Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/25/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/25/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole and EJ head into their hotel room in Paris. EJ’s arms are full of shopping bags. He asks Nicole to take one of the packages and sets the rest down on the bed with a groan. Nicole grins ecstatically, surveying her husband and her purchases with satisfaction.

Lucas wakes up in the hospital. He looks around in confusion and catches sight of Maxine, asking her what he is doing here. She explains that his family called the paramedics because he had alcohol poisoning. Lucas sighs.

Outside Lucas’ room, Will tells Maggie that he will never forgive Chloe for what she has done to his father. Maggie reminds him that Lucas is responsible for his own actions. Will shakes his head, saying he just doesn’t understand, since he thought Lucas was dealing with the fact that Chloe cheated. Maggie tells Will that there was something else that pushed his father over the edge--something that Will needs to know about.

Kate wakes up in bed to find Daniel beside her. He kisses her. She says that it feels wonderful, like a dream. Daniel tells her that it’s now a reality. The two kiss again. Kate wakes up with a start, alone in bed at the DiMera mansion. She glances over at the bedside table and sees a picture of Stefano staring back at her. She sighs.

At Daniel’s place, Chloe sleeps in Daniel’s bed. He wakes her up with a kiss and she smiles, glad that this isn’t a dream. Daniel says it isn’t, and that they are together now. He vows to never leave her side again.

Will gasps, saying that he can’t believe his grandmother married Stefano. He asks if Kate and Stefano were even dating, but Maggie says she isn’t sure. All she knows is that the two are now married. Maxine heads out of Lucas’ room, telling Maggie and Will that they can see Lucas now, as he is awake. The two head in, and Lucas immediately apologizes to Will. Will asks how he is feeling, and Lucas admits that he is doing better now that the alcohol is out of his system. He apologizes again, swearing to Will that this will never happen again. Maggie reminds Lucas that he can’t make a promise like that. He snaps at her to get off his back. Maggie insists that he can’t start drinking every time things don’t go his way. Lucas interrupts, telling her he doesn’t want to hear it. He reminds her that she lied to him for months and allowed him to be made a fool of. He adds that he doesn’t want to hear a word Maggie has to say. Just then, Sami comes in, telling Lucas that he may not want to listen to Maggie, but he is sure as hell going to listen to what she has to say.

Nicole asks EJ if they can make their honeymoon last forever. He surveys her purchases critically, saying he isn’t sure they can afford it. Nicole admits ruefully that she did go a bit overboard. EJ reminds her that she deserves it, as this is their honeymoon. He tells her to get friendly with her new clothes and says that he is going to check on Mary and Sydney. Nicole promises to be there shortly. EJ heads off. Nicole sighs, saying she is so glad to be in Paris and far away from Salem. Now she finally has everything she wants--her husband and her beautiful daughter. She grins, saying there’s no Sami, no Rafe, or anyone else than can ruin things for her.

Kate heads into the foyer of the DiMera mansion and greets Philip, surprised that he is here. Philip explains that he is only here because of Lucas and curtly informs Kate that thanks to her schemes and lies, her son tried to kill himself last night. Kate gapes.

Sami lays into Lucas, wondering how he could do this. He sarcastically explains that he wanted a lecture from his bossy ex-wife. Sami asks Maggie and Will to give her a moment alone with Lucas, and the two head off. Sami rails on Lucas, reminding him that he could have died. She also adds that he has horrified their son, who is clearly worried about him. Lucas thinks Will is a tough kid, and that he will be fine. Sami ignores him, telling Lucas that he is self-destructing. She begs him to let her help him, reminding him that he needs his family around him at a time like this. Lucas groans that he doesn’t need anyone, including her and her sympathy act. Sami tells Lucas that if he won’t listen to reason, then he leaves her no choice. Sami informs him that if he doesn’t stop this downward spiral, she’ll make sure that he never sees his daughter again.

Arianna confronts Troy at the pub, reminding him about the meeting she wants with his boss. Troy says that he sorry, but the boss isn’t interested. Arianna wonders if he realizes he is going to lose his top distributor, but Troy shrugs, explaining that the boss is private. Arianna sighs, promising that she will be discreet, but that she is going to move on if she can’t get this meeting. She adds that she is ambitious, and isn’t interested in being a small-time dealer. She promises to show him how grateful she is if he does this for her. He reluctant agrees to try one more time. Arianna asks him to do better than try, and to get it done for her. Brady walks in just then and sees Arianna stroking Troy’s face. He frowns.

Lucas lays into Sami, saying that this is just like her, threatening to take away his kids. He wonders if she will tell the judge he hit Allie, just like she lied and said he hit Will. Sami explains that she doesn’t have to lie this time, since he’s running around drunk and is obviously unfit to be a parent. Lucas grumps that he is a great father, and Sami agrees that he would do anything for his kids, but he’s also an alcoholic. Until he can get this under control, he’s not going to be very good at anything. She adds that she is willing to take Allie from him if that is the only thing that will motivate him to get help. Lucas begs for a little time and swears that he will stop drinking. He reminds her that he has stayed sober for years in the past, and that he can do it again. Sami tells Lucas that that isn’t enough this time, and she explains that he must check himself into rehab.

Kate wonders what happened to Lucas, and Philip snaps that she did. First she tried to off his wife, and then she married the guy that tried to kill his brother. He adds angrily that Lucas got drunk and ended up in the hospital, saying that he nearly died. Kate gasps as Stefano walks in, wondering what is going on. Kate explains that Lucas is in the hospital and that she has to go to him. Stefano offers to come with her, but she thinks that he will just make things worse. She flies upstairs to get dressed. Philip tells Stefano angrily that he may have blackmailed Kate into marrying him, but he isn’t part of their family. Philip starts to warn him about something else, but Stefano chuckles and stops him, reminding Philip what happened the last time he went after him, and how things didn’t work out so well. He taps his head, giving Philip a pointed glance, and heads into the living room. Philip sighs.

Brady apologizes for interrupting, but tells Arianna that he called in a breakfast order. She tells him she is on break, but Brady notes that everyone else working here seems to be on break as well. She excuses herself to Troy and heads off for the kitchen. Brady greet Troy, asking how his rehab is coming along. Troy says that things are going well, and Brady asks what meeting he is attending. Troy stammers, saying that he goes to the one with all the doughnuts. He tells Brady to tell Arianna that he will see her later and rushes off. Arianna comes back with Brady’s order, wondering where Troy went. Brady says that he had to leave, but he is sure he will be back based on how strong Arianna was coming on to him. She scoffs, saying that Troy is just a friend. Brady says he has to go and starts to leave, but Arianna calls out after him that Troy is her friend--just like Nicole is his. Brady wonders why she would bring Nicole up. Arianna shrugs, saying that she is just pointing out that Brady has friends, too.

Nicole comes out of the bathroom in a negligee, telling EJ that this is his first gift. He grins, and asks her to come over, as he’d like to unwrap her. She giggles again and heads over, putting some honey on a spoon and letting him eat some. She rubs some on his chest, saying she’ll eat that later. EJ grins and grabs her, pulling her down into his lap. The two kiss and giggle, saying how much they love each other.

Lucas promises to start going to meetings again, but refuses to check himself into a clinic. Sami says that isn’t enough. She knows that Lucas is going through a lot right now, and frankly, she feels that he is better off without Chloe, but he needs to focus on his family right now and the people that love him and need him. Lucas admits that he feels badly about Allie getting so attached to Chloe. He thinks that he let his daughter down. Sami tells him that Allie loves him, and that he hasn’t let her down, but he will if he doesn’t agree to get help. Lucas agrees that Sami is right, and that he must do something. Later, Sami lets Maggie and Will in, and Lucas apologizes to both of them again. He tells Will that he is proud of the young man he has become. Sami tells the two that Lucas has agreed to get professional help. Sami then explains to Lucas that Maggie found a clinic that is willing to take him, and it’s one of the best in the country. The only drawback is that he would have to leave Salem.

EJ and Nicole roll around in bed. She suggests that she call Mary and ask her to keep Sydney at the park for another hour. EJ thinks that’s a great plan. Just then, his phone rings. He checks the caller ID and sees that it’s Stefano. He groans, telling Nicole that he has to take it. She heads off for more champagne as EJ answers. Stefano asks how things are going in Paris, and EJ says that everything is fine. He asks how things are going back at home, ad Stefano claims that they have never been better. He informs EJ that he got married last night. EJ, thinking he heard wrong, asks Stefano what he said. Stefano again explains that he got married--to Kate Roberts. He tells EJ merrily that it appears that they are both on their honeymoon. EJ, flabbergasted, doesn’t reply.

Arianna claims that she only brought Nicole up because Brady was cross-examining her about Troy. Brady claims he wasn’t doing any such thing. She reminds him of how many times he has demanded she back off when it comes to Nicole. He asks if that is why she clammed up about Troy, but Arianna says she doesn’t have anything to say about him. Brady grumps that he saw the way Arianna was looking at him. She demands to know if he is jealous, but Brady claims he is just concerned about Troy’s recovery, since you aren’t supposed to date while in recovery. Arianna can’t believe he is so worried when he’s known Troy for all of ten minutes. She adds angrily that it must be because likes to help people so much--just the way he helped Nicole lie to her husband for all these months. Brady asks what she means by that, but Arianna claims that she didn’t mean anything, and that she is just rambling. Brady presses her, and she quietly admits that she knows about Nicole’s miscarriage. He demands to know if she has been eavesdropping, but Arianna declares it doesn’t matter how she found out. She asks Brady if the baby was his. He stares, astonished, saying it wasn’t, and wondering how she can even ask that. She immediately apologizes, but Brady stops her, telling her that she can’t tell anyone about this. She claims she understands, but Brady warns her that if she talks, it will ruin more lives that she can even imagine.

Daniel runs into Kate at the pier. She tries to hurry off, but he grabs her arm, demanding to know why she isn’t in jail. She scoffs, saying she doesn’t have time for this. He catches sight of the gigantic rock on her finger and asks her what it is. Kate smirks, saying that she has a new husband that adores her. As a matter of fact, he would do anything for her.

Lucas asks if there isn’t a place in Salem that he can go, but Maggie explains that this place is the best, and given its aggressive treatment style, he could be back at home very soon. Lucas asks to speak to Sami alone and Will and Maggie head off. Lucas warns Sami that if he goes away, she is going to have to keep a close eye on Allie and Will, which means she can’t just run off to a convent whenever she feels like it. Sami says she knows that, and assures Lucas that she did some real soul-searching at the convent. She has decided not to give up on life, and since Johnny and Allie will be home soon, she’ll have her hands full. She just hopes she can tear Will away from his new girlfriend every once in a while. Lucas sighs, admitting that there are some things he wasn’t honest about with her, because Will asked him not to say anything. Sami asks what he is talking about, and Lucas informs her that Mia is an addict.

Philip heads into the hospital and asks Will how his father is doing. Will explains that he is doing better, and that he has agreed to check himself into rehab. Chloe walks over just then and gasps, “OMG!”

EJ begs Stefano to tell him that he has been drinking. Stefano scoffs, figuring that his son would congratulate him, considering how long he has been alone. EJ explodes, reminding Stefano that the hasn’t been on a date in ages, and now he’s getting married to Kate, of all people. Stefano explains that he has had feelings for Kate for quite a while now, but EJ says that the last he heard, Kate swore that she would never speak to Stefano again. He can’t believe she’s now made a vow to love and cherish him for the rest of her life. Stefano claims women are just mercurial, but EJ knows Kate isn’t stupid. He wonders what game Stefano is playing, and what he is really up to with this abominable marriage.

Sami asks what Lucas means, and he explains that Mia is a recovering addict. He adds that she says she is clean, and that he believes her, but he’s still a little worried about what may happen down the line. Sami promises that she will keep an eye on things and hugs Lucas, telling him that he doesn’t have to worry. He thanks her for being such a good friend. Just then, the two catch sight of Chloe outside. Sami asks if she should get rid of her, but Lucas says that he has to talk to Chloe.

Outside, Will demands that Chloe leave. Sami comes out of Lucas’ room as Will accuses Chloe of being the one that caused his dad to start drinking again. He asks his mom to make her leave, but Sami tells Chloe, Will, and Philip that Lucas has asked to see her.

Daniel demands to know who Kate has married. She claims that he is able to solve all sorts of problems. Daniel asks who it is, and Kate explains that she married Stefano DiMera. Daniel scoffs, saying that Kate is even more psychotic than he thought. Kate warns Daniel to be careful about what he says, since Stefano is so powerful. She adds that her husband is willing to move heaven and earth for her, and as a matter of fact, he already has. She heads off, telling Daniel that she’ll see him later.

EJ asks Stefano if this is some kind of joke, but he doesn’t answer. EJ checks and finds that the call has been disconnected. He curses as Nicole comes back with the champagne. She asks what is going on, and EJ sighs, saying that she wouldn’t believe him if he told her.

Arianna swears that she hasn’t told anyone Nicole’s secret, but she still doesn’t understand why Brady is willing to risk so much for her. Brady says that he helped Nicole because she is a friend, and because he has also made plenty of mistakes in his own life. He says that he hasn’t judged Nicole and adds that Arianna shouldn’t, either. He abruptly says that he has to go and rushes off. Arianna tries to stop him, to no avail. She sighs.

Chloe heads into Lucas’ room and tells him that she rushed over as soon as she heard. She says that she feels terribly, and that she wishes she could have been honest with him about her feelings for Daniel from the beginning. Lucas sighs, saying that they can’t change the past. He adds that he is going to rehab, so he has to ask her for her forgiveness, too. He admits that he was angry when he learned of the affair, and that he did and said some things to Chloe and Daniel that he shouldn’t have. He knows now that sometimes people fall in love, and it can’t be helped. He hopes that Chloe will forgive him. She tearfully says she will, of course. Lucas promises to work on forgiving her as well. He knows that it will take some time, but he promises to come around eventually. She says goodbye and heads off, crying.

Later, Chloe meets Daniel at the pier. He asks her how it went with Lucas. She says things went well and that Lucas forgave her, despite the fact that he is hurting so much. Daniel hopes that now Chloe can finally forgive herself. Chloe says that she will try. She guesses that she will be a free woman soon enough. Daniel tells her she won’t be for long.

Brady shows up at the DiMera mansion and asks if Nicole is around. Stefano says he isn’t at liberty to say and slams the door in Brady’s face. Brady sighs.

Nicole asks what is going on with Stefano, but all EJ will tell her is that Stefano is interested in a merger that EJ doesn’t think is in the best interests of the company. He adds that he doesn’t want to think about that right now, and that he just wants to enjoy his honeymoon in Paris with his wife. Nicole grins, saying she likes that idea a lot. She giggles and the two kiss.

Chloe asks what Daniel means by saying that she won’t be free for long. In response, Daniel gets down on one knee and takes out an engagement ring. Chloe gasps as Daniel tells her that he feels like he has known her for his whole life. He reminds her of the first time he really saw her--when she comforted him in the park over his wife’s loss and his doubts about his own abilities as a doctor. He then reminds her of the first time he held her in his arms--right here on the pier on New Year’s. He says that they both buried their feelings then, but this time he refuse to move on with his life with out her. He adds that he wants to love her for the rest of his life and asks her to be his wife.

Philip heads into Lucas’ room and greets him. He tells Lucas that he went to their mother’s wedding to Stefano. Lucas still can’t believe Kate went through with it. Just as Kate walks up outside the door. Philip asks Lucas if Kate has come to see him. Lucas says she hasn’t, and if she does, he’ll throw her out, because he doesn’t want to see that lying bitch ever again. Kate listens in, visibly upset, as Lucas claims that he can’t forgive Kate after what she has done to Chloe. Philip tries to defend her, saying that he thinks the treatment for her cancer affected her mentally. Lucas scoffs, asking Philip to stop making excuses. Kate tried to kill someone, and now she is married to the guy that tried to kill Philip. Lucas adds that Philip can do whatever he wants, but that kind of behavior doesn’t wash with him, and their mother is dead to him. Kate heads off in tears as Maggie and Will get off the elevator and come into Lucas’ room to let him know that the limo is waiting to take him to rehab. Will asks if Lucas wants him to come along, but he says it won’t be that long of a ride. The four get into the elevator and head off. Kate walks back over and stares after them.

Arianna shows up at Sami’s house, demanding to know where Rafe is, and what Sami has done to him.

Brady tries to call Nicole as Nicole fixes her hair in the bathroom of her hotel room. EJ checks the caller ID and sees that Brady is calling. Wondering what he wants, EJ answers. Brady shouts through the static that he can’t tell if Nicole is there or not, but he pleads with her loudly to hurry up and come home, as the secret is out. EJ stares into space, astonished.


Arianna tells Sami, “Don't you get it? My brother is in love with you.”

Meredith tells Rafe, “I don't care. Even if I die, you die first.”

EJ manhandles Nicole, “You are lying to me!”

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