Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/15/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/15/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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Arianna tells Brady that she knows this is none of her business, but she wants to know what it is Brady did for Nicole. He scoffs, agreeing that it is none of her business, especially since she told him to buzz off when he suggested that they be friends. He adds angrily that she doesn’t have the right to grill him about an old friend. Arianna worries that Nicole is using him, but Brady says it shouldn’t matter to Arianna either way. Arianna reminds him that he could get hurt. She knows Brady is keeping secrets for Nicole, and she thinks that he needs to remember that Nicole’s enemies are also his enemies.

At the pub, Nicole hands Rafe the restraining order, telling him that he’ll be arrested if he comes within a hundred feet of her. Rafe chuckles, guessing he is on the right track, since he has Nicole running scared. She admits that she is scared--of a man that kidnapped her and dragged her to some convent. Rafe scoffs, saying that the restraining order really doesn’t matter. He adds that he isn’t after her; he’s after the truth--and he isn’t going to stop until he gets it.

Mia sits at the Java Café and types on her laptop in her journal. She writes that she thinks Will might understand if she just tells him the truth about giving up her baby. She sighs, saying that it might not be the end of the world. Mia then decides that she has to know one way or another. She picks up her phone and dials.

In a bedroom at the convent, Sami explains to Sister Claire that her twins are with her mom, and her son is with his father right now. Sami thinks that it’s best for her kids not to be around her right now, but she also feels selfish for running them around. Sister Claire thinks Sami is being too hard on herself, as she clearly wants her children close to her. Sami sighs, also adding that she is worried about Rafe. She knows there is nothing she can do for him right now, and she admits that that is frustrating. She confides in the nun that Rafe is treating Grace’s death like an FBI case, and he’s been hounding Nicole about it. Sami knows that he just wants answers, and she admits that she does, too. She tells Sister Claire that she can’t help but feel like the answers she is looking for are right here in this convent.

Kate answers her phone outside the pub. Daniel is on the other line and she groans, wondering what the hell he wants. Daniel tells her about the D.A. offering him a deal. Kate gasps, saying that the idea of offering him a reduced sentence is ridiculous. Daniel tells Kate that he had to beg the D.A., but he managed to get a reprieve for a few hours to think it over. Kate scoffs, asking if he wants to discuss it with her. Daniel nods, saying that she deserves to know the terms of the deal, since they involve her. Kate asks what he means by that, but Daniel doesn’t want to discuss it over the phone. He tells Kate that she definitely wants to talk to him about this, though.

In Chloe’s hospital room, Nathan finishes injecting Chloe with the drug Daniel asked him to give her. Melanie asks if she will wake up now. Nathan isn’t sure, but he tells Melanie that they need to get out of there. Just then, Lucas walks in. Nathan hides the syringe behind his back as Lucas demands to know what the two are doing in Chloe’s room.

Nicole tells Rafe that she is glad this is the last time they have to deal with one another, but Rafe assures her that he is going to find out the truth, and then they’ll have lots to talk about. Nicole tells Rafe that this restraining order is actually kind on her part. She tells Rafe that if her husband knew what he was doing, he’d be a lot more than restrained. Rafe doesn’t think that Nicole can tell EJ, because she can’t let anyone find out her secret. He whispers confidentially that he thinks she is actually mostly afraid of EJ. Nicole tells Rafe coldly that they have all been through enough. She suggests that he just let this go. Rafe scoffs, sure she would love for him to do so. Nicole demands to know if he really thinks this is helping Sami. Rafe retorts that she isn’t worried about Sami at all. Nicole says she is--more than Rafe is, apparently. Nicole storms off. Rafe picks up the restraining order, crumples it in to a ball, and tosses it over his shoulder.

Nathan explains that he was just checking Chloe’s vitals, but Lucas says he was talking to Melanie. She reminds Lucas that she is a nursing student, but Lucas says that she just delivers magazines. He tells her angrily that she can take Chloe off her route. Melanie insists that she was just doing her job. Nathan assures Lucas that Melanie wasn’t hurting anyone. Lucas scoffs, saying that that is what Melanie does. She gapes. Lucas tells Nathan not to underestimate this girl, and if he doesn’t believe him, he can ask Philip or Nick. Melanie slips behind Nathan’s back and grabs the syringe from him. She slips it into her pocket, and says she is going to go, since the tension isn’t really good for Chloe. Lucas thanks her for her concern, but notes nastily that she isn’t much different from Chloe herself--except that Chloe and Daniel never made it to video. Nathan warns Lucas to let it go, but he explodes, telling Nathan to get involved with Melanie if he wants, but she is going to chew him up and spit him out. Lucas glares. Melanie, shocked, shakes her head.

Sami calls Will, who is at the townhouse, to let him know that she is thinking of going away for a few days. He says that is fine by him. Sami says that she won’t go if he wants her to stay, but Will thinks she should go away if she wants to, as she needs to take care of himself. He abruptly says that he is getting another call and says that he has to go. Sister Claire comes in with some sheets, and Sami tells her that she’d like to stay for a little while if they will have her. Claire says she can stay as long as she likes and hands her the sheets. Sami thanks her.

Will answers the phone and tells Mia that he can’t really talk right now. Mia says that she won’t keep him long, but admits that she has something important to tell him--something she should have told him a long time ago.

Brady doesn’t think Arianna’s sudden concern has anything to do with him. He thinks she just wants something to report to her older brother. Arianna retorts that at least Rafe knows what Nicole is really like. Brady tells her that he sick of the Hernandez family passing judgment on everyone in town. Arianna thinks they both feel the same way about the DiMeras, but Brady says that Nicole isn’t a DiMera. He hisses that Arianna doesn’t know what Nicole is like or what she has been through. Arianna asks him why he always has to play hero to a damsel in distress. Brady sarcastically tells her that he is a jerk for having that quality, and that she really dodged a bullet when she dumped him. He storms off. Arianna sighs, saying that that didn’t go well.

Nicole heads into the DiMera mansion and counsels herself to put on a happy face. She heads into the living room and greets Sydney and EJ in French, saying that they are her favorite people in the whole world. EJ coldly tells her that she is late and adds that her French is terrible. It’s a good thing she won’t be needing it. Nicole gasps. EJ informs her that they aren’t going to Paris.

Will tells Mia that he thinks this sounds pretty heavy. Mia says it is, and that she can’t talk about this over the phone. She asks Will to meet her at Maggie’s house in half an hour, and he agrees. She hangs up and sighs, telling herself that this is the right thing to do. Brady walks over and confront her, saying that it isn’t, and that she can’t tell Will that Sydney is her baby.

Arianna heads into the pub and greets Rafe. He groans, telling her that he just keeps hitting one brick wall after another. She says she knows how he feels. Rafe confides in her about what the nurse told him--that Nicole couldn’t have given Grace meningitis at the clinic. Arianna figures he should be glad he doesn’t live in a world where someone would purposely do that to an innocent baby. Rafe agrees, but says that he is still suspicious. Nicole posed as another woman at the convent to get Sami to go to the clinic. Then she showed up at the clinic that night--the same night both of EJ’s daughters were born. Rafe shakes his head, saying there are too many coincidences, and he just thinks that Nicole is at the center of all this somehow. He thought he would have proof by now, but he has nothing. Arianna tells Rafe that she thinks she knows what he needs to do.

Nicole asks where they are going then, but EJ informs her that they aren’t going anywhere. Nicole pouts and wonders why. EJ says that his father was just as upset as she was when he heard the news. Nicole grumps that she doesn’t like her life perused by her father-in-law. EJ says she should be glad, since Stefano is on her side. EJ finds it interesting that the two of them are so anxious to get him out of the country. Nicole says that she just wants to go on her honeymoon, and that there isn’t a conspiracy afoot. EJ ignores her, telling her that he just got off the phone with his lawyer. Apparently, Judge Fitzpatrick called and wanted a campaign contribution in return for the restraining order she just issued. Nicole stammers. EJ asks her angrily if she planned on telling him. She says that she didn’t want him to overreact, but admits that Rafe has been harassing her. She says that she wanted to try to handle this on her own. EJ shouts that he can tell when she is lying, and that she is lying now.

Kate and Daniel meet in a hotel room. She instructs him to take off his shirt and Daniel does so, showing her that he isn’t wearing a wire. He starts off by telling her he is sorry about the other night and what he said, even after everything she did to both him and Chloe. Kate insists that she didn’t do anything. She asks him to get to the point, and he tells her about the plea bargain the D.A. offered him. He explains that they want him to plead no contest and do a little jail time, but he thinks they’re just trying to save face. He tells Kate that Justin told him that he thinks that he can make the whole thing go away. Kate gasps. Daniel says that they’ve probably lost faith in the case against him. Kate scoffs, saying that can’t be true--not with all the evidence they have against him. Daniel tells her that that’s just it--there’s too much evidence. There’s enough evidence to convict two people, and he thinks the D.A. is starting to believe him. Kate wonders why he rushed over here to warn her. Daniel ignores her, telling her she overdid it when she wrote that prescription. The cops know there’s no way he would have left such a paper trail. Kate tells him she has to go and adds that he ought to enjoy his last days of freedom. Daniel tells her that he know Victor knows what she did to Chloe. That is why he brought Justin in--to get the charges against him dropped without Kate having to own up to what she did. Kate tells Daniel goodnight pointedly and starts to go, but Daniel stops her, asking her if she really thinks that she can trust Victor.

Melanie says that she has to get going. Just then, Chloe flat-lines. Nathan starts chest compressions and asks Melanie to call for a code blue. She hurries off. Lucas stares in astonishment.

Sister Claire tells Sami that she is glad that she is taking this time away to reflect, away from any distractions. Sami asks if she means Rafe. Claire nods, admitting that she doesn’t think Rafe is the best influence right now. Sami admits that she wasn’t the best influence on him, either. She thinks Claire is right, and that it’s best if she and Rafe just stay away from one another.

Arianna tells Rafe about overhearing Nicole thanking Brady for all that he had done for her, and how Brady freaked out when he thought she was eavesdropping. Rafe tells her that she has to get Brady to tell her what he knows, but Arianna tells Rafe that they broke up. Even if they hadn’t, Brady is really defensive when it comes to Nicole. It’s like he sees her as the victim in all this. Rafe wonders how he could. Arianna shakes her head, saying that Brady isn’t naïve. If Nicole had really done something wrong, he wouldn’t defend her. Rafe doesn’t think she knows that for sure, but Arianna says she does, since Brady is a lot like Rafe. Rafe sighs, saying that if Arianna won’t help him, then he will have to find out what is going on on his own.

Brady tells Mia that he isn’t just thinking of Nicole. He is worried what the DiMeras might do to her if they find out. Mia whines that she has to tell Will, since he only broke up with her because he knew she was keeping secrets. Brady tells her that she needs to continue keeping the secret, since there is no telling what will happen to Sydney if the truth comes out. Mia tells Brady that she doesn’t have to tell Will the whole story--just that she had a baby and she gave it up, not who the baby is or where she is. She swears that she won’t give up Nicole’s secret.

EJ comes back from putting Sydney down and Nicole grumps at him that he didn’t give her a chance to explain. EJ retorts that he has spent the better part of his marriage listening to her explanations. Nicole says she sees it differently, and that she is sick of constantly defending herself against his suspicions and accusations. EJ tells her that he wouldn’t be suspicious if she would just tell him what is going on. If she wanted a restraining order, she should come to him, not go to some judge. Nicole claims that she didn’t want him to have to deal with her problems, but EJ doesn’t believe her. He wonders what this Rafe guy has on her that has her so scared. Nicole is angry that EJ automatically assumes that this is her fault. She yells that she is so tired of all this, so she’ll just tell him everything. She says that Rafe thinks that she did something to harm Grace, and she has been the target of his anger over Grace’s death. EJ wonders why she didn’t just tell him that. Nicole says that it’s because she feared EJ would believe him.

Rafe is surprised that Arianna and Brady broke up, since they seemed to be doing well. Arianna sighs, telling Rafe that it came to the point in their relationship where Brady found out about her past. Rafe thinks her present is more important. Arianna agrees that that sounds nice, but it just isn’t realistic. She admits that she and Brady looked good on paper, but there was no way they were going to work out. Rafe nods as if he knows what she means.

Brady asks if Mia really won’t tell Will the whole truth, but she isn’t sure. Brady tells her that that isn’t good enough. Mia gets up and shouts at Brady that this is her life and her decision. She storms off. Brady sighs and takes out his phone.

Melanie pushes Lucas toward the door, saying that he needs to let Lexie and Nathan work on Chloe. Lucas asks what is wrong, but Melanie wonders why he cares, since he wanted to take Chloe off of life support. She shuts the door in Lucas’ face as he protests that the doesn’t want Chloe to die. Lexie prepares the defibrillator and shocks Chloe.

Kate asks why she wouldn’t trust Victor. Daniel explains that he saw the D.A. talking to Victor’s assistant at the courthouse. The D.A. was telling him how lucky they were that they didn’t need a search warrant to pick up some gardening gloves. Kate flashes back to wearing the gloves as she poisoned some hors d’oeuvres. Daniel reminds her that he was there the day she wore those gloves, and Justin found that fact interesting. Kate huffs, saying that the police need a search warrant to go through her things. Daniel reminds her that she lives in Victor’s house, and he can give consent at any time. Besides, he likes to stay on the D.A.’s good side. Kate claims that Victor would never do that to her, but Daniel informs her that Victor told Justin that he draws the line at the possibility of Daniel going to jail. Daniel wonders if Kate even knows where those gloves are. The cops could be going through her stuff right now. Kate tells him to stop, and wonders why he is telling her all this, since he obviously hates her. Daniel says that he doesn’t hate her, and that actually, he doesn’t want either of them to go down for what happened to Chloe. He says that he feels as if he drove Kate to do what she did, so no matter what happens, he knows that this is his fault. He adds that he can’t do anything to help Chloe, but he does want to help Kate. He takes her hand.

Lexie and Nathan come out of Chloe’s room. Lexie explains that she revived Chloe, but that she is still in a coma. Lexie adds that she needs to order more tests. Lucas wonders why. Lexie says that Chloe’s heart rate increased significantly just before she flat-lined, and she wants to know why. Nathan turns pale. Melanie glances at him worriedly.

Kate says that none of this is making sense to her. Daniel says it makes less sense for Chloe to die and for Kate to go to prison while he pretends as if he didn’t have a hand in it all. Kate says that she is going. Daniel stops her and grabs her, kissing her passionately. Kate kisses him back.

EJ doesn’t believe that Nicole seriously thinks that he would suspect her of harming a child. Nicole grumps that he always thinks the worst of her, and that she’s a terrible person that can’t be trusted. EJ tells her warmly that he doesn’t know anyone that loves children more than her. Plus he knows how devastated she was over Grace’s death, and how she even became friends with Sami out of sympathy. Nicole reminds him that he hates that she and Sami are friends, just like he hates everything else about her. EJ says that isn’t true. Nicole admits that she loves EJ, but that she is tired of feeling badly all the time. EJ apologizes to Nicole and takes her in his arms, telling her how much he loves her.

Sister Claire brings Sami tea. She says that she really doesn’t have to do this, but Claire jokes that they need her well-rested so they can work her hard in the morning. She asks if Sami has been sleeping well, but she says she hasn’t. Claire sighs, saying that she should qualify what she said before. It isn’t that she doesn’t think Sami can ever help Rafe, it’s just that she thinks that Sami should give it some time. Sami doesn’t think that time will help anything. Claire says that she knows that Rafe loves Sami. Sami thinks that Rafe really loved Grace. Now that she is gone, she doesn’t think there is anything between them at all.

Arianna again suggests that Rafe go to Sami, since she could have a piece of the puzzle that Rafe doesn’t know about. He reminds Arianna that they have been over this, and that he can’t go to Sami without any proof. Arianna worries that that may take a long time, but Rafe says that thanks to her, he might finally have a way to get the answers he needs.

Daniel laughs and pushes Kate onto the bed, asking her if she really thinks that he wants her, and if she really believes that he thinks this is all his fault. Kate tells him that he has lost his mind. Daniel says it was the only way that he could get here her so that he could tall her to her face that she is going down for everything that she has done. Now he gets to walk away, and she is going to prison. He glares, saying that she will never touch him again. Kate smirks, saying that she didn’t touch him--she just took Chloe away from him. Daniel insists she was innocent, but Kate disagrees, saying that Chloe deserved it. Luckily for her, Daniel can’t prove a thing. Daniel tells her that she is going to get what she deserves. Kate laughs merrily.

EJ and Nicole sleep in their bedroom. Nicole awakens to the sound of her cell phone buzzing. She checks her messages and gasps.

Will heads into Maggie’s kitchen, and Mia thanks him for coming over. She really isn’t sure where to begin, so she starts with her first lie, explaining that she never went to rehab, and that she hates drugs and never abused them. Will wonders why she lied. Mia reminds him that Kinsey was actually the one that told everyone she went to rehab. She just let everyone believe it. Will wonders why she would do that. Mia explains that it was because she didn’t want people to know the real reason she left school. She takes a deep breath and explain that her mom kicked her out of the house last year because she was pregnant. Will gapes.

Nicole heads out of the mansion. Rafe follows her.

Melanie whispers to Nathan near the nurse’s station, hoping that they didn’t give Chloe too much of the drug. Nathan insists that he checked the dosage three times, and that he gave Chloe exactly what Daniel instructed him to give her. Melanie reminds Nathan that he told Daniel that dosage could kill Chloe. Nathan prays that he was wrong about that. Melanie tells him that she got rid of the syringe, but she fears that Lexie is still suspicious. She apologizes for getting Nathan involved in all this. Nathan tells her that this isn’t her fault, and that he knew exactly what he was getting into.

Lexie heads over to Lucas with some charts. He asks her what happened, and Lexie explains that they have been keeping track of the toxin that was originally give to Chloe. It seems that while the levels of the drug had been decreasing, they’ve suddenly skyrocketed. She tells Lucas that it looks like someone found a way to give her another dose of the drug that poisoned her. Lucas glares at Melanie and Nathan, saying that he knows exactly who is responsible for this.

Daniel tells Kate that what the D.A. really told him is that the charge will amended to first-degree murder if Chloe dies. Kate says that she will die. Daniel vows to make her pay. He adds that Kate tried to get him, but she couldn’t because she isn’t smart enough. Kate chuckles, telling him that those gloves are tainted evidence, since Daniel was there the day she wore them. Daniel scoffs, saying that he knows perfectly well that the gloves are a dead end. Kate wonders why he called, then. Daniel says he did all this to get a confession out of her. He reminds her said that Chloe deserved what she got, and that she took her from him. Kate asks what he is talking about. Daniel tells her he taped their whole conversation. He pulls a pen from his pocket and holds it up, saying it’s amazing how small they can make recording devices these days. Kate calls him an SOB. Daniel grins, telling her that it is all finally over.

Will, shocked, asks Mia if Chad is the father of her baby. Mia admits that he is, and that is why she acted so weirdly, and that that was why she was so upset when Chad took off for boarding school without saying goodbye. She tells Will that it wasn’t what he thought, but that Chad doesn’t know about the baby, and that Will can’t tell him. Will doesn’t answer. Mia begs him to say something. Will asks her where the baby is now.

Rafe heads into Sami’s room at the convent. He kisses her and tells her that he loves her, and that he never wants to lose her again. The two kiss. We pan away to see that Sami is dreaming. She snuggles under the covers and smiles.

EJ wakes up to the sound of Sydney wailing. He reaches for Nicole but finds the bed empty. He frowns, wondering where Nicole is.

Rafe listens in from the bushes as Nicole meets Brady in the park. She asks him why he sent her a text message.


Daniel tells Kate, “You are a homicidal maniac.”

Melanie asks Nathan, “What if dr. Jonas was trying to kill her, Nathan, and we just helped him finish the job?”

Nicole tells Brady, “I cannot let this get away from me -- no one can find out about Sydney.”

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