Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/4/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/4/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip and Stephanie wake to the sound of an alarm clock going off. Stephanie groans and tells Philip it’s time to get up. She takes a gift out of the nightstand and hands it to Philip. He opens it and finds a silver charm inside. Stephanie tells him it’s supposed to give him the luck of the Irish. Philip kisses her, saying he doesn’t need luck--all he needs is her.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Melanie watches the video that her friend sent her of her and Philip having sex in the motel. Melanie panics. Just then, Nathan comes into the kitchen, telling Melanie he’s brought her some brain food. She slams her laptop shut, but Nathan tells her it’s too late, as he’s already seen it. Melanie gapes.

At Sami’s townhouse, Sami tells Will that she has purchased some school supplies for him. Will informs her that Lucas already took care of it, and he suggests that his mom save her money. Sami agrees to do so, and asks Will if he’d like to get breakfast with her at the café. Will sighs, telling her that Mia has plans to come over. He adds that he knows Sami misses Johnny and Allie, but she can’t just mope around here now that Rafe is gone. Will tells her that if he were acting this way, his friends would tell him to get a life.

Brady calls Arianna at the pub, and since she has the day off, he invites her over to the mansion for another swim. She hangs up as Rafe comes in. She asks about his trip to the Dominican Republic. Rafe admits things didn’t go well, telling Arianna that Sami thinks Nicole has been a better friend to her in her time of grief than he has. Rafe admits that Sami might be right, and he vows to Arianna that he won’t ever hurt Sami again.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole asks Mary, the maid, where Stefano is. Mary explains that he had an appointment early this morning. She heads off. Nicole cuddles Sydney, telling her that Stefano would kill her if he knew about the letters Dr. Baker sent to Mia and Sami.

At the hospital, Stefano and EJ chat with Lexie. She takes a phone call from Abe, and hangs up, telling Stefano and EJ about Dr. Baker’s death. She tells the two that the police suspect the killer is from Salem.

Nicole makes a call to the local post office. She pretends to be Sami, and claims she is receiving a certified letter in the mail. She asks the post office to hold it for her, but the man on the other line informs her the letter already left their office and is on its way to be delivered. Nicole panics.

Stefano flies into a rage, assuming that Abe and the police suspect that the DiMeras are involved in Baker’s death. Taken aback, Lexie tells Stefano that actually, Abe was just calling to get Baker’s employment records from the hospital.

Arianna shows up at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady greets her and is surprised she brought a swimsuit this time. She reminds him of what happened last time she left it at home, but Brady informs her that Henderson is the only one home, and he has instructions to leave them alone. Brady moves in, telling Arianna that they are free to be as indiscrete as they want. Arianna tells Brady she does want that. The two kiss.

Philip informs Stephanie that he has a job interview in Chicago, and if he gets the job, they’ll have to move there. He sighs, apologizing if it seems as if he asking Stephanie to give up too much just to be with him. Stephanie says it isn’t too much to ask, and she tells Philip that she just wants to be with him and be happy. The two kiss passionately.

Melanie begins to panic until she realizes that Nathan was referring to one of the answers she got wrong on the practice test. He goes to the laptop to show her, but Melanie grabs it from him, saying she has to go. Melanie starts to head out the back door, but runs into a delivery man. He says he has a certified letter for Mia. Melanie signs for the letter and leaves it on the kitchen table.

Mia arrives at Sami’s place. Just then, Nicole calls her and asks her to come over. Mia says she can’t and hangs abruptly. She sighs and stares off into space. Sami asks Mia if everything is alright.

Nicole tells Mary that she has to leave, and asks her to watch Sydney, but Mary says she has too many things to do, and can’t watch the baby. Nicole sighs, figuring she will just have to take Sydney with her. She heads off with the baby.

Lexie informs EJ that Stefano isn’t controlling his diabetes the way he should.

Nearby, Stefano speaks on the phone, yelling at someone for failing to carry out their mission. Stefano rages, saying that a man that should be in jail in the Caribbean is no back in Salem and asking questions. Stefano warns the person that if they continue to mess up, Baker won’t be the only one that paid with his life.

Rafe heads into Mr. Hynes’ office and finds him packing. He asks if the man is going somewhere, and he admits that he is taking a hiatus. Rafe tells him that he has some questions about Dr. Baker. Mr. Hynes claims that he has never heard of him. Suspiciously, Rafe asks Hynes why his card was in Baker’s wallet, then.

Will and Mia head off. Sami sits on the couch alone and sighs. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Sami answers it to find Nicole outside.

Arianna and Brady kiss passionately. Melanie rushes out on the terrace, apologizing for interrupting the two. She claims it is an emergency, and reminds Brady that he owes her for helping out with Daniel and Nathan. Brady asks her what is going on, and Melanie uncomfortably tells the two that there’s a tape out there--the sex kind. Arianna gapes, asking if it is of Melanie and Philip. Melanie quickly explains to Brady that Stephanie and Philip were on a break at the time they had sex, but says that she has to warn Philip since the two are back together. She explains to Arianna and Brady that the video is on the internet, and they have to get it off of there before Stephanie sees it and kills her.

Philip kisses Stephanie goodbye at the hospital, promising to be home soon.

Lexie checks Stefano’s file and tells EJ that it’s a miracle Stefano is doing so well considering his illness. She wonders what could be going on with him and asks EJ if he has any idea.

Sami tells Nicole that she doesn’t really feel like having company, but Nicole claims that Sydney really needs a diaper change. Sami relents and lets her inside. Nicole notices the mail sitting on the table and tells Sami that her mail delivery has been erratic lately. She asks Sami if she has been having problems. Sami says she hasn’t, but admits the mail hasn’t yet come today. Nicole changes the subject, asking Sami if she ever found out what Dr. Baker wanted. Sami says she didn’t, and now she never will, since he was murdered. Nicole feigns amazement, gasping. Sami also divulges that the murderer tried to frame Rafe for it. Nicole assumes that Rafe had nothing to do with it.

Rafe, suspicious as to why Hynes is leaving town so suddenly, asks if he knows the DiMera family. Hynes ignores the question, admitting that Baker was his client. Rafe wants to know of anything Baker might have told his lawyer about his crimes, but Hynes scoffs, asking Rafe sarcastically if he has ever hear of attorney-client privilege. Rafe pulls out a gun, asking if he has ever heard of a Colt .45 to the head. Hynes trembles.

Arianna tells Melanie that she thinks it’s probably for the best that Stephanie learn the truth. Melanie fumes, saying that this isn’t about Stephanie--it’s about her naked body being on the internet for every pervert to see. She gasps, saying that Nathan will hate her forever if he finds out. Brady asks Melanie to slow down and take a breath. She admits to the two that she suspects the hotel manager had something to do with this. She adds that she wants to go over there and investigate, but she has an exam in ten minutes. Brady tells Melanie that her will take care of it himself. She thanks him profusely and hurries off.

Stephanie shows her engagement ring off to Maxine. She gushes over it, telling Stephanie what great taste she has in men and in rings. Two candy stripers look on and glare. One cattily remarks to the other that Stephanie’s ring looks more tarnished than it did the last time. They laugh nastily. Nathan heads over with some files for Stephanie. She tells him about the possibility of her telecommuting from Chicago. The two nurses giggle and head off. Stephanie shouts after them, asking if she has something in her teeth or something. Nathan, confused, tells Stephanie that she looks fine to him.

Mia and Will sit at the Java Café. She tells Will that she is considering cutting back on her hours so that she can join the cheerleading squad at school. She admits that part of her doesn’t want to cut back on her hours, because she needs the money. Will asks her if her mom will help out. Mia snaps at him that she won’t discuss her mother with Will or anyone else.

Kinsey runs into Chad at the café. She moans and groans about being kicked off the cheerleading squad because of her DUI. She glares at Mia, adding that she is one of the candidates to replace her. Chad couldn’t care less. Kinsey slyly adds that she also hates the way Mia is going after Will.

Sami explains to Nicole that Rafe just found Dr. Baker’s body, but he didn’t kill him. Nicole scoffs, saying that Rafe has really had a run of bad luck lately.

Rafe points the gun, threatening to shoot Hynes if he doesn’t start talking. Hynes shakes with fear, reminding Rafe that he won’t learn what he wants to know if he kills him. Rafe smirks, saying that must mean Hynes knows something. He asks him what it will take to get it out of him.

Will sighs, saying it’s ridiculous that he and Mia are going out, and yet he knows almost nothing about her. He thinks this is a lot like what happened with his mom and Rafe. Mia angrily retorts that his is nothing lie what happened with his mom and Rafe. Will tells Mia that when his mom was younger, she didn’t have anyone to talk to, so she kept a diary. Then Stefano DiMera stole it and caused all kind of trouble for everyone in town. Mia considers this.

Chad tells Kinsey that Mia keeps a diary. He hopes that somewhere in there, Mia has admitted her feelings for him. Perhaps if he can show her her own words, then she won’t be able to deny the way she feels about him anymore.

Lexie suspects something is going on with Stefano.

Nicole tells Sami that she’d like some coffee, but Sami admits she doesn’t have any. Since it’s such a nice day, she offers to take Sydney down to the cafe and come back with some for the two of them. Nicole thanks her and Sami heads off with the baby. Nicole hunts through Sami’s mail.

Rafe again threatens to kill Hynes if he doesn’t talk. Hynes breaks down, telling Rafe that he will tell him anything he needs to know.

Melanie shows up at the hospital to take her exam. Nathan hurries over and wishes her luck.

The hotel manager shows Arianna and Brady into the room Philip and Melanie occupied. It seems that Arianna and Brady are pretending that it is their ‘special’ room. They thank the man, and he says he’s only too happy to oblige. Brady shuts the door in his face and grins, saying that he is going to enjoy bringing this guy down.

Kinsey comes over to Mia’s table to make small talk. She drops her purse and explains to Mia that she can’t bend over to pick it up. Mia bends down to collect her things, and leaves her own purse and keys unattended. Kinsey takes the keys from atop Mia’s purse and holds them behind her back. Chad brushes past and grabs Mia’s keys from Kinsey.

Hynes explains to Rafe that he was primarily Baker’s real estate attorney, but he admits that he sent some letters out after Baker’s death on his behalf. Rafe asks if one of the letters went to Sami Brady. Hynes nods and suggests that Rafe ask Sami about the letter, since he himself doesn’t know anything about the contents.

Nicole paces around in Sami’s apartment. A knock sounds at the door. It’s a the mailman with a certified letter for Sami. Nicole signs for it, shuts the door, and breathes a sigh of relief.

The hotel manager watches as Arianna lies on the bed, striking a seductive pose. He grins and mutters that this will make a great vide, but just then, Brady busts in, confronting him with the fact that he is illegally videotaping the hotel rooms. Arianna comes in as Brady questions the manager about the video of Melanie and Philip. The man asks Brady suspiciously if he is a cop, but Brady says it’s worse--he’s a member of the Kiriakis family.

The candy stripers form earlier watch a video on the internet at the nurse’s station and giggle. Nathan and Stephanie come over. Nathan asks what’s so funny. The girls exchange worried glances.

EJ finds Stefano and informs him that he can go home, but warns him that he must be more careful about controlling his diabetes in the future. Stefano promises that he won’t let this disease do him in. He admits that he still wants to hand the entire business over to EJ one day, but he is finding it harder to let go than he thought. EJ claims to understand that Stefano needs to tie up a few loose ends, and adds that he knows his father will put him in total control one day. The two hug.

Sami pushes Sydney through the park and exclaims over the lovely fall weather. She picks Sydney up and sighs, saying how nice it is to hold a baby again.

Will is back with Mia at their table, and he asks her if there is any way they can make their relationship official. Mia nods and leans in to kiss him. Will grins and hands her a paycheck Evan gave him to give to her. Mia goes to put it in her purse and notices that her keys are missing. She wonders what she could have done with them.

Chad stands in Maggie’s kitchen and wonders where Mia’s diary could be. He notices the certified letter for Mia on the table and picks it up.

Nicole opens the letter Baker sent to Sami and reads it. She sighs, thanking God she got there in time. Just then, someone puts their key in the lock. Nicole puts the letter in her purse just as Rafe lets himself in. She shakes her head.


Victor tells someone over the phone, "Arianna Hernandez has gotten her claws in my grandson and I want to know why."

Nicole tells Rafe, "You two aren't together any more which means you broke in. What the hell are you up to?"

Stephanie sobs, "I want the truth, Melanie. How long has this been going on?"

Brady yells at the hotel manager, "Get the damn thing off the web--now!"

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