Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/21/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/21/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie lays into Philip, calling him a real piece of work and accusing him of going back on his word. He explains that he couldn’t tell Stephanie the truth, and Melanie scoffs, saying of course he couldn’t, because that isn’t what is most convenient for him. Philip sighs, saying that what happened between them never should have happened. Melanie explodes, asking if he expects her to cover for him after he dumped her. She asks sarcastically if there is anything else she can do for Philip, like dust a little around here or vacuum. He tells her to stop it as Stephanie comes in with the book she retrieved from Philip’s room. Melanie tells her tearfully that she was just leaving, but Stephanie stops her, saying that she can tell something is wrong. Melanie explains that Philip just told her that he and Stephanie are getting back together, and that she’s just happy for them. Stephanie scoffs, saying Philip was a bit premature, unless there is something he knows that she doesn’t. Philip gives Melanie a pleading look.

At the pier, EJ asks Stefano if he thinks Victor believed them. Stefano doesn’t think Victor ever really suspected that they took that poor little girl, but he was desperate and felt like he had to do something. EJ sighs, sympathizing with Bo and Hope. He remembers that they attended Grace’s funeral, and he knows they understood what he was going through. EJ fumes, saying he still can’t believe what Sami did to him. EJ is sure that he could have saved Grace’s life if he had only known she was his daughter.

At the clinic, Rafe tries to convince Dr. Baker’s former nurse that she’ll feel better if she just tells him about the terrible thing that happened. The woman sighs, saying she never saw anything happen, but she sensed something was going on. She quickly defends Dr. Baker, saying he was a good doctor, and that he treated all his patients with the same care and respect. Rafe presses her further, and she admits that she felt like Dr. Baker wasn’t really who he seemed to be--and neither were some of his patients. Rafe perks up.

At the pub, Nicole tells Arianna that she is sorry about her brother. Arianna tells Nicole flatly that it isn’t any of her business. Nicole says she just means to wish Rafe well, but Arianna say that they aren’t friends, and that Rafe can’t stand--She breaks off. Nicole gapes, asking if Rafe said he couldn’t stand her. Arianna says that isn’t what she meant and that Rafe doesn’t talk about Nicole at all. She says she has to get back to work. Nicole accuses her of lying.

At the station, the kidnappers call Hope’s phone. Bo tells Dean to start tracing the call, and Hope answers. The female kidnapper is on the other line, an electronic device distorting her voice. She tells Hope that Ciara has been crying because Hope didn’t show up to meet them. Hope explains that it was a just a mix-up, and that she is willing to meet them whenever and wherever they say. Without warning, Bo snatches the phone and yells into the receiver that they aren’t getting a dime of the money. Instead, he is going to use it to pay off every snitch he can find. He vows to hunt them down and make them pay. The woman tells him that his daughter will be dead before that ever happens. Hope shrieks. Bo vows that they’ll get the needle by the time he’s through with them. The woman tells him he has to find them first and hangs up. Bo turns to Dean, who feigns anger, saying he couldn’t get a trace. Bo turns to Hope to comfort her but she screams at him not to touch her.

Nicole apologizes to Arianna for overreacting, saying that she just doesn’t understand why Arianna has such an attitude when it comes to her. She admits she gets the feeling that Rafe doesn’t like her. Arianna claims that she never said that. Earlier, when she said Sami and Rafe’s relationship wasn’t any of Nicole’s business, she meant that it wasn’t any of hers, either. She tells Nicole that she isn’t comfortable discussing Rafe and Sami with her or anyone else. She excuses herself, saying that she really has to get back to work. Nicole sighs as Arianna heads off, saying to herself that Rafe is up to something.

The former nurse tells Rafe that she can’t talk about former patients, but he says he just wants information, not names or anything else. She is reluctant, but Rafe claims he is here on behalf of someone who is in a lot of pain. The nurse opens up and tells Rafe about how Dr. Baker started keeping odd hours and meeting patients on weekends and at night. Rafe asks what kind of patients the women were, and the nurse says they didn‘t really follow a pattern. Some were obviously rich, and others were young and scared. She kept telling herself not to look for trouble, but she knew something was off. Rafe asks her abruptly if she remembers a patient named Nicole Walker.

Roman and Abe stroll in the park and discuss Ciara’s kidnapping. Roman says that he has been over it again and again, and he thinks the kidnappers were either very experienced or very lucky. Abe asks if the FBI is helping out, and Roman nods. He adds that all the leads have been followed except for questioning Tracy, Ciara’s friend. Abe notes that it’s always difficult to get information out of kids. Roman agrees, but tells Abe that they’ve got to get that girl to talk about the man that gave Ciara candy. Abe asks if she said anything about the night Ciara went missing just as Theo and Lexie come over. Theo repeats over and over that Ciara is missing. Lexie kneels down to comfort him as Roman and Abe exchange glances.

In the shed/hideout, Kyle tries to comfort the female kidnapper as Ciara lies bound and blindfolded nearby. Kyle thinks that Commissioner Brady blowing up like that means he’s getting close to cracking and handing over the money. The woman shakes her head, saying that the cop is smart. He’s keeping things off-balance and slowing them down. Kyle reminds her that the guy is sitting right by Dean, who planned all of this, and he has no idea. Kyle assures her that Dean has this whole thing locked, but the woman isn’t so sure. She thinks it’s time to stop listening to Dean, ditch the kid, and get the hell out of here. Kyle sighs.

Justin heads into the interrogation room, asking Bo and Hope what they do next. Bo says they wait for the kidnappers to call again, but Justin doubts that is going to happen, since the last call didn’t go so well. Bo guesses that Justin think he was wrong, too. Justin nods, saying he thinks Bo is dead wrong.

Stephanie tells Philip that he shouldn’t have said anything to Melanie about this, since it isn’t a sure thing. Melanie asks if that means they aren’t getting back together. Stephanie says that the two of them just agreed to discuss it and see where that leads. Stephanie asks Philip why he confided in Melanie about this, and why Melanie seems so upset. She asks what is really going on between them. Melanie says that Stephanie deserves to know the truth. Philip tries to stop her, but Melanie ignores him, telling Stephanie that she and Philip were talking about Nathan. She admits that she thinks Stephanie is leading him on. Stephanie claims that she and Nathan are just friends. If Philip assumed something more was going on that night in the park, then he assumed wrong. Melanie say she finds it odd that Philip doesn’t have any input in all this. She says pointedly that its almost as if he has something to hide. Stephanie sighs, telling Melanie that Nathan is interested in her, and that she isn’t a threat to her at all when it comes to Nathan. Melanie tells Philip abruptly that she will leave the two of them alone, since that is what Philip wants, and after all, he always gets what he wants. She huffs off. Stephanie thinks that was weird, and admits she feels badly for Melanie. Philip says that he does, too.

The former nurse tells Rafe that she doesn’t recognize Nicole’s name. Rafe starts to describe her, but the woman tells him that she really isn’t comfortable telling him anything else. Rafe tells her that he is here because a woman he loves is in pain, and she has gone through something no woman should have to go through. Rafe knows something bad happened here, and he thinks it’s up to them to make it right. The woman says she believes him, and that she wasn’t lying before. She doesn’t remember the name he gave her. Rafe thinks that she can help him find the name, though.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano tries to convince EJ that Sami is a good mother, and that everything that could have been done for Grace was done. EJ can’t believe that Stefano is defending Sami and reminds him angrily that his daughter was born in a convent somewhere. Who knows what kind of care she got? Stefano sighs, but EJ reminds him that he insisted Sydney get tested when she got home from the hospital. EJ thinks it’s finally time to do that. He claims that he is going to call Lexie and arrange a panel of genetic tests. Nicole walks in just then, asking EJ what he is talking about. EJ tells her that they’re both going to be tested too, and that they’re going to find out everything about their daughter. Nicole glares at Stefano.

Melanie comes into the pub and flops down at the bar, telling Arianna she needs a drink. Arianna figured she’d be on the top of the world after what happened last night. Melanie explains that even though she and Philip had sex, he and Stephanie are back on the path to love. Surprised, Arianna asks Melanie if Stephanie really didn’t care that Philip slept with her. Melanie says that she doesn’t know because Philip has no intention on telling her. Arianna asks if Melanie plans to tell her.

Stephanie is surprised that Philip feels badly for Melanie, but he admits that he thinks she seems lost. He apologizes for Melanie interrupting and sidetracking them, considering what has happened. Stephanie thinks that Melanie has good impulses, but sometimes something else kicks in, and she’s just out for herself. Philip says that he can relate to that, but changes the subject, saying that he just wants Stephanie back in his life. Stephanie accuses him of trying to change the subject, and says that she could tell something was going on when she interrupted Melanie and Philip earlier. She demands to know what it is Philip isn’t telling her. He sighs.

Nicole lays into Stefano for giving EJ hell over this when he has already lost a child. She thinks it’s a terrible idea that they put their daughter through a series of invasive tests. EJ interrupts, telling her that this was his idea, but Nicole doesn’t buy it. Stefano excuses himself, whispering to Nicole that it was a nice try, but this isn’t over. He heads off. EJ tells Nicole that Stefano had nothing to do with this, and that this was his decision. Nicole tells EJ that actually, this is their decision, and she is exercising her veto.

Rafe explains to the former nurse that births are a matter of public record. So even if Nicole used a fake name, Baker would have had to put her real name on a birth certificate. He is sure her name is in the computer’s database, but he doesn’t know the password. The woman caves and tells him the password is ‘trifecta.’ She explains that Baker won the trifecta at a racing track once and said it was the happiest day of his life. Rafe enters the password and types. He grins, “Nicole…Gotcha.”

Melanie explains to Arianna that Philip told her to get out, and basically said that Stephanie was the only one worthy of his love. Then Stephanie came down, asking what was wrong, but instead of saying anything, Melanie just ran out. Arianna thinks she did the right thing. Melanie scoffs, saying sarcastically that she’s glad the good girl came out on top. Arianna says she meant that Melanie did what was right for herself.

Stephanie asks Philip if Melanie hit on him or something, and if he is just protecting her. Philip says that isn’t it. Just then, Philip’s phone rings. It’s Victor. Philip answers, asking for news about Ciara, but there isn’t any. He tells Victor to take care of himself and hangs up. Philip sighs, telling Stephanie that he knows it was time to make his break, but he wishes his dad didn’t have to go through Ciara’s kidnapping at the same time. Stephanie says she understands and adds that she ought to go check on her grandmother. She promises to talk to Philip later and heads off. Philip takes out his phone and calls Melanie, asking her to come back to the mansion so they can talk. Melanie sighs.

Theo shrieks for Ciara. Lexie tries to assure him that Ciara is fine, and Abe promises that he and Roman will find her. Roman asks Theo if he knows anything about Ciara. Theo explains that he saw her. Abe and Roman gape.

The female kidnapper packs a bag as Kyle reminds her that they can’t leave now. Besides, Dean said things might get scary. The woman says she doesn’t care what Dean says. They’re the ones in the line of fire, and she is getting out of here. She grabs her bag and rushes off. Kyle takes out his phone and calls Dean at the station. Dean lays into him for calling on this line, but Kyle says it’s all falling apart, and that the other kidnapper, Brenda, is leaving. Dean insists she isn’t. He tells Kyle that he will be there soon and hangs up.

Bo tells Justin that this is between him and Hope as Dean comes in, saying he is going to step out for some air, since he has a headache. Bo tells him to go ahead, as he doesn’t think the kidnappers will call back for a while. Hope glares, saying she wonders why. Dean tells Bo that the press are here, and Justin suggests he speak to them while they all try to cool off. Bo and Dean head off. Hope rants about Bo always thinking he is right, but Justin tells her she needs to let it go for Ciara’s sake. He reminds Hope that no one should have to act like a cop and a parent at the same time, and Hope admits it’s hard to see Bo in so much pain again. She is also sure that he is only doing what he thinks is right. Justin hugs her as Bo heads back in. Justin excuses himself after Bo asks him for some time alone with Hope. Hope sighs, telling Bo that Justin was just telling her that they need to be on the same side for Ciara’s sake. Bo insists that he knew in his soul that they would have lost Ciara forever if they had handed over the money. Hope reminds him that he threatened the kidnappers. She wonders what will happen if they choose to take it out on their daughter. Bo says that if that happens, he will never forgive himself.

Rafe and the nurse find that Nicole’s medical files have been deleted. Rafe isn’t surprised, and asks the woman if there is any way to retrieve them. She says there isn’t, since they used an outside server, but she can tell him a little based on the codes associated with the file. She explains that the first time Nicole came here, it was for some kind of emergency. Then four months later, the code indicates that she gave birth here. Rafe asks if she delivered the baby, and the nurse is sure she did, since the date was her sister’s birthday and she remember being late over a delivery with complications. Rafe pulls out his phone and shows her a picture of Nicole, but the woman doesn’t recognize it. Rafe tries showing her a picture of EJ, and she does recognize him. Excited, Rafe asks her her name, and the nurse tells him her name is Sarah. Rafe kisses her, telling her he loves her.

EJ asks Nicole why she is so upset when he is just trying to protect their daughter. Nicole claims that the genetic tests will traumatize Sydney, but EJ thinks she’ll get over it. He just wants to know that his daughter is healthy, and that that idiot doctor of Nicole’s didn’t miss something. He tells Nicole that the conversation is over, and that they’re doing this. He walks off as she stammers. Stefano comes in, asking her slyly if she feels like it’s the beginning of the end. Nicole tell him in a fury that if she goes down for this, she’s taking him with her.

Kyle puts the headphones over Ciara’s ears as Dean storms in, asking Brenda, who has returned, what she thinks she’s doing. She whines that she’s getting out of here, as she wasn’t counting on death threats from the cops. Dean asks her if she expected the commissioner to play nice. Kyle interrupts, saying that it isn’t fair that they take all the risks while Dean sits in an office and does nothing all day. Dean grabs Kyle in a headlock and chokes him, telling Kyle that he sucks at everything. That’s why Dean is the one in charge, not him. Kyle gags and splutters. Dean threatens Kyle, saying that he won’t be either rich or alive, unless he does exactly as Dean says.

Melanie shows up at the Kiriakis mansion, asking Philip if he plans on buying her off with some cash and a plane ticket. Philip sighs, saying he knows that everything changed after they made love. He explains that she was beautiful, kind, and there for him, and that he couldn’t help himself. Melanie asks angrily if this is before or after he told her that Stephanie was his past and she was his present. Philip admits that he still loves Stephanie. As much as he hates hurting Melanie, he can’t turn off his feelings for Stephanie. Melanie says that he might not be able to do anything about that, but she can.

Brenda begs Dean to let Kyle go. He does so and Kyle staggers off, choking. Brenda reminds him that Bo said that he wouldn’t pay up, but Dean tells her to shut up, and that he is doing the thinking around here. He says he knows exactly how they are going to get that money, and that they mustn’t ever underestimate a mother’s love for her child.

Bo tells Hope that he wants to work with her, and vows not to spring any more surprises on her. Hope worries about Ciara and what will happen if they lose her like they did Zach. Bo begs her not to think that way, promising that Ciara will be fine, and that they will find her. Hope sighs, saying that she wishes she could believe that.

Philip admits that Melanie can tell Stephanie everything, and that he won’t be able to stop her from doing so. Melanie says that she isn’t going to tell Stephanie anything, and it has nothing to do with Philip. It’s because she has some self-respect, and she’s not going to destroy that by trying to get revenge. She bursts into tears. Philip hugs her as she whispers that this will stay between them.

The desk clerk from the hotel views a video he made of Philip and Melanie having sex. He grins, saying that this may be his best film ever.

Stefano warns Nicole that threatening him won’t get her anywhere. EJ walks in, telling Nicole that the testing has been arranged, and that they’re leaving in five minutes. He heads off as Nicole panics. Stefano assures her that he will take care of this. Nicole explodes, asking if he has someone that can change her DNA. Stefano vows to make sure that no one ever learns that Nicole isn’t Sydney’s mother. She asks how, but Stefano tells her not to worry about that. He again assures her she has nothing to fear and heads off. Nicole sighs.

Sarah tells Rafe she is sorry, but she has never seen Nicole, and certainly not with that British guy. Rafe says it’s ok and starts to put his phone away, but Sarah sees a picture of Sami on it, and points, saying that she was the woman that gave birth here that night. She remembers how happy she was when she got to hold her baby. Rafe asks if EJ was there the same night and the woman nods. She knows, because she could never forget Sami’s smile.


Dean tells Brenda, “Hope will change his mind, and you can take that to the bank.”

Hope shrieks at Bo, “They'll kill her! They'll kill her, Bo! Don't you understand?”

Stefano tells Nicole, “No one is going to find out the truth. Not this hospital, not Hernandez, and not Sami Brady.”

Arianna tells Rafe, “Something's not adding up.” He replies, “Well, you got that right.”

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