Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/20/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/20/09


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Rafe works on a computer at the pub as Arianna walks by, asking if he has had any luck. Rafe explains he is still working on the message boards. Arianna leans over Rafe’s shoulder and asks him if Baker worked at the clinic, but Rafe says he ran the place. Now he just has to find a connection between Baker and Nicole. Just then, the computer beeps. Rafe tells Arianna that someone has agreed to meet him--someone that has information on Dr. Baker.

At the pier, Nicole makes a call and curses, wondering why Baker won’t answer the phone. He finally does, and she asks him if he got the money. He says he did and chuckles, apologizing for not calling. Nicole says she was just calling to make sure the two of them are through, and that she never has to hear from him again.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ takes a business call, threatens legal action against someone, and then hangs up as Stefano comes in, sighing and saying he needs a drink. EJ reminds him that he isn’t supposed to be drinking, but Stefano says he’s a big boy. EJ asks Stefano what has him so upset. Stefano tosses back a glass of liquor and tells EJ that they have a problem of major proportions.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip asks Stephanie if she is trying to say that she wants to get back together. Stephanie says that she thought Philip wanted that too, and asks him suspiciously if something has happened to change his mind. Melanie, who has been listening in in the foyer, strolls into the living room. Stephanie asks what she is doing here, and Melanie explains that she came to talk to Philip. Stephanie presses her further, asking why she came to talk to Philip. Melanie asks Philip if he wants to tell Stephanie the reason, or should she.

Hope waits in the woods with the ransom money. She sighs worriedly, wondering where her little girl could be.

In the tool shed/hideout, Kyle tells Ciara that she will be seeing her mommy really soon. The female kidnapper pulls him aside angrily, telling him not to give the kid false hope, since they don’t know what’s going to happen. She tells Kyle that Dean asked her to go check the drop location and make sure the cops aren’t double-crossing them. If everything checks out, she’ll send for him and the kid. If not, then that’s a different story. Kyle sighs. The woman heads off.

At the police station, Bo stares at the picture the kidnappers sent of Ciara. He frets and worries. Suddenly, Bo has a vision of the ransom exchange. Ciara rushes into Hope’s arms, but before she gets there, the kidnappers shoot her and run away. Hope snatches Ciara up and cradles her in her arms, screaming and crying. Bo comes back to the present sweating. Dean comes over, asking Bo if everything is alright. Bo shakes his head in a panic and takes out his phone.

Hope paces in the woods, wondering where Ciara is. The female kidnapper watches her from the bushes.

Bo tells Dean that he can’t get in touch with Hope, and says that she must have turned her cell phone off. Justin comes over, asking what is going on. Bo tells Justin that he can’t let Hope deliver that ransom money. Justin offers to go with him, but Bo asks him to stay put and rushes off. Dean follows.

EJ sighs, telling Stefano that this could seriously set back some of their plans. Stefano admits ruefully that it never seems to end. EJ frowns, guessing that there is really only one way to handle all this.

Rafe explains to Arianna that the clinic mainly dealt with pregnant women, but now it’s been shut down completely. Arianna asks why the website still works, and Rafe explains that former patients and staff have kept it going. He goes on to explain that he posed as disgruntled former patient whose child had a medical condition. He is pretending that he needs information about the child’s birth, which really isn’t that far from the truth. Arianna asks if someone is going to meet him with information, and Rafe nods, saying he hopes they have the answers he needs. Arianna wishes him luck. He thanks her and hurries off.

Nicole warns Dr. Baker to stop harassing her, but Baker tells her that he will still want to keep in touch, so he can see picture’s of Sami’s daughter. Nicole hisses that Sydney is her daughter, and Baker chuckles, correcting himself. He goes on to say that he will leave Nicole alone now that he’s received the money. Nicole agrees to trust him to keep his word. Baker suggests she have a drink to soothe her nerves. Nicole calls him a disgusting pig and hangs up. She picks Sydney up out of her stroller and coos, telling her that Baker is going to disappear from their lives for good, and that now, Sydney is finally hers and hers alone.

Victor heads into the station and asks Justin for the latest news. Justin explains that Hope left to make the drop-off, but shortly after, Bo rushed out after her, saying that he couldn’t let her do it. Victor wonders why Bo would do such a thing. Justin says it looked as if Bo received some new information, but he rushed out of here before Justin could find out what it was. Victor curses, saying it’s bad enough that Ciara is missing, but now Bo is making it all worse by refusing to pay the ransom. Victor wonders how Bo is going to forgive himself if he screws this up.

Bo rushes over to Hope in the woods. The female kidnapper sees him and sneaks off. Hope demands to know what Bo is doing here, and begs him to leave before he ruins everything. Bo, breathless, tells Hope that she can’t pay the ransom. If she does, then Ciara will die. Hope gapes.

Philip jumps in, explaining that he was under a lot of stress, given that he had broken from his father and Titan. He and Melanie ran into each other, and she just listened to him and let him vent. Stephanie reminds Philip that she was trying to get in touch with him all night and asks where he went after he saw Melanie. Philip stammers. Melanie tells Stephanie that Philip was with her, and that they spent the night together. Stephanie gapes.

Rafe sneaks into the clinic and is pleased to find the electricity is still on. He heads over to a computer and boots it up, hoping something on it holds the key to connecting Nicole and Baker.

EJ gets off the phone and tells Stefano that he’s arranged a meeting at the pier. Stefano worries that they may be walking into an ambush, but EJ says he doesn’t think they’d be that reckless. At any rate, they have no choice. Nicole comes in just then, greeting the two. EJ asks Stefano to excuse them and he heads off. Nicole asks what is going on, and EJ tells her he has bad news, and that Ciara has been kidnapped.

Victor gets off the phone, and Justin asks him if he has reached Bo. Victor says he hasn’t, and that there is something he needs to do that can’t wait. Justin asks if he can help, but Victor says he can’t help with this. He has to check to make sure that Ciara wasn’t taken because of her connection to the Kiriakis family, and he has to do it alone.

Hope asks Bo in a panic if something has changed, but he says that he just has a gut feeling that something is wrong. Hope doesn’t buy it and demands to know if he had another vision. Bo admits that he did, and tells her he saw Ciara break away from the kidnappers and run to Hope. Then they shot her. Hope turns white as Dean rushes over, asking what is going on. Bo tells Dean that the ransom exchange is off, and that the kidnappers aren’t getting a dime. Dean protests, but Bo snaps at him not to argue. He tells Hope to follow him back to the station. Dean agrees to stay behind and see if the kidnappers showed up and left anything behind. Bo nods and assures Hope that they are doing the right thing.

Stephanie asks Philip if he really spent the night with Melanie, but he thinks that they can discuss that later, as Ciara should be their priority right now. Stephanie agrees and Melanie ask what has happened. Stephanie and Philip fill her in on the kidnapping. Philip takes out his phone to try to call Victor and see if he can help. Melanie asks the two to let her know if she can do anything. She tells Philip that she will talk to him later and heads off. Stephanie sighs, saying whole thing is just horrible, and that she cant imagine what Bo and Hope are going through. Philip nods. Stephanie sighs, saying she is sorry, but she cant let this go. She knows this is horrible timing, but she needs to know what happened between Melanie and Philip the night before.

Rafe finds that the clinic’s database is still up and running, but is password protected. Rafe searches around in the desk for a clue as to the password. Suddenly, he hears footsteps and gets up, looking for a place to hide.

Dr. Baker checks a newspaper in his hotel room. He takes out his phone and makes a call to his local bookie, telling him that he wants to place a bet.

Nicole asks EJ how this happened, but he says he isn’t sure of all the details. EJ admits that although there is no love lost between the Brady and DiMeras, his heart still goes out to Bo and Hope. Nicole nods, saying they must be in agony right now. EJ tells her grimly that there’s nothing worse than a child being taken away from its parents. Nicole gulps.

Dean heads back into the kidnappers’ hideout and curses. The woman asks what happened, but Dean isn’t sure. One minute, the drop was a go, and the next the commissioner freaked out and called the whole thing off. Dean tells Kyle and the woman that he plans on heading back to the station and finding out what’s going on. He says that if he knows that pushy Hope Brady as well as he thinks, she won’t give up until she gets her way. The woman asks what happens if Hope doesn’t get her way.

Back at the station, Justin asks Bo and Hope what’s going on and why Bo called off the exchange. Hope tells Bo viciously that he’d better pray those bastards call again. Bo vows that they will, but Hope isn’t so sure. She knows they just want the money. Justin is sure Bo has his reasons for doing this. Bo nods, saying that paying those kidnappers won’t get his daughter back--now or ever. Justin doesn’t understand. Hope jumps in, saying that Bo thinks the kidnappers will kill Ciara if they get the money. Justin wonders how Bo could possibly know that.

Stephanie apologizes, admitting to Philip that she was way out of line for questioning him about Melanie when it is none of her business. Philip asks if she is jealous, and Stephanie admits that she is. Philip reminds her that she ended things, but Stephanie says she only did that because he seemed so committed to being a Kiriakis. Now that he is leaving his family, it proves to her that he really is the hero that once saved her life, and the man that she fell in love with. Philip says that he did all of this because of her. She always believed in him and believed that he could be a better man. It took her leaving him for him to finally realize that she was right. Stephanie chuckles, saying his timing was a little off. Philip asks hopefully if this means that she is gong to give him another chance. Stephanie says that all depends on what happened between him and Melanie the night before.

A woman heads into the clinic’s office and sees Rafe. Thinking he is an intruder, she begs him to take whatever he wants and leave her alone. Rafe explains that he came here to meet someone, and asks if she has information on Dr. Baker. The woman says she thought Rafe was a woman who gave birth here that was having problems with her child’s health. She tells Rafe that she isn’t sure she should be telling him anything about Baker.

Nicole tells EJ that there is nothing more tragic than a child being taken from its parents--unless the child is better off somewhere else. EJ bristles, asking what she means. Nicole covers quickly, saying that she was just speaking in generalities, and that she is sure Bo and Hope are great parents. EJ says it’s strange, but even though he has never seen eye-to-eye with the Bradys, he can still understand what they are going through because of Grace. He tells Nicole that he is so glad to have her and Sydney, since without them, his life would be meaningless. Nicole sighs and hugs him, saying hers would be meaningless without them, too.

Bo asks Justin not to question him, saying that all he knows is that paying that ransom wouldn’t have gotten Ciara back. He doesn’t know what to do now--all he knows is what not to do. Hope jumps in, saying that she can’t believe he kept her from taking the one chance they had to get their daughter back alive. Bo claims that Ciara would have been lost to them forever if he had let that happen. Hope retorts that he doesn’t know that for sure, and that he isn’t infallible. She hisses that they are back to square one without their daughter, and wonders what Bo’s plan is now. Bo sighs, saying he is doing the best he can. Hope asks him if they can make the exchange if the drop-off point is different. Bo tells her that the drop-off point is irrelevant. This is about the ransom money, and they can’t give these kidnappers any money--ever.

Melanie rushes into the pub and tells Arianna about how she ran into Philip the night before. She explains that he needed a shoulder to cry on, but then they moved on to other things. Arianna guesses the two slept together and Melanie nods excitedly, asking Arianna to keep it a secret since Philip is so private. Melanie admits to Arianna that this is the happiest she has ever been in her life. Arianna asks if the two are together, but Melanie says they aren’t yet. Philip is having a family crisis, and is back at the house talking to his ex-fiancée. Melanie guesses giddily that Stephanie is probably begging Philip to take her back right now. Arianna raises her eyebrows, but Melanie claims she isn’t worried. Once Stephanie finds out she and Philip slept together, she won’t want to have anything to do with him.

Philip tells Stephanie that he spent the night venting to Melanie about Titan, his father, and how he saw Stephanie and Nathan in the park together. Philip claims that Melanie understands how much he loves Stephanie, and how those feelings don’t just go away. He really thinks that Melanie is trying to be a better person. Philip goes on to say that he loves Stephanie and thinks about her all the time. He says that he wants to get back together more than anything, and asks Stephanie if that is a possibility.

Dr. Baker is back on the phone with his bookie. It seems he lost his bet, and the bookie wants his money. Baker sweats, promising that he will get it.

Bo begs Hope to trust his instincts, but she says that all she knows is that the kidnappers will kill Ciara if they refuse to deal with them. Justin agrees, telling Bo that the only way to handle this is to play the kidnappers’ game. Bo reminds the two furiously that Ciara knows one of her kidnappers from before, when he gave her candy. If he releases her, she can pick him out of a lineup. He begs Hope to think about this. It’s far too risky for the kidnappers to just take the money and let their daughter go. Dean comes in just then with a manila envelope, telling Bo that he needs to see this. Bo asks if it is about Ciara, and the man says it might be.

Stephanie sighs, telling Philip that she wishes she could just be one of those people who made up their mind and never waver. Philip tells her tenderly that he likes her just the way she is. Stephanie tells him that she thinks they should hold off on discussing themselves, since Ciara should be their focus right now. Philip agrees, but tells Stephanie that he is here for her if she needs him. She just hopes that this whole fiasco with Ciara doesn’t pull him back into the Kiriakis fold. Philip explains that he has no choice but to be here for his father and his family right now, but once this all blows over, he is done for good. Stephanie hopes he stick to that--not for her or to appease her, but for himself. Philip vows that that part of his life is over, and that he just wants to be with Stephanie. Stephanie quickly tells Philip that she thinks she left a book in his bedroom and rushes off. She runs into the foyer and shuts the doors to the living room, leaning against them and sighing.

Rafe explains to the woman that he is here on behalf of a female friend. Dr. Baker gave birth to her baby, and she needs to speak to him urgently. The woman says that is too bad. Rafe thinks she must have some idea of where Baker could be, but the woman claims that she doesn’t know, and that she doesn’t want to know.

Melanie heads into the mansion, telling Philip that Henderson let her in. He asks her if they can do this some other time, but she ignores him. She notes that Stephanie is gone, and asks Philip if he told her about them. Philip sighs, saying that the last thing he wants to do is hurt her, but she has to know that there is a chance he and Stephanie might be getting back together. Melanie gapes.

Victor, EJ, Stefano, and their various goons all meet down at the pier. EJ asks for news on Ciara, but Victor says there isn’t any, unless they know something. Stefano claims they don’t, which is why they called this meeting. EJ adds that they wanted to let Victor know that they had nothing to do with that little girl being taken.

Dean explains that he pulled some cases of abductions that were similar to Ciara’s. He thinks the same kidnappers might be involved here, and in each of these cases, the child was returned safely once the money was delivered. Hope tells Bo that that settles it. If they get another call, they’re going to give the kidnappers exactly what they want, so they can get their daughter back.

Melanie asks Philip angrily if what happened the night before meant nothing to him. He says that isn’t what he meant, but he adds that what did happen can never happen again. Melanie, flabbergasted, saying that this can’t be happening .Philip says he is sorry, but Melanie shrieks that he isn’t. He gets everything he wants--a night with her, and his precious Stephanie back. She asks him in a rage if he remembers the things he said to her, or the way he touched her. Philip gets that she is angry, and that she has every right to be, but he begs her to keep the truth from Stephanie, since it won’t gain Melanie anything. She disagrees vehemently, saying that if she tells Stephanie the truth, then she’ll finally wise up and tell Philip to go to hell. He begs her to reconsider, but Melanie refuses to back him up this time. She turns around and storms toward the door just as Stephanie walks in.

Victor wonders why he should believe EJ and Stefano. EJ reminds him that they have a truce, but Victor knows that the DiMeras wouldn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to cause his family suffering, truce or no. EJ retorts that all of them have done some bad things, but one thing he and his father won’t do is hurt a child. In fact, if someone were to take a child from him, he’d make sure they suffered a long and painful death.

Nicole heads into the pub and greets Arianna, saying she is sorry to hear that Sami and Rafe broke up. Arianna wonders why it is any of her business, since she and Rafe aren’t exactly friends. In fact, it seems it’s quite the opposite. Suspiciously, Nicole ask Arianna if Rafe has said anything about her.

Rafe asks the woman if she and Dr. Baker had a falling-out. She says that he could say that, and explains that she was the nurse that worked most closely with Dr. Baker. Rafe pleads with her to talk to him. The woman admits that something terrible happened here at the clinic.

The kidnappers call Hope again. She answers and apologizes for the mix-up earlier, swearing that it won’t happen again. The female kidnapper, whose voice is distorted, tells Hop that she is glad, and tells her that her daughter can’t stop crying because she didn’t show up. Hope vows to come back to the drop-off point anytime they say. Bo snatches the phone just then. Hope cries out, but Bo ignores her. He tells the kidnapper that they aren’t getting a dime. He says he is going to use this five million dollars to pay off all the snitches he can find. He swears he will find the kidnappers and make them suffer for the rest of their short, miserable lives. Hope shrieks and sobs. Justin shakes his head.


Nicole says to herself, “Your brother is up to something. I know it.”

Rafe says, “So, Nicole... Gotcha.”

The female kidnapper tells Kyle, “It's time we ditch the kid and get the hell out of here.”

Bo tells Justin, “So you think I'm wrong too.” He replies, “ I think you're dead wrong.”

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