Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/28/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/28/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas heads into Chloe’s room at the hospital and finds Lexie inside. He asks how Chloe is, and if she is better, but Lexie says that her condition is the same. Lexie tells Lucas that she knows how tough this is for him, and she apologizes. Lucas sighs, admitting that he keeps going over and over in his head what he should do, but he just doesn’t know what to decide. Just then, Chloe’s father, Craig, walks in, saying that that is what he is here for. He hurries over to Chloe, sighing and calling her his beautiful daughter.

Kate and Daniel run into one another at the pier. Daniel leers, saying that this is perfect, since just the two of them are around. Kate demands to know if Daniel has been drinking. He admits he has, and that he is just trying to kill the pain. Kate turns to go, saying he can do that on his own, but Daniel stops her, begging her to stay. He says that considering what Kate has done to him, he thinks that she can spare him five minutes.

At the park, EJ holds Sydney and talks to her about football, and how Americans play handball, not real football. Sydney wails. Mia comes over and EJ greets her, asking her if she ever played soccer. Mia says she did a long time ago. EJ chuckles, saying she makes it sound as if she were a hundred years old. Just then, EJ’s phone rings. He ask Mia to hold Sydney for a moment and heads off. Sydney squalls. Mia attempts to soothe her.

At the pub, Arianna(now played by Lindsay Hartley, ex-Teresa, PASS), greets Brady. He works on a computer and sighs, telling her how great her coffee is, and how much of it he’s going to need to get through a meeting he has. He sighs, promising to come back later for more if she will still be here. Arianna says she will and Brady heads off, saying that he’s glad he has something to look forward to. Arianna heads over to Rafe, who is working on her laptop. She asks what he is doing, and Rafe explains that he is trying to find out how Nicole and Baker are connected, and if their connection has anything to do with the reason Grace died.

In his hotel room in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Baker tells himself with a grin that Nicole had better come through for him. He smiles jubilantly, saying to himself that he is going to turn her seed money into a fortune.

At the mansion, Nicole yells at a representative from her cell phone company, explaining that someone stole her phone and she needs to make sure that they can’t access her information. The person puts her on hold again and Nicole flies into a rage. Just then, the doorbell rings. Nicole hangs up and answers it with a groan to find Sami on the doorstep. Sami tells Nicole that Dr. Baker, the man that delivered Grace, called, and that Nicole won’t believe what he had to say. Nicole sweats.

Kate tells Daniel that she refuses to stand around and listen to his ridiculous accusations. Daniel slurs, saying that she has no idea what he is talking about or what she did to him. Kate says she is leaving, but Daniel stops her, telling her that she broke his heart, and she doesn’t even realize it.

Nicole asks a visibly distraught Sami if she wants a drink, but Sami refuses. She sobs, explaining that Baker called to let her know he moved, and he didn’t know about Grace. She bawls, saying it isn’t his fault for not knowing, but hearing his voice just reminded her of how happy she was when he handed Grace to her. Nicole tries to soothe Sami as she wails that she just wants her baby back. Nicole hugs Sami as she sobs uncontrollably.

EJ comes back and tells Mia that she is a natural with Sydney. She thanks him, saying she got some experience babysitting Grace. She tells EJ how lovely she was, just like Sydney, and that Sydney is lucky to have such wonderful parents. EJ tells Mia that one day, when she has children, she’ll realize that a parent would do anything for their child. Mia says she already knows that. EJ heads off, explaining that he has to take Sydney to the hospital to see Lexie. Mia sighs. Brady walks over, asking her if everything is alright. Mia sighs again, saying it isn’t.

Arianna accuses Rafe of stealing Nicole’s phone, but he claims she just misplaced it--in her own living room. He explains that he had to do it to learn what Baker knows about Nicole, and if it affects Grace. Arianna sighs, reminding Rafe that Grace died of meningitis, and that it was just a senseless tragedy, but Rafe insists that there are questions he needs answered. Just then, Nicole’s phone rings. Arianna begs Rafe not to answer it, but he ignores her. Baker is on the other line. He calls out for Nicole, asking if she is there.

Nicole tries to soothe Sami, reminding her how well she was doing before Baker called. She tries to tell Sami that she shouldn’t let Baker upset her, but Sami says this isn’t just about him not knowing Grace had died. When he called, he said he had something important to tell her, then made up a song and dance about how he was just calling because he had moved. She adds that she tried to ask him if there were any complications with Grace’s delivery that might have caused her meningitis, but he never answered her. Nicole guesses that Baker didn’t want to be blamed for Grace’s death. Sami asks Nicole if Baker called her, since she is also his former patient. Nicole stammers. Sami presses her for information. Nicole tells her that she shouldn’t be so obsessed about a phone call. Sami shakes her head, saying she knows she is right. There’s something wrong, and she has to call Baker back and find out what it is. Nicole panics.

Craig comes out of Chloe’s room. He tells Lucas that he hoped he would see something no one else has, but he didn’t. Lucas sighs, saying that Chloe must have been so unhappy being married to him. Craig tries to convince Lucas that none of this is his fault, but Lucas isn’t so sure.

Daniel tells Kate that she isn’t the kind of person that a man can open up to. He claims he did everything he could to make sure she had no idea how badly she hurt him. Kate scoffs, saying that Daniel couldn’t care less that they broke up, as it took him only about 15 seconds to move on to Chloe. Daniel grins, reminding Kate that Chloe was the exact opposite of her. He went out and fount the anti-Kate, and that should have told her something. Kate wonders why she is even bothering to listen to this. Daniel glares, telling her to go ahead and walk off, since that is what she is good at--walking away and being alone. Kate glares. Daniel throws his beer bottle across the pier and mutters to himself that he can’t do this. Kate scoffs.

Arianna wonders why Rafe answered the phone if he didn’t plan on talking to Baker. Rafe explains that by extending the call, he was able to pinpoint Baker’s location in the Dominican Republic. Arianna says that Baker will probably move now once Nicole tells him her phone was stolen, but Rafe says that Nicole isn’t going to tell him, because Nicole is going to tell Baker what Rafe wants her to. Rafe sends Baker a text as Nicole, saying that she can’t talk because EJ and Stefano are around. Baker texts back that she needs to ditch them because the two of them have a lot to talk about.

Nicole tells Sami that she knows Baker, and that Sami doesn’t need to have anything to do with him. She goes on to explain that the man has a lot of problems, which is why she and EJ found a new doctor for Sydney. Sami agrees that she ought to move forward for her children’s sakes. She thanks Nicole for the advice and heads off. Nicole shuts the door and sighs, saying to herself that Baker has gone too far this time and that she plans on making sure he never does so again.

Mia is reluctant to unload her problems on Brady, but he insists. She admits that she ran into EJ, who was very nice and allowed her to hold Sydney. Brady doesn’t see the problem. Mia says that she fears Nicole will be upset, since she already told her it would be best for everyone if she just stayed away from Sydney. Brady sighs, saying that Mia did a really hard thing because she thought it was best for her baby. He adds that Mia doesn’t need any more grief. Mia sighs, saying she didn’t do what was best for the baby--she did what was best for herself.

Lucas tells Craig that he knows Chloe’s living will is pretty clear in stipulating that Chloe doesn’t want to live like this, but he also doesn’t want to miss the chance that Chloe could get better. He doesn’t want to be the one to take that away from her. He asks Craig what he should do.

Kate asks if Daniel is trying to say that Chloe was simply a rebound for him. He nods, claiming that he has never felt about anyone the way he feels about Kate. He says that it hurt him to discover how dispensable he was to Kate. Kate wonders why he is saying all this. He admits that he is drunk, but that when you lose everything that means something to you, even your pride, things don’t quite feel like they should. He admits that he never intended on telling Kate his true feelings, because he can’t just walk away like she did. She asks if this is true. Daniel nods, saying that she didn’t have to do anything to Chloe. All she had to do was ask him to come back. Kate cries, saying she doesn’t know how she could have been so blind. She adds that she just has one more question. She rips Daniel’s shirt open, asking him angrily where the wire is.

Rafe texts Baker that they don’t have anything to talk about, but Baker texts back that Nicole had better speak to him--or else. Arianna says that it sounds as if Baker is threatening Nicole. Rafe nods, saying that the man clearly has something on Nicole, and that he is going to find out what it is. Arianna suggests that Rafe return Nicole’s phone before she has him arrested, but Rafe refuses. He turns on the charm, telling Arianna that he needs to get down to the Caribbean and meet Baker. Arianna groans, guessing that Rafe doesn’t have enough money for a flight. He smiles ruefully. Arianna sighs and hands him her credit card, warning him to book the cheapest flight he can. Rafe promises to do so and thanks her effusively for all her help. He heads off. Arianna sighs, saying that Baker has tangled with the wrong guy. Just then, Arianna gets a call from her drug dealer. She promises to meet him in the park and hangs up. After asking Pete to cover for her, Arianna heads off.

Nicole picks up her phone to call Baker, but remembers that she doesn’t have his number because the number is in her phone, which was stolen by the guy that is trying to ruin her life. Nicole moans, worrying what will happen if Sami finds out what she did.

EJ hurries into the hospital with Sydney, and asks Lexie if he can pick up the test results that he had done. Lexie agrees that he can get them from one of the nurses, but she wonders why EJ had Sydney tested at all. EJ says that eh couldn’t take any chances, considering what happened to Grace. Lexie reminds him gently that all the tests in the world couldn’t have saved Grace. EJ insists that they don’t know that. He adds angrily that Sami and that man kept his daughter from him, and that they’re going to have to pay.

Craig and Lucas, who are back in Chloe’s room, look on as she vegetates. Craig sighs, telling Lucas that he wishes he knew what to tell him. As a father, he hopes for a miracle, but as a doctor, he knows that her chances at recovering are slim at best. Lucas heads off to give Craig some time alone with Chloe. Craig sits by her side, telling her how much he and her mother and sister love her. Craig breaks down, telling Chloe that she didn’t deserve this.

Daniel can’t believe that Kate thinks he is wearing a wire. He rips his shirt open and flings it off, showing her that his chest is bare. He asks if she is satisfied. She says she isn’t. Daniel says that he wishes she knew what Kate meant, but he’ll never know because she will never let anyone in. He wonders why she couldn’t just give them a chance so none of this would have had to happen. He whispers that they could have just been happy. He starts to head off, but Kate stops him.

Sami heads into the pub, asking Pete if he has seen Arianna. Pete explains that she was with Rafe earlier, but they both left. Sami asks where Rafe went, and Pete says that overheard Rafe saying that he was going to the Dominican Republic. Sami is startled, then remembers that Dr. Baker lives there. Sami asks if Rafe said anything else, but Pete says he didn’t. He heads off. Sami mutters to herself that Rafe is going after Baker--and so is she. Sami rushes off.

Brady tells Mia that he thinks the decision she made was actually best for both her and her baby. He adds that Sydney has everything she needs, and that she has a wonderful life now. Mia says that she thinks Brady is really smart about people. She heads off to finish her run. Brady takes out his phone and tries to call Arianna, but learns she isn’t at the pub. He heads off as Arianna walks over from a different direction. She meets the man that called her and asks if he was able to do what she asked. The man leers, telling her that he needs a little something extra for his trouble.

Lexie tells EJ that he is scaring her, and that he sounds just like Stefano. EJ says that there is no excuse for what Sami and Rafe did, but Lexie doesn’t think it’s a good idea for EJ to allow Johnny and Sydney to grow up with such hatred surrounding tem. EJ tells Lexie that she has said just about enough, but Lexie retorts that she is just getting started. She tells EJ that they need to talk about him and Sami.

Sami scrambles around her apartment packing as a horn honks outside. She yells at someone to keep their shirt on and hustles around throwing things in a bag. She tells herself that Rafe will find out what Dr. Baker thought was so important.

Nicole wonders grumpily where Stefano is as the phone rings. She answers it to find Dr. Baker on the other line. He asks if she has ditched her husband and father-in-law. Nicole asks what he means and Baker wonders if she is senile, since she just texted him about it a little while ago. Nicole panics, telling Baker that that wasn’t her, and that Rafe stole her phone. She asks him worriedly if he said anything incriminating. Baker assures Nicole that his lips will be sealed as long as she sends him the money he asked for. Nicole says it isn’t her problem that he already blew the money she sent before. Baker threatens to call Sami, but Nicole retorts that she already told Stefano Baker wanted more money and he refused to hand it over. Baker says he told her not to do that. Nicole huffs, saying that she couldn’t just let Baker bleed her dry. Baker hangs up on her abruptly. Nicole groans in frustration, wondering where Stefano is.

As Brady watches, Arianna tells the man that she’ll give him more money if he can get her a meeting with the higher-ups. The man leers, saying that he doesn’t want more money.

Lexie tells EJ that he is family, and that she is just worried about him. She asks EJ to really think about why he is angry with Sami. She wonders if it is because Sami hid Grace, or because she moved on with another man. EJ insists that it had nothing to do with her moving on with Rafe and everything to do with Grace. Lexie reminds him that Sami didn’t trust him the way she trusts Rafe. EJ growls that he is married to Nicole, and that they are very happy. Lexie wonders why he can’t just let Sami and Rafe go, then.

Kate asks Daniel if he is saying that this thing with Chloe wasn’t going to last. Daniel tells her it doesn’t matter, since according to Justin, his fate is sealed. He suggests that Kate just go home. She agrees.

Arianna tells the man that they can work something out as long as he gets her a meeting with the higher-ups. Brady dashes over and the man takes off. Brady asks Arianna if that was the guy that attacked her a few weeks ago. Arianna stammers. Brady demands angrily to know what the hell is going on.

Kate heads into the Kiriakis mansion and flashes back to Daniel telling her that she’ll never have feelings for anyone like the ones he had for her. Kate comes back to the present, fretting and wondering if Daniel is playing her or not.

Daniel sits at the pier and sighs. He tells Chloe that it makes his skin crawl to touch Kate, but he will do whatever it takes to bring Chloe back and to bring Kate down.

Lucas heads back into Chloe’s room, and Craig tells him that he is staying at the Salem Inn, and assures Lucas that he and Nancy will stand behind him, no matter what his decision is. Lucas thanks him as Craig adds that this is not the kind of life Chloe would want. He sniffles, telling Chloe he loves her, and then leaves. Lucas sighs, saying that he now knows what he has to do.

Nicole leaves Stefano a frantic message, telling him that she needs him. EJ walks in just then, asking Nicole why she needs his father so badly.

Dr. Baker throws things into his suitcase in a panic. Just then, a knock sounds at the door. Baker sweats.


Daniel tells Nathan, “I'm going to bring Chloe back, I am going to save her life with or without you.”

Lucas tells Kate, “Maybe it's time that we take her off life-support.”

Stefano tells Nicole, “Dr. not a problem of yours anymore.”

Sami finds Baker’s dead body in his hotel room and shrieks. Rafe grabs her and shushes her.

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