate is around.

Out in the foyer, EJ tells Kate that Sydney is asleep, but that she can meet her in the morning. Kate says that she can’t wait to meet her, since Stefano talks about her all the time. She thinks that Stefano is devoted to his children and grandchildren, and she loves that he is such a family man. EJ flatly tells Kate that they both know she only married Stefano for security reasons. EJ is curious as to what has happened to Kate that made her desperate enough to ask for his father’s help.

Arianna wonders if Meredith thinks that she is honoring her sister’s memory by holding on to all this anger. Meredith retorts that Emily would feel the same way she does. Arianna disagrees, and Meredith flies into a rage over Arianna assuming that she knows Emily better than her own sister. She throws some cash down on the table and starts to storm off, but Arianna begs her to wait, apologizing for what she said, and saying that she never meant to imply that she knew how Emily would feel. Meredith snaps that Emily doesn’t feel anything anymore and is now nothing more than a painful memory. She adds angrily that that is because Arianna’s brother killed her. And when he killed Emily, he snuffed out her life, too.

Stefano demands that Nicole show his wife some respect. He’s aware of the accusations against Kate, but she has not yet been arrested or convicted. Nicole scoffs, asking if he is saying that her crimes don’t count as long as she doesn’t get caught. Stefano chuckles, saying if anyone in the world knows just how that works, it’s Nicole. She frowns. Stefano then asks her why she and EJ are home after spending only one day on their honeymoon. Nicole sighs, admitting that it was a disaster. Stefano groans, hoping that EJ didn’t find out something that he shouldn’t have. He asks if that is why the two are back home.

Kate claims that she and Stefano got married because they both needed companionship. EJ slyly asks her if all of this really had nothing to do with the whole Daniel/Chloe poisoning thing. Kate grumbles, wondering why everyone keeps bringing that up. EJ tells her that he is positive his father pulled her feet out of the fire and demanded that she marry him in return. EJ wonders how Victor and Philip are taking all of this. Kate admits that Philip is a bit disconcerted, but Victor accepted it, and even walked her down the aisle. She thinks she may even be the one that can finally bring the Kiriakis and DiMera families together. EJ bursts out laughing, but admits stranger things have happened. EJ then gets serious and warns Kate that if she hurts his father, there will be no warning for her--and no forgiveness.

Arianna knows that Meredith and her sister were close, but it’s going too far to say that Rafe killed her as well. Meredith admits that she was being a bit dramatic. Arianna tries to assure her that Rafe thinks of Emily every day when he wakes up. Meredith frowns, saying she’s really touched that Emily is still on Rafe’s mind. She hopes that he never forgets her. Arianna is sure he won’t, and adds that she hopes Meredith also finds some peace. Meredith grins, saying she thinks she will soon enough. She asks Arianna to give Rafe her best if she sees him, and heads out the door. Arianna says to herself that she would--if she only knew where Rafe was.

Rafe pushes the chair aside and shimmies down the pipe to sit on the floor. He manages to get hold of the nail with his shoe and uses his foot to drag the nail within arm’s reach.

Sami and Will sit at the pub. Mia walks in just as Will gets a call from Mickey. He asks Mia to sit down and heads outside the take the call. Sami tells Mia that she thinks she is a very brave girl for telling Will the truth. Mia asks what she is talking about, and Sami explains that Will told her about Mia’s baby. Mia stares, shocked. Sami asks if that is ok, and Mia says it is, but she was surprised that Sami knew. Sami assures her that Will just told her so she could try to help. Just then, Will comes back in with news from his uncle. Mia interrupts, asking if she can have a word alone with him. Sami excuses herself and heads off. Mia glares at Will, asking him how he could tell his mother what she told him in confidence. She whines that she trusted him. Will says that he thought it wouldn’t be a big deal since she was his mom, but Mia retorts that he thought wrong. She says that she never should have told him the truth and declares that the two of them are over. She adds angrily that she never wants to see him again and storms off. Outside, Mia sighs. Inside, Will does the same.

In the park, Arianna makes a call, telling someone that she needs to meet with them right away.

Rafe works at picking the lock on his handcuffs. Just then, Meredith walks in.

Kate scoffs, telling EJ that she isn’t easily intimidated. EJ says that he is just warning her because he wants the best for his father. Kate says that she does too, and reminds EJ that Stefano wouldn’t have married her if he thought she was a liability, or that she was dangerous. EJ guesses that is true. Kate adds that she wouldn’t say the same for EJ, however. He asks what she means, and Kate explains that he has impeccable taste and is bright and discriminating, but he’s made a few mistakes along the way. EJ stares, surprised, as Kate tells him that marrying Nicole was a whopper.

Stefano demands to know why Brady would bother warning Nicole, and asks if she thinks someone has found out the truth. Nicole isn’t sure, but she figures Brady wouldn’t have called unless something major about Mia’s baby was about to break. Stefano asks about the other baby, and Nicole explains that she and Stefano are the only ones that know about the switch. She then adds that she fears EJ might make a move tonight, and insists that she needs Stefano’s help. Stefano agrees, but says that she will have to wait, as he can’t help her right now. Nicole says it can’t wait, but Stefano asks her to trust him, stop obsessing and help him celebrate his marriage. Nicole agrees to try to stonewall EJ, but wants Stefano to promise to help her. Stefano groans, giving her his word that he will.

EJ tells Kate that his marriage is none of her business and suggests that she steer clear of the subject. She reminds EJ that she is now his step-mother, but EJ says that he is a big boy and can take care of himself. Kate sakes her head, saying that she saw first-hand the damage Nicole is able to cause while she was married to Lucas. She warns EJ that Nicole is complicated. EJ grins, saying that she is no more complicated than Kate is.

Mia calls Chad from Maggie’s kitchen, telling him that she needs to see him.

Will heads into Sami’s place, and she asks how things went with Mia. Will admits that he screwed everything up by telling her about the baby. He sighs, saying Mia trusted him with her secret, and he blew it. Sami apologizes profusely, saying she had no idea she wasn’t supposed to say anything to Mia. Will assures her that this is his fault, not hers, since he is the one that made a promise and broke it. He wonders how he will ever get Mia to listen to him, since she said she never wants to speak to him again. He adds that he really needs his mom’s help right now.

Meredith notices that Rafe is sitting on the floor and wonders what was wrong with the chair. Rafe drops the nail he’s holding behind his back just then and it falls to the floor. Luckily, Meredith doesn’t notice. She grabs a loose pipe from the floor and knocks Rafe out with it, telling him that it’s his fault for forcing her to do that.

Arianna meets Roman at the pub, thanking him for agreeing to meet her. He asks if this is about her case, but Arianna wants Roman to run a name for her. He asks who it is, and Arianna explains that she needs information on Meredith Hudson.

Meredith wipes the blood from the pipe and grins at Rafe, saying that now he won’t ever get away.

Kate thinks both she and EJ are complicated, and adds that it didn’t make them very good business partners in the end. EJ flirtatiously replies that they were good in other areas, but Kate thinks that that the less that’s said about that, the better. She tries to bring Nicole up again, but EJ thinks they’d better not talk about that, either. Stefano comes out just then, inviting the two into the living room to toast to his and Kate’s marriage. The two agree and head in as Nicole heads out. She explains that she is going to check on Sydney and closes the door behind her. EJ stares after her suspiciously. Nicole sneaks over to her handbag and takes out her phone. She makes a call, and tells Brady that they need to meet right away.

Chad heads into Maggie’s kitchen and asks Mia if she spoke to Will. She nods miserably, telling Chad that it’s over between them. He asks what Will said, but she says he didn’t say anything. Chad is surprised he didn’t try to fight for her, but Mia snaps at him, wondering why it matters. She did what he told her to do, and she and Will are over--for good.

Will sighs, saying that Mia doesn’t trust him anymore, and he has no idea how to fix it. Sami says it’s hard to earn someone’s trust back once you lose it. She sighs, admitting that she doesn’t know what to say to Will, since that was the one thing she never figured out how to do herself.

Meredith grins and mixes mortar as Rafe is slumped over against the wall, unconscious.

Roman tells Arianna that this Meredith woman obviously isn’t very trustworthy, since Sami had him check her out just a few months ago. Arianna asks what he found out, but he wants to know what is going on first. Arianna admits that she isn’t sure, but whatever it is, it’s not good.

Meredith bricks up a wall around and in front of Rafe, telling him that he is finally going to pay--just the way Emily had to.


Maggie tells Nathan, “I overheard you asking Melanie out on a date and that would be a huge mistake.”

E.J. warns Kate, “Whatever it was that he made disappear, I can make reappear.”

Brady tells Nicole, “I don't see any way out of this.”

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