Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/29/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/29/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Rafe shows up at Sami’s place and tells her breathlessly that there is something she needs to know. Sami shouts that she doesn’t want to hear it. She adds angrily that he doesn’t want to be a part of her life, so he is dead to her. She slams the door in his face. Rafe wakes up with a groan in the storage room Meredith is holding him captive in. He moans Sami’s name and passes out. Meredith hurries over and checks his pulse, asking if he can hear her.

At her townhouse, Sami leaves Rafe another message. Arianna shows up and Sami asks if she has heard from Rafe. She says she hasn’t, but that she has left him a few more messages as well. Arianna admits that she knows she and Sami aren’t friends, but she wants them to work together to find Rafe, because if they don’t, she fears something terrible might happen.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Chad warns Mia not to lie, as he heard every word she said. He adds that it all finally makes sense now. She didn’t go to rehab--she left to have a baby. That’s why she was so angry with him for not keeping in touch. She tries to interrupt, but Chad bowls over her, telling her angrily that it wasn’t his choice to go to boarding school. He swears that he never would have let Mia go through all this alone had he known about his baby. Mia scoffs, saying she knows Chad better than anyone. Had he known, he would have just given her some money to take care of it at a clinic. Chad shrugs, saying he might have, but either way, he had a right to know about his child. He demands to know what the hell Mia did with his baby.

In a plane on the way back to Salem, EJ asks Nicole if she plans on stonewalling him the entire way home. She says she plans on telling him the truth, actually. She puts down her magazine and sighs, reminding EJ who he is. With all the people he and his father have working for them, she wonders if it is even possible that she and Brady could be keeping a huge secret from EJ. She adds that if EJ asked the people working for him about her, all they could say is that he and Sydney are her life. She adds that she would never do anything to hurt him, and that is the truth, so help her God.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel groans, saying he can’t believe he thought Victor would take the high road concerning his engagement to Chloe. He reminds Victor that he is marrying the woman he loves--the woman who makes him happier than he has ever been before, but Victor counters that loving Chloe nearly cost Daniel his life. Chloe walks into the foyer and listens in from around the corner as Victor declares that he would rather die than see Daniel marry that whore. Daniel angrily tells Victor that he has been good to him, and if it weren’t for him, Chloe wouldn’t be alive, and he’d probably be in jail. He adds that he is warning Victor, however--he will never speak that way about Chloe in his presence again.

Sami brings Arianna a drink and agrees that the two should work together to find Rafe. Sami still can’t believe that Rafe did this, since he isn’t the kind of guy to just disappear without saying anything to anyone. She is sure Rafe couldn’t have done anything like this before, but Arianna says he has.

Blood oozes from the wound on Rafe’s head. Meredith listens for a pulse and curses.

Victor asks Daniel if he remembers the story of Odysseus. Daniel didn’t think they were arguing about Greek mythology, but Victor ignores him, asking if he knows about the story of the Sirens, and how their song was so beautiful that it compelled men to drown themselves in the sea in an attempt to get to their island. Daniel says he does remember the story, and that Odysseus had himself lashed to the mast of the ship so he wouldn’t jump. He adds that he gets where Victor is going with this, and that Chloe isn’t a Siren. Victor retorts that she has destroyed a lot of men’s lives. He claims that Chloe isn’t worth it, and that Daniel can have any woman he wants. Daniel replies angrily that Victor has been like a father to him, but he will walk out that door forever if Victor refuses to accept his relationship with Chloe. Chloe walks in just then, saying that Victor is right and that she isn’t worth it.

Mia starts to say that if Chad had called her after he left--He interrupts, asking if she would have done things differently if he had. She admits she wouldn’t. Mia sighs, reminding Chad that they are both in high school. They never could have given her the life she deserves. Chad softens, asking if the baby was a girl. Mia nods. Chad asks if she has a picture of her, and asks what she looks like. Mia sniffles and shakes her head. Chad declares that he wants to see his daughter and asks Mia where she is.

Arianna explains that she and Rafe didn’t have anything to do with each other for quite a while. Sami admits that Rafe told her the two had had a falling-out, but he didn’t give her any of the details. Arianna isn’t surprised. Sami asks what happened, and why the two didn’t speak for so long.

Rafe wakes up with a groan. Meredith flips through a book nearby and tells Rafe that she has been doing her homework on him. She reads that Rafe was once suspended from the FBI. She clicks her tongue, saying it’s too bad that came too late for Emily. She then takes a picture of Grace out of the book, saying it’s so sad she died, since she was so innocent. Meredith informs Rafe that unfortunately, he won’t be reunited with Grace when he dies, since murderers go straight to hell.

EJ smirks, saying that Nicole sure knows how to play the innocent victim. She tells him that she loves him, but EJ claims that he has been played one too many times. Sydney cries. Nicole starts to get up, but EJ stops her, saying that Mary can handle it, and that they aren’t done here. Nicole says that she knows Sydney, and she’s not hungry, she’s in pain. She gets up, but EJ grabs her arm. Nicole shakes him off and hisses at him not to ever keep her away from her daughter. She storms off.

Arianna tells Sami that a few years ago, she made a big mistake. Rafe stepped in and helped her, and because of that, he took a huge hit. She adds that she wouldn’t blame him if he never spoke to her again. Sami thinks they both know how forgiving Rafe can be. She asks if Arianna thinks what happened before has something to do with why Rafe is gone, but Arianna shakes her head. She adds that Rafe isn’t working for the FBI anymore, so his job isn’t dangerous. In fact, the only dangerous thing he has done lately is help Sami hide EJ’s child from him. Sami groans, wondering if Arianna is saying that this is all her fault, but Arianna says that isn’t it. She tells Sami that she did some checking, and it appears that Nicole and EJ left the country with their baby. Sami wonders if she thinks EJ had something to do with Rafe’s disappearance, and Arianna shrugs, reminding Sami what happens if you’re an enemy of the DiMeras. Sami nods and agrees. Arianna thinks that they should question both EJ and Nicole. Sami wonders why they would need to speak to Nicole.

Meredith takes Rafe’s phone and tries to check his voicemail. She remembers that his password used to be ‘Emily’ and tries it. It doesn’t work. She then tries ‘Sami,’ which does work. Meredith glares at Rafe, saying that this is just one more betrayal of the woman he supposedly loved and then murdered. Meredith claims that if she had any doubts before about what she was doing, she doesn’t have any now. She adds that Emily would want her to make sure that Rafe never hurts anyone else.

Mia says that she gave the baby up for adoption, and that all she knows is that she has a good home. Chad asks if she is saying she never met the parents and Mia nods, saying that it was all handled through some agency. Chad wonders how Mia knows the baby has a good home, then. Mia explains that the agency has a great reputation and that they do background checks on the adopting couples. She tells Chad that they assured her that everything was fine. Chad doesn’t buy it, saying that he knows Mia. He knew she was lying about rehab because she would never touch drugs, and he also knows she would never just trust some agency like that. He reminds her how freaky she is about checking details, so he is sure she would never hand her child over to a couple of strangers.

Nicole brings Sydney back, and sits down, trying to comfort her. EJ asks worriedly if anything is wrong, but Nicole doesn’t think she has a fever. EJ panics, saying that they can’t get a doctor up here on the plane. Nicole tries to soothe him, telling him that Sydney doesn’t need a doctor. EJ thinks they need one if she has a fever, but Nicole shakes her head, saying that she knows EJ must be thinking of Grace. She insists that he is never going to have to live through that again because she is going to protect their child. She adds that if EJ believes nothing else she says, he had better believe that.

Mia swears that she has no idea where the baby is, but Chad doesn’t buy it, and demands to know where the adoption papers are. Mia doesn’t answer. Chad asks her for the name of the agency she used, and her lawyer, but she wonders why he is demanding answers from her. Chad yells that he knows she can’t just give a baby away without signing a lot of paperwork. He adds angrily that the paperwork probably required both parent’s signatures, and she sure as hell didn’t have his. Mia cries, saying that she didn’t think Chad would care. Chad vows to get his own lawyer and to put a stop to this phony adoption. He swears that he is going to get his daughter back.

Nicole tells EJ that she thinks the change in altitude might be a problem, since Sydney has been pulling on her ear. She thinks it might also be the molar she’s cutting. EJ, relieved, remembers that that tooth has been bothering her all week. Nicole tries to soothe Sydney and asks EJ to fetch some baby aspirin from the diaper bag. He heads over dutifully and gets the aspirin. EJ puts some medicine in the dropper and assures Sydney that she will feel much better soon.

Sami tells Arianna that she knows Rafe had some crazy idea about Nicole having something to do with Grace’s death, but that isn’t possible. Arianna says that Rafe knows that now. Sami asks what Rafe said to her about Nicole. Arianna flashes back to Rafe telling her about Nicole’s miscarriage. Arianna tells Sami that it doesn’t matter what he said, as he didn’t want Sami to know he was suspicious until he was sure that something happened. Sami wonders why Arianna is making it seem as if Nicole had something to do with Rafe’s disappearance, and wonders if it is just because she is married to EJ. Arianna doesn’t answer. Sami decides to get the police involved and picks up the phone to call her dad.

Meredith takes Rafe’s wallet and checks the contents. She finds mass cards for both Emily and Grace, and scoffs, assuming Rafe forgot that he still had her sister’s. She tells him nastily that he won’t have a mass card, because he isn’t having a service. She vows that no one will ever find his body, and that people will think he just left town. She grins, adding that the world will be a much better place once Rafe is gone.

Daniel tells Chloe not to ever speak that way about herself again. He says that she is worth it now, and that she always will be. Chloe reminds him that she does have a terrible track record, and that he really could end up getting hurt. She thinks that Victor is just trying to be protective. Daniel retorts that Victor is just being cruel, and adds that everyone makes mistakes, including Victor. The two start to head off, but Victor asks them to wait.

Nicole reminds EJ of the day she brought Sydney home, and how she was convinced she wouldn’t be able to care for her without the help of all those books. Then she realized that a lot of things came naturally to her as a mother. She then tells EJ that loving him and Sydney has made her more like the person she wants to be. She wonders if that counts for anything at all to EJ.

Mia tells Chad that there isn’t anything he can do, since the adoption was legal. He wants to know the name of the agency Mia used, but she refuses to say. He claims he has a right to know, but Mia screams back that she is sick of hearing him say that when he left town and never even called her. She adds angrily that he lost his rights long ago. Chad makes a grab for her knapsack, vowing to find some information on where their baby might be. Mia snatches it back and the two struggle. Will walks in just then and pushes Chad away, telling him to keep his hands off of Mia. Chad punches Will in the stomach. The two tussle as Mia looks on.

Meredith sends a message from Rafe’s phone, grinning and saying that Grace’s mommy has mail.

Arianna tells Sami that she would be more than happy to answer any questions that he police might have. Sami prepares to call her dad, but her computer beeps. Sami checks her laptop, and sees that she has an email from Rafe. She tells Arianna as much, and the two read the email.

Victor admits that Daniel is right, and that he has made his fair share of mistakes, including trusting Kate when she nearly ruined Daniel’s life. He adds that the day Daniel was baptized, he vowed to love and protect him no matter what. Daniel says that he has done that up until today. Victor says that he hopes he can remedy that, and explains that while he can’t give Daniel and Chloe his blessing, he will promise to keep an open mind when it comes to their relationship. Daniel thanks him, saying that that means a lot to both of them. Chloe agrees, vowing to make sure that she won’t make Victor regret his decision.

Will pummels Chad. Mia finally steps in and pulls Will off of him. Will demands to know what is going on, and Mia explains that Chad was trying to take her computer. Will asks why and Chad angrily says that he needed to read Mia’s diary. Shocked, Will asks if Mia told Chad the truth. Chad says she didn’t, and that he overheard her speaking to Will about it. He again demands to know where his baby is, but Will says that he has no idea. Mia says that she doesn’t know, either. Chad vows that he is going to find his kid and storms off. Will hugs Mia and attempts to soothe her.

Nicole agrees to call the doctor as soon as they land and have him take a look at Sydney. EJ is just glad the aspirin seemed to help. Nicole sighs, asking EJ where they go from here. He says that that all depends on what Brady has to say. Nicole wonders if EJ will believe her if Brady admits that he was talking nonsense because he was high on cocaine. EJ sighs, saying she has no idea how much he wants to believe her.

Sami reads Rafe’s email aloud. It tells her that he needs to get away and work things out for himself. He asks Sami not to contact him, as he probably won’t be available. He then asks her to give Johnny and Allie a kiss. Arianna admits that that sounds like Rafe. Just then, her phone beeps. It’s a text from Rafe, telling his sister that he has gone out of town for a while for some time alone. He promises that he will be fine and asks her to take care of herself. Arianna shakes her head, saying that she can’t believe Rafe would choose to say goodbye via text or email. Arianna says she thinks something isn’t right about all this.

Chloe heads outside while Daniel remains behind to speak to Victor. He thanks him for what he said and promises that eventually, Victor will see the best in her and will understand why he loves her the way he does. Victor say that all he wants is for Daniel to be happy. He hugs Victor, saying that he is happy, and that he wishes the same for Victor. Daniel heads off. Victor sighs.

Will reminds Mia that even if Chad finds their baby, he can’t just undo the adoption. Mia freaks out, telling Will that that can’t happen. She sobs, wishing that all of this would just go away. Will reminds her that his uncle is a lawyer. He decides to call Mickey to ask about Chad’s parental rights. Mia asks him to make sure he doesn’t mention her by name, and Will promises not to. He heads off as Mia thanks him. She sighs, grabs her purse, and heads out the door once Will leaves the room.

Daniel and Chloe snuggle on a park bench. Chloe can’t believe that Victor was so accepting of their engagement. Daniel is just glad he is willing to make an effort, and Chloe says she thinks it’s because Victor loves and respects Daniel as much as she does. Daniel sighs, saying he isn’t sure when the church will set her free, but as soon as they do, she is going to become his wife--Mrs. Jonas. Chloe says she can hardly wait, and the two kiss.

Victor flashes back to his argument with Daniel about Chloe. Henderson comes in and interrupts his reverie, asking if Victor if he can get him anything. Victor says he can’t. Henderson says he didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but he heard what Victor told Chloe and Daniel, and he thinks that Victor was very gracious. Victor agrees, grumbling that the cheap slut didn’t deserve it.

Sami blames herself for Rafe running off, saying that he was probably sick of dealing with her and her crazy problems. Arianna says that isn’t true and apologizes again for what she said to Sami earlier. She insists that Rafe loved Sami, and besides, it isn’t as if this is the first time he has needed his distance. She assures Sami that Rafe always comes back. Sami hopes that she is right.

Meredith tells Rafe that she never would have guessed that her time here could be so productive, but it has been, thanks to Stefano DiMera. She adds that if he hadn’t brought her back to town in the first place, Rafe wouldn’t be in this predicament. Rafe stares in shock. Meredith tells him that he has plenty of other things to be worried about right now and promises to be back as soon as she picks up some supplies. She heads off. Rafe passes out again.

Will heads back into the kitchen, telling Mia that he got in touch with Mickey, but Mia is gone. Will heads to the door and calls out for her, but she doesn’t answer.

Mia catches up to Chad at the pier and apologizes for him finding out about the baby the way he did. Chad sniffles, saying it’s amazing that they have a baby out there somewhere, but she reminds him that the baby isn’t theirs. She belongs to people that have raised her for nine months. She asks Chad what he would do with a baby--drop out of school and get a job making minimum wage? Chad doesn’t think it would have to be like that, but Mia reminds him that she carried their daughter for nine months. She also dreamed about raising her, but she knew she would be better off with a family that could give her the life she deserves. She begs Chad to let it go and let their daughter live her life. That way, maybe they can have theirs back again. Chad asks if Mia is saying that she wants to get back together.

Sami flashes back to Rafe telling her that he wants to legally adopt Grace and be her father in every way. Sami comes back to the present and sighs, saying that she has made an unbelievable mess out of her own life. He prays that she hasn’t ruined Rafe’s too, and tells God that she just wants Rafe to be happy.

Rafe dreams of banging on Sami’s door and yelling out the truth--that Nicole switched her baby for Grace, and that Sydney is her daughter.

Arianna runs into Meredith outside the Cheatin’ Heart and asks what she is doing back in town.

Nicole and Sydney head off to the bathroom. EJ sighs, telling himself that he loves Nicole very much, but if she has been lying to him, there will be hell to pay.


Chad tells Mia, “I wanna see my baby.” She retorts, “She's not yours.”

Nicole snaps at EJ, “Guess what. We're moving out.”

Meredith says, “Your brother killed my sister, Arianna.”

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