Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/3/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/3/09


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Stephanie and Philip lie in bed together at the Kiriakis mansion. Philip admits that he could get used to being this happy. Stephanie agrees, saying she’s glad it’s just them for once, and that they don’t have to worry about their families or Philip’s job. Philip says there’s only one problem, and that is all the free time they’re going to have on their hands. Stephanie kisses him, saying she thinks that they can come up with something.

Lucas sits by Chloe’s bedside in the hospital. He tells her how much he hates her, adding that all he ever did was love her, and in return, she betrayed him. He insists that he will never be able to forgive her. Just then, Craig walks in, demanding to know what Lucas is saying to Chloe.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel hunts through Kate’s room, wondering where those gloves are. Meanwhile, Kate heads into the mansion and walks upstairs towards her room.

At Bo and Hope’s place, Bo comes downstairs with a baby monitor, explaining that Ciara is asleep, but he wants to be able to get to her quickly if she has a nightmare. Hope offers Bo some herbal tea, as she is still worried about his concussion. She thinks Bo ought to have stayed at the hospital, but he reminds her that they both need to be there for Ciara and try to make things at home as normal as possible. He apologizes to Hope, trying to stroke her face, but she pulls away. Bo guesses that she hasn’t yet forgiven him and heads off to sleep in the guest room. Hope admits that she thinks it’s a good idea.

Dean sits in the park and flicks his lighter. He flashes back to shooting Brenda. He comes back to the present and scowls, saying he didn’t kill his girlfriend so Hope could go home, kiss her daughter, and drift off to sleep. He says to himself that that reward money is his, and he refuses to wait for it.

At the pub, Justin speaks on the phone with someone, asking them to be discreet. He adds that he doesn’t want anyone to know about this--not Daniel, his uncle, or most of all, Kate. Just then, Victor walks in, asking what Justin is talking about. Justin ignores the question, assuming Victor has heard the news about Ciara. Victor reminds him he asked a question, but Justin figured he’d be polite and not tell Victor to mind his own business. Victor retorts that Justin is still his employee. He hired him to defend Daniel, and he has the right to know about all aspects of the case. Justin says he doesn’t have the right to know everything. Victor demands to know what Justin is doing that he doesn’t want him to know about, and what it has to do with Kate.

Kate enters her room and begins to prepare for bed. Daniel clatter around in her closet. Kate hears the noise and looks around, startled.

Nathan heads into Maggie’s kitchen and finds Melanie making Cheerios. She explains that she has a big test the next day, and needs breakfast. Nathan offers to help her study after he showers. Melanie refuses, saying that he has had a long day, but Nathan insists, admitting that he wants to get back in her good graces. Melanie thanks him and he heads off. She grins dreamily, saying it’s hard to hate him. Maggie comes in, saying that it makes her day to see Melanie looking that way at Nathan.

Lucas apologizes to Craig, admitting he wishes Craig hadn’t heard that, but it’s true--he hates Chloe. Craig sternly says that he realizes that Lucas has been through a lot, and he won’t try to tell Lucas how to feel, but if Lucas is going to be in charge of Chloe’s care, there’s a few things the two of them need to straighten out.

Bo tells Hope that they shouldn’t behave this way, but Hope retorts that Bo risked Ciara’s life just so he could feel like he was in charge. He reminds Hope angrily that their daughter is home safe and sound. He wonders if that means anything to her. Hope hisses that Ciara nearly died, and that he’s damn lucky she’s home safe. Bo suggests they go to their separate ways and get some sleep, but adds that Hope is wrong about him. The only thing he was thinking of was bringing his daughter him safe and sound. Just then, Ciara calls out for Hope. She and Bo rush to her room.

Melanie quickly assures Maggie that nothing is going on between her and Nathan. She tells Maggie that she would never do anything with her grandson in her own house. Maggie chuckles, saying that the only advice she has to offer to Melanie is to let the guy make the first move. Melanie is surprised Maggie doesn’t want her to move out, since they both know she isn’t good for Nathan. Maggie sighs.

Craig tells Lucas that Nancy and Joy need him, and that he has to leave town tomorrow. That puts him in the position of having to trust Lucas implicitly with Chloe’s care. Lucas claims that he will do what is best for Chloe, but Craig doesn’t think Lucas telling her how much he hates her when they have reason to believe she can hear visitors is best. He tells Lucas sternly that he is responsible for Chloe, and demands that Lucas live up to that responsibility. He asks Lucas to imagine that was his own daughter lying there.

Justin lays into Victor for inviting both Kate and Daniel to stay at the mansion, considering Daniel’s opinion of Kate. Victor insists that Daniel is wrong about Kate, and advises Justin to drop it, since Kate had nothing to do with Chloe’s poisoning. Justin says that they will just have to see what Chloe says about it. Victor say that Chloe isn’t going to be saying anything about it, but Justin scoffs, saying it’s obvious that Victor doesn’t know everything. Justin then informs him that Chloe came out of her coma earlier and spoke.

Daniel hides in the closet as Kate comes over and inspects her shoes, grumbling about the incompetent maid. She heads into the bathroom. Daniel sneaks out of the closet and continues his search of her room. Daniel opens Kate’s bureau and finds the gloves he was looking for inside.

Maggie tells Melanie that she wants her to be as proud of herself as Maggie is. Melanie is surprised the thinks so, but Maggie says it’s easy, given that she doesn’t think too much about the wet towels on the bathroom floor. Melanie quickly takes the blame for them, but Maggie informs her that she knows Nathan is the culprit. She reminds Melanie that she would have taken the blame for Nathan like that even a year ago. Melanie asks Maggie if she would be alright with it if her and Nathan got together. Maggie insists that she would be more than ok with it. Nathan walks in just then, asking Maggie what she is ok with. Maggie and Melanie stammer and giggle.

Dean shows up at Bo and Hope’s house, and Bo lets him in. Hope greets him. He apologizes for barging in, but Bo reminds him that he saved their daughter’s life and is welcome any time. Ciara glares. Hope takes her off to the kitchen for some cocoa. Dean sits down on the couch and tell Bo that he has never killed anyone before. He is having a little trouble dealing with it, so he thought he might take off of work for a while. Bo says he understands, and can arrange for leave and some counseling, if Dean needs it. Dean says he doesn’t really believe in counseling, so he thought he’d just take the reward money and put a little distance between himself and what happened. Bo sighs, saying he is sorry, but Dean isn’t eligible for the reward money.

Lucas snaps at Craig, reminding him that he is still married to Chloe, and that unlike her, he has always upheld his wedding vows. Craig just doesn’t want Lucas’ anger to cloud his judgment. Lucas huffs, saying that his wife woke up and the first word out of her mouth was her lover’s name. He can’t exactly be thrilled. Craig begs Lucas to be honest with himself about how emotional this situation is. He adds that she knows his daughter has made mistakes, but so has Lucas. Lucas tells Craig that the conversation is over. Craig angrily reminds Lucas that his job right now is to protect Chloe. If he feels the need to judge her, it can wait until later.

Daniel slips the gloves into his pocket and starts to exit Kate’s room. She comes out of the bathroom just then and gapes, asking him what the hell he is doing here.

Victor assumes that Daniel is having Kate investigated and demands that he call the person back that he was talking to and tell them to drop it. Justin asks if he has hit a nerve. Furious, Victor reminds Justin that Kate has been through enough already. She’s had one son nearly assassinated, and the other publicly cuckolded and humiliated. He also adds that Justin was hired to defend Daniel and nothing more. Justin shrugs, saying he’s a lawyer and he’s just doing his job. Victor warns him of how he can get when people defy him and huffs off. Justin wonders if Victor wants to protect Kate because of what she has been through or because of what she has done.

Daniel tells Kate that he has a meeting with Justin, and he decided to see if she was in while he was waiting. Kate is surprised, since the fact that she could started screaming might hurt Daniel’s case. Daniel says that he was just hoping that they could talk. Kate takes a whiff of him and says he reeks of booze, wondering if it took a little ‘Dutch courage’ to get him up here. Daniel admits that he has been drinking, saying that he is sorry for not just leaving a note. Kate wonders what the note would have said. Daniel explains that he would have told her that he was sorry.

Bo apologizes to Dean, explaining that an officer on duty isn’t legally allowed to accept any compensation besides his salary. Dean apologizes, saying he didn’t mean to make it seem as if he was hitting Bo up for money. Bo says he understands, and also adds that he is very sorry he can’t give Dean the reward, as he personally thinks that he deserves it. Hope comes out just then, asking what they are talking about. Bo explains the situation with the reward. Hope tells Dean that she will call her lawyer, and that they’ll work something out. Bo says that she can’t. She snaps at him not to give her orders. Dean scoots off, saying that he will talk to Bo later. He apologizes for starting an argument and disturbing them. Hope glares at Bo, reminding him that Dean saved Ciara. Bo reminds Hope in turn that she is a police officer, and she can’t violate policy by handing over the reward money to Dean. Hope snaps back that she is sure Bo would turn her in for it. He sighs. Just then, Ciara walks out of the kitchen, asking the two why they are fighting.

Maggie tells Nathan that she and Melanie were just discussing suitable fines for people that leave wet towels on the floor in the bathroom. Nathan ruefully apologizes. Maggie heads off to take care of them as Nathan worriedly asks Melanie if she is angry. Melanie chuckles, saying that Maggie thinks that he walks on water. They get down to studying, and Nathan tells Melanie about a website where she can take practice exams. She goes there but tells Nathan suspiciously that these look like baseball scores. Nathan says he thought she liked baseball. Melanie says that she doesn’t. Disappointed, Nathan admits that he was thinking of taking her to a game. Melanie says that she’ll root for the Cubs, in that case. The two chuckle.

Philip tells Stephanie that he was hungry until he saw something green and moving in the refrigerator. She admits she is, too, and wonders what happened to their nachos. Philip kisses her, reminding her that they got engaged instead. Stephanie chuckles, saying that was better than food, but that she would really like a popsicle. Philip is surprised that that is all she wants. Stephanie pull him in for a kiss, saying that she wants him, too.

Hope tells Bo that Ciara went right to sleep, and that they have to be more careful in the future not to let her hear them arguing. Bo agrees and Hope adds angrily that she isn’t changing her mind about the reward. She reminds Bo that he went on TV and promised that reward to whoever helped find their daughter, and she won’t let him go back on that promise. Bo tells Hope flatly that he is tired of this, and suggests that the two of them need some space apart. He says he is going out for some air and will be back soon. He heads off. Hope sighs, wondering what is happening to them.

Kate is surprised that Daniel is sorry, since according to him, she is the one at fault for everything. Daniel claims that he just now realizes how many mistakes he has made and how many people he has hurt. He assures Kate that she really threw him for a loop when she dumped him. Kate reminds him he barely blinked since he was already focusing in on Chloe. Daniel insists that his going after Chloe was just revenge against Kat so that he could hurt her the way she hurt him. Kate scoffs, asking if he is trying to say he’s sorry. Daniel nods, saying he is more sorry than she will ever know.

Melanie and Nathan work on her practice test. Melanie gets another question right and Nathan assures her that she will ace her exam. Melanie suggests that Nathan get some sleep, since he’s been up for so long. He agrees and Melanie asks him to wake her up if she’s not already in class by the time he gets out of bed. She thanks Nathan for all his help, but he assures her she did all the work. Melanie thanks him for making her feel like she knows what she is talking about. He grins and heads off, telling Melanie to have a good night.

Hope hears someone yelling on her front porch and opens the door to find Justin angrily telling Adrienne over the phone that he can’t come home right now. He hangs up, apologizing to Hope for shouting on her porch. He asks if she is alright, since he hasn’t heard from her lately. She sighs, admitting that Bo has left to give her some space, so Justin isn’t the only one arguing with his spouse tonight.

Craig kisses Chloe one last time and tells Lucas that he hopes things get better for him. Lucas doesn’t see how that is possible, but Craig begs him not to give up hope, and to call him or Nancy if he needs anything. He asks Lucas to take good care of Chloe and heads off. Lucas sits back down next to Chloe and informs her that her father wants him to take care of her. The question is how exactly he is going to do that.

Philip runs into Victor outside the pub. Victor scoffs, saying it’s been a long time, and he ask Philip how he is faring searching for the real inner Philip. Philip informs Victor that he and Stephanie are engaged again, and that he is happy. Victor reminds him that he still doesn’t have a job. Philip sighs, asking Victor to try to be happy for him. He adds that he is in love with Stephanie, and that nothing can ever change that.

Melanie gets a message from one of her friends in Marseilles. The girl sends on a video, asking who the dreamy guy is, adding that Melanie still knows how to party. Melanie views the video. It’s the tape the clerk at the hotel made of her and Philip having sex. Melanie flips out.

Hope tells Justin about the reward money, and how she is adamant that Dean receive it. Justin asks if that was what she and Bo were fighting about. Hope breaks down. Justin hugs her and tries to comfort her, advising her to let all of this go.

Lucas tells Chloe that her father wants him to forgive her, but as far as he is concerned, forgiveness is off the table.

Kate says she is sorry, too, if it’s true that she put all of this into motion when she broke up with Daniel. Daniel leans in and strokes her face, saying things could have been different, and that they could have had it all together. Kate jerks away, saying that she needs to go to bed--alone. She pushes Daniel out and leans against the door, sighing. Daniel grins to himself and heads off, saying he meant what he said. He’s sorry, but not as sorry as Kate is going to be.


Melanie tells Arianna, “There's this video. The sex kind.” She gasps, “Of you and Philip?”

Stefano barks into the phone, “I gave you a mission and you failed.”

Sami tells Nicole, “Dr. Baker was murdered.” Nicole gasps.

Rafe threatens Mr. Hynes, “Does a Colt .45 to the head mean anything to you?”

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