Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/14/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/14/09


Written By Jenni
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Roman heads into a motel room and greets Arianna with breakfast, compliments of the department. Arianna wonders why be is being so nice, since she is sure he is upset with her. Roman admits that he was hoping that she had changed her mind about quitting. Arianna says she hasn’t, but she feels terribly about the whole thing, since it was her idea to go undercover in the first place. Roman reminds her that she is closing in on a man that runs the drug ring in town. Arianna says she realizes that, but the situation is complicated. Roman says that sometimes happens in undercover operations, but she can’t just walk away.

Brady runs into Mary and Sydney in the park. Brady gushes over the baby, joking about how big she has gotten, and asking if she has her driver’s license yet. Mary chuckles, saying she hasn’t, but she did get a new tooth. Brady promises to take her out to dinner for pizza once she gets a few more. EJ storms over just then, demanding that Brady get his hands off of his daughter.

Rafe sits at the pub and types away on his laptop. He figures that if Nicole went to the convent and posed as Mary, that she must have already known Sami was pregnant, and that she planned to get Sami to give birth at Baker’s clinic. Rafe wonders why Nicole would do all of that, and if she somehow found out that Sami’s baby was EJ’s.

Nicole bangs on Sami’s door. Sami opens it and Nicole rushes into her house, breathless. She insists that Sami call Rafe off, as what he is doing just isn’t right. Sami scoffs, saying that Rafe doesn’t listen to her. Nicole snaps at her to make Rafe listen, or she is going to--Sami interrupts and folds her arms, asking what it is that Nicole is going to do.

Daniel heads into Maggie’s kitchen and greets Nathan and Melanie. Nathan informs Daniel that unfortunately, there was no poison found on Kate’s gloves--the ones Daniel gave him for testing. Daniel groans. Nathan wonders if Kate was wearing different gloves, but Daniel claims it doesn’t matter now. Melanie urges Daniel not to give up hope, but he says that it is time to face facts--he’s going to jail and Chloe is as good as dead.

Kate closes the door to Chloe’s room at the hospital. She glances back at Chloe one last time. Chloe vegetates. Kate grins, “Later, my dear.”

Rafe makes a phone call and arranges to meet someone at the Java Cafe, as he doesn’t want to speak to them over the phone. He hangs up and frowns, vowing to find out what Nicole did--one way or another.

Sami asks Nicole angrily if she is threatening Rafe. Nicole tries to explain that Rafe is poking into the details of her life and practically stalking her. She adds that he even went as far as dragging her over to some convent to try to prove that she did something nefarious to both Sami and Grace. Nicole thinks that that idea is crazy. Sami scoffs, saying it isn’t crazy at all.

Stefano heads into the pub and greets Kate, who’s having coffee at a nearby table. She tells him flatly to go away. Stefano wants to get past their differences, but Kate reminds him that he tried to have her son killed. Stefano retorts that she didn’t have to bury her son, but he did. Kate scoffs, asking him if she is supposed to forgive him because his hit man was incompetent. Stefano chuckles, saying he is surprised at her. He always appreciated her lack of hypocrisy. Kate retorts that she doesn’t want to take a trip down memory lane. Stefano presses the point, saying that he can’t believe she is acting holier-than-thou after what she has done. Kate glares, asking what the hell he is talking about.

Daniel explains to Nathan that Chloe needs another dose of the drug, and Nathan will have to administer it, since Daniel can’t get anywhere near her. Nathan says he can’t do it. It’s not that he doesn’t believe Daniel is innocent, its that they cant be sure this drug will even help Chloe. Daniel insists that Chloe will die without another dose. Melanie interrupts, saying that Nathan may not be able to do this, but she can. She asks Daniel to let her give Chloe the drug.

Arianna says that she can’t continue to work undercover, but she will bring in someone else that she can brief on everything she already knows. Roman asks if she got scared, or if she stopped caring about how these drugs will affect the kids in Salem. Arianna says she isn’t scared, and that she does still care. Roman explodes, reminding her how close they were to getting this guy. He demands to know why Arianna wants to walk away. She sighs, telling Roman that she fell in love.

Brady apologizes to Mary for getting her into trouble, but EJ insists she isn’t. He says that he will take charge of Sydney and asks Mary to head home. She leaves. Brady calls EJ a jerk, and asks if it is possible for him to pretend to be a human being around his daughter. EJ tells him to get going. Brady scoffs, asking if EJ is going to put a bullet in his chest if he doesn’t. EJ asks if he is having fun. Brady claims he is just concerned about Sydney being raised with a father like EJ around. EJ glares. Brady steps closer to EJ and gets in his face, daring him to make a move.

Nicole says that she feels for Sami and Rafe after what they have been through, but she also cannot continue to let Rafe tear her life apart because he can’t deal with reality. Sami retorts that they all deal with grief differently, but Nicole tells her that she is scared for Rafe. When he dragged her over to that convent, she became convinced that Rafe needs professional help. She tells Sami that she fears Rafe is delusional.

Sarah, the nurse from Baker’s clinic, meets Rafe at the café. He thanks her, but she reminds him that she already told him everything that she plans on telling him in regards to Baker and the clinic. Rafe says that he realizes that, and that he called her down here to tell her something. He informs her that Dr. Baker is dead, and that he thinks Nicole Walker killed him.

Nathan tells Melanie that she can’t do this, as she is only a nursing student. Melanie demands to know if he is going to tell on her, reminding him that he will get in trouble, too. She reminds him that he has a lot more to lose than she does, especially as she doesn’t even really care about becoming a nurse. Daniel interrupts the two, asking them to keep it quiet, since they’re discussing a criminal act. Just then, his phone rings. It’s Justin, who is fine and was just released from the hospital. Justin explains that the D.A. wants to meet with the two of them now, and he asks Daniel to meet him outside the courthouse and to look innocent while he is at it. Daniel hangs up and tell Melanie and Nathan that he has to leave. Nathan asks Daniel to tell Melanie not to do this, but Daniel says he can’t do that. If they don’t move, Chloe will die. Nathan agrees to give Chloe the drug himself, and Daniel explains that Nathan needs to up the dosage. Nathan fears that it will kill Chloe, but Daniel says she will die without it. Melanie vows to make sure Chloe gets it. Daniel thanks them both and heads off. Melanie starts to head upstairs to change into her scrubs, but Nathan tells her that he is doing this on his own. She refuses to let him. Nathan protests.

Roman groans, wondering what the hell he did to deserve this. Arianna says this isn’t just about her, it’s about the operation. This guy is smart, and he could start putting things together. Roman asks who it is she fell in love with, and Arianna explains it’s Brady Black. Since he used to be a drug addict, he knows all about the business. Roman agrees with her. Arianna says that is why she has to quit, but Roman instead suggests that they speed their work up and bring drug ring leader down faster than they planned to. Arianna refuses, saying that she is done for if her cover gets blown. Roman insists that they will protect her, but Arianna says she isn’t worried about getting hurt--she just has to make sure Brady never finds out about her past.

Brady scoffs, saying that he knew EJ wouldn’t dare to try anything when just the two of them were around. EJ says that actually, the idea of decking Brady is pretty hard to resist. He adds that he will never understand why Nicole let him back into her life. Brady retorts that he will never understand why Nicole risked everything for EJ. He stops suddenly, saying abruptly that it’s good to see EJ, as he knows that his day can only improve from here on out. He says goodbye to Sydney and heads off. EJ wonders what Brady meant when he said that Nicole risked everything to be with him.

Rafe explains that Baker was found dead in his hotel room in the Dominican Republic. Sarah wonders why Rafe is dragging her into all this. Rafe explains that he thinks Baker knew a secret and would have confessed had he not died. Sarah shrugs, saying she let Rafe go through the computer and explained what the payment codes meant. That’s all she knows. Rafe doesn’t think that is true. Sarah, angry, says that she has no idea what Baker was up to, or why that Walker woman was at the clinic. Rafe says that he believes her, but he reminds her that she knows something about medicine, and there’s something he needs to know.

Sami sobs, saying that she can never forget that Rafe helped her through the hardest time in her life. Nicole apologizes, but Sami says that she can’t possibly understand what she went through. Her three children count on her, and there are times when she can barely make herself move. She adds angrily that she doesn’t care what EJ says--Rafe was Grace’s father and he would have died for that little girl. Sami is sure that Rafe is having trouble forgiving himself for the fact that Grace died and he didn’t. Nicole says that she thinks Sami is getting too upset and apologizes, saying she had no idea Sami would defend Rafe so vehemently. Sami, angry, asks Nicole if she really thought she could waltz in here and drop the bomb that she thinks Rafe is crazy without getting her upset. She adds angrily that after all this is over, Nicole gets to head home to her happy, healthy baby. Nicole apologizes again. Sami ignores her, saying that while Rafe isn’t in her life anymore, she will always care about him. Sami adds that there is nothing Nicole can say that will turn her against Rafe.

Stefano apologizes for startling Kate, noting that she nearly jumped out of her chair. Kate admits that she has been under strain recently, but grows angry with Stefano, accusing him of throwing something like that out there to force her to react. Stefano ignores her, asking her if her stress is in any way related to what happened to Chloe recently. Kate glares, telling Stefano that Victor’s driver is right outside, and he loves throwing people out of bars. Stefano warns her that it isn’t wise to reject friends with power when you’re in need of help. Kate insists she has help, but Stefano reminds her that Victor is also paying for Daniel’s defense, so he has a conflict of interest. Kate says that she doesn’t need Stefano’s help, and that she doesn’t want it, either. She adds that she detests him. Stefano chuckles, saying that he has always loved her passion. He agrees to let the unkind words she’s said go, and lets her know that he will always be there for her if she needs help. She says she wouldn’t come to him for help in a million years. Stefano leans in and whispers that his driver is a lot bigger than Victor’s. He heads off, laughing.

Nicole sighs, telling Sami that she didn’t mean to try to turn Sami against Rafe. She admits that she overreacted when she suggested Sami file a restraining order. She adds that she didn’t mean to stir things up, and in fact, she came by for the opposite reason. She reminds Sami how EJ and Rafe feel about one another. She worries that there could be some sort of catastrophe unless Sami can get Rafe to back off. Sami softens, saying she understands where Nicole is coming from. She thanks her for coming over to speak to her about it, but says that she would rather be alone right now. Nicole says she understands, and apologizes again for upsetting her. She heads off. Sami sighs and checks her watch. She curses and grabs her purse, rushing out the door.

Rafe explains that a baby born at the clinic died. Sarah shakes her head, saying that she knows that isn’t true. Rafe explains that the baby died later, which is why he tracked Baker down. Unfortunately, the man was already dead by the time Rafe got to him. Sarah tells Rafe that it’s a sad story, but she can’t help him. Rafe ignores her and explains that the baby he was referring to died of bacterial meningitis when she was five months old. Nicole happened to be there the night she was born. Rafe wonders if it is possible that Nicole did something to make their baby sick.

Justin and Daniel meet with D.A. Woods in a room at the courthouse. Justin assumes the conversation is on the records and warns Daniel not to say anything. The D.A. informs Justin that his office has decided to offer Daniel a deal. He smirks, telling Daniel that it is his lucky day.

Melanie heads into the hospital and sneaks over to a nurse’s cart. She takes a vial of medication off of the cart and inspects it. Maxine bustles over, demanding to know what Melanie is doing.

Roman sighs, telling Arianna that she made a mistake. He adds that he hates speaking to her like she is his daughter, but she is acting so stupidly that he has no choice. Roman explains that if Brady finds out about her past and won’t forgive her for it, then he is a jerk that doesn’t deserve her anyway. Arianna insists that she can’t risk Brady finding out the truth. Roman shrugs, saying she shouldn’t have told him that earlier. He tells Arianna that if she drops out of the program, then he’ll make sure Brady finds out everything. Arianna doesn’t think Roman would dare tell Brady, but Roman says he would, and that no one is more important than the program, not even himself. Arianna tells Roman that she hates him. He tells her to join the club, but for now, she must finish what she started. Once it’s over, she and Brady can be together. Arianna sighs and Roman heads off. Outside the door, he tries to convince himself that he is only doing this for Arianna’s own good.

Sarah says that she had no idea Rafe’s baby was the one that died. She tells him how sorry she is, and he asks if she can now understand why he needs to know what happened. Sarah ca tell that he is grieving, but Rafe says it is more than that, and that he can’t let Nicole get away with this. Sarah asks him why anyone would want to hurt a defenseless little baby.

EJ heads into the DiMera mansion. Stefano informs him that his lab results are back in, and that his diabetes is back under control. He suggests that since the news is so good, that now would be a good time for EJ to take Nicole on that extended honeymoon to Paris. EJ tells Stefano that he has decided that he isn’t going.

Nicole runs into Brady at the park. He tells her to be careful, as he doubts she got clearance to talk to him from her keeper. Nicole asks why he is in such a terrible mood, and Brady fills her in on his run-in with EJ. Nicole advises him to be careful and keep his distance. Brady scoffs, surprised at how self-interested Nicole can be. He doesn’t think she cares what happens to him as long as her secret about Sydney is safe. Nicole apologizes, explaining that things are rough for her since Rafe started poking around in her life. She admits that she is afraid EJ is going to find out what she did. Brady apologizes, saying that she doesn’t have to worry about him saying anything. Nicole tells Brady that she really does care for him. Just then, Arianna walks over and listens in as Nicole tells Brady that she will never forget what he did for her.

The D.A. tells Justin and Daniel that they will accept a plea of ‘no contest’ from Daniel. Daniel scoffs and refuses, saying that that is the same thing as pleading guilty. Woods disagrees, saying that he would receive a lightened sentence, and that he wouldn’t be charged further if Chloe dies. He tells Daniel that it is in his best interest to accept this. If he doesn’t, and Chloe dies, then he will be looking at a first-degree murder charge.

Maxine tells Melanie that she isn’t scheduled to be here right now, but Melanie explains that she switched shifts with another nurse. Maxine reminds her that all schedule changes need to go through her. Melanie says she understands, and starts to head off, but Maxine asks her to stay, since they are understaffed. She warns Melanie to stay out of her way however, as Melanie has been getting on her nerves. Melanie agrees and sighs with relief as Maxine heads off. She walks into Chloe’s room and hands Nathan the vial she took from the nurse’s cart. She tells Nathan that it’s showtime.

At the convent, Sister Claire tells Sami that it’s true that Rafe brought a blonde woman here. She adds that he isn’t giving up, and has been calling back to look for Sister Teresa ever since. Sami admits that she is worried about Rafe, and Claire admits that she is, too. Sami and Claire both think that Rafe doesn’t seem to be in control of himself. Sami wants to do something to help him, but Sister Claire isn’t sure that she can.

Nicole hugs Brady, thanking him again. She tells him there’s a gorgeous girl looking at him nearby, and Nicole asks him to put a smile on her face. She heads off. Arianna comes over, apologizing for interrupting. Brady ignores her, saying that he is just doing as she instructed. She sighs, telling him that they can break that rule about them not speaking to one another. She adds that she is sorry for what she did. Brady asks her shortly if she got back together with her ex. Arianna says that she didn’t. She thinks that Brady and Nicole still seem like good friends. Brady, for his part, doesn’t think that Arianna looks like she has a friend in the world.

Sarah tells Rafe that there is no way this woman Nicole could have given Grace meningitis the night she was born. The scary thing about the illness is how quickly it progresses. Rafe refuses to accept this, saying that Nicole must have had a reason for being at the clinic that night. Sarah sighs, saying that she knows she doesn’t know Rafe, but what he is doing isn’t going to help bring his daughter back. Rafe insists that he just wants justice. Sarah gets up, saying that she refuses to have to do with Rafe anymore, but that she will pray for him. She heads off. Rafe sighs, saying that she is all wrong.

Arianna tells Brady that she is fine, and that she doesn’t need him looking out for her. Brady says that he wants to be friends with her, and that he tends to look out for his friends. Arianna says she isn’t that kind of girl. She isn’t Nicole, and she doesn’t need hugs and support from her ex-boyfriends. Brady scoffs, getting that she doesn’t seem to need anything from anyone. He tells Arianna to just keep telling herself that.

Sami flops into a chair, saying that this day can’t get any worse. She hates that there is something wrong with Rafe, but that she can’t seem to help him. Sister Claire tries to explain that Rafe isn’t really hearing what other people say to him. She thinks that Sami just needs to give him time. Sami says the problem isn’t that Rafe won’t listen, it’s that he won’t talk about his own feelings. Claire wonders if there is anything she can do for Sami, since she can’t help Rafe. Sami says there might be something she can do, actually.

Stefano asks EJ if there is trouble in paradise, but EJ claims that he can’t get away from work. Stefano reminds EJ that he works for him. EJ scowls, asking if Stefano is going to force him to go. Stefano says he can, and that he just might do that. EJ folds his arms and demands to know what is going on.

Rafe flashes back to Sarah telling him that there is no way Nicole could have done to Grace what Rafe suspects her of. Rafe comes back to the present and wonders what Nicole was doing at the clinic the night Sami gave birth. Just then, Nicole heads into the pub. Rafe tells her that he is glad to see her.

Brady chastises himself for deciding to go to the park today. Arianna says that she knows this is none of her business, but she was wondering what it is that Brady did for Nicole.

Rafe tells Nicole that he wants to talk to her, but she tells him he is out of luck. She hands him a piece of paper, telling him that she filed a restraining order against him. She tells Rafe that if he comes near her again, he is going to jail.

EJ reminds Stefano that he has already threatened to leave with Sydney if Stefano doesn’t stop interfering in his life. Stefano tell him to go ahead and crush his wife’s dream and stay home if he wants, but he does wonder if EJ has cleared this with Nicole yet.

Sister Claire tells Sami that she will do anything to help. Sami explains that she needs some answers, and that she thinks the nun can help get them for her.

Woods tells Justin and Daniel that this is a generous, one-time offer. Daniel flatly refuses it. Woods warns him to think of what will happen if Chloe dies, but Daniel says he will just take his chances. Woods and his assistant head off. Daniel mutters, wondering if Woods has considered what will happen when Chloe wakes up.

Melanie gives Nathan the ok and watches the door as he injects Chloe with the drug Melanie took.


Sami tells Sister Claire, “Guess you're right, though. It's better if we stay away from each other right now.”

Rafe snaps at Arianna, “Well, if you're not gonna help me, then I'll have to find out on my own what he knows.”

E.J. shouts at Nicole, “What is it that this Rafe guy has on you?”

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