Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/1/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/1/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Sami and Rafe sit on a plane bound for the United States. Rafe is glad they caught this flight, since the next one isn’t until the morning. Sami asks him what he was doing in the Dominican Republic and why he was in Baker’s room. Rafe says he’d like to ask Sami the same thing. She explains that she is here because of him--and Nicole.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tries to convince Stefano that she had nothing to do with Baker writing that letter. All he told her was that if he dies, his lawyer has instructions to send the letter on the to the authorities. Nicole adds that the letter details her miscarriage, her plan to switch Mia’s baby with Sami’s, and the ensuing cover-up. Stefano, in a fury, demands to know why Nicole never told him about the letter.

Out on the patio of the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Arianna make love. Victor heads out onto the patio and gapes, asking what is going on here.

At the hospital, Lucas explains that his mother is in with Chloe now, and that he will also be in her room if either Melanie or Nathan have any questions. Melanie stops Lucas as Nathan hurriedly excuses himself and rushes off to Chloe’s room. Lucas asks what is going on. Melanie stammers and finally comes up with an excuse about forgetting one of the books she needs to study during her break.

Daniel sits by Chloe’s bedside. He tells her he has to go, but that he loves her, and that he never wants to leave her side again.

Outside, Kate prepares to enter Chloe’s room. She grins to herself and says that it’s time for Chloe’s last goodbye.

Rafe asks Sami how she knew Baker would be here, and she explains that Baker called her. She thought he wanted to offer her his condolences in regards to Grace, but he didn’t even know she was gone. Sami adds that Baker acted very suspicious and made up some lame excuse about how he wanted to let his patients know that he had moved. Sami says that that was when she started to suspect Baker had really called her to warn her about Grace, since something at the clinic could have made her more susceptible to the virus that killed her. Sami then tells Rafe that she talked to Nicole about the situation, but she just warned her to stay away from Baker, saying that he’s troubled. Sami then explains that Pete told her Rafe was in the Dominican Republic, and she figured Rafe had his suspicions about Grace and Dr. Baker, too. Sami asks Rafe if he has any hard evidence against Baker in regards to Grace.

Nicole tells Stefano that she never mentioned the letter because she truly thought Baker was out of her life. Stefano angrily reminds her that Baker was calling her and threatening to expose her. Nicole retorts that she didn’t think Stefano would have him killed. Stefano flies into a rage, asking Nicole if she really thought he was going to let Baker destroy his son’s happiness and his family. He yells at her to start using her head. Cowed, she admits that she should have told him about the letter. Stefano scoffs, saying he is tired of her ‘should haves.’ He adds wrathfully that all of her lies are about to become public knowledge, as he is sure that letter is on its way to the authorities even as they speak. Nicole wonders if there is a way to stop the letter from reaching the police.

Lucas notes that Melanie seems nervous. She stammers, saying that she has to go. Lucas wonders why both she and Nathan are in such a hurry to rush off. Melanie explains that Nathan has a patient, and she has a class. Lucas thinks it’s a little late in the evening for school, but Melanie lamely explains that make-up classes run later. She starts to head off, but stops, asking Lucas if he has come to a decision regarding Chloe’s life-support.

Daniel promises Chloe that they will be together soon, and that she is not alone, as he will always be there for her.

Nathan heads over to Kate, telling her that can’t go into Chloe’s room right now. Kate scoffs, saying that she can, and what’s more, that she is going to.

Victor glares at Brady, saying that he came down here to enjoy a cocktail, not to view a pornographic film. Brady sighs. Victor snaps, reminding Brady that he has a room. Victor suggests that he start using it.

Baker tells Sami that he also got a call from Dr. Baker, which surprised him, since he practically ran him out of town. He adds that he expected to find him and get a few of his questions answered, not the find the man dead. Sami asks Rafe who he thinks could have killed Dr. Baker.

Stefano gets off of the phone with one of his associates and tells Nicole that Rafe went down to the Dominican Republic to see Baker. She starts to panic, but Stefano explains that he set it up so that Rafe would be framed for Baker’s murder. Unfortunately, he fled the country before the police arrived at Baker’s hotel room. Stefano chuckles, saying there’s no telling what kind of evidence Rafe has against Nicole. Nicole moans, saying she has had nightmares about this day, but she always woke up. Stefano flies into a rage, saying that he is tired of her always making everything about her. He yells that EJ is going to despise him when he learns the truth. Nicole retorts that she can’t feel sorry for Stefano when her life is coming down around her ears. Stefano tells her flatly to take her pity for herself and shove it. He adds that they have to stop that letter and asks Nicole for Baker’s lawyer’s name. Nicole tells Stefano that she doesn’t know it. He groans.

Lucas thinks that Melanie asks an awful lot of questions that aren’t any of her business. Melanie quickly explains that one of the classes she is taking deals with families and the decisions they make in regards to coma patients. She adds that she knows how hard this is for Lucas. Lucas again says that this is none of her business. Melanie tells him that she respects that, and it doesn’t matter anyway, as she’ll find out sooner or later what Lucas decided to do about Chloe. Lucas glares, telling her that she doesn’t know when to quit.

Daniel tells Chloe that there’s going to be a change, and that it should happen soon. He asks Chloe if she can feel it, and taking her hand in his, begs her to squeeze it.

Nathan tells Kate that of course she can go in, but he needs to examine Chloe and take some notes first. Lucas heads over, and Kate, who is amenable to Nathan’s request, explains to Lucas that they can go in and say their final goodbyes once Nathan is finished examining Chloe.

Brady apologizes to Arianna as the two finish getting dressed. She jokes that it wasn’t so embarrassing, admitting she is just glad the two are presentable. Brady enfolds her in his arms, saying she won’t be presentable for long. Arianna backs off, saying that she has to go. Brady asks her to stay, but Arianna worries that his grandfather may come back. Brady assures her that won’t be a problem, because they’re going to his room.

Rafe doesn’t think it’s hard to guess who killed Baker. He ran up huge gambling debts, and doubtless some bookie or loan shark had him killed. Sami didn’t think those guys usually kill people, since they just want money. Rafe guesses that things just got out of hand. When he showed up to see Baker, the killers decided to make him the fall guy of the crime. Sami guesses that that seems logical, but asks Rafe if he is sure there isn’t anything he’s not telling her. She wonders if someone else was involved in Baker’s death.

Stefano makes a call to the hospital and asks a nurse for some information on a visitor Baker received in the hospital back in May. The woman checks on it and tells Stefano the visitor’s name. He thanks her, telling her a lovely gift is on its way for her. He hangs up and makes another call, telling someone that he wants them to find a man named William Hynes, a lawyer in Salem, and have him brought to the mansion. He hangs up with a sigh and tells Nicole that all they can do now is sit around and hope that Hynes hasn’t heard of Baker’s death and hasn’t yet sent the letter.

Nathan heads into Chloe’s room, and to his relief, Daniel is gone. He rushes out, explaining to Kate and Lucas that he picked up the wrong chart.

Melanie shows Daniel to the door of the hospital, saying he should be glad that Chloe’s room has two doors and that she moved so fast. Daniel thanks her for the heads-up, and she asks him to use the back stairs, adding that she will meet him in the park later. Daniel thanks her again and heads off. Melanie sighs, wondering what she is doing.

Brady and Arianna are in bed in Brady’s room. He tells Arianna how beautiful she is, guessing that she hears that pretty often. She admits that it has been a long time. The two kiss passionately.

Rafe admits that truthfully, he has no idea what Baker was up to. Sami asks if he thinks the murderers framing him was a spur-of-the-moment thing, and Rafe nods, saying that he doesn’t have a better explanation. Rafe then admits that he still wants to be Sami’s hero and that he just wanted to get some answers out of Baker. He adds that he is upset that they’ll never know if something happened to Grace at the clinic. Sami reminds Rafe of the card she found in Baker’s wallet. She thinks that perhaps that lawyer William Hynes knows what happened.

My. Hynes heads into the DiMera mansion. Stefano greets him as the man complains about begin searched and having his cell phone taken. Stefano says that he is sorry, but precautions had to be taken to make sure the lawyer didn’t have any recording devices on his person. Stefano asks him about the letter to be opened in the event of Baker’s death. The lawyer corrects Stefano, saying that it’s to be sent to the police, not opened. Stefano asks where the letter is now. Nicole butts in, asking worriedly if Hynes has sent it.

Daniel and Melanie meet in the park. Daniel asks if there has been any change in Chloe’s condition, but Melanie says that there hasn’t been. Daniel assures Melanie that Chloe will begin to recover once the drug kicks in, and then the two of them will be reunited. Impatiently, Daniel then suggests that he call Nathan for news himself. Melanie nixes the idea, saying that she doesn’t want Nathan’s phone connected to Daniel’s in anyway. She adds that she will text Nathan and have him call her the second Chloe’s condition changes, reminding Daniel that if Nathan gets caught, he could lose his internship.

Nathan asks Lucas if he is sure he wants to do this, and if he is having any second thoughts. Lucas says he is, of course. Nathan reminds him that it will be too late to changes his mind once he discontinues the life support, but Lucas says that he already knows that. Nathan suggests he wait a few more days, but Lucas refuses, saying that he has made up his mind. Nathan sighs, suggesting that they go in to see Chloe, then.

Kate, who is in Chloe’s room, tells her that it’s all going to be over soon, and that Daniel won’t be here to save her. Just then, Chloe’s monitors beep rapidly. Lucas and Nathan rush in, asking what is going on. Kate stares, flabbergasted, as Chloe’s monitors go wild.

Arianna and Brady roll around in bed. Arianna admits to Brady that this is just like the fantasy she had of him the first night they met. Brady is surprised she liked him, since he yelled at her and accused her of listening in on his phone call. Arianna grins, saying that she really thought he was cute, so she argued with him to get him to pay attention to her. Brady admits he just thought she was nosy. Arianna doesn’t believe it and thinks he’s playing her, but Brady insists he would never do that. The two kiss.

Rafe leaves Hynes a message, saying he needs a good lawyer and would like to meet with him.

Hynes tells Stefano that any information about his late client is strictly confidential. The ever-so-subtle Nicole immediately offers Hynes a bribe. Stefano stops her, saying that it’s obvious Hynes doesn’t want money. Offended, Hynes agrees. Stefano asks Hynes slyly if he knows who he is dealing with. He admits that he has heard rumors about the DiMeras. Stefano nods, saying that he and his family will not take ‘no’ for an answer. He demands to know what Hynes has done with the letter Baker gave him.

Nathan tells Lucas and Kate that Chloe’s pupils aren’t responding, but her blood pressure and pulse are normal, so it seems she’s improving. Aghast, Kate wonders how that is even possible. Nathan shrugs, saying he called Lexie, and that she is on her way. For now, all he can tell Kate and Lucas is that miracles can happen.

Arianna, now alone in Brady’s room, gets a call from Troy. He reminds her that she wanted to meet the guys behind the scenes, and tells her he arranged a meeting. He asks her to be at the pier in ten minutes, but Arianna says she needs an hour. Troy says the big man himself just pulled up, so it’s now or never. Arianna frets.

While Sami is away from her seat, Rafe calls Arianna and leaves her a message, telling her that Sami showed up in the Dominican Republic. He admits that he doesn’t want Sami to know Nicole is in this up to her eyeballs and asks Arianna to be sure not to say anything to Sami about it. He hangs up as Sami comes back. She asks Rafe if they should call Hynes again, but Rafe thinks he’s a nobody that probably doesn’t know anything anyway. Sami says that Rafe is probably right. She sighs.

Hynes admits he has the letter with him, as he planned on delivering it to Commander Brady in person. He takes the letter out of his briefcase and Nicole snatches it from him, saying that this is definitely it. Stefano thanks Hynes, saying that he can go soon, but first, they have another little matter to deal with.

Melanie tells Daniel how lucky Chloe is to have a man that loves her so much. Melanie hopes someone loves her that way one day. Just then, Nathan calls. Melanie hands the phone over to Daniel, and Nathan explains that Chloe is indeed improving. Daniel thanks God. Nathan warns him that it isn’t a victory quite yet, as she is sill in a coma. Daniel is just glad that there is now hope for Chloe.

Nathan heads back into Chloe’s room and tells Kate and Lucas that Lexie will be here to check on Chloe shortly. Nathan adds that Chloe seems to be in the process of recovery right now. Kate asks abruptly if Chloe will remember who visited her and what they said if she wakes up. Lucas ignores her, asking Nathan about the decision to take her off life support. Nathan explains that the order will be put on hold since Chloe is improving.

Brady comes back with some water for Arianna, but finds her dressed, and wonders where she is going. She says she has to go, but Brady says he was looking forward to round two. Arianna says it would be more like round three, and while it was fantastic for her, she really does have to go. She apologizes.

Stefano tells Hynes that he’s been informed that Rafe Hernandez tried to contact Hynes just a few moments ago. Nicole moans. Hynes insists that he doesn’t know the man. Stefano says he realizes that and he wants to make sure Hynes keeps it that way. He tells the lawyer not to call Rafe back, and Hynes agrees. Stefano also adds that Hynes needs a permanent vacation. He says that he will give him a handsome check to relocate to another state. He adds that Hynes should never contact him again. The man shakily agrees. Stefano heads off to make a business call, asking Nicole to show Hynes out. She starts to do so, but Hynes tells her that there was something he forgot to mention to Stefano.

Rafe walks Sami to the door of her townhouse, and she thanks him for doing so. He tells her he knows she is upset, since what happened with Baker wasn’t exactly an uplifting experience. He is just glad Sami got there when she did, or he would have ended up in a jail somewhere in Santo Domingo. Sami chuckles, guessing that it was finally her turn to rescue Rafe.

Daniel asks Nathan if he got Lucas to back off. He says he did, not that it matters, since Lucas can’t order the life support to be discontinued as long as Chloe is showing signs of improvement. Daniel prays that the single dose he gave Chloe does the trick, and asks Nathan to be sure to keep Kate away from Chloe. He agrees, and Daniel hands Melanie’s phone back to her. She asks Nathan how he is holding up. He says he is alright. She grins, saying that they make quite a team. Nathan agrees. Daniel sighs nearby, telling himself that he loves Chloe, and that he will never let her go.

Lucas stands in Chloe’s room. She shifts and moans, calling out for Daniel.

Arianna tells Brady that she had a great time. He says he did, too. Just then, Brady gets a call from a Chinese client that he has to take. Arianna says she will see herself out and heads off.

Troy tells a man at the pier that the woman he called will be here shortly. The man wonders why they are even bothering to meet her, since she’s just another dealer. Troy assures the man she isn’t just any dealer, and that she moves the product as fast as they can get it to her. The man asks another man what he thinks. The camera pans over to Victor, “Interesting.”

Sami gets a call from Doug and Julie about the twins and tells Rafe she has to take it. He says goodnight and thanks her again. She asks him to promise to stay safe. He does so and heads off.

Hynes apologizes to Nicole, telling her that he was nervous and wasn’t thinking. He divulges that the letter that he gave Stefano wasn’t the only letter he was instructed to mail out. He thought they weren’t as important as the letter to the police, so he put them in the mailbox this morning. Nicole turns pale, asking who he sent the letters to. Hynes says that one was for Mia McCormick, and the other was for Samantha Brady.


Kate tells Lucas, “You made an agonizing decision. Now stick with it.”

Daniel says, “I swear to you, Kate, I am gonna make you pay.”

Philip tells Stephanie, “There is something I think I should tell you.”

Arianna says, “If he's not interested in doing business with the best dealer, I'm just gonna take my business elsewhere.”

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