Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/28/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/28/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Outside the DiMera mansion, Brady calls Nicole. EJ answers her phone in their hotel room in Paris. As he listens, Brady shouts over the static that Nicole needs to call him back as soon as possible. He adds that the secret is out. EJ asks Brady what secret that might be. Brady, startled, stammers.

At the pier, Daniel gets down on one knee and asks Chloe to make him the happiest man in the world and marry him. She hesitates. Daniel sighs, figuring he jumped the gun. Chloe asks him to stop, as that isn’t what she meant. She laughs, telling Daniel that of course she will marry him. He jumps up, takes her in his arms, and kisses her.

Chad calls Mia from the hospital. She’s studying at Maggie’s place, and answers with a groan, asking what he wants. He explains that he came to the hospital to check on Will’s dad. Mia informs him that Mr. Horton has already checked out, and is going someplace he can get help. Chad reminds her that she did the same. Mia sighs, asking if he called to accuse her of lying about going to rehab again. Chad says that he is sorry if he hurt Mia’s feelings, but he can’t seem to wrap his brain around this. He doesn’t think her getting hooked on drugs makes any sense, and he is sure that it can’t be true.

Arianna shows up at Sami’s place and demands to know what she has done with her brother. Sami stares in surprise as Arianna fumes, saying that she has left Rafe a hundred messages, and he hasn’t called her back. Sami explains that Rafe hasn’t returned any of her calls, either. Arianna glares, saying that Sami has better not be keeping something from her.

In some kind of warehouse or storage room, Rafe wakes up with a groan and finds himself tied to a chair. He sees Meredith and asks her what the hell she is doing. She grins, saying that she is doing something she should have done years ago--when he killed her sister.

Mia claims that she doesn’t care what Chad thinks, but he insists that she couldn’t have gone to rehab, and that she couldn’t have changed that much. She demands that Chad stay away from her and hangs up. Just then, Will knocks on the door. Mia answers, asking if he is alright. He says he is, now that he knows that his dad is getting the help that he needs. Will admits that both of his parents are crazy, and that is why he understands why Mia did what she did. Mia doesn’t understand. Will says that he doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t make a good mother, it’s just that hr situation at the time wasn’t great. So he understands why she gave her baby to parents that can really love her.

Brady claims that he can’t hear EJ, but EJ scoffs, saying that the line is clear now, and he knows Brady can hear him perfectly well. He asks what secret Brady is talking about. Brady asks EJ to put Nicole on the line. EJ refuses. Brady hangs up on him abruptly. Nicole comes out of the bathroom just then, telling EJ that she found the perfect restaurant for them to go to. EJ glares, telling her that he just got a phone call for her fro Brady Black. He said that the secret is out, and EJ wants to know what secret he is referring to.

Will tells Mia that it’s great to love a child and want to raise it, but he really admires her for realizing that she couldn’t do that. Mia admits she almost changed her mind, but he’s right that the baby’s parents can give her a much better life than she ever could, since they have a great home and lots of money. Will asks Mia how she knows that, since he thought the adoption was closed. Mia stares. Will reminds her that she told him she didn’t know who the parents were.

Nicole tells EJ that she has no idea what Brady is talking about, as she hasn’t spoken to him in weeks. EJ tells her that Brady said he was glad that he caught Nicole, since he needed to talk to her about a secret that’s out. EJ wants to know what the secret is, but Nicole swears that she has no idea. EJ proposes that she call Brady and find out while he listens in on the conversation. Nicole sweats.

Sami asks Arianna why she thinks she wouldn’t say anything if she knew where Rafe was. She demands to know if Arianna is accusing her of hiding Rafe somewhere. Arianna sighs, asking Sami if she really doesn’t know where Rafe is. Sami says she doesn’t, and doesn’t see why that is such a surprise, since she and Rafe broke up. Arianna shakes her head, asking if Sami really can’t see how in love with her Rafe is. Sami doesn’t get it, wondering why Rafe won’t return her calls if he is so in love with her. Arianna tells Sami that she thinks something must be terribly wrong.

Rafe insists that he didn’t kill Emily. Meredith ignores him, laying into him for replacing Emily so easily. Rafe claims that he didn’t, and that what happened between him and Sami didn’t happen overnight. He says that it took a long time for him to fall in love again. Meredith smirks as Rafe tries to assure her that he loved Emily, and that he never forgot about her. He adds that he knows Meredith knows that what she is doing is wrong, since she is a good person, just like Emily was. Meredith scoffs, saying that she is just doing what a good sister should. Rafe can’t imagine that she thinks that she will get away with this, but Meredith claims that she doesn’t want to.

Daniel slips the engagement ring on Chloe’s finger. She tells him that she can’t stop smiling, and Daniel explains that he doesn’t want her to. He kisses her, saying that he still can’t believe they are together, since just a few days ago, he feared that he would never see her again. He vows that they will be together--now and forever. They kiss again. Daniel then tells Chloe that there is someone in town he wants to give their good news to, since the man is like a father to him. Chloe assumes he means Victor. Daniel nods, saying that he knows Victor has been cruel to Chloe, but he is hoping that that will change. Chloe says that she knows Victor is important to Daniel, so she will try to believe that, too. Daniel hugs her and thanks her, explaining that Victor stood by his side and brought Justin in to defend him. If it hadn’t been for Victor, he might not be a free man, and Chloe might not be alive. Chloe says that she thinks they both owe Victor a lot. Daniel decides to give Victor the good news right away, and tell him that he hopes he and Chloe can start seeing the best in one another. Chloe explains that while he is doing that, she also wants to break the news of their engagement to someone that is special to her.

Mia claims that she doesn’t know who adopted her baby, but the adoption agency gave her a report about the parents, so she knows they sounded like good people. Will asks if she knows their names, but Mia claims she doesn’t. Will says that he hopes Mia’s baby knows what a great thing she did for her one of these days and realizes that Mia did what she did out of love. Just then, Mia’s phone rings. She doesn’t recognize the number, but Will encourages her to answer anyway. She does so, and Brady is on the other line. He asks Mia to drop whatever she is doing, because he needs to meet with her right away.

Nicole claims she forgot Brady’s number, but EJ knows that isn’t true, since his name came up on the caller ID and thusly must be in her address book. Nicole says she just forgot because she hasn’t talked to him in a while. She takes the phone, but EJ tries to get it back, suggesting that he call Brady himself. Nicole refuses, begging EJ to give her two minutes to talk to Brady. Then she’ll be able to explain everything. EJ thinks that would be a first. She sighs, admitting that she was dishonest before, and that she has been in contact with Brady. She claims that it isn’t what EJ is thinking, and that she is pretty sure Brady is using cocaine again. EJ thinks that is unfortunate. Nicole nods, saying it is, because Brady keeps saying things that don’t make sense, and when they do, you can’t believe a word he says EJ smirks, saying that that reminds him of someone else he knows. Nicole doesn’t understand. EJ shouts that he is referring to her and the lies she is constantly spouting. She gasps. EJ grabs her face and screams that she is lying to him. Nicole quivers.

Brady asks where Mia is, and she explains that she is at home. He agrees to meet her there in five minutes and hangs up. Mia explains to Will that his aunt is coming home and wants to speak to her about something. Will says that he will take off, then, and kisses her goodbye. He starts to head off, but Mia stops him, telling him that his parents must have done something right, since he is the best person she has ever met.

Nicole claims she isn’t lying, but EJ reminds her that she hasn’t exactly been straightforward in the past. He knows what her father did to her, and what a horrible childhood she had, so he has allowed her to dissemble from time to time. Nicole claims that isn’t what she is doing, but EJ says he talked to Brady. Not only did he not sound high or drunk, he sounded stone-cold sober. Nicole claims that he seems that way sometimes, and that’s why she told him before that Brady’s behavior is erratic. EJ finds it hard to believe that Nicole has known about Brady falling off the wagon for days or weeks and hasn’t mentioned it. Nicole claims that that was because she knows how much EJ hates Brady, and she didn’t want to see him gloat over Brady’s misfortune. EJ demands that Nicole call Brady back.

Meredith tells Rafe that she lost her job at the hospital shortly after she came to Salem the last time. She scoffs, saying that they told her she was unreliable and unstable. Rafe says sarcastically that he can’t imagine why they would think that of her. She glares and he quickly covers, saying that he knows she has a good work ethic. He reminds her that lots of people get fired, and the answer is to get a new job. Besides, just because she got fired doesn’t mean she has to be unhappy. Meredith claims that she can’t be happy without her sister. Every time she got depressed or upset Emily was the only one that could calm her down. Now that Emily is gone, she is just barely getting by. Rafe doesn’t think she can mean that, but Meredith insists that she doesn’t care if she gets arrested, or even if she dies--so long as Rafe dies first.

Chloe meets Father Matt at the pier, and thanks him for meeting her. She says that she appreciates all he has done for her, but that she needs his help once again. He agrees, and she reminds him of how he told her to follow her heart and accept God’s blessings for her. She says that she has done that, and she now realizes that she and Lucas were never supposed to be together. When she said that she loved him, she was lying to both Lucas and to herself. Father Matt doesn’t understand, and Chloe explains that she only married Lucas out of some strange obligation to take care of both him and Allie. The priest say that she doesn’t owe him any explanations, but Chloe says that what she is trying to say is that she doesn’t feel a divorce from Lucas makes much sense, since their marriage wasn’t based on love. Father Matt asks if she is trying to say she wants an annulment. Chloe nods, explaining that Daniel proposed to her, and she accepted. She adds that it would mean more to her than anything in the world if Father Matt and God would bless their union.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor hugs Daniel, telling him how glad he is that the hospital reinstated him. He admits that he feared Daniel would leave town after all that Kate has done. Daniel says he is staying, and that he can handle Kate. Victor chuckles, saying he thought the same thing. Little did he know, Kate was a homicidal maniac. Victor admits that he wishes he did more to help Daniel, but he had Philip to consider. Daniel say he understands, and that Victor has done enough. After all, he owes Victor his life. Victor say that that is enough with the gratitude, and tells Daniel how glad he is to hear the news about the hospital. Daniel says that he also has some more news that he hopes will also make Victor happy. He informs Victor that he and Chloe are getting married. Victor says flatly that he can’t be serious.

Sami offers to call her dad and get him on this, if Arianna really thinks something is wrong, but Arianna stops her, saying that she shouldn’t have come here. She adds that if Rafe is taking time for himself to get Sami out of his head, then that is a good thing. She adds angrily that all her brother has done since his break-up with Sami is worry about her day and night. Arianna accuses Sami of not giving Rafe a second thought. Sami tells her that she doesn’t know what goes on in her head, but Arianna ignores her, telling Sami that she isn’t good enough for Rafe, and that she never will be. She snaps that wherever Rafe is, it’s a hell of a lot better than being here with Sami.

Rafe doesn’t think Meredith cam mean what she said, but she says she does, and that she is glad Rafe can finally understand what Emily went through those last horrible moments she was alive. Rafe tells Meredith that she can still walk away form this, and that he won’t tell anyone what happened if she just lets him go. She refuses. Rafe informs her that she is making the tragedy of her sister’s death worse, but Meredith claims she is just avenging Emily. She then randomly starts quoting Romeo and Juliet, picking up a brick and knocking Rafe out with it.

Sami admits to Arianna that she has done a lot of bad things in her life, but she loves Rafe, whether Arianna accepts that or not. Arianna apologizes, saying she had no right to say the things she did. She admits that Rafe has been going through a tough time lately, and that she is looking for someone to blame. Sami says she can relates to her protectiveness of her brother, and promises to call Arianna the moment she hears from Rafe. Arianna promises to do the same and heads off. Will comes in just then, asking if everything is ok. Sami admits that she isn’t sure. Will says that they can talk later, but Sami says they need to do so now--and it’s about Mia.

Brady sits in Maggie’s kitchen with Mia, telling her that there is something she needs to know, and that it will probably come as a surprise, since he has been so insistent that she keep the secret about Sydney. Mia says that she realizes that Sydney is better off with EJ and Nicole, but Brady interrupts, saying that he screwed up big time, and that he is no longer sure that EJ and Nicole can give Sydney a happy life.

Nicole starts to call Brady, but then stops, telling EJ that there is no way in hell that she is calling him. EJ thinks that she has just confirmed his suspicions, but Nicole retorts that his suspicions are baseless, and that he is ruining their lives with them. EJ accuses her of refusing to put his mind at ease, but Nicole says that isn’t possible. EJ vows to find out the truth, and Nicole hands him the phone, telling him to call Brady himself. EJ scoffs, saying she knows Brady won’t say anything to him. He decides that he wants to talk to Brady in person. He says that Mary can have Sydney ready and that they can head home within the hour. Nicole protests, but EJ says that they are going home to confront Brady. Then he can finally get the truth out of both of them. EJ storms off. Nicole sighs.

Victor tosses back a drink, saying he needs it to keep from jumping out of his skin. Daniel scoffs, saying he is out of here, but Victor stops him, saying that he only has Daniel’s best interests at heart. He is sure that Chloe has her charms, but Daniel needs to look at her track record. First she broke Philip’s heart, then drove Brady to drugs, and now Lucas is in rehab because Chloe made a cuckold out of him. Daniel scoffs, asking if Victor has considered that all thee of these men had something to do with their own downfalls. Victor says that Daniel can spin it any way he wants, but the truth of the matter is that Chloe destroys every man she touches, and he’ll be damned if she does the same thing to Daniel.

Sami explains that Lucas told her all about Mia before he left. Will groans, guessing he said something about a substance abuse issue. Sami starts to explain that she likes Mia, but Will tells her that she has it all wrong, and that the rehab story was just a cover. Sami asks what he means, and Will tells her that Mia told people she went to rehab to hide the fact that she got pregnant and had a baby. Sami gasps, guessing that Mia was forced to give it up.

Mia freaks out, guessing that EJ knows the truth about Sydney. Brady isn’t sure that he does, but even if he doesn’t, he is probably a lot more suspicious now than he was before. Either way, Mia needs to be prepared. She asks him what Nicole has to say, but Brady admits that he hasn’t been able to get in touch with her. He decides to head back to the mansion to see if Nicole tried to call him on a land line. He ask Mia to try to stay calm, and promises to let her know as soon as he hears word. We pan in on Chad, who is spying in on the two through the window.

Meredith tells an unconscious Rafe that she read the police report, and that she knows her sister suffered horribly before she died. That’s why she plans on making sure Rafe’s death is slow and painful.

Daniel wonders what the hell is the matter with him, thinking that Victor would take the high road. Victor scoffs, reminding Daniel that he was a hero a moment ago. What is he now, the mean bastard that is raining on Daniel’s parade? Daniel snaps that he is marrying the woman he loves--the woman who makes him happier than he has ever been in his entire life. Victor reminds Daniel that loving Chloe nearly cost Daniel his life, and that she will eventually be his downfall. Daniel guesses sarcastically that he doesn’t have Victor’s blessing. Just then, Chloe walks into the mansion and listens in from the foyer as Victor snaps that he would rather die than see Daniel marry that whore.

Brady promises Mia that they will get through this, and whatever happens, she has people in her life that love her. She thanks him, and he heads off, telling her to call if she needs him. Mia gasps, remembering Will.

Will explains that Mia gave her baby up to a good home, and adds that he hopes Sami won’t judge her for that. Sami says she would never do that, but she worries about Mia, since that is a lot to go through for someone her age. Will warns Sami not to say anything to anyone, as Mia swore him to secrecy, and he already feels badly for telling Sami. Just then, Mia calls. She tells Will that something awful happened, and it has to do with her baby She begs him not to tell anyone what she told him about her pregnancy. Will says that he will come over to Maggie’s to speak to her and hangs up. Will tells Sami that he will talk to her later and hurries off.

Chad walks into Maggie’s kitchen. Mia says that he scared her, but he ignores her, asking if what he heard is true, and if she had a baby. She accuses him of eavesdropping, but Chad ignores her, reminding her that she was a virgin when they first made love. He guesses that the baby she gave away is his.

On a plane back to Salem, EJ demands to know if Nicole intends on stonewalling him the whole way home. She puts down her magazine and shakes her head, saying that she actually plans on telling him the truth--right now. EJ listens expectantly.

Sami calls Rafe and leaves him a message, telling him that she and his sister are really worried about him. She asks him to call her or Arianna back and let them know that he is ok.

Meredith vows that once Rafe wakes up, he will be sorry about what he did to her sister, and he will be sorry that he is alive.


Chad tells Mia, “I'm gonna put a stop to this phony adoption, and I'm gonna get my daughter back.”

Sami asks Arianna, “What caused the two of you not to speak for so long?”

Meredith tells Rafe, “The world will be a better place once you're gone.”

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