Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/23/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/23/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Maggie heads into Chez Rouge and stares, wondering why it is decorated to the nines, yet no one is here. She sneezes, wondering why no one bothered to tell her what’s going on. Just then, Stefano walks over, and she asks what he is doing here. Stefano explains that he came to check on a shipment of orchids he had delivered. Maggie sneezes again, saying that she knew there were orchids around. She tells Stefano she hates them, but he shrugs, saying they are Kate’s favorite. Maggie doesn’t get it. Stefano explains that he and Kate are getting married here tonight. Maggie shakes her head, saying they’re not, either.

At the pier, Philip flies into a rage. Lucas tries to calm him down, but Philip glares, asking Lucas if he knows what it feels like to be lying in bed next to the woman you love one minute and being shot point-blank in the chest the next. Lucas sighs. Philip still can’t believe his mother is marrying the son of a bitch that had him shot. Lucas tries to assure Philip that it is only because Kate is desperate, but Philip doesn’t care. He tells Lucas that if Kate marries that man, she is no longer his mother.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor barges into Kate’s room, asking her what in God’s name she has done. She scoffs, saying he should have knocked. Furious, Victor bangs on the door, asking for her permission to come in do he can throw her out on her ass. Kate assumes he talked to Daniel. Victor reminds her angrily that Daniel is family, but Kate says he is scum, and that he ruined both her and her son’s life. Victor scatters her cosmetics all over the ground and rails at her to shut up, telling her to get out of here with what she can carry and make sure she never comes back. He adds viciously that he will ensure that she doesn’t get a dime from either him or Philip. Kate sighs and applies perfume, saying that she expected this. Victor asks her sarcastically if she is getting pretty for her trip to Skid Row, but Kate informs him that she is actually getting ready to get to get married. She asks him to congratulate her. Victor gapes.

Daniel heads into Chloe’s room at the hospital, telling her that her blood work and tests came back normal, so she can leave any time she wants. He grins, telling her that this nightmare is finally over, but Chloe isn’t so sure. She reminds Daniel that her life has changed forever, and that she doesn’t even know where she is going to go or what she is going to do. Daniel explains that he took care of all that already. He takes her into his arms, saying that she is going to come home with him and be very, very happy.

Lucas explains to Philip that he can stop all this if he wants to. Lucas then adds that Kate claims that Stefano somehow convinced her that he didn’t put the hit out on Philip’s life. Philip scoffs, saying that Kate knows he did, just like everyone else know it, too. Lucas still thinks Philip is the only person that can stop her from doing this. Philip asks if Lucas will help, but he claims he is sick of being there for Kate. Philip, however, has the chance to make sure she doesn’t become Mrs. Stefano DiMera. Philip wonders if Stefano was really able to convince Kate that he didn’t try to have her son killed, but Lucas thinks it’s more than that, and that Stefano has promised to keep Kate out of jail. Philip asks if she is really going to marry him in return for that. Lucas shrugs, saying it’s better than thinking their mother is actually in love with Stefano. He adds that perhaps this is some sort of cosmic payback for all of the bad things Kate has done over the years. He adds that he still believes Philip is the only one who can stop this wedding. He suggests that Philip get Kate to look him in the eye and tell him that she believes him and not Stefano.

Victor scoffs, asking Kate if the warden is going to officiate at the ceremony. Kate claims she isn’t going to prison, but Victor reminds her that she confessed to Daniel that she poisoned Chloe, then tied him up and held him hostage. Kate declares that that never happened, and besides, there’s no proof. Victor asks if she is sure of that. She smirks, saying she is. Victor asks sarcastically if she is going to celebrate by getting married. He wonders how she found time for online dating in between poisoning Chloe and framing Daniel. She says that she is trying to get ready so she can get out of here, but Victor demands to know if her fiancé knows she murders people that get on her bad side. He warns her angrily to really think about this, or she might find herself slipping poison into her bridegroom’s oatmeal a few months from now. Kate sighs, telling him that he is going to find out eventually, so he may as well know now that she is marrying Stefano. Victor bursts out laughing.

Mia heads into Maggie’s kitchen, telling Will that there are a thousand pictures in this house. Will jokes that she will need a scorecard to keep everyone in his family straight, and Mia sighs, saying that her baby never would have had that kind of life. Will reminds her that her baby is with a family that adopted her because they really wanted her. Mia admits she was scared to tell Will the truth at first, but now she is so glad she did so she can talk about her baby with him. She sighs, saying she has never had anyone like Will in her life. Will vows that he isn’t going anywhere, and that she can tell him anything. The two kiss as Chad walks in.

Philip tells Lucas that their mother can’t marry that pig no matter what she has done. Lucas tells Philip that he saw the way Kate looked at Stefano while Philip was in the hospital, and he honestly thinks that marrying him is worse than prison. Philip wonders if Kate can see that Stefano is just using her. He adds that he believes that this is Stefano’s way of paying him back for Tony’s death-- and what better way to do so than by getting Philip’s mother into his bed?

Abe, Lexie, and Theo head into Chez Rouge and greet Maggie and Stefano. Stefano thanks them for coming and takes Theo off to show him the wedding cake. Lexie heads off, too and Maggie asks Abe if he has heard what Stefano plans on doing. Abe grumps, adding that Stefano forced them to attend as witnesses by threatening to eat the entire wedding cake himself, effectively sending his blood sugar through the roof. Maggie chuckles, saying she can’t believe Stefano has been reduced to blackmail. Abe wonders why in God’s name Stefano and Kate would want to marry each other. He shakes his head, lamenting over all the evil that’s going to be in one place. Maggie jokes that the two must be planning to honeymoon in North Korea. The two chuckle.

Kate snaps at Victor to stop laughing, but he says he can’t help it, as he knows Kate will never go through with this. She glares. He reminds her that Philip will never forgive her if she marries Stefano. Kate claims he will, but Victor says they’re not from a forgiving family. Besides, Kate tried to poison Chloe, and is covering it all up by whoring herself out to Stefano. Philip isn’t going to be understanding of that. Kate rails on Victor, claiming that this is his fault, because if he had helped her, she wouldn’t have to turn to Stefano. Victor says that he was straight with her from the beginning, so this is all her own fault. Kate admits that she doesn’t want to do this, but she also knows that she can’t go to jail. Victor shrugs, saying Philip would have visited her in prison, but if she marries Stefano, Philip will be out of her life forever.

Tad jokes with Mia and Will to get a room. Will groans, asking if they ever knock. Tad introduces Chad to the two as Tiffany. Chad greet them in a high -pitched voice. Will asks what happened to the real Tiffany, and Tad explains that her mom didn’t want her participating in a class that dealt with sex. The three guys snicker about the fact that Tiffany’s mother feels that way about her daughter, of all people. Mia rolls her eyes. Chad explains that he was assigned to their group for the project, which entails carrying an egg around for a week and pretending that it’s a baby. Mia frowns. Chad explains to the four that they need to decide who will be the parents, and who will be the monitors. Tad says that’s clear to him who the mother will be. He tells Mia to pick a father and asks her jokingly who her baby’s daddy will be.

Daniel sits in bed with Chloe back at his apartment, telling her that he can’t believe that she is really here--right where she belongs. He asks if she is hungry, but Chloe sighs, saying she isn’t. Daniel reminds her that he didn’t move heaven and earth and risk jail time for her just so she could close off and not tell him what she is thinking. Chloe admits that she is thinking about Lucas.

Roman heads into Chez Rouge and greets Abe, who asks if he got his messages about Mrs. Stefano DiMera. Abe asks Roman if they have anything on Kate that they can give to the D.A., but Roman shakes his head, saying that Kate married the right guy. He says that he went over the hotel room with a fine-tooth comb, but Stefano must have had the room sterilized. Stefano comes out just then, informing Roman tersely that this is a private party, and that Kate wouldn’t want him here, since he has been harassing her. Roman says he gets that, but that he isn’t leaving, since he is here on official police business. Stefano offers to call his lawyer, but Roman tells Stefano not to worry, as this has nothing to do with him.

Kate tells Victor that she wouldn’t be doing this if she had a choice, and that she thinks Philip will understand because he knows how much she loves him. Victor scoffs, saying that what it looks like she really loves is her expensive lifestyle. Kate reminds Victor that she was facing jail time. Victor retorts that Philip faced death. Kate claims that Stefano didn’t have a hand in that, but Victor knows that she knows the truth. She tells Victor to get out of her room so she can get dressed and leave. He sarcastically tells her not to forget her ‘something borrowed and something blue’ She retorts that she loves her children. Victor says that he used to believe Kate loved them, but he now sees that her kids don’t come first--not when it really counts, anyway. He adds that it is probably for the best that Philip see her for who she really is. Kate claims that she is a survivor, and that she won’t be ashamed of that. Victor agrees that she won’t be ashamed, just alone.

Lucas heads into the Cheatin’ Heart, talking on the phone to someone at a hotel and asking when his room will be ready. He hangs up, asking the person to call him back when it is. He heads over to the bar and orders a shot of bitters and some tonic water. Lucas sighs, telling himself that he is alone at the bar once again. He looks over and sees Chloe and Daniel making out at a nearby table. Lucas shakes his head and sees that it is actually another couple. Lucas sighs, saying that he isn’t even drunk yet.

Chloe says that she knows Daniel doesn’t want to talk about Lucas. He admits that he is frustrated that she still feels like she owes Lucas after everything that has happened. She reminds Daniel that Lucas is still her husband. He sighs, saying that he realizes that, but he doesn’t like that Lucas has managed to get everyone to feel sorry for him. He grumps that Lucas needs to start taking responsibility for his own life. He tells Chloe that he explained to Lucas a while ago that Kate was the one that had done this to Chloe, and he wasn’t man enough to stand up to his mother. Chloe explains that she doesn’t want to talk about Lucas--she wants to talk about how they are going to move on.

Victor heads into Chez Rouge and Stefano greets him. Victor grumbles that he supposes congratulations are in order. Stefano chuckles, admitting that he wishes he could have been there when Kate broke the news to Victor. Victor explains that Kate told him that Stefano tied up some loose ends for her. Stefano admits that he likes to help his friends. Victor chuckles, saying he probably just doesn’t want his first conjugal visit to be in some trailer at the prison. Stefano tells Victor icily that it’s time for him to leave, as he doesn’t want him disrupting his wedding. Victor claims that he has no plans on disrupting anything, as he wouldn’t miss these nuptials for the world.

Back at the mansion, Kate calls Lucas, leaving him a message and telling him that the wedding is tonight at Chez Rouge, and that it would mean a lot to her if he could make it. Philip bursts in, asking if Kate has those wedding bell blues. She stammers. Philip thinks she has some explaining to do.

It turns out that Will and Mia will play ‘parents’ to the egg while Chad and Tad are the monitors. Tad thinks parenting is boring. Chad thinks they’re just lucky they don’t really have a kid, since all they do is scream and fill their pants. Will grumbles that there is more to it than that, and Chad apologizes, saying that he for got about Will’s baby sister. He suggests that he and Mia take care of the egg while Tad and Will go do something else. Just then, Tad lets the egg roll off the table. It hit’s the kitchen floor and cracks.

Lucas sees the call from Kate and groans. He then has a fantasy/hallucination of Chloe and Daniel sitting nearby. Daniel wonders if Lucas is going to let his mommy pick his next girlfriend. Chloe scoffs, saying there won’t be a next girlfriend, knowing Lucas. Daniel jokes about how many divorces Lucas has had, and Chloe nastily adds that he is probably better off alone. Lucas promptly orders a scotch and tells the bartender to keep them coming.

Victor asks Stefano if he and Kate plan on writing their own vows, warning Stefano that Kate considers ‘til death do us part’ a viable alternative to divorce. Victor then informs Stefano that Kate tried to murder him when they were married, and he didn’t even try to murder one of her children. He thinks Stefano must either be very brave or very stupid. Stefano scoffs, telling Victor to stay for the ceremony if he wishes. He vows not to let any of the Kiriakis family spoil his fun tonight.

Kate tells Philip that Stefano asked her to marry him, but Philip thinks she must only have agreed in exchange for Stefano keeping her out of prison. He says sarcastically that it must be a token of Kate’s gratitude, like what she did to Chloe to thank her for her bone marrow. Kate asks him to keep Chloe out of this, as this is between her and him. Philip scoffs, saying it doesn’t feel that way to him, especially since Kate never even called him to tell him about the wedding. He guesses that she knew his reaction would be negative. Kate says that she doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Stefano told her that the wedding was tonight, and she didn’t feel that gave her ample time to explain things to Philip. Philip tells her that she has a choice, and she is choosing to go to bed with the man that tried to have him killed. Kate claims that Stefano wasn’t behind the hit on Philip. Philip accuses her of caring for herself more than anyone else, but she declares that she is only in this mess because she tried to help Lucas. Philip scoffs, saying that he just talked to Lucas, and Lucas doesn’t feel that she helped him at all. Kate retorts that he is upset because of what Chloe and Daniel did. Philip guesses Kate is going to try to pretend she never does anything wrong. Kate admits that she knows that she has made mistakes. She adds that she never meant to intentionally hurt Philip, and she would never marry Stefano if there was any other way. Philip tells her that there is another way.

Tad tells Will that he can talk to their teacher about his sister, and she probably won’t make him do this project. Will finishes cleaning the egg off the floor, saying that he is fine, and that they will just get another egg and start over. Chad suggests that he play the baby’s father this time. Mia refuses.

Philip suggests that Kate come clean and tell the truth. Since Daniel is in the clear, they can get Justin to defend her. Kate claims that everyone in Salem hates her, and that the Brady family will most likely lie on the witness stand just to put her away. She claims she is innocent, but Philip doesn’t buy it, especially since she is marrying Stefano. She claims she has no choice, but Philip suggests she plead not guilty by reason of insanity. He promises that he will help Kate and that they’ll face the music together. He promises to try to get her out of serving any jail time, and to also get her the help that she needs. She scoffs, saying an asylum is no better than prison. Philip reminds her that she is getting ready to marry the man that tried to have him killed. He tells her that if she does that, she won’t be Kate any more, and most importantly, she will no longer be his mother.

Lucas tells the bartender he’ll have another scotch, but the man thinks he has had enough. Lucas slurs, telling the man there isn’t enough in the whole world.

Chloe tells Daniel that if he truly loves her, he will respect what she believes, even if he doesn’t believe it himself. She adds that she truly believes her vow to God kept both her and Lucas alive--all because she was trying to do what was right. Daniel reminds her that it isn’t worth much being alive if you’re unhappy, and that there is nothing wrong with her wanting to be happy. Chloe agrees that there is nothing wrong with it, but reminds Daniel that she and Lucas are still husband and wife and that the vows she took are still in place. Daniel tells her that she drives him crazy, but that he will wait for them to be together, since he loves her so much. She kisses him, admitting that he didn’t think he’d understand. Daniel admits he is surprised he understands too, but he says that he feels that this is the right thing to do.

Kate turns on Philip, reminding him that she has stood by him in good times and in bad, and as soon as she is down and desperate, he turns his back on her and questions her sanity. She accuses Philip of acting like a spoiled, naïve child. He scoffs, asking her to consider what she is doing by marrying Stefano. If she thinks she’s in a bad place now, she’d better hurry up and realize that she’s only in the first circle of hell. She asks him to leave, but Philip yells that Stefano is only doing all of this to humiliate him and his father. Kate screams at him to stop. Philip says he can’t, and that the only person that can stop all of this is Kate.

The bartender informs a drunken Lucas that he has called a cab, and that his night here is over. Lucas turns around and his hallucination of Chloe laughs and points, saying that now a bartender is telling him what to do. Maggie has joined Chloe and Daniel and she chuckles, saying that Lucas had never been able to manage anything on his own. Lucas glares and slurs, saying that Maggie lied to him. Maggie laughs, saying that he couldn’t handle the truth. Daniel thinks that all Lucas can handle is a bottle of scotch. Maggie advises him to grow up and be a man. Lucas screams back at her to shut up.

Victor checks his watch, telling Stefano that Kate is cutting it pretty close. Stefano waves him off, saying that brides are always late. Victor hopes that that is all it was. He informs Stefano that before he left the house, he saw Philip storming in. He chuckles, assuring Stefano that Philip was probably just heading in to congratulate Kate.

Philip tells Kate that he knows this seems hard, but they have to do this to keep her from having Stefano as her lord and master. He knows that Kate knows that she will just be Stefano’s property, and asks her to at least consider this for another day. He begs her to call Stefano and claim she is sick and can’t marry him tonight. She shakes her head, but Philip wants her to at least talk to Justin first and consider her options. Kate tells Philip flatly that she cannot go to prison. Philip begs her to try to find a way to get out of this, again warning her that he will no longer be her son if she marries Stefano. Just then, Kate’s phone rings.

Chad glances at Mia, saying that he is picking up on some negative energy. He asks if anything is going on. Will thinks they should call it a night. Just then, Lucas stumbles in, calling for Maggie. Will, who can tell he is drunk, stands up, appalled. Lucas greets him drunkenly. Will starts to head off with a groan, but Lucas follows him. He then stumbles and falls over, passing out on the floor. Will sighs, introducing Chad and Tad to his father, Lucas.

Chloe asks Daniel if he really doesn’t mind waiting. He admits that he’d be lying if he said he didn’t mind. He kisses her and Chloe hands him a pillow, telling him that she loves him, but he’s staying on the couch tonight. He sighs, saying that if this isn’t love, then he doesn’t know what is.

Kate tells Philip that it’s Stefano that is calling. He tells her to answer and tell Stefano that she can’t make it. She does so, and Stefano tells her that he is sure that she is under a lot of stress right now. He reassures her that all the evidence against her from the hotel room is safe and under lock and key. He says he is the only one that can get the evidence, so she is safe--so long as she is with him. Kate promises to be right there and hangs up. She apologizes to Philip, saying that she had to do this. Philip tells her to go to hell.


Sami tells Brady, “Something's wrong. I know it sounds stupid, but I have a really bad feeling.”

Meredith tells Rafe, “Welcome to your new home.”

At the Kate and Stefano’s wedding, the minister announces, “Let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

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