Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/8/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/8/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the park, Philip purchases a bouquet of flowers. The woman selling them asks Philip if they’re for his girlfriend. Philip says she is his girlfriend--for now. The woman thinks she is pretty lucky. Philip claims he is the lucky one. He hands her some cash, tells the woman to keep the change and heads off.

At the Valentine Hotel, Brady demands that the manager take down the video he posted of Melanie and Philip having sex. The man says it won’t do any good, as the fiancée is going to find out the truth one way or another. Arianna thinks there’s a huge difference between hearing the truth and seeing it for yourself. Brady threatens the man, saying that his whole world is going to blow up in his face if he doesn’t take that video down.

At the hospital, two candy-stripers stand in a waiting room and watch the video of Melanie and Philip having sex. Cheesy music plays in the background. Stephanie and Nathan walk over. Nathan jokes, asking why they weren’t invited to the party. Without a word, one of the girls turns the laptop around. Nathan and Stephanie stare at the screen and gape as Melanie and Philip writhe around in bed.

At the pub, Sami kneels down and coos at Sydney, asking if she is ready to go see her mommy. A customer walks in and compliments Sami, telling her how beautiful Sydney is. Sami thanks her, and the woman adds that the baby looks just like Sami. Sami is taken aback.

At Sami’s townhouse, Nicole reads over the letter Baker sent to Sami. Just then, someone knocks at the door. Nicole stuffs the letter into her purse as Rafe puts his key into the lock and lets himself in. He asks if Sami is here, but Nicole says she is out. Suspiciously, Rafe asks Nicole why she is here, then.

Stephanie calls Melanie a revolting slut. Melanie tries to explain herself. Nathan hustles the candy stripers off to get back to work. He starts to follow, but Melanie begs him to wait. She tells the two that they have to hear what she has to say.

Chad lets himself into Maggie’s kitchen using Mia’s keys. He wonders where her diary could be and looks around. He spots the certified letter from Baker’s lawyer, and wonders why Mia is getting mail from an attorney. Just then, Maggie walks into the kitchen. Taken aback, she asks Chad who he is. He stammers, giving her his name. She says that she doesn’t know him and picks up the phone. Chad claims he can explain and worriedly asks what she is doing. Maggie informs him that she is calling the police.

Rafe suspiciously asks Nicole if Sami knows that she is here. Nicole claims she does, and that she took Sydney to the pub, but Rafe doesn’t buy it. Nicole reminds him that he told her before that he was supportive of her and Sami’s connection, especially since Sami needs a friend right now. Rafe admits that he did say that. Nicole asks him angrily why he broke in to Sami’s house. Rafe claims that he still has the key, and that Sami knows that, but Nicole insists he broke in, since he and Sami aren’t together anymore. Nicole demands to know what Rafe is up to.

Melanie tries to claim the video is a fake, but she bursts into tears. Nathan sighs, saying that he has to get back to work. Stephanie, who is also in tears, claims that she is a fool. She lays into Melanie, saying that she thought she had changed. Melanie claims she has. Stephanie demands to know if she and Philip were even broken up at the time, and Melanie says they were. She tells Stephanie that she was trying to get Philip and Stephanie back together, but Stephanie kept rejecting him. She turned Philip down, but he made it very clear that he wasn’t with Stephanie anymore. Stephanie is furious that Melanie used sex to comfort Philip and wonders why Melanie hates her so much, since she thought they were friends. Melanie claims she doesn’t hate Stephanie. Stephanie angrily demands to know why Melanie made a sex tape with Philip and posted it online, then.

The hotel manager attempts to take the video down, but tells Brady that there’s glitch preventing him from doing so. Brady threatens to break his neck if he doesn’t do something to get the video offline.

Chad asks Maggie not to call the police, and explains that he is a friend of Mia’s. he claims the two work together, but Maggie says she has never seen him at the café before. Maggie also notes that Chad let himself in with Mia’s key. She thinks that Mia and Chad must be awfully close, yet Mia has never mentioned Chad to her before. Chad claims that Mia is just shy, and that she probably forgot to mention him coming over to Maggie. Maggie notices the lawyer’s letter in Chad’s hand and demands to know what he is doing with Mia’s mail. Chad claims he was going to give it to Mia, but Maggie takes it, saying she’ll make sure Mia gets it herself. She tells Chad angrily that he takes a lot of liberties for someone that Mia has never breathed a word abut. Just then, Mia walks in. She greets Chad and Maggie asks if she knows him. Mia nods, saying she knows him from school. Maggie tells Mia that Chad is claiming that he is here to meet her. Maggie asks Mia if that is true.

Rafe claims that he isn’t up to anything, and that it is none of Nicole’s business why he is here. She wonders why it is his business why she is here, then. Rafe admits he came for his mail. Nicole grabs her purse worriedly and asks why he didn’t leave a forwarding address. Rafe sifts through the envelopes, saying that he did, but that sometimes the mail doesn’t come through. Nicole scoffs as Sami walks in. She greets Nicole, but stops short when she sees Rafe, asking what is going on. Nicole stands up suddenly, saying that Caroline’s clam chowder didn’t agree with her. She rushes off for the bathroom.

Melanie can’t believe that Stephanie suspects that she put this online. She claims she would never do such a thing. Stephanie retorts that she is the ‘premier party girl,’ after all. Melanie claims that that isn’t her anymore, but Stephanie thinks that she would do anything for a thrill. Melanie shakes her head. Stephanie shouts that heartbreak and trouble follow Melanie wherever she goes. Philip walks over just then, asking what is going on.

The hotel manager tells Arianna and Brady that he has tried everything but he can’t get the video down. He adds that he is no computer expert, and that he had to get his partner to put the video up for him. Brady growls at him to move and gets on the laptop, typing furiously.

Victor strolls through the park and gets on the phone with someone, ordering a full background investigation of Arianna. Victor explains that she has gotten her claws into his grandson, and he wants to know why.

Mia gives Chad a look, but tells Maggie that she did ask him to meet her here. Maggie claims that she doesn’t have a problem with that, but she tells Mia that her giving Chad her keys was a bit inappropriate. Mia gapes. Chad gives her a desperate look. Mia gulps and tells Maggie that what she did was wrong, and that it won’t happen again. Maggie starts to head off to give the two some privacy, but Mia stops her, saying that Chad isn’t going to stay.

Sami asks Rafe if Nicole was sick before, but Rafe says it came on her suddenly. He explains to Sami that he dropped by to pick up his mail. Sami says he could have called. He apologizes and says that he thought no one was home, but Nicole was sitting right by the mail. Rafe stops suddenly and excuses himself. He rushes off to the bathroom. Nicole has ripped Baker’s letter up into little pieces and is getting ready to flush them. Rafe bangs on the door, demanding to be let in. Nicole flushes the toilet and watches as the letter whirls away. She lets Rafe in, calling him rude and suggesting he see a doctor if he needs to go that badly. She heads off. Rafe looks around the bathroom, wondering what Nicole is up to.

Melanie sobs, telling Philip that she had nothing to do with this. Stephanie asks Melanie to leave, but she says that Philip needs to know the truth. Stephanie shrieks at her to get out. Melanie heads off, sobbing. Philip asks Stephanie again what is going on, and she suggests that she show him. She opens the laptop and Philip watches the video of him and Melanie having sex. He stammers.

Brady is able to delete the video. Arianna exclaims that he is a genius. Brady glares at the manager, saying that he isn’t a genius, he just isn’t an idiot. The manager tells Arianna and Brady that they can go now that they got what they wanted. Brady scoffs, asking the man if he plans on using this room to exploit more couples today. The man again tells Brady to leave, but he claims that he and the manager have some unfinished business.

Outside Maggie’s door, Mia demands to know how Chad found out where she lived, and how he got her keys. Chad claims her address was on her paycheck, and she just left her keys on the table. She claims he is lying, but Chad says she lied, too, when she admitted to that woman that she gave him the keys. Mia claims that she just doesn’t want Mrs. Horton to think she has shady friends. Chad again accuses her of lying, saying that she wanted to protect him because she cares for him. Mia claims that Chad is delusional. Chad thinks that Mia still loves him.

Sami coos at Sydney as Nicole huffs into the living room, complaining about Rafe practically busting in on her when she was in the bathroom. Rafe, who has just returned, smirks as Sami demands to know why he would do that. Rafe claims that Nicole only got sick after she figured out why he was going through the mail. Nicole claims she couldn’t care less why Rafe was looking at Sami’s mail. Sami demands that Rafe stop being so cryptic, and asks him to speak up if he has a problem with Nicole.

Melanie stands at the nurse’s station, moping. Nathan walks by and picks up a chart. Melanie glances at him pathetically. He stares at her, sighing and shaking his head. Nathan leaves.

Philip isn’t sure what to say. Stephanie scoffs. Philip tries to explain that all this happened after she ended things between them, but Stephanie retorts that she thought he loved her. She adds angrily that she is sick of hearing herself say that she thought Philip had changed. She thinks all those promises that Philip made to be a better man were just manipulations. Philip admits that he made a stupid mistake, and vows to never do so again. Stephanie glares, saying that he made more than just a mistake--he slept with another girl and he lied about it. Stephanie vows never to forgive him for that.

Brady lays into the manager, calling him scum. He adds angrily that the man puts people out on the internet like that to hurt and exploit them. The man claims that he had no idea that the video would go viral. He says that he is just a family man, and this is all about the money for him. Brady grabs him and pushes him against a wall, telling him that that is even worse. Just then, someone knocks. Brady opens the door to find two officers outside. The manager asks incredulously if Brady called the cops on him. Brady nods, saying he did, and that he hopes they lock him up and lose the key. The man growls that he wants his lawyer as the officers prepare to take him away. Arianna stares at Brady in horror.

Chad demands to know if Mia has feelings for him. She admits she does--disgust and anger. She asks him why he thought it was ok to track her down and break in her house, adding that it feels as if he is stalking her. Chad claims he is doing no such thing, and Mia asks what he was trying to accomplish, then. Chad tells her that he was just desperate, and that Mia drives him crazy. Mia wonders what that even means. Chad says that he can’t stop thinking about Mia. She rolls her eyes and starts to head off, but Chad stops her, saying that she claims to be with Will, but he knows she is having the same problem forgetting about him.

Nicole claims that Rafe is just jealous of her friendship with Sami. She adds viciously that he is a control freak that can’t stand the fact that Sami isn’t under his thumb anymore. She also thinks that Rafe is out to hurt her. Rafe admits that Nicole is right, and that he can’t stand her. He adds that he never liked the idea of Sami and Nicole becoming friends. Sami tells him angrily that it is none of his business. She adds that she trusts Nicole completely, so he can keep his opinions about her to himself. Nicole says she has to go and Sami apologizes again as she shows Nicole and Sydney out. Sami whirls on Rafe, asking if he is proud of himself. Sarcastically, he apologizes for offending Sami’s new best friend, and wonders if that is an unforgivable offense. Sami says that she can tell something is going on with Rafe and she demands to know what it is.

Stephanie tells Philip angrily that she knew something happened between him and Melanie. She reminds him that she gave him every opportunity to tell her what happened, but he claimed Melanie was just a shoulder to cry on. Philip admits he was a coward. He thought that he if he lied, everything would be fine, since Stephanie never could have forgiven him if he had told her the truth. He asks her if he was right about that.

Rafe thinks that Sami is reading too much into all this, but she claims that she can see the tension between Rafe and Nicole. Rafe admits he was surprised to see Nicole here, and adds that he can’t trust her, no matter what Sami thinks of her. Sami retorts that she thinks Rafe is the one she shouldn’t trust. She demands that Rafe give her back her keys, saying that she is sick of all the lies. Rafe sighs and hands her the keys. Sami says goodbye to him pointedly.

Mia tells Chad to leave. The two continue to argue as Nicole sneaks into the kitchen from the living room. It seems Lucas gave her a key to Maggie’s when they were married, but Nicole admits to Sydney that that wasn’t a happy time in her life. Nicole hears Mia and Chad arguing outside and grimaces, saying that that doesn’t sound good. Suddenly, Nicole spots the letter from Baker’s lawyer in the table. She snatches it up and grins. Just then, Mia walks back in, asking Nicole what she is doing.

Stephanie tells Philip that she might have forgiven him had he been honest with her from the beginning. Philip thinks that that’s a lie. He tells Stephanie that he never told her the truth because he knew she would never forgive him, and also because he knew what happened between him and Melanie was never going to happen again. Philip adds that he was wrong to sleep with Melanie, but the fact that he did doesn’t change anything between him and Stephanie. Stephanie promptly accuses him of being delusional. Philip pleads with her, saying that he nailed the interview Chicago. He just wants to move there and start a new life with her. Stephanie storms off.

Brady approaches Melanie at the hospital, telling her that the video is officially off the web. She bawls, telling Brady that it’s too late, and that both Stephanie and Philip saw it. She sobs and throws herself into Brady’s arms, saying that she has ruined everything. Brady hugs her and tries to soothe her.

Rafe nurses a cup of coffee at the pub and sulks. Arianna comes in, guessing that things aren’t going so well. Rafe admits that that is true, and tells Arianna about the letter Baker sent Sami. He tells Arianna that he is positive Nicole got her hands on the letter first and destroyed it. Arianna wonders why he doesn’t just tell Sami about it, but Rafe says that he has no proof. He can’t just go to Sami and tell her that he thinks Baker and Nicole had something to do with Grace’s death. Arianna asks what he is going to do, then. Rafe sighs, admitting he is thinking of forgetting all about finding a connection between Baker, Nicole, and Grace.

Mia asks Nicole what she is doing with a letter addressed to her. Mia snatches the envelope from Nicole. Nicole stammers, explaining to Mia that it is from her lawyer. She admits she did a terrible thing, and tells Mia that she had her lawyer take out a restraining order against her. Mia gapes, saying that she did everything Nicole asked of her and wonders why Nicole did this. Mia adds that she stayed away, and that she didn’t even tell her ex about the baby. Nicole says that she knows that, and she admits that Mia has been great. That’s why she regrets her decision and has decided to make the restraining order go away. Nicole asks Mia to hand her the letter so she can have her lawyer rip it up.

Victor speaks to one of his men outside the pub, who promises to contact him as soon as they know more about Arianna. Victor thanks him and hangs up, heading into the pub. Arianna greets him, asking him if she can get him anything. Victor tells her that the two of them need to have a little chat--alone.

Sami cries quietly and opens her mail. She finds Sydney’s giraffe toy under a stack of letters on the ground and guesses that the baby will want it back. She sobs, hoping Nicole knows how lucky she is to have Sydney.

Nicole tells Mia that she doesn’t want to cause her any more pain and asks her for the letter. Mia hands it over and bursts into tears. She admits that it was difficult to let Sydney go, but she knows that EJ and Nicole love her. Nicole nods, saying they love her more than Mia can imagine. She adds that Mia deserves to be happy, as she has a good heart. She tells Mia that she made the right decision in regards to Sydney and heads off. Outside, Nicole sighs, telling Sydney that this is finally all over.

Rafe heads to the pier as his phone rings. It’s Sister Teresa. She explains that she is back from her retreat and heard that Rafe wanted to speak with her. Rafe admits that he does.


Stephanie throws her engagement ring on the ground, “I need to give you back this.”

Victor barks at Arianna, “Lie to me once more, and by God, I'll have you arrested here and now.”

Rafe shows Sister Teresa a picture of Nicole, “Do you know her?” She replies, “I do.”

Sami asks Nicole, “What is going on between you and Rafe?”

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