Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/31/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/31/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the park, Arianna tells Brady that he’s overreacting. She explains her meeting with the man Brady knocked out a few weeks ago was nothing, and that Brady has misunderstood everything. Brady scoffs, saying he doesn’t think he has at all.

Daniel, who is at the pier, calls Kate, who is at the Kiriakis mansion. Daniel says he wants to talk about what happened between them at the pier. He begs Kate not to let things end this way.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole leaves Stefano a frantic message, asking him to call her back immediately. EJ walks in just then, asking why Nicole needs to speak to his father so badly. Nicole stammers, saying that she just wanted to show Stefano some pictures she just had made of Sydney. EJ doesn’t buy it. He asks Nicole how much longer she plans on hiding the truth from him. Nicole protests, but EJ interrupts, saying he is sure she has some excuse lined up, and that she’ll tell him he’s just being too controlling, but he’s had enough. He tells Nicole that this ends now. Nicole sweats.

Rafe heads into Dr. Baker’s motel room in the Dominican Republic. He finds Baker in a chair with his back to the door. Rafe heads over, calling his name. He find Baker slumped over in the chair, lifeless. He has a rope around his throat. Rafe gapes.

Nicole pleads with EJ, telling him that she loves him, and that she isn’t hiding anything. EJ tells her to save her breath, as he is sick of her deflections and her furtive phone calls. Nicole promises to do better in the future, but EJ says that he is tired of giving her passes. Nicole tell EJ that she loves him, and that he and Sydney are her whole world. EJ asks her top prove it by telling him what she wants from his father. Just then, Stefano walks in, telling Nicole to go ahead and tell EJ the truth. Nicole whirls around and stares, aghast. Stefano shrugs, saying they can’t hide the truth from EJ forever, as much as they would both like to.

Rafe tries to rouse Dr. Baker. Just then, two masked men burst in from the bathroom and attack Rafe. One gets him in a chokehold. Rafe attempts to kick the other man, but is unsuccessful. Later, we pan in on Rafe, lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious. One of the men presses the rope that was previously around Baker’s throat into Rafe’s hand, and the two men hurry off.

Kate tells Daniel that they shouldn’t be speaking, as she is a witness against him. Daniel says she is for now, but he doesn’t want their story to end, adding that he believes there are still a few more dark twists and turns for them. Kate scoffs, wondering what the hell that means. Daniel tells her again he doesn’t want this to end. She accuses him of taping the conversation, saying that he probably just wants to keep her on the phone. Daniel swears that she will trust him if she just hears him out as to what has been going on with him the last few months. Daniel begs her to meet him in person, so she can look into his eyes and know that he is telling the truth. Kate says that she has to go, and warns Daniel not to call her back. She hangs up.

Arianna explains to Brady that the man’s name is Troy. He is a former drug addict and was high the night he harassed her at the pub. She thinks that Brady’s roughing him up was a true wake-up call for him. Brady scoffs. Arianna goes on to say that Troy is doing his best to get clean. He’s in twelve step program now, and he apologizes profusely for the way he treated her. Brady thinks she’s pretty forgiving. Arianna says she wouldn’t have been if it hadn’t been for what she went through with her ex and his addiction. That made her see that people can change, and that you have to give them a second chance. Brady hugs her, apologizing for giving her such a hard time.

Stefano tells EJ that he should be the one to explain what is going on, as this is all his fault. As Nicole looks on worriedly, Stefano tells EJ that they have been planning a surprise birthday for him to kick off his and Nicole’s honeymoon. Obviously, Nicole was sworn to secrecy. EJ sighs and shakes his head, saying that he feels terrible. He apologizes to Nicole, saying that he has been belligerent all week. She says it’s not his fault, and asks him not to apologize. Just then, Sydney wails. EJ tells Nicole he will go tend to her, since he missed tucking her in earlier. Nicole agrees and EJ heads off. Stefano chuckles, telling Nicole that she is losing her touch. Nicole huffs, telling Stefano that this whole thing is about to blow up in their faces. She adds that Dr. Baker won’t go away, and that he even called Sami. Stefano tells Nicole that for the last time, Dr. Baker won’t be a problem for her anymore.

Sami heads over to Baker’s door and knocks, walking in and calling out for Baker. She catches sight of Rafe on the carpet and rushes over to him.

Kate wonders aloud if Daniel is playing her. Just then, her phone rings. She answers, snapping and saying she told him not to call her back. Instead of Daniel, Lucas is on the other line. Kate apologizes, saying she thought he was someone else. Lucas, who is sitting by Chloe’s side in her hospital room, tells Kate that he needs her help deciding what to do about Chloe. Kate sighs.

Daniel tells himself that Kate is shrewd and ruthless, but he knows her weakness, and pretty soon, she’s going to know what it feels like to be played. Just then, Nathan and Melanie walk over. Daniel asks the two what is going on, and Melanie explains that Brady solicited her help in finding someone who could follow Daniel’s directions in regards to Chloe’s treatment. Daniel, surprised, thanks Nathan, but Nathan tells him coldly not to thank him yet, as he isn’t sure he is willing to follow Daniel’s instructions, whatever they are. Daniel says they don’t have lot of time to save Chloe, but Nathan isn’t so sure that Daniel doesn’t want to just finish the job. He tells Daniel that unless he can convince him otherwise, this doesn’t go any further.

Brady and Arianna kiss. Brady tells her that he wants to be alone with her, but his grandfather sent him a message saying that he needs to come home. Arianna reminds him he live in a mansion. There are twenty-odd rooms there that they could be alone in. Brady kisses her again, saying that she’s beautiful and she has great ideas. She says she has a few more where that came from, and Brady suggests she come home with him and tell him all about them. The two head off hand-in hand.

Nicole tells Stefano that she doesn’t understand, and asks if he has paid Baker off. Stefano grins, saying that that isn’t exactly what happened.

Rafe sits up with a groan, asking Sami what she is doing here. She asks what he is doing here, and if Dr. Baker is alright. She heads over to the chair Baker is seated in and notices the rope burns around his neck. She shrieks. Rafe quickly covers her mouth with his hand and muffles her cries.

Daniel says he understands Nathan’s hesitation, but Nathan doesn’t think so. He reminds Daniel that this could end his career. Daniel says that he knows that. He insists that he had nothing to do with Chloe’s poisoning, and that he was set up. He admits that he has made some mistakes, and as Lucas’ cousin, Nathan has the right to resent him. Daniel then asks Nathan to put all that aside and think about saving a life, as he made an oath to do so. He reminds Nathan that when it comes to medicine, he’s never careless or makes poor judgments. Nathan says he realizes that. Daniel tells Nathan that if that’s true, then he must have already made up his mind as to whether he will help or not. Daniel says if Nathan won’t, he will still find a way to help Chloe. Daniel vows to save her life, with or without Nathan.

Kate meets Lucas at the Cheatin’ Heart. He asks how she is holding up, and she tells him that she is alright. She asks Lucas about the papers in his hand, and he explains that it’s Chloe’s living will. Lucas tells Kate that something happened tonight that makes him think it’s time to take Chloe off life-support. Kate sighs, saying Lucas has no idea how happy he has made her. Lucas gapes.

Nicole asks Stefano if he even realizes how serious this situation is. He scoffs, telling Nicole that he’s new to the game, and really has no idea. She lambastes him for mocking her, reminding Stefano that Baker called Sami, which is troubling no matter how you look at it. Stefano reminds her that Baker didn’t tell Sami anything, but Nicole says that that doesn’t mean he won’t. As long as he has half a brain and a functioning voice box, he could call Sami at anytime. Stefano chuckles, saying it’s highly unlikely. Nicole fumes, saying that this is a disaster. She adds that that ex-FBI cretin Rafe stole her phone, and is probably tracking Baker even as they speak. Stefan assures her that his men are keeping tabs on Rafe, but Nicole doesn’t think that will guarantee Rafe won’t get Baker to talk. Stefano thinks they might be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Rafe asks Sami to promise not to scream and takes his hand off of her mouth. She asks breathlessly what happened to Dr. Baker, but Rafe doesn’t want to get into that right now. He asks what she is doing here, and Sami explains that Dr. Baker called her with some bogus excuse, so she came down here to speak with him in person. Rafe sighs, telling Sami that he can’t explain what happened to Baker, but he also doesn’t want her to think that he killed the doctor. He knows it may seem that way after what Sami found out about Emily, but she has to trust him on this, or neither of them are going to get out of here. He asks Sami if she can trust him implicitly.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady speaks on the phone with a business associate as Arianna handles a vase. Brady, worried that she may drop it, hangs up and ask her to put it down, as it’s about 2400 years old. She hands it over to Brady and apologizes, saying she should have known it was valuable. Brady says she couldn’t have known, and that he only knows because he grew up around this stuff. Arianna sighs, saying that she wonders if the two of them are ever going to be able to understand one another. She explains that he grew up in a place like this while she had to struggle and fight for everything she’s ever gotten. Brady doesn’t see why it is such a big deal that they are different, but Arianna thinks it could create problems. Brady thinks that it could also make things very interesting. He kisses her.

Nathan tells Daniel that he’s in. Melanie cheers and hugs Nathan jubilantly. He heads off to get Chloe’s medical files from his car as Daniel thanks Melanie. She tells him to thank Brady, as he is the one that convinced her to try to help Daniel. She adds that she knows he is a good doctor and a good man, and she hopes he and Nathan can work quickly, since the clock is ticking. Daniel asks what she means. Melanie doesn’t want to say, since she thinks he has been through enough, but Daniel grabs her arm, insisting. Melanie explains that Chloe left a living will, and that Lucas plans on pulling the plug tonight.

Lucas can’t believe that Kate could possibly be happy about all of this. Kate sighs, telling Lucas that Chloe isn’t coming back to them. Her mind is already gone, and Kate thinks it’s best for nature to take its course at this point. She adds that she is happy only because she can’t stand to see Lucas stuck in limbo like this. Lucas admits that he spoke to Craig, Chloe’s father, and he seems to agree with Kate that Chloe wouldn’t want to live this way. Kate shrugs, saying that she doesn’t see that Lucas has much of a choice, especially as Chloe’s family have already let her go. Lucas tells her there is one more consideration. If Chloe dies, Daniel will be looking at murder one instead of attempted murder. Kate says cryptically that he might, or he might not.

Nicole demands that Stefano tell her what is going on. Just then, EJ comes back in, asking Stefano for a moment alone with his wife. Stefano complies and heads upstairs. EJ asks Nicole if she can forgive him, but she claims that there is nothing to forgive, especially since she was acting so furtively. EH thinks he has a predisposition to act suspicious give his past relationship. He claims that this will be his best birthday ever, because of his wife on and daughter. He hugs Nicole telling her he loves her. Nicole, still clearly worried, tells EJ she loves him, too.

Sami tells Rafe that she is freaking out. He says he realizes that, but that she must trust him. Sami says she does, and that she knows that Rafe wouldn’t look her in the eye and lie if he had really killed Baker. Just hen, someone knocks on the door. Sami freaks, hissing at Rafe that it’s the police.

Daniel panics. Nathan comes back with Chloe’s records. Daniel snatches them from his hand. Nathan asks what’s going on, and Melanie explains that she told Daniel about Chloe’s will and the decision to cut off her life-support. Daniel checks her records and tells Melanie and Nathan that there’s no time. He’s going to have to go in there and give Chloe the drug himself. Melanie reminds him of the guard, saying he can’t, but Nathan thinks there may be a way.

Sami panics, wondering what she and Rafe are going to do. Just then, a woman outside announces herself as the housekeeper. Rafe yells through the door, asking her to come back later. He listens at the door as the woman heads off. Rafe tells Sami that they got lucky this time, explaining that this whole thing was obviously a set-up to make it look like he killed Baker. Pretty soon, the police will show up. Sami asks what he is doing here, but Rafe says he’d rather explain later. Sami wonders if Baker is really dead. Rafe thinks he looks like he is, but heads over to Baker’s body to check.

Brady tells Arianna that he has an idea, and asks her to join him for a swim, since this is one of the last warm nights they’ll have. Arianna likes the idea, but admits ruefully that she forgot her swimsuit. Brady tells her that eh doesn’t have one either and winks. The two kiss again.

Kate reminds Lucas that Justin is an excellent attorney, and will fight for Daniel as hard as he can. Lucas, angry, asks if Kate thinks Daniel will walk. She isn’t sure, but tells Lucas that they need to brace themselves for the possibility that justice won’t be served, reminding Lucas that Daniel fooled them, and he could fool a jury. Lucas fumes, remembering that Daniel pretended to only want the best for him and Chloe even though he was lying through this teeth the whole time. Kate says that is one of his finest talents. Lucas says he would love to know what is going on in that twisted mind of Daniel’s. Kate admit she would, too, but she thinks Lucas needs to focus on the difficult decision he is getting ready to make. Lucas still can’t believe it has come to this. Kate can’t either, but she also feels it’s time to bring this painful chapter with Chloe to a close, and he needs to do it tonight.

At the hospital, Melanie makes small talk with the guard to distract him. Nathan slips into Chloe’s room and closes the blinds. He places a syringe and a vial on the table next to her bed. He then knocks on a door adjoining Chloe’s room to a supply closet. He unlocks the door from the inside and slips off. Melanie finishes up her conversation with the guard and heads off as Nathan does the same. Meanwhile, Daniel heads into Chloe’s room from the door Nathan unlocked. He sits by her side, crying and stroking Chloe’s face. He shakes his head, wipes his eyes, and prepares the syringe to inject Chloe.

Lucas and Kate head into the hospital. Lucas admits to Kate that he doesn’t think he can do this. Kate says that she knows this is painful for him, but Chloe deserves peace. If he doesn’t think he can do this himself, he can always just give instructions to the nursing staff. Lucas says he’d rather take care of this himself, but heads off to speak to a nurse, while Kate says she wants to visit Chloe. Lucas heads off. Kate grins, saying this will be the last time, too.

Brady wraps a towel around himself and Arianna as they exit the pool. She shivers, admitting that the water was freezing. Brady kisses her, saying that he thinks he has a way to warm her up.

Sami asks Rafe worriedly if Dr. Baker has a pulse. Rafe says he isn’t sure, but that he is about to check. He removes Dr. Baker’s phone from his pocket with a handkerchief and hands it to Sami.

Stefano heads into the living room and tells Nicole and EJ that a business associate has a question for EJ on the phone on the other room. EJ heads off, promising to be back soon. Nicole asks Stefano to tell her what is going on with Baker, this time without speaking riddles. Stefano say he will be blunt then, and informs Nicole that Dr. Baker is dead, and that this is all over. Nicole, panic-stricken, telling Stefano that it will never be over. Stefano groans.

Arianna and Brady lie on one of the chairs by the pool and kiss passionately. Brady tells Arianna that it’s alright if she doesn’t want to go any further than this, but if she doesn’t, he needs to know. Arianna pulls Brady back in for a kiss, telling him that she doesn’t want to stop.

Melanie stands near the nurse’s station, talking to Nathan. She hisses that Daniel has been in there a long time, and she fears the guard will walk in and catch him. Nathan says he has an idea, and asks Melanie to follow him, but Lucas interrupts before the two can leave. He tells them that he has had to fill out a lot of forms for Chloe, and that he’ll be in her room if they have any questions. He adds that Kate is already in there. Melanie and Nathan stare at Lucas worriedly.

Daniel finishes injecting Chloe with the drug, telling her that he can’t stay long. He cries, adding how much he loves her. Outside, Kate nods to the guard and puts her hand on the door knob.

Stefano asks Nicole what she means, and she tells Stefano about the letter Baker wrote detailing everything about the baby switch and the bribes. She adds that it is to be sent to the authorities in the event of his death. Stefano asks Nicole angrily who has the letter. Nicole says that Baker’s lawyer does. Stefano fumes.

Sami finds a business card in Baker’s wallet. She starts to show it to Rafe, who is hovering over Baker’s body. Just then, a man identifying himself as a police officer knocks on the door. Rafe tells Sami that they have to go. He opens a window and Sami jumps out. Meanwhile, the police continue knocking. Baker’s finger twitches.


Stefano shouts at Nicole, “Forget about it! All your lies, everything that you have done is now going to become public knowledge!”

Arianna and Brady make love.

Lucas tells Nathan, “I have made my decision. We are doing this. We're doing it now.”

Kate grins, “It's time to say good-bye, Chloe.”

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