Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/18/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/18/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Java Café, Nicole tells EJ that she wants to go away from Salem with him and Sydney and never come back. EJ says that that sounds like a lovely dream. Nicole says that she wants to make it happen tonight. EJ says he is sorry, but they can’t do that.

At the convent, Sami tells Sister Claire that she doesn’t think any miracles are left for her, but Claire say all things are possible with God. She asks Sami to try to believe that many angels are walking among them, and that her life could be getting ready to change right this minute.

At the park, Rafe tells himself that Sami’s baby still alive, and it’s Sydney. Rafe then counsels himself to ease off, but then he thinks that it seems logical to him and that all the pieces fit. He thinks that Nicole talked Baker into switching Sami’s baby at the clinic. Rafe worries that he might be wrong, then panics, wondering what will happen if he’s right.

In Chloe’s hospital room, Lucas asks Chloe how he would know where Daniel is and why she wants to see him, since he will probably just try to kill her again. Chloe insists that Daniel couldn’t have done this. She adds that Roman is looking for Daniel and when he finds him, the truth will come out--that Daniel loves her and that he didn’t hurt her. Chloe says that she loves Daniel, too, and that nothing can change that.

Daniel is tied to a bed in a hotel room. He struggles, and manages to loosen his bonds just enough to get his gag off. Daniel huffs that first he going to find Chloe and then he going to make Kate pay. He yells for help.

Kate shows up at the DiMera mansion and says breathlessly that she needs help. We pan in on Stefano as Kate explains that he is her only hope.

EJ tells Nicole that they can’t just leave and abandon his son and his father. Nicole claims they can fly over and visit any time. EJ sighs, saying that the idea of escaping sounds romantic, but Salem is their home. EJ suggests that they go ahead and go on their honeymoon, if that will keep her smiling. Nicole grins.

Sami says that she wishes she had Sister Claire’s optimism. Sister Claire suggests she go to the chapel and try meditating. Sami agrees to do so and Claire says that she will talk to her soon. She heads off. Sami accidentally knocks her purse on the ground. She leans over to pick up the contents and see a picture of her and Rafe. She sighs.

Rafe thinks he is right and that Nicole switched Grace for Sydney to get EJ’s baby. Rafe just wishes he could prove it. He curses, remembering that Baker is dead and that Nicole has a restraining order against him. Rafe thinks that he needs a different approach. He makes a call and tells someone it’s been a long time, but he needs huge favor, as he is in a bind. He asks the person to meet him at the Brady pub. Rafe hangs up and tells himself he is going to prove he is right.

Chloe sighs, telling Lucas that she never meant to hurt him. She swears that the affair happened before their marriage and that she and Daniel broke it off immediately. Chloe promises that she wasn’t once with Daniel after she married Lucas. Lucas wonders why she made up with him after she broke off their engagement. He demands that she not give him any garbage about his falling off the wagon, but Chloe claims that that was part of it. She says that the main reason she came back to him is because of a promise she made to God.

Stefano suggests a scotch to soothe Kate’s nerves. Kate agrees. He also says that a game of chess might relax her. She refuses, saying that she isn’t in the mood . Stefano steers her to the chess table. They sit down, and he makes a move. Stefano then asks Kate to tell him everything. Kate says that she has done something and if she doesn’t get help, her life will turn into a nightmare. Stefano assumes she poisoned Lucas’ wife and framed Daniel for it. He reminds her it’s her move. Tears fill her eyes. Stefano warns her to protect her knight. Kate makes her move. Stefano then says that he really thought she would get away with it. He wonders what happened. Kate says that she got overconfident, and adds that Daniel is a loose end that can’t be tied up forever.

Daniel struggles. Suddenly, he notices that one ropes binding his arms is frayed. Daniel grins. He begins pulling the frayed rope across the post of the bed furiously.

Chloe explains that she made a promise to God. Lucas says that he heard the same stupid story from Daniel. Chloe claims that it is true. She reminds Lucas that the night he got drunk, he found out about Daniel and her from Maggie and came over to confront Daniel. After the gas explosion, she found him outside Daniel’s door, dead. Lucas reminds her she isn’t a doctor, but Chloe says that he had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. She didn’t know what to do, so she decided to pray to God. She then asked Him to spare Lucas’ life and promised to do the right thing and marry Lucas if He would. She adds that Lucas woke up right afterward, so she decided to keep her word, swearing that she wasn’t unfaithful any more after that. Lucas grumbles that Daniel said the same thing, but he believes Chloe about as much as he believes Daniel.

Daniel screams in frustration and exhaustion. He pulls harder and manages to break the ropes tying one of his arms, but his vision begins to go blurry. Daniel tries to get up, but passes out.

Chloe wishes that Lucas weren’t so angry, but she says knows how much she hurt him. Lucas wonders if she does really. He thinks that she can probably guess if she multiplies the pain she thinks she’s caused by about a hundred. He fumes, saying that what really makes him mad is that Chloe is totally delusional about Daniel. He adds that Daniel tried to poison her and the cops can prove it. Chloe claims it wasn’t Daniel. Lucas wonders if she knows who it is, then. Chloe flashes back to Kate giving her an apple, then to Kate freaking out over the deviled eggs and Lucas jokingly wondering if they’re poisoned. Chloe gasps, telling Lucas that it was his mother. It’s the only logical explanation. Lucas yells at her not to say that, and that his mother would never do anything like that.

Stefano goes over Kate’s story that she knocked Daniel out and tied him up in a hotel room. She moves a chess piece and takes his bishop, scoffing and asking him what he expected her to do, let Daniel take her taped confession to the police? She claims that that’s why she came to Stefano. He asks if she destroyed the evidence. She says she did, of course, and that she was very careful. Stefano says she can’t be sure, as even the best players sometimes make mistakes. He makes a move and takes one of her pieces. Kate adds that Chloe is awake, and that she counted on her dying. Stefano admits that Chloe may say some things Kate doesn’t want her to. He says that he is glad that she has come to her old friend and protector. He wonders why she didn’t go to Victor instead. She explains that Victor’s sole concern is to protect Daniel. She adds that Victor won’t hurt her, but he won’t help her either. Kate gets down to brass tacks and asks Stefano if he will help her. He doesn’t reply, but moves a piece and puts her in check.

Nicole says that she can’t wait to go to Paris and to the cote d’azure. EJ thinks it might be hot, and Nicole readily agrees to go anywhere he wants to go after Paris. Just then, EJ gets a business call and says that he has to take it. He heads off. Nicole grins and asks Sydney if she excited about going to Paris.

Rafe meets a man at the pub. The two take a table and Rafe explains that the case he is working on needs to be kept on the down low. He explains that it involves a well-known family, and that a restraining order has already been filed against him. The man asks what he needs, and Rafe says that he needs to find out who a child’s biological parents are. The man says that the only way to be sure is to have DNA testing done, but guesses Rafe can’t get it, since he wants to fly under the radar. Rafe asks is there is another way to get DNA. The man suggest collecting hairbrushes and cups that may have saliva on them. He tells Rafe about them collecting garbage from a guy’s house and getting DNA from envelopes and cigarette butts. Outside the pub, someone stares in at Rafe.

Lucas thinks Chloe’s brain must have turned to mush. Chloe claims every time that she got sick, Kate was there. She gave her the apple and, she provided the food at the shoot. Lucas reminds Chloe that the apple was from Daniel, but Chloe says that all the times she got sick, she had eaten something Kate gave her. Lucas refuses to believe it, saying that there is a mountain of evidence against Daniel. They have the prescription he wrote, and the drugs they found in his apartment. Chloe scoffs, asking Lucas if he really thinks his mom isn’t devious enough to plant evidence. Chloe vows that she loves Daniel and that he loves her. Chloe then gasps, wondering why Daniel isn’t here, since she has been awake for a while. Luca guesses nastily that might he left town before his trial the next day. Chloe ignores him and worries that Kate might have gotten to Daniel.

Stefano says that he is flattered that Kate came to him for help. He adds that he is especially moved since the last time they talked, she was angry. Kate reminds him that he ordered a hit on her son. Stefano says he sorry, but he can’t discuss his dealings with the Kiriakis family. Kate asks if that includes herself. Stefano tells her that any deal the two of them make is none of Victor’s business. Kate reminds Stefano that time is running out, and she needs help. Stefano tells Kate that he will help her--at a price. Kate asks what it is. Stefano warns her first that its non-negotiable and asks her if she will agree to the terms. Kate considers it. Stefano makes a move and takes her queen, chuckling that he has captured her.

Lucas asks Chloe incredulously if she really believes that his mom is going after her boyfriend, too. He claims that he is sick of talking and that he doesn’t want to listen to her dumb fantasies. Lucas adds that when the police arrest Daniel again, he’s going to go to jail for attempted murder. Chloe insists that Daniel is innocent. Lucas tells her that there is too much evidence, and that the D.A. will stick with the charges. Lucas reminds Chloe that they have the prescription, the poison, and the phone call that Chloe made to Maggie shortly before she slipped into the coma. Chloe stares in confusion. Lucas reminds her that she called Maggie and claimed that Daniel threatening her and that she needed help. Chloe says that that never happened, and that she wasn’t afraid at all--in fact, she was mean to Daniel all that day because she was trying to focus on Lucas and making their marriage work. Lucas scoffs, saying sarcastically that that worked out well. Chloe says again that she is sorry, but admits that in the end, she gave in to her true feelings. Lucas says that he going to follow his true feelings too. He promises to make sure that she and Daniel won’t be happy either, and that Daniel will spend the rest of his life in prison. Chloe insists that Daniel can’t go to jail, as he didn’t do anything wrong.

Kate tells Stefano that she agrees to his terms. She adds that she knows he will do what needs to be done. Stefano says that the help he offers her comes from the heart, as she knows how he feels about her, and she has known for quite a while. He thinks that they understand each other. Kate agrees, and says that that is why she wants to put their differences aside. Kate then reminds Stefano that Daniel can only stay tied up so long. She says that she wants to make sure things get cleaned up before the police get there. Stefano moves a piece and checkmates Kate. He suggests they go take care of her little problem.

EJ gets off the phone and heads back over to Nicole. He tells her that he spent a lot of time coordinating their travel plans, and that they’re ready to take the jet and leave for their honeymoon this evening. Nicole is excited and says that she thinks they’ll have the best time. EJ agrees, vowing that no one is going to spoil their happiness.

Rafe tells the man that he will get the DNA sample one way or another. His friend agrees to get the tests done as soon as he does. He heads off, wishing Rafe luck. Rafe gets out his wallet to pay and finds a picture of Sami and Grace. He flashes back to Sami telling him that she wishes Rafe had been there when Grace was born, so he could have been the first person to hold her. Rafe scoffs, saying if he had been there, none of this would have ever happened. Rafe takes out his phone and makes a call to the convent. Sister Claire answers, sighing and saying that Sami is in seclusion and can’t be reached. Rafe asks if she can tell Sami that he called and that it’s very important. She agrees to tell Sami and hangs up. Just then, Sami comes back, saying that she prayed and that Claire was right--she does feel better. Claire tells her that Rafe called and that it was very important she call back. Claire thinks that he really needs to speak with Sami.

Someone watches Rafe as he places some money on the table and heads out of pub. The person follows him.

Sami asks Claire if Rafe told her what the call was about. She says no, and that Rafe will probably understand if she doesn’t call back, since she told him Sami was in seclusion. Sami asks if she should call Rafe back. Claire says that this has to be her decision.

Rafe gets the spare key from the top of Sami’s door and lets himself in. The person following him starts to go in, but leaps back and hides behind the door as Rafe heads into the living room with one of Sami’s purses. He opens it and takes out a hairbrush, placing it in a plastic bag. He then finds a pink bib. Rafe sighs, remembering that he gave it to Grace. He decides to have it tested, too. Just then, the door shuts. Rafe turns around to find Meredith standing there. He asks what she is doing here. She says that she came here to apologize. She grins. Rafe scoffs.

Chloe asks Lucas if he can see that Daniel loves her that the way he used to, and that Daniel would never hurt her. Chloe claims that Kate doing all this the only thing that makes sense. Lucas claims his mother is innocent, but Chloe retorts that they both know Kate would do anything for Lucas, and that she would probably even murder her and set Daniel up for it to keep Chloe from ruining Lucas’ life. Chloe thinks that Kate could be hurting Daniel and says that she has to go look for him. Lucas comes over and hustles her back in to bed. He reminds her that she can’t get up and he asks her to stop acting so ridiculously.

Nicole and EJ return to the mansion. Nicole tells EJ that she wants to supervise the packing, and EJ admits that he wants to go to check on Stefano. He confides in Nicole that he is worried about his father, especially as he will be here all on his own. Nicole reminds EJ that Stefano wants them to go on their honeymoon and has been hounding them about it for weeks. EJ sighs, telling her that he is sure Lexie can handle things with Stefano. Nicole tells EJ that she loves him for being so worried about his family. EJ sighs, saying that he thinks Stefano is going to miss Sydney more than either of them. EJ then heads off to find Stefano and say goodbye. Nicole gets Sydney out of her stroller and tells her that they are going on a trip together. She says that she can’t wait to get out of here, as Rafe is driving her crazy. She adds confidentially that what EJ doesn’t know, is that they’re never coming back to Salem.

Sami thinks Sister Claire is right and that she can’t keep hiding forever. She wonders what she is doing hiding in a convent. She takes out her phone and looks at picture of Rafe. She then tells herself that Rafe isn’t the problem. She knows something happened with Emily, but Rafe was there for her when she needed him and that is all that matters. She regrets the phone call she made, saying that she shouldn’t have spoken to Rafe that way. She should have just thanked him for looking after her and taking care of her. Sami thinks the nun was right about Rafe.

Meredith says that she is sorry that Rafe and Sami broke up. She admits to Rafe that she told Sami that he killed Emily and that that was cruel. Rafe says her apology isn’t necessary. Meredith whines that he and Sami had plans to be together and she ruined it all. Rafe admits he and Sami’s issues included Emily, but there were other problems, considering her baby died and her ex was putting pressure on her. Meredith wails that she made everything worse and that she feels terrible. Rafe says that they all just need to forget about it and move on with their lives. Meredith scowls, saying that she can’t do that.

Kate heads into the hotel room with Stefano. Daniel is gone. Kate freaks out and screams that this isn’t possible. She promptly panics, saying that Daniel is gone. Stefano clucks and shakes his head.

Lucas holds Chloe down in bed, telling her that she has to stay here. Lucas reminds her that her muscles are still too weak for her to walk. Chloe begs him to help her find Daniel. Lucas flatly refuses, saying that as her husband, he won’t go looking for her boyfriend. Chloe pleads with Lucas, claiming that his mother is going to kill Daniel.

Kate tells Stefano that she should have killed Daniel when she had the chance. He doesn’t think she is capable of doing something like that. Kate moans, saying that he could be on way to the police or to Chloe, and that it could be too late for Stefano to help her. Stefano reassures her and tells her not to panic, as it might not be too late. Stefano then promises to take care of Dr. Jonas for her.

EJ surveys the pile of luggage in the foyer and tells Nicole that she packed an awful lot, considering that he only took one bag. Nicole reminds him that they don’t know if they are going north or south, so she might need both need warm and cool clothes. EJ says that he understand and adds that he will get Mary to put Sydney in the car. Nicole thanks him and he heads off. Nicole tells herself that she is going to miss this old mansion but it can’t be helped. She claims that this is the last time she’ll say goodbye to it. Nicole then heads out the door.

Rafe tells Meredith that they can talk later. She says that she is here now and that she wants to talk now. Rafe sighs, saying that he is in the middle of something that can’t wait. He promises to call her later. Meredith ignores him, saying that she needs closure and can’t leave until she gets it. Rafe tells her shortly that he has stuff to do. Meredith retorts that he killed Emily and that they have to deal with that. Rafe claims that it was an accident. Just then, his phone rings. She demands that Rafe ignore the call, but he says it’s Sami and that he has to tell her something important. He turns his back on Meredith. She grabs a fireplace poker and hits Rafe over the head with it, knocking him unconscious.

Sami tries to call Rafe, but he doesn’t answer. She sighs, saying that she really needs him.

Meredith looks at Rafe, who lies on the carpet, unconscious. She brandishes the poker and sneers.


Bo tells Hope, "Instead of being happy that we have our daughter home, you want to put me through hell."

Kate asks Stefano, "What if Daniel shows up?" He replies, "He will be taken care of."

Chloe tells Lucas, "She will kill him."

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