Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/18/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/18/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the park, Melanie tells Philip that she thought he was going home. He says he did, and pulls her in for a kiss. She pushes him away, saying that she can’t do this. Philip dares her to tell him she doesn’t want this and pulls her in for another kiss. Melanie slaps him. Philip exclaims, holding his wounded face.

Stephanie and Nathan head into the Cheatin’ Heart. She orders a couple of margaritas and a glass of ice. She takes Nathan over to a table and doctors the wound on his face. She jokes, saying she never thought she’d be the one giving first aid to a doctor. She apologizes to Nathan, who winces as she tries to clean up his eye. He tells her not to be sorry, as she can’t help that Philip is crazy. The bartender brings over the drinks and ice and Stephanie applies some ice and a cloth to Nathan’s face, asking hopefully if that is better. Nathan smiles gratefully, saying that it is.

At the pub, Brady holds up a baggie of cocaine he found on the floor. Arianna feigns surprise, asking what it is. Brady tells her, and she wonders how it got there. Brady suggests that she tell him. Arianna gulps.

Kyle, one of the kidnappers, heads back into the tool shed. The woman kidnapper, who has been watching Ciara, complains, saying all the kid does is whine. She’s just glad the little girl finally cried herself to sleep. Kyle think he may have gone overboard when he told her she might not ever see her parents again. The woman reminds him it’s true. He asks if Dean has called yet, but she says he hasn’t.

At the police station, Bo instructs Dean, the third kidnapper, who is also a policeman, to take a group of officers and search the area north of the river. Dean agrees and heads off. Hope heads over, telling Bo that something is wrong. She reminds him that they’ve figured out that the kidnappers took Ciara because of the newspaper article about Hope, but Ciara wasn’t at the park with them. She was with Ellen and Tracy, so how did the kidnappers know who she was? Bo thinks they probably just did their research, but Hope reminds him of the statistics--that most kids are kidnapped by someone they know. Bo sighs, saying she could be right, but he wonders why they kidnappers haven’t called yet. Just then, Ellen comes over with Tracy, telling Bo and Hope that the little girl has remembered something important about Ciara.

Arianna tells Brady she doesn’t get it. She’s been here all day, and she didn’t see the baggie of drugs. She adds that she didn’t work the bar, but Brady thinks she must have seen someone suspicious. Arianna scoffs, saying that addicts come from all walks of life. Brady says he gets that, but Arianna of all people should be able to pick up on the signs. Arianna asks him crossly what that is supposed to mean.

Nathan takes the ice pack from Stephanie and puts it on the table, saying it’s too cold, and besides, the swelling has gone down. Stephanie says it’s true that doctors are the worst patients. Nathan accuses her of working pretty hard to not talk about the real damage done tonight. Stephanie fumes, saying that Philip’s behavior was inexcusable, and that he acted like an animal. Nathan thinks that despite all of that, Stephanie is still in love with Philip.

Melanie apologizes to Philip, saying she doesn’t know why she did that, and that she didn’t realize that’s where Nathan hit him before. Philip, wounded, says he thought Melanie wanted him to kiss her. She says she does, but that she has been working on her self-respect lately. She claims she isn’t some rebound girl, and that she isn’t going to be going around just kissing boys because she thinks they’re cute. Philip says that isn’t how he sees her. He thinks Melanie is the only person that really accepts him for who he is, and she is the one he wants to be with--the only one.

Ellen ruefully tells Bo and Hope that she knows it isn’t much to go on. Bo reassures her that every little bit of information helps. Hope tells Ellen that none of this is her fault, and Ellen thanks her for saying so. Ellen and Tracy head off, and Bo and Hope discuss the fact that Tracy revealed that she had given her bear to Ciara, and that a strange man had given her candy at her birthday party. Hope frets, worrying that they didn’t warn her enough about strangers. Bo disagrees, but Hope breaks down, blaming herself for not telling Ciara not to talk to strangers that very day. Bo tries to soothe her as Hope bawls, saying she blames both of them for what happened to Ciara.

Brady reminds Arianna that her ex was an addict. She says that she never saw the signs with him until is was too late, and adds uncomfortably that she would rather not talk about it, since it happened so long ago. Brady tells her that they can’t forget, since they need to figure out what to do about this. Arianna tells Brady flatly that he isn’t going to do a thing about it because of his past.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor tells Justin that he can’t believe someone took Ciara. He takes out his phone, saying that he will call Philip and get him to liquidate the cash they need for the ransom.

Philip’s phone rings. He starts to answer, but sees that it’s his father, and puts it back in his pocket. Melanie asks if something happened between the two, and Philip explains that he quit his job at Titan. He goes on to add that he thought about it a lot, and that he should have done this a long time ago. Melanie tells him that she understands how hard it can be to break away from you father and become your own person. Philip hastily adds that he never went through with Victor what she did with her dad. Melanie says she is getting over all that now and is finally getting some self-esteem back. Philip tells her she should have plenty of time, since she is so beautiful and funny. Melanie thanks him for saying so, and says she is glad he quit Titan, since it has made him so happy. She guesses Stephanie was right after all. Philip says that Stephanie didn’t make him feel this way--Melanie did. He adds that she saved his life and moves in for a kiss.

Stephanie asks Nathan how much he knows about the Kiriakis family. He gestures ruefully at his face, and she says she knows he got a glimpse of what Philip is like, but she wonders if he knows anything about how they operate their business. Nathan says he gets the general idea, and Stephanie guesses that he wonders how she could fall in love with a guy like Philip. Nathan tells her that he can’t judge her, especially since people don’t always fall in love with people that are good for them. Nathan ask what she plans on doing about Philip, and Stephanie says she is just going to try her best to forget all about him. Nathan says he is sorry, but Stephanie says she isn’t.

Victor makes a call to a man in Zurich and orders him to get the cash for the ransom ready as soon as possible. He hangs up and he and Justin discuss the kidnapping and what Bo and Hope must be going through right now, especially considering what happened to Zach not that long ago. Victor notes that Bo has always put family first, just like Justin always has. He tells Justin about a piece of property he recently acquired on Crete that adjoins his current property. He tells Justin about his plans to build a few more villas on it and complete the Kiriakis compound. That way, all his children and grandchildren can enjoy it. Just then, the man from Zurich calls. Victor talks to him briefly, thanks him and hangs up. He tells Justin that the money has been transferred and the two head off to the police station.

Hope sobs uncontrollably as Bo tries to comfort her, telling her that they can’t blame themselves. Hope sniffles and says that he has been thinking. If these bastards that took Ciara had really done their research, they’d have realized that her donation nearly wiped out all of her money. Bo asks what she is saying, and Hope reminds him of who they usually look to when something goes wrong--the DiMeras. Everyone knows they hate the Bradys and the Kiriakises, and Bo just happens to be a part of both families. Bo asks her suspiciously if she is saying it’s his fault Ciara was taken.

Kyle warns the woman kidnapper to stop eating all the candy, as it’s for Ciara. She retorts sharply that the kid doesn’t need any sugar. Kyle asks the woman to stop yelling, as she’ll wake the kid. He admits she’s sweet, and he’s grown attached to her. The woman tells him harshly not to bother, because the kid is going to be leaving them soon--one way or the other.

Bo doesn’t think the ransom note is DiMera’s style, but Hope says Stefano is more than capable of changing his style to throw them off the track. She worries that the feud with the DiMeras isn’t over as Dean rushes over, telling the two that he thinks he has a lead.

Stephanie apologizes to Nathan for getting him in the middle of all this, and he chuckles, saying it’s not her fault, and besides, he can’t wait to tell his grandkids all about getting attacked by a maniacal Kiriakis. Stephanie still can’t believe Philip went after Nathan for no reason, but Nathan suspects that he saw the two of them connecting and got jealous. Stephanie guesses so. Nathan tells her that he is sure Philip still has feelings for her, just like she still has feelings for him. Stephanie says that Philip’s violent temper is part of the reason they aren’t still together. Nathan sighs, saying he thought they only had to deal with Melanie tonight. Stephanie chuckles, joking that she was crazy for thinking so.

Melanie admits to Philip that she tried to convince herself to hate him and move on, but the whole time she was trying to do that, she didn’t realize that Philip was the right man for her all along. The two kiss passionately.

Brady bristles, telling Arianna that the stuff isn’t his, and if it was, he certainly wouldn’t show it to her. She tells him that he misunderstood and that she knows he’s clean now. She just wants him to back off because this is her responsibility as the manager of the pub. She claims that she will handle it. Brady takes out his phone and tells her to call the cops, then.

Dean tells Bo and Hope that a little girl was spotted close to where the getaway car was found, and they’re all heading over to check it out. Hope wants to come along, but Bo asks her to stay, as she is more useful here than she is out in the field. Hope agrees and Dean and some other officers head off. Victor and Justin come in just then, and Victor tells Hope that he’s gotten the ransom money together, and will have it by morning. Hope say flatly that they will find Ciara before then. Bo pulls Victor into his office and hands him a pad of paper, saying that if he really wants to help, then he will write down every enemy that the Kiriakis family has.

Dean calls and checks up on the female kidnapper. She tells him that Ciara is asleep and asks him what the news is. He tells her gravely that it’s time to move on to phase two.

Philip suggests that he and Melanie take this someplace else--somewhere where they can be alone. Melanie agrees. He asks if she is sure, and she says she is.

Arianna flashes back to weighing and bagging the cocaine. She comes back to the present and asks Brady if he is afraid he’ll be a suspect, but he says he isn’t, and that he just fears some little kid could have picked something like this up off the floor. Arianna sighs, saying she just worries about Caroline and the pub’s reputation. She can always find another job, but the pub is Caroline’s life. She sighs, saying Brady is right though, and that she should just call the police.

Dean asks the female kidnapper if she knows what to do. She claims she does, as they have been over it a hundred times. Dean grins, saying he is glad, and that he can’t wait to see that bitch’s face when the call comes in.

Bo wants names from Victor, but Victor thinks the best course of action is to just pay the ransom. Bo retorts that they are handling this by the book, and that he doesn’t want a repeat of what happened to Stephanie. Victor rolls his eyes. Bo tells Victor angrily that he told Victor to stay out of Stephanie’s kidnapping. Victor ignored him and people got hurt. Bo says that now it is his daughter involved, and he is calling the shots.

Hope makes some calls to the parents of the kids that were with Ciara earlier, looking for any information on her disappearance. Hope sits on hold and sobs, remembering her and Bo discussing Zach’s death, and talking about how Ciara was their second chance. She remembers having a tea party with Ciara, and Ciara saying she hoped she would be as good of a mom as Hope is. Justin comes over to comfort Hope. She breaks down in his arms. He suggests she take a break, bur she wails that she just wants her daughter back. Justin assures her they’ll find Ciara. Bo and Victor come out of his office, and Victor tells the three he’ll have the ransom money wired over in the morning. He and Justin head off. Hope asks what is going on with Victor, and Bo says that he had better not try to pull some stunt like he did with Stephanie’s kidnapping. Dean comes over and tells the two that the lead on the little girl didn’t pan out. Hope, deflated, starts to go back to her calls, but Bo pulls her into his office, hugging her and telling her how much he loves her. She sobs uncontrollably, telling him she loves him, too.

Brady tells Arianna that he doesn’t want to cause Caroline or the pub any problems, but he doesn’t see that they have much of a choice when it comes to calling the police. Arianna suddenly remembers a group of businessmen that came in earlier, celebrating their success over some deal they had just closed. She noticed that the four of them went to the bathroom a lot, and thought it odd at the time. Brady thinks they must have dropped the drugs, and asked if any of them used a credit card. Arianna shakes her head ruefully, saying they only used cash. Brady curses, saying he sees no point in telling the police then, and that they should just keep quiet for Caroline’s sake. Arianna asks what they are going to do about the drugs, then.

Stephanie shows Nathan some photos her mom sent of her little brother. The two coo over the pictures as Victor walks by. He sarcastically asks Stephanie if she has moved on already. She asks what he is talking about. Victor flatly calls her a tramp.

Melanie and Philip book a hotel room. The desk clerk shows them inside a room and says they’re lucky he had a cancellation, since all those weirdoes are in town for the comic book convention. He asks Philip if he knows him from somewhere, but Philip uncomfortably tells him he doesn’t. The man heads off. Philip apologizes, saying they can go someplace nicer, but Melanie say that this is fine. Besides, if they go someplace fancy, they’ll be recognized and Stephanie might find out about this. Philip claims he doesn’t care what Stephanie thinks and that he has nothing to hide. The two of them are over for good, and right now he just wants to live for the moment. He throws Melanie on the bed. She giggles.

Brady stares at the cocaine and sighs, saying that it’s hard to believe that such a small thing can screw your life up so badly. He hopes Arianna knows that he is done with this stuff for good. She says that she does believe him, and compliments him for being so strong and brave. She says she will get rid of it for him, but he tells her that he needs to do this himself. Brady takes a deep breath, walks over to the sink, and dumps the contents of the baggie down the drain.

Nathan asks Victor what the hell his problem is. Stephanie tries to soothe him, introducing Victor to him, but Nathan doesn’t care who he is, and warns him to never speak to Stephanie that way again. Victor lays into Stephanie for the way she treated Philip, and calls her a slut. Stephanie says that she and Philip tries to work it out, but Victor doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Stephanie angrily that Philip renounced his family tonight thanks to her, and she celebrates the occasion by seducing another man. Stephanie gasps.

Philip asks Melanie if she is sure she wants to do this. She says she is. The two kiss passionately.

Victor tells Stephanie angrily that Philip turned his back on his family. Now he has no one--no job, no family, and no Stephanie. Stephanie says that she and Nathan are just friends, but Victor doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her sharply to tell Philip that Ciara has been kidnapped if she speaks to him. Victor storms off. Stephanie and Nathan gape. Stephanie tries to stop him, asking him what happened, but Victor is gone.

Bo reminds Hope that when Zach died, they let grief and blame come between them, and they can’t let that happen again. Suddenly, Hope’s phone rings. It’s an unknown caller, and Bo calls Dean in and asks him to trace the call. He agrees and heads off. Hope answers the call.

Nathan says he has to go let Maggie know about Ciara. He asks Stephanie to come with him, but she says she needs to try to get in touch with Philip. Nathan is reluctant to leave her, but Stephanie says she will be fine. Nathan heads off. Stephanie tries to call Philip, but gets his voicemail. She curses, wondering where he could be.

Meanwhile, Melanie and Philip make love.

Arianna offers to let Brady stay and help her finish inventory, but he gets a message from Victor about a family emergency. He says he should go. She apologizes about what happened, but says she is glad he opened up to her about his past. He tells her to call if she needs anything and heads off. Arianna locks the door behind him and makes a call, saying she needs as much cocaine as she can get next time.

Victor is back at the mansion with Justin and tells him that the bank is going to release the money the next day. Now they just have to find out who did this. Justin asks if he thinks the person has ties to the family. Victor isn’t sure, but he vows that the bastard that did this is as good as as dead if he finds him before the police do.

Hope answers the phone, and an electronically altered voice is on the other line, saying that they have her daughter. Hope begs them to return Ciara, but the voice says they won’t do a thing until she gets them their money. Hope vows that she will get them every dime. She begs them not to hurt Ciara. The voice says that she will be fine as long as Hope cooperates, unlike poor Zach. The voice says that Hope let her son down and he died. Hope bawls as the voice cackles, tells Hope that it’s on her head if Ciara dies too, and hangs up. Hope throws herself into Bo’s arms and sobs.


Daniel tells Kate, “You are one sick lady.”

Philip tells Melanie, “Stephanie, right. But that part of my life is gone for good.”

The voice tells Hope, “If you ever want to see your little girl alive again, you'll do exactly what I say.” She sobs, “Oh, my God, Bo. Oh, my baby!”

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