Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/16/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/16/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Lucas tells Lexie that he knows who gave Chloe the poison, and that he is looking at them. Lexie asks in surprise if he means Melanie and Nathan, who are standing nearby, looking suspicious. Melanie rushes over, saying that she was the one that did this, not Nathan.

In a hotel room, Daniel shows Kate the pen he used to record their conversation. He plays back the part where Kate says that she took Chloe from him and that Chloe deserved it. He says that finally, Kate is busted. She glares and tries to snatch the pen. She and Daniel struggle.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Will asks Mia where the baby she had with Chad is. Mia explains that it’s hard to talk about because she gave her up for adoption. She was alone and had no money, and she had no way to give her a decent life, so she decided her baby should go to a good home with loving parents. Will assumes Mia know where she is, then.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Sydney that he doesn’t think Nicole is very happy with him because he said some things that hurt her feelings. He decides to try to call Nicole to apologize.

At the park, Rafe listens in from the bushes as Nicole asks Brady why he texted her. He tells Nicole that everything is about to blow wide open-- and that all the lies she thought she buried regarding Sydney and Mia are coming out tonight. Rafe nearly falls out of the bush in shock.

Kate and Daniel struggle. He wrestles the pen from her and says he can’t give it to her, as it is evidence. She calls him a bastard. Daniel says that other people might see him as a wronged man who finally got it right. Kate attacks again and grabs for the pen. Daniel gets it away from her and advises Kate to give it up and save her energy, because she will need it when she gets to prison. He flings her on the bed and tells her to concentrate on which lawyer she’s going to get for herself. Daniel adds that it won’t matter, though, since she is going down thanks to his confession. She makes another desperate grab for the pen.

Nicole asks if this is another of Brady’s doomsday lectures. Brady breathlessly explains to her that Mia has decided that she has to tell the truth about everything. Rafe listens in expectantly.

Melanie makes up an excuse about learning about antidotes for toxins, and how the same toxin can be used to make you better. Nathan stops her, saying that Melanie wasn’t the one that injected Chloe with leukocystine--he was. Lexie, in shock, asks him why. He tries to explain, but Lexie flies into a rage, wondering why he did this. Nathan doesn’t answer. Lexie guesses Daniel put Nathan up to this. Lucas curses. Lexie tells Nathan angrily that she already turned Daniel down because it’s too dangerous and besides, Nathan is only an intern, and isn’t qualified to give Chloe anything. Melanie wonders why Lexie wouldn’t want to try this since Chloe is going to die, anyway. Lexie ignores her, saying that Melanie and Nathan can explain themselves to the police. She takes out her phone.

Kate tells Daniel that this isn’t over. She says that she doesn’t want it to end this way, and she asks him to work out a deal. Daniel chuckles, wondering what that would be, since she tried to kill Chloe. Kate claims that Chloe is selfish and has never cared about anyone other than herself. Daniel reminds Kate that they made a deal. He and Chloe broke things off. He kept his distance and Chloe was faithful. Kate scoffs, saying that she saw the two together with her own eyes. Daniel admits that he and Chloe couldn’t turn their feelings off, but they were true to their word. He says that Kate, on the other hand, acted like a black widow weaving her web. He lists all the things Kate did to set him up as Chloe’s poisoner and how she sat and watched as Chloe slipped into unconsciousness. Kate admits she did those things, and that she is sorry she implicated him. She wants to work something out so neither of them will be charged. Daniel wonders what the hell is wrong with her, saying that all he cares about right now is saving Chloe’s life. Kate says that he can’t and that it is over. Daniel disagrees, saying that Chloe is recovering even as they speak, since he gave her something to counteract Kate’s poison. Kate glares, asking if that is why she rallied. Daniel nods, saying that she is going to continue getting better. Kate disagrees, but Daniel says Chloe received a larger dose just today. Kate thinks she must be dead by now, then. Daniel glares.

EJ can’t reach Nicole. He wonders where she could be and remembers that Nicole often goes for a walk in the park when she can’t sleep. He asks Sydney if she would like to go check with him. She coos. EJ smiles and picks her up.

Rafe tries to listen in on Brady and Nicole’s conversation, but they lower their voices and he has trouble hearing. Nicole wonders what Mia is thinking, wanting to tell Will the truth. She grows even more furious, saying that Mia swore to her she wouldn’t say a thing. Nicole wonders about Sydney and if Mia will tell Will she gave Sydney to her. Rafe moves around in the bushes and a branch cracks. Nicole asks Brady what that was.

Lexie tries to calm Lucas, saying that this might not be the end for Chloe. Lucas thinks it’s the start of the end. He admits he was ready to let her go, but then she started to rally, and he wanted her to recover, no matter how angry he was. Lucas isn’t at all sure what he wants anymore.

Melanie apologizes for getting Nathan into this, but he insists this was his decision. Nathan chuckles at her attempt to pretend she learned something about pharmacology in class, since nursing students don’t learn it until their fourth your. He thinks she was convincing, however, and that the two of them make a good team. Melanie sighs, saying that she is just sorry Chloe don’t recover. Nathan says that it was a dicey attempt with such a large dosage. Melanie gasps, hoping that they weren’t wrong about Daniel trying to kill Chloe and that they didn’t help Daniel finish the job. Just then, Roman walks over, asking if that is a confession.

Daniel calls Kate a lying bitch and swears Chloe is alive; otherwise he would have heard. He insists that Chloe will make it. He looks at Kate in disgust, accusing her of practically drooling over the fact that Chloe might die. He calls her evil and claims that she will rot in prison and then in hell afterwards. Kate says that isn’t true, and says she thinks he is being awfully cruel. She thought they were getting closer and that he was building towards a new future. He laughs, wondering what kind of crap she is trying to pull now. He adds that all those things he said before was simply an attempt to manipulate her. He tells her that she repulses him and that she is a homicidal maniac. He wonders why she would think he’d ever sniff around her again after what she has done. She turns around with tears in her eyes.

Mia tells Chad that she can’t tell him where the baby is because she doesn’t know. She claims it was a closed adoption, and all she knows is that she went to a good home. Will asks if it was a girl and Mia nods, crying. Will says he now understands Mia’s connection with Grace since she was a girl and was also adopted. Mia says that that is why she understood why Will’s mom did what she did. She adds that she is sorry that she lied about the baby and going to rehab, but she was just scared. Will says that he understands, and asks her if that is it, or if she lied to him about something else. Mia sniffles, but doesn’t answer. Will assumes there is and says angrily that he is out of there. Mia asks him to stop, saying that she has to know if he can forgive her. Will says he isn’t sure, and that he needs to think. He heads off. Mia sobs, saying that she made everything worse.

Brady goes to investigate the bushes, but doesn’t see anything. Nicole suggests they go talk someplace else. Brady wonders where they will go, since this is the only safe place. Rafe peers out at them from another bush.

Kate tells Daniel with tears in her eyes that she thought maybe in spite of what he said, that he still had feelings for her. Daniel says that any feelings he had for her disappeared the second she tried to kill the woman he loved, not to mention when she tried put him in jail. He says that all he feels for her is hate, and that that is all that he will ever feel. He wonders why he is even talking to her, adding that he is leaving. He turns his back on Kate and takes out his phone. Kate, in turn, smashes him over the head with a paperweight and knocks him out.

Mia hears a knock and answers the door, hoping it’s Will, but it is Chad, who says that he had to see her, as he can’t stop thinking about her. He sees her laptop and asks what she is writing. He sits down and starts to read.

EJ is at the Java Café with Sydney, saying that since Nicole isn’t at the park or here, she may have gone home. He runs into Will, who is on his way in, and asks how he is doing. He offers to show Will some pictures of the twins, but Will says he got them already. EJ asks Will if he is ok. Will then confides in EJ about his breakup with Mia. He says that she wanted to patch things up, but she just kept lying to him. EJ says that he is sorry to hear that and asks what Mia was lying about. The camera pans in on Sydney.

Nicole whispers, worrying that EJ may find out that Sydney isn’t her baby. She wonders where Mia is now. Brady says that she is probably at Maggie’s. Nicole replies that she has to go over there before everyone finds out about Sydney. She asks Brady if he will promise not say anything and thanks him for keeping her secret. She adds that EJ can never find out she had a miscarriage. Brady nods, and the two head off in different directions. Rafe comes out of the bushes and stares after Nicole, “Miscarriage?”

Roman says that he doesn’t want to arrest Nathan, but he must know what is going on here. Nathan insists that Roman let Melanie go, but he says he can’t, since Melanie was in the room when Nathan injected Chloe with the drug and she flat-lined. Nathan swears that Melanie had nothing to do with this. Roman sternly tells them that he wants them both to come downtown, as they are both under arrest. Lucas comes over and stops Roman, asking for a moment alone with his cousin, Nathan.

Kate drops the paperweight and asks Daniel if he is dead. He lies on the carpet, unresponsive. She checks his pulse and says to herself that he is alive. She huffs, wondering why he did this and wonders what she is supposed to do now.

Mia shuts her laptop and tells Chad that this is none of his businesses. He says that it seemed like she was upset about Will earlier and that he is worried about her. She claims that she is fine. Chad demands to know what that loser did to her. Mia says that it is her fault they broke up and asks him to stop blaming Will. Chad asks her how it was her fault and begs her to talk to him, as he hates seeing her like this. She says she can’t talk about this with him or anyone. Chad asks her to give him a call if she needs him. Mia thanks him and says that he should go. Chad says he means it and glances at the laptop. He heads off reluctantly. Mia opens her laptop and writes that if anyone ever saw her journal, they’d know everything about Sydney and Nicole. Mia isn’t so sure that would be a bad thing. She types that she should just send her journal to everyone and let the whole world know what happened.

Rafe wonders when Nicole had a miscarriage and why she she wouldn’t want EJ to know about it. Rafe takes out his phone and makes a call.

Mia decides that she can’t send her journal out to everyone. Instead, she thinks he should delete it. Someone bangs on the door. Mia opens the door and finds Nicole outside. Nicole storms into the kitchen, angrily asking Mia to assure her that she didn’t tell anyone about her baby.

Kate paces around the hotel room. She considers going to Brazil because they don’t have an extradition agreement with the U.S. She tells herself that won’t work, because Daniel would still talk. She knows he would make her kids hate her and they’d never come see her. Plus, she’d never see her grandkids and to add to that, Daniel would ruin her life. He would finally be happy and she refuses to let him enjoy the good life while she suffers. Kate thinks there is only one thing left to do. Daniel lies on the ground, unconscious.

EJ asks Will what Mia was lying about. Will doesn’t answer. EJ backtracks, saying he is sorry for asking, as it is none of his business. Will says he can’t tell EJ anyway. EJ counsels Will that sometimes people tell lies to people that they care about, and that that is different from a lie told out of malice. Will asks if that means that if Nicole lied to EJ about something that was huge, and it affected a lot of people, not just him, he would still love her? EJ considers it.

Nicole tells Mia that she can’t tell anyone hat she has a baby. She reminds Mia that they had a deal, which Mia agreed to. Now she hears form Brady that she was considering telling Will. Mia says she is sorry, but she already did. She adds that she had to, because Will means a lot to her and he knew she was keeping a secret. Nicole asks how she could tell Sami’s son the truth. Mia asks why that is important. Nicole says that if Will tells Sami the truth, it will all be over.

Sarah, the nurse from Baker’s clinic, meets with Rafe at the pub. He tells her that he didn’t call her about Baker this time; it’s about the two friends of his that supposedly gave birth the same night. She says she told him everything she knows, but Rafe wants to go over it again. He shows Sarah the picture of Nicole, saying that he thinks she had a miscarriage. Sarah says that she never met her, so she wouldn’t know. Rafe says he knows and makes small talk about her new job. She tells him it’s going well and that it’s better than Baker’s clinic, since he was up to no good. Rafe wonders if Baker’s clinic was the kind of place a person like Nicole could have done something to Sami’s baby that caused her to die. Sarah says that isn’t possible, as she already told him, but if someone wanted to do something shady to Sami’s baby, Baker’s clinic is would have been the place to do it. Rafe asks Sarah what she knows.

Lucas demands to know how Nathan could give Chloe more poison. Melanie doesn’t want him to answer without a lawyer, but Nathan doesn’t mind. He tells Lucas that he was giving Chloe what he thought was the antidote. Lucas lays into him for believing Daniel, but Nathan reminds Lucas that Daniel saved Chloe’s life and Kate’s life, too. He adds that he trusts Daniel implicitly. Lucas flies into a rage. A nurse rushes over and says that she needs Lexie in Chloe’s room right away.

Kate listens to the tape recording again. She throws the pen on the ground and stomps it, smashing it to little pieces. She sighs, saying she never intended for this to happen, but Daniel left her with no choice.

Mia says that Will isn’t going to tell anyone anything, because she asked him not to. She adds that she trusts Will. Nicole asks if she does so completely. Mia sighs, admitting that things didn’t go well, but she insists that Will is a good guy that doesn’t go back on his promises. Mia adds that she doesn’t think that this is a big deal. Nicole glares, saying that her and Sydney’s life and happiness is on the line. Mia says that she never told Will that Sydney was her baby. Nicole sighs. She suddenly catches sight of Mia’s open laptop and reads what is on the screen. She gasps and accuses Mia of thinking about telling the whole story.

Sarah insists that she has told Rafe everything she knows, and that she has to relieve her mother, who is babysitting. Rafe says sternly that this isn’t a game. He grabs her wrist, saying that he can’t let her go until she tells him everything she knows. She asks him to let her go. He does so, but threatens to call the police and have her indicted if she doesn’t start talking. Sarah claims that she wasn’t a part of what was going on at the clinic. Rafe asks her what it was she wasn’t a part of.

Everyone crowds around the door to Chloe’s room as the nurse explains to Lexie that there was a surge on Chloe’s monitor. Lexie examines Chloe, who begins to moan and shake her head from side to side. Lucas asks if she is waking up. Melanie and Nathan stare hopefully.

Kate says to herself that she has to make sure no one finds out what happened here, and that she can’t let Daniel tell people that she poisoned Chloe. The camera pans over to Daniel, who is tied to the bed and gagged. Kate frowns and tells herself that this was something that needed to be done.

EJ doesn’t answer Will’s question about Nicole, but tells him that it sounds to him that they’re back to where they were at the beginning. Mia lied to him and that obviously troubles him a great deal. EJ adds that he’s going to reverse what he said earlier. He says that he wants Will to tell him what it was that Mia lied to him about.

Nicole reads the journal and sees that Mia wrote that anyone that read this would know everything about Sydney and her. She also sees that Mia wrote that she doesn’t think that it’s such a bad idea to let everyone find out. Nicole freaks out, asking Mia if alls she does all day is sit around writing about herself. She reminds Mia that there will be consequences if this comes out, and hers isn’t the only life that will be ruined. Nicole wonders angrily if Mia really thinks she can get Sydney back this way. Mia swears that that isn’t what she wants. Nicole ignores her, telling her that it won’t work, and that neither one of them will ever see Sydney again. Mia explains that she planned on deleting all that stuff anyway. She goes over to the laptop and does so, showing Nicole. Nicole says that she can write it again anytime she is feeling sentimental. Nicole then accuses her of having fantasies about her baby, but Mia says it isn’t true. She claims that she couldn’t take it because Will knew she was keeping secrets. Nicole scoffs, telling her to suck it up, because telling Will was a huge mistake. She says angrily that the truth can never come out, adding that Mia has no idea how much pain it will cause. Mia insists that Will won’t tell anyone. She assures Nicole that Will thinks that she doesn’t know where the baby is. She swears no one will find out the truth. Nicole hopes she is right. Mia tries to convince her that no one will know about her miscarriage. She wonders how anyone could ever connect Sydney to her when everyone saw Nicole pregnant.

Rafe asks Sarah what was going on at that clinic. She says she has to go and rushes off. Rafe sighs, saying that if she won’t help him, he has to figure this out on his own. He claims that he knows just who to talk to.


Chloe mumbles, “You know where Daniel is?” Lucas retorts, “Who gives a damn where that bastard is?!”

Kate whispers to Daniel, “You really left me no choice.”

Nicole hisses at Mia, “No one will ruin the life that I have built.”

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