Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/26/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/26/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe barges into the DiMera mansion. Nicole tells him that she doesn’t have time for this, but Rafe demands that she make time. He asks if EJ is there, but Nicole says that he is out with Sydney. She wonders what could be so important that he felt the need to barge in here. Rafe tells Nicole that he is here to talk about her good friend Sami, and her baby that died.

Sami strolls the park as her phone rings. She answers, and Dr. Baker is on the other line. He greets her. She asks how he knows her real name and how he got her phone number, but Baker says that isn’t important. He claims that all she needs to know is that he has something important to say about Grace. Sami is surprised he is calling her after so much time has passed. Baker, shocked, guesses that Sami already knows then. Sami asks what he is talking about.

Outside the Cheatin’ Heart, Chad grabs Mia’s arm, telling her that he can’t let her get in the car with Kinsey. She misunderstands and snatches her arm away, saying that she would never go anywhere with him again after what happened the first time. Chad asks if she means when they had sex. Mia makes a face, saying that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Chas sighs, saying that she makes it sound as if something happened after they were together. He asks what it is.

In Kyle’s hotel room, Roman examines the map the kidnappers left behind with the circled locations. Hope sighs, saying she can’t imagine how scared Ciara must be. Bo tries to soothe her, but Hope explodes, reminding him that the kidnappers have no reason to keep their daughter alive, thanks to his news conference. She sighs, saying God only knows what they’ve done to her already.

In the tool shed/hideout, Kyle tells Brenda that he wants to take Ciara ,who is covered head to toe with a blanket, deep in the woods, where no one can find them. Brenda starts to protest as Dean comes in. Kyle demands to know where their stuff is, and Dean claims to have it in the car. He pulls a gun. Brenda and Kyle tell him he doesn’t have to do this, but Dean insists it has to be done. He aims the gun at Ciara. Brenda shrieks at him to stop as he pulls the trigger.

Rafe asks Nicole if he has upset her, but she just says she has a hard time talking about Grace. Rafe says he knows that he has questioned Nicole about this before, but he never really got a straight answer about her connection to Grace. Rafe says that he thinks he now knows why that is.

Baker backtracks, asking Sami what she meant when she asked him why he hadn’t called until now. Sami says it’s hard for her to talk about, but she honestly thought he was calling to offer his condolences for Grace. Shocked, Baker says he had no idea, but that he is sorry. Sami, suspicious, asks why he is calling if he didn’t know Grace had passed away.

Bo insists that they are making progress. Hope snaps that she doesn’t see Ciara anywhere around here. Bo assures Hope that the map they found will lead them straight to their daughter. Bo vows that they will find Ciara soon and get her home and away from those sick bastards that took her.

Kyle slumps to the ground, a bullet wound in his chest. Brenda rushes over and takes him in her arms. She sobs and calls his name as Kyle loses consciousness. Brenda gets up and rushes over to Dean, pounding on his chest and demanding to know why he killed her brother. Dean tells her there’s a new plan, and Kyle’s death kicks it all off.

Bo is on the phone, coordinating officers to check out two of the circled locations on the map while he, Roman, and Hope check out the third. Roman asks about Dean, who is out in the field, and Bo says that they will try to reach him on the way. Hope suggests they get a move on. Bo hangs up and agrees. The three head out of the hotel room.

Brenda calls Dean a murderer. He grabs her and tells her to shut up, as he doesn’t want the kid to hear her. He tries to convince Brenda that her brother was just a pawn, and had to be killed, but she refuses to accept it. She reminds Dean that his fingerprints are everywhere, and that he is never going to get away with this. Dean says he will, because he’s the cop. In fact, he wants Bo and Hope to find him. He’ll be considered a hero for taking a dirt bag like Kyle off the streets. Brenda scowls. Dean draws his gun again, saying it was really too bad Kyle wasn’t working alone. Scared, Brenda says that Dean wouldn’t dare. He aims the gun at her, saying that he liked her and all, but he likes this new plan even more, as it’s foolproof.

At the pub, Lucas and Will discuss how upset Caroline is about Ciara. Will admits that he is thinking of staying here tonight. Lucas is glad that he is so concerned, but says that he thought Will had a party to go to. Will says he went for a little while, but left because of Ciara. Lucas asks if Mia was there, but Will wonders why he cares, since he doesn’t like Mia. Lucas says it isn’t that he dislikes her; he just thinks that she carries around a lot of baggage for someone her age, and he doesn’t want to see Will get hurt. Will says that he won’t get hurt. He adds that he really likes Mia, and if Lucas doesn’t like it, then that is his problem. Lucas sighs.

Chad asks what Mia meant, and she reminds him that he left her and wanted nothing to do with her. Chad again insists that his parents shipped him off to that school, and that he had nothing to do with it. Kinsey pulls up, yelling at Mia to get in. Chad warns Mia that Kinsey has been drinking and shouldn’t be driving. Mia scoffs, wondering why he cares so much. Chad insists that he is still in love with her. He begs Mia to wait here, saying that he will drive her home. He heads back into the bar to grab his keys. Mia shakes her head and heads over to Kinsey’s car. Chad comes back just in time to see the two drive off. He shouts Mia’s name as tires screech in the distance. Chad hears a loud crash and darts off, calling Mia’s name.

Nicole sighs, reminding Rafe that she has told him several times that she feels connected to Grace because of Sydney. Rafe thinks it’s something more, and says that he believes Nicole really cares for Sami. Nicole admits she does, and Rafe wonders why Nicole didn’t just tell him that to begin with. Nicole didn’t think he would believe her. She admits that she and Sami haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but she would never wish what happened to Grace on her worst enemy. Rafe changes tactics, saying casually that he just came by to thank her for being such a good friend to Sami. Nicole retorts that Sami needs a good friend after what Rafe did to her.

Baker stammers, telling Sami that he is calling all of his former patients to tell them he has moved to the Dominican Republic. Sami says she has a question for him, but he pretends that someone is calling him and abruptly says that he has to go. He tells Sami once again that he is sorry about Grace and hangs up. Sami thanks him and hangs up, choking back tears. Baker smirks in his hotel room, wondering why Nicole didn’t tell him what happened. He says aloud that he can’t imagine how Sami would react if she knew that it was Mia’s daughter that died, and that her child was alive and well.

Brenda asks Dean if this was his plan all along--to get her and Kyle out of the way so he could keep the money for himself. Dean thinks his plan is actually going pretty well. Brenda asks him worriedly if money is really more important to him than her life. Dean says that this has never been about the money--that was just icing on the cake. Brenda doesn’t think that him being hell-bent on getting revenge on Hope is any way to live, but Dean snaps at her to mind her own business. Brenda changes tactics, and vows that she’ll be Dean’s partner in all this and that she will help him. Dean insists that he doesn’t need a partner. He claims that he is going to take Hope out all on his own, and that it’s too bad, but Brenda won’t be around to see it. Brenda panics.

Roman, Bo, and Hope enter the woods. Roman heads off in one direction, promising to try and find Dean. Hope shines her light around and finds fresh footprints. Bo says they look like a male and a female’s tracks. The two head off, following the footprints.

Brenda tries to convince Dean to run away to Canada with her and start a new life. He refuses, saying that they can’t leave the little kid here. Brenda tries to convince him, saying that she loves him and wants to run away with him. Dean reminds her that Bo and Hope could find the brat before they make it across the border. Brenda shakes her head, saying that they’ll just kill the kid before they leave.

Lucas counsels Will to really think about how well he knows Mia, reminding him that he had to yank the fact that she used to do drugs out of her. Lucas wonders what else Mia is hiding. Will asks angrily if Lucas is trying to compare Mia to Chloe. He explodes, saying that the two are nothing alike. Just then, Will gets a call from Tad. He hangs up worriedly, and Lucas asks him what has happened. Will explains that there’s been an accident, and that Mia is in the hospital. He rushes off as Lucas asks him to wait. Will ignores him.

Nicole lays into Rafe, saying that Sami loved him, and trusted him with her kids, and he just abandoned her. Rafe insists that that is none of her business. Nicole scoffs, suggesting that he just leave town. Rafe says that he has considered it, and Nicole advises him to follow his instincts. Jus then, Dr. Baker calls Nicole. She checks the caller ID on her phone and hesitates. On his end, Baker says that he had better answer. Rafe asks Nicole why she isn’t answering her phone.

At the hospital, Mia talks to an officer as Chad looks on. She explains that she was about to get into Kinsey’s car when she took off and crashed into the wall. The officer wonders how much her friend had had to drink and tells Mia she was very lucky. The passenger side of the vehicle was crushed, and if she had been in the car, she could have been killed. He heads off. Chad and Mia stare at one another.

Nicole tells Rafe that she really has to go. Her phone rings again. Rafe smirks, asking if it is the same person. He thinks it might be an emergency, and that Nicole should pick up--unless of course, she just doesn’t want to talk to the person. Nicole sighs and answers. Baker demands to know why she won’t pick up her phone. She says she is busy, but he ignores her, demanding to know why she didn’t tell him Grace died. Nicole asks how he knows that. Baker explains that he found it out from a poor, grieving mother--a mother that has no idea her real baby was stolen by Nicole. Nicole sweats.

Mia sobs, telling Chad that he stopped her from getting into Kinsey’s car. She throws herself in his arms, saying that he saved her life. Chad hugs her as Will heads over. He stares at the two.

Dean offers Brenda his gun, asking if she wants to kill the kid herself. She sighs, telling him that she jut wants to get out of here and start new lives together. She tells him she loves him and begs him to leave with her. Dean takes Brenda in his arms, saying that he loves her, too. He kisses her, and then shoots her. She gasps and slumps to the floor. Ciara twitches under the blanket. Dean stares at Ciara and sighs.

Bo and Hope hear a gunshot as they approach the hideout. Bo reports the gunshots to another officer on his walkie-talkie. The two hear another gunshot. Bo kicks the door down and he and Hope rush into the tool shed.

At the townhouse, Lucas and Sami pack Allie’s bags, as it appears she and Johnny are going overseas to visit Marlena. Sami coordinates the arrangements over the phone with Julie as Lucas grumbles about all the toys Allie is bringing. Sami hangs up and finishes packing Allie’s bag. She tells Lucas about the doctor that delivered Grace calling her to tell her he had moved. She adds that he didn’t know Grace had died, and Sami had to tell him. She sighs, saying that it just hasn’t gotten any easier since Grace died. Lucas reminds her that these things take time, and hat she has family to help her get through this. Sami adds that she has friends, too, saying that she and Nicole have gotten close lately. Lucas asks her if she has lost her mind.

Baker tells Nicole that he can’t believe she didn’t tell him about Grace, as he would have sent flowers. He adds that he would have sent them to Mia, since it was her daughter that died. Nicole insists that she can’t talk right now. Baker warns her that his price has gone up now that he knows this new tidbit of information. He hangs up. Nicole pretends he is someone named Joanna, and says she will have to discuss this with EJ. She hangs up, telling Rafe that a photographer wants them to upgrade some pictures that they had taken of Sydney. Rafe scoffs, saying that he doesn’t believe her.

Hope checks Kyle’s body, telling Bo that the tattoo matches. Dean is slumped in the corner, holding his bleeding arm. Hope asks where Ciara is. Bo notices her under the blanket and rushes over. Hope takes Ciara into her arms, checking her to make sure she is alright. She hugs her tightly, telling Bo that Ciara is fine. Bo assures Ciara that everything is going to be alright and asks Dean what the hell happened here. Dean groans.

Lucas jokingly asks Sami if it’s Armageddon, saying that Nicole must have an ulterior motive to want to be friends. Sami scoffs, reminding Lucas that his wife is friends with Nicole, too. She wonders if he gave Chloe a hard time about spending time with Nicole. Lucas angrily retorts that he doesn’t want to talk about either Nicole or Chloe. Sami asks if Lucas still has feelings for Chloe. He admits he does, but sometimes, love just isn’t enough. In fact, he was just having the same conversation with Will about Mia. Sami wonders why, since Mia is such a sweetheart, but Lucas warns Sami that Mia has a past. Sami hopes Lucas wasn’t giving Will a hard time, but Lucas claims that he just wants to protect Will. Lucas tells Sami that you have to have trust in a relationship or it just ends up in heartbreak. He asks Sami if that is what happened with her and Rafe. Sami sighs, saying that Lucas was right before. Sometimes love just isn’t enough.

Rafe tells Nicole to cut the act, and she admits that Sami was on the phone. She lied before because Sami is trying to get over Rafe, and she didn’t want her to know that Rafe was here. Rafe says sarcastically that Sami is lucky to have a friend like Nicole, and that he can leave town happy knowing that the two are bosom buddies. Nicole glares. Rafe chuckles, saying the two should have been friends long before, since they share a child. Nicole asks what he means, and Rafe reminds her that they practically share Johnny. Nicole glares, asking if he is trying to say that she wants to come between Johnny and his mother. Rafe ignores her, picking up a picture of Johnny, and saying that he really looks a lot like Sami. Nicole snatches the picture from him and turns to put it back on the table. Rafe uses the opportunity to steal Nicole’s phone and put it in his pocket.

Mia and Chad stammer when they notice Will. He explains that Tad told him everything, and that he knows Chad stopped Mia from getting into the car with Kinsey. Chad says he shouldn’t have let Kinsey get into that car, either, but Mia asks him not to be so hard on himself, since he was really only worried about her, and not Kinsey. Chad says that that was wrong of him. Luckily, Kinsey is fine, and is just suffering from whiplash. And of course, Mia is alright, which is what is most important to him. Will thanks Chad for what he did for Mia, telling Chad that he owes him.

Dean groans, asking how Ciara is. Hope says she is fine, and asks Dean why he didn’t call for backup. He explains that he found Ciara’s ribbon outside. When he came in to investigate, a guy pulled a gun on him. He shot him, and then a woman came out of nowhere and shot him in the arm. He shot her, too, and then Bo and Hope burst in. He says he is sorry, but he was worried about Ciara. Bo says it’s alright, and that he just did what he had to. Dean flashes back to planting two guns on the dead bodies shortly after shooting Brenda. Then, he shoots himself in the arm with the gun he put in Brenda’s hand. He groans and slumps to the floor as Bo and Hope burst in. Hope interrupts his reverie, wondering how they can ever repay him. Dean claims he was just doing his job, but Bo says he went above and beyond here. Dean says he is just glad this nightmare is over. Suddenly, he notices Kyle’s fingers twitching.

Lucas says he is sorry things didn’t work out with Sami and Rafe. He guesses that he and Sami are on the same boat. Sami sighs, saying that is why she needs a female friend. Lucas isn’t so sure she should choose Nicole. Sami says she believes people can change, but Lucas isn’t sure they can change that much. Sami admits that he sounds like Rafe, who also advised her against being friends with Nicole. Lucas thinks that Sami ought to listen to Rafe, since it seems like he cares for her. Sami scoffs, saying he doesn’t care for her that much. He had secrets, and he didn’t love her enough to tell her the truth about them. Sami sighs.

Rafe tells Nicole abruptly that he has to go, but thanks her again for being such a good friend to Sami. He asks her to take it easy and heads off, all smiles. Nicole shuts the door behind him and looks on the table for her phone, which is gone. Nicole wonders where it could be.

Chad visits with Kinsey in her room. She groans, saying that her parents are going to kill her, not to mention that she basically committed social suicide. Chad lays into her for only caring about her reputation when she could have killed Mia. Kinsey huffs, saying she is tired of hearing about Mia. She reminds Chad viciously that Mia couldn’t care less about him. Chad starts to call her a name, but stops himself. Kinsey guesses that he feels sorry for her what with this brace around her neck, but Chad claims that he doesn’t feel sorry for her at all. At any rate, he is sure that Mia isn’t over him. He admits to Kinsey that something happened between them before Will showed up.

Outside, Will asks Mia if she is alright, and if he should call Maggie for her. Mia claims she is ok, but admits that she is upset that she couldn’t tell that Kinsey was so drunk. Will just think she needs to talk this out with someone, but Mia says that is what her computer is for. Will asks her if she has a journal or something and Mia nods, saying that it’s sometimes easier for her to write her thoughts and feelings down instead of talking about them.

Bo asks Dean if he has checked Kyle’s pulse. Bo kneels down beside Kyle. Ciara, who is standing in the doorway with Hope, screams at Bo to stop. Kyle sits up and grabs a board. He knocks Bo to the floor with it. Dean grabs Kyle in a chokehold. Kyle wheezes, saying that he wasn’t working alone. Dean squeezes tighter. Kyle exhales and slumps to the floor. Bo sits up and scrambles over to the body, checking Kyle’s pulse. He tells Hope and Dean that Kyle is dead.

Sami sees Allie and Lucas out the door, asking Allie to be good for her grandmother. She heads back inside and sighs, wondering why Baker called her to tell her he moved. He only delivered Grace, and he wasn’t even supposed to know her real name. Sami wonders why Baker really called her.

Nicole hunts around for her phone. She flashes back to putting her phone down next to Rafe when she took the picture of Johnny from him. Nicole panics.

Rafe sits at the pub and hooks Nicole’s phone up to a laptop. He checks her caller ID and finds the last number that called her was from the Dominican Republic. Rafe guesses that Baker is there, and says that eh just needs an address. Then he can finally learn the connection between Baker, Nicole and Grace.

Police officers fill the tool shed. Bo sends a couple of them off to call the coroner and state police. He fills Roman in on Kyle’s dying words, saying that he could have been talking about the woman when he mentioned an accomplice. Roman tells Dean that the paramedics are on their way, and he and Bo praise Dean for his heroic actions. He thanks them and heads outside, where Hope is standing with Ciara. She urges Ciara to thank Dean, as he is the man that rescued her. Ciara says he isn’t, actually.


Brady says, “What you're asking me to do--” Daniel interrupts, “Is to help save a life.”

Kate smirks at Chloe, “There's no one left to help you. You're gonna be lying here all alone.”

Nathan asks Melanie, “Now what about Philip and Stephanie?” She replies, “They're probably gonna get back together.”

Stephanie tells Philip, “We don't exactly have the best track record, you know?” He replies, “But we love each other. That counts for something.”

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