Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/24/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/24/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

Phillip stands at the pier and sulks. Just then, Melanie comes down the stairs, leaving a message with someone about suing the police department. She catches sight of Philip and hangs up, asking him how much you have to pay a lawyer to sue someone. Philip asks incredulously if she is suing the police, and Melanie says she is, of course, since they treated her like a terrorist for trying to save someone’s life. Philip groans, saying that he has to go. Melanie hopes he isn’t still angry about Brady Philip claims it isn’t that. Melanie assumes the police arrested Kate, but Philip says it’s worse--his mother is planning to marry Stefano DiMera. Melanie gapes.

Kate heads into Chez Rouge. Maggie greets her sarcastically, asking if her boys will be here tonight. She knows Philip would have loved to throw a bachelor party for Stefano. Kate sighs, saying that she realizes Maggie is angry. Maggie wonders what she could possibly be angry about--the fact that Kate used her to frame Daniel, or the fact that Kate doesn’t give a damn about Lucas, Philip, or anyone but herself. Stefano comes over, reminding Maggie that she is the help, not a guest. Maggie snipes back that it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, and she knows how the two of them follow rules to the letter. She bustles off. Stefano chuckles, assuring Kate that Maggie is just jealous. Kate catches sigh of Theo, Abe and Lexie, and asks what they are doing here. Stefano explains that they are here to help them celebrate. Kate sighs, wondering why he feels the need to humiliate her in public. Victor comes over just then, surprised that Kate doesn’t realize that the point of buying a trophy is showing it off.

Lucas lies on Maggie’s kitchen floor as Chad, Mia, and Tad gather around him. Mia thinks he looks really sick. Will says that Lucas is just drunk, and he suggests that the four of them leave. Chad shakes his head, saying that he doesn’t think they can leave Will’s dad alone.

Outside the pub, Arianna barks over the phone to Troy about him not getting her a meeting with the boss. She again threatens to take her business elsewhere, reminding Troy what her departure would do to his profits. She asks him to get back to her and hangs up. Just then, Brady brushes past her. Arianna gasps.

Rafe lies on the floor of Sami’s townhouse, unconscious. Meredith gets ready to wrap Rafe up in a rug. Just then keys jingle outside the door as Sami prepares to enter the house. Meredith panics.

Victor pleasantly asks Kate if Philip is out parking the car. She glares. Stefano reminds Victor that he is a guest, and asks him to be on his best behavior, if that possible. Kate scoffs, asking if Stefano invited Victor, but Victor claims that he just crashed the party. He adds that he would like to give Kate away, as there is nothing he’d rather do right now than hand her over to Stefano. Nearby, Maggie asks Lexie if she is ok. Lexie says that she is angry that Kate is free after all she has done to both Chloe and Daniel. Abe reminds her that Kate isn’t free, but Lexie shouts that she should be in jail. Kate looks over, startled. Lexie glares, saying sarcastically that she’s sorry if her voice carried. Stefano thinks he probably shouldn’t have invited Lexie. Kate moans that she needs a drink. Victor heads off to get it, assuming she needs a double. Kate begs Stefano to go ahead and get this over with, but Stefano explains that there is one thing he needs to do first.

Sami’s phone rings as she fumbles with her keys. She answers, and it’s Sister Claire, wanting to know if Sami has spoken with Rafe. Sami says she hasn’t yet, but that she plans on calling him, since she is ready to move forward with her life. She hangs up and heads into the apartment. Meredith, meanwhile, has dragged Rafe into the hallway, out of view of the living room. Sami takes out her phone and calls Rafe. Meredith overhears her saying aloud that she plans on doing so, and hurriedly grabs Rafe’s phone out of his pocket in order to turn it off.

Brady asks Arianna sarcastically if she thinks that the world revolves around her or something. She claims that he just startled her, but Brady heads into the pub, telling her that he wasn’t trying to listen in on her conversation. She apologizes, following him. He huffs over to a table, and Arianna asks if she can get him anything. Brady tells her that he just came here to meet one of his grandfather’s clients, and that he isn’t here because she works here. Arianna says that he doesn’t have to explain anything to her, or feel the need to stay away just because she manages the pub. Brady guesses they are both acting pretty grown up and mature. Arianna agrees. Brady tells her that he hates it.

Melanie bursts out laughing, telling Philip that she can’t help but imagine Christmas morning at the DiMera mansion. Everyone will be standing around opening presents while their hired guard stands nearby. Philip says it isn’t funny, since Stefano really tried to kill him. Melanie, surprised he can’t find the humor in the situation, stops laughing and asks Philip to explain to her how Stefano is making Kate marry him. Philip says that what Lucas thinks is that Kate really did do all those things Daniel accused her of, and Stefano helped clean it all up. Philip then adds that he told Kate that he would help her himself, but that he wouldn’t have anything to do with her if she married Stefano. Melanie asks if Philip got through to her, but Philip claims that in the end, she chose Stefano over her own son. Melanie assures Philip that this isn’t over yet.

Stefano asks Abe and Lexie to stand up for him, but they both refuse. Theo interferes, asking if the three are fighting. Stefano claims they aren’t, but says that he wants Theo’s mommy to walk down the aisle for him, and she won’t do it. Theo begs Lexie to do it, and she relents, vowing to Stefano that she will never forget this moment. Stefano takes Theo off to do an important job for him, presumably carrying the rings. Abe confides in Lexie that he would like to bring both Stefano and Kate down. Nearby, Victor asks Kate if she plans on changing her name, in case he wants to get something monogrammed for her. She says sarcastically that she is glad someone is enjoying this. Victor asks how it went with Philip, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. He wonders how she could choose the DiMeras over her own family, but Kate claims that none of this is her choice. Victor suggests she make a break for it and start a life on the run. Kate glares as Stefano comes over, telling Kate that the judge is here, and that it’s time. Victor raises his glass, telling Kate that it’s time to begin the life sentence she so richly deserves. Stefano chuckles.

Arianna brings Brady some coffee. He asks if she is trying to get back into his good graces, and she admits that she feels badly for snapping at him. Brady scoffs, saying it’s pretty easy to get into his good graces, since he’s so boring, as Arianna told him before. She says that she is sorry she said that, but Brady is sure she can’t wait for her interesting ex to get back into town so she can get out of her Brady-induced coma. Arianna tells Brady quietly that her ex isn’t coming back to town. Brady isn’t surprised, saying that imaginary boyfriends do tend to be fickle. Arianna claims that he wasn’t imaginary. Brady reminds her she gave him a lame reason for breaking things off. She says that she just didn’t want to hurt him, but he reminds her of the unflattering comments she made about him. He claims that if she had just been truthful, they might have been able to work things out. Arianna turns it around on him, reminding him that she isn’t the only one with secrets. She points out that the subject of his ex, Nicole, is totally off-limits. Brady claims that they are just friends, and he doesn’t get why Arianna can’t accept that. Arianna says she can accept that. What she doesn’t understand is why he won’t tell her what it is he is covering up for Nicole.

Meredith turns Rafe’s phone off and peers around the corner at Sami as she leaves Rafe a message, asking him to call her back. Just then, Rafe, who is propped up against the wall, slumps over onto the floor with a thud, in full sight of Sami. Her back is turned to the hallway, however, and she doesn’t see him.

Mia tells Will that she is scared, and that she thinks they should call 911. Will decides to call Maggie instead. Just then, Lucas comes to. He calls out for Will, asking drunkenly where he went. Will sighs, telling Lucas that he is right here.

Melanie tells Philip that he really isn’t acting like his parents right now. Philip claims that he has worked hard not to be like them, but Melanie reminds him that neither his mom or his dad would roll over and play dead in this situation. She reminds Philip how determined Kate was to poison Chloe and set Daniel up for it. If it hadn’t been for her, Daniel, and Nathan, Chloe would most likely be dead right now. Philip chuckles, saying he can’t believe Melanie is giving him a pep talk about the diligence of his mother when it comes to murder. Melanie gets serious, reminding Philip that Kate hasn’t married Stefano yet. Philip says that he tried, and that he has nothing left to say to his mother, but Melanie thinks that they have to do something.

Stefano and the judge wait near some tables as Lexie walks toward them begrudgingly. Abe and Maggie look on as the wedding march begins playing. Victor walks Kate over to Stefano and grins, telling Stefano that Kate is all his, and that he is getting a one in a million kind of girl. Victor smirks and sits at a table nearby as the judge begins the ceremony. He explains that Stefano and Kate shouldn’t enter into this union lightly. Stefano grins, telling the judge that both he and Kate know exactly what they are getting into.

Brady reminds Arianna that they have been over this. He claims that Nicole is just a friend, and that there is no reason for Arianna to be jealous of her. Arianna says that she is just worried that Nicole might be using him. Brady scoffs, saying that she doesn’t know Nicole at all. Arianna flashes back to Rafe telling her that he overheard Nicole telling Brady that EJ can never know about her miscarriage. Arianna comes back to the present and tells Brady that she knows. He asks what she knows, but she backs off, saying she doesn’t know anything. Her phone rings just then and she says she has to take it. Brady scoffs, saying he isn’t her boyfriend anymore, so she doesn’t have to answer to him. Arianna sighs and heads outside. Brady wonders who is calling her, if her ex is imaginary.

Sami decides to head down to the pub to ask Arianna where Rafe is. As she heads out the door, Meredith drags Rafe out of view. She then heads into the living room and listens for Sami’s footsteps heading off down the hallway. Meredith grins

Lucas stumbles to his feet with the help of Chad and Tad, claiming that that first step is a doozy. He informs Will that his grandmother is getting married, so they all have a reason to celebrate. Mia tells Will quietly that he needs to call Maggie. Lucas demands to know what the two are whispering about and asks if they have been partying without him. Will claims that they were studying, but Lucas says he knows Mia would rather party and drink than study. He mispronounces her name and Will flies off the handle. Mia tries to soothe him, telling him it’s alright. Lucas, meanwhile, starts hunting around the kitchen for some alcohol. Will says that there isn’t any here, and his dad knows it. Lucas offers to go down to the store and buy some so they can all toast, but Will says he isn’t driving. In fact, he is going to bed right now. Lucas slurs, asking him angrily who he thinks he is talking to. He nearly falls over again and Chad and Tad help him into a chair. Mia asks Will to call his aunt, and Will takes out his phone. Lucas tries to convince Chad and Tad that he is fine as they hold him in the chair.

The judge asks anyone that has just cause as to why Stefano and Kate can’t be lawfully joined to speak now or forever hold their peace. Just then, Philip walks in to Chez Rouge.

Sami rushes into the pub and greets Brady, asking if Arianna is there. Brady explains that she just left and asks if Sami is looking for her. Sami explains that she isn’t looking for Arianna exactly, but she hopes that she might know where Rafe is. Brady asks if something is wrong. Sami sits down with a sigh, admitting that she is worried and that she has a feeling something is wrong.

Rafe is slumped over in a chair, bound and gagged. Meredith kneels down beside him and grins, welcoming Rafe to his new home.

Lucas asks Chad and Tad who they think they are and jerks away from them. He starts hunting for his car keys. Chad doesn’t think he should be driving, but Lucas ignores him. Will finally gets Maggie on the phone and tells her that his dad is here, and that he has been drinking. Just then. Lucas passes out again. Tad and Chad grab him and Chad tells Will to hang up and call 911. Will shouts out worriedly for his father.

Stefano gets Theo to hand him the rings as Kate tries to hold back her tears, staring at Philip. Stefano asks Philip if he would like to say anything, but he claims that he is just here to watch. He stands next to Victor and observes as Stefano and Kate exchange rings. Kate manages to sob out her vows, and Stefano says his as well. The judge pronounces them husband and wife. Philip turns around and leaves. A little later, the reception is in full swing. Stefano thanks Abe for coming, and Victor continues to mock Kate, saying it’s a shame that Philip couldn’t stay. Kate asks him to shut up, and he admits that he almost feels sorry for her. Stefano gets ready to propose a toast, but Theo throws a fit because he isn’t allowed to have any champagne. Lexie tries to explain it to him, but he flies into a rage and rushes off, running into Kate and causing her to spill champagne all over herself. She gasps. Lexie tries to assure a frightened Theo that everything is alright.

Maggie rushes into the hospital and greets Will, asking how Lucas is doing. Will explains that he is fine, but that he has to stay overnight, since he had his stomach pumped. Maggie thinks he had alcohol poisoning. Will shakes his head, telling Maggie that all his friends were there, including Mia, and that his dad really acted like a jerk. Maggie knows that Will doesn’t want to hear her defend Lucas, but she reminds Will that he has been through a lot lately. Will scoffs, saying that his mom lost Grace, and she didn’t crawl into a bottle. Maggie claims that Lucas has a disease, but Will doesn’t want to hear it. He thinks he will be more understanding tomorrow but right now he is just too mad. Maggie hugs him, telling him that she understands.

Sami explains that since the twins are in Europe with her mom, she decided to go to a convent for a retreat. She adds that as it turns out, she sucks at soul-searching. Brady says he does, too, and asks if Sami and Rafe are trying to patch things up. Sami says it’s hard to patch things up with someone who doesn’t want you to know where they are. Brady doesn’t get it, saying that Rafe and Sami seemed so solid after everything they had been through together. He suggests that the two of them just need some time. Sami hopes he is right, and admits it is easier to believe that than to believe that Rafe just doesn’t want to see her again.

In some kind of storage room, Meredith keeps an eye on Rafe and checks his phone, noting that he doesn’t have very many messages. She doesn’t think that anyone is really very worried about Rafe, and she adds that no one knows she is back in town, either.

Lexie apologizes to Kate, but she tells her not to bother, as it was an accident. Theo says he is sorry, too, but Kate tells him that things like this don’t really matter between friends. She hopes that she and Theo can be friends. He agrees, and Kate adds that she is tired of standing around listening to people talk. Theo agrees he is, too, an Kate offers to take him to go get some food. Theo nods and the two head off together. Stefano whispers to Lexie that he told her they would all be one happy family. Lexie snorts, saying sarcastically that she is sure it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Brady advises Sami not to assume what Rafe is thinking until she talks to him in person. Sami explains that Rafe called her at the convent, leaving a message that it was important he speak to her. Brady thinks that is a good sign, but Sami explains that she returned Rafe’s call, but he never called her back. Brady thinks that Rafe’s feelings for Sami might be so involved that he is having trouble picking up the phone and calling her. He adds that he can’t even begin to imagine what Sami and Rafe went through. He also admits that a friend of his had a miscarriage, and he thought that he would never see pain like that again--until he saw what Sami and Rafe’s grief over Grace. Brady advises Sami to cut Rafe some slack, and tells her that he thinks Rafe really loves and cares for her. Sami thanks him for saying so, admitting that she is glad she found Brady, even though she came looking for Arianna. Brady tells her to call Rafe again. Sami takes out her phone, agreeing to do so.

Meredith hisses at Rafe that her sister thought he loved her, but she was wrong, because you don’t kill people you love. Just then, Rafe’s phone rings. Meredith checks the caller ID, saying that it’s Sami again. She smirks, saying that Sami is never going to talk to Rafe again.

Mia thanks Chad for his help with Lucas and wonders if she should go down to the hospital. Chad isn’t so sure it’s a good idea, since Will seemed so upset about the things his dad said about her. Mia says it’s no big deal, and Chad asks her suspiciously if she is so understanding because of her own addiction. Mia guesses so. Chad calls her a liar, and hopes that someday she will trust him enough to tell him what really happened to her.

Will heads into Lucas’ room and sits by his bedside.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Kate sighs, telling Stefano that the ceremony would have been even more wonderful if a young couple that appreciated it were being married. She thanks Stefano for not trying to pretend this is any more than a business deal between them, and he nods, saying he believes he has negotiated a profitable situation for both of them. He pours some champagne and toasts Kate, telling her that they will make a glorious couple. He says that he can tell that she is sad and lonely, but assures that she doesn’t have to be sad anymore. He reminds her that this is her time to shine. Kate sips her champagne and sighs.

Sami says she got Rafe’s voicemail again. Brady suggests that she leave another message, but Sami claims that she doesn’t want to come off as a stalker. She confides in Brady that when she and Rafe first broke up, he said that he planned on leaving town. Sami thinks that he may have decided to go ahead and do that. Brady says she doesn’t know that but Sami guesses that Rafe is probably moving on with his life. She thinks that she should do the same.

Meredith smirks, telling Sami that Rafe is no longer taking calls. She kneels next to an unconscious Rafe, telling him that no one can help him now--not now or ever.


Brady says, “Arianna, tell me.” She replies, “I found out Nicole had a miscarriage.”

Sami snaps at Lucas, “I will make sure that you never see your daughter again.”

Phillip tells Kate, “Thanks to all your schemes, your son tried to kill himself last night.”

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