Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/2/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/2/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady answers his phone. Arianna is on the other line, and she tells Brady that she hopes he isn’t angry that she left so suddenly. Brady claims he understands, and Arianna asks him if they can get together in an hour or so. She asks him to meet her at the park, and Brady agrees that he can move a few things around and get there. With a grin, he adds that his night just really picked up. He then hangs up. Arianna sighs, saying she wishes she could say the same.

At the pier, Victor greets a man named Connie, asking him what all this talk of him meeting a dealer is all about, since he never meets dealers. Troy jumps in, explaining that this new dealer, Arianna, is moving the product faster than he can keep up. He adds that he trusts her across the board. Victor gapes, “Arianna?” Troy nods. Just then, a car door slams. Troy thinks that must be her now.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Stephanie sinks a couple of pool balls and grins triumphantly, telling Philip that he owes her a hundred grand. He chuckles, admitting he doesn’t have that kind of money. Stephanie jokes that she has no idea what she is still doing with him then, since his money is gone. Philip feigns surprise, saying that he can’t believe he gave up everything for her just so she could dump him. Stephanie grins, admitting that perhaps it wasn’t his money she fell for. The two kiss. Nearby, the clerk from the hotel watches the two. He makes a call and tells someone that the Kiriakis guy from his movie is putting the moves on a girl, but she isn’t his co-star. In fact, it appears he’s traded in the redhead for a brunette.

Daniel paces in the park, urging Chloe to fight, and to not let that bitch Kate win.

In the waiting area of the hospital, Craig asks Kate if the doctors know why Chloe’s vitals are improving. Kate shrugs, saying that all she knows is that Nathan won’t honor Lucas’ decision to discontinue life support. Craig says he can understand why, but Kate says that she doesn’t want Lucas to get his hopes up. She begs Craig to talk to him and to let him know that a few more blips on a monitor don’t mean anything.

Inside Chloe’s room, Lucas stands vigil. Chloe moans Daniel’s name. Just then, Craig, Kate and Lexie rush in. Craig asks what happened. Later, the four are back in the waiting area. Lucas tells them that Chloe woke up, opened her eyes, and spoke to him. Kate worriedly asks what she said, and Lucas explains that she called out for Daniel.

Melanie meets Daniel in the park and asks how he is doing. Daniel admits that he’s close to losing it. Melanie agrees to call Nathan again, but just then, he calls her. She hands the phone over to Daniel. Nathan jubilantly declares that Chloe woke up, and that the first word out of her mouth was Daniel’s name. Daniel hands the phone back to Melanie and stares off into space. Melanie snatches the phone and asks Nathan breathlessly if Chloe has died. Nathan says that on the contrary, Chloe has woken up. Melanie laughs, saying that she doesn’t think Daniel can believe it. She hangs up and Daniel thanks her. She claims he is the one that saved Chloe’s life, but Daniel insists he couldn’t have done it without her and Nathan’s help. The two hug. Just then, Maggie walks over, asking what is going on.

Lexie sits by Chloe’s bedside. Chloe grasps her hand. Lexie asks Chloe what she is trying to tell her.

As Arianna approaches, Victor tells Connie and Troy to get rid of Arianna and to not let her see him. He heads off as Arianna approaches. Troy stammers and introduces Connie to her as the boss. He adds that she finally has what she’s always wanted now that she has met the boss. Arianna tells Troy that she hasn’t met him--not yet, anyway.

Stephanie breaks off the kiss, reminding Philip that they are in a public place. He suggests they do something about that, but Stephanie says that they are supposed to be taking things one step at a time. She suggests they continue drinking, talking, and playing pool. Philip agrees, and heads over to the bar to order another round and some nachos.

Melanie tells Maggie that Chloe woke up and the two hug. Ecstatic, Maggie wonders if Lucas knows. Melanie assumes he does, since he is at the hospital. Maggie hugs Melanie, saying that this is great news. Daniel mutters that he has to go do something and heads off. Melanie says she feels sorry for him, but Maggie admits that Daniel is one of her last concerns right now. Melanie assures Maggie that Daniel couldn’t have done this, as he loves Chloe too much for that. Maggie heads off, saying that she needs to go see Lucas and Chloe.

Kate reminds Lucas that he already made an agonizing decision, and that he needs to stick to it. Just then, Lexie comes out of Chloe’s room, telling Lucas and Kate that Chloe slipped back into a coma. Kate says she knew it would happen, but Lexie interrupts, telling the two that the news is actually positive. Chloe’s vitals are stronger, and her pupils were focused when she spoke. Kate says she just said one very inappropriate word, but Lexie tells Kate that Chloe spoke to her also. Worriedly, Kate asks Lexie what Chloe said.

The clerk from the hotel watches as Philip heads back over to Stephanie, telling her that it will be a while on the nachos. He sighs, adding that he appreciates Stephanie giving him another chance, but he wants this to work out for both of them, not just for him. Stephanie admits that she does want things to change, but she also doesn’t want Philip to feel guilty or feel like he needs to prove himself to her. Philip thinks the problem is the honesty issues his family has. He confides in Stephanie that sometimes they lie when they don’t even need to. Stephanie doesn’t think Philip is like that. He sighs, telling her there is something that she needs to know.

Troy tells Arianna that he had to call in a lot of favors to get her this meeting, but Arianna insists that she is just meeting a functionary. She adds viciously that if Connie is really running this operation, then she wants out. Connie snorts, saying that she doesn’t make a very good first impression. Arianna says that sizing people up is the most important quality to have in her line of business. She tells Troy that if the boss doesn’t want to meet the best dealer in the state, then she will take her business elsewhere. She huffs off. Troy wonders how Arianna knew. Victor reappears, saying that she knew because she’s smart. He adds that he doesn’t like that at all.

Daniel rushes into the Kiriakis mansion, greeting Brady and asking him where Justin is. He breathlessly gives Brady the good news about Chloe. Brady is thrilled, but Daniel cautions him that they’re not out of the woods yet. For one, Chloe will probably need more follow-up dosages of the drug to make her well. And now that she has woken up, Kate will become more dangerous than ever. He knows Kate’s back is against the wall, and there is no way he can go to the hospital. Brady says he will go for him, then. Daniel curses, wondering where Justin is. Brady says that he called, and that he’ll be back later. He cautions Daniel not to fly off the handle right now, despite the good news. He asks Daniel to stay cool and promises to call him from the hospital with an update. Daniel thanks him and Brady heads off. Daniel picks up a picture of Kate and glares, vowing to make her pay.

Lexie admits that she couldn’t make out what Chloe was trying to say, since the effort to speak seemed to exhaust her. Lucas grumbles that she said Daniel’s name clearly enough, but Kate hastily adds that she slipped back into a coma after that. Lexie explains that coma patients often do this--they wake up, slip back into a coma, and then continue to wake up for longer periods of time. Kate doesn’t understand how this could have happened when Chloe was practically dead. Lexie asks her suspiciously if she has a problem with Chloe getting better. Kate says she doesn’t, of course, but that she is having trouble understanding what happened. Lexie says she doesn’t really understand it either. Lucas asks if there is any question about removing Chloe’s life support. Kate thinks that is Lucas’ decision, but Lexie says it isn’t. Given Chloe’s change in condition, she is overriding the order. Craig, ecstatic, says that he is going to go call Nancy, since it appears their little girl is going to be ok.

Later, Brady approaches Melanie and Nathan outside Chloe’s room and asks if Kate is here. Nathan says she is, but that she has been acting strangely, as if Chloe waking up and talking isn’t a big deal. Brady says that the last thing Kate probably wants is for Chloe to wake up and start talking. Nathan tells Brady that Chloe is doing well, and that her father is in there with her. Brady sighs. Melanie adds that he should have seen Craig’s face when he heard the news. Brady admits that Craig loves his daughter very much, which is why he hates people that hurt her. Brady decides it’s time to face his past, and he heads into Chloe’s room. Melanie say she has to go, but Nathan tells her that his shift is almost over, and he was thinking of grabbing a bite to eat at the Cheatin’ Heart. Melanie asks slyly if he was about to call it a date. He stammers, saying he’d rather refer to it as a mutual dining situation. Melanie grins. The two head off together.

Philip tells Stephanie that he realizes that they need to take their time on this, but while he is proving to her how much he has changed, he’d like her to wear her ring. Philip pulls Stephanie’s engagement ring out of his pocket and hands it to her, telling her that it belongs on her finger. He also vows that he will never give her another reason to take it off. Stephanie admits that she wants what they had before back. Philip tells Stephanie that he loves her, and vows to do everything he can to make her happy. He slips the ring on her finger as Nathan and Melanie walk into the bar. The two stare. The clerk from the hotel spots Melanie and chuckles, wondering how that rich boy is going to get out of this one.

Brady steps out of Chloe’s room and calls Daniel, who wants to know if she is safe. Brady explains that her father, Craig, is with her. Daniel asks if Brady warned him about Kate, but Brady says there was no need, since Craig is staying in Chloe’s room all night. Brady assures Daniel that Chloe will most likely wake by morning and tell the cops everything, but Daniel thinks it might take a while, which will just motivate Kate to try to kill her again. He says he has to find a way to take care of Kate. Brady wonders what he will do. Daniel says he only has two choices--prove what Kate did to Chloe, or give her a taste of her own medicine.

Lucas admits to Kate that he is grateful that he doesn’t have to make a decision about Chloe’s life support, since Lexie took back the order. Kate insists that this is Lucas’ decision, not Lexie’s. She urges Lucas to do what is right for Chloe.

Troy asks Victor and Connie if he should continue working with Arianna, since Victor didn’t want to meet her. Victor admits that she is making a lot of money for them, so he agrees to keep her on and continue turning a profit until he can figure out what to do with her. Victor heads off, muttering that Brady sure can pick them.

Nathan quietly asks Melanie if she is alright. He and Stephanie were just friends, but he’s sure Melanie and Philip were something more. She admits that it’s hard to say exactly what she and Philip are. Stephanie calls the two over and breaks the news about her engagement. Melanie congratulates her. Philip apologizes to Nathan for hitting him in the park. Nathan accepts his apology, saying he’d like to forget it ever happened. Melanie heads to the bar to order champagne. Philip, who offers to pay, follows. Melanie orders the most expensive champagne the bar carries and a diet soda for herself. She glares at Philip, saying that she doesn’t want to do something she regrets later on. She cries, saying that guys say things they don’t mean to get you to do what they want, so you can’t trust them. Philip begs her not to cry. Melanie doesn’t think Philip cares if she cries or not--he just doesn’t want Stephanie to see.

Brady heads into the park and bumps into Troy. Arianna starts to walk over, but sees the two and hides, watching. Brady assures Troy that he doesn’t want to hurt him. He explains that Arianna told him all about what Troy was doing, and he wants to help, since it seems they have something in common. Troy is shocked that Brady wants to help. Brady asks Troy to just tell him what he needs.

Kate asks Lucas to just deal with the facts. He reminds her that Craig is also hopeful, but Kate thinks that Chloe’s father is just grasping at straws. She claims that no one but her is considering what Chloe’s life will be like even if she lives. She adds that Chloe doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone, and Lucas already chose to honor her wishes. Kate reminds Lucas that nothing has really changed. Lucas scoffs, asking her if she wants him to go to the trouble of getting a court order or something. Kate claims that this is a personal matter, and they don’t need any more interference--they just need to do what’s right.

Justin and Daniel talk on the patio. Justin tells Daniel that they need to focus on his defense, not proving Kate guilty. Daniel claims that they are one in the same. Justin sighs, reminding Daniel that there is no evidence that Kate did anything illegal. Daniel muses, wondering what would happen if there were. Daniel flashes back to running into Kate at the Kiriakis mansion. He asks her why she is wearing gloves on such a hot day. Daniel comes back to the present, asking Justin what would happen if he could prove what Kate did.

Arianna walks over and Troy lays into her, asking her why she told Brady what he was doing and wondering what the hell is the matter with her. Brady says it’s ok, since he has been to rehab, too. Troy understands what is going on and plays along. Brady says he understands that Arianna broke his confidence, but she only told him because she thought he could help. Arianna apologizes to Troy, saying she had no idea Brady was going to barge into his life. Brady says he didn’t mean to come across that way. Troy promises to think about going to rehab and heads off. Brady asks Arianna not to trust the guy, since saying he is thinking of going to rehab and actually going are two different things. Arianna tells Brady that she didn’t come here to discuss Troy. The two kiss. Victor walks over and groans, asking if the two of them do anything else. Brady retorts that he figured Victor would keep walking this time, but Victor explains that he has something important to say to both of them.

Daniel explains to Justin that Kate was wearing gloves and then acted strangely when he tried to eat one of her appetizers. Justin roll his eyes, saying that that is hardly evidence. He wonders if Kate still has the gloves. Daniel says there is only one way to find out.

Kate tells Lucas that the only thing he needs to decide right now is whether or not he has what it takes to do what needs to be done. Lucas stares at Chloe through the window of her room and sighs, telling himself that when she opened her eyes, it was like the sun came out--and then she asked for him.

Nathan congratulates Stephanie, saying that it seems as if she is really happy. She says she is, and that she believes that she and Philip were meant to be together. Nathan thinks Philip is lucky, but Stephanie claims that she is the lucky one. After all, she fell in love with a man who changed his life around for her. She adds that it’s wonderful to know that she can trust Philip.

Melanie again accuses Philip of only caring about Stephanie finding out what happened between them. Philip sighs, admitting that he considered telling Stephanie the truth, but he decided that it would just hurt her, and not for a good reason. Melanie says sarcastically that he is always thinking of others’ feelings. Melanie adds that her engagement present to Philip will be that she will never breath a word about what happened to Stephanie. She claims that Philip’s secret is safe with her. The hotel clerk watches and grins.

Justin reminds Daniel that just about the worst thing he could do right now is to take matters into his own hands. Just then, Henderson comes out, telling Daniel that Victor has invited him to stay. Justin scoffs, saying that Daniel and Kate can do the crossword together over breakfast. Henderson informs the two that Kate plans on spending the night at the hospital. Justin gets a call just then that he says he must take, and warns Daniel not to do anything without consulting him first. He heads off. Henderson offers to make up a room for Daniel, but he says he won’t be staying. He adds that he will stick around for a while and wait on Victor. Henderson asks if he needs anything, but Daniel says if he does, he’ll just help himself.

Maggie rushes over to Lucas outside Chloe’s room, telling him that she heard the wonderful news about Chloe. Lucas is less than thrilled, and Maggie can tell. She asks him why he isn’t happy. He says sarcastically that he ought to be, since Chloe woke up and he got to hear her voice. Maggie asks what Chloe said, and Lucas explains that she called out for Daniel. Maggie stammers, but Lucas asks her not to start, saying that he is through playing the victim. Maggie is sure he has conflicting feelings, but Lucas says he doesn’t, actually. He adds that he appreciates her coming by, but he plans on handling this on his own. Maggie asks what that means. Lucas explains that Chloe slipped back into a coma, and there’s a theory that her waking up really doesn’t mean anything at all. Maggie asks if the doctors think it means nothing. Lucas says he doesn’t know and doesn’t care. All he knows is that he is glad that he finally knows what Chloe is thinking.

Melanie sighs, telling Nathan that crashing an engagement party isn’t so fun. Nathan offers to walk her home. Melanie scoffs, reminding him it doesn’t mean so much, since he lives there, too. Nathan knows she is in a bad mood, but reminds her how happy she was earlier to be able to help Chloe and Daniel. He begs her not to let Philip take that away from her. Melanie admits that they did good work, and Nathan thanks her again for talking him in to it. Melanie sighs, saying she is pretty good at talking people into doing things--all except for Philip. Nathan notes that Stephanie and Philip are leaving and suggests they do the same. Melanie agrees. The hotel clerk watches the four and makes a call, asking someone if hey got the video he sent of Philip Kiriakis. The clerk grins, saying that they’re going to make a killing.

Victor apologizes to Arianna for losing his temper and making her feel uncomfortable in his home. Arianna accepts his apology. Victor asks her to come to dinner sometime soon, so he can really get to know her.

Lucas heads into Chloe’s room, suggesting that Craig take a break. He thanks Lucas and heads off to call Nancy again. Lucas stares at Chloe, saying that they are finally alone. He has a fantasy of Chloe mumbling Daniel’s name and talking about how much she loves him. Lucas comes back to the present and sighs, telling Chloe that he knows she loves Daniel. He adds angrily that he hates her for that.

Daniel notes that he can’t find the gloves anywhere, so he concludes that they must be upstairs. He vows to find them and to bring Kate to justice. Daniel heads off to her room. Just then, Kate comes in. She runs into Henderson, explaining that she wasn’t needed at the hospital after all. He asks if she needs anything, but Kate says that she is tired, and plans on going straight to her room.


Bo asks Hope, “What's gonna happen if the department finds out you're violating policy?”

Craig tells Lucas, “Maybe you can find a way to forgive her.” He replies, “I don't know if that's possible.”

Victor asks Justin, “What is it that you're doing that you don't want me to find out?”

Kate catches Daniel in her room, “What the hell are you doing here?”

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