Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/19/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/19/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie and Philip lie together in bed in a hotel room. She sighs and flashes back to making love to Philip the night before. Philip wakes up just then, interrupting her reverie. Melanie asks him if he is surprised to see her here. He admits he is, but only because it took them both so long to get here. Melanie smiles.

Stephanie heads over to the nurse’s station at the hospital and asks Maxine to check and see if Philip was admitted into the hospital last night. Maxine checks her records, but says that Philip hasn’t been here. Stephanie sighs and thanks her as Lucas walks over, asking her what the matter is. Stephanie explains that she has been trying to reach Philip to tell him about Ciara, but she can’t get in touch with him, and she’s worried. Lucas asks what happened to Ciara, and Stephanie tells him about the kidnapping. Shocked, Lucas asks if Victor and his mom know. Stephanie says that she knows Victor knows, and adds that Maggie is in the process of notifying everyone overseas. Stephanie frets about Philip as Lucas tries to assure her that his phone is probably just off. He promises to call around and look for Philip, and Stephanie thanks him. She heads off with a sigh. Lucas takes an envelope out of his pocket and stares pensively at the door to Chloe’s room.

Daniel paces back and forth at the pier. He leaves Brady a voicemail, saying that he is sure Brady’s busy looking for Ciara, which should be a priority, but he needs to know if Brady has been able to do anything to help him get access to Chloe’s room. He hangs up as Kate walks over. She smirks, saying that she can’t believe he slithered out of jail after what he did to Chloe. Daniel glares, saying he knows she is the one that tried to kill Chloe, and now that he is out of jail, he’s going to make sure everyone else knows it, too.

At the police station, Bo fills Roman in on the kidnappers’ ransom demands. Roman asks if they plan on paying the ransom, and Bo nods. He says that he knows it’s against protocol, but they feel they have to, provided Victor can get them the cash in time. Nearby, Hope mumbles that this is her fault. Roman asks what she said and she wails, saying that if Ciara dies, the kidnappers said it would be her fault. She sobs, wondering what she has done. Nearby, Dean looks up from his desk and smirks.

In the tool shed, Kyle tries to give Ciara some food, but she shakes her head. He complains to the female kidnapper, who comes over and asks Ciara if she wants to starve to death. Ciara doesn’t reply. The woman reminds her sharply that if she dies, she’ll never see her mom or dad again. The woman asks Ciara if that is what she wants.

Philip tells Melanie that she can’t pretend there hasn’t always been something between them. Melanie admits there has, even when they hated each other. Melanie giggles at the thought, but then sighs, saying there is still one problem. Philip assumes she means Stephanie, but assures Melanie that it’s over between them, and that that part of his life is gone for good.

Justin heads into the station with a briefcase, which he hands over to Bo, explaining that the bills are non-sequential. Bo thanks him. Hope chokes back a sob, asking him to tell Victor. Justin interrupts, saying that Victor knows, and asked Hope to call him if she needs anything else. Bo takes Hope into his arms, saying that this money will bring their little girl home--in fact, it’s her lifeline.

The female kidnapper threatens Ciara’s life if she doesn’t do exactly as she says. Begrudgingly, Ciara takes a tiny bite of the food Kyle offers. Just then, the female kidnapper gets a call from Dean, who’s at the park. She heads outside to speak with him, and he tells her that the money has arrived. He asks if she is ready for the next step, and she says she is. He asks if she knows what she supposed to do with the little kid and the woman nods, saying that when she is done with the kid, she won’t be a problem for anyone. Dean hangs up, destroying the cell phone and tossing it in the bushes.

Kate smirks, asking Daniel if he plans on waging some propaganda war on her, and if that is the brilliant strategy Justin has come up with. Daniel retorts that they are going to do more than that--they’re going to prove that she tried to kill Chloe and framed him for it because she couldn’t stand to see the two together. Kate calls him pathetic, saying that he doesn’t have the most brilliant lawyer in the world, and even if he did, no one would accept his absurd proposition as the truth. Kate hisses that Daniel is going to go to jail, and it’s all because he is his own worst enemy.

Lucas greets the guard at Chloe’s door and starts to head in, but catches sight of Nathan and heads over to speak to him. He asks about Ciara, but Nathan says that he doesn’t know anything new, but that he’s been keeping up with Maggie every hour. Stephanie comes over just then, asking Nathan if he knows anything, but Nathan says again that there isn’t. Lucas asks Nathan to keep him posted and heads off. Nathan asks Stephanie if she has seen Philip, but she explains that his phone is still going to voicemail. She admits that she is worried, since Philip was such a mess last night. She just hopes nothing has happened.

Philip admits to Melanie that isn’t sure what comes next, but adds quickly that he had a great time the night before, and doesn’t regret a thing. Melanie says she doesn’t either, but she needs a little time to think about things. Philip moves in for a kiss, telling her to take all the time she needs. The two are interrupted by a loud rattling at the door.

Justin asks Bo if the kidnappers have called with instructions for a drop, but he says they haven’t. Hope frets, wondering why they haven’t called.

Ciara is tied up and blindfolded, with headphones in her ears. Dean comes into the tool shed, and Kyle and the female kidnapper assure him that Ciara can’t hear or see a thing. Dena is glad, as he doesn’t want her to know that he is the one tormenting her parents. The woman grins, saying that Hope sounded like a basket case on the phone. Dean smirks, saying she was, and she deserves every minute of it, too. He fumes, saying that if it weren’t for that bitch, he would have made detective years ago.

Justin asks Hope how the kidnappers got her number, but she isn’t sure. Roman asks if they’ve traced it, but Bo explains the call came from a pre-paid cell phone, and the phone company couldn’t pinpoint a location. Bo says there’re all set up to trace the call next time. Roman says he has to go check up on a couple of leads. Bo thanks him, and Roman warns him this thing could turn into a circus if the media gets involved. Bo just hopes Ciara will be home by then.

Dean grumps that Hope has had everything handed to her. He had to do all the grunt work while he watched her suck up to the commissioner and get promoted ahead of him. The female kidnapper agrees, saying it’s because Hope is married to that showboat cop, adding that she never had to work for anything. Dean fumes, saying it’s finally time for payback. The woman grins, saying it’s payday, too. Dean pulls the woman into his arms and kisses her.

Nathan tries to reassure Stephanie that they will hear from Philip soon. Nathan is sure Philip will do all he can once he learns of Ciara’s kidnapping. Stephanie admits she is overreacting, and notices how calm and strong Nathan seems to be. He stammers, saying he is as normal as anyone else. He asks Stephanie what she is going to do about Philip now that she has learned that Philip walked away from his family for her. Stephanie says she couldn’t sleep last night, manly because of Ciara, but she was also thinking about Philip. She tells Nathan that she has decided that there’s only one thing she can do.

Melanie sneaks into the bathroom as Philip puts his pants on and opens the door. The desk clerk is outside, saying he’s working on repairing one of his air conditioners. Philip asks him tersely to keep it down. The man tells Philip confidentially that he brought in a pretty tasty bit of merchandise to spend the night with him. The man asks for her number when Philip is through with her, as he is always looking for girls to fill the rooms. Philip grabs the guy and slams him up against the wall. Melanie peeks out of the bathroom and watches.

Bo gets off the phone with Abe, telling him that there haven’t been any new developments. He hangs up as Roman comes over, telling Bo they’ve checked up on some guys that Hope put away and have recently been released from prison, but Roman doesn’t really think this seems like the work of an ex-con. Dean listens in and comes over, telling Bo that he noticed things all started to go sour when they lawyer showed up. He gestures at Justin, who is comforting Hope. Bo assures Dean that Justin is trustworthy, as he’s his cousin. Just then, Hope’s phone rings and she shrieks for Bo. He rushes over and Roman tells the two the trace is up and ready to go. Bo reminds Hope to keep the person on the line for at least thirty seconds. She agrees, and says she’s ready to do this. She answers the phone. The female kidnapper is on the other line, using a device to electronically alter her voice. Hope tells the woman she has the money. The woman says she is glad, and tells Hope to do exactly as she says if she wants to see her little girl ever again.

Stephanie tells Nathan that for now, she just wants to make sure Philip knows about Ciara. Of course, she has no intention on telling him about what Victor said to the two of them in the park, but once this awful thing blows over, she and Philip will have to sit down and talk. Nathan wonders what she is going to say to him, but Stephanie isn’t sure. She thanks Nathan for making her feel better the night before, and for picking her up and putting her back together. Nathan assures her that she did that all on her own. Stephanie excuses herself, saying she has things to do. Nathan says he has things to do, too, and Stephanie heads off.

Philip threatens to rip the man’s throat out if he says one more word about the woman he spent the night with. The man apologizes and heads off, grumbling and holding his throat. Philip heads back into the room and apologizes to Melanie. She says she is glad to have someone defending her honor, and claims that Philip is her hero. She asks what they do know, but Philip isn’t sure. He says he just wants to see where things lead them. He suggests they get out of here for now, and Melanie agrees that she needs to text Maggie and let her know she’s ok. Philip checks his own phone, noticing that it is dead. He admits ruefully that he forgot the charger, and Melanie guesses he probably has a million messages. Philip claims he doesn’t care, and that they can wait. He tells Melanie that he has some things to take care of. Melanie says she has something to do, too, and asks him to meet her later. Philip agrees to do so.

Hope sobs, asking where she should take the money, and when she can see her daughter. Bo snatches the phone, telling the kidnapper that they won’t get a dime of their money unless he knows that his daughter is ok. The woman tells him to check his wife’s email and hangs up abruptly. Bo looks hopefully at Roman, but Roman says they weren’t able to get a trace. Hope collapses and bawls, telling Bo how sorry she is. He rushes over to the computer, telling her that kidnapper told him to check her email. He and Hope peer into the computer screen as he pulls up a new email. Inside is a picture of Ciara, bound and holding a copy of today’s paper. Hope sobs uncontrollably.

Kate reminds Daniel that the first thing he did when he made bail was try to see Chloe. She thinks they should have thrown him back in his cell and locked away the key just for being so stupid. Daniel says that he has to find a way to help Chloe, no matter what. Kate scoffs, saying Daniel just can’t help but to make things worse. She accuses him of not being able to control his urges at all. That’s why he tried to kill Chloe when she broke things off with him. Kate says she is just glad that Chloe has a guard by her door. At least now they all know she’s safe. Daniel stares, flabbergasted. He tells Kate that Chloe is finally safe--from her. He shakes his head, telling Kate that she is one sick lady.

Melanie heads into the hospital, asking Maxine if she has seen her sweater. Maxine says she hasn’t and notes that Melanie is here early. Melanie claims that she isn’t coming into work today, and that she is taking a personal day. Maxine demands to know if she plans on cutting class, too, and Melanie says she is. Maxine asks bluntly if she wants to get kicked out of nursing school. Melanie claims that she’d like to see them try, as it would make her day. Nathan comes over and greets the two, and Maxine tells him that Melanie doesn’t care if she gets kicked out of nursing school. Nathan asks Melanie worriedly if he is giving up medicine because of him. She scoffs.

Philip heads into the Kiriakis mansion, looking for Henderson. Stephanie rushes over to him in the living room, thanking God that he is alright. She claims she has called him a zillion times. Philip ask why she would bother, since he thought he was the last person on earth she’d want to speak to.

Bo and Hope stare worriedly at the picture of Ciara and note that the newspaper is from today. Bo asks Roman to have the picture analyzed to try to figure out where Ciara could be. He also asks him to let the Chicago PD know Ciara may be in their area, since the paper she’s holding is the Chicago daily. Bo asks Jenkins if they have anything on the phone used to call Hope, but Jenkins says they don’t have anything. Dean listens in nearby and grins. Bo asks Jenkins to get to work tracing the email and the man heads off to do so. Hope worries that the kidnappers may not call back, but Bo knows they want their money. Just then, her phone rings. It’s the female kidnapper again, and she tells Hope where to make the money drop. Hope asks fretfully if they are bringing her baby girl. The woman snaps at Hope to make sure she comes alone, with no backup. She reminds Hope once again that this is all her fault, and that if something happens to her daughter, she will have no one to blame but herself. The woman hangs up. Hope sobs as Bo tries to comfort her, assuring her that they will get Ciara back.

Kate says she isn’t sick, but Chloe is. And when she dies, Daniel is going to get the death penalty. Kate vows to be right there, watching. Daniel can’t believe how hateful Kate is, and reminds her that Chloe saved her life. Kate says she is tired of hearing about that, and claims that Chloe didn’t do much. What she did do, she did for attention. Daniel disagrees. He says that Chloe risked her life and her health and she put Kate first. The reason he fell in love with her in the first place is because she is kind and generous, not at all like the evil life form Kate turned out to be. Kate calls him and SOB and raises her hand to slap him. Daniel grabs her arm and glares menacingly.

Lucas stands in Chloe’s room and tells her how tomb-like the house is without her. He admits that not even having Allie there helps much. He reminds Chloe of all the kids they said they were going to raise there, but he guesses that isn’t going to happen now. He pulls out the envelope, telling Chloe that he found it when he was unpacking some boxes in the spare bedroom. Chloe vegetates.

Melanie tells Nathan to get over himself. He tries to explain, but Melanie barrels over him, saying that it hurt when he threw her under the bus for Stephanie, but the world doesn’t revolve around him. She adds angrily that he can have Stephanie and all the baggage that comes along with her. Nathan tells Melanie that he is sorry, and that he hopes it won’t affect their friendship. Melanie says she gets that he isn’t really into her, and that is fine. In fact, him two-timing her with Stephanie might have been the best thing that ever happened to her. Melanie stalks off. Nathan sighs.

Stephanie fills a shocked Philip in on Ciara’s kidnapping, explaining that Victor was the one that told her. Stephanie says that he also told her about Philip disowning the family and quitting his job. She asks if he changed his mind, but Philip says that he is just here to pick up a few things. Stephanie tells him how proud she is of him, and that she hopes things work out. Philip says he’ll just have to see how it goes. Stephanie adds that she really thinks it was brave of Philip to do this, and admits that she thinks they need to talk.

Bo scurries around to prepare for the drop-off, but Hope insists she is going in alone. Bo refuses, saying it’s too dangerous, and that he won’t let her walk into a trap. She reminds him angrily that kidnappers warned her to come in alone with no backup or weapons. She asks in a fury if he thinks she can’t handle this. Bo gapes. Hope grows hysterical, saying she knows he is thinking of how she shot Kayla and how she couldn’t hold it together on the phone with the kidnappers. She accuses Bo of thinking all that, not to mention that this is her fault in the first place. Bo gapes. Hope glares.

Daniel holds Kate’s arm, guessing that they’ve said all there is to say. Kate snatches her arm from him, reminding him that she’ll be smiling in the visitor’s room when he’s executed. She huffs off.

Nathan heads into Chloe’s room to check her chart. Lucas peppers him with a barrage of questions about Chloe’s health and hands Nathan the envelope he found. Nathan declares it’s a living will, and explains that Chloe doesn’t want extraordinary precautions taken if her prognosis is death or a constant vegetative state. Lucas asks what that means, but Nathan says it doesn’t mean much unless this will has been registered with an attorney or with the hospital. He adds that for now, Lucas is the only one that has the power to decide what Chloe’s treatment will be. Lucas sighs, saying that he guesses her life in his hands, then.

Bo tries to convince Hope to follow procedure as she begs him not to send anyone in after her. Justin says that normally he would side with Bo, but he knows if this were his child, he’d follow Hope’s instincts. Bo asks Roman for backup. Roman agrees that doing things by the book seems to work out for the best in most cases. He heads off to take a call from the media as Hope tells Bo tearfully that they can’t lose their baby. Hope thinks it’s taking a risk if they don’t follow the instructions to the letter, and she isn’t willing to take that risk. She begs him to let her do what she knows is right. Bo folds like a house of cards and takes Hope into his arms, telling her fiercely to get back here with their daughter safely. Hope vows that she will. The two kiss. Bo hands her the briefcase and Hope heads off.

Philip reminds Stephanie that she has moved on, but Stephanie says she hasn’t, and that she and Nathan are just friends. She wants to talk about the fact that Philip disowned his family, and she asks if it had something to do with her. Philip guesses that that is possible. Stephanie claims that she doesn’t want to rush into anything, especially after he just made this huge decision, Melanie heads into the foyer just as Philip asks Stephanie if she is saying she wants to get back together. Melanie gapes. Stephanie says that it doesn’t sound like Philip is interested, and asks if anything happened. Melanie flashes back to making love to Philip.

Dena heads into an empty interrogation room and sends a text message.

The female kidnapper receives the message and tells Kyle and Ciara it’s time to go. She loads a gun, secrets it on her person, and kneels down, telling Ciara it’s time for her mommy to show them the money.

Hope waits in the woods with the briefcase.

Bo sits in front of the computer at the station and frets. He has a vision of the exchange being made. Just as Ciara rushes into Hope’s arms, the kidnappers take aim and shoot the little girl. Hope screams and cries. Bo comes back from his reverie in a panic.


Nicole snaps into her phone, “You listen to me, you son of a bitch--you are not gonna harass me anymore.”

A woman asks Rafe, “You were the one who was asking about Dr. Baker?” He replies, “You have some information about Dr. Baker to tell me?”

Victor asks Justin, “How's he ever gonna forgive himself if he screws this up?”

Stephanie tells Philip, “I need to know what happened between you and Melanie last night.”

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