Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/9/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/9/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Dean meets Hope at the pub. She thanks him for coming by, telling him that something has come up in regards to the woman who died during the shootout. Dean flashes back to shooting Brenda and asks Hope what is going on. Hope informs him that it appears Brenda had a connection to someone in Salem. Dean sweats.

Philip shows up at Bo’s house, saying that he needs to talk to someone. Bo admits he has heard about what happened, and tells Philip that he is sorry. He goes on to explain that the police got a tip, and they ended up arresting the hotel manager, who made the recording and put it on the internet. Philip calls him a bastard, but adds that he is sure he wasn’t the only one involved. Bo asks what he means and Philip explains that he thinks Melanie put the manger up to all this.

At the hospital, Melanie sobs in Brady’s arms as he tries to soothe her, assuring her she did all she could to keep the recording under wraps, and that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Melanie doesn’t think her intentions matter in the slightest, but Brady assures her that they do, and that he is going to help her get through this. She sniffles and thanks him, telling him what a great guy he is and how lucky Arianna is to have him. Brady isn’t so sure, but Melanie is, and she says Arianna is too, if she’s smart.

Arianna and Victor head into the Kiriakis mansion. She isn’t sure why Victor needs to speak to her, but she’s happy to spend more time with Brady’s grandfather, and adds that she is looking forward to having dinner with him later in the week. Victor tells her sharply that he isn’t sure it’s going to happen--not after what he learned today.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole holds Mia’s letter, smirking and telling herself that she was just too quick for Dr. Baker. She smiles, saying to herself that Sami’s letter is floating in the sewer somewhere, and Mia’s is about to become confetti. She puts the letter in the shredder and grins, saying she’s home free. Just then, the doorbell rings. Nicole groans and heads off to answer the door. It’s Sami, who tells Nicole that she came by because Nicole left something at her place. Nicole gulps.

Rafe heads into Sister Teresa’s office at the convent. The two greet one another, and Teresa asks Rafe what she can do for him. Rafe tells her that he came to see her in regards to Grace. Teresa sighs, admitting that not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of Grace and what a precious angel she was. Rafe agrees. Teresa wonders what she could possibly do for Grace now. Rafe tells her that he needs to find out what really happened to the baby, and Teresa may be his only hope.

Nicole jokes, saying that she hopes she didn’t leave anything incriminating behind. Sami pulls Sydney’s giraffe out of her purse and hands it to Nicole. Nicole thanks her for bringing it by, but says that it wasn’t necessary. Sami admits that she had an ulterior motive for coming by. She tells Nicole that she tried to get Rafe to explain to her why he was acting so weird about her, but he wouldn’t say, s Sami figured that she would ask Nicole. She asks Nicole what is going on between her and Rafe.

Rafe asks Sister Teresa if she remembers anything about the night Grace was born, and if another woman was there. Teresa says she doesn’t remember seeing anyone else that was giving birth. Rafe then shows Teresa a picture of Nicole. Teresa gasps, “Mary!” Rafe asks if she knows her, then and Teresa nods, saying that it’s because of her that Sami ended up having her baby at the clinic.

Bo tells Philip that he talked to Brady, who said that the manager did have partner, but it wasn’t Melanie. Philip wonders what Brady has to do with all of this, and Bo explains that Brady found the manager with Melanie’s help, and that Brady claims that Melanie is as much a victim as Philip is. Philip scoffs, saying that Melanie had nothing to lose. Just then, someone knocks at the door. Bo answers it to find Stephanie outside. She hopes this isn’t a bad time. Philip stares. Bo starts to say it is, but Stephanie, oblivious to Philip, tells Bo that she needs help tracking down her parents. Just then, she spots Philip and stops short.

Victor tells Arianna that he had some research done on her, and learned that she didn’t have many of the things she wanted growing up. Arianna protests that she isn’t after Brady because of his money. Victor shakes his head, saying that he knows that, since Arianna has all the money she could ever need. Arianna scoffs, saying working at the pub isn’t that lucrative. Victor says that he was speaking of her other job-the one his grandson knows nothing about. Victor adds that she would be long-gone if Brady did know abut it. Arianna sweats.

Nicole tells Sami that she and Rafe just don’t like each other. She also thinks that Rafe is trouble. Sami asks her not to say that, but Nicole stops her, saying she knows Sami fell in love with Rafe because of how good he was to her in witness protection. Nicole thinks that Sami is just now seeing another side of Rafe, and the fact that he can be sneaky and manipulative. Nicole thinks Sami needs a restraining order. Sami gapes. Nicole doesn’t think that Sami wants Rafe around her or her children. She adds that Rafe is dangerous and that Sami can’t trust anything he says or does.

Teresa explains that ‘Mary’ came to the clinic seeking guidance. She was the one that recommended the clinic to her shortly before Sami gave birth. She goes on to explain that ‘Mary’ was pregnant and planned on giving birth to her baby there. Rafe asks if she did, but Teresa isn’t sure. Rafe asks if the woman disappeared afterwards, but Teresa says she visited once more shortly after she gave birth. Teresa says she came by to thank her for her guidance. Rafe asks if that was the only reason. Teresa shakes her head, saying that ‘Mary’ also came by to see Grace.

Bo heads off to check on Ciara. Philip says he should leave, but Stephanie says she is glad he is here, since she needs to return something to him. She takes off her engagement ring and flings it on the ground at Philip’s feet. He sighs miserably.

Arianna claims she has no idea what Victor is talking about. He tells her flatly that he knows she has been dealing cocaine. She denies it. Victor flies into a rage, threatening to have her arrested if she continues to lie. Her adds that he doesn’t want to call the police, as he has no intention on getting involved in her personal life or interfering in her business. Arianna, surprised, asks about Brady. Victor assumes she means her relationship with Brady. Victor then chuckles, saying that if she really has to ask that question, she’s not only a lowlife criminal, she’s an idiot.

Sami admits that Rafe has been acting strangely, but she insists that a restraining order isn’t necessary. Nicole explains that she thinks Rafe blames her for his breakup with Sami. Nicole tells Sami that she considers her to be a friend, and she worries that Rafe might end up hurting Sami worse than he already has. She also adds that Rafe has some serious problems. If he didn’t, he and Sami would still be together. Sami abruptly tells Nicole that she doesn’t want to discuss this any further. She heads off. Nicole sighs and picks up a picture of Sydney. Nicole tells herself that she did what she had to do. If Rafe and Sami not being together means she and Sydney can be together forever, then that is the way it has to be.

Rafe asks Teresa if she is saying this Mary woman not only recommended the clinic to Teresa, but also came back later to see Grace. Teresa nods. Rafe asks her if she will be here for a while. Teresa says she will be and asks him why. Rafe tells her he’ll have an answer for her question shortly--in fact, he’s going to have answers to a lot of his own questions, too. He rushes off.

Hope tells Dean that witnesses have come forward stating that Brenda was seen kissing another man after she came to town with her brother, Kyle. Worriedly, Dean asks if anyone has been able to identify the man. Hope says no one has yet, but that she plans on following up the lead. Abruptly, Dean tells Hope that he wants to head up this part of the investigation. She reminds him that he is still on medical leave, but Dean says that he has to do this for Ciara. Hope agrees to let him handle it. She also adds that she asked him to meet her here so she could assure him that he is going to get the reward money.

Philip tells Stephanie that he really thought they had a chance this time. She says that she thought so, too. Philip reminds her that he gave up everything--his job, his family, and his home--for her. Stephanie claims that he did all of that for himself. Philip shakes his head, saying that’s not true.

Melanie heads into Maggie’s house, sobbing. She flashes back to Nathan telling her that she isn’t exactly what meets the eye, not there’s anything wrong with how she looks. Melanie blushes and giggles. Nathan walks in to the kitchen just then, interrupting her reverie. Melanie gazes at him miserably.

Victor tells Arianna that Brady is on his way home. When he arrives, Arianna will greet him for the last time. He tells her to take care and heads off. Arianna tells herself that she can’t do this right now. She rushes off, but runs into Brady at the door.

Rafe shows up at the DiMera mansion. Nicole, who has answered the door, asks him what the hell he wants. Rafe informs Nicole that the two of them are going to have a little chat. Rafe asks if her clueless husband is anywhere around. Nicole scoffs, saying that she doesn’t know what he is doing here, but the two of them are though. Rafe grins, saying that on the contrary, they’re just getting started.

Arianna tells Brady that she stopped by to see how Melanie was holding up. Brady ruefully explains that they were too late, and that both Stephanie and Philip saw the video before it was taken down. He sighs, saying that Melanie is going to need a lot of support, but hopefully everything will work out. Arianna isn’t so sure it will. Brady doesn’t think they should be so negative when it comes to Melanie, but Arianna explains that she was talking about her and Brady, not Melanie.

Dean tells Hope that he appreciates her sticking her neck out like this, but he was just doing his job. He doesn’t need the money. Hope insists that he is getting it no matter what he says. Dean just wishes he could do something for her in return. Hope say that it is enough that he saved her little girl, but Dean wants to show his appreciation for Hope getting the reward money for him. Hope considers this and finally tells Dean that there might be something he can do for her.

Philip tells Stephanie that he loves her as Bo comes back downstairs. Stephanie sniffles, but doesn’t reply. Philip says goodbye and heads off. Stephanie sobs. Bo tries to soothe her, but Stephanie says that she will never love anyone the way she loves Philip. Bo hugs her, trying to calm her as she cries hysterically.

Roman shows up at Sami’s townhouse. He asks her what is wrong, as she sounded upset over the phone. Sami admits that the problem is Rafe.

Rafe says that he has to hand it to Nicole for finding a way to get Sami out of her house so she could go through her mail. Nicole scoffs, saying she has no idea what he is talking about. Rafe tells her to cut the charade, and adds that all her lies are about to come crashing down around her head. Nicole says that she has had enough and asks him to get out. She adds angrily that she tried to be nice to him, and supportive of his and Sami’s relationship, but he is clearly troubled. She adds that she will pray that he finds someone to help him turn his pathetic life around. Rafe suggests they go pray together at the convent. He slyly adds that he spoke to a mutual acquaintance of theirs--Sister Teresa. Rafe adds that she sent along her fondest regards to Nicole. Nicole sweats.

Brady asks Arianna in confusion if she is talking about their relationship. Arianna nods, saying that they can’t be together if he insists on taking care of all these broken women. Brady asks what she means, and Arianna says today it’s Melanie, but before it was his ex-wife. Brady reminds her that Chloe is in a coma, but Arianna thinks Brady is obsessed. She reminds him of all the times he jumped when Nicole came calling. Brady shakes his head, saying he doesn’t care for any of those women the way he cares for Arianna. Arianna angrily tells him that she doesn’t think she fulfills his needs because there isn’t anything wrong with her. She says abruptly that she wants to take a break. Brady says he wants the real reason for her behavior. Things were going well up until a few minutes ago, and he wants to know if something else happened. Arianna admits that something did.

Melanie tells Nathan that she is sure he hates her guts. He says he doesn’t, but Stephanie does. He sighs, saying he gets that she had some unresolved issues with Philip, but he figured she would at least be honest with him about it. Melanie admits that she thought they were getting along well and bonding, too. Nathan shakes his head, saying that he feels really sorry for her. Not only does he not know who she is, he doesn’t think Melanie knows who she is anymore, either. He heads off. Melanie sobs.

Bo insists on driving Stephanie home, but she claims that she’s fine. Hope and Dean come in just then, and Hope greets Stephanie, introducing her to Dean. Stephanie commends him on his brave rescue of Ciara, and Dean thanks her. Hope adds pointedly that she and Bo are going to be wiring the reward money into Dean’s account this afternoon. Dean thinks Bo looks unhappy about it, and Bo reminds him sternly that both he and Hope know why he disapproves. Hope says she does know, but she plans on going against Bo’s wishes, anyway.

Rafe asks Nicole about the convent, but Nicole claims she has never heard of the place. Rafe says that he can tell she is lying. He adds that she may have thought she was clever for getting her hands on Baker’s letter before Sami did, but she wasn’t so clever about this. Nicole thinks he must miss his FBI work, so he’s just following up every phantom clue he can get his hands on. Rafe says loftily that he has ties to the convent, but Nicole probably never considered that. She tells him to get out. Rafe refuses to do so, asking Nicole if he should start calling her ‘Mary.’ Nicole glares. Rafe says that he knows she introduced herself to Teresa, and urged her to take Sami to Baker’s clinic. Then she stopped by to visit Grace later. Nicole says he is crazy, and that she never did any of that. Rafe ignores her, saying he knows that Nicole knew Sami was carrying EJ’s baby, so she kept tabs on Sami while she was in witness protection. He adds that Nicole is finally going to tell him why she did all of this.

Arianna tells Brady that her ex called, and that he is planning on returning to Salem soon. Brady scoffs, asking if she is saying she wants to be available for him. Arianna admits that she does still have feelings for him. Brady reminds her that not that long ago she was referring to him as some loser drug addict, but Arianna thinks that he has changed, and say that he sounds like he has it together. She admits that she is attracted to Brady, but he has a holier-than-thou attitude that she doesn’t like. Brady asks her when she suddenly realized that he was boring and she was tired of seeing him. Arianna says that having sex with him was great, but sometime you only need to experience something once. Brady asks if she is saying she’s through with him. Arianna nods.

Stephanie tells Dean that it was nice to meet him and she and Bo head off. Hope apologizes to Dean for having to go through that. He admits he isn’t comfortable taking this money if it causes a rift between Bo and Hope. Hope tells him to stop thinking that way. He deserves the reward for bringing Ciara back to them, and she and Bo will always be grateful to him. She adds that she also brought him over here to see Ciara. She has been remembering more and more about the kidnapping, and Hope thought that seeing the man who rescued her might comfort her. Dean nods, saying he understands, and Hope heads upstairs. Dean takes out his lighter and flicks it open and closed, grinning. He says to himself that he really killed two birds with one stone--he gets the reward money, and that bitch’s marriage is on the rocks, too.

Sami explains to Roman that she tried to confront Rafe about what was going on between him and Nicole, but he acted very secretive and weird about it. Roman apologizes, as he knows this has been hard on her. Sami nods, saying she was in love with Rafe, and she was convinced that they were perfect for one another. Now Nicole is trying to make her believe that Rafe is some kind of nut job. Roman asks if she is convinced, but Sami shakes her head, saying that she can’t be objective when it comes to Rafe. That’s why she was hoping her dad would look into all this for her. She asks if any of this makes sense to him. Roman sighs, admitting that it does.

Nicole tells Rafe that he is out of his mind, and that she had no idea that Sami’s baby wasn’t adopted until after she died. Rafe says that Sister Teresa thinks otherwise, but Nicole swears that she has never met the woman. She thinks that the nun is either lying, or Rafe somehow convinced her to have a false memory. Rafe scoffs. Nicole tells him that she is calling the police, but Rafe suggests that she call EJ instead. Then he can call Sami, and they can get this whole mess cleared up. Nicole says that she refuses to acknowledge Rafe’s accusations. She reminds him that he has no proof, and that it is his vicious word against hers. Rafe says there’s another way to resolve all this, and that’s getting her and Teresa in the same room. He tells Nicole that the nun is waiting for them at the convent right now, and suggests they go there together. Then they can wrap up this mystery once and for all.

Brady tells Arianna to get out. She says that she thinks he’s a great person. He yells at her to get out of his house. She heads off in tears. Outside the door, she breaks down completely.

Melanie sits at the kitchen table and tries to convince herself that things will get better with time. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Melanie opens it to find Philip outside.

Dean snaps his lighter open and closed as Ciara runs downstairs with Hope behind her. Ciara stops short in the living room and flashes back to being blindfolded and tied up. She remembers hearing the lighter clicking. Ciara comes back to the present and throws herself into Hope’s arms. Hope wonders what is wrong with her.

Roman admits to Sami that he doesn’t usually put much stock into what Nicole Walker has to say, but he fears she may be right this time. Sami asks Roman if he really thinks Rafe could be delusional and dangerous. Roman isn’t sure, but he thinks that the only important thing right now is what Sami thinks of Rafe.

Nicole refuses to go anywhere with Rafe. He admits that he won’t drag her over to the convent kicking and screaming, but he will call EJ and Sami if Nicole doesn’t come with him. Rafe says that one way or the other, this is going to end. He asks her what’s it going to be. Nicole sweats.


Justin tells Bo, “You took a huge risk when you went rogue with that ransom money.”

Ciara whispers to Hope, “It's him.”

Sami asks EJ, “Does she ever talk to you about Rafe?” He replies, “ Why would she talk to me about Rafe?”

Nicole tells Rafe, “I'm innocent, get it? Whatever you think I did, I didn't.”

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