Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/22/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/22/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

EJ and Nicole are on a plane, flying to Paris. EJ proposes a toast to their long-overdue honeymoon. Nicole, in turn, toasts to EJ’s birthday. EJ counters, toasting Sydney and her future, as well as Nicole, who has taught him everything he knows about love and honesty. Nicole grimaces. EJ asks if she is going to toast to that or not. She agrees uncomfortably.

Brady and Victor sit at the pub, discussing the fact that Chloe recently came out of her coma. Brady explains that he helped Daniel get the medication to Chloe. Victor thinks that he should be commended, but Brady says he isn’t looking for a pat on the back. He’s telling Victor because he has a problem, and he needs his help. Victor asks what he means. Brady explains that now that Daniel is off the hook, the suspicion is going to shift to Kate. He worries that Philip is going to want his head because of that.

Philip drops Melanie off at Maggie’s place. She thanks him for taking her home. He notes that Nathan didn’t seem happy about it. Melanie reminds him that Nathan had to go back to the hospital, so he couldn’t have taken her home, anyway. Philip demands to know what is going on between the two of them. Melanie says she isn’t really sure, and asks Philip why he cares.

Daniel takes Chloe back to her room at the hospital, telling her that she needs to rest. She protests, but finally climbs into bed, asking Daniel not to leave. He says that he isn’t going anywhere and leans in for a kiss. Chloe wonders if this is really happening, since she has dreamt of this exact moment so many times. Daniel tells her he loves her. She says she loves him too, and the two kiss passionately.

In an interrogation room of the police station, Kate tells Lucas that she and Stefano are getting married. Lucas stares. Stefano asks if he is going to congratulate his mother, but Lucas says that he is actually thinking of having her committed. He asks Kate what the hell is wrong with her. First Chloe wakes up, then Daniel starts running around town telling everyone Kate poisoned her, and now this. He wonders if Kate has lost her mind.

Chloe tries to pull Daniel into bed, begging him to lie down with her. He resists at first, but eventually complies. The two kiss. Just then, an officer heads into the room, saying he’s here on orders from the D.A. Chloe freaks out, telling the man that Daniel wasn’t the one that tried to kill her, Kate Roberts was. Daniel nods and agrees, saying that the officer needs to try to stop Kate before she kills again.

Lucas still can’t believe Kate plans on marrying Stefano. Kate counsels him to show some respect to his future stepfather, but Lucas flies into a rage, saying that he’ll come around when it snows in hell. He wonders how Kate could marry the man that put a hit out on Philip, her son. Stefano interjects, saying that Kate finally realizes that that was a false rumor. He adds that he hopes Kate’s children will eventually realize that marrying him is what is best for her. Lucas thinks that something else is going on here and demands to know what it is. Roman walks in just then. He apologizes for interrupting, but says that he has news regarding Daniel.

Nicole toasts to a new life for her, EJ, and Sydney, but EJ isn’t so sure he wants to change anything about their lives, since he is so happy. Nicole reminds him that change is inevitable, and oftentimes, it’s for the best. EJ tells her tenderly that he doesn’t need things to get better, as long as he has her. Nicole replies that all she wants is for the two of them to be together forever. EJ says that they will, and adds that he can’t think of any reason why they wouldn’t be. Nicole frowns, saying she can’t, either.

Victor assures Brady that Philip will cool off but Brady isn’t so sure. Victor promises to speak to Philip, but Brady doesn’t want that either, as he doesn’t want Victor being forced to take sides. He knows that Victor has a certain loyalty towards Kate, since she is Philip’s mother. Victor claims that Kate has nothing to do with all this, and that he is very proud of Brady for helping to save a young woman’s life. Brady doesn’t think Philip will see it that way. Victor sighs, admitting that Philip has always been a mama’s boy, and that that is one of his greatest weaknesses. Brady thinks Victor talking to Philip is a bad idea, and he apologizes for bringing it up. He claims that this issue is something that he needs to settle with Philip on his own, or they never will.

Philip tells Melanie that he doesn’t care either, and that what goes on between her and Nathan is none of his business. She wonders why he asked then, and Philip admits it’s because Nathan told them both that he was interested in Melanie. Melanie doesn’t think that he really meant it, and that he was just being protective. Philip says that he has to go, but Melanie stops him, wondering why he is upset that she and Nathan are close. She reminds Philip that they live and work together. Philip says that she also risked her neck for Nathan in order to help Daniel save Chloe. Melanie claims that that was all her idea, and that she had to talk Nathan in to it. Philip again says that he has to go. Melanie guesses that Philip is upset that she sided against his mother.

The officer explains to Daniel that he will be cleared of all the charges against him once Chloe testifies. Daniel asks him if they are planning on locking up Kate to keep her from hurting anyone else, and the officer says that they are doing all they can. He heads off as Lexie comes in, telling Daniel that he passed his physical, and hat he can leave whenever he wishes. Daniel says he isn’t going anywhere without Chloe, as he refuses to leave her alone and at Kate’s mercy. Chloe tells Daniel that maybe he should leave.

Roman tells Lucas that fortunately, Daniel didn’t suffer any serious injuries, so he got the charges against Lucas reduced. He and Lucas head off to sign his release papers. Kate sighs, saying that that didn’t go well, but Stefano assures her that Lucas will eventually see the light. Kate isn’t so sure, reminding Stefano that Lucas wants to have her committed. She says that this marriage is going to be a hard sell--especially when it comes to Philip. Stefano claims that he has faith that Kate will convince her children that not only is she ecstatic to be marrying him, but that she also has her freedom because of it. Stefano says that he has to go plan a wedding and heads off, chuckling. Kate picks up her purse and starts to fling it across the room, but Roman comes in, telling Kate that she has some explaining to do.

Philip tells Melanie that he doesn’t see what she did as siding against his mother; he sees it as Melanie trying to save Chloe’s life. He goes on to say that he isn’t upset, but he does wonder why Melanie helped Daniel when she hardly knows him. Brady walks in as Philip asks Melanie why she trusted that the drug he wanted to give Chloe would help her, and why she ended up putting it all on the line for Daniel. Melanie stammers. Brady interrupts, telling Philip that Melanie did all of this because of him.

Father Matt heads into Chloe’s room to greet her, saying that he just heard the good news. He catches sight of Daniel and suggests that he come back later, but Chloe says that she wants to speak to him and asks Daniel to give them a moment alone. Daniel reluctantly heads off. Father Matt thinks that Daniel seems very concerned about her, and Chloe agrees. She then confides in Father Matt that she feels as if she and Daniel have been punished because she broke her promise to God to stay faithful to Lucas. She asks Father Matt if he thinks she and Daniel will ever stop being punished.

Lexie rushes into the DiMera mansion, asking Stefano why he called and if he is alright. Stefano chuckles, saying that he actually feels like a little kid. He explains that he is getting re-married. Lexie, dumbfounded, says that she had no idea that Stefano was involved with anyone. Stefano tells her that he has had feelings for this woman for a while, so he decided to pop the question., and luckily, she said ‘yes.’ Lexie asks who it is, and Stefano announces that he is marrying Kate. Lexie gapes.

Kate says that she doesn’t have to explain herself to Roman or anyone else. Roman stops her, telling her that Chloe and Daniel’s statements have been taken. Since they match, the D.A. has decided to drop all charges against Daniel. Kate says sarcastically that she is glad that all of that has been cleared up. Roman informs her that it isn’t cleared up, especially when it come to her. He says that Daniel and Chloe have said that they think Kate poisoned Chloe, and Daniel is also saying that she knocked him out and held him in a hotel room against his will. Kate, flabbergasted, retorts that there is no proof. Roman agrees that there isn’t yet, but the search is on even as they speak.

Philip, shocked, asks Brady what he means. He apologizes for barging in and explains to Philip that Daniel came to him for help in getting the drug to Chloe that she needed to survive. He then adds that Melanie was the logical choice to ask for assistance in getting the drug administered. Philip calls Brady an SOB.

Lexie shakes her head, reminding Stefano that Kate poisoned Chloe and tried to have Daniel take the fall for it. Stefano claims that those are baseless accusations, but Lexie shouts back that there is a lot of evidence against Kate. She adds that not that long ago, Kate was convinced that Stefano tried to murder his son. Stefano says that he and Kate cleared all of that up. Lexie can’t believe it, but Stefano declares loftily that he and Kate think a union of their families will bring them all together. Lexie scoffs. Stefano says that he thought that was what she wanted--peace and harmony and everyone getting along. Just then, Lexie’s phone rings. It’s EJ. She answers, and EJ asks her how their father is doing. Lexie says that he is fine physically, but mentally, not so much. Lexie hands the phone to Stefano, suggesting that he tell EJ what he is getting ready to do.

Chloe tells Father Matt that it took all of her strength to stay away from Daniel. For a while it worked, but finally she couldn’t stand it anymore, and they agreed to be together. Shortly after that, she was poisoned and slipped into a coma. Then Daniel was arrested for attempted murder. Father Matt asks her if she thinks this all happened because she broke her vows to Lucas. She says she isn’t sure, and wonders how God can expect her to give up the man that she loves, especially after all they have been through.

Lucas heads back into the interrogation room and asks Kate why she is still here. She stammers, saying that she wanted to stick around to see if she could do anything for him. Lucas snaps that he’d appreciate it if she just left him alone. He then suggests angrily that she live it up with her new husband, because as soon as everyone finds out what she has done, that SOB Stefano will be the only person she has left. Lucas storms off. Roman comes in just then, telling Kate that she had better have a seat, as the results of their search just came back.

Brady tells Philip flatly that Chloe was dying, and she would have died had someone not stepped in and helped Daniel. Brady adds that he is sorry that Chloe surviving made Kate a suspect, as that obviously wasn’t his intention. Philip is still furious that Brady believed Daniel over his mother. Brady again insists that Chloe was dying and that he had to do something to save her. Philip calls him disloyal. Brady scoffs, saying that Kate’s situation was not more important than Chloe’s life, and if Philip thinks it was, then he is a selfish idiot. Philip attacks Brady. Melanie intervenes at this point and pulls the two apart. Philip tells Brady that he never should have gotten Melanie involved. Brady asks Philip angrily if he would rather that Chloe had died. Melanie asks the two to calm down. Philip fumes, warning Brady to leave Melanie out of it the next time he wants to play hero. He storms off, slamming the door behind him. Melanie jokes weakly that that went well. Brady wonders what Philip’s problem is. Melanie claims that he is just being protective of her, and is probably just angry that Brady got her involved, since things could have gone badly. Brady scoffs, reminding Melanie that Stephanie dumped Philip just a few days ago. He shakes his head, saying that he doesn’t think Philip wastes any time.

Stefano glares at Lexie as EJ calls out for someone to take the phone. Lexie makes an excuse to EJ, claiming that Stefano was drinking, but that he put the drink down. She then promises EJ that she will keep an eye on him and hangs up. Lexie tells Stefano that she can’t believe that he doesn’t want EJ to know about his impending marriage, but Stefano claims that he doesn’t want to cut EJ and Nicole’s honeymoon short. Lexie thinks that Stefano fears EJ might try to stop him, but Stefano says that he knows EJ is open-minded. He adds that what he really wants is for Lexie to be there when he marries Kate. She says that she doesn’t like it, and that she thinks he is insane, but agrees to be there if it will make him happy. Stefano hugs her, telling her how much this means to him.

Father Matt tells Chloe that they both know what the church teaches about marriage, but she has done everything she can to honor her vows to Lucas, and she still loves Daniel. She loves him with such strength that she can’t forget him, and he feels the same. The priest then adds that he thinks it is time for Chloe to embrace what is in her heart. If she does that, she will feel God’s blessings. Chloe thanks him for helping her, and he heads off, wishing her the best. Daniel comes back in, asking Chloe if everything is alright. She says things couldn’t be better. The two kiss.

Roman tells Kate that they searched everything, but found no evidence. She says that that is because she is innocent, but Roman doesn’t buy it. Roman tells her that there is something very strange about all this, as they not only found no evidence in the places they searched, they also found no evidence that Kate or anyone else had ever been there, as the rooms were devoid of fingerprints and DNA. He demands to know who helped her cover this all up. She scoffs, saying she had no idea what he is talking about, and that she needs to get out of this depressing place. Roman begrudgingly admits that she is free to go. Kate heads off, telling Roman that it has been memorable.

Melanie tells Brady that she doesn’t want to discuss Philip. He claims that he was just making an observation. Melanie then admits that Nathan and Philip were fighting over her at the police station. She says it’s funny, because she used to not have a guy at all, and now she has one too many. She giggles.

Maggie runs into Victor outside the pub. The two make small talk, and she assumes that Victor has heard about Chloe’s recovery. He says he has, and Maggie thanks God that she is alright, and that Daniel is, too. Victor asks what she means, and Maggie explains that Daniel was checked into the hospital earlier, but that she is sure he’s fine. Victor rushes off without a word. Maggie stares after him, stammering.

Kate heads into her room at the Kiriakis mansion to find it ransacked. In a panic, she calls Stefano, and tells him about being grilled by Roman, as well as the police ransacking her room and the hotel room for evidence. Stefano assumes that the police found nothing. She agrees, but tells Stefano that she thinks he was too thorough, as now Roman is suspicious of them. Stefano assures her that Roman can’t prove a thing, and suggests that she forget about him and concentrate on their upcoming nuptials--that will take place tonight. Kate gasps. Stefano explains that he doesn’t want to waste one precious moment without her, and thinks that he speaks for the both of them when he says so. Kate sighs and agrees. Stefano chuckles, saying that now that all of that damning evidence has disappeared, her loyal husband--who can’t testify against her, incidentally-- will be the only one who knows how truly dangerous she can be.

Chloe tells Daniel that Father Matt gave her his blessing to be with Daniel, and wonders if he is surprised by the news. Daniel admits that he wasn’t sure what the priest would say, but he does know that he and Chloe are meant to be together, especially after all they have gone through. He thinks they both feel that now. Chloe agrees. Just then, Victor rushes in, asking Daniel what the hell happened. Chloe says that Kate did.

Maggie runs into Lucas at the park and asks how he is doing. Lucas grumps that he isn’t sure he’d tell her one way or the other. Maggie guesses that he is still upset with her for keeping Chloe and Daniel’s affair a secret. She wishes there was some way she could get him to change his mind. Lucas asks her to back off and leave him alone if she really wants to help. Philip walks over just then, asking if everything is alright. Maggie says it isn’t, and heads off to let the two talk. Philip tells Lucas that he keeps getting Kate’s voicemail, and wonders if Lucas has spoken to their mother recently. Lucas says that he saw her at the police station. Philip wonders worriedly if she has been arrested. Lucas shakes his head, saying that it’s worse than that.

Chloe tells Victor that Kate tried to kill Daniel. Victor gapes. Daniel explains that she confessed to Chloe’s poisoning, and that he had it on tape. Kate then knocked him out, tied him up, and left him for dead in a hotel room. Victor fumes, calling Kate a lunatic and vowing not to let her get away with this. He swears that he will make her pay and hurries off.

Kate asks Stefano if he is threatening to testify against her if she doesn’t marry him tonight. Stefano wonders what choice he would have if she refused him. Kate sighs, agreeing to whatever he wants. She asks if they are going to Vegas, but Stefano says that the ceremony will take place in Salem. Kate isn’t sure it’s legal, but Stefano just tells her to be at Chez Rouge in two hours. He adds that he took the liberty of choosing a few outfits for her, and that they are in her closet. He says that he will see her soon and hangs up. Kate sighs and heads over to the closet to find a bridal gown inside.

EJ comes back from checking on Sydney, and tells Nicole that he has a confession to make that he doesn’t think that she will like. Nicole turns pale. EJ explains that Nicole has accused him of this in the past, and he denied it at the time, but he wasn’t telling the truth. He sighs, saying that the truth is that if she hadn’t become pregnant with Sydney, he doesn’t know if he would have married her or not. He admits that he didn’t want to say so at the time. Nicole wonders why he thinks their honeymoon is the right time to confess, and EJ explains that it’s because he wants her to know that this is the happiest he has ever been in his life, even though their relationship wasn’t very conventional at first. He vows that he has never been more happy than he is at this moment. Nicole supposes that she can take that as a positive. He says it is, and adds that if it weren’t for their beautiful daughter they wouldn’t be together. He tells Nicole that he loves her. She frowns, saying that she loves him, too.

Philip asks what is going on with Kate, and Lucas explains that she is getting married. Philip, confused, asks if she is marrying his father. Lucas shakes his head, saying they’re going to have to pronounce the two ‘slime ball and wife’ because Kate is marrying Stefano DiMera. Philip gasps.

Stefano and Kate prepare seperately for their wedding. As Kate puts on jewelry, Victor bursts into her room, asking her what in God’s name she has done.


Tad asks, “So, Mia, who's your baby's daddy?”

Lucas tells Philip, “Maybe this is cosmic payback for all the bad things she's done.”

Victor tells Kate, “And if you marry Stefano, Philip is going to be out of your life forever.”

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