Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/25/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/25/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Outside the pub, Sami talks with Nicole on the phone, thanking her for all she has done, and promising to pick the twins up the next morning for their swim class. Sami adds that she appreciates the way Nicole has been there for her and hangs up. Rafe, who has come up behind Sami, asks if she and Nicole are best friends all of a sudden. Sami snaps, asking if she isn’t allowed to have friends now. Rafe reminds her how much she has always hated Nicole. Sami asks him angrily if he has a problem with Nicole or if he’s suspicious of her or something.

At the hospital, Nicole’s phone rings. She checks the caller ID and groans, muttering to herself that Dr. Baker needs to leave a message.

At his hotel room on a tropical island, Dr. Baker complies and leaves Nicole a message, telling her that this is her last chance. Either she wires him the money, or he calls Sami and tells her everything--not to mention Nicole’s husband. Baker wonders how he will feel when he learns Nicole isn’t even remotely related to Sydney.

Nicole sees that Baker has left her a message. She smiles and shakes her head, telling herself that Baker is out of luck and out of money. She decides to just let Stefano deal with him. Just then, EJ comes over with Sydney. Nicole asks if she’s had her footprint made and EJ nods, saying that the DNA testing is complete for himself, Sydney, and Nicole. He asks Nicole flatly why she didn’t just tell him the truth. Nicole panics.

In the park, Hope lays into Bo for not paying the ransom and for turning this whole mess into a war between them and the kidnappers, with their little girl in the middle. Hope says that if something happens to Ciara, the blood will be on both of their hands, and that she will never forgive Bo. Bo tells Hope quietly that he fully believes that if they had paid that ransom, Ciara would have died. He sighs, telling Hope that he needs her on his side. He adds that if they don’t operate as a team and work together, then there is no way home for their little girl.

In the tool shed/hideout, Dean, alone with Ciara, stokes the little girl’s hair. She jerks away. He guesses she doesn’t like that. He surveys her headphones and blindfold, knowing that she can’t hear him or see him. He decides to go ahead and let her know that this is all going to be over soon anyway.

Will approaches Mia at the Cheatin’ Heart. Chad, who is playing his and Mia’s song, glares. Mia says she thought Will couldn’t come, but Will says he just stopped by and that he can’t stay. She says she is sorry to hear about what happened to his cousin and asks if she can do anything. Will says he can’t do much to help himself. He’s just been sticking close by his grandmother and running errands for her. Mia asks if Will can stay long enough for one dance. Will agrees and the two move to the dance floor. Chad watches angrily.

Nicole tells EJ worriedly that she doesn’t know what he means. EJ explains that according to her tests, she’s in perfect health, and she’s going to live for a long time. Nicole laughs nervously, and EJ tells her he hopes she is now grateful that he did these tests. He explains that it helps him to know that Sydney is never going to be taken away from them. Nicole gulps.

Rafe tells Sami that he thinks she should just be a little more cautious, since she used to hate Nicole’s guts and talk about how awful she was. Sami tells him that this has all happened because of Grace and the fact that losing her changed everything. Rafe still thinks it’s weird that the two are friends. Sami explodes, saying that Nicole has turned out to be a better friend than he did. Rafe scoffs, but admits he doesn’t have a right to interfere in Sami’s life anymore. She nods, retorting that he isn’t her friend, her lover, or her hero. She adds that she would appreciate it if he just stayed out of her life. She storms off. Rafe sighs.

At the station, Roman talks to Julie over the phone and promises to tell Bo and Hope that she and Doug are sending their thoughts and prayers. Just then, Lexie and Abe come in with Theo. Roman hangs up and greets the three. Theo yells, “Angel!” Roman admits he has been trying to think what Theo might have meant when he told them he had last seen Ciara with an angel. He admits he hasn’t had much luck figuring it out, and Abe and Lexie agree they haven’t either. Roman kneels down and tells Theo that Ciara needs his help. He asks Ciara exactly what he meant by saying that he saw Ciara with an angel.

Bo thinks that he and Hope have to be united or they’re going to have a rough time, but Hope doesn’t think it’s fair that she’s just expected to go along with all of his decisions. Bo again insists that he is doing what he thinks is best for their daughter, and adds that he doesn’t want to lose Hope, even though he has lost her trust. Hope retorts that the kidnappers now have no reason to talk to them or keep their daughter alive now that they know Bo isn’t going to hand over the money. Bo begs Hope to hang on a little longer and promises that things will fall into place. He asks Hope if she can find it in her heart to stick with him on this. She says she can’t. Bo sighs.

Dean fiddles with one of Ciara’s hair ribbons. Brenda and Kyle walk in. Brenda demands to know what Dean is doing.

Chad watches Mia and Will dance. Tad comes back in and notes that the song that’s playing wasn’t on his play list for the night. Chad glares at Will and Mia, saying that it is now.

Rafe heads into the pub and greets Arianna. She notes that he looks like hell and asks what happened. Rafe explains that he ran into Sami and questioned the fact that she was friends with Nicole. She basically told him to go to hell. Arianna says she is sorry, but Rafe admits that it is his fault, since he was the one that walked out on her. Arianna thinks Sami does have a right to know what is going on with Nicole. Rafe agrees, saying he wishes he could figure out what happened. Rafe pulls out some brochures and tells Arianna he found them in a desk at the clinic. Arianna notes that they are travel brochures for the Caribbean. She asks Rafe if he thinks Baker might be there. Rafe says it’s probable, but there’s no telling what island he went to.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole comes downstairs and wraps her arms around EJ, telling him that Sydney is asleep, and that she also thinks they should try going to bed early. She kisses EJ. He asks if she is making a proposition and she nods, kissing him some more. EJ explains that he has a surprise for Nicole. She hopes it’s a good one, and EJ says that it is. He admits that now that he knows Sydney and his father are in good health, and now that he and Nicole are back on track, he was hoping they could finally go on their honeymoon. Nicole throws her arms around EJ, saying that she thinks it’s a wonderful idea. He pulls out a few brochures for the Caribbean, asking Nicole what she thinks of going there. Nicole flatly refuses.

Roman tries to get Theo to tell him where the angel was. Theo tugs on Abe’s arm and yells ‘angel’ again. Lexie thinks it’s time to go home, but Theo shrieks, tugging on Abe’s arm. Lexie patiently asks him if he saw the angel on his daddy’s arm. A light bulb goes on for Roman, who thinks he understand what Theo is trying to say. He asks Theo if he saw an angel on the kidnapper’s arm. Theo nods vehemently. Roman grins, telling Abe and Lexie that it looks like their perp has a tattoo.

Dean takes Ciara’s hair ribbon and hides it in his pocket. He tells Brenda and Kyle that he was just making sure the girl’s bonds were secure, and asks why they are back so soon. Brenda and Kyle explain that there are police checkpoints everywhere. When they saw that, they turned around and came back here as fast as they could. Brenda admits she is scared. They’re all going down if they make just one mistake. Kyle nods, saying that five million bucks buys a lot of eyes looking for them. Dean tells the two to relax, and that he has it all under control, but Brenda thinks it’s time to call it quits and get the hell out.

Sami strolls through the park. She sits down on a bench and flashes back to her and Rafe’s last moments with Grace. Sami cries quietly.

Nicole tells EJ that she just doesn’t want to go to the Caribbean. She claims that it is too cliché, and that everyone goes there these days for their honeymoon. EJ disagrees. Nicole stammers, saying there are too many hurricanes. EJ says that they can always fly out of there, as there is usually some kind of warning, but Nicole counters, saying that the airports would be slammed if a hurricane came. EJ reminds her they have a private plane and asks her suspiciously why she is refusing to go to the Caribbean. Nicole sweats.

Dr. Baker tries to call Nicole again. He tells himself that she had better pick up this time, or he is going to bring her down.

Theo, Abe, and Lexie sit in an interrogation room, flipping through a book of convicted criminals and their tattoos. They are nearly through the book when Theo goes wild, pointing to one of the tattoos. Bo and Hope head in just in time to see Theo pointing out the picture of the angel.

Dean gets a call and hangs up. He informs Kyle that some kid has a tip about his tattoo. Kyle and Brenda groan. Dean tells the two that the whole deal is off now, and they need to all split up and leave town. He tells Brenda and Kyle that he will go to their hotel room, pretending to look for Ciara. He’ll pack their things and be back here in an hour. Brenda asks what happens then, and Kyle reminds Dean that they don’t have the money to go to different cities like they had planned. Dean tells the two that he has a plan to make this all happen and asks them to sit tight. Brenda asks what they do about the kid, and Dean says they have no choice. He glares, saying that Hope Brady is going to be sorry she didn’t hand over that money when she had the chance.

Nicole tells EJ that she just wants to be able to take Sydney somewhere she can protect her. EJ guesses that Hawaii and California are out because of the earthquakes and volcanoes. Nicole nods, saying she won’t be skiing either, since there could be an avalanche. She suggests Paris. EJ jokes that the Seine could flood, but Nicole says glibly that they’ll just climb the Eiffel Tower. EJ agrees and Nicole hugs him, saying she can’t believe she talked him into changing their honeymoon. EJ says he thinks he can deal with Paris, and the two kiss. Just then, Sydney wails. Nicole wonders when she is ever going to start sleeping through the night. EJ offers to go take her for a walk in her stroller, since that seems to put her to sleep. Nicole thanks him and he heads off. Nicole squeals over all of the shoes she will buy in Paris. She picks up the brochures from the Caribbean and frowns.

Arianna asks Rafe if he has planned out what he will say to Sami should he find any evidence Nicole did something to Grace. Rafe asks what she means, and Arianna admits she thinks it’s a double loss for Rafe, since Sami isn’t exactly going to thank him for the information. Rafe asks angrily if she thinks Sami doesn’t deserve the truth. Arianna sighs, saying she just thinks Rafe should let this go and save himself and Sami a lot of pain.

Kinsey stumbles into the bar and over to Chad, asking him if the song playing is his song with Mia. Chad grumbles. The two watch as Will moves in to kiss Mia. She pushes him away. Kinsey exclaims, saying that this is good news, since Mia either doesn’t want Chad to see her kissing Will, or she doesn’t like Will enough to kiss him in front of other people. Kinsey tells Chad that she has something to make him feel better and pulls out a flask. Chad accuses her of smelling like a bar. Kinsey glares and swigs from the flask. Near the bar, Mia apologizes to Will for pulling away, saying that there are too many people here, and that she doesn’t want to kiss him in front of them. Will says he understands and tell Mia that he has to get back to the pub anyway. She asks him to call her later, and tells him she is glad he showed up for one dance. Will says he is, too and heads off. Chad and Kinsey stare at Mia. She catches sight of them and stares back.

Sami tries to get hold of herself as EJ heads over with Sydney. He explains the baby had trouble sleeping and asks Sami if anything is wrong. She claims she is fine, but EJ tells her he heard about her and Rafe breaking up, and says that he is just concerned for Johnny. Sami whirls around furiously, saying that EJ doesn’t care how Johnny feels, and that he only cares about what he feels himself. She accuses EJ of being thrilled that she and Rafe broke up.

Rafe tells Arianna that he has come this far, and that he has no intention on giving up now. He has known that Nicole is dangerous since the first moment he met her, but the problem is that she is smart, and that he can’t seem to figure out what she is up to. Arianna knows he can’t ask EJ any questions, and Baker is gone. She wonders if there is another receptionist or nurse that knows something. Rafe gets an idea, saying there was someone else there that night that might have the answers he needs.

Chad heads over to Mia, telling her that it hurt him when she danced with Will while their song was playing. She reminds him that they aren’t together anymore. Chad sighs, saying her that his parents shipped him off to boarding school. He wonders if things would have been different if he hadn’t had to leave. Her asks Mia if he did anything to hurt her. If it was his fault they broke up, he’d do anything to make it up to her--anything.

Dean rifles through Brenda and Kyle’s hotel room. He finds Brenda’s wallet and removes a couple of pictures of the two of them together. He grins, saying it’s as if he never existed. He heads out the door.

Hope works at the computer as Bo and Roman discuss the fact they’ve only hit dead ends talking to tattoo artists and the state police about the man with the angel tattoo. Hope gasps. Bo and Roman ask if she’s found something. Hope panics, “OMG!”

Sami knows that EJ never thought Rafe was a good choice, and she is sure that he wants to gloat. EJ agrees that Rafe was a poor choice, but he has no intention of gloating. He reminds Sami that she can’t expect him to be upset about this man being out of his son’s life when he lied to him about his daughter. Sami says angrily that he has gotten his wish, and adds that she wouldn’t be surprised if EJ somehow had something to do with Rafe leaving her. EJ scoffs, saying that that is ridiculous. He adds that Sami doesn’t need any of his help to alienate a man. Sami replies that EJ has his revenge now. She’s lost everything, and he has a beautiful daughter and a perfect wife. EJ says his family isn’t to blame for her personal shortcomings. EJ suggests that Sami start taking responsibility for her own life. Sami retorts that EJ needs to admit that he is just glad that Rafe is gone because now she is free.

Rafe gets off the phone, disappointed, and tells Arianna that he was trying to reach Sister Teresa to get some information, but she is out of town on a retreat. Arianna asks if Rafe is going to wait for her to come back to town, but Rafe says that he is just going to keep digging until he finds out what he needs to know. Arianna says he can’t get any help from Sami, EJ, or the nurse, but Rafe says that still leaves Nicole and Baker. Arianna knows that Nicole won’t help him, so she suggests that he try to find Baker. Rafe says he knows of someone that knows exactly where Baker is.

Mia tells Chad that she would rather not talk about their past, but Chad tells her that he still loves her. Just then, he gets a call from his mom and heads off to answer it. Mia tells Tad, who is standing nearby, that she is leaving, since Will is already gone. Kinsey approaches, saying she was leaving as well, and asks Mia if she wants a ride. Mia agrees and thanks her. The two head off. Chad comes back and asks Tad where Mia went. When he explains she’s getting a ride home from Kinsey, Chad panics. He rushes out of the bar and grabs Mia’s arm, begging her not to do this.

Hope, in a panic, tells Roman and Bo that the tattoo matches to a man named Kyle Simmons. He’s registered at a hotel in town. Roman asks if there is anything that indicates that he might be their guy, and Hope says that he is a registered sex offender. Bo tells her to hang in there and rushes off. A tear rolls down Hope’s cheek.

Brenda covers Ciara with a blanket as Kyle panics, wondering why Dean isn’t back yet. Brenda tries to reassure him that Dean will be back soon, but Kyle worries that someone may find them while he is gone. He suggests that he take Ciara into the woods where no one can find them. Brenda is taken aback.

EJ says he couldn’t care less that Sami is free, saying that he has a wonderful life and a wonderful wife. In fact, they are about to finally go on their honeymoon. Sami scoffs, asking if EJ is trying to convince him or herself. EJ claims that he isn’t trying to convince anyone--what he said was the truth. He heads off with Sydney. Just then, Sami gets a call from Dr. Baker. He calls her Colleen and asks if she remembers him.

The bell rings at the mansion, and Nicole answers. Rafe is at the door, saying that they need to talk. She says that she doesn’t have time right now, but Rafe insists that she make time, since this is important.

Bo, Hope and Roman search Kyle and Brenda’s room. Hope finds Brenda’s clothes and tells the two a woman is definitely involved. Roman finds the article about Hope’s donation in the newspaper. He thinks this proves that the kidnappers were here. Bo finds a map of the woods across the street with three areas circled. Hope gasps, saying Ciara has got to be right around here somewhere. Bo nods.

Brenda asks where Kyle is going to take Ciara, but before he can answer, Dean bursts in. Kyle ask where their stuff is, and Dean claims he left it in the car. Brenda asks what happens to the kid now. Dean pulls out his gun. Brenda and Kyle don’t think this is a good idea, but Dean claims it has to be done. Brenda, seeing that he is serious, shrieks at Dean to stop as he points the gun at Ciara and pulls the trigger.


Mia yells at Chad, “Oh, my God! You think if I got with you-- no, never again. Not after what happened the first time.”

Lucas asks Sami, “Nicole is your friend?” She replies, “Yeah.” He scoffs, “Sami, what are you thinking?”

Nicole tells Rafe, “Sami trusted you. And what did you do to her? You abandoned her.”

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