Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/11/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/11/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Hope and Bo’s house, Hope shrieks at Ciara to run as Dean and Justin fight on the rug. Hope draws her weapon. Dean gets up and rushes over, tackling her. Hope flies into the mantelpiece, striking her head and slumping to the floor.

At Maggie’s house, Philip tells Melanie that she is the greatest friend he has, as no one understands him the way Melanie does. He adds that he has taken her for granted, but he won’t make that mistake again. Philip hugs her and moves in for a kiss. Just then, Brady walks in, asking suspiciously if he is interrupting something. Melanie stammers and laughs, saying he isn’t.

At the park, Arianna makes a call, telling someone that something has come up, and that they need to talk. She hangs up with a sigh as Victor heads over, noting that she seems upset. She glares, saying that he knows exactly what is wrong with her. Victor nods, saying that he heard she broke up with Brady. Victor informs her that that was a wise decision on her part.

At the Java Café, Mia types away on her laptop journal. She writes that Chad won’t stop pestering her about why her feelings for him changed, and she worries that he may find out about the baby. She admits in her journal that she likes Will, but her feelings for Chad haven’t changed that much. She sighs, telling her journal that she doesn’t know what to do. Just then, Will walks into the café.

At the pub, Bo stares wistfully at a photo of himself, Ciara, and Hope. Roman comes in and greets Bo, asking jokingly how a doofus like him ended up with such a beautiful family. Bo smiles half-heartedly. Roman asks how Ciara is holding up, and Bo says that she is doing well, considering. He thinks she is tough like her mom is. Roman asks Bo about the witness, but Bo says that he was unreliable. Roman suggests that perhaps Brenda and Kyle were the only kidnappers. Now that they’re gone, Ciara should be safe, and he and Hope should be able to finally put this nightmare behind him. Bo sighs, saying that they were able to save Ciara, but saving their marriage is a different matter.

Ciara rushes over, calling out for Hope. Dean smirks. Justin grabs Dean around the neck and gets him into a choke hold. The two fall to the ground and continue wrestling for control of the gun. Hope stumbles to her feet and hides Ciara behind her. Suddenly, Dean’s gun goes off. Hope gasps. Dean rolls Justin off of him, and we see a big bloody stain on Justin’s shirt. Dean sits up. Hope cries out for Justin worriedly.

Roman reminds Bo that he didn’t have an easy decision to make, and he followed his instincts. Bo thinks he should have made the decision as a team with Hope, adding that she feels he acted as if his opinion was the only one that mattered. Roman suggests hopefully that Bo might have another vision telling him that Hope is going to forgive him, but Bo says he hasn’t had one since he got hit in the head the night Ciara was rescued. Bo admits that he doesn’t think the visions are coming back. Roman says he doesn’t need a vision to know that Bo and Hope will eventually work this out. Bo wishes he could be as confident as Roman, but the situation is complicated. To make things worse, Justin has inserted himself into the picture.

Dean holds his gun on Hope as she starts to head over to Justin. She says she wants to see if he is all right. Dean kicks Justin, who doesn’t move. Dean doesn’t think he’s alright. Hope hides Ciara behind her and shrieks that Dean killed an innocent man. Dean says he didn’t do it--she did.

Brady explains that he came by to drop off some brochures for the twelve-step meeting later. Melanie stammers, saying that Philip just came by to apologize for thinking she was the one that posted the video. Philip jumps in, adding that he really appreciates Brady getting it off the web. Brady says he is sorry he couldn’t get to it before Stephanie saw it, but it appears to be working out for Philip. Philip asks what he is talking about. Brady assumes that Stephanie dumped him, but Philip didn’t even miss a beat before he’s on to his next conquest. Brady asks Philip angrily what the hell he is thinking.

Victor offers Arianna his handkerchief. She tells him to go to hell. Victor scoffs at her hostility, reminding her that he didn’t turn her in to the police. She reminds him that he told her she had to dump Brady in exchange for his silence and asks sarcastically how she can ever repay him. Victor tells Arianna that actually, the two of them are a lot alike. They both know what they want, go after it, and don’t let sentiment get in the way. Victor suggests that she go home, since there are a lot of unsavory characters hanging around the park at night. He chuckles and heads off.

Mia writes in her journal that she and Chad share a bond that can’t be broken, even though he doesn’t know about it. Just then, Mia knocks her coffee over. She groans and heads off to get some napkins. Will, who is sitting nearby, sees what happens and heads over with a pile of napkins. He sops up the coffee and glances over at Mia’s laptop screen. She walks over and catches him reading her journal. She glares.

Maggie and Chad bump into one another outside the pub. She recognizes him as the boy that broke into her house. Chad reminds her that Mia gave him her keys. Maggie says she knows that Mia backed up Chad’s story, but she also thinks Mia lied. Since Chad brought trouble into her home, she feels it’s time for the two of them to have a little chat.

Roman asks Bo if he is angry that Justin took Hope’s side, but Bo says that it’s more than that. He confides in Roman that Justin won’t let this go, and that he keeps saying Bo was reckless and put Ciara’s life at risk. Bo grumbles that he is probably telling Hope the same thing. Roman says that he doesn’t know that for sure, but Bo does know that Justin is interfering in their lives. Bo wishes that Justin had never come to Salem in the first place. He shouts that he just wants Justin to stay the hell away from them.

Hope says that she didn’t pull the trigger, but Dean retorts that she may as well have. He tells her that she should have just talked her husband into handing the money over. Because she didn’t, three people are dead. Hope agrees that he is right, and that they screwed up, but he heard Justin. The money has been wired into his account, so he can just walk out of here a rich man. Dean scoffs, saying the force would be on him quickly if he walked out of here. He refuses to go to jail, as cops don’t last long in prison. He aims his gun, saying that there is only one solution. Hope stares over Dean’s shoulder and yells for Bo. The ruse works, and Dean whirls around. Hope tackles him and the two wrestle for the gun. Ciara runs for the door as Hope shrieks at her to run.

Melanie insists that Philip was just trying to make her feel better about the video, but Brady thinks that Philip was using her. He was on the rebound, and he took advantage. Brady asks Philip angrily if he was too cheap to pay for a decent hotel. Melanie insists that the hotel was fine. Brady reminds her that the manager taped her having sex. Philip scowls, saying that he had no idea the man was a degenerate. Brady says that doesn’t matter, and reminds Philip that he already broke Stephanie’s heart. Isn’t that enough without putting the moves on Melanie, too? Melanie interrupts, saying that she knows what she is getting into with Philip, and that she doesn’t need his protection. Philip stops her, saying that he knows he messed up, but he also doesn’t regret the night that they spent together. Melanie thanks him for saying so, but says she thinks he should leave. She promises that Brady won’t say anything bad about him and Philip heads off, promising to talk to her later. Brady apologizes for upsetting Melanie. She tells him that he needs to leave also, but Brady interrupts, asking her if she is still in love with Philip.

Mia asks Will angrily what he is doing. He stammers, saying that he was just cleaning up the drink she spilled. She asks why he was reading her journal, reminding him that her writing is private. Will says he knows that, and that he didn’t read much, but he couldn’t help but see Chad’s name. He asks Mia what she meant by writing that she and Chad have a bond that can’t be broken. Will asks what is going on between the two of them.

Maggie and Chad sit in the pub. She explains that she adores Mia, but she will ask her to leave her home if she thinks she is protecting someone that is dangerous. Chad insists he isn’t dangerous. Maggie asks why he broke into her house, then. Chad admits that Mia has a secret, and he is intent on finding out what it is.

Roman suggests that Bo and Hope take Ciara away for a while. Bo says it sounds like a good idea, but he isn’t sure Hope will agree to it. Roman thinks she will and suggests the three go sailing to remind Hope of the good times. Roman promises to take care of Bo’s work at the station for as long as he needs. Roman urges him to try to focus on his family. Bo says he would love to do that. He just hopes that it isn’t too late.

Hope urges Ciara to run as Dean gets control of the gun. He runs over to Ciara and yanks her back into the house. She runs back over to Hope, who picks her up, warning Dean not to touch her daughter. Dean growls that if she tries to pull a stunt like that again, she’s dead. Hope says that he had better pray he kills her, then, because if he touches a hair on he daughter’s head, she’ll kill him herself. Justin twitches on the floor.

Melanie gets Brady a drink from the fridge and tells him that just because she sleeps with someone doesn’t mean that she is in love with them. She stops short, realizing that that statement made her sound like a slut. Brady says he doesn’t think that about her, which is why he is worried. Melanie tells him that she and Philip are just friends, and that she is ok with that. Brady is convinced that Melanie hopes that Philip will fall in love with her now that things are over between him and Stephanie. Melanie asks him if he thinks that might happen. He gives her a look, and she claims she was kidding. She wonders why Brady is so interested in her, and advises him to worry about his own love-life. She thinks Arianna is probably wondering where he is. Brady sighs. Melanie asks what’s going on, and Brady confides in her about Arianna ending things between them. Melanie is shocked. Just then, Arianna walks in, calling out for Melanie. Melanie gasps, “Oh no.” Brady glares. Arianna stares back, startled.

Mia says that Will shouldn’t have read her journal, but Will claims that it was an accident. Mia tells him that nothing is going on between her and Chad, but Will reminds her that that isn’t what she said in her journal. Mia admits that the two still have a bond, but that is only because Chad was her first everything. Will asks if she still cares about him, but Mia denies it, saying that she and Chad aren’t even friends anymore. She insists that Will has this all wrong. Will wishes that he could believe that, but he can’t.

Maggie reminds Chad that he told her that he and Mia weren’t the best of friends, so she thinks Mia’s secret is none of his business. Chad admits that he still cares f or Mia, and he thought that if he could find out what her secret was, it would keep her from acting so coldly towards him. Maggie says that if Mia doesn’t want him to know her secret, then that is her prerogative. Chad breaking into her house and invading her privacy isn’t going to win him any favors, anyway. Chad says he is sorry, but he has been going crazy trying to figure out what happened. He says that he can tell Mia is keeping something from him and he has to figure out what it is.

Dean tells Hope that they have to get moving, and asks where she keeps the rope and the duct tape. She tells him it’s in the garage. Justin reaches for his phone and opens it. He presses a button. Dean tells Hope that he plans on tying her up, and then they’re going for a ride. First he needs some bleach to clean up the blood on the carpet. Hope offers to take him out to the garage and show him where everything is, but he says he doesn’t want the neighbors to see, so he’ll just find something around here to tie them up with. Hope says that he can do whatever he wants to her, but she begs him to leave Ciara here, as she is scared enough as it is. Justin turns the phone towards the two talking.

Bo’s phone rings. It’s Justin. Bo groans, saying that he is the last person he wants to talk to right now.

Arianna stammers, saying that she is sorry. Melanie invites her inside. Arianna says that she just wanted to check on Melanie after the whole video fiasco, and tells Brady that he doesn’t need to go. Brady is already halfway to the living room, saying that he doesn’t particularly want to stay. He heads off. Melanie asks Arianna if it is true, and if she really broke things off with Brady. Arianna admits she did. Melanie asks her if she has lost her mind.

Philip shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and greets Victor. Victor is surprised to see him, and Philip explains that he came by to pick up the last of his things. Victor assumes that he isn’t moving in with Stephanie, and Philip asks if he heard about the tape. Victor nods. Philip sighs, telling Victor to go ahead and lay into him for tarnishing the family name. Victor says that on the contrary, he wanted to congratulate Philip. Philip gapes, totally confused.

Will asks Mia about the dance at the Cheatin’ Heart. He claims that when he walked in the room, Mia and Chad were staring at one another like no one else was there. Mia claims that he is imagining things, but Will doesn’t think so. Mia reminds him that she asked him to dance, and insists that he is the only guy she wants to dance with. Will retorts that that isn’t what her journal says. Mia admits that she wrote about the bond she and Chad shared, but she also wrote about how great Will is and how much she likes him. Will thinks that she is still being secretive. He reminds her that had to find out about her stint in rehab and her relationship with Chad from Kinsey and Chad. Mia says that she explained all of that, but Will says he is tired of her having to explain everything all the time. He tell Mia that he feels like he can’t trust her anymore.

Bo answers the phone, asking what Justin wants. No one answers. Just then, Bo hears Hope telling Dean to do whatever he wants with her, but to leave Ciara alone. Bo leaps out of his chair and dashes off in a panic.

Dean tells Hope that the plan is staying the same. She insists that Ciara will slow them down, but Dean refuses to leave her behind. To buy some time, Hope asks Dean why he is doing all of this. Dean is surprised she doesn’t know, and reminds her that she stole his job. He was up for that promotion to detective, but she got it because she was married to Bo. Hope claims that she did nothing of the sort, but Dean grows angry, wondering if he is totally invisible to her. Hope admits that this is her fault, but insists that Ciara has nothing to do with this. She begs Dean to leave Ciara here, but he refuses again. He tells Hope to get moving and show him where the supplies are. Hope heads upstairs with Ciara in her arms. Dean follows.

Bo rushes past the pier, running as fast as he can.

Melanie thought that things were going well with Brady. Arianna says they were, but they had just starting dating, so it wasn’t serious. Melanie thinks they were perfect for one another, and wonders what happened, since Arianna really seemed to like him. Arianna explains that Brady is great--that’s why she had to end things. Melanie asks her if she is delirious. Arianna says that Brady deserves someone better than her. Brady heads into the kitchen just in time to Arianna say that she isn’t good enough for him.

Philip can’t believe that after years of seeking his father’s approval, this is what does it--a sleazy sex tape that broke the love of his life’s heart. Victor thought it was a poetic way of showing Stephanie who is boss. Now she doesn’t have all the power, despite the fact that she convinced him to give up his home and family. Philip insists that he made that decision on his own and starts to head off to finish packing. Victor asks him to wait and says he doesn’t want Philip to move out.

Mia puts her hand over Will’s on the table, saying that she isn’t sure what she can say to make him trust her. He asks her if she has any more secrets. She stares down at her lap. Will scoffs and pulls his hand away from hers. He asks if her secret is about Chad. Mia doesn’t answer. Will tells her to forget about it, because it’s over between them. She asks Will not to say that, promising that they can work things out. Will asks her if she will divulge her secret. She doesn’t answer. Will scoffs, saying he didn’t think so. He storms off. Mia sighs.

Chad tells Maggie that he knows Mia has been telling people she was in rehab, but he doesn’t believe it. Maggie claims that it is Mia’s business and no one else’s. Chad claims that he just doesn’t want Maggie to think badly of Mia, when he knows that she would never abuse drugs or alcohol. That is why he is so curious as to why she would make up a story like that. Maggie advises Chad to drop it, especially since Mia has moved on with her nephew, Will. Chad grumbles that everyone thinks he’s a player, but he isn’t. He dated a lot of girls, but once he met Mia, he knew she was the only girl for him. He asks Maggie not to tell him to get over Mia, because he can’t.

Dean instructs Hope to tie Ciara up with some scarves. She pleads with him again, but he tells her to quit complaining. Just then, Justin groans. Dean heads over and aims his weapon, saying that Justin won’t be alive for long. Just then, Bo bursts through the door. He grabs Dean’s arm. Dean pushes him into a desk. Bo punches him. Dean punches Bo back. Hope looks on, frightened.

Brady tells Melanie that he can’t find those brochures anywhere. She offers to help him in a moment, but Arianna says she has to go, anyway. She tells Brady pointedly that since this is a small town, she is sure that they will run into one another from time to time. Arianna informs Brady that she’d appreciate it if he’d just pretend he didn’t see her. She promises to do the same. Brady says angrily that that works for him. Arianna says she is glad and she heads off. Brady and Melanie exchange glances. Outside, Arianna sighs.

Philip tells Victor that he can’t stay here anymore, but Victor suggests that they change the rules. He adds that he knows Philip wants nothing to do with Titan, and that is fine by him. He agrees to allow Philip to come back home on his own terms. Philip asks suspiciously how many drinks Victor has had. Victor retorts that he doesn’t have to be drunk to know what is in his heart. He explains that he older he gets, the more he realizes that he wants his family to be around him. Philip asks if his father wants to keep tabs on him, but Victor says that he just loves Philip and wants him to have a good life. Philip tells Victor that he loves him, too, and the two hug. Philip agrees to stay, seeing as how he is jobless and broke. Victor promises to try not to hover, and Philip agrees to try to control his temper. He thanks Victor for asking him to stay, even though he won’t be working for Titan. Victor smiles, pats him on the shoulder, and says goodnight.

Chad heads into the café and finds Mia sulking at a table. He asks what happened, and she explains that Will broke up with her. Chad calls him a jerk. Mia insists that he isn’t. Chad thinks that this could be a good thing, since maybe now the two of them can work things out. Mia calls him an idiot and flies off the handle, saying that even if Will wasn’t around, there would be no chance for the two of them--not after what happened.

Arianna calls Troy from the park and asks him about the meeting with the big boss. She listens for a moment, and then starts shouting, saying that the boss can go to hell. She claims that she is taking her business elsewhere and hangs up in a rage.

Bo punches Dean repeatedly, threatening to kill him for daring to come into his home and mess with his wife and daughter. Just then, two officers rush in and pull the two apart. One of them gets ready to cuff Dean as the other holds Bo back. He again threatens to kill Dean as Dean slumps to the carpet, unconscious. Hope rushes over to Justin as Ciara runs into Bo’s arms. Bo tries to soothe her as Hope calls out for an ambulance.

Maggie greets Will outside the pub. She can tell he is upset about something and asks what is going on. Will admits that he broke up with Mia. Maggie asks him why, and he tells her that Mia wasn’t being honest with him. Maggie asks what about, and Will explains that he isn’t sure, but that he thinks it has something to do with Chad.

Chad asks Mia why she is holding a grudge against him. He wonders if she is angry about him leaving, or about them sleeping together. He adds that they were in love, and wonders if she expected something more. Mia packs her computer into her bag, angrily declaring that nothing turned out the way she expected. Chad asks why she would say that, and what she means. Mia yells that he ruined everything and shrieks at him to leave her alone.

Brady thanks Melanie for helping him find the brochures and starts to leave, but she stops him. She thinks there is something he should know about Arianna. Brady jokes, asking if she is going to offer some insight into what she is thinking. Melanie says it’s more like intuition. She is sure Arianna had a million reasons for ending things with Brady, but if she said it was because she didn’t love him, then she is lying.

Arianna thanks someone for meeting her, saying that she can’t do this anymore. She sniffles, saying that she already had to walk away from someone she cared about. She begs the person not to make her do this. The man walks over and hands Arianna a tissue. The camera pans up to reveal Roman as the man Arianna is meeting with.

Hope says that the ambulance will be here soon and asks Bo how Ciara is. He says that she is fine and he holds her tight, vowing to never let anyone hurt her again. Dean, who is cuffed and conscious, yells that he saved Bo’s daughter’s life. Bo snaps back that he knows what Dean did to Brenda and Kyle, and what he was planning to do to his wife and daughter. Dean blames this all on Bo, saying that two people are dead and a third will die all because Bo refused to pay that ransom. He adds that the nightmares Ciara will have--Bo cuts him off, demanding that the two officers remove Dean. They lead him away as he shouts at Bo, asking him if it was all worth it. Hope glares at Bo.


Rafe says to himself, “All right, Nicole... we'll find out what you did one way or another.”

Sami tells Nicole, “You will not turn me against matter what you say.”

Daniel tells Melanie and Nathan, “If we don't move, Chloe will die.”

Arianna tells Roman, “I'm not afraid of getting hurt, but Brady cannot find out about my past.”

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