Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/21/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/21/09


Written By Jenni
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In Chloe’s hospital room, Chloe tells Lucas that she knows he’s a good man, so she is sure he will do the right thing. Lucas scoffs. Chloe sighs, saying that she knows she hurt him, and that he’s angry, but his mother really did try to kill her, and now she is going to go after Daniel. Chloe pleads with Lucas, saying that if he won’t help Daniel, then he must at least try to find Kate before she hurts anyone else.

Kate paces around in a hotel room, glancing at the empty bed Daniel was formerly tied up on. She rages, saying that Daniel could be at the hospital or at the police station by now, and that it could be too late to help her. Stefano assures her that Daniel couldn’t get far in his condition. He promises to take care of Dr. Jonas for her and asks her to calm down. He takes out his phone, assuring Kate that his reach is long, and that Daniel won’t get away.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip receives the good news about Chloe from Brady over the phone. Just then, Roman walks in. Philip hangs up and greets him. Roman wonders where Kate is. Philip says she isn’t here and asks why Roman is looking for his mother. Roman explains that Chloe woke up and made a statement that clears Daniel in her poisoning. Roman goes on to say that he is looking for Kate because she is now a person of interest.

Maggie comes into the interrogation room at the station and greets Nathan and Melanie, telling them that the drug they gave Chloe not only worked, but that she has recovered completely. Nathan and Melanie exclaim and hug one another. Maggie adds that instead of people seeing the two as criminals, people are beginning to see that they are really heroes. Melanie, ecstatic, guesses that they can go home, then. Maggie stammers.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Bo is on the phone, arranging for an APB to be put out on Daniel. Ciara and Hope come in just then. Bo hugs Ciara, asking how her counseling session went. Hope asks Ciara to go upstairs to pick out some of her favorite toys. She add that she will be up to help her pack soon. Ciara runs upstairs. Bo asks what Ciara and Hope are packing for, and Hope explains that they are leaving.

Maggie explains to Nathan and Melanie that she isn’t sure how long it will take the judge to decide if bail should be set. She is sure it will all work out, but she admits that she is worried about Nathan having to face the board at the hospital. Nathan says that he knows his position at the hospital is on the line. Just then, the officer guarding the two gets off the phone and tells Nathan that he is free to go. Melanie and Nathan hug and Maggie beams, saying she was sure it wouldn’t take long. Melanie suggests they get out of there, but the officer interrupts, saying that Melanie has to stay here. Her face falls.

Chloe insists that Daniel needs help and begins unhooking her monitors. She tries to get out of bed as Lucas holds her down, shouting for a nurse. The nurse rushes in and Lucas tells her that Chloe is out of her mind. The woman explains that Lexie feared this would happen, and she left instructions. She puts something into Chloe’s IV as she struggles, insisting that she has to help Daniel. The nurse reassures her as Chloe drops off to sleep, still struggling. Lucas smirks, saying that someone else is going to have to help Daniel.

Daniel stumbles through the park. He passes out in some bushes with a groan.

Hope explains to Bo that Ciara’s therapist thinks it would be best if Ciara left home for a little while. She reminds Bo that their daughter saw Justin shot, and saw her kidnapper threaten her right here--in the one place that she is supposed to feel safe. She adds that Doug and Julie told her that they could stay at their vacation home as long as they like. Bo says that is fine by him, since he has a couple weeks of vacation coming to him. He starts to take out his phone to call the station, but Hope tells him not to bother, as he isn’t going with them. Bo gapes.

Stefano tells someone over the phone to call as soon as they make contact. He hangs up and assures Kate that if Jonas is in Salem, that he’ll be caught in the next fifteen minutes. Kate asks how he can be so sure, and Stefano explains that Daniel is most likely heading to the hospital to see Chloe. When he gets there, he’ll be intercepted and eliminated as a threat. She asks what that means. Stefano chuckles, saying that he hopes she knows him well enough to know that he will do as she asked him, but that she must never ask questions about the details. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Kate promptly panics. Stefano lets in a maid, and explains that he called a cleaning service to make sure no traces of human activity remains in the room--including DNA and fingerprints. Kate thinks that she obviously went to the right man for help. Stefano reminds Kate that Victor could have helped her, but he chose not to. Stefano claims that he won’t make the same mistake.

Daniel wakes up in the bushes and groans Chloe’s name, urging himself to get up. He lurches to his feet and stumbles off.

Lucas calls Kate. She answers and he tells her that they had to knock Chloe out with a tranquilizer. He adds that she has been babbling about how much Daniel loves her and that he’s innocent. Kate says she knows that. Lucas informs her that Chloe has been saying that Kate poisoned her. Lucas knows that he accused Kate of the same before, but he wants to hear her say that she wouldn’t try to kill someone--especially if that someone happened to be his wife. Kate sighs.

Hope explains that the doctor thinks that Ciara is picking up on the tension between the two of them, and that it is making her anxiety worse. Hope thinks she needs to get out of this house. Bo totally disagrees, saying that what Ciara needs is stability. She needs to be in her own house with her parents and surrounded by the people that love her. Hope again tries to interject with the doctor’s opinion, but Bo says he doesn’t give a damn what that doctor says. Ciara is his daughter, after all. Hope retorts that she wouldn’t be his daughter if she were dead. Bo gapes. Hope angrily declares that he gambled with their daughter’s life.

Roman comes in and explains to Maggie, Melanie, and Nathan that Nathan can leave because he’s a doctor, and doesn’t have a criminal record. Melanie retorts that she doesn’t have one, either. Roman says pointedly that she doesn’t have one in this country. Melanie scoffs, saying that the charges against her in France were dropped. Roman shrugs, saying he is sorry, but she has to put up a ten thousand dollar bail to get out, and he is pretty sure she doesn’t have it. Melanie shakes her head sadly. Nathan assures Melanie that he will get the money and asks Roman if Melanie can stay here for awhile instead of going to a cell. Roman says that she can. Maggie and Nathan assure her that everything will be fine, and the two head off. Roman does the same, telling Melanie to ask Officer Morgan for anything she might need. She sighs, saying she needs lip-gloss. Roman chuckles and heads out. Just then, Philip enters through another door, greeting Melanie.

Kate tells Lucas that the last time he accused her of poisoning Chloe, it really hurt her. She admits that she felt like Chloe and Daniel were acting like a couple of teenagers, but the idea that she would murder anyone is ludicrous. Lucas says that he is sorry for bringing it up, admitting that he believes her. Kate then asks him to call her if Daniel shows up at the hospital. She explains that she wants to speak to that snake.

Daniel heads into the hospital just then. A police officer catches sight of him and calls Stefano, telling him that Jonas is here. Stefano tells him that he knows what he has to do and hangs up. The officer heads over and greet Daniel. Daniel says that he is glad to see him, as he wants to report a crime. The officer ignores him, telling Daniel that he needs to come with him.

Bo, furious, tells Hope that if she really thinks he gambled with Ciara’s life, then she is the one that needs therapy. She accuses him of being cruel. Bio flies into a rage, saying she is the cruel one for accusing him of being reckless when it came to his child’s life. He adds that he can’t believe that all she wants to do is put him through hell even though her daughter is home and safe. Hope asks him to keep his voice down. Bo wrathfully reminds her that no one is to blame here except that son of a bitch Dean. Hope turns away. Bo grabs her and tells her that they are going t have this discussion without blaming one another. Hope hisses that she and Ciara will be staying at the vacation house. Bo yells that they aren’t. Hope declares that this is what she was talking about, and that this kind of thing is the reason she and Ciara have to leave. Bo angrily accuses Hope of making excuses to leave just like she did when Zack died. He reminds her that her moving out that time almost killed their marriage. He wonders what they will have left if she leaves again.

At Maggie’s house, Nathan comes into the kitchen hauling a guitar and a printer. He informs Maggie that he plans on pawning some of his things to make Melanie’s bail. Maggie reminds him that she already offered to write a check for the bond, but Nathan says that he and Melanie got into this mess themselves, so he’d rather be the one to get her out. Maggie asks Nathan if he is doing all this in an attempt to be Melanie’s savior.

Philip tells Melanie that he is here to pay her bail, and wonders why she didn’t call him as soon as she was arrested. She didn’t think that Philip would want to talk to her, but he thinks that she knows how he feels about her, and besides, he really owes her even more considering that Chloe was his high-school sweetheart. Melanie says that she is just glad that the drug worked. Philip says that he still can’t believe that Nathan risked everything as an intern to try an experimental treatment. Melanie uncomfortably admits that it was Daniel’s idea, not Nathan’s. She insists that Daniel is innocent and didn’t try to kill Chloe. Philip says that the D.A. feels differently, but Melanie wonders why Daniel saved Chloe’s life if he supposedly wanted her dead. Philip asks if Daniel is still saying that his mother is the one that poisoned Chloe. Melanie admits that Daniel thinks so. Philip demands to know if Melanie believes him.

Daniel insists that he isn’t the bad guy here, but the officer tells him that he needs to take him somewhere to get a statement. Lucas heads out of Chloe’s room and lays into Daniel, saying that he knew he would show his face around here once Chloe finally woke up. Lucas demands to know if Daniel is attempting to shut Chloe up. He asks the officer if he can take care of this bastard himself, but the man explains that he needs to get statements from both of them--Daniel first. Lucas unexpectedly punches Daniel in the face, knocking him to the floor. He tells Daniel that that is his statement as the officer attempts to restrain him. Daniel lies on the ground, unconscious.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano toasts to Kate and her continued freedom. She thanks him for all his help. Stefano reminds her that there is a price to pay for it. Kate says that she remembers, and that she will do anything. Stefano produces a contract and hands it over to Kate. She reads it over and scoffs.

Hope claims that Bo pushed her away when Zach died by lying to her, and letting Chelsea and Billie lie to her, too. Bo says that he has always admitted that he made some bad choices back then, but he reminds her of how hard they have worked to make their marriage stronger than ever. Hope scoffs, saying that without trust, they have nothing. Bo says that they just disagreed on the best way to save Ciara. He wonders incredulously if Hope really doubts his ability to be a father because of all this. She doesn’t reply. Bo then lays into Hope, asking her if she has thought about his feelings, or how Ciara will feel when she wakes up in the middle of the night without her father there. Just then, someone knocks. Bo storms over and opens it to find Justin outside. He asks him coldly what he wants Justin apologizes and starts to head off, but hope says that she and Bo are through. Bo glares, telling Justin about Hope’s plans to take Ciara and leave. He guesses that Justin already knows, and that he is going with them. Justin stammers, saying that he actually had no idea Hope had plans to leave. Bo scoffs. Hope ask Bo to show Justin some respect, as he is family. Bo asks what he wants, and Justin admits that he came by to see Hope. Angry, Bo asks Hope if this really couldn’t wait until she left the house. Just then, he gets a call from a detective about Daniel. Bo heads off, ranting about how he can’t be there to hold the detective’s hand all the time. He slams the door behind him. Justin tells Hope that she has to go after Bo, but Hope says that moving out is just something that she has to do. Justin sighs, telling her that if she loses Bo, it will be the biggest mistake of her life.

Melanie tells Philip that she really doesn’t know his mother well enough to make a judgment, but Philip claims that he does know her, and that he knows that she is an innocent woman with a good heart. He claims that she would do anything for her children. Melanie says that she believes him, but if her helping to clear Daniel ends up putting Kate in jail, she isn’t so sure that Philip should bail her out after all.

Stefano doesn’t think that Kate seems very pleased. He tells her that he can turn him down, but if she walks away, he will be forced to do the same. He adds that he needs her answer now. Kate shrieks in frustration and tells him he wins. She scatters the pieces of the chess board with one swipe of her hand. Stefano grabs her arms and fiercely tells her that from now on, she will show him respect and learn to control her temper. Kate agrees, angrily calling Stefano ‘my love.’ Stefano reminds her what he is getting ready to do for her and wonders if she is worried about her family’s reaction to her being in bed with the so-called enemy. Kate says that her children know that her and Stefano’s relationship is complicated. She says that they will just have to try to be understanding. Stefano agrees that they will. Kate sighs.

Justin pleads with Hope to try to work this out, and not to make a big mistake. Hope explains that Ciara’s therapist doesn’t think being here right now is good for her. Justin asks if this is really bout Hope wanting to leave Bo. Hope says it isn’t, and that she just thinks time will help heal them all. Justin sighs, advising her to take it from someone who knows--it won’t. He adds that that is all he can tell her, and heads off. Hope sighs.

Kate signs the contract and hands it back to Stefano. He grins, telling her that she has made his day. Just then, his phone rings. He answers, listens, and then calls the person an idiot, telling him to stay on the scene and keep him informed. He hangs up as Kate worriedly asks what is wrong. Stefano explains that there has been a slight problem. Kate gulps.

Philip tells Melanie that of course he is still going to bail her out. Melanie isn’t so sure it is a good idea, since his dad tends to make his life miserable when Philip keeps company with people he doesn’t approve of. Philip declares that Victor doesn’t run his life. Melanie reminds him that she also saved Chloe, whom Philip’s mother isn’t too crazy about, so she probably wouldn’t approve either. Philip tells Melanie that his mother doesn’t run his life either. Melanie sighs, saying that Philip needs to walk away, since everyone knows that all she does is cause trouble.

Maggie explains that she really likes Melanie, and likes her more every day, but Nathan needs to know that Melanie has been infatuated with Philip ever since she came to town. Nathan scoffs, assuming that Maggie thinks that Melanie and Philip will get together, and that he will be crushed, but that won’t happen, because he isn’t thinking of Melanie in that way. Maggie seemingly accepts this. Nathan then insists that he can take care of himself. Maggie apologizes for presuming anything and suggests he go take care of Melanie. Nathan vows that he will and heads off.

A nurse looks over Daniel’s x-rays as he lies in bed at the hospital, unconscious. She sighs, saying Lucas might have punched him, but someone before that hit him pretty hard in the back of the head.

Kate panics, asking if Stefano’s people have found Daniel yet. Stefano ignores her, telling her that her phone is about to ring, and that she has better answer. Lucas calls just then. He tells Kate that he was just arrested for knocking Daniel out. Kate hurriedly asks where Daniel is, but Lucas grumbles, wondering why that matters. Kate asks if Daniel showed up at the hospital to see Chloe, and Lucas says that that is what happened. He adds that he will be down at the station soon, and Kate agrees to meet him there, asking him to stay strong. She hangs up. Kate tells Stefano that Daniel is at the hospital, but that she has to get to the police station. Stefano says that he will be accompanying her.

Philip tells Melanie that he has no plans on walking away from her--not now or ever. He heads off to pay her bail. Melanie chuckles to herself as Nathan comes in, telling her that everything is settled, and that he is ready to pay her bail. Melanie explains that Philip showed up, and that he is going to take care of it, so Nathan doesn’t need to worry.

As Kate and Stefano get ready to head out the door, Philip calls Kate to let her know that Roman is looking for her, and that she is a person of interest in Chloe’s poisoning. Kate calls Roman a bastard. Philip asks if she knows that Chloe woke up, and that Melanie and Nathan gave her the drug hat saved her. Kate scoffs, guessing that they also buy Daniel’s ridiculous story that she was the one that poisoned Chloe. Philip says that it doesn’t matter what they think, and Kate agrees, as long as Philip knows that she is innocent. Philip claims that he believes her. Kate promises that everything will be fine and hangs up. She sighs, telling Stefano that there are a few loose ends she may have missed. Stefano tells her that he already knows about them and that he will take care of it. The two head off.

Roman hands Melanie some papers to sign, and tells her that she is free to go. He warns her and Nathan to stay out of trouble and heads off. Philip thanks Nathan for all he has done for Chloe, but Nathan says that he should be thanking Daniel, not him. Philip says that he will be taking Melanie home, so Nathan doesn’t have to stay, but Nathan says there is no point in Philip doing so, since he and Melanie live together. Philip claims he was thinking of taking her out for a drink, but Nathan retorts that she is underage. He warns Philip that he sees right through him, and if he messes with Melanie again he will have to answer to him. Philip chuckles, asking if Nathan is her guard dog now. He demands to know if Nathan is interested in Melanie. Nathan says that he is. Melanie gapes.

Bo plays card with Ciara and tickles her. Hope comes downstairs with some suitcases and asks Ciara to run up and get her teddy bear. Bo grumps, asking if Justin is outside waiting for the two of hem to spend the night together. Hope glares, asking him how dare he think such a thing. She informs him that Justin actually advised her to stay here and be with him. She then says that Bo even thinking such a thing just gives her another reason why she needs to leave this house. Ciara heads back downstairs and hugs Bo. She asks Hope if she is going to hug him, too. Hope and Bo exchange an uncomfortable hug, and then Hope and Ciara leave.

Chloe totters out of her room. The nurse on duty reminds her that she needs to stay in bed, but Chloe says that she has to find Daniel. The nurse says that she can see him, and that she doesn’t even need to leave the hospital. She leads Chloe into Daniel’s room, where he is still unconscious. She has her hang on to the bed, assuring Chloe that her strength will come back soon. She also explains that Daniel wakes up every now and then, so they’re monitoring him. She heads off and leaves the two alone. Daniel comes to and smiles at Chloe, murmuring that this is probably a d ream. Chloe says that she feels the same way. She tells him she loves him. He tells her how much he missed her. She leans in and the two kiss passionately.

Down at the station, Roman curtly informs Lucas that he can’t just haul off and punch someone just because he is angry. Just then, Kate comes in. Roman starts to head off to take care of Lucas, but tell Kate to stay put, as he wants to talk to her. Stefano follows her in as Roman leaves. She asks Lucas if he is alright. He ignores her, asking what Stefano is doing here. Kate claims that he is here to support them and that she has some wonderful news--she and Stefano are getting married.


Brady tells Victor, “I think this is something that I need to settle with Philip on my own.”

Melanie tells Philip, “You're upset because you think I sided against your mom.”

Lucas asks Kate, “How could you marry a man who tried to kill your own son?”

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