Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/10/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/10/09


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At the DiMera mansion, Rafe threatens to call EJ and Sami unless Nicole agrees to accompany him to the convent. Nicole scoffs, asking what Rafe is going to tell them--that she posed as someone named Mary to get information out of a nun? Nicole chuckles. Rafe takes the phone, wondering who he should call first--Sami or EJ. Nicole tells him not to call either of them.

Sami runs into EJ and Sydney at the park. She asks EJ if he received the pictures she sent of Johnny in Switzerland. EJ says he did and thanks her. Sydney fusses. Sami reaches down into the stroller to comfort her but EJ jerks Sydney away, warning Sami not to touch his daughter.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor flashes back to telling Arianna to end things with Brady. He comes back from his reverie and greets Brady, asking him if he’d like to have lunch at the pub. Brady sighs, telling Victor that that is the last place he wants to go, since he and Arianna broke up. Victor says he is sorry to hear that, but Brady doesn’t believe him.

Philip shows up at Maggie’s house and asks Melanie if he can come in. She tells him that she would rather be alone right now. He wants her to hear what he has to say, but Melanie claims that she already knows--she’s bad news, and its her fault Stephanie dumped him. Philip claims that he wasn’t thinking that at all, and that he actually came by to apologize.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Ciara rushes downstairs, but stops short when she hears Dean clicking his lighter in the living room. She flashes back to one her kidnappers clicking his own lighter open and closed. In a fright, Ciara rushes into Hope’s arms. Hope asks her what’s wrong.

Nicole tells Rafe that the last thing EJ needs right now is to be bothered by Rafe’s crazy theories, so Nicole agrees to go see that lunatic nun Teresa with him. Rafe says she is as sane as they come, but Nicole scoffs, saying she plans on setting the woman straight as to who she is and who she isn’t. She asks for a moment to gather her purse, but she grabs her phone and dials. Rafe snatches the phone out of her hand and puts it in his pocket, saying that she can have it back after they go to the convent and Teresa IDs Nicole. Nicole scoffs, but Rafe says he knows that Teresa will finger Nicole as the woman who led Sami to the clinic to give birth the same night she did. Rafe grabs Nicole’s arm and leads her to the door as Nicole again insists that she doesn’t know any Sister Teresa. She wonders what it is Rafe is trying to prove. Rafe isn’t sure, but he thinks it will all become clear once they both start talking to Teresa.

EJ gives Sydney a treat and explains to Sami that she was just hungry. Sami demands to know why he snatched the baby away from her, and EJ admits that he doesn’t want her to have anything to do with his daughter. Sami scoffs, saying it’s too late for that, since she and Sydney have grown close. EJ, flabbergasted, wonders when Sami and Sydney became so close. Sami smirks, saying it happened when she babysat Sydney.

At the pub, Bo speaks on the phone with an officer, who informs him that a witness who saw Brenda kissing the unknown third kidnapper is being questioned. Bo thanks him, and asks the man to keep him posted He hangs up. Bo grumbles to himself that two of those lowlifes can never hurt anyone again. He adds that he will make sure the third kidnapper gets what he deserves, too.

Hope reminds Ciara that this is Officer Dean, the man that rescued her. She asks if she remembers. Ciara shakes her head. Hope apologizes to Dean, but he says it’s ok, as he is sure Ciara has been through a lot the past few days. Hope gathers Ciara into her arms and urges her to tell her what’s bothering her. Ciara whispers in Hope’s ear, “It’s him.” Hope stares at Dean, startled, as he clicks his lighter.

Melanie asks Philip angrily what he is sorry about--that she’s humiliated, that Stephanie and Nathan think she’s disgusting, or that her reputation at the hospital is destroyed. She guesses that Philip is really just sorry that he lost Stephanie. Philip says he isn’t sorry for any of those reasons--he’s sorry that he doubted Melanie.

Victor insists that he is sorry Arianna and Brady broke up, since she seemed to make him happy. Victor knows he was harsh with the girl in the past, but he apologized, and was planning on taking the two out for dinner. Brady scoffs, saying that he has no plans on sharing a meal with her now that they have broken up. Brady says he has to go, but Victor stops him, saying that he knows this hurts now, but perhaps it is all for the best. Victor adds that Arianna obviously doesn’t have the best judgment, since she let Brady get away.

At the pub, Arianna calls Rafe and leaves him a message, saying that she really needs her big brother right now.

EJ demands to know when Sami babysat Sydney. Sami explains that Nicole came over, and was exhausted, so Sami took Sydney to the café to pick up coffee. EJ angrily asks if Nicole frequently comes over to Sami’s place for naps. He wonders f Nicole was awake when she got back. Sami says she was, and that Rafe was there, too. EJ thought the two had ended things. Sami says they have, but Rafe came over to get his mail. She adds that he and Nicole were arguing. She asks EJ if Nicole has never said anything about Rafe to him. EJ wonders why she would do that. Sami says that the two were acting weird. Rafe was being hostile towards Nicole, and she was giving him hell in return.

Hope stares at Dean as he clicks his lighter open and shut. He demands to know what she is staring at. Hope blanches, telling him that she was thinking of his reward, and how they should go down to the bank to get it. Dean thought she was having the money wired into his account, but Hope claims that he’ll get the money faster if they both go down to the bank in person. Hope suggests she drop Ciara off at the pub so they can head down there together. Just then, the phone rings. Hope lets the machine get it, and Bo leaves a message, saying that he will be late coming home, since a witness is being questioned that saw the third kidnapper. Hope tries to hustle Dean and Ciara out of the house. Suspicious, Dean asks Hope what the hurry is all about.

EJ wonders why Nicole would be giving Rafe hell. Sami guesses that she just can’t stand him. EJ says that he can see why. Nicole resents Rafe for breaking into their home and invading their privacy, and Rafe resents her because she sees him for exactly the kind of man he really is. Sami insists that Rafe is kind and supportive, and is one of the best men she knows. EJ smirks, wondering why Sami isn’t with him anymore, if that is true.

Nicole and Rafe arrive at the convent. Sister Claire greets them, and Nicole demands to know if the woman knows her, greeting her as Sister Teresa. Rafe growls that Nicole knows damn well that that isn’t Sister Teresa. The other nun heads off to fetch her. Nicole claims that this whole thing is ridiculous, and she vows to leave if this isn’t resolved in the next five minutes. Rafe suggests that if she is in such a rush, that she can clear this whole thing up quickly. He demands to know why she recommended Baker’s clinic to Teresa, and why she came back to visit Grace so many times.

Justin heads into the pub and breezes past Bo. Bo calls out after him, asking him if he is avoiding him. Justin claims that he isn’t. Bo asks if Justin got the money transferred from Hope’s account to Dean’s. Justin says he did, and Bo accuses him of being at Hope’s beck and call. Justin scoffs, saying that isn’t it at all. He says that Hope needed some support, and he wasn’t going to deny her that just because it might piss Bo off. Bo flies into a rage, saying that he is tired of Justin and Hope acting as if he doesn’t care for Ciara, and that he had his own selfish agenda when it came to denying Dean the reward money. Justin claims he doesn’t think that, but he does think Bo screwed up by going rogue with that ransom money. He reminds him angrily that Ciara could have been killed. Bo practically screams, shouting that department policy is there for a reason--they don’t negotiate with kidnappers because that is how kids end up disappearing-- or end up dead. Victor walks in just then, asking the two what they are shouting about. Justin starts to huff off, suggesting that Victor talk to the commissioner about it.

Hope tells Dean that of course she is in a hurry, as she wants Dean to get that reward money. Dean, already suspicious, finally snaps, telling Hope that he is the one calling the shots now. Hope holds Ciara more tightly, telling Dean worriedly that Ciara is already frightened. Dean scowls, saying that if Hope doesn’t do exactly as he says, Ciara is going to more that just frightened-- she’s going to be dead. Hope quivers.

EJ suspects that Sami isn’t as impressed with Rafe’s moral character as she was at first. Sami says that that isn’t true, and that she and Rafe just had issues. EJ thinks that Rafe is a jackass. He can’t believe that Sami was willing to let Rafe become a father to his daughter. Sami retorts that EJ isn’t honoring Grace’s memory by hanging on to all this bitterness. EJ says that he can’t pretend he’s not upset about not getting to tell Grace that he loved her. Sami says she was referring to his anger, not his grief. Sami tells EJ that he can’t let his fury consume him. EJ begs Sami to see this from his perspective. He wonders how she would feel if someone took her child from her and made sure she never knew about her. He asks Sami to imagine exactly how that would feel.

Rafe demands that Nicole start talking. She brushes past him, telling him to go to hell, but Rafe grabs her, saying that she isn’t going anywhere until she tells him what she did to Sami’s baby.

Hope promises to do whatever Dean wants. Dean explodes, yelling that he wanted the money, but that’s all shot to hell thanks to her husband. Hope soothes Ciara as Dean admits that it was all supposed to be simple, and then he ended up having to kill his girlfriend and her brother. Hope suggests that Dean go away somewhere and make a new life for himself. She swears that she and Ciara won’t say a word about what happened here. Dean cocks his gun and attaches a silencer, saying that Hope really put her heart into that one. Hope begs Dean not to do this. Just then, Justin knocks on the door, calling out for Hope.

Philip admits to Melanie that he suspected her of posting the video at first, but then Bo set him straight. Philip admits that he is angry with himself for even thinking that she could do this after how sweet she was the night they spent together. He asks Melanie if she can ever forgive him for thinking the worst of her. She says that she can, and that she has. Philip thanks her for that, and for being the one person he can trust.

Sister Claire heads into the chapel and tells Nicole and Rafe that Sister Teresa was called away to another convent due to an emergency. Rafe asks if she knows where Teresa is, or when she will be back, but Claire isn’t sure. Nicole takes her phone out of Rafe’s shirt pocket and says that she will be going, then. She tells the nun that Rafe really hasn’t been himself lately, and that she is a bit concerned. She adds sarcastically that she hopes he feels better and tells Rafe that there is no shame in taking anti-depressants. She tells the two goodbye and heads off. Rafe fumes.

EJ again asks Sami how she would feel if her child were taken away. Sami huffs, saying it’s different for a woman. EJ rages at her, asking her how quickly she would get over it if her child were ripped from her arms. Sami admits that she doesn’t even want to think about it. EJ says that is because it hurts like hell. He says that that is what he feels every day. Just then, Brady walks over, asking what is going on. EJ says nothing is, and he hurries off with Sydney. Brady asks Sami if she is alright. She says she is, but admits that she is glad Brady shows up when he did. Brady chuckles, saying that that is what big brothers are for.

Victor assumes that Bo and Justin were arguing about Hope, and he tells Bo that he thinks Justin ought to stay out of it. Bo grumps that everyone thinks that he almost got Ciara killed. Victor doesn’t agree, and says that he knows Bo did his best to get his daughter back safely. Bo corrects Victor, saying that he did what he knew was right. He hoped that his wife would see that now that Ciara is back home and safe, but she’s actually more bitter and angry than ever. Victor reminds Bo that Hope has been through a trauma, and that she still isn’t herself. Bo retorts that that doesn’t give her the right to violate police procedure by giving Dean the reward. Victor thinks that Hope just wants to make sure the man knows how grateful she is, but Bo says he can’t just sit back and approve of her decision, as he could lose his job. Victor tell Bo that he should consider doing it if it means that it will save his marriage.

Dean tells Bo to get rid of Justin, or Ciara is dead. Hope agrees and soothes Ciara. She heads over to the door and greets Justin. He tells her that he had the money transferred into Dean’s account. Hope thanks him and starts to shut the door in his face. Justin wonders why she is trying to get rid of him. Hope explains pointedly that he knows how much she loves to cook, and that she has something on the stove she needs to get back to.

At the pub, Brady finishes telling Sami all about how Arianna dumped him because her ex is coming back to town. Sami thinks that is weird, and Brady agrees, since all she could ever say about him before was that he was a loser and a drug addict. Brady admits that he more he thinks about it, the more something just doesn’t add up. Brady says that he is sure there is more to this.

Arianna and Rafe meet in the park. She hugs him, telling him that she tried calling about a hundred times. Rafe apologizes, saying he couldn’t be reached, and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she is just lonely, and asks him to distract her by telling her what’s going on with his investigation of Nicole and Baker. Rafe says there was progress at first. He sighs, saying he isn’t sure if it’s just dumb luck, or if Nicole is really that good, but she managed to slip through his fingers once again.

Nicole heads into the mansion. Stefano stands near the staircase and flashes back to Rafe and Nicole leaving the mansion to go to the convent. He comes back to the present and smirks. In the living room, Nicole kisses EJ and tells him that she missed him. He thinks that she appears rattled. Nicole claims she is fine, but admits she has been wondering when they are taking their trip to Paris. EJ wonders why she brought that up, and accuses her of wanting to get away from something--or someone. Nicole asks what he is talking about. EJ asks her flatly if she is trying to get away from Rafe.

Hope again tells Justin that she has something on the stove, and says that she has to go. Suspicious, Justin heads off. Hope comes back inside. Ciara rushes to her side, crying Dena tells her to shut up. Hope tries to soothe her as Dean tells Hope that she has a choice. He can either kill them both, or all three of them can go for a little drive. Just then, Justin flies in from the kitchen and tackles Dean. The both roll around on the carpet as Hope watches in horror.

Nicole asks EJ why he would bring Rafe up. He explains that he ran into Sami in the park, and she told him that she overheard Rafe and Nicole arguing. Nicole accuses Sami of being a gossip, but EJ says that that isn’t a nice way to talk about her new best friend. Nicole gapes. EJ tells her that he knows all about her visit to Sami and how Sami watched Sydney while Nicole napped. He can’t believe that she would befriend Sami knowing how he feels about her. Nicole says that she will end the friendship if that is what EJ wants. She admits she doesn’t enjoy Sami’s company anyway. She starts to head off to check on Sydney, but EJ stops her, saying he wants to know why she and Rafe were arguing.

Rafe fills Arianna in on Sister Teresa’s inexplicable disappearance from the convent, and how before that she had identified Nicole as Mary, the woman that urged her to have Sami taken to the clinic, and the same woman that later returned to visit Grace. Arianna asks Rafe if he still thinks Nicole did something to Grace. Rafe admits it is far-fetched, but he isn’t sure what else to think. Why else would Nicole want Sami at Baker’s clinic, and why else would she come back to see Grace?

Bo tells Victor sarcastically that he’ll just head straight to the unemployment line. Victor thinks it’s better than throwing his marriage away, but Bo doesn’t see why he should have to lose either, since he isn’t the bad guy here. Victor reminds him that Hope is unhappy with him, but Bo thinks she is being unreasonable. Victor thinks that Bo should be at home talking this through with Hope instead of venting at him and Justin. Victor urges Bo to go home and save his marriage.

Justin and Dean wrestle on the carpet. Hope urges Ciara to get upstairs and pulls out her gun.

Philip tells Melanie that he believes they are kindred spirits, and that he has never known anyone who could see inside his soul the way Melanie can. Melanie groans. Philip admits that he knows it sounds corny, but it’s the truth. He adds that Melanie is a really good friend, and that it just took him a while to realize that.

Arianna suggests that Rafe enlist Sami’s help, and that perhaps that way he can figure out exactly what happened. Rafe insists that he can’t tell Sami anything until he has proof. Arianna reminds him that he was ready to back off the whole thing until just a few hours ago. She wonders what changed his mind. Rafe tells her that he has a gut feeling that whatever he finds out will help Sami move past her grief over Grace. Rafe says that he can’t give up and that he has to discover what Nicole did to Grace.

Nicole tells EJ that she was fighting with Rafe because he broke into their house, and also because she doesn’t like the way he treated Sami. Just then, EJ gets a call about a teleconference he set up. He excuses himself, telling Nicole that they will discuss this later. She heads straight for the bar, but Stefano comes in, telling her she doesn’t need a drink. She snaps that he doesn’t know the kind of day she has had, but Stefano claims that he knows all about it. In fact, the thinks that it was a pretty good day, seeing as how Teresa was called away before she could open her trap about Nicole. Nicole gapes, asking him if he arranged it. Stefano chuckles, saying he did, and that Teresa has been called away on business and won’t be back for the foreseeable future. He tells Nicole with a grin that life is beautiful again. Baker is dead, Mia is handled, and Sister Teresa is out of town indefinitely. Now only the two of them know her secret.

Sami asks Brady if he really thinks Arianna wasn’t being honest, but Brady says he isn’t sure. He adds that he would rather not talk about himself, and asks Sami how she has been doing. She admits things have gotten better, but Brady doesn’t think her breakup with Rafe helped much. Sami says it didn’t, but admits that Rafe was there for her when she really needed him, and that he helped her to be strong. Brady sighs, telling Sami how sorry he is, and how he wishes that he could do something to help.

Bo gets off the phone with a disappointed grunt. He tells Victor that the witness that saw Brenda kissing the third kidnapper didn’t pan out, as his story was all over the place. Victor says he has to go, and says that Bo should go, too. They both know that Bo did the right thing, but Victor’s advice to him is to talk to Hope and fall on his sword. Victor heads off. Bo sighs.

Ciara calls out for Hope as she aims her gun. Just then, Dean’s weapon goes off. Justin slumps over on top of him. Hope cries out as Ciara cowers behind her.


Arianna snaps at Victor, “You said that I could either end things with your grandson or tell him that I'm a drug dealer.”

Brady yells at Melanie and Philip, “I've just got two questions for you. What the hell is your problem and what are you thinking?”

Chad confides in Maggie, “Mia has a secret, and I need to find out what it is.”

Mia lays into Will, “You know my writing is private. How much did you read?”

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