Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/27/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/27/09


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Daniel and Kate roll around in bed and kiss. Kate breaks it off, breathing heavily and wondering what is wrong with her. Daniel tells her tenderly that nothing is. Kate says they shouldn’t be doing this, but Daniel says they both feel the same way and can’t stop. Kate comes back from her reverie and paces through the woods, saying at first that she can’t do it, then fiercely telling herself that she has to.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel types away on his computer and flashes back to confronting Kate about Chloe at the pier. He grabs her arm to keep her from kissing him. She stares at him. Daniel shakes off the memory and says to himself that Kate isn’t in control--not completely. He takes out his phone and dials.

Nathan and Lexie are in Chloe’s room at the hospital as Lexie gets a call from Daniel. She sighs and ignores the call, wondering aloud why Daniel keeps calling when he knows she can’t talk to him. Nathan thinks Daniel is probably going crazy knowing that he can’t help Chloe. Nathan sighs, admitting he is on edge every time the phone rings because of Ciara. He can’t imagine what Bo and Hope are going through Just then, Lexie hears Theo yelling for Ciara outside in the waiting area. She rushes out and Abe apologizes, saying that he just can’t seem to calm Theo down. Lexie tries to reassure him that Ciara will be fine. She asks Abe if there is any news and Abe tells her that Roman called a little while ago to say they were moving in on the house Ciara is being kept at. Lexie frets about the amount of time that has passed, worrying that this may be taking too long.

Stephanie and Philip hang around in the woods. Stephanie stares at a poster of Ciara and prays. Philip is on the phone with Brady, who’s also at the mansion, telling him that the cops are sending the volunteers home. It appears that they’ve found the place the kidnappers are keeping Ciara, and they’re sending everyone away in case things go south. Brady assumes Philip isn’t coming home and asks him to keep him posted. Philip agrees and hangs up. Stephanie moans that she can’t stand this. Philip warns her to keep her voice down. Just then, the two hear a noise. Philip says he heard something and asks Stephanie to follow him. They head off.

Outside the kidnapper’s hideout, Dean approaches Hope and Ciara. Hope explains that this is the man that rescued her. Ciara says he isn’t. Hope asks what she means, and why she said that.

Melanie heads into the nurse’s station, asking Nathan what he is doing here. Just then, Abe gets they news that they’ve found Ciara, and that she’s fine. Lexie thanks God. Nathan whoops and picks Melanie up, spinning her around in the air. She laughs and tells him he needs to learn to express his emotions more. He heads off to call Maggie jubilantly. Melanie laughs and breathes heavily, saying to herself that Philip is going to be happy about the news. Lexie explains to Theo that Ciara is fine, and is coming home. Abe thinks Theo will want to see her for himself and Lexie hugs him, vowing that he will see her soon. She thanks God again.

Ciara explains that her Mommy and Daddy were the ones that saved her. Bo, who has come out of the shed, tells Ciara that they never stopped looking for her. Ciara stares at Dean. Hope asks her what’s wrong.

Brady gets the good news about Ciara over the phone and hangs up. He fills Daniel in. Daniel says that now that they all know Ciara is safe, he’s wondering if Brady has had time to think of a way to get him in to see Chloe. Brady tells Daniel that he can’t help him, as he did a little research on the drug Daniel wants to give Chloe, and he learned that it could kill her. Daniel scoffs, reminding Brady that Chloe isn’t exactly alive right now. Daniel insists that all he is asking Brady to do is to help save Chloe. Brady tells Daniel that he isn’t so sure of that. Daniel protests. Brady apologizes. Daniel sighs, saying that he doesn’t blame Brady. What he is most angry about is that monster Kate is running around free and she’s got that wimp of a son of hers totally duped. Brady warns Daniel not to trash Lucas, but Daniel says he has the right to be furious. He explains that Lucas could be helping Chloe right now, but he isn’t. Brady thinks that Daniel is just angry no one wants to help him, but Daniel claims he is doing all this for Chloe. Brady suggests that Daniel get Chloe’s father, Craig, involved, since he is a doctor, but Daniel tells Brady that Lucas is in charge of the decisions made about Chloe’s treatment. Brady sighs, saying that he personally thinks that Daniel is too involved in Chloe’s care, and that Daniel sounds like one of those crazy conspiracy theory type guys. Brady also admits that he doesn’t believe Kate could have done this. He’s known her a long time, and he just doesn’t think she’s capable. Besides, if she wanted Lucas to stay away from Chloe, all she had to do was tell him about the affair. Daniel sighs, saying that the problem is that Kate wanted more than that.

Kate starts to sneak into Chloe’s room, but she hears Nathan, who is on the phone with Maggie, heading her way. Kate scoots off. Nathan runs into Melanie at the nurse’s station. She jokes that she is just having fun doing a little inventory before she changes bedpans. She asks Nathan casually if he has called Stephanie with the good news about Ciara. He says he hasn’t, and she is glad he didn’t bother her, since she and Philip are probably--Melanie trails off. She apologizes for being such a bitch. Nathan says she isn’t, and that she is just mad at him. He apologizes for hurting her feelings. Melanie says that she realizes now that she overreacted, and that she should have realized that he didn’t ask Stephanie and her out on the same night. Nathan nods and asks her what she was saying about Philip and Stephanie a few moments ago. Melanie explains that the two are probably getting back together. Nathan asks Melanie how that makes her feel. She claims she is ok with it. Nathan says he knows how much she cares about Philip. Melanie sighs, saying Philip knows it too, but that doesn’t make any difference.

Stephanie and Philip run into a police officer, who gives them the good news about Ciara. Philip and Stephanie hug one another joyfully, glad that Ciara has been found, and that she is alright.

Hope, who thinks Ciara is worried about Dean’s gunshot wound, assure her daughter that he will be fine. Dean and Roman head off to meet the ambulance at the top of the ridge. Bo comes over as Hope hugs Ciara and sobs. Ciara assures Hope that she doesn’t have to be sad anymore. Hope agrees and she and Bo both hug Ciara again. Hope tells Bo that she wants to stop by and see Lexie before they go home. Bo agrees, asking Ciara if she’d like some hot chocolate and broccoli for dinner. Ciara makes a face. Hope chuckles, saying that they’ll have hot chocolate and asparagus instead. Hope heads off with Ciara. Bo clutches his head and sighs.

Daniel argues with Justin over the phone, insisting that he tear Kate apart on the stand. He listens and angrily agrees to talk to Justin the next day. He hangs up. Brady asks what’s wrong, and Daniel explains that Justin wants him to focus on proving himself innocent in Chloe’s poisoning, rather than trying to prove Kate guilty. Brady thinks that Justin is right--Daniel needs to focus on not going to prison for the rest of his life so he can move on and practice somewhere else. Daniel groans, saying that that isn’t any kind of life at all. He adds furiously that he is sick of everyone in town treating Kate like she’s invincible. Brady still thinks Justin knows best, as he went to law school, but Daniel says that Justin doesn’t have all of the information. He tells Brady that Kate has an Achilles’ heel no one knows about. Brady asks what it is, and Daniel says it’s him.

Kate heads into Chloe’s room and grins slyly, telling her that everyone is busy with a wounded police officer that was brought in. She guesses that she and Chloe are going to get some time together--all alone.

Lexie tells Abe and Roman that Dean will be fine as soon as they get him stitched up. Abe and Roman are glad to hear it, and the two discuss the kidnapping. Roman admits that Bo thinks that one of the kidnappers had something personal against Hope. He adds that they are checking all of the arrest records for suspects taken in by both Bo and Hope. Roman tells Abe and Lexie that one of the kidnappers was a registered sex offender, adding that they haven’t had a chance to discuss anything with Ciara. Just then, Ciara comes in with Bo and Hope. Everyone greets her ecstatically, and Hope tells Lexie about Bo getting hit in the head. She asks Lexie to check him out, but Bo overhears and refuses an exam, saying that he just wants to make sure his little girl is safe. Lexie and Hope take Ciara into an examination room. Bo tells Roman worriedly that he talked to Ciara in the car, and she said that all the bad man did was give her some candy. Bo doesn’t think Kyle touched her. Roman is glad to hear it, but Bo fretfully asks Roman what he should do if Kyle did.

Daniel tells Brady that he was Kate’s lover and her doctor. Brady guesses that Kate is obsessed with him and Daniel nods, saying that Kate both loves and hates him at the same time. Brady thinks that him falling in love with Chloe probably sent Kate off the deep end. Brady admits that he has seen how Kate can get when it comes to Philip, and he thinks Daniel is in trouble. Daniel says that Chloe is the one he is worried about. She tried to do the right thing and devoted herself to Lucas, but Kate still decided that she didn’t deserve to live. Daniel says he is scared to death that Chloe knows what is happening to her right now. Brady asks Daniel not to do this to himself. Daniel, in turn, begs Brady to help him and Chloe. Brady agrees to do so.

Kate tells Chloe that no one is here to help her, and that the only visitor she’ll be receiving is Kate herself. Kate gleefully says that she can’t wait to update Chloe on the day Daniel is convicted, the day his appeal is denied, and finally, the day he is executed. Kate says nastily that that will be the day Daniel and Chloe finally get what they both deserve. Just then, Nathan walks in, asking Kate what the hell she is doing here.

Lexie comes out of a room to tell Bo that Ciara shows no signs of abuse. Bo thanks God. Lexie tells him that he can go in and be with Hope and Ciara until Ciara is released, which will be soon. Then they can all go home. Bo, stammering in relief, thanks Lexie, hugs her, and heads off. Roman grins as Lexie sighs in relief.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Philip brings Stephanie a beer. She thanks him, telling him how nice it was of him to treat all of the volunteers. He grumbles that everyone left so soon, but admits he is glad, since he’s unemployed, and needs to curb the impulse to treat people to things. Stephanie jokes that they can live large since she is an administrative assistant at the hospital. Philip perks up at the ‘we.’ Stephanie claims it slipped out, but Philip thinks that is what she wants. Stephanie admits it is, but worries they won’t be able to work it out, given their track record. Philip reminds her that they love each other, and that that counts for something.

Bo heads into the exam room. Hope tells him that she and Ciara were just talking about going home and curling up in bed with a good book. Bo agrees that that is a good idea. Lexie comes in just then, telling the two that Roman is getting ready to question Dean, and she figured the two would want to be there. She offers to stay with Ciara. Hope thanks her and the two head off. Outside, Bo and Hope greet Roman and Dean, and ask him what happened. Dean explains that he was getting ready to call for backup when he saw the male cover Ciara with a blanket and reach for a gun. He decided to burst in and take his chances. He knew the woman was there and probably armed, but all he was thinking about at that moment was keeping Ciara safe. Hope sighs, saying that Ciara must have been frightened badly.

Brady and Melanie meet in the park. Brady explains that he called her because he and Chloe need her help. Melanie jokes, asking if Chloe told him this herself, but Brady explains that Daniel did. Melanie rolls her eyes, saying that this just gets better and better. Brady says that he is serious and that Daniel just wants to save Chloe’s life. Melanie is sure Brady didn’t call her to ask her to pray for Chloe, so she wonders what she can do for him.

Kate huffs that she is Chloe’s mother-in-law, but Nathan says that no one is allowed to be in here except for him and the other staff. Kate sighs, saying she still can’t believe this happened to Chloe, and that she just comes here because Lucas is at such a loss without his wife. Nathan says he is sorry, but Kate says she knows that Lucas and Nathan talked. She thanks him for being supportive of Lucas. Nathan just wishes there were more he could do for Chloe, but Kate doesn’t think anyone can help her now. Surprised, Nathan asks Kate if she even wants Chloe to get better.

Stephanie thinks that her and Philip’s hearts are in the right places, but she still feels guilty, as if she is the reason he no longer has a relationship with his father. Philip assures her that this isn’t her fault. For one, he still has a relationship with his father, but it’s different. Secondly, he did this because he needed a change, not because of her. Stephanie reminds him that he didn’t feel this way at all until he met her, but Philip assures her that he has just finally grown up. He says that he realizes that it is going to take time for her to believe that, and that is ok with him.

Hope admits that was all rough to hear, but Bo says that he needed to know what their daughter went through. He asks worriedly if Hope is still angry with him, but she doesn’t want to talk about that right now. Bo admits that he doesn’t think the two kidnappers worked alone. Hope tells him that she just wants Ciara to forget what happened, and she doesn’t want her interrogated. Bo assures her he won’t do that, but he also wants to make sure their daughter is safe. For him, that is the most important thing. Hope agrees to talk about this later. Bo suddenly stumbles and catches himself on the desk of the nurse’s station. Hope exclaims.

Melanie reminds Brady that there are visiting hours at the hospital, and that he doesn’t need her help to get in, but Brady says he and Daniel need more private access than that, so Daniel can help Chloe. Melanie asks sarcastically if Daniel plans on helping her into the after-life. Brady assures Melanie that Daniel had nothing to do with Chloe’s poisoning, and that he can help her. They just need Melanie to steer them to the right person--someone who knows enough to take Daniel’s directions, but is low-profile enough so that no one will suspect anything. Melanie asks if he means an intern. Brady asks if she knows anyone who would help. Melanie thinks that she does.

Kate says that she wants Chloe to get better, of course, and they are all hoping for am miracle, but she has to be realistic for her son’s sake. Nathan doesn’t think it’s realistic it just give up, but Kate says she has to think of Lucas, and how it would be unfair to get his hopes up. She adds that she knows Nathan is young and naïve, and can’t contemplate that Chloe was the only one that Daniel hurt, but Lucas was hurt too. He trusted Chloe’s doctor, and look what Daniel did to both of them. Nathan doesn’t think Lucas is capable of making Chloe’s medical decisions, if he is as much a victim as Kate claims. Kate flatly tells Nathan to mind his own business and heads off.

Stephanie says that no matter how much she and Philip try to change, some things are out of their control. After all, you can send Romeo and Juliet to couples’ counseling, but that won’t make the Montagues like the Capulets. Philip thinks that Stephanie thinks too much. Stephanie reminds Philip that they may have children. How do they explain that Mommy isn’t allowed over at Grandpa’s house? Philip thinks his father would be over the moon about a grandchild, but Stephanie reminds him of what lengths Victor went to to get Chloe out of the picture. Philip sighs, saying that they shouldn’t let his father’s feelings get in the way of their relationship. Stephanie says it isn’t just his family--it’s hers too. Philip grumbles. Stephanie says it’s funny that they care so much about their families, because their two families don’t go together at all, yet they want to be together. Philip sighs.

Bo tries to convince Hope that he is fine, but she isn’t buying it. She insists that he gets checked out by Lexie before he leave. He protests, but Lexie comes over just then, and Hope explains what happened. She hustles Bo off for an exam. Hope heads over to Dean, thanking him again for what he did for Ciara. She asks if his arm hurts, and he ruefully admits it does, but he thanks God that that woman was a bad shot. Dean flashes back to shooting himself in the arm. Hope advises him to get counseling at the station, and Dean promises to do so. Roman comes back over. He tells Hope that nothing ties either of them to the kidnappers. Hope thinks that would be too easy. Roman sighs, saying he just wishes he knew for sure that this whole thing was over. Dean watches the two.

Daniel has a beer on the pier and fantasizes about kissing Chloe. He tells her that he would never consider doing this if he didn’t love her so much. She asks what he means, but he tells her that he can’t say. Chloe tells Daniel that she loves him and that she trusts him. The two kiss. Daniel comes back to the present ad swigs his beer, saying that a man has to do what a man has to do.

Philip thinks Stephanie would say anything to make sure the two of them don’t get back together. She admits that she is scared of getting hurt again, but she wasn’t being fair. If their families care for them, then they will accept that they love each other and want to be together. Stephanie thanks Philip for taking her here, since this is one of the first places they connected. She admits that she really does have hope for the two of them this time around. She feels like they are finally being honest, and that if they are honest, then they can get through anything. Philip flashes back to making love to Melanie. He nods, agreeing that perhaps she is right, and that honesty is the best policy.

At the park, Melanie talks to Nathan, telling him that he knows Daniel would never try to poison Chloe. Nathan sighs, saying he thought Melanie said this was a matter of life and death. She begs him to help Chloe. Nathan wonders if Melanie realizes what she is asking him to risk. She asks if he is saying he won’t do it. Nathan flashes back to Kate saying that no one can help Chloe now. Melanie begs Nathan to talk to Daniel at least, and Nathan agrees.

Kate and Daniel run into one another at the pier. He grins, saying he’s glad it’s just the two of them. She balks, saying that she can tell he has been drinking. Daniel leers, saying this this is meant to be.

Philip tells Stephanie that he needs to talk to her about something. First, he assures her that the past is in the past, and it’s over. If she will just give him a chance, then he will do whatever it takes to make her happy. He promises. Stephanie warns him not to make promises he can’t keep. Philip swears that he meant what he said.

Lexie tells Hope that Bo has a slight concussion, but he has agreed to come in for a thorough exam the next day. Bo heads off to collect Ciara and Hope sighs, worrying about Bo. Lexie assures her that he will be fine, and suggests she try not to worry so much. Bo comes over with Ciara, who is sleeping. She stirs in her sleep, calling out for Hope. Hope guesses she is having a nightmare. She and Bo head over to the elevators to take Ciara home. Roman wheels Dean over to Lexie, who writes him a prescription. Dean complains about wanting a cigarette. He clicks his lighter open and closed. Ciara hears it in her sleep and dreams about Dean clicking the lighter when she was bound and blindfolded at the hideout.


Brady asks Mia, “Is everything okay?” She replies, “No, not really.”

Rafe tells Arianna, “I gotta find him. I have to find out exactly what happened.”

Sami tells Nicole, “There's something wrong, and I have to find out what it is.”

Kate yells at Daniel, “I just have one question. Where's the wire?”

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