Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/24/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/24/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Nicole holds Sydney in an examination room as Maxine prepares to draw blood. Nicole worries that Sydney is going to be tortured, but Maxine assures her that it won’t be that bad. She suggests that Nicole wait outside, since in her experience, babies are less stressed when the mother leaves the room. Nicole reluctantly agrees and hands Sydney over to Maxine. Sydney shrieks as the nurse tries to comfort her. Nicole heads outside and sighs, saying to herself that Stefano had better come through for her. Just then, Stefano walks up behind her, asking her when he has ever let her down before. Nicole scoffs.

At Dr. Baker’s clinic, Rafe shows a former nurse, Sarah, a picture of Nicole, asking if she recognizes her. The woman shakes her head, saying she doesn’t connect that woman with the British guy she saw. Rafe thanks her and starts to put his phone away, but Sarah catches sight of a picture of Sami, telling Rafe that she was the one that came to the clinic the night the British guy was here. Rafe thinks the woman must have her dates mixed up, but Sarah shakes her head, saying she knows he and Sami were here the same night. She remembers her giving birth to a baby girl. She doesn’t understand what Sami giving birth here has to do with Rafe’s friend Nicole. Rafe tells her that that is what he is trying to find out.

At the police station, Bo takes Hope’s hand in his, vowing that they will work together from now on. She worries what will happen if they lose Ciara the way they lost Zach, but Bo assures her that they are going to get their little girl back. Hope wishes she could believe that, reminding Bo that all of his visions don’t come true. All she knows is that they need to do something to get their daughter back. Bo tells Hope that the second those kidnappers get the ransom, they’ll no longer have any reason to keep Ciara alive. Hope thinks that the opposite is true--that they’ll have no reason to keep Ciara alive if they don’t get the money. Bo vows that they won’t lose their daughter, and that he won’t lose Hope, either.

In the tool shed/hideout, Ciara lies bound and blindfolded as the three kidnappers argue. Kyle exclaims that the only reason they need a new plan is because Dean’s old plan blew up in their faces. Dean asks him angrily if he wants to cut and run after all of the work they have done. Brenda tries to smooth things over, saying that her brother is just worried. Kyle says the five million they asked for isn’t a ransom--it’s a reward for whoever will turn them in, so now they’re targets. Dean explains to Kyle and Brenda that Bo thinks he is calling the shots, so they have to find his weakness and go around him. Brenda asks what Bo’s weakness. Dean says it’s Hope, Bo’s wife. He tells the two that he is going to use her to make Bo change his mind.

Hope asks Bo if this means that he will agree to drop the ransom. She thinks they can probably get in touch with the kidnappers and let them know they made a mistake, and will hand over the money. Bo refuses to hand over the only leverage they have and hope those bastards do the right thing. Hope, in a panic, tells Bo that this isn’t a game. This is their daughter’s life. Bo says he knows that. Hope shrieks, reminding Bo that they kidnappers told them they’d kill Ciara. Bo says they won’t kill her if they get to the kidnappers first--and that is exactly what Bo plans to do.

Will stands outside the pub and apologizes to someone over the phone. Tad walks over, saying he got Will’s message. He asks what’s going on, and Will tells Tad that he won’t be able to make the party tonight. Tad is shocked, since Will organized the entire thing, but Will explains that his cousin is missing and that his whole family is freaking out. Tad says he is sorry. Will starts to ask him to do something, but Chad walks over, having overheard their conversation. He tells Will that he’d gladly step in and help with anything. Will tells him that his help isn’t needed and heads off. Chad grins, wondering what Mia is going to do for company since Will isn’t attending the party.

In his hotel room on a tropical island, Dr. Baker paces around worriedly, telling someone over the phone that he can’t possibly get a couple hundred grand at this hour. He starts to say something else, but the person hangs up on him. Baker sweats.

Stefano tells Nicole that there is no way anyone will learn that she isn’t Sydney’s biological mother, but Nicole worries that they’re taking too big of a risk with this DNA test. Stefano promises her that no one will learn the truth--not this hospital, not Rafe, and especially not Sami. Stefano’s phone rings and he heads off to take the call. Nicole vows to herself that she won’t lose her baby. Mia walks over just then, asking her worriedly if something is wrong with Sydney.

Rafe has Sarah check the files to see if Sami was scheduled to be here the same day Nicole had her baby. She does so, but tells Rafe that Sami isn’t listed as a patient. She thinks it’s odd, but notes that Baker kept odd hours and didn’t always keep records. She thinks he was probably trying to save on taxes or something. Rafe finds it odd that Sarah doesn’t recognize Nicole, but Nicole is in the records here and Sami isn’t. Sarah says she is sorry, but she has to go. She suggests that Rafe ask Sami and Nicole what happened if he wants the whole story. She heads off. Rafe tells himself that he may just have to do that.

Rafe heads into the pub and over to a table. Arianna joins him, asking him if he learned any information. Rafe explains that he met a nurse who helped him look into the clinic’s files. Almost everything was deleted, but he did learn that Nicole gave birth on the 28th of January. The problem is that the nurse doesn’t remember her, and she was assisting the doctor that night. Rafe adds that EJ was also there that night. Arianna asks how the nurse remembers all this and Rafe says it’s because she recalls Sami’s delivery. Arianna reminds Rafe that he already knew Sami gave birth there that night. Rafe agrees, but says he had no idea EJ was also there. Not only is it miraculous that Nicole and Sami both gave birth there the same night, it’s odd that they didn’t run into each other, since it’s a small place. Arianna says that something isn’t adding up. Rafe agrees.

Nicole assures Mia that Sydney is fine and explains that they are all just here getting blood work done. Mia doesn’t understand, and Nicole sighs, saying that EJ has just been overly cautious lately, so he wants some DNA tests done to make sure Sydney is healthy. Mia panics, but Nicole assures her she has everything under control, and that the tests will show that she is Sydney’s mother and that EJ is her father. Mia reminds her that DNA doesn’t lie, but Nicole says someone still has to interpret the test results. Mia can’t believe that Nicole expects this person to lie for her. Mia wonders why Nicole didn’t just call her. She could have given her blood, and then the test results would have matched, and the right information would be on file if it was needed. Nicole asks Mia not to do this right now, reminding her that she gave up the right to make decisions when she gave Sydney up. She adds that Mia didn’t even want to hold Sydney, and that she never really connected with her. Mia says that there is a reason for that.

An officer and Justin head into the interrogation room to let Bo know that the TV guys are ready. Bo asks Hope if she is with him on this, but she says she isn’t. Justin wishes him luck and Bo and the officer head off. Justin asks Hope if she is alright, but she says that Bo going on the air like this is just going to put Ciara in more danger. She sobs, saying she isn’t alright at all.

Kyle reminds Dean angrily that Bo is the commissioner of police. He isn’t going to let his wife talk him into anything. Dean tells Kyle that their plan will work, and that no one is going anywhere until he says so. Brenda also worries about getting the ransom, but Dean assures her that Hope will change Bo’s mind.

Hope tells Justin tearfully that she told Bo the kidnapper would take it out on Ciara if they go public, but he wouldn’t listen to her. Justin is sure Bo is just doing what he thinks is right. Hope says she knows Bo thinks he is right, but he isn’t. He’s very wrong.

Bo goes on air in the main room of the station, telling the television audience that his daughter has been kidnapped. Bo explains that he is offering a five million dollar reward for anyone that assists in her safe return. Bo adds that the people that did this belong in prison. He pleads into the camera, begging someone to help him find his daughter. Hope walks in just then and listens, frowning.

The kidnappers watch Bo’s broadcast on the computer. He begs the audience to report anything suspicious to the police, and not to try to check anything out on their own.

As Hope looks on, Bo reiterates his promise to give the five million dollars to anyone that has information on Ciara’s whereabouts. Bo says that she will most likely be in the company of two adults. He tells the audience that the money was intended as a ransom, but it’s now being offered as a reward. The kidnappers watch the proceedings on their computer. Kyle paces worriedly. Meanwhile, Hope frowns. Bo adds that he isn’t the only one asking for help. He asks Hope to join him. Glaring, she walks in front of the camera. She quietly speaks, saying she hopes someone will help them find their little girl.

Arianna tells Rafe that the reason why Sami’s name wasn’t listed in the clinic’s files is probably because she used an alias. Rafe says he has already thought of that, and besides, he already knows that Sami gave birth at the clinic that night. Arianna asks if he is just worried about Nicole and Rafe nods. Arianna guesses that she might not have given birth there, since the nurse didn’t recognize her, but Rafe reminds her that Sarah said EJ showed up that night. Rafe thinks Nicole lied and told EJ she gave birth there. Arianna wonders why Nicole would do that and Rafe says he thinks Nicole found out Sami was giving birth and showed up to do something. Arianna asks what she would do, but Rafe isn’t sure. All he knows is that Nicole doesn’t want anyone to find out what it is.

Mia sobs, telling Nicole that she purposely kept away from Sydney. She had a very strong bond with Grace, and she just baby-sat a few times. She was worried that if she got close to Sydney, it would just make it harder to let go. Nicole commends her for acting so unselfishly. Mia interrupts, telling Nicole that even thought she let her daughter go, that doesn’t mean she can’t care about her welfare. She adds that Nicole’s big idea to get someone to rig the DNA test results is stupid. Nicole asks her to keep her voice down. Mia practically hisses at Nicole, wondering what will happen if Sydney gets sick like Grace did. She begs Nicole to let her give blood so the hospital can have the right information. Nicole tells Mia that she has everything under control. She asks Mia to let her do this her way, and to just keep her distance. Mia bursts into tears and rushes off. Nicole sighs, wondering if this day could get any worse. Just then, Dr. Baker calls. Nicole answers with a groan, asking what he wants. Baker tells Nicole that he is just giving her a courtesy call before he calls Sami to let her know exactly what happened at the clinic that night.

Mia sits in the park and types away on her laptop, writing in her journal. She wonders how she could ever think she’d be a good mom to Sydney. She writes that she needs to just listen to Nicole and stay away. She adds that she wants to be with Will, but she knows things would be over between them if he found out about the baby. She remembers the last time she had stupid feelings like this for a guy. Mia flashes back to opening her locker and finding a mp3 player inside. A note on it tells her to push play. She does so, and a romantic pop song begins playing. Chad comes up behind her and kisses her softly. Mia beams. She comes back to the present with a sigh, typing that she knows she should hate Chad after he left her and she had to have their baby on her own. She admits that she wishes she could hate him, but she doesn’t.

Rafe tells Arianna that he suspects that Nicole went to the clinic to do something to Grace. He thinks she somehow knew that Grace was Sami’s child with EJ, and she wanted to eliminate the competition. Arianna disagrees, saying that that is pretty cold, even for Nicole. Besides, she and Sami are kind of friends now. Rafe thinks Nicole is feeling guilty and is trying to soothe her conscience. He reminds Arianna that Nicole was a total basket case any time Grace was brought up. Rafe is sure she is guilty of something since she seemed to blame herself for Grace’s death. Arianna says she might be, but the idea that she would hurt a little baby is a stretch. Rafe says he wouldn’t put anything past Nicole.

Nicole tells Baker that she doubts Sami would believe his fantastic story about a baby switch, especially since she and Sami are friends now and Sami trusts her. Baker chuckles, saying that no one trusts her. Nicole angrily reminds him that he promised to let her alone after she paid him the hundred grand he wanted. Baker tells her that the money is all gone. He paid off his debts and doubled the twenty grand that was left over, but now he’s in the hole anther two hundred grand. Nicole curses, saying she can’t believe this. Baker tells her that the guys coming to hurt him will believe it whether she does or not. He asks if she will hand over the money, or if he is going to have to call Sami. Nicole reminds him that he will go to prison, too, but Baker thinks three square meals a day and no broken bones sounds like a pretty good deal. Nicole says she will have to call him back and hangs up. She sighs, reassuring herself that Baker won’t say a word to Sami or anyone else.

Arianna tells Rafe that she hates to be blunt, but he has no evidence that Nicole did anything to Grace. Rafe insists that Nicole was up to something, and that he won’t give up until he figures out what that is. Arianna reminds him that the DiMeras won’t like the fact that Rafe is poking around in Nicole’s life, but he says that he doesn’t care. Arianna asks him if he is doing this for Grace and for Sami. Rafe nods. Arianna reminds him things are over between him and Sami, but Rafe says that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love Sami.

Nicole comforts Sydney as Maxine comes back over, saying they’d like to get a footprint of Sydney for their records since she wasn’t born here. Nicole reluctantly agrees and hands a squalling Sydney back over to Maxine. The nurse heads off with her. Stefano comes over, telling Nicole that the tests are complete, and that now, she and Elvis are forever tied to Sydney through her DNA. Nicole thanks him distractedly. He asks what is wrong, and she tells him about Baker calling. Stefano, furious, wonders what that swine wants now. Nicole says that he is demanding two hundred grand, or he’ll tell Sami everything. Stefano mutters. Nicole sighs.

Hope storms back into the interrogation room, calling Bo an SOB for forcing her on camera like that. Bo claims he didn’t, but she reminds him angrily that he called her name on air. What was she supposed to do, tell him to go to hell? Hope thinks that she should have told the audience that she wanted no part in this, and that her husband is wrong to think this plea will make those bastards give their daughter back. She flies into a rage, screaming at Bo that his little stunt is going to get Ciara killed. Bo tries to explain that giving the kidnappers the money would only endanger Ciara, but Hope doesn’t want to hear it. She tells Bo that she can’t stand to look at his face and storms out. Bo tries to convince her to stay behind in case someone calls with information, but Hope is gone. Bo sighs and takes a call from the governor, thanking him for calling and saying that the state police are doing all they can.

Mia shows up at the Cheatin’ Heart, which is hosting a ‘teens-only’ night. She greets Tad, who is preparing some music. Mia asks where Will is, and Tad breaks the bad news to her about Will’s cousin, Ciara. Mia says that she should probably call him and heads off. Tad hunts around for something as Chad walks over. Tad explains that he left his headphones in his car, and asks Chad to watch his stuff for him. Chad agrees and Tad heads off. Chad picks up Tad’s i-pod and scrolls through the list of songs, looking for something. He finds it and begins playing the same song he left for Mia in her locker. Mia, who is talking to another girl at the bar, looks up, startled. Chad grins at her. Mia stares back. Will walks in and sees the two staring at one another.

Stefano shakes his head, reminding Nicole that he warned her about inveterate gamblers like this Baker fellow. His word isn’t worth anything. Nicole wonders what else she is supposed to do, since the man is desperate and threatening to tell Sami everything. Stefano reminds Nicole that he only asked for a hundred grand last time. This time he wants twice as much. Stefano thinks Baker is moving up. Nicole admits she is scared. Stefano ignores her, saying that the farther a person move up, the farther they have to go when they fall.

Kyle and Brenda panic as Dean tries to calm them, telling them they both whine as much as the little girl. Brenda suggests she and Kyle go their separate ways. They’ll return the girl, Dean can go back to the police department, and this will all be over. Dean tells the two that isn’t going to happen. He takes out a cigarette and snaps a lighter open and shut, saying that he is going to get that money one way or another. Ciara, who is sitting up, hears the lighter clicking. She shakes her head and one of her headphones fall out of her ear.

Hope sits in the park and sobs. Justin comes over, telling her that he wishes there were something he could do. Hope bawls, saying that she shouldn’t have gone on-air with Bo. Now she is just as guilty as he is. Justin ask what she means, and Hope tells him that what Bo has done is going to get their daughter killed. Justin tells her that she can’t give up hope. He puts an arm around her and hugs her as Bo comes rushing over.

Rafe sits at Arianna’s laptop and types away, vowing to himself that he will figure out what is going on with Nicole for Sami--and he’s going to do it before he has to say goodbye.

Nicole tells Stefano that Baker would rather go to jail than face the people he owes money to. She thinks he is liable to tell Sami anything, but Stefano thinks Baker is bluffing, especially since Sami doesn’t have any money to give him. Stefano vows to deal with Dr. Baker himself, and again assures Nicole that she has nothing to worry about. She sighs.

Kyle notices that one of Ciara’s earphones have fallen out, and Brenda puts it back in. Dean suggests the two go get some food while he watches the kid. They head off. Dean clicks his lighter open and closed. He kneels down by Ciara and pats her on the head. She shakes him off.

Bo tells Justin that he is getting too involved in all of this and asks him to back off. Justin, surprised, agrees and tells Hope to take care. He heads off. Hope lays into Bo again for going on-air and risking Ciara’s life. She thinks they should have just paid the ransom. If they had, then Ciara would be home with them right now and safe. Bo swears that he is only doing what he thinks is best for Ciara. Hope sobs, saying that if their daughter dies, her blood is on both their hands. Hope tells Bo angrily that if that happens, she will never forgive him.


Sami tells Rafe, “You're not my lover, you're not my hero. Get out of my life, if you don't mind.”

EJ asks Nicole, “So why didn't you tell me the truth?”

Brenda tells Kyle and Dean, “I think we should just call it quits now.”

Bo asks Hope, “Can you find it in your heart to stick with me on this?” She replies, “No.”

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