Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/17/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/17/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

In the hospital, as Lexie, Lucas, Roman, Nathan, and Melanie look on, Chloe opens her eyes and mumbles, asking everyone what’s going on. Lucas gasps that she’s awake. Chloe says she doesn’t understand, and asks why she is in the hospital. Lucas gapes, saying that he can’t believe that she is back.

Daniel is tied to a bed in a hotel room. He wakes up. Nearby, Kate fills a syringe with something from a vial. Daniel groans and writhes.

At the Java Café, EJ says that he can tell Will troubled by the fact that Mia lied to him. He wants to know what it was Mia lied to Will about. Will says it’s complicated. EJ says things usually are.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Mia swears to Nicole that Will won’t tell anyone her secret, and that he thinks Mia gave her baby up in a closed adoption and doesn’t know who the parents are. She assures Nicole no one find out and reminds her that everyone saw her pregnant and that everyone think Sydney hers. Why would they ever connect the baby to anyone else? Nicole phone rings. It’s EJ, and he wants to know where she is, as her phone has been off. She apologizes, and wonders where he is. EJ explains that he is at the café with Sydney, talking to Sami’s son, Will. Nicole panics.

At the convent, Sami stares at a photo. Rafe shows up just then and kisses her. She smiles, saying that she is glad he’s here and that he’s back in her life. Rafe claims that he never really left. The two kiss. Sami rolls around in bed. She wakes up, realizing that it was just a dream. She sighs in disappointment, catching sight of a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Arianna greets Rafe at the pub. Rafe tells her he thinks he might be on to something, as he knows Nicole is keeping a secret from her husband and the rest of world. He tells Arianna that she had a miscarriage. Arianna says that she didn’t know that Nicole was pregnant again. Rafe says he isn’t sure when it happened. She asks how he knows, and he says that he was at the park and overheard Brady and Nicole talking. He tells Arianna that Nicole said that EJ can never know about her miscarriage. Arianna is surprised she confided in Brady. Rafe thinks they must have some kind of a bond. Arianna wonders what this all means, and what Nicole is up to.

EJ asks Nicole to join him and Will at the café. She thinks that it’s a little strange the two are talking, and asks what they are talking about. EJ promises to tell her as soon as she gets there. He hangs up. Mia ask if EJ is with Will. Nicole says he is. Mia doesn’t get it, as Will doesn’t like EJ. Nicole fumes, saying that she wonders the same thing. She adds angrily that it’s funny that Mia told Will about her baby and an hour later he’s talking to EJ. Mia says that Will promised not to say anything, and besides, she didn’t tell him Sydney was her baby. Mia is sure that Will wouldn’t break his promise. Nicole says that she had better hope so, because if Will blabs this around, Mia will be in a world of pain. Nicole stops, saying that she has to get to the café and handle this, hoping that there is a way to do so. Nicole says that if this all comes out, she can’t even count how many people will get hurt. She asks Mia to stand by with her phone on and not to admit to anything if Will calls. Mia swears that she doesn’t think anything is wrong, but if it is, she’s sorry. Nicole sobs, saying that she trusted Mia. She bawls, adding that the only thing she ever wanted was to have a happy family with her husband and child. She steels herself, vowing to fix this. She swears that no one will ruin the life she has built and rushes off.

At the nurse’s station, Nathan and Melanie talk excitedly about Chloe’s recovery. Roman comes over and asks another officer to take them downtown, as they are under arrest. Melanie protests, reminding Roman that Chloe is awake and that they saved her life. Roman says that he still has to take them, as what they did was illegal. Nathan agrees, but asks if he can call Daniel to give him the news. Roman agrees to allow it. Nathan asks if Chloe is going to make it, but Roman isn’t sure.

Chloe tells Lucas quietly that there is a lot that she doesn’t understand. She explains that the last thing she remembers is shooting the TV show. Lucas glares. Chloe thinks that Lucas seems different and asks if anything has happened. Lucas retorts that a hell of a lot happened, actually.

Kate tells Daniel that things could have been different early on, but they can’t turn back the clock now. She adds that since he insisted on running around with Chloe and spitting in her and her son’s face, he has really left her no choice. She prepares to inject Daniel with the syringe. Daniel shakes his head violently.

Arianna wonders what Nicole’s miscarriage has to do with Sami. Rafe says it could mean nothing, admitting that he doesn’t know when she lost the baby. Rafe guesses that she lost the baby around the time Grace died, which would explain why she was so emotional. Arianna wonders why it would be a secret. Rafe hates to say it, but maybe the baby was Brady’s. Arianna shakes her head, saying that Rafe is way off base. Rafe says he might be, but he now that he knows Nicole didn’t do anything to Grace to cause her to die, he isn’t sure what to think. Arianna asks if he is back at square one, then. Just then, Rafe’s phone rings. It’s Sami. She asks him not to hang up.

Maggie greets Mia, having just come home from the grocery store. Mia sulks. Maggie asks her what’s wrong. Mia says she thinks needs to go to her room, but Maggie asks her to wait. She urges Mia to be honest and asks if she has had a slip, referring to her drug abuse. Mia sighs, saying that she is fine. She starts to tell Maggie the truth, but stops herself. Maggie can tell she isn’t fine and begs Mia to at least give her a hint. All Mia will say is that you shouldn’t keep secrets from people you care about. Maggie asks if this is about Will. Mia nods and explains that she lied to Will, Maggie and everyone else. Maggie asks what about. Mia sighs, telling Maggie that she had a baby before she met them. That’s why she left town--not to go to rehab. She tells Maggie that she gave her little girl up for adoption to a good home. She goes on to say that she told Will, and that she really thought he would understand. Maggie guesses that he didn’t and that he didn’t forgive, either. Mia doesn’t think he ever will, but he did promise not to tell anyone, and now she fears he is going to break his promise. Maggie hugs Mia, trying to comfort her.

Rafe tells Sami that he would never hang up on her. He asks what is going on and Sami says she had a dream about him. Rafe hopes it wasn’t a bad one. Arianna excuses herself. Sami tells Rafe that she didn’t know who else to call. He asks where she is, and she says she is staying at the convent. Rafe asks again about the dream, but Sami says she just wanted to let him know she was thinking about him and Grace and how lucky she is to know both of them. Sami sighs, saying that she wouldn’t be alive if not for him, and she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to know Grace. She adds that she wishes Rafe could have been there when Grace was born, as she wanted Rafe to be the first person to hold her. She admits that she also wishes Rafe had been there to help her, since she was so scared when they took Grace away from her. Rafe stares in surprise, asking who took Grace away from her.

Chloe asks Lucas if he is upset about something. Lucas says he certainly is, because she lied to him. He shouts that she lied before they were engaged, and she was lying to him during their marriage--she’s pretty much been lying ever since the day he told her he loved her. Lexie rushes in just then and scolds Lucas, telling him that he can’t do this right now. Lucas ignores her. He tells Chloe angrily that he knows she was dishonest with him about Daniel. Lexie stops Lucas and leans over Chloe, checking her. Chloe mumbles that she is sorry and asks Lexie quietly where Daniel is. Lucas wonders why she gives a damn where bastard is.

Kate tells Daniel that he can struggle and shout all he likes, adding slyly that this is the only occupied room on the hall. She says that has decided to let him have a last word because of that. She takes off the gag. Daniel calls her a bitch. She chuckles, asking if that is all he has to say. She admits that she expected more from him, like a last plea for mercy. Daniel struggles against his bonds. Kate puts the gag on his mouth again and gets ready to inject him with the drug in the syringe.

Roman, now alone with Chloe, asks if she is ok. She moans that she should have told the truth, since Lucas so angry. Roman says that he doesn’t want to upset her, but he needs to ask her some questions. He wonders if she is up to it. Chloe asks Roman again if it is really the middle of September. He nods and she says that she can’t believe it. Roman explains that she was in a coma for a few weeks. Roman then tells her that they have placed Daniel under arrest. Chloe insists that Daniel would never hurt her, and that they have to let him go. Roman explains that he is out on bail, but adds that there is a lot of evidence against Daniel. Chloe swears that Daniel loves her and would never hurt her. She adds that she loves Daniel, too. Roman tells her that oftentimes, the victim can’t believe that someone close to them might try to hurt them. Chloe shakes her head and begs Roman to listen to her. She insists that Daniel really loves her and couldn’t have done this to her.

Kate’s phone rings and she heads over to her purse. She takes out her phone and answers, grinning at Daniel. It’s Lucas. Kate asks if she can call him back. Lucas ignores her, saying that no one going to believe this and that it’s a nightmare. Kate asks what is going on and Lucas explains that ‘she’ is awake, defending Daniel, and saying that she still wants to be with him. Kate asks who he is talking about. Lucas says that Chloe woke up and said that she in love in with Daniel. Kate gasps.

Nicole meets EJ and Will at the café. Will abruptly says that he has to go and heads off. EJ tells Nicole that it was nice talking to him and admits that he feels sorry for Will. He explains to Nicole that Will is having problems with girlfriend Mia. Nicole asks what the problem is, and EJ says that apparently, Mia is being dishonest with Will. Nicole asks worriedly what she is being dishonest about.

Sami says that she thought she told Rafe someone took Grace from her. Rafe exclaims that she didn’t and asks again who took the baby. Sami explains that Baker did. She tells Rafe that Grace was having trouble breathing when she was born and the doctor had to work on her. Rafe asks what happened. Sami says she doesn’t know, but claims that it took forever and she was in a panic because she never even saw Grace before Baker took her. Rafe, aghast, says that he can’t believe this. Sami goes on to say that Baker brought Grace back and told her she was fine. Rafe asks Sami to focus and asks her how long Baker was gone with Grace. Sami claims that she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and says she is sorry she called. She hangs up. Rafe sighs.

Maggie hands Mia a tissue and Mia says that she sorry for lying. Maggie tells her that it’s ok and that she understands why she did. Maggie tries to assure her that this thing with Will really isn’t a big deal. Just then, Maggie’s phone rings. She answers, complaining about the hour. She listens for a moment and gasps. She thanks the person for calling and hangs up. Maggie tells Mia that she has to talk to her later, as she just found out Melanie and Nathan were arrested.

Nathan and Melanie wait in an interrogation room down at the station. Melanie says she is sorry that they can’t call Daniel. Nathan is too, but admits that he is glad that they Daniel is in the clear. Melanie reminds Nathan that his career is on the line and that it’s her fault. Nathan says again that he made a decision and it was a great one. Melanie isn’t so sure. She reminds him that he wanted to be the next great doctor in his family. She wonders why he risked it all. Nathan explains that he had to do with he thought was right. He says that what he doesn’t understand in this whole thing is Melanie.

Chloe tells Roman that she doesn’t care what people think-- Daniel didn’t do this. Chloe adds that she feels terrible about Lucas and that she is ashamed of not telling him the truth, but she has to tell Roman the truth now. She admits to him that one of the last things she did before she went into a coma is talk to Daniel. They were planning on leaving town and being together. Roman says that he wants Chloe to listen to the evidence they have against Daniel, but she refuses, saying she doesn’t care. Chloe says that understands she was poisoned, but not by Daniel. Someone else must have done it.

Kate gasps, telling Lucas that she thought that was impossible. Lucas says that Chloe has woken up and is talking to Roman right now. Lucas grumps that she is probably telling him how great Daniel is. Kate urges Lucas to stay calm and promises to be there soon. She hangs up and sits by Daniel’s side, telling him that Chloe is going to recover. Daniel breathes a sigh of relief.

Arianna comes out of the kitchen to find Rafe gone. She wonders where he went.

Rafe is the park, where he places a call to Sarah. He promises to track her down and force her to tell the truth about what Baker was doing at the clinic. Sarah says that she will tell him, but makes Rafe swear to never call her again. He does so. Sarah then tells Rafe that Baker was buying and selling babies illegally. She hangs up on him. Rafe shakes his head, wondering how any of this makes sense.

Kate says that she can’t believe this is happening. She takes off Daniel’s gag. Daniel reminds her that Lucas just called and tells her to face it, as it’s over. He says he doesn’t care what happens to him--Chloe is going to tell the truth and it’s all going to come out. She tells him to shut up. Daniel says he knows she is in one hell of a bind and that there’s no easy way out, but he promises to help her. He says that all she has to do is go to the police and tell the truth, and he will do everything he can to make it easier for her. She asks if he would really do that for her. He says he would. He begs her to untie him. Kate tells him that he is a kind man, but puts his gag back on. She grabs her purse and heads off. Daniel groans in protest. He writhes and screams.

Nathan said that he had to go off Brady’s word, but he doesn’t get why Melanie did. He reminds her that she always acts like she the only person she cares about is herself, but she also went to bat for him at the hospital. Melanie claims it doesn’t mean anything, but Nathan says that it means a lot to him.

EJ tells Nicole that Will didn’t say what Mia was lying about, but it’s obviously very painful. EJ adds that it’s bad enough Sami lied to him, but now someone else has, too. Nicole says that hopes Sami can learn to be more honest. She also wonders what Mia was lying to Will about. EJ wonders why she cares.

Will shows up at Maggie’s to see Mia.

Sister Claire comes into Sami’s room. Sami cries, telling Claire that she made one phone call and made everything worse, even though she just came here to try to get away.

Rafe talks to himself, saying that that Baker sold babies, Sami’s baby was taken away at birth, and Nicole was Baker’s patient and gave birth to Sydney the same night Sami did. Rafe remembers that Nicole had a miscarriage and he also remembers Sarah showing him on the clinic’s computer that Nicole had a walk-in emergency when she was pregnant with Sydney. Rafe suddenly wonders if that was when Nicole had the miscarriage.

Melanie says that she may have saved Nathan and Dr. Jonas because she is so selfless, but that she will end up disappointing Nathan because she isn’t that girl-- and she never will be.

Mia asks why Will is here, and he apologizes for walking out earlier. He admits that he was a real jerk before. Mia asks if he told anyone her secret. He says he didn’t, and she sighs, relieved, and tells him that that’s the important thing. Will insists that the important thing is that he was wrong for judging her earlier and walking off. Mia says he doesn’t have to be sorry, but Will says he is just being honest. He promises not to judge her anymore. He adds that if she has some secret, she can either keep it or tell him when she is ready. Mia says that she wants to tell him everything, but Will says that he understands that she can’t. Will adds that he has to tell her how he feels about her. Will kisses her.

Sami tells Sister Claire that she came here to get away from it all and think about Rafe. Sami says he is a terrific guy, but some other things came up and she started to doubt him. She admits he wouldn’t tell her everything, and she feared that something was wrong. Sami goes on to say that she is beginning to think she should trust Rafe, because he has been there for her and proven himself to her time and time again. Sami then admits she had a dream about Rafe. Claire asks what it was about, but Sami doesn’t want to say, as she worries it might not come true. The nun says it could, though.

Rafe guesses to himself that Nicole lost her baby and faked her pregnancy. Rafe says he remembers her being sad at that time. He guesses that Nicole needed a real baby at some point, so she went to Baker, the baby broker. She came there surreptitiously that night, and she never gave birth, so that was why the nurse never saw her. Rafe frowns, saying that Nicole could have picked any day to get the baby, so why did she choose the day Sami gave birth? Rafe remembers that Nicole was the one that arranged for Sami to have the baby at the clinic. She then pretended to have her baby that night. He wonders why. Rafe gasps, guessing that Nicole knew that Sami was having EJ’s baby, and that’s why all this happened.

Nathan asks Melanie if she is sure she is going to be a disappointment. He leans in and the two almost kiss but Maggie rushes in just then, asking what is going on and what happened that the two ended up arrested. Nathan tells her that what Melanie and he did turned out to be great thing. He hugs her ecstatically. Maggie stares in astonishment

Roman thanks Chloe for being truthful and promises to let her know as soon as he contacts her parents and give them the news. Chloe thanks him. She sits up in bed and starts to get out. Lucas comes in just then, warning her that she can’t get up. Chloe says that she doesn’t know why, but she doesn’t want to be here. Lucas demands to know if she wants to be with the man that poisoned her. Chloe swears that Daniel didn’t do it. Lucas snaps that he has been waiting forever for her to wake up, and he wants some answers. He asks if she still loves Daniel after what he did to her and to them. She says she is, and asks if Lucas can tell her where Daniel is.

Daniel struggles against his bonds. He screams in frustration.

Kate heads into the DiMera mansion and says, “I need your help.”

Will and Mia kiss. Will tells Mia not to worry, and assures her that Chad will never learn the truth.

Nicole tells EJ that it isn’t important what Mia lied about. She says that she just wants Will and Mia to be happy like she and EJ are and asks if that wrong. EJ says it isn’t. Nicole wishes most people were as in love as they are. EJ says that he wants to know what will make her happy, saying he will do anything. Nicole tells him that she wants to go away from Salem--her, Sydney, and EJ-- and she never wants to come back.

Sister Claire tell Sami that she doesn’t know what will happen, as no one can know that, but she says that if it God’s will, then Sami and Rafe will end up together, even if takes a miracle. Sami isn’t sure there are any miracles left for her.

Rafe thinks Nicole wanted Sami’s baby because she didn’t just any baby-- she wanted EJ’s baby. Rafe finally figures out that Grace wasn’t Sami’s daughter at all. She was someone else’s child and Nicole had Baker switch the babies. Rafe gapes, saying that Sami’s baby is still alive, and her baby is Sydney.


Sister Claire tells Rafe "She's in seclusion." He replies, "Will you just tell her that Rafe called and it's very important?"

Sister Claire tells Sami, "I think he really needs to speak with you."

Chloe tells Lucas, "I know how much I've hurt you." He wonders, "Do you really?"

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